Glee Exclusive: Oscar Winner Helen Mirren Set to Guest Star as [Spoiler Alert]

How’s this for a crowning achievement: Glee is playing host to the Queen!

Oscar winner Helen Mirren has signed on to guest star in the show’s first episode back on Jan. 17, TVLine has learned exclusively.

But in a twist, the British dame will be heard, not seen.

Per a Glee insider, Mirren provides the “inner voice” of a character who shall remain nameless. (For now at least.)

“Helen came in and secretly recorded several long and hilarious monologues two weeks ago,” says the source. “Then she visited the kids on set, and they had no idea she was coming; they were stunned.”

Glee First Look: New Directions Does Grease!

How’d the royal (and potentially recurring) casting coup come about?

The role was written for Mirren, but there was no guarantee she’d actually do it. So producers dispatched frequent Glee director and Mirren confidante Eric Stoltz (the two co-starred in the 2007 drama The Passion Of Ayn Rand) to sell her on the idea.

Stoltz apparently didn’t have to twist her arm too hard though. “Helen’s a big fan of the show,” says the source, “and the message it sends out about arts education.”

And for the record, this is the same episode that features an appearance by NeNe Leakes. Talk about Real Juxtapositions of Hollywood.

Thoughts? Theories as to whose inner voice Mirren will be supplying? Hit the comments? And if you’re looking for instantaneous Glee spoilers, follow me on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello

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  1. James says:

    This show is looking so desperate now. Didn’t Ryan Murphy say NO GUEST STARS and the show would go back to season 1 basics? Love Helen though, but this show is getting worse and worse.

    • Rebecca says:

      Ya, he did say that, but I have learned to not believe or take to heart anything ryan murphy says lol

    • Rob J. says:

      Any edict by any showrunner on any show on any network or cable channel inherently has an expiration date of “when we feel like it.”
      Also, Glee is “getting worse and worse?!”
      Sounds to me like you haven’t watched the last six episodes. IMO, the show has never been better — the show and its new staff of writers have clearly benefited from Ryan Murphy turning his attention toward the crazy, crackpot American Horror Story. These episodes, dealing primarily with Santana, have been heartfelt and made all the more awesome by the songs actually having something to do with the stories. Also, the episodes have been remarkably, thankfully light on the presence of Sue, who Murphy broke as a character last season with the Human Cannonball incident.
      Okay, okay, so I haven’t seen last week’s Christmas episode yet, but as far as I’m concerned, even if Sue’s in Ryan-Murphy-insane mode again, that’s the exception that proves the rule that Glee has been on a massive upswing lately and therefore, IMNSHO, it would behoove certain segments of the audience to get over it regarding last season and give this season the fair shot it *far* more than richly deserves.
      PS: And we can still rage on about how Ryan Murphy continues to do a disservice to both Jane Lynch and Sue Sylvester the character. It’s almost inevitable that every writer on staff will write a better Sue than Murphy does.

      • James says:

        I have watched the last 6 episodes. The new writers are not doing these characters any favors. They are trying to cram too much in a single episode and things come out uneven. Santana’s coming out episode was ruined by making it about Finn. Glad you are liking the show, but no,I don’t think these past 6 episodes were great.

        • becky says:

          I agree with you. The new writers somehow made things worst. To me one of the biggest problems is that all of the characters on Glee are bipolar. There’s is simply ZERO consistency in characters or storylines in this show.

          • BakerBrother says:

            Bipolar? What’s wrong with showing a little bipolar?! Most of society acts this way to begin with, so what does it hurt if it actually reflects how most of us act? Really get over it or don’t watch it! IF it really upsets you that bad, don’t watch it.

            I’m crazy about where the third season has gone. Leave it alone, before you kill it.

        • I'm james also says:

          I love how everybody says the episode was about Finn? How was it about Finn? There’s like a total of 5 minutes in it about him. Shut up already. And you’re probably one of the same people who complained that season 2’s writing was bad. There going back to the same format as season 1. Nothing is crammed. Each episode has 2-3 plots in them, just like season 1. Sick of fake fans of the show, go watch PBS kids or something.

          • steve says:

            It was about Finn. Santana barely had a voice in this episode. It was all about Finn forcing her out of the closet, forcing her sit through the whole club singing to her when she didn’t want to. And in the end he came out looking like the hero. That’s all that episode was: redeeming Finn. It’s not about the minutes Finn was on screen, it’s about the context. And add that Finn’s “encouraging word” were the exact same words Brittany said to Santana a year ago, it was just all badly done.

          • Leo says:

            Oh, wow steve, it’s so obvious you’re a Finn-hater. I personally think it’s a “Finntana” episode and their blossoming friendship.

      • Rini says:

        I would say only one of the last six episodes was actually good, and that was Hold on to Sixteen, and even that had some major issues with character consistency and continuity.

        The last episode hung entirely on Chris Colfer and Darren Criss being incredible and playing so well off each other, everything else was kind of awful – especially Rachel’s character… First Time was pretty much a joke and character consistency was all over the place (plus of course it focussed on Finchel a lot so…), I Kissed a Girl should have been fantastic but the song choices were utterly ridiculous, Santana’s reactions to Finn and to Kurt and Blaine should have been switched, because you can slow that song down all you like, it was still like Finn was saying “Oh I get it now Santana, you’re sexuality isn’t a serious issue, you just wanna have fun” – the differing messages being sent about gay and lesbian (and bisexual) people is dreadful… IKaG was saved purely by Naya Rivera being flawless in her scene with Santana and her abuela.

        Don’t even start me on Pot o’ Gold… the real beginnings of Quinn and her campaign of insanity… I swear it’s incredible to me that Dianna didn’t just throw the script in the air and walk off. There were a couple of okay musical performances but overall it was completely random.

        So no… the last six episodes have been nothing particularly special, in places they’ve been the worst that Glee has ever produced. Quinn’s whole story goes without saying. Finn’s continued memory loss regarding the fact that Rachel is Jewish and vegan for another thing… I’m meant to believe he loves this girl? Rachel’s continued up and down characterisation… The fact that the WRITERS and producers don’t even realise that Brit and Santana haven’t kissed yet and actively put down the fandom very rudely when they pointed it out. The fact that it’s apparently ridiculous for any teenager to keep their virginity through high school. Continuity errors in general everywhere you look (About the only continuity this show has anymore is that it never has continuity). Puck’s ridiculous affair with Shelby…

        Some of the song choices have been okay, but usually the ones that don’t really matter. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and I Kissed a Girl were actually downright offensive to a lot of people in context. Red Solo Cup was just freaking weird, and while they sounded awesome, what is the backstory to having a Jackson’s medley? It came from nowhere, and aside from Quinn talking about ‘Her Control’ not a lot of it was really that relevant.

        The only really good thing this show has going for it completely consistently is Tina and Mike’s relationship and they’re barely ever in it. Hence Hold on to Sixteen being actually good.

        • Donna says:

          I thought Hold on to Sixteen was a good show. It was the first show that I have liked in some time. I agree, however, that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and I kissed a Girl were not appropriate songs for the show – due to the younger viewing audience and HS teachers in most places in the US would not allow that type of performance. The thematic material as it is pushes the envelope but it does so in a good way (most of the time.) The content of the show is edgy, the music is fun but I hope that don’t turn it into a soap opera (Quinn and Shelby).

          • sky says:

            I thought Asian F, The First Time and Hold onto Sixteen were great. The rest were ok, but the xmas episode was bad. We all have a difference of opinion as to the reasons why. That is Glee for you. I didn’t care for Mash off because I have been tired of all the hate that oozes out of Santana’s mouth. That’s just me. There is no excuse to make other’s lives miserable because she is. Kurt had issues but he never hurt anyone. Besides if one looks back at season 1 Santana outed Kurt in the choir room before he was ready just out of meanness. So why does she get an excuse for a heart full of hate. I’m not down with that. I feel only the person should decide when and how to devulge their sexuality. The first time was Klaine and Finchel whom I love both couples so I was very thrilled by the way the show expressed that love, trust, respect, truth are the main ingredients between a couple who express love IMO. I thought is was gracefully done. I thought I Kissed a Girl was a over the place. IMO. I thought Hold onto Sixteen was exceptional in every way. Matter of opinion. opinions vary always in the viewers perception of each episode. I you look at all the posts here and other places people get to voice their opinions you will see they vary greatly. That is Glee for you. Some love something about an episode while others don’t. Glee has an affect on people in where you like it or you don’t with very little in between to be had. Very seldom an ok or good episode. It’s like all or nothing. This includes song choices, story lines, execution(acting,singing,dancing,editing,writing) Glee has always been like an excentric-out of the ordinary bloke-who thinks and acts like no other in the world. That’s why Glee was captivating it was so different. They keep trying to make it different and sometimes it fails. So as a Glee fan from the beginning I’ll keep watching with antici—pation(like in Rochy Horror episode) holding onto hope that each succeeding episode will be good. That’s all I can do.

        • sami says:

          I have a quick idea. Instead of bitching about the show and reading articles about it, go find another show to watch. There are thousands of other ones on t.v. The true reason why you are on this web page reading the article and other peoples comments is because you really do love Glee and bitching and moaning wont change that. Of course you are going to have some problems with the show everyone does. But stop bitching about it and deal. You aren’t the one who has to write the script and think of something new for each episode. I highly doubt you could have thought of something better. I am tired of people bitching because they don’t like the direction it is going or how it played out or whatever. If you don’t like it stop watching it or if you do like it STFU and get over it because you won’t do much better.

      • blah says:

        agreed Glee was going pretty bad but lately they’ve got one hell of a lot better. Plus quest stars are great it doesn’t mean they’re going downhill.

    • Captain says:

      To be fair, he said no guest stars in the first 9 episodes and he stuck to that. He’s just making up for lost time with an overload of guest stars. That said, I hardly think Helen Mirren’s voice will get more screentime than the main cast so who’s it hurting? Plus…she’s Helen Freaking Mirren.

    • drama show says:

      i agree with you, glee is not a comedy show since last season with kurt drama and now santana drama.
      they are also bringing gloria stefan as santana mother, since last season the only characters that get a good plot arc is someone with the gay agenda, the others characters get a mess storyline if they are luck.
      i’m gay but glee drives me crazy.

      • sky says:

        IMO the show has taken a road to express inner feelings that some of the population have no outlet to demonstrate these feelings like sexuality, bullying, being ostracized, wanting to fit in or being one’s self and feeling comfortable with it, etc. A platform if you will. These types of topics will definitely turn to more serious nature. Thusly, the show has become more of a dramedy leaning toward drama since s2 started with the Kurt drama and now Santana. This was not the kind of show I fell for-comedy but it is what it is now. Ryan Murphy intends to stick with the platform. So be it. It is what it will be. Que sera, sera.
        So if you love it or hate it, it is going to be what it will no matter how much you or I complain about it. These are the guide lines of the show and they have set the main story arcs for the season. So like it or not we’re going to get what there is.

    • Liliana says:

      And you’re getting blinder and blinder

    • Bear75 says:

      Got to agree with you there, the only good thing about S3 so far, is when they split the glee clubs so that some of the others got a turn to sing instead of Rachel’s constant god-awful, scrunched-face, cringe-worthy miming. Plus it was a great excuse to get the fantastic Idina Menzel back for a few numbers. Nowhere near enough Sue & Brittany for me this season though or those cute Will/Emma scenes that had me hooked in S1.

  2. Gabriela M. Medina says:

    Helen is a big fan of the show? Seriously? Can you actually imagine Helen Mirren watching Glee?’cause I sure as heck cant.

    • Rob J. says:

      I can imagine Helen Mirren watching Glee. She starred in the notorious movie Caligula back in the 70’s, after all — she’s much weirder than her recent run of twee historical movies makes her look at first glance.

    • Captain says:

      I can see her watching Glee. She seems like a fun girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously. She did a whole SNL sketch about her boobs for god’s sake. Glee definitely seems like her type of show.

    • Liana in San Diego says:

      Don’t forget she’s done some hilarious movies, like “The Calendar” and other fairly risque ones, so this gal has spunk! Why wouldn’t she like Glee?

      • yep says:

        I agree. She has great comedic ability. I don’t see why she isn’t a fan of Glee? We are and still come here to complain so go figure. If she is a voice then Lord Tubbington would be the cats meow.

  3. kate says:

    $10 its Lord Tubbington

  4. CJ says:

    People watching the show will have no idea the voice is Helen Mirren. The only reason to do this kind of stunt is so articles like this one will be written.

    • Carlie says:

      You are so right. The same way they leaked before hand that Finchel and Klaine were having sex in the first time episode. Without the leak no one would have known they did anything except lay in a bed and look sappy. They have to grab as much attention as they can because this show has definitely lost it’s momentum since the season 2 premiere.

    • Captain says:

      Are you saying that people who watch Glee don’t know who Helen Mirren is (I’m confused by your wording)? Because, speaking as someone who went to the Glee concert and saw Gleeks in all ages and forms, I can honestly say Glee is a VERY multi-generational show. Glee is loved just as much by grandmas and 30 year-old women as it is by teens and tweens.

      That said, OF COURSE Glee is going to release a press release before-hand to get publicity. It’s how the industry works. If you had Helen Mirren on your show, would YOU keep it quiet? No, you’d try to get as much press as possible. That’s the point in casting someone of her calibre.

      • Sam says:

        CJ probably just meant that most casual Glee viewers probably won’t recognize Helen Mirren’s voice if they had not been told beforehand that it was her. It wasn’t an attack on anybody, calm down.

      • CJ says:

        It doesn’t matter if they know who Helen Mirren is or not. Most of them probably won’t know who she is, but even if they do know who she is, they probably won’t recognize her voice. Even her biggest fans might have difficulty. Her voice, while strong and full of character, isn’t all that distinctive. Which adds up to the show’s using her being a pointless publicity stunt.

      • Clueless says:

        I have no idea who Helen Mirren is. Jussayin.

    • Chelsea says:

      I would know in a heartbeat that the voice Helen Mirren. Teen viewers of the show might not, but I would.

    • DUH says:

      so having her name in the opening credits as a guest star like they usually do wouldn’t be a dead giveaway?

  5. Lauren says:

    I think she’ll be Emma’s inner voice, considering there is the scene with her, the wedding dress, and Sue and Beiste wearing the Royal Wedding hats. Oh my god, this is so exciting.

  6. Snapy says:

    I thought they said they weren’t going to do any stunt casting this season.

  7. C. says:

    I say Lord Tubbington.

  8. stephanie says:

    Oh I hope so. That would be fantastic.

  9. Jill says:

    It has to be Brittany that would be hilarious!

    • dean says:

      I wish! But Brittany’s been shoved to the background for like 5 episodes so I doubt they’d do a story on her. It’s probably about Kurt.

  10. Jamie says:

    Clearly its Emma, she is the only character whom has an obsession with the royal family. Not to mention in the promo in the song she is singing she has Sue and Beiste in the royal head gear. Its clearly Emma.

  11. Kim says:

    Finn or Puck, because you’d think they’d have guy’s guys internal voices and although we’ve heard their monologue’s before I can just imagine them having Puck w/ Helen Mirren.

  12. ggny says:

    im happy they got Helen Mirren to be involved but getting the no talent Nene Leakes as a guest star just ruins anything Glee does from now on…NeNe Leakes is the bottom of the barrell she isnt even D List

  13. Nate says:

    Wow, this is a surprising turn of events. First of all, The Passion of Ayn Rand came out in 1999 (where did you get 2007, Mike?). Secondly, “the message it sends out about arts education”? Is Stoltz (and, according to him, Mirren) drinking the same Kool-Aid that Falchuk and Murphy are by proclaiming that these self-involved teachers and ego-maniacal students (not to mention a mostly indifferent principal) are promoting a positive message about funding performing arts in public schools? Sheesh! But anyway, I throughly support having Mirren voice Lord Tubbington (who I’d love to be a lady that Brittany hasn’t thought to inspect), but am still not fully on the Glee train this season unless there is some plot development to accompany all of this (yes) stunt casting!

    • jen says:

      +1 on the correction. the movie came out in ’99. a basic imdb search prior to publishing can help with these kinds of things.

  14. Deb says:

    I’m sorry but to me it doesn’t matter how many guest stars Glee will get this season. What the show needs the most is a good storyline, and good writing, none of these things are happening this season. The new writers some how managed to make Glee even worse than it was last season. Those who disagree with this are crazy, cause all you need to consider is that Glee’s ratings who used to be 10 11 million every week, now barely manage to get 7 million viewers.

  15. Crissy says:

    Probably not going to happen, but I would be seriously amused if Puck was imagining his Nana bitching at him or something. I’m still waiting to see more of his family. So far, all we’ve gotten was that flashback in S1.

  16. Bella says:

    Didn’t Ryan Murphy promise that this season, there would be no guest stars? And how many have they had so far? A gazillion? The show has lost its heart and is now stooping to stunt casting.

  17. Michelle says:

    I love this! Helen F—ing Mirren!!

    First of all, I don’t understand the consternation on this board- I don’t think providing a ‘voice over’ qualifies as a ‘star guest star’- we won’t even see her face.

    Which makes me sad.

    Secondly, KUDOS to Eric Stolz for making this happen, I think the episodes that he has directed this season (and last) are the best ones by far.

    Can’t wait to see it! Especially if it’s Lord Tubbington!

  18. Liz says:

    Of course they are bipolar they are teenagers thats what growing up is. Man their is no pleasing anyone. But seriously the guest stars have only been on screen for 2 seconds. If you are a true fan you know that you learn to live & love the show the way it is. Like sue in the middle said “sometimes glee doesn’t make sense but I still cry everytime” sorry for typos I couldn’t really see

  19. frenchfangirl says:

    if you’re a true fan, you know when your show is going down. And it is going down. I blame the new immature writers. Ryan Murphy, Brad and Ian weren’t perfect, but at least they knew their characters. I’m addicted to glee yet I cringe at every episode. (santana, quinn, finn and Brittany have it the hardest but so do the others)

    • mark says:

      Quinn had it the worst in the first few episodes but they seem to have “fixed” her. Judging by these last few episodes it’s Brittany’s turn to get messed up. No lines and pushed back to the background. She’s just sad, mute Britt-Britt now.

  20. Babygate says:

    Shut up!!! I love her. She was totally badass on Red not to mention that she is just royal, period. I’d bet is Rachel’s voice. She’s so dramatic-like it would suit her. Wait, crap! This is the episode with NeNe? I was planning to skip that episode because I have no desire to see her. But if I do I will miss the Queen’s performance. This is going to be a tough one…

  21. Nah, I won't say my name says:

    What is the problem with guest stars? I mean IT’S HELEN MIRREN! AND GLORIA STEFAN, RICKY MARTIN AND FREAKING PITBULL!

    I’m so happy with this guest stars.

  22. Jessa says:

    Haven’t we heard almost everyone’s inner monologue voice? Since Nene is set to be a swim coach and Sue’s rival, I bet Helen Mirren will be Becky.

  23. Ray says:

    Brittany S. Pierce..I think she’ll be her inner voice :)

  24. Danielle says:

    I’m so excited for this. I love Helen. I’m not sure how relevant her character is going to be but all hail the Queen. Hehe.

  25. Elemenopie says:

    Queen? Gotta be Quinn.

  26. Gemma says:

    “Long and hilarious monologues” suggests she will be voicing ‘Future Sue’, or something to that effect. Good for her, I say.

  27. Drewsy says:

    Probably the voice of a therapist, probably Sue Sylvesters

  28. Studionut says:

    Did you see Helen in RED with Bruce Willis? Not a drama and a great role

  29. Donnie J says:

    It is………Emma….. Helen is the OCD voice in her head….

  30. lulu says:

    The show has gotten progressively in plot, music, and character development ever since Kurts dad got married

  31. Megan says:

    Um, people are complaining cause Ryan said no more guest stars? LMFAO!!! You guys must not know what Ryan is XD Take EVERYTHING he says worth a grain of salt–actually, less than that.

  32. tariqa says:

    i think that she is becky’s inner voice

  33. MNY says:

    The writer’s could learn a thing or two from te UK’s “Skins” when it comes to balancing characters. I think focusing on one each episode & having te rest of the characters on the periphery, supporting the main character would take the show so much further with character development. Which would improve the show greatly.

  34. Bridgette says:

    Ryan Murphy said there would be no more episodes surrounding guest stars like gwyneth and Christine. And there hasn’t been. If you don’t like the show don’t read about it.

  35. The voice of reason says:

    Why all you haters hating. Glee is glee and let them write the story line they want. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. They have the big picture and ideas where they want the characters to go. Let the process happen. Ryan Murphy created this amazing show for us all to love and enjoy and of course he is going to write about things close to his heart. To love each other no matter what. It isn’t all about gay rights but that is what is relevant right now. Chill out people!!

  36. Becky says:

    As much as I love glee, guest stars have never been an incentive for me to watch the show, in fact I find it annoying when they introduce random characters that were blatantly written just so they could have said actor incorporated into the show. I would much prefer if they just kept the story lines to the characters that are familiar. I don’t mind introductions of new characters, of course they can’t keep the same cast forever, but the new characters must be consistent and must stick around. My only complaint about this season is that we are seeing too much of Finchel, and as much as I love both characters, we’ve seen enough of their relationship over 2 seasons already. I think the writers should focus on the more recently developed characters, such as Blaine and Rory, because they seem to be popular with glee fans, yet we don’t know much about their characters. Personally, I would much prefer too see development of these familiar characters rather than introductions of guest stars, with no real storyline.

  37. TLP says:

    Wow some of you really take this show too seriously! Relax and enjoy it for what it is.

  38. Hallem says:

    Ryan Murphy is a writer/producer/director. His mind is running like the energizer bunny. He’s gonna have different ideas and story lines everyday. You can’t take his word for everything he says. I don’t think this is desperate, I think It’s genius. Hello, Helen Mirren? Come on, now. Some of you guys are getting extremely butt hurt about this. Calm down. This show obviously isn’t going anywhere because there are great.minds behind the scenes.

    • sky says:

      What did you think of Fondue for two? It was an out left field idea that was brilliant. This might be too. Give it a chance people.

  39. Imnotpostingmyname says:

    As long as Gwyneth Paltrow stays far far away, I’m fine with guest stars. Helen Mirren better be the cat! That would be brilliant! I also totally wouldn’t mind if Rachel fell of the face of this earth… Just saying Ryan Murphy! I’m a little sick of that brat. Honestly glee should be honored to have Helen Mirren!

  40. hallem says:

    And when I said “obviously, this show isn’t going anywhere” I meant it along the lines of it not going away from the network. That didn’t seem to come out right!

  41. Evan says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! Oh my gosh theres so many fake fans who all they do is complain and its just like….STFU already! Thank You for seeing that too!

  42. Tutoanana says:

    I’ve watched all the episodes. Sue was not overly loopy or bad during the Christmas episode. Unfortunately many people have complained about all the gay stories so that might play a part in the ratings drop. I don’t know. I am from Ohio, south of Lima. And the parents of one of the kids on my son’s bowling team both come from Lima, Ohio. It is a factory town. At one point the town lost 5000 jobs so kurt’s father is more representative of the people living in Lima.

  43. Kendra says:

    The Glee writers need to go back in time and watch some excellent comedies like Friends, The Nanny, George Lopez… Just to learn about character development and consistent plot. Like it our not they are not being consistent with any character story this season. They keep hoping from one to the other ridiculously fast and have obviously gotten fans list with what exactly is going on. A good TV show should play out like a good book and if you put this season into book format, people would not read it because it would lose them. With any of the above shows I mentioned you could easily tell me where the characters ended up by shows end. I don’t even know what’s going on with Brit anymore, where did Artie’s hardly got a story now, Puck is all screwed up, there is ZERO Rachel/Shelby bonding… Come on now. I loved the first two seasons. I’m hoping for redemption (and more humor a la Brit, who has been WAY too quiet this season) come the second part of the season.

  44. John says:

    I was thinking it might be the inner voice of Alex, from the Glee project, who will be doing a story arc at some point. Androgynous outside, but a queen on the inside…

  45. Kris says:

    Everybody’s a critic! Okay, this is how it should be: To those who love the show, I applaud your convictions. To those who keep complaining and criticizing every single detail of the show, nobody is forcing you to watch it. I get the freedom of speech, but if there is more complaining than watching,then feel free to find another show.

  46. Cindy says:

    I gotta go with some of the others who have remarked about the randomness and inconsistency of this season’s Glee. I’m so over this! Any and all character development can be thrown out the window to accomodate a complete and utter ridiculous plot twist. And several potentially good plot developments: Quinn wrestling with giving her child up for adoption, Rachel and Shelby developing a relationship, Mike trying to live his life while wanting to earn his father’s approval…are either ignored or tied up in neat little incomprehensible scenes. I had high hopes for this season…but if it doesn’t get better, it’ll be my last. NBC’s new broadway based show comes out in February!

  47. Bella says:

    When is Samuel (Glee Project) coming back into my life? Thats what I wanna know…

  48. Jase says:

    I think a few guest stars are great… but no need to make a whole episode about them. Last year they tried for too much and too many guest episodes. John Stamos was wasted last year cause he got overshadowed by bigger one episode people. And they are wasting Damian this year and giving him crappy stuff so far. So yeah… a guest or two is okay, but don’t take away from series semi-regulars. Is Shelby gone already with no awesome songs performed?! Has Finn been completely forgotten about this year? It took till episode 4 or 5 to even hear him sing.
    …and PS… I hate the overacting Darren Cris. (is that how its spelled??)

    • Dan says:

      Finn been forgotten about? Are you kidding? Everything else I agree with but aside from Santana, Finn has had the most spotlight easily.

  49. Kristin says:

    Eff you all. I lov