Was the Terra Nova Finale Dino-Mite? Do You Think Fox Should Order a Season 2?

Fox’s Terra Nova wrapped up its maiden voyage on Monday night with back-to-back hours titled, fittingly, “Occupation” and “Resistance.” But while the show pulled out all the stops with its finale, was it enough to make you scream for a Season 2?

“Occupation” kicked off with Terra Nova awaiting-slash-dreading the arrival of the 11th pilgrimage, which would either be 100 new friendlies or the Phoenix Group private army en route to enforce Lucas and Mira’s takeover of the colony and thus the prehistoric world’s natural riches. And indeed, the seventh or so person to pass through was a suicide bomber whose explosive vest destroyed the portal, thus allowing the army to arrive under cover elsewhere and promptly overthrow Taylor’s regime.

Jim learned all this upon waking from the blast three days later, where he found a trampled, torched and tattered Terra Nova, with Taylor nowhere to be found. Soon enough, thanks to a (somewhat improbably discovered) clue, Jim tracked down Taylor, and with ample help from Wash, began to plan to fight back.

While Mira was sent to scout out the presumed barren Badlands area of the territory, Lucas attempted to bond with his “sister,” Skye, with whom he obviously hoped to get… closer, like on a Deb/Dex level. The Taylor punk’s interest would pay off later when Josh came thisclose to getting the tar completely beat out of him at Boylan’s bar. Instead, Skye begged him not to, so instead Lucas tortured Jim for his father’s whereabouts, after a rash of ambushes on Phoenix troops began to take their toll. Crafty Elisabeth, though, used the threat of a parasitic infection to compel the Phoenix Group point man, Weaver, into getting Jim sprung. (As Josh aptly nailed it: “Mom, that was awesome.”) Then, thanks to Walsh pinching an access card off a drunk soldier — and then her own sacrifice of life (tear) — the Shannons were able to escape the colony and rendezvous with Taylor, Reynolds et al in the forest, to plot the final strike.

The plan: Smuggle Jim back to 2149 in one of the Phoenix group’s cargo bins, where he would then plant an explosive to blow up Hope Plaza, thus cutting off Lucas and Mira from further reinforcements — though at the same time cutting the good guys off from new pilgrimages and supplies of meds and technology. To get Jim through, Skye helped Lucas’ transport get ambushed, though he later got the upper hand on her (boo) and headed for a final showdown with his dad.

Jim got through to Hope Plaza, where he set up Weaver to spring on his bosses another piece of unexpected cargo — a Carno, and an angry and hungry one at that. While the dino dined on greedy baddies, Jim set the bomb, then sprinted for the portal before he became dessert and before Hope Plaza want kaboom. Meanwhile, Taylor found and wailed on his boy, only to let a misplaced and horribly timed bit of sentimentality render him vulnerable to a stabbing. But before Lucas could dispatch with his dad completely, Skye got off two presumably fatal shots at “brother” dearest.

Coda: Jim made it through, and promptly reunited with Elisabeth. Mira seems mighty miffed that the portal is shut down, probably because she was itching to reunite with her daughter. Taylor survived the stabbing, though Lucas’ body (of course) went missing. And in the final non-treacly scene, Taylor, Jim, Elisabeth and Malcolm popped open the cargo bin containing Mira’s Badlands discovery — an aged, weathered ornamental prow from the Black Rock an 18th-century ship. How it got to their prehistoric world — and why the remaining Phoenix troops made a beeline to the area where it was found — nobody knows.

What did you think of Terra Nova? Did the show’s stronger episodes outweigh the weaker links? And did the finale’s twists make you curious enough to hope for a Season 2 renewal of this OK-rated and very expensive series? (And if it were to come back, what changed would you like to see?)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Keith says:

    Seriously hope it gets renewed.

    Also, the woman who sacrificed herself to get the Shannons out was “Wash” — as in her full last name, Washington — and not “Walsh.”

  2. sue says:

    Terra Nova is the best show on TV!!! My family and I enjoy it so much and watch it every Monday! I will be so disappointed if it gets cancelled. I do not understand why someone would not like this show. How can one not like it?

  3. phillip cpm says:

    I loved this season finally. i hope to see a new season. its like a mix from battle star galactica and Lost!! i love it!!! all you haters can go **** yourselves!!

  4. meggo says:

    please please please pick up terra nova fox!

  5. dubsg says:

    This show has a lot of similarities to many of the great Scifi shows that came before it but I think that works to the shows advantage, especially that it borrows its pace of story telling, action, and use of character building from Star Trek (TNG). You don’t want to overuse action or violence because after a while it looses importance, instead it is better to save the real action for the climax of storylines. Yjat kind of staging also allows you to plot more twist and turns without killing all of your main characters or making it seem like they are all somekind of superhumans. This show was put together extremely well and I find it ridiculous that they even have to consider a second season, in fact they should be thinking about gearing up for a long run. People are extremely tired of watching the same reality shows, singing and dancing shows, and cop dramas that are soooooo stale and boring that it isnt even funny. Whatever happened to the TNG’s, the Cosby Show’s, the Mash’s, the King of Queens’s, the Martin’s, while all of these were not my favorite shows, they were all different, well put together, and not the same run of the mill crap that airs everyday of the week. nowadays.

  6. Kathy says:

    For a older viewer. I love sci-fi. Tera Nova was great!!

  7. molly says:

    terra nova is the best programe of the year. i would love fox to make a season 2. i love it so much. i loved the scene in the final episode with taylor and zoe that was so sweet. i will be really upset if they dont make a season 2. send your vote and try and get fox to make a season 2. please let terra nova go on!!!!!!

  8. Stevie says:

    Terra nova should have a 2nd season!! Its a great show and soo many people love it. Why stop now!!!! if the fans want a 2nd season why not give them a 2nd season!! Please do a 2nd season!!

  9. Jo says:

    I love terra nova, I never won’t it to end

  10. lexi says:

    I love terra Nova its the hilight of my Monday they cant cancel it there’s so much more to learn also mark and marries relashonship is just getting started but he wants to marry her

  11. Billy says:

    This is a great show why would they cancle it? There are so many other terrible shows that could be cancled, don’t cancel one of the few (two or three others) great ones.

  12. tayah says:

    I loved terra nova they should continue terra nova but whats with the ship head

  13. Bradley says:

    Bring this show back for 9 more seasons!!!!

  14. outdoorben says:

    Loved the pilot. Enjoyed many of the shows this season. The finale, though?!?!? How ANYONE could survive against the merciless onslaught of cliches is beyond me.

    So very, very disappointed and even more sorry to have to say that. Yech.

  15. Jen says:

    Loved this show want more. I love the family aspect of the show and the adorable relationship between Maddy and Reynolds. Hope it gets renewed. There is definitely room for improvement, but I don’t want it to go all dark like BSG did. Yes it should adult up especially the kids. Maddy needs to go to work not school and Josh needs to get a real life and not be so emo.

  16. Beccalynn says:

    I really hope this show gets given a chance for season 2. I’m so tired of the constant, cop, lawyer, doctor, and reality shows on network tv. Finally something original and different is out there, but because it hasn’t hit a homerun ratings wise it’s on the bubble. I think if this show is given some time to get it’s “legs” it could turn into some great entertainment!

  17. Jake says:

    I think it was awesome! But getting fed up of watching jus one series program’s! Lost was boring an that went for ages! Can’t beat 24.. Ledge!!! An flashforward that was good but only one series again! Sort it our

  18. Goosh says:

    Was an excellent show, loved the idea of traveling back in time to Pangaea lands and lots of cool sci fi stuff. I was a LOST fan, and I haven’t found a show I’ve enjoyed as much as lost, until I watched Terra Nova! I thought the ending to the finale was excellent, hopefully we will see more of their world in season 2 and uncover this mysterious 18th century ship as well as that phoenix Mercenary group. 10/10 show us more FOX!

  19. littlemisskris says:

    i LOVED terra nova and i would be really dissapointed without a second season!!

  20. innocent12345 says:

    Please have a season 2 of Terra Nova..finally a show with imagination. If you do end a series let their please be an end and not just a middle period!

  21. tristen says:

    I loved this show and i snuck out of bed to watch it. Age 13. It was so exciting. I think Terra Nova should go Season 2! Take out Fringe

  22. tristen says:

    I would like them to keep the way it is and more action

  23. Loser says:

    Your entitled to your opinion. It just happens to be wrong. This was a great show, go find another forum to show your stupidity

  24. Terranova obsessed says:

    We need terra nova

  25. uzu says:

    I’m all about more Terra Nova to be honest, even in this less shiny, shocking format. It was called by some stupid to have episodes acting like CSI:Jurassic but to me it is of paramount importance to show such episodes, made out of every day life issues the colonists had to overcome in such a primordial world! For me personally it was a good approach since every single series today has to bang and explode and shock in every damn episode! It has become boring and the same approach everywhere. At the same time, if wanted to see gore and drama I could have just picked another series! I think it is really about what people expect from such a story and your personal expectations and ideas. Your perception of mankind and life. Still, it is a fantasy adventure, thus fantasy stays in opposition to “reality”. And if there is anything to learn and what I personally would like to see less off it’s exactly what I see the majority of man to be. Instinct driven, a bit more complex animals, but nevertheless animals, thus for me PERSONALLY, less rape, less murder, less gore, less scam and selfishness is what I would like to see and think would be essential in the make believe world of Terra Nova. Even more so if belonging to a dead future brought on by your own specie’s actions.

    As for season 2, I really hope at some point they pick it back up, even with it’s current cliches like for example researchers having British accents, so did doctors, but the “sheriff”, soldiers and other random actors didn’t and many many more like it (which are discussable if you want a 100% accurate “simulation” but I for one was not bothered by them). It’s all in the details and writing really. Beats me where the damn budget got so fat tbh, but story-wise and feeling wise, it was a good experience for me that I’d enjoy to continue.

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