NCIS' Ziva David Vs. Chuck's Sarah Walker as 'Law-Enforcement Crushes' Semifinals Conclude

They came, they fought, they kicked some booty — and they raised our pulses in the process. And now there are only four hotties remaining in the Semifinals of our Ultimate Female Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament.

On Wednesday, The X-Files‘ Dana Scully and Castle‘s Kate Beckett kicked off their showdown to make the tournament finals, and now we’ve got NCIS‘ Ziva David and Chuck‘s Sarah Walker duking it out for the other coveted slot!

Once the Semifinal polls have closed on Saturday, we’ll kick off the final battle of our bracket extravaganza. So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorites (Semifinal voting will be open for 48 hours), and hit the comments to justify your picks.

Also, if you’re interested in seeing how the tourney has played out so far, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE 64-PLAYER BRACKET (then click again for a zoomed-in view) — and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Now ready, set, vote!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. tay says:


  2. peacenotwarplease says:

    Wow conspiracy theories abound! The vote is so close that I just think both fandoms are all out for the win. Personally I don’t watch Chuck – but I understand it is a good show. NCIS I have watched and enjoyed, and I think Ziva is very crushable. I am a Kate Beckett fan, but to be honest all 4 of these SF ladies deserve to be where they are in this comp. They are all gorgeous. If Beckett goes down to Scully I will be sad but like I said all these ladies are gorgeous and no discredit any of them going down to one of the others. I just want Beckett to stay on the air for many seasons that’s all folks. Love all these ladies because they are all loveable!

  3. Peacenotwarplease says:

    Oh and I voted for Ziva – please forgive me Chuck fans!

  4. mewofford says:

    I am voting for Ziva all the way.
    But I respect the Chuck fans voting for their girl too!!!

    I do think Beckett will eventually win the whole thing though.
    And that would be okay too.
    I love the whole CASKETT ship.
    And that’s the best shipper name as well!


  5. NoChance says:

    Sarah is easily more “crushable”. Ziva lost me completely when she hurt and already injured Tony by sweeping his legs out from under him and putting her gun to his heart. That made her an emotional out of control “B” in my world.
    Sarah has never done anything like that to a friend.

    Kind of interesting that most of Ziva’s fans on this poll are girls.

    • MS says:

      Most of the fans on all the polls are girls – what’s wrong with that?

      • NoChance says:

        That’s just a lot of girls with a crush on a girl that they want to be with a boy that they don’t like very much.

        • MS says:

          ERRR a little wrong thinking there m’thinks. A lot of girls I know who vote on polls like this, do so with the thought of mind visualising which of the ladies is more crushable to men. If they have partners who are male, then they will be thinking “who would he fancy?” lol, but even if it is some girls crushing on girl stars it is their choice – to vote for who they want!

  6. Phronsa says:

    ZIVA … 100% all the way!!!

  7. Klair H says:

    Ziva David is by far the one who should win this!

  8. Lexi says:

    Ziva all the way!

  9. Tiziana says:

    Ziva Ziva Ziva…only Ziva!!!!! :)

  10. devin says:

    Ziva :) she’s so hot I love her !!!!!

  11. Nick says:

    Ziva is successful at securing her votes… xD

  12. Cecilia Maureira says:

    Ziva !!!!

  13. Cary Wright says:

    Ziva is so hot! You go girl!

  14. Simi says:

    Ziva Ziva Ziva Ziva!!!!!

  15. Greysha says:

    Zivaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Is a perfect agent!!!!! Zivaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  16. Laura Bell says:

    Ziva has my vote !

  17. Shelley OBrien says:

    ZIVA!!!!! No brainer

  18. hooahguy says:

    Ziva for the win

  19. Ziva says:

    Ziva, Ziva, Ziva, Ziva, Ziva, Ziva, Ziva, Ziva, Ziva, Ziva, Ziva, Ziva, Ziva, Ziva, Ziva, Ziva!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Lindsay says:

    Ziva ziva ziva!!!!!!

  21. NoChance says:

    This is totally impossible without bot agents.

    Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) – NCIS 59.89%

    Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) – Chuck 40.11%

    It took about 3 minutes to go from a 2 point spread to this.

    Are you monitoring this TVLine. Is there any way for you all to tell if someone is actually voting or setting up a macro to do it?
    Do you even care that it’s honest?

    • NCISDar says:

      70% and still climbing! That’s a bot my friends!

    • LOL says:

      I guess Ziva’s fans decided to play the game of Sarah’s fans. Now everybody is cheating. This poll is completely pointless now. Congrats Sarah’s fans for the mess.

      • NCIS_FAN_AM_I says:

        It is not cheating, this started after NCIS posted the poll on their Facebook page.

        • Clearthings up says:

          Yes here :

          More than 1655 comments, almost 5000 people liked the post. So if you count that’s at least 5000 votes and that was posted 23 minutes ago. Just when Ziva started to win.

          • NCISDar says:

            And why would I count that as 5000 votes? You mean to tell me none of those people knew of this Crushable poll that’s been going for over a month between the men and then the women? And Ziva fans know nothing about this poll until now? And, therefore, none of those 5000 had voted in the twelve hours before the huge jump in a matter of minutes? Or TVline let them vote again even if they voted a few hours or a few minutes before? You are really going to tell me that? Nice try. Bot cheating plain and simple.

    • Peacenotwarplease says:

      It should be thoroughly checked IF TV line want people to keep voting on their polls in the future, and all votes gotten dishonestly should be discounted. If you are right about this – I am surprised that anybody would stoop so low – but maybe I shouldn’t be!

      • NCIS Dar says:

        Yeah, I’ll never vote in another poll here again. If TVline is not going to take care of this cheating whats the point of voting?

        • NCIS_FAN_AM_I says:

          The same thing happened for Abby when she was facing Jordan. The poll was posted on Facebook and within 30 min she took an overwhelming lead. Many people who are fans of NCIS on facebook see the posting and go vote but pay no attention to the rest of the poll.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Quit being a sore loser. I was watching the polls this morning when Ziva was still at 48.5%, then NCIS’ facebook page posted the link and WITHIN AN 1/2 HOUR her numbers were climbing. Thousands of people “liked” the post and presumably voted for Ziva in a very short period of time–that’s what caused a spike in her percentage, not cheating.
      And even IF people were using some kind of program to cheat, the change wouldn’t occur that quickly. This poll’s been open since last night, so why would the boost in Ziva’s numbers happen so suddenly this morning? Because it coincided with the facebook post. There just are WAAAAAY more fans of Ziva than Sarah. Deal with it.

  22. Rebecca says:

    Zeva all the way!!!

  23. denny says:

    Ziva is kick a– good!!

  24. Zach stirk says:

    Ziva all the way!

  25. .... says:

    allez ziva va y. :-)

  26. senefra says:

    Ziva all the way

  27. Steve says:

    Sarah rocks — look at the bracket she came out of — there are some bad asses in their [and I mean that in a good way ;) ] Ziva had the cushy bracket!!

    Either way My one and only crush of all time (Dana Scully) was beaten by some new chick on some new show that I never watch — shakes my head..

    Go Sarah — YOU are the Best!!

  28. Pally says:


  29. srbarker says:

    Definately some cheating going on for Ziva I think she has changed 5%in the last 5 mins

  30. carinne says:

    Ziva all the way!

  31. Lisa says:

    Not much of a competition .. Ziva !
    NCIS ALL THE WaY! <3

  32. Abby says:

    Ziva all the way she’s calm
    And plus tiva duhhh

  33. Lisa says:

    Ziva all the way!

  34. RobinEgg says:


  35. Matt says:

    I would’ve rather have seen Kensi Blye from NCIS: Los Angeles :)

  36. Sae Starkey says:

    I’m with Ziva, she’s great!

  37. Stays says:

    Ziva David

  38. Dustyn says:

    Ziva all the way!!! LOVE her!!!

  39. Charisa says:

    I can’t say really I love NCIS and I love Chuck, can’t they both win? :D

  40. Elizabeth Sosa says:

    Ziva! There is no one better than the 1 only Ziva!

  41. James says:

    I`m voting for Ziva because she`s has better defensive skills.

  42. Tracy says:

    Ziva all the way! She’s gone from mysterious heartless killer who is just doing her job to someone who sees the value of friendships and caring. Although I think she was much hotter when her character first entered NCIS she’s still mostly the reason I tune in every Tues. night.

  43. Yancy says:

    Go Ziva… u r the best—- I voted 4 u…. =D

  44. June McGuire says:

    Zeva, Zeva, Zeva all the way. Zeva is a strong, smart and sexy NCIS agent and always will be!

  45. Jasmin says:


  46. Christina says:

    Go Ziva!

  47. Bethani says:

    I Love Ziva. She So Inspiring. A Strong, And Powerful Woman, Who Is Not Afraid To Stand Up For What She Believes In!

  48. John says:

    Wtf just happened? The poll went from 48,5-51,5 to 70-30 in SECONDS.