Once Upon a Time Preview Pics: Mary Margaret Clashes With David, Regina's Fired Up and More

The election of a new Storybrooke sheriff is poised to be a “heated” one, seeing as it A) involves a fire and B) will find predestined sweethearts Mary Margaret and David on opposite sides, based on new photos from the next episode of Once Upon a Time.

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According to ABC’s synopsis for the freshman show’s eighth episode (titled “Desperate Souls” and airing Jan. 8), “Regina and Mr. Gold play dirty politics and take opposite sides when Emma runs for public office against Sidney. Meanwhile, in the fairytale world that was, Rumplestiltskin tries to track down the ultimate power source in order to help his son avert the horrors of a meaningless war.”

Regarding the election to replace gone-too-soon Graham, Regina appears none too happy to see Henry stumping for his birth mom. (Perhaps the mayor thus arranges for City Hall to go up in flames, to discredit the interim sheriff?) Meanwhile, Mary Margaret and David find themselves foisting flyers for rival candidates — and yet they still make it look cute as all get out. Oh, and Ruby’s rocking some sex-ay red boots.

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As for the flashback story, Rumpy gets the upper hand on some knights, as his son looks on. Alas in all of these pics, no sight of guest star Brad Dourif (Deadwood, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest), who’s to appear as “an old beggar.”

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  1. herculady says:

    I can´t wait¡¡¡

    • Templar says:

      What would qualify a newspaper owner to be sheriff? Other than the fact that he is Regina’s minion and she wants that to happen. Nice to know that Gold/Rumple hasn’t sold all of the babies.

    • shaun says:

      In the US Steven Segal can become a lawman,why not him?lol

  2. Mark says:

    Gone too soon Graham indeed. Bye bye sex appeal of the show.

    • Maxime says:

      Sooo true ! I was enjoying th eshow just looking at him !

    • xav says:

      I will miss his pretty face but I will not miss the cliche he was bringing in.

      • Autumn says:

        Cliche? Really? How is he a cliche? As compared to the twin plot? Graham was the most interesting part of the show next to Rumpelstiltskin(and his episode was the strongest of the entire series). I hope the writers wake up and realize their mistake. I think a lot of people will lose interest in the show without him. Just seeing these new pictures without Graham ticks me off again. To me killing off Graham would have been like this for Lost: “Oh, I have a brilliant idea!! Let’s kill Sawyer off in the seventh episode. Isn’t that just awesome?” No, that would have been the end of the show. Graham is an extremely popular character. There could be backlash. A lot of people think he’s coming back. They will be in for a horrible surprise. I wish this show would stop trying to be Lost with the whole “The island, I mean the town will lose one of their own.” This is a fairy tale family show not adult sci-fi. I think the show should lose any connection it has to Lost and just concentrate on what is original about their show. Oh, and please lessen the Disney!! And just bring back Graham. It is a fairy tale after all.

        • xav says:

          The two women fighting over a man is cliche. Oldest story in the book. He didn’t have very many lines or much of a presence, just served as something to put Regina and Emma at further odds.

          • Autumn says:

            Um, okay. It wasn’t really about a fight between two women. Not that that story will ever go away or that there is anything wrong about it…It was about control on Regina’s part. She wanted to control him out of revenge. It was never a triangle. Not for Graham. I just don’t think we will agree on this. Graham was the best part of the show. I completely believe that. Perhaps they ‘used’ the best part of the show to put two women at odds and that was where they screwed up. They needed to keep him alive. Not many of the characters have more than a presence. Graham more than proved himself in his episode. The show was barely starting to say he only had a presence at this point in time. He had more to do than a lot of the characters and could have only grown from there since his episode showed us just how awesome he is. Everyone I know now finds him to be the best character. I don’t think we’re alone. The audience wants something to root for romantically besides Charming and Snow White (which is OKAY IMO) and we found it in Graham and Emma. Not to mention that it was refreshing to have a character that is not black or white. I would say that he is one of the least cliche characters on the show. Or was. Rumpelstiltskin is also intriguing.

          • Meg says:

            Aaaaaaaaand what’s wrong with that?

    • fotreya says:

      He was a secondary character with 2 lines in every episode. Too much drama for his death.

      • Autumn says:

        But his episode proved that he was no longer a secondary character. What he did before was fantastic but his episode really made him stand out. IMO, he had the most potential of the entire show. But I do think that besides him, the show has been struggling as a whole with weak plots and uncomfortable dialogue. In Graham’s episode, I was like “finally” until they killed him off. The show struck gold between Emma and Graham. The huntsman and Snow White’s daughter? That is so perfect. The show would have been so much stronger IF the episode was exactly the same EXCEPT for the ending. The Queen is about to squeeze his heart but stops herself because that’s good drama. THEN, he still remembers but she blackmails him like she did in the fairy tale world with his life. That way, the story moves forward. He remembers but he can’t tell anyone he remembers. Then, he would have had to keep his feelings for Emma a secret. THAT would have been an ideal way for the show to progress.

        • Steven says:

          Jeeze – someone should take a xanax. Most people are not going to quit watching a show because a character (that happens to be good looking) is killed off as part of a storyline. If you figured out he was the Huntsman you had to know he couldn’t be around long based on the fairy tale story.

          • Autumn says:

            This comment is so rude. Maybe most people won’t but I think audiences will lose interest in shows that kill their favorite characters off.

          • P says:

            People still get attached to certain characters and when those characters get killed off no matter how short a period of time they were around for, people get bothered by it to the point they consider stop watching the show. Sure maybe most people won’t, but some people will. I can’t blame them, like with relationships when a show breaks your heart your not to keen to go back to it right away. Just because a character was minor to you doesn’t mean it was to someone else. I bet there would be a large group of people devasted if it was Archie that it happened to. Would I? Not really, but I would understand if people didn’t want to watch more because of it.

        • Dario says:

          Yes that is sooo true, I feel they made a major mistake by killing him off, hope they bring him back from the death to avenge himself in some magical way as a ghost.

          • Sam says:

            Has anyone stopped to think about the fact that Storybrooke is a town under a spell. I reckon the Huntsman will return in the fairytale world. Once Emma has broken the spell the characters will all have the chance to move forward as they should have done before a certain lady went off the deep end. Maybe naive of me but hey…I believe in happily ever after and fairytale endings. :D

      • sarah says:

        I agree. I liked his character and found him attractive but I was actually shocked at how invested people were and how they seemed to believe Emma and Graham were ‘true love’.

        • Autumn says:

          I don’t think it is shocking at all. People liked their chemistry and wanted to see how their relationship would progress into “true love.” We felt a connection. It also made Emma real. She opened up her heart. The Graham episode showed us their romantic potential and this just connected to a very large audience. To take that away immediately is a bad move. I’m just saying. Also, he was the most attractive guy on the show. The accent didn’t hurt either. Anyone else that comes in as a love interest will just pale in comparison to the huntsman. I don’t know about everyone else but I have a total thing for tortured characters. Their relationship ‘would’ have made me invest in the show but now I feel kind of resentful. Hopefully, the writers will realize their mistake and fix it. They can bring him back somehow towards the end of the season.

          • fotreya says:

            “he was the most attractive guy on the show”
            You talk as if you knows everyone.
            He is the most attractive guy in your opinion.
            I prefer JOSH DALLAS (Charming) and I like his story (and his love story with Snow) much more.

          • Autumn says:

            Of course it is my opinion. No one has to agree. But I find it a waste to constantly say IMO.

        • Paige says:

          I’m not one to throw around saying a couple is ‘true love’ but personally I felt Emma and Graham were essentially that. Think about the full story, the fact that the only reason Emma really even exists was because Graham spared her mother Snow White, to quote Henry “She owes him her life.” And for sparing Snow’s life he became a slave to the Evil Queen for over 28 years and lost the ability to feel emotions because of it. So for Emma to come along and restore Graham’s memory as well as his ability to feel again just seems like such an epic romance in my opinion. I consider them one of my OTP’s.

          • xav says:

            It could have been epic if it wasn’t so early in the show. That they played that so early in the season with a multi-season plan means that Emma is probably going to have that effect on someone else later on down the line.

        • fotreya says:

          I agree.
          Graham and Emma had….2 lines in every episode?
          I can´t understand the fandom.
          “the most potential of the entire show?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
          I don’t hate the sheriff, but his death is great for the plot, so no unhappy.
          Regina, Emma, Snow and Charming have much more potential

    • Musica1 says:

      I was still hoping they would find some magical way to bring him back. So sad that he’s gone.

  3. AnitaRelax says:

    Ultimate power source? Do you think someone will fall into it and become a smoke monster? Then six of the StoryBrooke characters will be on a path to become the next Jacob?

    • Mico says:

      I think that ultimate power source involves a high level of untapped electromagnetic force which must be contained in order to prevent a plane from crashing in StoryBrooke.

  4. kirads09 says:

    Love that we will get some backstory on Rump/Mr. Gold. Robert Carlyle is stealing every scene he has been in and I can’t wait!

  5. Abby says:

    Given Rumpy’s penchant for taking babies…is this son a biological son, or a son that he wheeled and dealed away from someone else?

  6. Ace says:

    Wait a minute… Rumplestiltskin has a SON? Is that new info, or did I miss something?

  7. xav says:

    Glad this episode looks like it’s going to have lots of Regina. I love her camping it up everywhere.

  8. Denna says:

    I guess it’s too much to hope that Emma gets punched in the face again, right?

  9. Lyle says:

    Vicki from The Vampire Diaries, Nick from The Secret Circle, Gemma from Ringer… This whole “shocking main character death” happening within the first 7 episodes of a show is just getting irritating now. Yeah, I get that no one’s safe, but I really don’t see the point in getting people invested in a character only to kill them so soon after their introduction. At least let them live for at least half a god damn season.

    • Allison says:

      I agree, it’s getting less “shocking” to kill a main character before the fall finale and becoming more contrived and cliche. I am slightly bitter because I was really looking forward to seeing Sheriff Graham develop more and a prolonged period of Regina losing her grip on him.

    • sarah says:

      It’s not really that shocking if they’re listed as guest stars.

      • Allison says:

        Granted, that Jamie Dornan was listed as a guest star, but he was in all the promotional material for the show and had at least one scene in every episode thus far and mainly interacting with the 2 protagonists (Regina and Emma). So, while listed as a “guest star” he could be perceived as a main character.

    • Autumn says:

      Thank you! I completely agree. It is getting so irritating now. The tv shows are going overboard. It is making me lose interest in shows. The whole “no one is safe” thing is old. Very old.

  10. Sandiegocat says:

    Bring back Graham! It’s a magical world, so work some magic!

  11. Anne says:

    I believe Jamie Dornan, who portrays Sheriff Graham, is listed on IMDB for at least 20 episodes. Maybe they’ll find a way to bring him back? Or he might just be relegated to flashbacks. Either way, I’m glad we’ll see more of him.

  12. chc says:

    Jamie Dornan is not listed as a guest star. He is part of the cast.

  13. FRAN says:

    Personally I think killing off a main character so fast is a heck of a lot better than miraculously having every character somehow survive things they shouldn’t… I liked what they did and didn’t think he was that much of a main character. I honestly can’t see that the show is going to go downhill now… but maybe I was watching something different.

  14. Read This! says:

    So have any of you bothered to check out the IMDB page for the guy who plays the huntsman? He’s in loads more episodes..I’m just sayin’…!!!

    • Paige says:

      Like people have stated before, IMDB is user edited like Wikipedia it’s not 100% accurate. The Huntsman will likely return this season one would assume just not for the ammount of episodes IMDB is currently crediting him with.

  15. Julie says:

    I can’t wait!!! Personally my favorite pictures are 11th and 12th… teehee! I can’t wait to see those two again together even if they are on different voting teams (I would just LOVE if David would vote for Emma in the end!). I can’t wait how their story will play out (thus why even though I am obsessed with this show I do not wish a long run; stretching this too long might not be the ebst thing imo)
    … and Sidney Glass for the mirror counterpart? Ha! Love it!

  16. Nicole says:

    It may not be fully trustworthy but there’s an interview out there with Jamie Dornan and he says that his character isn’t dead in the fairy tale realm. I believe we’ll continue to see him in flashbacks as he is her “pet” before the curse was enacted.

  17. Sami H says:

    Finally somebody with something to say anymore a bunch of whining cuz the lost their sunday note masturbation material,

    Ultimate power source = wand. Imo
    Also in upcoming episode H & G steal an artifact I’m going with Magic mirror on that or wand again, that wand keeps turning up like a bad penny

  18. FRM says:

    Been watching this promising show since it started. I follow the ratings hoping it will be around to tell the whole story like the classic “Lost” was. Ratings are dropping at a regular pace, and I’m starting to think it’s going to wimper out. I’m not sure this will survive being targeted mostly to women. There are male viewers as well, and we need a bit more testosterone in the stories to keep us coming back. The writers can do it, they did it with Lost to great success.

  19. Kelly says:

    I hope we get some Mary and Emma bonding scenes. And I hope they slow it down and to a slow build/burn for Mary and David. I hope Graham can come back. I don’t want this to turn into lost where people die a whole lot and we only see them in flashbacks.

  20. Ms.CknSoda says:

    Where will Emma and Henry fit when all is turned back into the fairy tail story? Will her parents get really old and turn into dust…