The Finder First Look: 5 Reasons You Should Watch This Video For the Bones Spinoff Now!

The search for the perfect starter guide to Fox’s The Finder is over!

The following first look featurette finds the cast of the Bones offshoot not only explaining the conceit of the show (in simple, Cliff’s Notes terms), but providing a quick overview of their characters, too — complete with related (and exclusive) clips!

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to a quick, easy introduction to the anticipated procedural (which debuts Thursday, Jan 12), the video also boasts…

* Tickets to the gun show, starring leading men Geoff Stults and Michael Clarke Duncan!
* A surprise appearance from a Felicity alum!
* The following quote: “They love each other so much it’s sometimes sickening.”
* Did I mention the gun show?

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  1. Amy says:

    This show is lame

  2. t.t says:

    don’t watch bones but i’m thinkin of checkin this out.

  3. Artem says:


    Excessive pride in oneself.
    A fanciful expression in writing or speech; an elaborate metaphor.


    An abstract idea; a general notion.
    A plan or intention; a conception.

    Notice the difference?

    • KevyB says:

      Maybe you should have read a little farther:

      -an organizing theme or concept

      Maybe people should have to pass an IQ test before posting on this site.

  4. kevin says:

    Hope THE FINDER is going to end up the way CRIMINAL MINDS: SUSPECT BEHAVIOR did last year and by that I mean, won’t make it towards renewal.

  5. LILY says:

    Looks promising! Will check it out.

  6. Gen says:

    I wasn’t initially planning on watching this, but I’m thinking I might check it out. Bones was really good the first few seasons, so I’m thinking this might have some potential with Hart Hanson being the creator.

  7. Penny says:

    i absolutely love bones! i watched the ep where we meet the finder and it was totally awesome so i am definitely going to be tuning in!

  8. Beth says:

    I have no interest in watching “The Finder”, so I’m sorry, but I hope it has the same fate as “Lone Star” did last season. I don’t think it’ll happen, though, because of AI.

  9. Deena says:

    I’ll def watch this, mainly cos HH is a genius and I love him, second I liked the Bones/Finder epi, third cos I miss Bones and this is at least something close to it.
    I still don’t like that they moved the last epi of Bones to January, tho :/

  10. mare says:

    I love you can’t wait to see it

  11. George says:

    I would actually watch this show if I hadn’t experienced shows that used their concepts stronger like Burn Notice and Human Target season 1.

    Also because I don’t trust Fox’s brand after last spring cancelations. Seriously Terra Nova is not a fourth as good as The Chicago Code.

  12. BonesFringePsychFan says:

    Their relationship reminds me of Shawn and Gus on Psych, but more mature (think I like Shawn and Gus better though!) Nonetheless I will absolutely be tuning in if nothing else because Bones is the best TV show around and Hart Hanson is a genius! :)

  13. mcm says:

    What happened to the chick with the accent? THe bartender? She was the best part of the crossover episode!

  14. Bob says:

    lol So why do people who don’t want to see it have to bother to comment? No one gives a sh!t if you don’t want to see it or not.

  15. Tracey says:

    I loved Chicago Code too.

  16. Rowan says:

    Do yourself a favor and start watching Bones instead.

  17. maureen says:

    Conceit also means “something that is conceived in the mind; thought; idea.”. Get a better dictionary before you disparage Mr. Ausiello.

  18. Hmumm says:

    Ah, Psych, anyone? I’ll be testing it out if for nothing else than to see how the two shows differ. So far they look incredibly similar, but I sort of expect more from Hanson than a USA knock-off.

    • timotey says:

      You do realize that the show is based on books published in 2006 (the first one came out ~before~ Psych), right? People keep saying the same thing about The Mentalist, that it’s a knock-off of Psych, yet it has more in common with The Profiler, since Jane uses psychology and good observation skills and is after a serial killer who killed his wife and daughter, just like Sam in The Profiler.

    • Natalie says:

      Personally, I think TV could use a whole lot more shows like Psych…Psych is one of the funniest shows on television and doesn’t take itself seriously at all. I like that other networks are taking notice. We need a little more light-heartedness in the [tv] world of prime time soaps and overabundance of cop/law dramas.

  19. Sheikia says:

    I much prefer the other woman. I am not nearly as interested to watch the show now that she is gone.

  20. timotey says:

    I don’t get people’s need to see a show canceled. I could get it in the case of CM: Suspect Behavior (with the whole budget thing and CM and them dropping the show’s stars) or SGU (since SGA was dropped for this show), but Finder isn’t stealing anything from Bones, these two shows aren’t even in competition with each other. If you want to blame someone for Bones having fewer episodes this season, blame Emily Deschanel for getting pregnant – silly idea, isn’t it? So, why all the hate towards Finder? You may not like the show, fine, but other people might, so to wish it canceled is incredibly childish and selfish.

    • Cal says:

      I know, right? I was peeved at CM:SB because of what happened to the original (I mean, letting AJ and Paget go was so dumb–they shot themselves in the foot with that one) but I didn’t hate the spin-off. Don’t mess with success. The Finder will succeed or fail on its own. Fans of Bones shouldn’t write it off as being some sort of parasitic show that will lead to Bones’ downfall, and people who don’t like Bones shouldn’t automatically dismiss it because it’s by the same people. It’s a totally different idea–it’s just set in the same universe. Like the CSI franchise or Crossing Jordan and Las Vegas.
      Even if this show becomes a juggernaut, Bones still has solid numbers. There are other shows Fox would sacrifice for The Finder first. Let it be.
      By the way, did anyone else notice the song in the background being strangely similar to Prime Suspect’s (US) theme song, or am I hearing things?

  21. Ainavrw says:

    I wasn’t going to watch because I really don’t want to pick up any new procedurals and it doesnt sound all that exciting but I’ve that some really good writers will be on it so I might give it a chance.

  22. Natalie says:

    Looks like the tweaks to the cast and playing up the style a bit more have really paid off…looks WAY more promising now than it did in the horrible Bones episode. I’m definitely willing to give this show a chance now.

  23. D says:

    All I really know about Bones is it’s a shipperfest. Hope this will be different(doesn’t look like it, based on the awfully generic “guy and girl eat a platonic dinner together” scene.)

  24. ana_muti says:

    I really enjoyed the pilot, and was hoping a series would come out of it. I don’t normally watch Bones, but will for sure watch this series.

  25. MAS says:

    Why are you pimping this show? Have you seen any new episodes? Were they any better than the atrocious pilot?

  26. Lisa says:

    I don’t care about the ‘gun show’ and, yes I am sickened. Thanks but no thanks.

  27. HAREN says:


  28. itts_mee says:

    i liked the pre pilot but i mostly omly like ike what happened why wont she be on the show

  29. tp says:

    The video cuts of at 1:45 for me. :o(