X-Files' Scully Vs. Castle's Beckett as 'Law-Enforcement Crushes' Semifinals Begin!

We’re closing in on Christmas day, but temperatures are rising at TVLine, where we’ve reached the Semifinals of our Ultimate Female Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament.

So brace yourselves, folks, because we’ve got The X Files‘ Dana Scully and Castle‘s Kate Beckett entering the single-elimination world of the TVLine Thunderdome, but only one will leave!

Tomorrow, we’ll launch the second of our Semifinal bouts, and on Saturday, we’ll kick off the final battle of our bracket extravaganza. So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorites (Semifinal voting will be open for 48 hours), and hit the comments to justify your picks.

Also, if you’re interested in seeing how the tourney has played out so far, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE 64-PLAYER BRACKET (then click again for a zoomed-in view) — and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Now ready, set, vote!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kelli says:

    And Beckett is about to take another one down. No one has even come close.

  2. Castle-fan says:


  3. Laney Shaughnessy says:

    Beckett hands down is the better choice of the two….Sexy, tough,down to earth and most definitely crushable!!

  4. evelyn says:

    Dana Scully is and was the only character that straight women will actually jump to the opposite team for. There was a web site dedicated to that fandom.Beckett has that yet? Maybe my vote is for Scully.

    • Ashley says:

      Straight woman here. And much as I loved her, she is not on my Chick’s I’d Go Gay for list. But then, it’s really, really hard to make it onto that list with me.

    • Neil says:

      So Scully makes straight women want to jump teams? Why? Whats so sexy about her? She isn’t that beautiful and i’ve seen way better bodies on other women. Very very strange. Unless you mean the character Scully and not Gillian Anderson. Even that is strange. Scully was very smart but Gillian Anderson seems like a ditz.

  5. matt says:

    My vote is for Scully.

  6. MrsD says:

    Still confused about how Scully beat Abbey. The numbers sure look like Abbey won….

    • MrsD says:

      right ok I see about the percentages now. Bit of new mummy brain going on. Still can’t believe Abbey lost though. Sigh. Voted for Beckett shes way more crushable, way WAY more.

      • aris ochoa says:

        Pues sigue suspirando y si quieres te ayudo y te ahogue, BECKET seguira ganando duela aquien le duela je je. STANA KATIC- KETE BECKETTTTTTT………..

        • Bitch Murciana says:

          Joder, ¿¿Todos los del fandom de Beckett habláis como retrasados o qué?? No argumentáis, solo os limitáis a ser repelentes. Disfrutad la victoria de esa puta operada horrenda. ¿Cómo ha podido ganar? La aprendiz no debería ganar jamás a la maestra. Y habla en inglés, mamarracho, para que nos entendamos todos ¬¬

  7. Diana says:

    Scully. It’s a no brainer. Gillian Anderson can act, the other one has no clue. Someone told me they read an article about her, talking about how much training she’s had as an “actor”. It doesn’t show.

  8. JBG says:

    Sorry but who is Kate? I vote for Scully because she is brilliant and… just because is Scully

  9. NG says:

    Scully’s losing, but I still think she’s the best, the queen. lol

  10. Scullayyy says:

    My vote is for Scully! She’s so beautiful and strong. She’s iconic! There would be no Beckett or other characters like that without her.
    I’m not sure we could say that about Beckett 10 years after Castle will end… (I don’t mean to be hateful there)
    Oh and some people should calm down. It’s really sad to see people argue about that. Some poeple are a shame to their fandoms… I like Castle but when I see some of those comments I’m not sure I’d like to watch that show again.

    • Gerard says:

      Scully was also inspired by characters before her time. As much as I like them both, your point is invalid. Also just because you don’t want to watch a show anymore because of a few hate comments is akin to not breathing just because you have a homeless person in the room. Makes you look like a fool.

      • Gerard says:

        No offense intended.

      • Scullayy says:

        Oh I know and I didn’t say otherwise (and she was inpired by Clarice Sterling) But could you say that we will remember Beckett in 10 years? That was my point. And you cannot answer it.
        I watch Castle but I’m not a fan. This show is too simple, it’s boring to guess what will happen in EVERY episodes. So yes, seeing hateful comments like that is enough for me.

    • Bitch Murciana says:

      OF COURSE!!

  11. V says:

    I just wonder how many of the voters did actually watched both series…

  12. evelyn says:

    Yes she Gillian aka Scully is trending!!!!ha ha ha!!!

  13. summer says:

    always SCULEEEEEEEEEE….. and that is all! ;)

  14. Lauren says:

    Seriously guys, they’re both gorgeous! I have never seen X-Flies but I watch Castle every week. Without ever seeing the show, I can tell you Gillian Anderson is gorgeous so other castle fans out there: please stop being mean. And X-Flies fans: please respect our opinion that Stana is gorgeous, not everybody thinks the same people are pretty, that’s the point. Just vote for who you think should win and if they win that’s great; if they don’t, get over it because it doesn’t actually affect you in any way. Seriously people, please be nice to each other.

  15. Sarah says:

    Have I been living in the dark? I’ve never heard of X-Files 0.0 but I do watch Castle. Looking at both of them I have to say that Beckett is a hell of a lot more attractive

    • Gerard says:

      Not surprising since it was a 90’s show. Doesn’t matter, you can catch up on dvd’s if you want. Beckett is definitely more attractive.

  16. jason says:

    Go Scully!!!

  17. Tvlane says:

    Why is this poll still opened? Mr. Slezak hace been lazy again. :p

  18. Gillian Bitch Anderson Arrogant Greed says:

    I think you have met the most hateful, obnoxious and ridiculous fandom in the universe. The SILLY GILLY or THE SNOGGERS, fans of the most disgusting celebrity in the world. GILLIAN Greed Anderson.

    I am a huge Julia Roberts´fan and you can imagine what was dealing whith her fans because when Julia won the Oscar. They thought that she should win because of one ridiculous film called House of Mirth.
    Obviously, Julia Roberts won the Oscar.

    They bad mouthing everyone, include my other loved actress Sarah Michelle Gellar.

    Beckett rule! I love her. And for this idiot (SAM) who said she´ll be forgotten in 10 year? F…you and you has-been celebrity.

    I am really happy to see you guys won! Beckett for ever!

    • 2shy says:

      What is wrong with you? Is Gillian really the most disgusting celebrity in the world or do you hate her because of what her fans supposedly did? How is Gillian greedy? She only takes roles for if they interest her and not for the money. From what I hear, House of Mirth was a HIGHLY praised film and many people did feel she was robbed. But, as someone who did not make the comparison to GA, I said to my sister the other day the JR is an over-rated actress. I don’t hate her, but I just feel the since she’s “America’s Sweetheart”, people adore her.

    • Maripa says:

      I bet you are a Leovny fan… or gay, one of the two.
      Pobre infeliz, apuesto a que estás en tratamiento y no te has tomado las pastillas. Hazlo, te lo recomiendo, es por tu propio bien.
      No importan los resultados, Gillian es y será por siempre la mejor y la más hermosa… superalo imbécil.

      I hope you know spanish, si no… traduce!! xD

  19. sky says:

    I watched X Files a few times and it just wasn’t for me. But I thoroughly enjoy watching Castle. Love the angst, the love/hate relationship between Castle and Beckett. Hope for Beckett all the way.

    • aris ochoa says:

      En realidad yo si vi XFILE practicamente la vi toda y para mi es completamente difernte a CASTLE me emcante esos juego y mirada de amor entre castle y becket los amo a los dos y muero hsata el final de soy adicta y fans de esta serie. mi VOTO es para BECKET..Al fina de todo esto queda BECKET Y ZIVA Y CON RESPECTO A ELLAS DOS PARA MI LA MEJOR SIGUE SIENDO BECKET….

  20. Neil says:

    Becket really wiped the floor with Scully!!! I knew she would win big! No comparison at all. Stana is a 1000 times more beautiful then Gillian and to me a much better actress.

  21. AM says:

    Quite the battle going on here…

    Count me as a vote for Scully

  22. Bitch Murciana says:

    Beckett WINS!! WHY¿?¿? SCULLY IS THE FIRST, THE MOST CUTE!! Stana is a bad actress ¬¬

  23. Neil says:

    Merry Christmas and huh?

  24. Ellery says:

    Everyone is high noting X-files and dissing Castle but guys, I just hope you realize that the majority of the current generation 1990s to 2000s babies haven’t even heard of the X-files. Everyone claims ‘Oh things were better in my day, television was better compared to this drivel now’… Well you’re all a broken record. You like what you like and there’s no point in comparing because your biases will get in the way of giving a subjective answer. I like both shows but there’s point in comparing them because they’re so completely different. X- files embraced conspiracy theories and spirituality as it centered on efforts to uncover the existence of extraterrestrial life and Castle is a lighthearted drama/comedy that gives a modern twist to the detective classics like Moonlighting, Magnum P.I and Remington Steele. These shows are so different that I roll my eyes at those who are just being biased idiots claiming one is better than the other. I bet half of you who are bashing the other haven’t even seen Castle/X-files.

  25. Michelle says:

    SCULLY definitely!

  26. Megan_P says:



  27. Yuliya says:

    Stana Katic is ugly??? LOL She is a SLAVIC beauty! Love her. Though I like Gillian too :)))

  28. Abby says:

    I honestly dont think there is much of competition. Scully redefined the term “Gorgeous”. She came on our screens over 20 years ago and to this date, there’s a huge section of society talking about her. You see a pantsuit and you go – SCULLY! (Yes, in the Mulder voice).
    Becket on the other hand – yes, is pretty. But who isnt?
    Scully had the X-factor – something so rare to get, and something that’s just not teachable. There was something inherently attractive about her in spite of costume disasters and hair and makeup Dont’s. You really dont see that anymore.
    So Scully it is.

  29. sandbeach says:

    thats right gillian anderson (and scully of course) is very beautiful naturally. david duchovnys a luck sob lol

  30. sandbeach says:

    i mean lucky

  31. Brad says:

    Yup! No wonder he always looked so bored because of her!

  32. Neil says:

    Just wondering why Duchovny is lucky? He has worked with many women much more beautiful then Gillian Anderson. The lady on his new show is gorgeous. Way hotter then Anderson