TV Feuds Status: Work It Dressed Down, Lowe's Remains Anti-Muslim, SNL Sacked By Evangelist

It’s not all heavenly peace for three TV programs that have come under fire for their on-screen content during this holiday season. Why is GLAAD mad about ABC’s new cross-dressing comedy? Where stands Lowe’s beef with TLC’s All-American Muslim? And who’s calling a penalty on Saturday Night Live‘s send-up of NFL star Tim Tebow? Here’s a status report on those controversies.

The LGBT Community vs. ABC’s Work It
WHAT’S THE ISSUE? | GLAAD says that the soon-to-premiere comedy — in which Ben Koldyke (How I Met Your Mother) and Amaury Nolasco (Prison Break) play out-of-work (and straight) bosom buddies who pose as women to get jobs — “could contribute to the high levels of job discrimination that transgender Americans face and will give license for people to mock and ridicule those whose gender expression might not fit with what society considers the norm.” Both GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) have urged ABC to pull a particularly damaging print ad showing the male leads, in drag, standing at urinals, as well as “seriously consider whether airing this show is worth the damage it has the potential to do.”
WHAT WAS THE RESPONSE? | ABC has not yet publicly responded to GLAAD’s complaint, though network president Paul Lee proactively defended the comedy at last summer’s Television Critics Association press tour, quipping, “I’m a Brit, I have to do a cross-dressing show every year. I grew up with Monty Python — what can I do?” And while ABC has featured transgender individuals on shows such as Dirty Sexy Money, Ugly Betty and Dancing With the Stars, GLAAD says that admirable track record in fact “perhaps makes the sting worse.”
WHAT’S THE LATEST? | GLAAD and HRC on Wednesday placed a full-page ad in Daily Variety as part of a campaign to educate the industry and the public about their concerns. The ad copy cites damning discrimination data (including the fact that transgender individuals can be legally fired in 34 states “simply for being who they are”) and says that “by encouraging the audience to laugh at the characters’ attempts at womanhood, [Work it] gives license to similar treatment of transgender women.” The organizations say a meeting with ABC executives will take place to discuss the sitcom.

Lowe’s vs. TLC’s All-American Muslim
WHAT’S THE ISSUE? | Weeks after the docudrama about Muslim families living in Michigan debuted — and on the heels of the conservative Florida Family Association calling for a boycott of a show it billed as “propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values” — the home improvement goods retailer pulled their ads, explaining, “Lowe’s has received a significant amount of communication on this program, from every perspective possible. Individuals and groups have strong political and societal views on this topic, and this program became a lightning rod for many of those views.” The travel planning site likewise canceled its ads.
WHAT WAS THE RESPONSE? | Religious and advocacy groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations derided Lowe’s actions, and petitions against the company proliferated.
WHAT’S THE LATEST? | Lowe’s has declined to reinstate its ads, with its VP reiterating this week, “We have no problem with the content of the show. It was what people were saying about the show…. If we’ve done anything with an advertising decision to make people question our commitment to diversity, we apologize again.”

Pat Robertson vs. NBC’s Saturday Night Live
WHAT’S THE ISSUE? | Though the veteran sketch comedy’s take on Tim Tebow — in which the Denver Broncos’ outspoken Christian QB was beseeched to “take it down a notch” by Jesus himself — was cited by many critics as a highlight of last weekend’s telecast, televangelist Robertson said on the Christian Broadcast Network (watch video here) that it was an example of “the anti-Christian bigotry in this country that’s just disgusting.” Robertson argued that Tebow’s public expressions of faith “ought to be applauded,” and not mocked, at a time with the country is “losing [its] moral compass.”
WHAT WAS THE RESPONSE? | Tebow has not tweeted about the SNL spoof, nor has NBC commented on Robertson’s statements. Bob Beckel of Fox News’ The Five, though, echoed Robertson’s rant, calling the skit “despicable” and saying there’s “nothing funny” about drawing attention to Tebow’s faith.
WHAT’S THE LATEST? | Though it’s just a rumor, reported this week that Tebow himself might host SNL once the NFL season has winded down. If that proves true, God bless him for being a good sport.

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  1. Richard says:

    As noted in the article, ABC’s plan to include “Work It” in their programming was announced last summer. Why did GLAAD and HRC wait so long to get involved? Perhaps some of the issues could have been avoided if GLAAD and HRC had voiced their concerns as soon as the show’s premise was announced and then possibly have been consulted during the production of the show.

    • Ashley says:

      I think GLAAD and HRC should spend their time on something else. This piece of trash will be DOA anyway.

      • jennrae says:

        Exactly, nobody is going to watch Work It. I love me some Sucre but not in drag and not in crap.

      • JJ says:

        But “Work It” isn’t about transgendered people, right? We’re supposed to believe that these guys actually pass for real women. It’s just a rehashed remake of Bosom Buddies. I’m offended not on behalf of transgendered people. If anything, it’s insulting to women. But I am offended as a person with good taste. The show was stupid back in the eighties. It’s inconscionable now. The entire premise falls flat in the year 2012. People are not stupid enough to buy that men are actually women. Especially not In a world where transgender people and homosexuals are an everyday part of our society, this is just stupid stupid stupid. What smoke were the execs crackin that they greenlit this project in the first place? Who actually thought this was funny? I predict one and done. Oh, and Glaad is only inflating the ratings by talking about this thing. Noone would have watched, but now at least a few looky loos will just to see what the hubbub is about.

        • lacey says:

          Everytime I see a comercial featuring the men in drag I just shake my head in disbelief that nobody questions it. At least cast skinny men that could possibly pass instead of men with linebacker shoulders. Or I guess that is the supposed humor that everyone is too stupid to think these “women” are really men.
          I agree with the post that GLAAD should have voiced their objections when the show was announced. B/c now ABC is at the point where if they cancel the show without even airing that makes them look like idiots. Plus GLADD has just guaranteed ABC lots of viewers for the premiere since people will want to see what all the fuss is about.

    • JC says:

      “Work It” will be canceled after about 4 episodes because it’s just plain awful and unfunny. Therefore, I think GLAAD and HRC are just wasting their time. (Although I bet they will take credit when this show crashes and burns.)

  2. Peter says:

    Its really hard to say if Work It will be harmful until we see an episode or two. Still given some of the executive comment it doesn’t sound like it was entirely thought-out, which isn’t a good sign.

    Lowe’s have the right to pull their ads since its their ads, but just pulling it instant there was ‘controversy’ without looking what utter BS the complaint was is pretty bad. I wouldn’t so much give them heat for being culturally/religiously insensitive as just being idiots who don’t investigate stuff before bailing. Still again, they had the right to pull their ads if they wanted to, the reason was just moronic.

    SNL’s sketch was funny. Not much else to it. In terms of religious sketches that could offend people it’s pretty much the most harmless one out there. Besides it’s Pat Robertson.

    • Allie says:

      I agree that it’s hard to say if Work It will have any impact – either negative or positive. From seeing the previews, I think the larger problem for ABC is that the show looks awful and unfunny. And perhaps this is part of the problem. Since I am totally comfortable with transgendered people in the workplace, having men dress like women isn’t inherently funny to me. It only appeals to those people who already think cross-dressing is “funny” or “unusual.” Therefore, it might feed into their feelings that people born one gender who present themselves as the opposite gender should be laughed at and that such ridicule is ok for our society. I disagree.

  3. Lauren says:

    I’ve started to notice that the Conservative right have turned their bigotry on it’s head and started to proclaim that America is becoming anti-Christian when media takes potshots at them. It is meant as a rally call whenever you throw faith into the mix. But it no way excuses the bigotry against LGBT people they have built their foundation on. So now it’s “We are the victim” -when they have been the aggressors all along in this issue.

    • Tot says:

      The LGBT community is way too sensitive! Get over it!

      • TigerNightmare says:

        I’m sure they’ll get over it when the religious zealots get the hell out of government lobbying and attack ads meant to “protect the sanctity of marriage”. And when they close down the conversion camps that kids are sent to against their will so they can grow up and marry someone like Michele Bachmann.

        Why don’t you get over it?

    • pcp says:

      exactly. they’ve been using this strategy succesfully without any sense of irony or hypocrisy for years now. People wonder why more people don’t rally around the republican cause. It’s because it doesn’t matter if you believe in FISCAL conservatism when the party has been hijacked by such bigoted illogical hypocrites!! I don’t care if i like your economic plan if you plan on taking away basic human rights from america’s citizens. One reason I’m mad that people like Ron Paul have caved to associating themselves with these unethical hateful beings that often hide behind the false moniker of christian.

  4. Jelly says:

    I don’t know, I think there’s a huge difference between a transgender person and some dudes dressing up like women for laughs. Was it offensive when Lady Gaga dressed like a man? Should Tootsie be retroactively banned?

    • Aprilcot26 says:

      I agree with you, but will close-minded, right-wing, religious nutjobs see a difference?

      • Drew says:

        Obviously the close-minded, left-wing, political activist nutjobs didn’t.

      • Ben says:

        Is a show like Work It really going to have a negative impact on the closed-minded?

      • Babygate says:

        Ahmmm, it is not the right-wing, religious ‘nut jobs’ that are against ‘Work It’, it is GLAAD and the HRC which are just trying to protect their constituency. Portraying cross-dressers for laughs plays right into the existing bigotry, which is what GLADD is trying to prevent. You should really rethink your answer…

    • Selbs says:

      My only comment about this controversy is that it’s so unoriginal and a total knock-off of Busom Buddies which launched Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari. Why no kicking and screaming about being copycats instead of wringing hands about prejudice of transgender people? In all probability it will illicit very few laughs because it looks stupid rather than troublesome for the gay and lesbian community.

      • PCP says:

        as if being a knock off of bosom buddies is something to aspire to. that show wasn’t good even by eighties standards. the premise certainly does NOT stand the test of time. There is very little that is not derivative of something else when it comes to artistic projects. whether it be literature, music, film, or theater. so that’s why it would be stupid to bemoan “copycatism”. But being unoriginal AND bad? That’s unforgivable. If you’re going to recycle, do it well.

  5. Annie says:

    It’s amazing that Pat Robertson never has a problem noticing bigotry against Christians, even when it’s not there, but he never notices when he’s making bigoted comments against gay people, people who aren’t Christians, especially Muslims, people who aren’t from the US, and those who are not white.

    • CJ says:

      Well put, Annie. It is interesting how Robertson and the like get so worked up about these things, but think nothing of making hateful comments against those who don’t share the same beliefs. I mean, really – should we compare a SNL comedy sketch with someone standing in a pulpit condemning others to eternal damnation? (And I’m not a Tebow fan, but it is commendable that he’s considering hosting the show after the season – I just won’t be watching.)

    • maggie says:

      Robertson only sees bigotry when someone disagrees with him. He feels he knows what’s right, and therefore it’s OK for him to insult and condemn everyone else. He needs to pay more attention to the teachings of Jesus, such as being accepting of others.

  6. MJ says:

    Work It has been done before….a little tv show called Bosom Buddies back in the early 80s. Now, I do not know if there problems back then because of this show, but the humor in the show was seeing these guys pretend to be women. I think people are taking this show a little too seriously. It is a TV show, not a documentary. It really is a remake of an old show, but in the old show they pretended to be women to have a place to stay.

  7. Beth says:

    Based on the commercials I’ve seen for “Work It,” I think anyone with a pulse and a sense of humor should be insulted by this show.

    • Amy says:

      Totally agree – this show looks atrocious. Why would anyone pay money to make this show? Is it seriously still funny to ANYONE when men dress up like women? Wow.

    • maggie says:

      “Work It” looks awful. I predict it will quickly be cancelled, and ABC can finally bring back the very funny “Cougartown.”

  8. Vident says:

    I don’t think GLAAD should make such a huge deal out of it, because the show won’t last 8 episodes.

    • DL says:

      So true. I’m constantly amazed that this show even made it to pilot, much less to any episode order.

    • Abe Froman says:

      When are these groups going to learn — they bring more attention to shows that would otherwise quietly air and die quickly. GLAAD just made sure more people are going to see the show than would have if they had just shut up about it.

  9. Percysowner says:

    I can’t make an evaluation about Work It, until I have seen the episodes. None the less, I find it amusing that any show is trying to claim that being a woman will INCREASE your income. Considering there has been study after study saying the pay gap between men and women always favors the males, the underlying assumption does not compute. OTOH, I truly enjoyed Bosom Buddies many years ago, but that was because of sharply written scripts and some terrific actors, including a young Tom Hanks, who has certainly proved his acting credentials in his subsequent career.

    It is Lowe’s decision to to advertise where they want and it is my right to decide they are bigoted, disgusting cowards for making the decision about American Muslim in response to the pressure of a narrow minded hate group.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      The premise isn’t about increasing income; it’s that two out-of-work car salesman can’t find jobs, and the pharmaceutical company is only looking for female sales reps.

  10. Ram510 says:

    I don’t see why ABC doesn’t just scrap this Work It nonsense and just bring back Cougar Town early. Work It has absolutley no chance. Just because Paul Lee is British and transgender shows worked out there doesn’t mean that this sloppy crap that was quickly slapped together will.

    People have been waiting for Cougar Town for a long time and Paul Lee should respect the fans and the show.

  11. Chris says:

    Geez, sometimes it seems I’m the only Christian in this country with a sense of humor. The nuns must not have beaten me hard enough in Catholic school.

  12. joe35 says:

    Good for Lowe’s. A company should be able to determine whether or not it wants to sponsor something on its own without fear of be targeted by hate groups.

    • Cloudy Knight says:

      They were targeted by a hate group, the Florida Family Association. Lowe’s caved in to pressure from a few zealots who can’t stand to see that there are Muslims in America that don’t want to blow anything up. Lowe’s was advertising on the show and pulled their ads in response to a hate group. There is no other way to look at it.

    • maggie says:

      you have it backwards. Lowe’s caved into pressure from a hate group and pulled their ads from a TV show. There’s nothing good about what Lowe’s did.

      Even from just a business point of view, siding with a hate group is more likely to cause Lowe’s to lose more business than if they had kept their commercials on the show. It was a very stupid decision by Lowe’s.

      • janet says:

        Lowe’s made the decision to pull the ads without the help of that Florida association but those nut jobs will take any credit they can get. As for them pulling ads, big frickin deal! People are making a bigger deal out of this then need be.

  13. Pam says:

    I don’t think laughing at a man in a drag = work discrimination against transgenders. We had a transgender gal at my work for awhile. At no point did any one LOL at them because she reminded me of them of Bosom Buddies, Tootsie or Some Like It Hot. In addition, I think employers are aware of the consequences that they make sure everything is done by the book and for the right reasons. If an employer is not working in that manner, then they are going to discriminate regardless if a show is on the air or not.

  14. Ashley says:

    The Tim Tebow sketch was hilarious, hardly “despicable”

  15. DL says:

    That anyone should decry the SNL sketch is ridiculous. Conservative Christian spokespersons are always going on about American values, but freedom of speech and the ability to satirize public figures like Mr. Tebow is at the heart of American values.

  16. Carmichael says:

    That’s what SNL does best. You don’t like the show, don’t watch it. If it’s so important to Robertson to have a sketch comedy show that doesn’t mock Christians and portrays them in a positive light, maybe HE should produce a proChristian show.

    • Eurydice says:

      Um, I don’t know if you’re being satirical, but you do know that Robertson started the Christian Broadcasting Network, also what’s now called ABC Family, and I think his show, the 700 Club, is supposed to stay on the air until our sun explodes.

      • Persephone says:

        If you haven’t noticed, ABC Family is full of programming that has teens having premarital sex, drinking and drugs, etc… It’s a far cry from what CBN originated as. And while the 700 Club is hilariously scary in it’s bigotry and myopic religious zealousness, it is by no means a comedy sketch show- at least not on purpose. Only idiots listen to anything Pat Robertson says anyhow. America is losing it’s moral compass? Pshaw. Because sin was just invented, right? A lot of crazy christian conservatives like to believe in this alternate reality where murder, drug abuse, adultery and abortion are new concerns endemic to america, instead of issues that societies have been dealing with since the beginning of civilization!

  17. Ulf Claesson says:

    Anything that advocates islamic values should be shunned and banned, as islam is a nihilistic, nazi-like death cult

  18. DreamRose311 says:

    Please oh please let Tebow host SNL. Certainly that would get everyone to cool it right? RIGHT?!?!

    I mean we are entitled to our own opinions and everything, I get that. If Robertson wants to believe it was a despicable sketch, that’s his right. I just don’t get why people would put so much energy into public outrage over something when there are actual serious issues in the world. If you don’t like what is on TV, change the channel (The same goes for songs on the radio, whoever it was that caused the editing of Money For Nothing)

    Sorry, didn’t expect to go ranty >.<

  19. Eurydice says:

    Transgender isn’t the same thing as cross-dressing, and cross-dressing isn’t the same thing as dressing up as a woman in order to get a job. In any case, I can’t say if Work It will be harmful to transgendered people because I’m not transgendered and not clued into all the ways they can feel harmed. Mostly, I agree with the posters who think this premise sounds really stupid and outdated.

  20. SW says:

    SNL has done skits on the likes of Osama Bin Ladin a few days after his death. The skit was his last will and testament. There has been nothing said about the “Church lady” skits of old or “Hanukkah Harry” or other Jewish related skits. So for those to say it is only against Christians then I think you are mistaken. If anything it causes people who don’t know who he is or the story to look it up. Also why don’t more people speak against the main person in the Islamic faith? Because extremist have been known to put hits out on people’s lives. I doubt anyone is that willing to risk their lives over TV ratings and if someone does that in the name of Christianity, then shame on them.

  21. SW says:

    Not to mention Pat Robertson also thought Macaroni and Cheese was a “Black Thing” and didn’t know what it was. He is from Virginia for goodness sakes! Everyone knows what Mac and Cheese is and that you serve it for holidays here!
    Lowes had the right to stop the ads. Was it silly? Yes. Is it possible that TLC did not give them the full description of the show? Yes. Is it the place for a major retailer to educate our public or is it the school systems place to educate? Because in the end that is what it is coming down to. Instead of our news and schools we are asking a RETAILER to make a stand and educate…Maybe they simply want to remain neutral.

  22. Allison says:

    Does GLAAD want Yentl, Mrs. Doubtfire, Tootsie, Bossom Buddies, and Shakespeare (Twelfth Night) DVDs banned from Netflix? Should we boycott Sherlock Holmes because Downey Jr. wears drag?

    Stupid of Lowe’s to have a knee jerk reaction to complaints from a fringe group. I won’t shop there anymore.

    I have seen much worse than the Tim Tebow sketch. Ever watch Bill Maher?

  23. sarah says:

    Please the whole Pat Robertson thing is just silly
    They make fun of pretty much every one on that show, should Hoda, Kathy lee, Regis, Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber…I could go on all make comments too? If every person SNL every made fun of complained then SNL would have been off the air years ago….

  24. Katy says:

    I loved Bosom Buddies….”Work it” just looks god awful. Has nothing to do with transgender. As another poster mentioned does that mean Tootsie should be banned. Really? No one has a sense of humor anymore. The SNL skit was the best one of the night and as a Christian I was amused not insulted. As for Lowe’s pulling their ads…it is their ad and their decision…let’s just hope is was not because of a small group of zealots. Reminds me of the Dunkin Donuts ads that were pulled because someone though Rachel Ray was hearing a scarf that Muslim men wear. Pull the ad because Rachel Ray is annoying not because she wore a scarf. Cut way back on my Dunkin runs after that.

  25. sandee says:

    GLAAD should be more offended that the show looks awful and will probably be cancelled after one or two episodes. I’m of

  26. Stan says:

    Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode:
    “so these jokes offend as a man of the Jewish faith?”
    “no, they offend me as a comedian”

  27. Jennifer says:

    In regards to the transgender comedy, if the shows takes a serious side sometimes about the things a true transgender has to go through, I think the show has a lot of potential to actuall help the LGBT community. It is important to address the actual issues, while trying to difuse the situation. I think they should address some of the stereotypes faced by transgenders in the workplace.

    As for Lowe’s… Yes, they have the right to pull any ads they want, but the manner in which they did was wrong. They catered to a known hate group and basically made it seem as though they have the same ideology as that hate group. Lowe’s says this is a lightning rod issue which should be more of a reason for them to stay… to prove that stereotypes about Muslims hating America are wrong.

    As for SNL, I didn’t see the skit, so I can’t really comment. But I do believe that religious is a very sensitive subject and no one should have their faith ridiculed. But like I said, I didn’t see the skit, so I don’t know if this potrayed Jesus in a positive light or made fun of him.

  28. Bella says:

    Good for Lowe’s. The show is only depicting American Muslims who don’t follow the religion and don’t suffer any consequences for it, either. Not much of a “Learning Channel” when they don’t tell the whole story, including the so-called “honor” killings and other punishments that are going on in America, too.

  29. Ben says:

    A shame that there is so much support for the LGBT view of Work It. I’d like to know how many of them actually could find someone who would actually watch Work It and suddenly have a more discriminatory view. It’s just not stuff like this that causes the problems. I wish they would come to understand that saying stuff like this and making it an issue is MORE likely to cause discrimination and hatred than the show itself is. They do themselves more harm than good.

    Can’t agree on point 2. Hideous that anyone needs to complain to Lowe’s about them having the ad spot in the first place. But, having said that – you can put a commercial wherever you want and take it off from wherever you want. Seeing this as anything but a commercial decision is silly – I don’t think it is fair to judge Lowe’s as though they were making a judgement on islam.

    Don’t really know Pat Robertson (not American). Nor do I think that comedy should be censored. Having said that, there is no doubt that mocking religious fervour is ‘in’ right now. The bigger problem is that anyone finds the joke funny. The biggest line humour can cross is the line of not-funny, and I find it about as funny as mocking someone because of their race, gender, sexual orientation etc. I also agree with Robertson that fervour (not to be confused with extremism) ought to be applauded. For anything but Christianity, this is seen as standing up for your beliefs.

    • Renee says:

      Ben I really agree w/you RE the SNL skit. I find it disturbing the lengths some will go to ridicule him. The massive hatred toward what seems to be a really good kid because of his religion beliefs is a little scary IMO. And very socially acceptable.

  30. Jeff says:

    The SNL Tebow skit was hilarious and brilliant as it was the only place in the media that gave true, proper credit to the person who pulled out some of those wins for the Broncos – their kicker.
    I’m sick of Tebow so I hope the SNL hosting rumors aren’t true but it’s probably inevitable that he will. I may have to skip that show.

  31. Babygate says:

    I’m obviously a minority here. I think that Work It will be a flop. Portraying transgender men in such a lighthearted and careless fashion diminishes their struggle to be taken seriously. I’m sure the intention is not to cause harm, but I believe it will. And if you want to determine that, you can’t ask people that do not have any understanding of what it’s like to be a transgendered individual.
    I also think that if Lowe’s doesn’t want to sponsor a program, it shouldn’t have to. Period. And they shouldn’t have to defend themselves.
    And as far as SNL, they did go too far. If they would have pulled this stunt with Mohammed or Allah, the Muslim community would have been up in arms about it and rightfully so. SNL is not kidding anyone. They are famously liberal and they like to poke fun at conservatism in whatever way it is represented. To mock someone’s faith is just going over the line.

  32. TigerNightmare says:

    I can’t believe no one is asking this question, but aren’t the other characters on Work It supposed to believe that they’re just regular women, just homely? I mean, I’ve seen this girl who looks she has a dude’s face but has a normal-looking vagina and everything.

  33. ultimate troll says:

    “Work It” looks horrible. It will hurt everyone regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation.

  34. maggie says:

    As a Christian, I wasn’t offended by SNL’s Tebow skit. I am offended that Tebow believes that Jesus cares if he wins, or is supporting him over his opponent. The same goes for any other athlete. I’m also disgusted by singers, actors, etc., who think that Jesus chose them to win the Grammy, Emmy, Oscar, Tony. To believe that Jesus cares more about you than your opponent is vanity. To think Jesus is spending his time worrying about a sporting event or acting award, instead of worrying about children starving, is ego at its worst. I also find most of Pat Robertson’s views offensive. My response to offensive behavior is to not to try to censor them, but to avoid those people I find offensive.

  35. Meg says:

    I thought Work It has already been made…Bosom Buddies, anyone?

  36. D says:

    The only point with any real contention is the one involving Lowe’s …

    1. “Work It” is a situation comedy. I haven’t seen it, and it doesn’t look particularly amusing. What I do know is that some of actions GLAAD appears to take are laughable at best. Their credibility is next to nothing. Why are their constant rants always deemed entertainment “news”? Give me a break. GLAAD takes issue with anything: poor representation of gay teens, poor depiction of “transgenders” (I love this PC term, by the way), blah blah blah. GLAAD attacked Gene Shallit back in 2005 or 2006–a film critic(!!!)–for his consensus on “Brokeback Mountain.” GLAAD=insipid hacks.

    2. Yes, the “SNL” skit crossed the line, and it was offensive. Basically, Tim Tebow’s critics don’t like that he has a strong spiritual conviction. The response: malign his beliefs and milk them for laughs from a less than intelligent public, the same audience who STILL laughs when Tina Fey mimics Sarah Palin. I’m no Palin fan, but c’mon, Tina: once was enough. Try use your creative juices for the low-rated “30 Rock.” (Though I am interested in Julianne Moore’s interpretation for “Game Change.”)

    3. Finally, Lowe’s … hmmm … MI is a melting pot of many nationalities, and I didn’t see the documentary either, but I don’t see how Lowe’s ads required pulling from an educational, though subjective (not many documentaries are objective) program. I’d disagree with Lowe’s. What harm did this documentary to their business or image?

    • TigerNightmare says:

      You obviously aren’t watching SNL. First of all, the Palin impression IS funny. Second of all, after 2008, Tina Fey has used the impression TWICE. Once in 2010 and once last May. Whenever the quitter gets herself some attention in the news, which was probably exactly twice in the past three years, they break the impression out.

      Finally, while there’s nothing wrong with spirituality, there does come a point when it becomes creepy. Really creepy. Let’s say that instead of using the words “God” or “Jesus”, Tebow instead says “Bryant Gumbell”. Now, Bryant Gumbell could be the very reason he has everything he has and there is no greater contributor to his success. But if you’re talking to him and he goes out of his way to mention Bryant Gumbell every other sentence, you’re going to want to slowly back away, leave the room and tell your friends about what a weirdo he is.

  37. John Grose says:

    Here’s what I have to say: God save us from ourselves. – John

  38. cj says:

    everything’s fair game on SNL. they weren’t criticizing Tebow’s belief in God, in fact, they weren’t criticizing anything, they were simply mocking his uber-enthusiasm, the same way jimmy fallon mocked his own uber-enthusiasm on his late night show. i feel pretty confident tim tebow can take a joke.

    • tebowtime says:

      impressions are about taking one or a few characteristics of an already unique personality, giving it a little twist, and then taking it completely over the top (thus why fred armisen’s obama is so BLAH and darrel hammond’s al gore, bill clinton, and will ferrell’s w. bush are so HILARIOUS and epic).

  39. Patrick says:

    People need to relax, and learn how to take a joke. Instead of crying about public perception and what you think might happen, go teach a child something, volunteer, do something productive. People bitch for the sake of bitching these days, and if you can’t laugh at yourself and take a joke (ie Work it / Tebow’s religion) then you are truly an insecure pathetic person.