X-Files' Scully Vs. Castle's Beckett as 'Law-Enforcement Crushes' Semifinals Begin!

We’re closing in on Christmas day, but temperatures are rising at TVLine, where we’ve reached the Semifinals of our Ultimate Female Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament.

So brace yourselves, folks, because we’ve got The X Files‘ Dana Scully and Castle‘s Kate Beckett entering the single-elimination world of the TVLine Thunderdome, but only one will leave!

Tomorrow, we’ll launch the second of our Semifinal bouts, and on Saturday, we’ll kick off the final battle of our bracket extravaganza. So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorites (Semifinal voting will be open for 48 hours), and hit the comments to justify your picks.

Also, if you’re interested in seeing how the tourney has played out so far, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE 64-PLAYER BRACKET (then click again for a zoomed-in view) — and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Now ready, set, vote!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. monday says:

    I want to cry because I love Castle more than any other current show, but I CANNOT vote against Dana Scully. Ever. Queen of everything and she is the total package, no contest.

  2. Rob says:

    I really dont see how Stana will not win this entire thing.

  3. Sarah says:

    As much as I love Castle, Scully wins. :)

  4. xtfania says:

    ooooooooooooooo I love Beckett!!! but I have to vote for Scully… She was the first one… I’m sure that Beckett (and also Stana) loves Scully

  5. dumbVOTING says:

    How are these two even here? Isn’t this about who is the “HOTTEST” female detective or whatever they are calling it contest. Maybe back when the X-Files was on she was decent looking, but compared to the actresses today she is no where close. All this has turned into is, how many fans of the show are voting, dumb, dumb, dumb vote this has turned into

  6. Moi says:

    I will always vote against Beckett.

  7. Kristina says:

    I love Beckett but Dana Scully is an ICON. SHE SHOULD WIN.
    I will probably be shunned by the Castle fandom but seriously, DANA SCULLY FTW!

  8. Liz says:

    the bracket says that Pauley Perret got 57.8% of the votes and Gillian Anderson got 51.2%. How does that mean that Scully won the vote? The contest is fixed.

  9. Ticsnn says:

    Kate Beckett! She’s just to amazing; her body,sense of humor,kicks butt etc

  10. Alex says:

    We’ve explained this already. That percentage is the percentage that they won the previous round by.

  11. andrea says:

    SCULLY ALL THE WAY!!! I have always such a crush on her and I’m in way attracted to woman.

  12. Jeanne says:

    According to the tournament bracket, Abby (57.8%) beat Scully (51.5%). Why did Scully move forward? Although I’m not sure why they add up to more than 100%, either.

  13. evelyn says:

    I dont get this castle obsession,its a Bad cop show,badly acted,and Castle is so ugly! Beckett does not have those big beautiful blue eyes, and. That Scully stare,I stood in front of Gillian that stare gave me a chill. Scully all the way!

    • Scullaaayyy says:

      Castle (i.e. Nathan Fillion) is hooooot!! Not Mulder hot, but hot.

    • Brad says:

      ‘Bad Cop Show’. That alone makes you unworthy of commenting on anything ‘Castle’. Its quite obvious you are an ignorant fool. For the record, Kate Beckett (Stana) is stunning and complex, but also endearing. Scully only has big eyes, while Beckett is the complete package!

      • 2shy says:

        Correction: Castle is an average cop show at best. Majority of the fans are shippers and aren’t interested in the actual plot–some, but not most. I’ve heard a lot of fans say this themselves.

        • Gerard says:

          I have heard a LOT of people say X-Files is a waste of time. That doesn’t mean it is. Stop bitching on shows. You people are ridiculous. Castle is actually great, even plotwise and the humor it brings is refreshingly genuinely funny. X-Files moved at the pace of a snail initially, but its also a good show.
          Crushability factor:
          Beckett: 10/10
          Scullayyy: 7/10

          • 2shy says:

            Gerard, I have no idea if you are referring to me in the “you people” statement, but I have watched Castle , again, average. I keep watching hoping that I will get what the hype is and I still don’t see it. Also, me watching the show had nothing to do with the X-Files or a comparison to it.

  14. TrishTumbles says:

    Never got into the X-Files although I have seen it. I thought that Scully’s character was rather bland and for me I need to connect to a character in order to find them crushable. For me, its a no brainer – Kate Beckett FTW. The character played by Stana Katic has an amazing range of emotions & expressions, is totally baddass and sexy as hell :)! Stana Katic, even though she has had “work” done still looks like herself; it has just enhanced the gorgeous package she already was.

    • Sam says:

      NO way she’s a better actress than Gillian.. FYI Gillian won all the awards, you should google her ;)

      • Lu says:

        Yep, Golden Globe, 2 SAGs and an Emmy. Beat that Katic! Right, not even close. Not even a nomination!

        • Hyde says:

          Katic hasnt been around since the dinosaurs, also, rarely are comedic shows or actors nominated for SAG’s and Globes and Oscars. Castle is really a dark comedy. Also, this poll isnt about acting or the how the actress looks off camera… its about which of the two characters are hotter IN character. Beckett all the way. Scully wasn’t sexy. (in my opinion of course)

          • 2shy says:

            What are you talking about? There is a section for comedy at every award ceremony. It doesn’t matter how long Kate has been around, she still hasn’t been nominated. But, I won’t deny you a right to an opinion.

          • Lisa says:

            LOL, and you think Sci-Fi shows are nominated a lot?? Gillian, David and the show getting noms alone was a big honor alone considering it wasn’t really a drama.

          • Abby says:

            i’m sorry, how is Castle a Dark Comedy O.o. lol the next thing you know, you’ll be saying Grey’s Anatomy is an ode to Silence of the Lambs.

            Also – in historical terms, Castle is the present. The X files ended over 10 years ago and to this day – people gush about Scully. Will Becket be powerful enough to do that a decade after Castle’s demise? I dont think so/

        • Gerard says:

          I never knew this poll was about how much junk one has in their closets… Well, Scully was crushable as the years went on by, but Beckett just attracts you like a magnet.

  15. Kevin says:

    Why can’t people be civil and comment on why they are voting FOR someone and not the reason they are voting AGAINST the other person. It’s sad you have to slam the other to make yourself feel better about your choice. With that, I am voting for Beckett because I have crushed on her since “You have no idea”. Beckett all the way.

    • Alex says:

      I agree. I’m tired of seeing people rip apart the person they vote against. They say to justify your choice not criticize or put down fans of the other actor or show.

    • Gerard says:

      Totally agree with you there. These people who are commenting against their favs are just being silly.

  16. Reyane says:

    Beckett again, mostly cause I see Scully and all I can think of is my childhood and spending Saturdays watching X-Files with my dad.

  17. Glen says:

    I watched both shows, but Kate Beckett pulls at my heartstring more.
    So, go Beckett !

  18. Alice says:

    ugh castle isn’t even a good show

  19. Kristy says:

    Kate Beckett all the way!

  20. rette says:

    Scully doesn’t get many votes simply because the X-Files ended almost a decade ago, therefore, most teens don’t have a chance to see how ‘crushable’ she is.

    • Sophie says:

      Um, I kind of take offense to this, because I’m 17 and know exactly who Scully is. Fact of the matter for me is that I *know* who Scully is, which is why I’m voting for Beckett. Sorry if that makes you upset, somehow, but Beckett is the far more attractive/appealing/compelling character for me. But maybe you’re right, maybe it’s my generation alone that finds her more relatable.

      • 2shy says:

        I’m 20 and I find Scully more crushable. I don’t see have Beckett is anyway compelling. Basic character.

      • Brad says:

        I’m 21 and more importantly a GUY! Scully looks awful! Beckett is gorgeous and her character is more compelling and emotionally satisfying than Scully ever was.

        • 2shy says:

          Brad, for the last time, we all know you are gay. You can find Beckett compelling in a basic sense, but once it comes to complexity, Scully takes the cake.

          • Gerard says:

            Wow! Calling someone gay just because they happen to love somebody is so.. You know, makes you look like a jerk (both of you actually). It isn’t about complexity and what makes you say Beckett isn’t as complex as Scully? Scully had 10 years. Let Castle be on air for a few more years and I’m quite sure, she’ll be the most complex, but still lovable character in history.

          • 2shy says:

            No Gerard, I was referring to a previous conversation of ours where he said men turn gay because of GA.

          • 2shy says:

            No Gerard, I was referring to a previous conversation of ours where he said men turn gay because of GA. Also, Scully was able to establish herself way more as a character in 4 seasons than Beckett has.

  21. XShipper says:

    I would vote if I would can, but I can’t. How can Scully be so far behind, this doesn’t wants to get in my head!
    My lovely icon, THE female icon above all others, damn!

  22. Iris says:

    Definately Scully!!

  23. Kyla says:

    Kate Beckett because she is the most kick butt, sexy, witty, and savvy female law enforcement on tv. I like x-files and ncis as well but Beckett takes the cake over scully and ziva.

  24. evelyn says:

    What season is castle on 3 or 4 for the watchers that wereu to young to watch x files in the 90s by their 3 season the show was a worldwide hit,Gillian was on the cover of many magazines.why was this so? Because the show was good and original and well acted. Castle does not have that it facter,nor does the acters,Years from now Beckett Castle will not be even remembered maybe for trying to copy the romance of MS,please dont take this had a put down it is just fact. Gillian is a very good actress won emmy,golden globe,and sAg award voted sexiest women in1996 by fhm. Yes thats why x file fans are so loyal.

  25. erin says:

    As much as I’m sad that some people don’t appreciate how wonderful Scully is (lol at people calling her dull and whatnot), this little poll doesn’t change the fact that Scully is an icon. I LOVE Castle and Kate Beckett/Stana like crazy and it’s really the only current show I’m into, but Scully changed television. Years from now people will still be writing their doctoral theses on this amazing character, girls will find the show and be inspired by her, and in the end Scully will NEVER lose her iconic status. Beckett is awesome and I’m glad characters like her exist on television, but she’s no Dana Scully, and Scully is timeless no matter what this poll says. THAT IS ALL.

  26. Kyla says:

    To all the people who are trying to make X-Files look better by insulting Castle instead of just saying why they think X-Files is good, I would like to draw your attention to who is winning this poll at the moment.

    • Dev says:

      The truth is 10 years from now, the X Files is still going to be mentioned as the most famous sci fi of all time which permeated popular culture and Scully as the prototype for the strong&smart female characters. As for Castle, I am not sure. Beckett wins just because Castle is still on. If the two shows had been on at the same time, Scully would have gotten a lot more votes.

      • Lu says:

        Well said, well said. And remember, it’s been 18 years since the first episode of the X-files and people are still talking about TXF. New generation, new fans. Castle? We’ll see, but I don’t think so.

        • Kyla says:

          I am not disagreeing with you. I understand that X-Files has been a great and very iconic TV show. I just don’t think that people should slam Castle as their way of saying X-Files is a better show.

          • Patty says:

            Really? I think you also have your own way to slam people by sarcastically telling them to ‘draw their attention to who is winning this poll’.

          • Kyla says:

            I apologize if my comment unintentionally came across as rude to those posting on this website. It was not my intention to be rude to anyone at all. I do admit that I am quite a sarcastic person but, I am not trying to mean or rude.

      • Sam says:

        You’re totally right! No poll can’t beat that

      • Gerard says:

        In my opinion, Scully would have lost even more. Her character and the show moved quite slowly and people are not as accommodating to such slow-paced shows anymore. Just look at the struggling sci-fi shows and you’ll get it. Also Scully is more like the yesteryears crushable lady.

    • 2shy says:

      At the same time, just because the series has more votes doesn’t mean it is better than the X-Files. Additionally, it is currently airing where as TXF has been off of television for almost ten years. Various factors work against it that has nothing to do with quality. Not a very good argument. Think about this: Has or how many major awards has Castle been nominated for? The X-Files is named as an inspiration for many series, characters, and techniques being used today. The series has had books written on it and many college students still write essays on the series. Many girls wanted to go to the FBI or into the medical profession because of Scully. GA’s portrayal of Scully with cancer made actual cancer patients thank GA for her performance. A show without quality can’t do all of that and so much more. Just saying. But, not to knock Castle; I just find it average.

      • Brad says:

        Of course an average show could do that! It was the 90’s! People had more tolerance for bad pop-culture shows! If Fringe existed in 1990’s, then it’d have been much more popular than X-Files was!
        Castle is an above average show if you bother to watch from second season onwards! And Stana has much more acting ability than Gillian! I find Gillian wooden and unwatchable!

        • 2shy says:

          Brad, I’ve seen every episode of Castle. And no, a bad TV cannot do that. Why do you hate TXF and Scully so much, what have it/she done to you? If Stana was such a great actress, she would have been nominated already or critics–not die hard fans–would be talking about how she was rib. Stana is a decent actress, but no way does she compare to GA. Just about everything GA acts in gets nominated or a lot of buzz.

    • Lisa says:

      Yeah, because clearly it is only XF fans doing the insulting. Hypocritical much?

  27. Evelyn says:

    Scared? :)

    • Kyla says:

      Not in the slightest. It is a good 30 percent lead.

    • Sam says:

      LOL who cares if she wins this poll? This thing is useless

      • mike says:

        keep telling yourself that darling ;)

      • Neil says:

        So this poll is useless? Does it not become useless if Scully wins?? Don’t think that’s going to happen. As far as XF’s, i was a fan of the series, although after season 6 i pretty much lost interest. I never found Scully very pretty or as interesting as Fox Mulder. Now XF people are saying that Castle won’t be remembered 10 years from now. How do you know? You can’t predict the future. It may very well become just as iconic as X-Files. Becket to me, has been from the start a more interesting character then Scully ever was. I don’t care how many awards Gillian Anderson might have. Look at Charlie Sheen or Alec Baldwin. I never found them that wonderful either and yet they have tons of awards and so do their shows. If I remember correctly Gillian Anderson won more awards then David Duchovny and yet i found him to be the more interesting character. So, screw the awards.

        • Kate says:

          Well said. I know in Australia the awards never reflect talent. We’ve had newsreporters win Gold Logies while amazing actors and actresses are dismissed. I don’t know much about America but I know that not all awards are deserved, and not all awards are given to those who deserve them. By the way, that was not a crack at GA not deserving the awards she got. Well done to her. I’m just generalising the award-giving.

  28. maria says:


  29. audrey says:

    Yea, seriously there’s no need to slam anyone, especially the actresses because if people can read properly, these poll are about the characters they play!!

  30. Scullaaayyy says:

    Scully is the epitome of super-hot kiss-ass female law enforcers. She’s probably not going to win this round, but I’m so glad she’s come so far. For a show that’s been off the air for over a decade, that’s pretty telling. I’m sure she’ll be crush-worthy in another decade too. Go Scully! :)

  31. Lu says:

    For the love of GOD??? How can crappy Beckett is winning? Scully fans reunite!!!!

  32. CGB Spender says:

    Vote for Scully. There is not another way!

  33. Brandon says:

    As somebody who watched and loved The X-Files, and watches and loves Castle, I have to go with Beckett on this. Personally, I don’t understand what people see in Scully, both in personality and in beauty.

    • 2shy says:

      Not to be insulting, but you don’t understand complex characters. I’m not talking about “My mother was killed” complex, but in a general sense.

      • Hyde says:

        I’ll say it again, we’re not judging actors or plot lines, we’re judging “crushable”. Beckett is just cuter, sexier, funnier and more charismatic than Scully. (In my opinion)

        • 2shy says:

          What point are you proving? Both of you brought up personality characteristics and I said Scully was more complex–that’s not a plot line.

    • Brad says:

      Well said!!

    • Neil says:

      Honestly I’m not quite sure what they see in Scully either. She is an OK character. As far as X-Files i found Fox Mulder way more interesting. Duchovny’s acting was top notch. Just as good or better then Gillian Anderson despite her awards. I think the cancer arc is what got her those awards. The sickness of the week always seems to grab the critics:)

      • Gerard says:

        Exactly what I was thinking. Disease ridden characters always get more notice at the award shows. David actually made the show EPIC. Gillian never really clicked with many people on the crushable factor.

        • Gerard says:

          Oh and I have to say, Stana’s due for a major Emmy win. If she doesn’t get nominated this year, then the award shows will always remain a joke to me.

      • 2shy says:

        She’d been nominated other times before and after cancer arc as well as now. GA’s acting ability is always praised even if the material is mediocre.

  34. RheDesign says:

    Beckett! But I will vote against her if she goes against Ziva and FOR her if she goes against that Chuck chick.

  35. ls says:

    Kate Beckett, takes it all!

  36. Rachel says:

    I have lost faith in humanity if Kate Beckett wins this.

  37. RichardCastle says:

    There is no doubt about it.
    Kate Beckett.
    (and she voted for me so I feel obligated)

  38. tahina says:


  39. andie88 says:

    Scully is definitely way better. Even if she doesn’t win this poll, I’ll still always have a crush on her. Scully will always have a special place in my heart!! GO TEAM SCULLY!! ;D

  40. Peacenotwarplease. says:

    I think both actresses are crushable – which after all is what this competition is about! It isn’t about which show is better, who is more iconic, who has had surgery etc – because those things would be a different competition surely? It isn’t even about the role the actress is playing – it is only about who you would personally find crushable, and character as well as looks come into play. For me it is Kate Beckett, for you it might be Sculley and I respect whoever it is people vote for. Nastiness I don’t think anyone respects, and I see no need for it. Can’t we all just vote for who we love and move on? Just asking lol.

  41. Karen says:

    Scully is an icon..but I’ll have to vote for Beckett! Castle FTW!

  42. katie says:


  43. alexandra says:

    When I was younger Scully was a hero to me. I thought she was so awesome because she was smart and beautiful.

  44. OurMrsParker says:

    I actually have never seen The X Files, though I do hear it’s a very good show. I should get into watching it, because I do like shows like that. I voted for Beckett, because Stana Katic is my current obsession at the moment, and I know more about Kate Beckett than I do about Dana Scully. Gillian Anderson is attractive, and she is a redhead, and I am a sucker for redheads, but I don’t know enough about the character to chose her over Beckett.

    Also–nice posts can happen. Can’t we be civil?

  45. patricia says:



  46. He-Touches-Things says:

    I’ve watched X-Files, and I liked Scully, but for me, it’s Kate Beckett. She has such a great range of expressions and emotions, from scary-ass cold, to break-your-heart vulnerable, to hot & sexy, to gentle romantic teasing favorite.

    There is nothing to gain from hating and insulting an actress or character you may not like, so stop it! Just support your favorite and leave the others alone!

  47. Julia says:

    Why does everyone feel the need to insult whomever they’re not voting for?! I understand a little friendly competition but honestly, they’re both beautiful so let’s stop going around calling one of them ugly please.

  48. MS says:

    @He-touches-things – couldn’t agree with your comment more.

    @Patricia – it must be hard living with all that hate towards another person whom you probably don’t know!

    @Stana/Kate Beckett – you got my vote!

    @Scully – never had the privilege to watch xfiles, but by all accounts it was a great show. I am sorry I had to vote against you – up against anybody else but Beckett I wouldn’t have done!

  49. l says:

    this is tough. really, really tough, I mean they are both prefectly flawed characters and all, and they are both my favorite characters, urgh! I would probably go with Kate, but I would love to vote for Scully too!
    and yes! these two should be the finalists, though I have no idea how it would make this round easier to vote LOL