American Horror Story Finale Is Full of Christmas Spirits - But What Happens Now?

Warning: The following recap, by definition, contains spoilers from the Season 1 finale of FX’s American Horror Story.

The Harmons extract themselves from that Murder House about as well as Michael Corleone gets out of the organized crime biz.

The Season 1 finale of FX’s (already renewed) American Horror Story, titled “Afterbirth,” dealt with the aftermath of Vivien giving birth to her and Ben’s stillborn child and the “demon baby” sired by ghost boy Tate, then succumbing to fatal amounts of blood loss and trauma herself.

But first, viewers were given a “Nine Months Ago” flashback to Ben and Vivien’s Boston existence, where he made the fervent pitch to relocate to a spacious home — one with (ahem) “personality” — in California, even as their marriage teetered on the edge of her-bags-are-packed-already implosion. (Raising an eyebrow at the property’s scary-low price, he quipped, “Maybe it’s haunted?” Yeah. Maybe.)

American Horror Story Season 2 Spoiler Alert: Find Out Who Will and Won’t Be Back!

Back in the now, Ben went to retrieve the surviving newborn from Constance’s care, even though she advised him against it, saying, “There are forces in that house that mean to do this child grave harm!” Ben, though, upon making the connection that onetime patient Tate was Constance’s dead son, had had his fill. At the house, Vivien made a point not to reveal herself to Ben, for fear that if he saw her or Violet’s ghosts, he’d want to stay, when he very much should be moving along. (Fun moment: Moira declining to fetch Viv a cup of tea, saying that ghosts don’t take orders from other ghosts.)

Yet Ben was resolved to taking his life, and he got all his ducks in a row before stuffing a gun in his mouth. Then he balked a bit, and pointed it at his temple, only to have his late wife pull the gun away. “The baby needs his father,” Vivien maintained, dismissing the tow-head tyke’s actual paternity. “The one spot of light that there is is that baby… I want you to take that baby and leave this house and never come back. I envision you with that boy on your shoulders, walking down Newbury Street.”

Alas, no sooner did Ben subscribe to that happier fate than Hayden and a henchman looped a rope around his neck and hanged him from the second floor chandelier. And… the doctor is out.

Cut to Marcy showing the Harmons’ home to prospective buyers Miguel and Stacy Ramos (played by Third Watch‘s Anthony Ruivivar and The Event‘s Lisa Vidal). They, along with their skater son Gabriel, are game to move in, even after getting a sanitized version of how Mr. and Mrs. Harmon “romantically” each died in the house.

Later, as the Ramos family loads in, Constance gets a visit from the police, who are at a loss to account for MIA Violet and her baby brother. Constance unfurls a fib while we see, in flashback, how she found Ben’s hanged body, then went looking for Tate’s son, only to find him in Hayden’s arms. A quick slit of the throat by Constance’s boy toy lover, though, freed the newborn from Hayden’s grasp. Later, after the police leave, we see that Constance had her grandson secreted safely away upstairs at her house.

The next stretch of the finale consists of Miguel, Stacy and Gabe getting the tar scared out of them by the usual suspects, with many of the ghouls pulling from the same playbook they used to rock the Harmons’ world. (Joining in the hijinks, Ben and Viv even do their best Beetlejuice act, grimly gutting and gunning each other, only to bounce back with a wink.) But whereas the Harmons famously kept finding a reason to stay put, it was vamos! for the Ramoses, who I think literally left skid marks.

And as Marcy affixed a new “FOR SALE – REDUCED” sign in front of the house (and lobbed a few choice words at the “Murder House” tour bus), Ben had an overdue run-in with Tate, whose true nature he now knew. Tate longed to repent for his sins, but Ben was hearing none of it, saying that the people who needed to forgive the lad were long dead and by his hand. And even as Tate listed his litany of grisly crimes — his rubber-suited rape of Vivien included — Ben said he was in no position to absolve him.

Following that thinky bit of housekeeping, the finale moved forward with its ending. Vivien heard cries from the cellar, where she found Nora Montgomery tending to the first baby, which had not quite been stillborn but in fact died during delivery, there on the premises, and thus was now a ghost. Nora, at wit’s end, readily gave up the “weakling” baby. And that, punctuated by chords of “The Little Drummer Boy,” set up the Harmons for a Norman Rockwell-caliber moment, as Ben, Vivien, Violet and the baby, along with “godmother” Moira, trimmed a Christmas tree and experienced happiness for the first time in a while (even as Tate hovered and huffed outside, deflecting Hayden’s opinion that he’ll never get back with Violet.)

Indeed, not everyone got their happy ending. We flash-forward three years, where Constance returns from the salon — having just sung the praises her her “remarkable boy destined for greatness” — to find trails of blood leading from the kitchen. She follows the path upstairs to grandson Michael’s room, where the nanny lies on the floor, throat slashed, her pint-sized assailant giggling cheerily nearby. “Now what am I going to do with you?” she asked. What, indeed.

And that, folks, is American Horror Story Season 1. Where do you think the show will go from here? Will Season 2 haunt a different house? Did that coda with Constance hint at a new leg to the current arc? (Does her grandson grow up to be Michael Myers?!) UPDATE: Ryan Murphy has addressed those questions and others about Season 2.

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  1. Joanne says:

    So bad. Such a disappointing episode. Wow. I can’t believe it sucked so bad

    • Lincoln says:

      Oh Joanne. Shut your mouth. Really? What did you expect?

      • Roger says:

        preach! it was great i thought

      • Dane says:

        Sheesh.. she’s not allowed to have an opinion that differs from yours? Personally.. I didn’t love it. It was completely predictable and while I enjoyed Season 1 overall.. I don’t think the finale set anyone up to look forward to next year. I mean – is it going to be ‘family of the season’ format? Are we going to get attached to another group and watch them meet their grisly fate? It ended the way you would expect a movie to end – kind of stand alone with no need for anything else to happen.

        • kms4 says:

          “It ended the way you would expect a movie to end – kind of stand alone with no need for anything else to happen.”

          I agree. And I always say this about Ryan Murphy. He always has a great plot outline and some great shocker moments, and then somewhere along the lines he loses it. It becomes to “edgy” and becomes awful and his twists become predictable and pointless. I really wish he’d consider doing screenplays. I didn’t love the show. IMO, it was one of those shows you loved the characters (Constance and Tate) and wanted to find out what happened, but the plot line was just OK. I didn’t hate it, but I probably won’t be watching next season.

    • Kristin says:

      I agree! I thought it was gonna be an amazing episode up intel the new family moved in. Then as soon as Rubberman appeared I knew it was spiraling down hill. I’m rewatching it now like I do every Wednesday. But I really have to say I wasn’t impressed.

      • Princess says:

        I agree. I expected soooo much more. I thought that the beginning was just…un-needed. I did like that Ben died – that was a surprise. I also liked that the little baby ‘survived’ to become a ghost, and is reunited with Viv. Nora Montgomery turning out to ‘not be mother-material’ wasn’t much of a shock, but still a nice scene. The ending was a bit cheesy, with Constance’s 3 year olld grandson killing the sitter…

    • rob says:

      It seems pretty clear that having to cut down the finale because of shooting time constraints took out a lot of tension and climax of the finale. Everything ended up being rushed from the death of Ben to the whole new family segment.

      They should have delayed the finale the two weeks and filmed it right with a full two hour finale.

      • Kristin says:

        I expected so much more. It was suppose to be a two hour episode. Then it got cut to 90 minutes. Then the final cut was an hour and ten minutes. It’s a shame.

    • scorpo says:

      I agree. Did Ryan Murphy enlist the producers of Lost to come in and wrap this up because it didn’t make any sense. Also, no questions answered. Who was Constances’ 4th child? Why did Constance usher Viv into the house to have the babies if she didn’t want her to have them there. Why did we never see Constance’s first husband in ghost form?
      Ridiculously bad ending to what was promising to be a great finale.

      • Amber says:

        We did see Constance’s first husband as a ghost, but it was very brief. Not sure exactly what episode it was but he was having sex with Hayden. Hayden killed him and then he came back.

        • Nate says:

          That was not Constance’s first husband, her first husband was shot at the same time Moira was. We saw that in an episode, but the husband never showed up afterwards. The guy Hayden killed was just some guy Constance was hooking up with

          • Amber says:

            Hugo, Constance’s husband, first appeared in the third episode “Murder House” when he was shot by Constance. He was also in one of Hayden’s flashbacks in the episode titled “Rubber Man” which I believe was the eighth episode. It showed Hayden and Hugo having sex, Hayden then stabbing him with something, and then Hugo getting up and leaving the room like nothing happened. Hayden also killed the younger guy Constance was with later in the show so that might be where you’re confused.

          • Kate says:

            Amber’s referring to an earlier episode (Rubber Man) where there’s a quick little scene of Hayden having sex with the ghost of Constance’s husband, and then stabbing him afterward. He, of course, recovers immediately because he’s already dead.

            But yeah, in a nut shell, we have seen Constance’s husband as a ghost. But it was for less than a minute.

          • Alice says:

            Hayden had sex with both Constance’s hookup guy, first to see if she could do it with someone alive, and then I think a few more times. Before that, she totally had sex with Constance’s dead husband. And don’t blame LOST for the show not answering all questions- look at Glee, continuity is not Ryan Murphy’s strongest suit, that show jumps around like a schizophrenic rabbit. He managed to leave those dangling threads all on his own. Like Violet’s body- is it still in a crawl space? Next to the exterminator? You’d think the Harmons would at least bury her nicely.

          • Nicholas says:

            No, Amber is right. Hayden and (Eric Close) were having ghost sex, Hayden “killed him” and he came back. She did also kill
            Constance’s young lover after sex, but this happened too.

      • Princess says:

        Constance’s husband appeared in ghost form once… He was screwing Heyden, then it shows Heyden getting out frustrations by stabbing him, then he gets up and asks if she wants anything from the kitchen. It’s in one of the earlier episodes – maybe “Halloween”? It was before Heyden killed Travis.

  2. Jake says:

    I think next year will be more Constance and Michael focused but im guessing will still get the to see ghosts of the Murder House every once in awhile.
    Loved the episode, cant wait for the next season!

  3. SPLUSM says:

    I remember reading an interview from Murphy stating that every season would be self-contained and subsequent seasons would be entirely new stories with different casts. Does anyone else remember reading this?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yeah, he backtracked on that back in August, soon after saying it:

      • SPLUSM says:

        thanks. I have a feeling that this story is over. Everything seems pretty much wrapped up. However I could see Murphy starting a whole new story but with the same cast. Or then again he might continue this particular storyline, which i hope he doesn’t. No good can come from this.

      • Jake says:

        Ryan Murphy say something that he late backtracks on? Never…. lol

    • Lincoln says:

      The one thing you should know by now about interviews with Ryan Murphy is that half the time the dude himself doesn’t even know what he’s saying. He drops a spoiler every time, and each time they never seem to actually be true.

      • splusm says:

        I hope he sticks to his word this time. I enjoyed this season but believe this story is done. Perhaps he should pursue a more Gothic story next season, set in centuries past. Just an idea.

        • Me34 says:

          Here in TVLine was an spoiler about flashbacks to 1590 (I guess for next season) on the origins of the house (apparently not everything started with the Montgomerys).

  4. D. Marie says:

    I knew it was all a bit too fa-la-la-la-la around that Christmas tree, and couldn’t wait to see how they wrapped it all up. What a treat to see Billie Dean’s prediction come to life. Season 2 can’t come soon enough! Well done. (And can Constance monologue, or what?!)

    • Amber says:

      I love Jessia Lange, I understand they wanted to give her a real swan song, but that monologue was too long. It was just so obviously- let us give Jessica Lange a monologue! Thought her scene with Ben was much more gripping.

      • D. Marie says:

        “You stupid son of a bitch!” HA! That line is so awesome, and totally summed up how I felt about Ben all season. Constance rocks my socks off.

      • Winnie says:

        I also love Jessica Lange, but felt the same about the “monologue” – forced, went slightly too long…until she saw what her Grandson had done. At that point, I thought back to all the times in my life I took the time to tell someone how happy I was of something big in my life (not bragging, just confiding), and sometimes those moments are coincidentally followed by a rude awakening…

        I found the episode satisfying in the grand scheme, but can see the point of those who felt it was a little too satisfying (in the “where can you go with it now” thought process). I don’t have the creativity a writer/show runner needs, but there are a lot of great ideas out there, and horror stories to draw on…

        • MichelleR says:

          I don’t think there was a rude awakening about it. While she probably did not expect him to kill the sitter, I think she understands his nature perfectly well, and that just makes the monologue more interesting — that she understands and thinks she’s the mother that he needs.

  5. tvaddict says:

    Loved season one! Every episode topped the previous one. The finale was very different than I expected but I am worried how they are going to keep season 2 fresh.

  6. Katie says:

    Omg I thought it was perfect. I was so scared going in that Ryan and Brad were going to end on a totally depressing note or just eff it all up, but I’m sooo relieved that Harmons finally found happiness. UGH THIS SHOW. Favorite new series of ’11.

  7. Jon says:

    Great finale, to a great series. Can’t wait for Season 2, whatever or wherever that may be. Would’ve like to have seen Zachary Quinto and Teddy Sears one last time though.

  8. ClosedCaptioningIsYourFriend says:

    It’s Nora, not Norma.

  9. Sarah Bellum says:

    I thought it was a great episode. It was fulfilling in as many ways as it could be without being too much of a “fairy tale” ending. I really hope the seasons aren’t too self contained because I would love to see this cast come back. GREAT ACTING. I really don’t see how it was bad. Unlike “Lost” or some other shows, it tied up most of the loose ends, (thus the fulfilling part) and in my opinion left enough open for there to be a good start to the next season. (Let’s face it, they can’t free the ghosts yet cuz then there’d be no show =]) I just hope the next season is as good. I hope it doesn’t go the way that Glee did in it’s subsequent seasons. =[

  10. cj says:

    Utterly boring. The “terrifying truth” must be that this show is truly going nowhere. The story was bland, cliche nonsense. Should change the name to “American Hokey Story”…the only “Horror” involved is that there will be another season of this tripe. The only way to redeem themselves now would be to launch an entirely new cast into an entirely new story and hire legitimate horror scribes to do the writing. Most disappointing show of the year in my opinion.

    • s. says:

      Cj you are so right! What was the “terrifying truth” of the house? I was really searching and looking forward to that. I watched the finale twice and still nothing. I thought reading Matts recap would shed some light but I don’t think he did. I thought the finale was good for a finale. So did anyone get what was the “truth”? This kinda remind me what AMC did with ‘The Killing’ ‘We will tell you who killed Rosie’ and then there was the let down.

  11. Whoa says:

    I loved it, and found myself wondering if I’ve been molded by this show to smile while awful things happen. Anyway, it was a great ending for a great season, and these people have demonstrated their ability to keep things fresh. Can’t wait for season 2! But alas I must.

  12. Roger says:

    I thought the finale was pretty great. It did end things well and I believe this story is over. New season 2 plot and cast (as much as I want this story to keep going it is over)

  13. Justin says:

    I really have no idea how I feel about this finale. Some moments I loved, others I just didn’t quite see where it was going. I think the major problem for me is that this basically brought out my only fear of the show all season long. Which is that after one season, where does it go? I was hoping for more. I wanted some revelatory information. Are they going to try and figure out how to move on? Will the dead try to get some closure? Is Tate’s son the anti christ or something? I just wanted something to hold on to, other than Jessica Lange’s amazingness.

    While there definitely seemed like a genuine conclusion to the season (which happened in the first 15 minutes) I would have liked a set up for season 2.

    • Roger says:

      I agree with you. I wanted more from the story to hold on to, but since they didnt. It confirms my suspicions that the next season will be a new story and new cast. If this is the case… I do feel they ended this story well. Happy Harmon family, Tate saying he’ll try forever to get violet back, the ghosts (nice ones) scaring out people who buy the house, Constance having another problem child (all of those things were done this season and we can just assume it will keep continuing the way it has been…making this story come to a close. Much to my dismay I loved this Season so much!)

    • Bad Breaker says:

      Wherever Murphy’s and Falchuk’s brains take this craziness, I’ll be along for the ride. I just have one request of them: Please make Constance a constant.

  14. Jake says:

    Can they really do a new story with a new cast. I think by showing the new family coming in for the second part of the episode, they were showing that can’t be done. The Harmons and their allies in the house will just keep trying to scare them out their first night in the house.

    They’ve kind of painted themselves into some corners. But two possible ways to go would be a ghost showdown for control of the house, the good vs. the bad or just concentrating on Constance and Michael. Focusing on Constance and Michael would be a complete change though from this season, as you wouldn’t be dealing with the murder house anymore (or at least as much). Almost kind of wish this was a limited, one season show so that Murphy doesn’t have a change to mess it up like Glee and Nip/Tuck.

    • dexx says:

      Yes they can do a story with a new cast because it would be an entirely new location. Maybe another haunted house or maybe a haunted town.

  15. Amber says:

    The entire season was great and attention grabbing, right up to the season finale. I was shocked they killed the whole Harmon family in season one. (I’m sure the shock was what they were going for) However, I would have loved to see the Harmon parents or at least Dr. Harmon continuing to live in denial about Violet being dead. Oh well! I’m very ready for season two and I do hope there is more of Constance, but I love the Harmons too!

  16. Danny says:

    They need a new house and a new cast and a new storyline. I really do not want to see the same characters acting the same way another season. Hayden is annoying, Tate cannot be redeemed and the Harmons deserve their happy ending.

  17. Amber says:

    I hope season 2 will have a different storyline. That being said, I also hope they find a way to bring in Jessica Lange because she’s just plain awesome and Evan Peters because I’ve had a crush on him since his short stint on OTH.

  18. Jeff says:

    I think season two should feature an entirely new cast. As much as I love Jessica Lange, her story is done. History repeats itself.

  19. Jo says:

    The finale was awesome. What a fun ride this season has been. I can’t wait to see where they take it next.

  20. nico says:

    Ryan Murphy said the same thing for glee. He always does this. I wasn’t to happy with the shows finale. It was a good episode but it did.t live up to itself in the way that the other episodes have

  21. David says:

    if “someone” watching American Horror Story was misleaded from the word “horror” and was looking for a “saw” kinda serial where there is no time to feel anything for the characters ’cause they’re only butcher’s pieces of meat.. well.. I can understand they felt a ‘lil let down.. BUT everybody else I think loved it, the story and the characters.. and I think this story is pretty done. And I can’t wait to see what they have in mind for season 2.

  22. Rocky says:

    A competent finale, written well and opening new doors for next year. Much more satisfying than, say the Sons of Anarchy or Killing disaster finales.

  23. Noname says:

    How come Costance does not get hurt by dead like Ben did. Why if Moira was kill young is the only person who looks younger. I will like to know that. ??

  24. Noname says:

    I meant to said why Moira does not look young all the time. She was kill young. And why Contance is not hurt by the dead people like Ben was.

  25. Amy says:

    I loved AHS. I love Connie Britton and Jessica Lange was fantastic. But I’d also be ok with a new cast and setting for season 2. And if we’re keeping the same cast, can we drop the plot of lil’ killer Michael being the anti-christ? (even though they showed that medium’s stories didn’t always turn out to be true).

  26. Carolyntn says:

    I just want the show to hurry back. I’ve seen enough Finales to not expect much and sometimes I get surprised.

  27. scooterbeanbag says:

    The actor who plays Tate does such a great job playing both sides of the psychotic fence. “Now I’m going to have to kill you. Could you not look me in the eyes?” Pretty good finale. Not sure where they go from here, but I’ll be watching.

  28. lauren says:

    Underwhelming for me. Found myself bored at times, then wondering why we were getting such a happy ending (for most). Oh well, bring on season two.

  29. cb says:

    After rewatching the full season, I have to ask; what was the point of keeping Hayden? I understand her being a catalyst for the Harmons’ move, but what was the point of making her a ghost? She made minimal appearances all season, and her role in the finale could’ve easily been done by Nora. I understand creating more conflict for Vivien and Ben by her being there, but any of the ghosts could’ve done the same.

    • len says:

      The point is that the move was supposed to be a new start and an escape from her and yet there she was, permanently serving as a reminder and haunting him. Having her physically be on the show helped with that.

  30. Annie says:

    Fabulously well done. And dude, just give Jessica Lange the freaking Emmy now. That last monologue in the stylist’s chair was … perfection. Sheer perfection.

  31. kristi says:

    It was so outrageously fabulous all season I wanted to applaud after every episode. as soon as other people started moving in (constances’ boyfriend-really?) I was unimpressed last week was totally disappointed in the finale but……………I still will be counting the days until it’s back!! I love the website & makes waiting so long for True Blood a bit more bearable

  32. sw says:

    Jessica Lange having, at one point, lived in a small Virginia town certainly helps my love for her character. the moment she first spoke on the show I laughed a little…last night watching her monologue I could not take my eyes off of her hands. The accent, the movements, event to some extent the hair, LOVE IT!
    The overall finale however felt lackluster and rushed. There was no answer to why this house was the conduit to such evil. What happened to Thaddeus? Why does the same agent always get the house as a listing? Wouldn’t she want to not sell it knowing the history? Is she causing or sacrificing people to the house for money?

  33. JK says:

    So the finale was a let down. These people while alive are scarier while they are alive, but when everyone is dead the all the ghosts are subdued and the everyone is happy?

  34. Heather says:

    Personally I think it was a great ending if you go with the whole anti christ thing think about it the season finale was aired on the date of exactly a year till the world ends. They will probably start season 2 around the same time they started season 1 which would put the season finale on 12-21-2012 “the end of the world” which would work with the anti christ theory. I may be looking to much into it but it I think next season Will focus on constance and micheal. Just a thought and a cool way of looking at it

    • Volcfom says:

      I liked your 12-21-12 theory, but in order for that to work, the show would have to be moved to Fridays. And we all know that Friday is the night that shows go to die.

  35. Rick says:

    I am devastated by the finale. It was just abysmal tripe, and the only episode of this series I didn’t love. The scene around the Xmas tree had me gagging. What sentimental garbage? Does Murphy think we want to identify with Ben and Vivian. I hate their characters, especially Vivian. WAs I supposed to respond positively to the happy ending. The only decent scene in the whole finale was Constance and her grandson at the end. Now, that was touching and truly moving, her love for him despite his proclivities. The rest was just bathos, pure and simple bathos. What makes me the most disturbed is Ryan Murphy said “you’ll get a clue as to what direction season 2 will take from the finale?” Is AHS season 2 going to be a revisioning of Caspar the Ghost with the Harmans fighting off the bad ghosts and protecting new residents. Good Grief. I hope the SAG and GG nominations convince Lange to sign on for season 2 because without her, the show will tank. She’s amazing and it was her (and Tate) that I was rooting for the entire episode. Honestly, if I wanted Vivian and Ben to have a happy ending, would I be such a fan of AMS? What a cop out – even Tate confesses and tries to be good. WAs this A Christmas Special or an After School Special of AHS. I feel like a man wandering the sewers for my aborted fetus screaming Croatoan – such rage and such grief!

  36. CJ says:

    I liked the finale for the most part, but I think that it really suffered being forced to edit it down so much. It tied up so many loose ends but there are still a few things I am confused about that I don’t think will ever be completely resolved. 1) Marcy the real estate agent – WHAT IS HER DEAL?! Clearly there is more to her and her knowledge of the house than was ever fleshed out. 2) Who is Constance’s fourth child? Marcy? Billie Dean? Ben? Someone else entirely? I lean heavily towards believing it is Billie Dean…but it could really be just about anyone.

    At this point I am assuming they will abandon the Harmon’s story entirely and focus on a new house in a new location (most likely this is the show referred to in the blind item about a freshman show relocating to New York). I am interested to see where the show goes from here, but concerned about their abilities to keep it interesting after a slightly disappointing finale.

  37. Russ & Scott says:

    I thought the finale was great. Of course, a two-hour finale would’ve allowed them more time to resolve things. My ONLY complaint was that I was super excited for a Vivien/Hayden afterlife showdown. I’m excited for next season — new house, new story — but will sorely miss Jessica Lange. Still, given the amazing trail she has blazed, it will be interesting to see who might be interested in signing on…

  38. Sheldon W. says:

    To me, the Christmas sequence felt like it belonged in another series, but overall, Afterborth did what a season finale should do – it made me want to know what happens next.

  39. aquarius1271 says:

    I loved every second of the finale. This series was the best thing I have seen on TV for a long time. Please give everyone involved every award there is.

  40. s. says:

    I enjoyed how the Harmons are finally happy but where was Viv and Violet when Ben was getting jumped? So, Viv is there when Ben is about to off himself but when Hyden and her henchmen/women attack she’s nowhere to be found? So, did Viv really want Ben and baby to live? I just never understood how the whole ghost appear/disapper thing worked. I get they choose to hide themselves and reveal when they want to. Not explaining that is a disappointment.

  41. Diego says:

    The worst episode of the series, and it was the season finale! And what was supposed to be shocking, as Murphy’s said? Psychokid? We already knew something was not right with him and it’s not the first time a kid is represented as evil in a tv show or movie. I was obsessed by this series, but i was so disappointed… Hope season 2 won’t suck.

  42. Madame Jacque says:

    Tar and skid marks, really ? Those were the best adjectives you could come up with to describe the Ramos family? Did not care much for this episode even though I loved the season. Can’t wait for season 2,without your narrow minded recaps of course.

  43. paisley says:

    Did not see this coming, except maybe the devil-child (damien!) part. How brilliant was Jessica Lange? Sad that Harmon family including baby was dead by show’s end. Upset to hear the locale will change next season — did get attached to characters in the Murder House and still wonder about all of the house’s “occupants.” Did Constance have four kids? I only recall 3: Tate, Beau and the Down’s Syndrome girl.

  44. Juan says:

    I feel like the main disappointments with the obvious anti-christ child in the end, were the portrayal and the was it was shot.

    Most of the series kept it fresh and interesting but those closing shots were just godawful. A different kid would have been better.
    More along the lines of MJ from Housewives or that kid from Falling Skies, rather than refined Deliverance.
    (I hope that wasn’t to mean on the kid.)

    Much of the episode felt too calm.
    There was less risk.

    As for Season 2, I wish there was more setup.
    I am glad there will be no devil-child (I hope).
    And I don’t understand returning actors playing different characters, but I hope to god Jessica Lange is one of them.

  45. sam says:

    anyone wish they burned the house down to free them all from that house?