HBO Renews Enlightened, Cancels Hung, How to Make It in America, Bored to Death

This just in: HBO has renewed Laura Dern’s Golden Globe-nominated comedy Enlightened for a second season, the network confirmed today.

At the same time, the news was not so happy for fans of Hung, Bored to Death, and How to Make It in America, as the network announced it will not order any additional episodes of those recently concluded series.

Enlightened’s Laura Dern on Season 2 Hopes: ‘It’s Your Moral Duty as an American to Watch’

While Enlightened‘s Dec. 12 Season 1 finale averaged a mere 0.1 rating among adults 18-49, and 263,000 total viewers, it found a foothold with critics and picked up Globe nominations for Best Comedy Series and Lead Actress in a Comedy last week, an honor Dern told TVLine made HBO “very, very happy.” The actress, who also serves as executive producer and co-creator on the series, said last week that she was “hopeful” about a renewal, and that she had “never felt [HBO] waver and imply that they wouldn’t be interested in [a second season], even though they haven’t given a formal announcement.”

Enlightened Season (Series?) Finale: 5 Reasons HBO Needs to Renew This Laura Dern Vehicle

“I remember I discovered Breaking Bad as the second season began,” Dern said, adding that it prompted her to rent Season 1 and get caught up. “After that, I became a committed, obsessed advocate because I love that show. And it’s fun to get to discover these very unique and creative forms of stories, so I feel excited to be part of that unfolding, and thankful for HBO’s support of it.”

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  1. myjestik says:

    im pretty disappointed in them for cutting htmiia

  2. Andrew Cerisier says:

    Too bad about Hung n How To. Enjoyed both shows. How To gave us a feeling of perseverance, hard work and living out your dreams and aspirations. Hung had some sexy moments and nice eye candy (Kaitlin Doubleday)!!!!!!!!

  3. KO says:

    I liked the show; but The basic premise of Hung needed a circumcision. A straight male prostitute? ha-ha talk about a fantasy…

  4. kelly k says:

    So mad that bored to death Is being cancelled. I love that show:(

  5. NinaGianvonni says:

    To be honest, Hung, Bored to Death and How to Make it in America were some of HBO’s weakest shows! I’m glad they cancelled them good riddance and Enlightened it will be cancelled after Season 2, if they do not pick of viewers by than no matter how critically acclaimed it is, HBO will cancel it. It’s not just about creativity it’s numbers as well. The best Shows on HBO right now are Board Walk Empire it;s got a great, solid cast and even though it;s slow at times it;s still interesting and well acted.

  6. Lolie says:

    SO going to miss Bored to Death. Loved that show.

  7. Tahoe Mike says:

    Just as long as they keep making Treme! Lez le bon tepms rouler.

  8. Tony says:

    I want some answers to why this is happening. How can a show like Entourage, with horrible acting and corny plots, make it for like 8 seasons, and these shows get cut. At first, I just thought this was all my personal opinion, but I’m seeing an outrage on the internet over this.

    My HBO is cancelled

    • Antoine Canet says:

      there’s no way you can say Entourage was bad i’m sorry ^^ one of the best show i’ve ever watched…
      Anyway, I was watching all three, How to make it, Bored to Death, and Hung, Loved them all, didn’t like the female lead in Hung though ! How to make it was truely inspiring, it was about the american dream, i mean how can u cancel that? Bored to Death was getting even more funny, and i didn’t even think for one second it could be cancelled…
      By canceling theses shows, HBO is denying everything they’ve tried to represent for the past decade… After this HBO will no longer be the same.
      The only show i’m now expecting on HBO will be Game of thrones of course, but still f***** mad they’ve cancelled the others…. While I understand Boardwalk Empire(which by the way i find kinda boring…:/) and GOT costs a lot of money, what i cannot understand is how 8 episodes shows based in New York, that last no more than 30 minutes can cost that much that Hbo would decide to cancel them…. I’m just you know mad at hbo for this mess…
      Anyway, Christmas is coming, maybe they’ll get us a nice Christmas gift and give us back our favorites shows on TV…
      Greetings From France…

  9. RoyalOakHangmen says:

    HUNG is cancelled!!! Simply the worst news for this (getting worse by the minute) network. Enlightened is okay – Hung is a far more interesting storyline, far better character development. (Yes, I like Laura Dern – but she is one note/one emotion in this uneven written series – she is no Jane Adams for sure). Shame on HBO for cancelling Hung. I will be cancelling HBO next week. I guess I am stuck with Showtime – at least Shameless is worth watching. By the way Boardwalk Empire sucks – its like watching cement dry or trying to stay awake after 3 Lunesta’s and a whiskey. BORING.

  10. Peter says:

    Not how to make it in america! It was one of the best shows on HBO!

  11. VeggieFella says:

    Bored to Death is the funniest show on television! Ted Danson carries the show…

  12. Steve says:

    Enlightened is a brilliant show. Perhaps its style of parched comedy is hard to swallow for many because certain aspects of the storyline may hit too close to home (or work) for those having to face a sometimes hell-ish reality of the daily corporate grind and its related office politics that can compromise one’s humanity, if allowed. Dern’s “enlightened” character has transcended her prior office meltdown to adopt her not-ready-for-corporate-time persona she now wears like a badge on her wrinkled and stained office outfits. As a result, she’s a horrible employee with tragic social skills, merely for the reason that she no longer aspires to gather the carrots that grow for those who possess a good work ethic and have mind-melded to the company directive. She lacks these characteristics, but still maneuvers and manipulates her way through the process to barely survive. She’s the juxtaposed opposite to the “company man”, and should accept her well-deserved firing for her own good, and perhaps explore some form of creative self-employment. Instead, as viewers, we have the privilege of witnessing her daily dry comedy of errors – But like witnesses of a car crash in motion, we rubber-neck and gasp, but there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!

  13. Brian says:

    HBO I think you’re making a mistake. I watch all 3 of the shows you cancelled religiously. B

  14. Amber says:

    ugh, comparing your show to Breaking Bad gets nowhere with me, Laura Dern. Don’t even try and increase your views by pretending your show is going to be as good as Breaking Bad. That’s consecrated ground she’s trying to walk on.

  15. Deirdre says:

    Duh, fist comment writer. Did you not read the article? Do we not bother to read even 2 paragraph articles, anymore? Hung (which sucks), was cancelled (most likely, because it sucks), as was Bored to Death (DEFinitely because it sucks), and How to Make it in America (which sucks most of all). Enlightened is tough to watch, because the main character is like nails on a chalk board, but there is something heart stopping and gorgeous about it. Kudos to HBO for having the smarts to “cut the fat”(even if the fat is profitable) and get behind a series that not as pleasing as it is meaningful, which is pretty much unheard of. I can’t say I actually enjoy Enlightened, but it is a creeper, and at the end of every episode, my head is swirling, and my heart is full.

  16. Ray Washington says:

    ‘Bored To Death’ is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Why on earth aren’t they renewing it!!!!

  17. Matt the Cat says:

    Enlightened is my current favorite television show on any station. I am thrilled that it got picked up for a second season. I find it to be a truly sincere, heart warming, sad, funny, uplifting show. Very few films/tv shows give me that sort of reaction – on par with American Beauty.

    I’m still upset with HBO for not picking up David Lynch’s show Mulholland Drive.

    HBO has had some of the best shows on television over the years. They have also cut some amazing shows short. I really loved Unscripted.

  18. Passing Through says:

    Reading critical comments here about “Enlightened” are interesting and HBO can take note of them to help make some changes in the tv industry. The main criticism is that “Enlightened” is not a comedy although HBO has placed this show in this category. “Enlightened” actually is in a category of its own. It is a combination of Drama and Comedy. A new category for a show like “Enlightened” could be called words like ‘Dramedy’ or ‘Comdrama’. Its a long shot but a new category could be called “Green”. Enlightened is a dramedy for Environmentalists, Peaceniks, Idealists and even Policy Makers. People that can especially appreciate this show are those that are burnt out. After years of witnessing continual human blunders, including their own, this show provides some comedic relief.

    Naturally, those who can identify with Laura Dern’s character will watch this show because they know how she feels. They are curious to see how she handles herself despite feeling shamed or humilated or defeated. They will continue to watch this show in hopes of seeing her successes. But this show has additional benefits beyond comedic relief and hope for those who identify with Dern’s character. For viewers that don’t relate to her, they can identify with other characters in this show. From those characters they may learn something about why some of their own family members and co-workers go wild about protecting the environment, a world without wars. And why they are not as concerned as they should be. And how they can help and be helped by a character who is like Dern’s.

    In the next year, and I hope there will be years of “Enlightened”, my family will enjoy this new show.


  19. Ron says:


  20. Tawney says:

    I can’t believe they cancelled Hung. I loved that show so much especially because it was filmed in Michigan. They even used my friends house in the first season! I enjoyed that show so much and was so displeased by how they ended the most recent season. This is the worst news I’ve gotten all day.

  21. galen says:


  22. BTrueheart says:

    While I love love love Enlightened, I also loved Bored to Death and How to Make it in America, and don’t understand the rationale behind their cancellations, and what kind of executive decision making facilitated this action. Just doesn’t make good since. I would rather be able to see Bored to Death and How to Make it in America than to only have Enlightened. Makes me second guess HBO.

  23. wesley69 says:

    I LOVED hung!!! Well written and superbly acted. PLEASE. hbo bring it back. if only for some closer to my beloved charachters…

  24. jay says:

    Started paying for hbo for the sopranos. Stuck around for true blood and was waiting for a new season of Hung…..totally disappointed that Hung will not be coming back. I’m canceling hbo.

  25. Linda Bazzel says:

    I hope they will re-consider not bringing back Hung. The cast was the best especially Jane and Thomas Jane + Ann Hache. I will really miss the series.

  26. Josh says:

    HBO has made a very smart move by canceling Hung ( absolutely horrible writing to begin with ), How to make it in America ( More like How to NOT make it in television ) and Bored to Death ( At least the title of the show fits the show). However, Enlightened brings a fresh look intoa new era of shows particularly in comedy. HBO has always been known for bringing viewers shows of a new perspective. The canceled shows no longer represent that very quality.

  27. Robyn says:

    Please, please, please can you continue with more episode of ‘Hung”. My husband & I loved it. We bought all 3 seasons & want more!!

  28. Jester says:

    HBO always cancels my favorite shows and its not for lack of viewers , just makes no sense to me , first deadwood which I would give my left arm too see another season of and then hung . It really makes me think twice about starting to watch a new hbo series if there just gonna cancel it and leave the plot hanging .