American Horror Story Season 2 Spoiler Alert: Find Out Who Will and Won't Be Back!

With American Horror Story‘s first season resting in peace, Ryan Murphy is turning his attention to the serial thriller’s second act.

The show’s cocreator confirms that Season 2 will be “radically different” from Season 1. That means a new setting/locale and a (mostly) new cast.

“The second season of the show will [feature] a brand new home or building to haunt,” Murphy said in a conference call with reporters on Thursday. “It will also have a new overriding theme.”

And in an unprecedented twist for an ongoing series, some current castmembers will return — but they’ll be playing new characters. (Murphy confirmed that current leads Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott will not be back, at least not as series regulars.) “There will be familiar faces and some new faces,” said Murphy. “People that are coming back will be playing completely new characters… Getting to tell a different aspect of what an American horror story can be [every season] is fascinating.”

Murphy added that he’s currently in talks with a few members of the Season 1 cast to return full time, but he declined to name names. An official announcement about the new ensemble and storyline will be made in February. In the meantime, Murphy offered this tantalizing tease: “There’s a clue in the last three episodes where we say what the second season will be.”

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  1. Caden says:

    This is a horrible idea! Jessica Lange needs to be back! No Jessica Lange/Constance = No American Horror Story. I don’t care if they get an entirely new cast and just keep Lange, but they do need her! She’s the rock of the show and losing her will pretty much doom it to cancellation. I wouldn’t even bother checking it out if she’s not on it. And she has to be playing Constance Landon! Constance could move with baby Michael or something. Her storyline was completely left up in the air and I as a viewer am pissed!

  2. adam says:

    there’s only one plot hole that i may have missed. in episode 2, constance tells vivien that she had 4 children. i know of addie, tate, and beau but did they ever mention the fourth child?

    • Amanda says:

      They have never mentioned the 4th child since this episode. Yet another loose end they must tie up to be able to move to something completely different! :(

  3. Benjamin Carr says:

    I’m assuming that it probably has something to do with ridding an area of ghosts and the lost colony of Roanoke.

  4. Bob says:

    I think the ghost colony mentioned is the clue for season 2. A whole town of ghosts who “kill indescriminantly.” There are quite a few horror movies like this, which could be “homaged”(although “Children of the Corn” is the only one I can think of off the top of my head).

  5. Amanda says:

    I’m not into this at all! I spent the last 6 months or so falling head over heels in love with this cast, their stories, their faults, their weaknesses, strengths, and speculating how they will all intertwine and connect. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, PLEASE HEAR MY PLEAS! Keep the house, and at least Violate, Constance and little Michael! Please don’t start something that is as epic as AHS has become just to change everything!!!!! :(

  6. Kryssi says:

    Wow, forget what I wanted to post in response to the original news/spoilers; reading these comments makes me feel sorry for CONNIE BRITTON! Her fans are evidently as CLUELESS as they are TASTELESS!

  7. Amanda says:

    New setting, new characters, current actors coming back to play new rolls…this is the biggest dissapointment since the series finale of Lost. The show might as well have been cancelled.

    • crystal says:

      i agree…seriously, i can see this show getting cancelled now…murder house, moira, constance, tate and violet are the soul of this show…changing the formula of this show this drastically will not end well…murder house deserves another season or two before they move on, if they need to…but this house and it cast of characters are still interesting. these people are supposed to be story tellers, thus, they should not be out of story to tell for this house and its cast of characters…rm has jumped the shark again, that is why i was leary of this show to begin with but i loved constance, addie, tate, violet, and moira…and some of the rest of the cast kept me interested and added flavor as well.

      if they go to another house and characters how long before that gets played out as well…going from house to house from character to character, wherein, they all start to blend together and the ga stops investing and stops caring. how many crazy houses and characters before it starts to not be special, just like rm other shows.

      • Missy says:

        Okay so what exactly can they still do with the current characters? the season finale pretty tied up all the storylines, if you were paying attention. I can’t believe all the hate going on. This was an excellent season and I’m so glad they introducing a new house/story/characters. There are only so many times Ben/Viv/Vi can scare out new tenants before it gets really old.
        Ryan Murphy is a genius! I’ll be watching for years to come!

  8. Edenheart says:

    Although I felt the events of the finale seemed rushed and thusly uneven, the previous 11 episodes garnered more than enough of my trust. There was discussion months before now that the series would unfold a new ‘horror story’ each season and parcelled in this scheme would be a new cast, setting and theme.

    It’s frustrating to read the impulsive, harshly critical comments above when it’s so plainly clear that Ryan Murphy and team will connect the threads as the ‘horror stories’ annually progress. It’s a bold play, but I trust Mr. Murphy and his writers will respect the audience and deftly deliver us from our comfort zone. Gods know, our comfort zones are killing us all.

    I’ll wager we have not nearly seen the last of Constance and her new hellspawn grandson. I’m at ease with the Harmons finding familial cohesion after death, but I could’ve done without the trimming of the tree. Congratulations to everyone involved on a marvellous first season!

  9. faith says:

    It’s gonna be in Florida…

  10. jessica says:

    Rest assured- we will keep discovering more about Tate and Violet and Constance and baby!Michael… It’s called FANDOM and even announcements like this can’t stop it.

    *snuggles up with my favourite Violate fanfiction and a cookie*

  11. Gwen says:

    The main thing I really feel should have been explored/explained is why Tate did not remember murdering those students. He suddenly confessed to it in the last show, but it really didn’t make sense. I really thought we were going to find out that he had been possessed by something in the house – thus his confusion over his violent actions. When Violet told him what he had done, he was baffled and sad. He didn’t understand why he would do that. I assumed they were going to reveal to us the reason why. (Being pissed at his mother’s boyfriend is not quite enough of an interesting reason to go on a rampage). I really think his actions should have been connected to the evil of the house. I think that’s where they were intending to go with it, but then decided to wrap everything up quickly. That is disappointing.

    • andytheobscure says:

      He’s a sociopath ghost. Does one truly expect him to be 100% honest 100% of the time? (On the other hand, his exterior has obviously crumbled a tad over time, which made him a much more compelling character than your average [?!] sociopath.) And I thought the intention of his mental illness was supposed to be pretty clear; while his siblings (Addie, most visibly) were externally deformed and internally wholesome, he was externally wholesome and internally deranged. This is a series of contrasts. And if contrasts piss one off I’m not entirely sure how one gets this far.

    • Gertrude says:

      He always remembered. He was a pathological liar, so he faked not knowing. Ben calls him on his crap in the final scene. And Tate admits that he knows what he has done.

    • jax says:

      I assumed it was because of the INSANE amounts of drugs he took right before… and also assumed that he was still waaaayyyy gone (very high) when the cops came. So dying high would make him not remember…. just spit ballin’ ideas though….

  12. Rob says:

    Ryan Murphy is useless.

  13. SusanGaubatz says:

    I thuoght it was GREAT it left nothing unanswered as long as you saw all of season 1. Can;t wait for season 2 to start. LOVED THE SHOW!!!

  14. andytheobscure says:

    This is one of the freshest, most original and compelling television series I’ve seen in quite some time. And frankly I’m happy to see this news. What I love most about AHS is its methodical character exposition. I was devastated when Addie’s run was abruptly ended, as she was one of the bravest characters (not to mention actors!) I’ve ever seen on cable television. And I was concerned about how they’d keep Hayden, another fiercely compelling character (one is at once sympathetic with, and indignant at everything she does), from becoming a sad, boring caricature. But after this announcement I can maybe see the “grand plan” of the series: keep every season decently short and self-contained, allowing it to explore the ugly little crawly things that unsettle us all and create the genre of fiction we know as “horror.” If next season doesn’t come soon, I may drown waiting in a pool of my own saliva.

  15. staci says:

    WTF??? Why are all dead characters the same age as they were killed. But the maid aged??? Please answer if u know

    • Jessica says:

      She makes a comment to Vivian about that, that Vivian see’s Moira’s soul- Moira sees herself as a dried up old maid, so that’s how Vivian sees her, and eventually Ben.

  16. TheFinalMan says:

    I’m devastated that Connie Britton isn’t going to be a regular next season. I adore her and love her and want to marry her maybe. But no, seriously, she’s awesome and this is a great loss to the show.

  17. Laura says:

    I agree with many comments, if the serie would change so much, I would be likewise very disappointed. After nearly 12 hours with the Harmon family and Al grant other charackters… it exist still so many open questions! Like for example the open end with Constance, Tate, Violet, Hayden, Ms. Montgomery.
    Also the idea to “use” some of the cast from season 1, to act in season 2 as different persons, seems very weird… Like many said before … It aren’t the actors, but the fictional charackters they show us.

  18. Mark says:

    Can anyone think of what the clues in the last three episodes were and where the second season will be?

  19. josie says:

    I totally agree! I can’t believe their just leaving all these unanswered questions and moving on… Ridicoulous.

    • Kryssi says:

      What are all these “unanswered” questions??? This was the least cliff-hangerish finale I’ve ever seen, thank God. And how are there solid answers for characters that will by definition never have an ending? They’re TRAPPED GHOSTS doomed to repeat/blur the same “long day”. Stop over-romanticizing the characters (Tate loving Violet *puke*); this is a HORROR story. =)

  20. Jordan says:

    Good. This is the only way this show can survive. Horror stories at the core have to conclude, and can’t drag on or else they get thin and boring. This story was rich and satisfying but it’s definitely time to move on. It would be cool to have the next horror story take place in the same “world” as this one, in which the Anti-Christ is alive.

    I will admit, I would have loved more in-depth looks at some of the ghosts like the evil doctor and Thaddeus. But i was very satisfied with this show!!

    I’m very excited for the next season of this show!!

  21. xy and z says:

    Perhaps season 2 will take place in constance house. It would be a new house but it would still be able to have some of the orginal characters. Murphy did say that the last 3 episodes hinted as to where the next season would be.

  22. Lauren19 says:

    I don’t mind new cast and location but they can’t just drop the storyline they built!! The Antichrist was just born out of season 1!! I’m anticipating them brining in new characters/stories but then tying in Constance and her son along with Tate being the father?? If they ignore the son then season 1 was pointless to me. They have to keep that going.

  23. CDWB says:

    I will miss Constance and Moira, but aside from that I’m excited about a new location and characters. It makes sense – I was wondering where they were going to go after the final. It makes less sense that they’re going to use some of the same actors in new roles, but I have faith that Murphy and Falchuck will make it work.

  24. Remy says:

    One unanswered question that will drive me craaaaazy forever is who was Constance’s 4th child? Also what exactly was the Infantata–I know it was the original couple’s baby Thaddeus, but why did it grow older and bigger as the years went on? Why did the house become a time warp for trapped ghosts to begin with? Who were the twins who were killed in the first episode? The finale would have been much better if they added another 15 mins. wrapping up some of these remaining questions.

    • Kryssi says:

      As the medium kindly explained very articulately, the house began trapping the negative energies released from TRAUMA from the very beginning starting with its original inhabitants. It kept snowballing until it became an uncontrollable force, using the flesh of “new meat” to convey (and feed) itself worse and worse each time.

  25. Paul says:

    I think it’s possible that some extra answers will end up on the dvd, but mostly everything was answered.

    It’d be cool to have some connection in the second season to the first, like maybe Vivien’s sister in Florida turning up.

    Although, there’s nothing to stop them from revisiting the murder house in a later season. In fact, it might be something cool for them to do in a final season to bookend the series.

    So, relax, just because season 2 will be different doesn’t mean that you’ll never see any of these characters again.

  26. Ben says:

    Next season will be set in Florida. I hear the old McNamara/Troy office is now haunted.

  27. Shannon says:

    To be honest I think this is a brilliant decision, i’ll admit their was a tiny bit of me that was a little hearbroken because I loved series 1 and the characters so much, but really how much more of a story was there left to tell there? The mystery of the house is largely gone, and this way the characters won’t get stale, the story is ending on a high note. Really excited about what they’ll come up for next season now and I love the idea of some of the old cast coming back as new characters, I hope to see Jessice Lange, Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga again.

  28. María Rubio says:

    I want more Tate&Violet relationship =(

  29. Terry says:

    Funny everyone griping..he said from day one he was leaning to each season being its own story with new cast each year.

    To keep it in same house would just become a circle of same ole haunting and would turn it even more into a soap opera that just happens to have ghosts

  30. Robbie says:

    I doubt the 4th child is an oversight. It’s foresight to get Jessica Lange in a future season. A main character will end up being her son/daughter and it will be a “twist.”

  31. Christa says:

    I agree with everyone’s disappointment in the finale. I too have some unanswered questions. The finale seemed slapped together and in a hurry. It really should have been a 2 hour show. As far as season 2 is concerned, if you think about what the title of the show implies in the first place, an American Horror Story, it’s telling us that the show is telling us a tale of american horror. There are so many different hauntings here in the U.S. that the stories are endless. As much as we became so attached to these characters, their tale isn’t the only one to tell. This new season will give us a new family and new haunted hell to explore, much of what really happens to unexpecting families wanting a new beginning but ending up in someones past. I am going to miss Tate as he was my fave & such an awesome character. Constance has to be one of the returning characters. She’s from the south where a lot of paranormal stuff happens anyway. Maybe she’ll move back to her home town with the baby. Good luck AHS with season 2!

  32. potates says:

    It won’t work. It is a nice idea, the whole anthology season thing, it feels like directors have always been dreaming of it but it just will not work. People invest so much in characters, in storylines and relationships. Radically changing the format might be nice for Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy, but not for anyone else. Especially when left this unresolved.

  33. jess says:

    I just hope they bring back Evan peters And Jessica lang. They both proved to be amazing actors, And if they do this well in another role ill be satisfied. I would have liked this season to have. Been a little longer And better summed up though. And I really hope they don’t bring back the girl who played hayden. I can’t stand her acting. She was the only thing I didn’t like on the show.

  34. Hunter says:

    I am extremely disappointed. I feel the characters of season 1 still have unexplained secrets! Why build up so much tension for things such as Tate and Violet’s relationship if they are just going to break up in the end and leave Tate to suffer eternally for the suffering he’s caused? There’s no point. I feel in season 2 that I won’t be able to “get into” season 2 characters because I know they’ll be gone next season anyhow. And bringing old characters in as new characters?? Can you say confusing!

  35. Allison says:

    The show never revealed the meaning behind all the redheads or who Constance’s fourth child was, and it was ridiculous that no smelled and discovered Violet’s rotting corpse.

  36. shannon says:

    American Horror Story was my new addiction and I must say I’m HUGELY let down with the wishy washy happily dead after ending. Not interested in further seasons if its all new characters and houses. Way to ruin an amazing new series.

  37. Eli_Adamczyk says:

    Love it… Quit while your ahead why ruin an amazing thing by dragging it out! Bring on the new “American Horror Story” the clue was in the name all along…

  38. George says:

    Loved the first season and I don’t see why the creators would switch up so soon. The characters in this series was amazing and yes I do believe some stories were not fully told. Don’t really think season 2 is going to be as good but you never know until we see it. Once again season 1 was amazing and I think it should be kept mainly the same for one more season. The switch so soon might make me not like the new season.

  39. Tanya says:

    Wow!!!! Im pissed.what about all the unanswered parts of the show..thats it¿…plus.i wanted to see the old cast! >=P

  40. Bree says:

    What the f*** is all I got to say I watched the coolest season/show I had ever seen!!! Just for it to end as that and the 2nd season is to be totally different wtf ?!?! you had me going there for a sec. What a great joke ! Thanks for killing it :(

  41. critter says:

    The new location and story is an interesting idea. Having any of the original actors play different characters will confuse a lot of people though.

  42. Dennis Chauncey says:

    It is a horror story not a love story so all this business with Tate and Violet is not what this show is about. I agree they both had a compelling story to tell but it has been told. I personally like the idea of a new place every season. Just look at this show as a season long investigation of a haunted place verses a 1 hour ghost hunters episode.

  43. Joe Chenot says:

    I think having a different cast each year is a fantastic idea. However, I felt the harmens were a bit to oblivious as to what was happening in the house for so long. As far as the first season, I think there Gould have been more of a better conclusion. Instead of speeding it up 3 years after mabey do a sweeping conclusion of like 18 years later and show what happened to the twins. Or mabey have the season finally be 2 hours long so we could have closiour on this familey and cast. Than I would be able to move on to the next season. Because now what they have to do as in “dexter” they need to have a more interesting cast each season. Kinda puts pressure on the producers to go above an beyond each season. We will see

  44. Brig says:

    No matter what I say I’m gonna have people hating or people loving it so I’m just here to state MY opinion. I’m very upset to find out that my cast I love oh so much will not be returning next season. I understand it couldn’t have went on forever but why not just 1 more season…just to get those loose ends settled…because no matter what I’ve read on here there’s still some questions I just need answered. I’ll probably tune in next year to see how the new season goes but not sure if I’ll stick with it. I hate getting attatched to these characters then as soon as I’m attatched they’re gone :(

  45. jessica says:

    If something works why change it? If it’s not broken why fix it? This pisses me off! This show quickly overtook every other show to become my fave show!

  46. brian says:

    Well, I believe the writers are evil geniuses! There is enough story in the first season to create a good 4 to 5 season series. I believe by the end of this series, those that continue to watch will have witnessed a piece of tv history.

  47. Ashlea says:

    Ohhh sad, sad day !!! :-( I was really hoping that they would have kept it going with the old theme !!! I honestly don’t know if I will continue watching …

  48. Marc says:

    Bring Dylan McDermott back!!!

  49. Charliekat says:

    Okay, It’s called American Horror Story. Not American Love story! All of these fans complaining about violet and Tate not being together do not understand the point of this whole series. It’s not about love, or teenage angst. If you want that? Go watch Gossip girl. This is about the horror, this is about the things that make you jump at night. Everyone got what they deserve. Tate is alone, In a sick twisted way the family got their happiness only after death, and Michael? He’s a creepy three year old that murders. The series is over, move on to another story.