Dexter Boss Answers Burning Finale Questions, Talks Season 6 Criticism and Teases Season 7

The following story contains major spoilers from Sunday’s Dexter season finale, so steer clear if you have yet to watch the episode. Everyone else, read on…

Though the reviews of this season’s Dexter have been mixed, there’s one thing nobody’s debating: the impact of the one-two punch the Showtime hit delivered in Sunday’s finale.

Not only did Deb admit that she was into her adoptive brother, but she also got a good look at his “dark passenger.”

Will the series really “go there” with the semi-siblings? Can they, now that she knows his secret? To find out, TVLine rang up exec producer Scott Buck…

TVLINE | Was Deb developing romantic feelings for Dexter always part of the show’s grand plan?
It was something we realized very early on. It was not necessarily a plan, but it was something we all felt was in the DNA of that character. It just sort of made sense when we started to examine why she was the way she was. It wasn’t necessarily something we were always working towards, but when we examined it it seemed — at least on some sort of subconscious level — like that’s the direction it had always been going.

TVLINE | Was there a debate in the writers room about whether to go there? You must’ve known it would be controversial.
It came up several years ago. We thought about it, then dismissed it, but it would always come up again year after year after year. So it just felt like there was this big story there that we were denying.

TVLINE | And why now?
It just seemed so inevitable. There was no particular reason why this year, except that it felt like we had been ignoring it.

TVLINE | The fact that Deb knows Dexter’s secret — well, part of his secret. She only saw him kill one person. And one murder does not a serial killer make.
Correct. [But] Deb has absolutely without a doubt seen Dexter commit a ritual kill. We’re not teasing the audience or jerking the audience around.

TVLINE | Deb came close to discovering Dex’s “dark passenger” in the Season 5 finale. Why not pull the trigger on it then as opposed to postponing it for another season?
I wasn’t running the show at the time so I didn’t have the opportunity to pull the trigger. But again, it was because of things like that that it felt like we had teased the audience to a point that was not quite right anymore. It felt like time to be more honest with the situation.

TVLINE | The episode hinted at the possible departure of Desmond Harrington’s Quinn. Will he be back?
Yes, absolutely.

TVLINE | Do you pay attention to what critics are saying and writing?
I’ve seen some but not all.

TVLINE | So it probably doesn’t come as a shock that it was a polarizing season. I wanted to throw out some of the bigger criticisms. First off, many felt Travis (Colin Hanks) wasn’t a scary enough villain. He seemed almost cartoonish at times. How do you respond to that?
We never meant for him to be cartoonish. We meant for him to be complicated in a way so that you might have mixed feelings for him. You would generally feel sympathy or empathy for this man before fully realizing who he was. And once you do realize who he was, does that really make the issue that much different? Is he really that much more in control then if Professor Gellar had been real.

TVLINE | Do you feel like your villains are doomed to disappoint after Trinity (John Lithgow)?
I don’t feel that way. Obviously, John was fantastic and set a very high standard for us. But there are all kinds of villains out there. They don’t need to all be scary in the same way.

TVLINE | There were a fair number of viewers that saw the Gellar twist coming. Was that ever a concern?
I really wasn’t that concerned, because if people guessed the twist, it really wasn’t the major arc of the season. Dexter has always been a show much more about character. It was always more interesting to see how this revelation affects Dexter, rather then, “Oh, I guessed it.” It didn’t seem that important an idea that it had to be so completely hidden from the audience.

TVLINE | Finally, the reaction to a possible Deb-Dexter romance seems more negative than positive. There’s a genuine ick factor there. Will that impact how far you take the storyline in the final two seasons?
No. I’m not aware that there’s an ick factor, but that’s certainly not going to affect where we go with that story.

TVLINE | Safe to say Season 7 will pick up right where Season 6 left off?
I think we’ll most likely be picking up exactly where we left off, or somewhere close to there.

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  1. ALEX says:

    I Think we all knew that there was more than just a brother sister realationshi going on with dexter and deb.I for one am happy that they finally decieded to persue it, and thank god deb finally knows.

  2. Arlene says:

    Reminded me of an ‘EastEnders’ story line from 2004, intimacy between a brother & sister who are not really related by blood (& isn’t that what’s really important in ‘Dexter’?). Startling that she caught him in the act of murder. How will Lieutenant Deb handle that? Looking forward to next year.

  3. Annie says:

    He’s “not aware that there’s an ick factor”??? DUDE. THERE’S A HUGE ICK FACTOR! whiskey-tango-foxtrot-ever.

  4. Debs says:

    Whether it’s incest or not (not… not blood related) , I doubt Dex would go there anyway.

    However, given what Deb just saw, I think she now has bigger issues to deal with besides confessing her true feelings to the now second serial killer she’s fallen in love with!!

    • Meghan says:

      It actually is incest. Incest is not dependent upon blood. Any brother and sister (or parent and child, etc) who romantically get together is incest, whether they’re blood siblings/blood parents, or adopted siblings/adoptive parents. It’s still incest.

      Still disagree with people who think it’s reason to stop watching the show and/or are entirely disgusted right now. It’s just television and that’s really not the central storyline of the show anyway.

  5. NL says:

    Although Deb was planning on telling Dexter her true feelings this has been effectively shot down because she has found out Dexter’s dark secret, it may be that the show goes there and good on them for pushing boundaries. But it is a simple case of nurture versus nature, Deb was dating Brian Moser don’t forget and was about to marry him that’s Dexter’s biological brother all you crazies out there may as well say she was committing incest with him if you are calling Deb’s feelings for Dexter incestuous… Like the show runner said it explains Deb’s character a whole lot more that nobody met the feelings she has for Dexter, it’s a bloody television show about a serial killer that never gets bloody caught!!!!

  6. David says:

    Well.. the show runner is in DENIAL (as someone else already wrote) and this season was weaker than the “Lumen” storyline.. and don’t forget the “ick” factor.. Deb is a cool character and it was annoying watching her always whining about everything and THEN.. ops! she’s in “love” with his brother??? C’mon… writers… stop having drugs during the writing.. DRUGS are bad.. mmm’kay? Let’s see what will happen next.. shall we? p.s. I never felt the urgency of Deb finding out about his brother’s “hobby”.. actually I was hoping on good writing and on a Dexter who will get away with it (all messed up…) ’til the end of the last season.

  7. kay says:

    Oh my god people they are not blood related, it is not disgusting. Stupid Americans.

    • Meghan says:

      Doesn’t matter if they’re not blood related, they’re still brother and sister. I have an adopted sister, and I also have a blood brother and blood sister. All four of us are equally one another’s siblings, regardless of the blood (or lack thereof) between us. If my brother were to get together with our adopted sister, it would be NO less incestuous than if he got together with our blood-related sister. My adopted sister is, in pure and concrete fact, 100% our sister, without doubt or question. She has been our sister since she was not quite 2 years old, and our family is the only one she has ever known. And my other siblings and I do not know a life without her as our sister. You can disagree that she is entirely our sister if you want to, but you would be wrong. She is. Adopted siblings are entirely siblings, and yes, romantic relationships between them are incest. The official definition of incest does not include the word “blood” or the word “genetics” anywhere.

      I don’t think it’s that huge a deal in the show overall, because it’s really not the main reason I watch the show. I watch the show for the killer plotlines. And I’m certainly not going to boycott watching the show if it does happen to take the brother/sister lovin’ storyline and run with it. But you may want to know what you’re talking about before you accuse people of being stupid.

  8. megairishman says:

    look deb having a brother complex is realistic given the history they share. a show not being real just so they do not upset the internet critics will always go bad. also they are adopted GET OVER IT! stop acting like this is more offensive then it is NO ONE IS IMPRESSED BY YOUR FALSE PLOITICAL CORRECTNESS! the show is about a serial killer if the whole deb/dexter romance is what offends you NOT the murder then YOU NEED HELP.

  9. Ariel says:

    I suspect they don’t see the ick factor because for as long as I’ve watched the show, there has been a division. Raised together but not brother and sister. I’ve always seen them that way. Perhaps from Dex and Deb’s memories in flashbacks. There was a fine line to it and even in the was Dex was raised separately to do his thing in the most moral way such a thing could be done. Rarely did I really see them as brother and sister on any level. I always felt they were raised by the same man but not siblings in any way. But that’s just me. What will be interesting is how they handle it with coworkers in the dept because I don’t remember if it’s ever been addressed that Dex was not technically related to her.

  10. Isa says:

    I really don’t agree with most of the public reaction towards the whole Dex-Deb thing, but I surely agree with the idea that this season was quite weak.

    Anyway, there’s one thing I know for sure:


  11. werdup says:

    true. and can we not forget that deb already dated dexter’s brother too.
    but if you love the show, you know that it is not the show for warm and fuzzy moments or happy romances. it’s twisted and fascinating to watch the ways that these characters cope, how they try to find some berometer of normalcy in their insane lives. and that what makes it great – not the reality, but the humanity and the fallout. can’t wait to see where this takes season 7!

  12. s. says:

    I loved this season and the finale was fantastic! Great interview Ausiello. You really went for the jugular, huh? It almost seemed like you were disappointed with this season but hey you are the big shot. Thanks for asking if Quinn would return! Happy that he has an opportunity to redeem himself. Can not wait for Season 7!

  13. Dave says:

    C’mon guys! It’s not like Brandon and Brenda from 90210 discovered they weren’t blood related and hooked up…we’re talking about two people who were raised together, but they have always been aware that they are NOT related..and also, they have always had a complicated relationship until they started working together, so I don’t really see this ick factor honestly…especially considering that Dex hugs his baby boy and 5 minutes later he is brutally killing someone…this “incest” is not so shocking

    • Alex says:

      EXACTLY!They ALWAYS knew that they weren’t brother and sister so what is the weird?I don’t get it.

      • Meghan says:

        They’re not blood related, which they’ve always known, but they’re still brother and sister.

        Still not worth people getting into a huff about it, though.

  14. Dennis says:

    Its not often they have a cliffhanger. This is only the second cliffhanger out of six season endings. You may as well start where you left off, just like in season 5

  15. Alex says:

    Ausiello, you don’t really know if people who support a Dex/Deb romance are less than the ones who don’t support it so shut up please.Ok?Thanks.

  16. paisley says:

    Do not like the Deb-Dexter love storyline AT ALL. Did not like the finale. Seriously, you almost went there last season. Couldn’t Harrison have been kidnapped instead? And WTF about the creepy hand=sender-video-guy-dating-the-babysitter? You left us hanging…..not happy.

  17. brian says:

    I agree,i think Dexter was draggy and almost a flop after being so good for 5 yrs….. Very little suspense and Not enough of revenge to kill the bad ~~.Get back to what it’s all about .Dexter being Dexter and forget the sis brother may be lovers..that surely would take away from the story….get back to basics ….as we all look foreward to Sunday with DEX!!!

  18. Kty says:

    First time poster, long time watcher

    I really loved this season. We had creepy but realistic crazy people, a Fight Club moment that I didn’t see coming, a son who Dexter adores and will probably be the way he rids himself of his dark passenger…so much good stuff!

    The incest comments are silly and the one about the US being desensitized to violence is right. Funny you could probably divide the comments into US/non-US and find a huge relationship! :) Amazingly blinkered to the rest of the world view of things.

    My picks for season 7

    The intern is related to Dexter, probably his nephew. He will be the next villain for sure. The hand was a dead give away because it was from the ice truck killer ( or to me intern’s father ).

    Deb will fall for Dexter’s story about a revenge killing – this man stole my boy I steal his life scenario. BUT further sessions with the shrink will make her see Dexter for who he is, a serial killer. I think she’ll eventually help him get rid of the dark passenger but she wont be in love with him any more.

    Would love to kill off the bitchy police boss – and that idea from upthread is a great one…nice idea

    • Rachael says:

      @ kty: I really agree with you! Well said.

    • al (non-US) says:

      Completely agree with you about the US / Non-US comments!
      Would love to see which were which.
      I do not think it is incest at all
      and of course see the violence as much worse

  19. SG says:

    One reason the Deb/Dex storyline will be awesome. Masuka.

    Masuka: So Dex, I’ve always wanted to know. What’s it like to tap that ass?
    Dexter: You’re talking about my sister.

  20. Anthony says:

    I challenge any of you to go back and watch the whole series from the beginning and not see the sexual tension between the 2 characters. Ive been waiting for this storyline to come out for some time as well. Im not saying Incest is ok. Im just saying its been there for some time. The writers couldnt just look the other way.

    • Kty says:

      I watched the first 4 1/2 seasons in one month, and yes the tension was obvious. The writings are doing a first rate job of having BOTH characters develop and grow throughout the seasons

    • Rachael says:

      Agree Anthony! I’ve re-watched almost all of it with my friends who recently got hooked to the show and there are so many little moments between the two that you can’t re-watch and overlook. It really all makes sense now…

  21. Sheldon says:

    Yes! Not really apeling to have incest but they do it for the controversy and money. People are talking more about the show now because I it. I wish they would have keept Lumen, they Would have has numeros plots there. Anyhow, as a backup they have the young crazy collector:)

  22. Sheldon says:

    His grammar is not in question here, just the story line, witch from Trinity on was not at the same level, nor the supporting actors at John’s level.
    P.S. Anyone that has a sister loves her :)

    • s. says:

      Sheldon, I think your grammar is in question! LOL, “apeling”, “witch”,”numeros”, sorry it’s funny :). But I get what you mean. Ppl are bitter b/c of what happenend to past storylines and characters (especially with Rita RIP). I love how this season ended and look forward for two more seasons!

  23. some dude says:

    I hope deb and dexter bang!

    at the end of the day its just a TV show! and not reality. And even if it were they are not related. And *IN REAL REALITY* they actually WERE banging hahah so shut your yaps, grab some popcorn and enjoy some dexter :P

  24. dexfanster1 says:

    I hope Dexter kills Deb and the story goes on from there. Any other way the story would be either ludicrous or icky.

    • A says:

      Nooooo!!! I love Deb.
      Maybe Dex will run away,
      leaving Deb with Harrison.
      The creepy intern will become a copycat-
      either Bay Harbour Butcher copycat -or- Ice Truck killer copycat
      (has he figured out who dex is, and his past and ITK link?)
      Deb is in therapy, processing who and what Dex is
      piecing together the kill style, ITK links, his background etc…
      She goes after the killer (wondering if it’s dex)
      the intern goes after Deb
      as per original ITK, season 1
      dex is on the hunt and trail,
      and comes to the rescue again?…

  25. To those who are caught up on the “ick factor” of the Dexter romance, I agree and understand with the ranting, But I see far more pressing issues of the show at and predict this romance will be set aside if not abandon come next season.I mean do you really think Deb is going to still announce this hidden romance or better yet, still even agree with her feelings after witnessing Dexter just commit a ritual kill?, I think not. The main issues I feel that the series is going to address and perhaps suffer from is,

    1. Deb seeing and knowing Dexter is a killer.* (Which can not be undone (Unfortunately,. In my honest opinion as a Fan)
    *I see this as potential death to the series >|<

    and 2.

    How deep does the writers plan to take this new knowledge? Bay harbor butcher? Trinity?

    Will the series take Debs character to a new complexity or a cliche role of Deb now aiding and protecting Dexters future kills?

    All I know is I have equal amounts of fear and eagerness for the next season for the answers, so I guess the writers did there job…Right?

  26. J. May says:

    I find it odd that I have no problem watching (and sometimes rooting for) a character who is a sociopathic serial killer but being bothered and disturbed by Dex and Deb possibly hooking up. What is that? I just hope Debra is able to handle the fact that Dexter is what he is. Has any other female character been so put-upon by the writers in tv history? Poor Deb :(

  27. Awesome says:

    Since everyone seems to throw out their thoughts I thought I’d share my own…
    1. PUT UR BIAS’ ASIDE!!!
    You will learn to appreciate the show, season &writers.
    2. I’m not a fan of serial killers but I still watch. Just because the deb n dex thing is also “icky” doesn’t mean it hasn’t left me itching for the next season.

    This is television ppl and the writers have stood out whether it was planned or not I think if everyone puts aside their personal bias’ they will enjoy the show and continue to be fans.

    This show is a total win!

    Ps. To those who find ppl who watch this show “disturbed” thanks for ur opinion but I’m sure u have watched ur fair share of movies that had serial killers. We aren’t attracted to the kills but to the story line (at least me personally)

  28. wowmanwow says:

    S5 and S6 were absolutely terrible. Fire everyone, and hire new writers. Just my opinion anyway, if you clearly liked this season then that’s cool.

    • s. says:

      I know it’s “just” your opinion but you can’t “Fire everyone”. I really liked this season! Plus, EVERYONE and their mama keeps forgetting that MCH is an Executive Producer and he has a say on the storyline/plot of the show. So, if he had a problem with where the plot was going this season, he would of objected. He is intelligent and brillant actor, I believe in MCH. I trust his judgement. So if you “fire everyone” that means he has to go too! So, with MCH gone, who could play Dexter? Hmmm, how about… Steve Carell! YAY

      • Rachael says:

        @ s. : This is so true! Michael C. Hall wouldn’t have let Dexter go down this road with Deb if he didn’t feel like it would benefit the show or his character. And, also, I’ve seen somewhere that Jennifer Carpenter was asked beforehand as well. People need to just trust the writers. They know where they’re going with the show, not us. Don’t be so rash people!

  29. Tanna says:

    I was kind of hoping the shrink that Deb was seeing was a villain herself and manipulating Deb into emotions. Surely there are reasons for Deb’s history, and planting the idea made someone like Deb grasp onto it, cos she’s always so desperate for answers. Maybe she just took the easiest one that was literally handed to her. I’m not sure what kind of motive the therapist would have in it all, but better than actually falling in love with your step-brother, biological or not.

  30. Philip says:

    The season finale was powerful. And if you didn’t enjoy it? The problem is you, not Dexter.

  31. BP says:

    relax everyone we don’t know for sure if dexter even has the same feelings deb has. we know deb is in love, but is dexter? dexter wasn’t truly in love with his wife. chill everyone season 7 will most likely have deb with more mixed feelings/emotions (as usual) and dexter acting like they don’t exist. deb is a basket case and dexter doesn’t care, it will stay that way…….

  32. Fatal says:

    Well the ratings will be up in Kentucky… lol

  33. Michelle Rocha says:

    I hate this thing with DébxDex !!
    Major ick factor!!!
    Don’t go there

  34. Gabe says:

    Yes some of season 6 was a hit or miss but most of the other seasons did the same, What you have to understand about this season is it wasn’t mostly about the villian rather than dexter! Dexter has grown more and quickly from the death of his friend to controlling his dark passenger, Dexter has been more of a character I’ve been hoping him to be and top to it all of are the kills he makes during the season. The twist are as you expect and his sister seeing what he did at the end is what everybody has been waiting and better yet a family member finally seen his dark side but the love she has needs to be squash, I’m not really liking that direction but all and all GREAT SEASON

  35. Gabe says:

    Not cool but funny

  36. Gerold says:

    Baah, what the heck, maybe this was only a dream like the Dex/Deb kiss-scene …

  37. ryanandhobbes says:

    If he’s unaware that there’s an “ick factor” can you please make him aware? I’m a fan of the show since the beginning, and even in slower seasons will never complain about “the show being terrible!!?!” as a lot of others here seem to think, but THAT was too far this season. That really needs to not happen.

  38. Christina says:

    I’m not that bothered by the Deb/Dex thing, because come on, NOTHING has actually happened and I doubt anything ever will. Dexter loves Deb like a sister, I think he’d be seriously creeped out if she told him she was in love with him.

    The final scene of the season finale was extremely powerful, kudos to the actors and the behind-the-scenes people for that. Can’t wait to see where they pick off after the hiatus. I don’t think Deb will arrest Dexter (at least not at first, who knows what’ll happen later on in the season or in season 8), though.

    As for Louis/Lewis, he’s obviously going to be a major player next season, and they simply wanted to introduce him this season. I think he’s somehow related to Dexter, and definitely not interested in rattign him out to the Miami Metro.

  39. Slice of Life says:

    DEXTER has always been about complicated psychological states of mind that push the boundaries of what we see as “acceptable”. In making Dexter a serial killer who only kills bad people, the writers have made us question whether or not murder can be an acceptable act, given certain unique circumstances. I think they’re doing the same thing in proposing an intimate relationship between Deb and Dex. They want us to question whether or not this is ok, given the complicated circumstances and relationship between them, or not ok, given that they are, in some form, brother and sister. While I think the writers definitely expected a more positive reaction to Deb’s feelings for Dexter, seeing as how even from the first season there was some foreshadowing of a more complicated relationship there(“If I had feelings for anyone, I’d have them for Deb.” – Dexter), I don’t think they intend to take the relationship anywhere. The ending of the Season 6 finale does a good job of crushing any possibility of that. As someone else already said, I think the writers chose now to build up Deb’s feelings for Dexter, so that when she finally catches him in the act, their relationship has that much further to fall. She’s not just witnessing her adoptive brother kill someone, she’s seeing the man she loves kill someone.
    Also, I love the way Deb’s emotional state plays out during the end of this season. She is an emotional wreck and starts seeing a therapist, who suggests that Deb is in love with her brother, at which point Deb wholeheartedly denies this. Then, she slowly starts to realize that her therapist is right. Finally, she accepts her feelings for Dexter and assumes a more stable emotional state, only to have it all ripped from her when she discovers Dexter’s big secret. Next season Dexter and Debra’s relationship is sure to take a huge twist, but I think it’s safe to say that will have nothing to do with romance, and everything to do with Debra’s reaction to Dexter’s Dark Passenger.
    Overall, this entire season has kept me on my toes with interesting new characters, tons of plot twists, the fun, psychological enigmas I’ve come to expect from the show, and the long-awaited reveal of Dexter’s secret to his sister. Hats off to the writers, because I definitely think this season is one of the best so far. Season 7 can’t get here fast enough!

  40. Vincent Hanna says:

    Yeah, overall, this season was a disappointment. Primarily due to the “Big Bad” carrying NO WEIGHT. I know you can’t always have a Lithgow, but Hanks was just bad casting. I found myself just focusing on the other story lines and waiting for Dexter to get Travis on his table so that we could just be done with his boring bad guy character.

    Also, one question:

    Did Travis drive around with his paint set after leaving the church (the mural he painted in that house with Dexter’s face on it)? Did he pick victims with painting materials?

  41. MC says:

    This season started off well. I thought it had regained its sense of humor but at the same time remaining scary and shocking. But then about halfway through I felt like it was becoming a parody of its former self. It was cheesy.

    I think part of the cheese factor came from how truly awful the writing for Colin Hank’s character was. He’s not as good as his father but he’s usually consistent and does nice work. But half the things he would say made me laugh and not in a good way.

    I also think this affected other characters as well. La Guerta has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I used to enjoy her character and even rooted for her at times. Now she is just useless. Quinn is completely laughable now and nothing he did rang true.

    Lastly, I think the new showrunner Scott Buck is out of touch with the show and hopefully Showtime has the sense to kick him out. I’m sorry but the absolute worse thing about this season was the decision to have Deb fall for Dexter. He doesn’t see the ick factor? Well then you are completely delusional. Nobody likes this story line and hopefully they have the sense to end it asap.

    here’s hoping to a better 7th season

  42. Marion says:

    I know humility is in short supply in Hollywood, but I hope the writers and producers (including Mr. Buck) can a take a step back and realize that mistakes were made.

    Just because Deb may have had “feelings” or Dexter doesn’t mean she had to become consciously aware of them or attempt to act on them. It certainly doesn’t mean that after a therapist brings it up and she has a dream, she’d go from being appalled to wanting to just go for it. (We all have dreams in which things happen that we really wouldn’t want to act on in real life.)

    It’s not too late to write their way out of this mess. Deb can realize (or rationalize) that she was vulnerable to the shrink’s suggestion. Mention can be made of false recovered memories or other results of bad therapy.

    There are lots of reason for Deb not to turn Dexter in. They have set it up to get her more comfortable with gray areas. She does love him (without being in love.) And if he’s honest with her about “the code” she’ll blame Harry.

    However, we’re in for a good few scenes of her being exceptionally angry about his screwing up cases that led to more deaths including Rita’s. I could see her making a deal with him. He lays off the major cases and getting “involved” with the murderers, stops falsifying evidence and gives Miami Metro the leads, she turns a blind eye if the baddies who got away disappear.

  43. kim says:

    Season 6 was slow at first but it took off….. I’m looking forward too season 7 cant wait too find out what Deb is going to say finding out about dexter….OMG im so excited

  44. Pete says:

    I really liked the idea of Deb having romantic thoughts about Dexter. I thought it was fascinating and I really enjoyed the scenes where Deb was feeling unsettled in Dexter’s presence. I’m looking forward to seeing that story develop further in season 7.

  45. April Fool says:

    I have a feeling that Deb’s feelings for Dexter are going to vanish, now that she’s seen the true Dex. Or at least I’m hoping so because I have no desire to see that storyline play out.

    I would agree with the others that this season wasn’t as strong as others, but I still think it was far better than most shows on TV right now. Dexter just set a really high benchmark with season 4 (and I also really liked 5) that I’m not sure it can match that again without becoming too ridiculous or predictable (I saw this season’s end a while back).

    As far as this season’s villain, I’m just not sure Colin Hanks has the same type of experience as some of the previous actors have had in the past few seasons, and unfortunately, it kind of showed.

  46. Daljit says:

    I think season was terrible, honestly because I’m a Hugh fan and loved the first four seasons 10/10 but season 5 was 5/10 because the whole girl character was bad but the villain wad cool and last episode was good. Anyway season 6 was slow but tense stuff, every episode kind of had a ending most times happy with dexter and Debra stuff but didn’t make sense, how how did Debra not think of checking out abandoned churches since the DDK was started, the build up to the end was not great, was not really tense, was cliche! I mean the DDK case of course, now Debra discovering Dexter at the end was good, my main point is this, trust me when u read this: the build up to Debra discovering Dexter wad supposed to built up of tense stuff and the season was ruined, honestly the DDK case should have ended anyway by end of Episode 11 then build up the tension of what was going to be happening at the end of ep 12. See we should always mesmerise the whole season but now we only think about the ending, that’s bad and the ending was far too easy figured out anyway, kinda was not much a surprise, think about

  47. Matt says:

    Dude you are what makes the Internet gay go stick your head in a hole and stop talking smack this was a great season and yeah it lacked some things don’t mean it sucked

  48. Suck it up says:

    If you guys stop your judgement and think, “Wow. I am watching a show about a man killing hundreds of people, yet I am so disgusted by Deb’s obvious feelings from the start.” They did this for the sake of the story, not the “entertainment value”. If you want pure mindless entertainment go watch Glee.

    Since the start I always found the relationship between Deb and Dex very awkward. It wasn’t realistic that this didn’t happen sooner. When you look at Deb’s history, it all makes sense. As far as half-sibling incest goes, I can’t count how many shows there are with this controversy.

    Obviously its not entertaining right now, but once the plots sync, it will all make sense.

  49. Suck it up says:

    This pretty much sums up my previous comment.

    Anything that’s been wondered about on the comment boards this season that you’d like to address?
    I find it kind of interesting that people are uneasy about Deb’s love toward her brother. That on a show about serial killers, it’s the idea of love that makes people more uncomfortable. We did some research on that among adopted siblings: It does exist and it does happen, and it does create a very awkward situation.


  50. dj says:

    The Deb-Dexter romance and the ick factor that comes with that makes that the jump the shark moment for me.