Survivor: South Pacific Season Finale Recap: And the Winner Is... [Updated]

Totem poles were embraced. Houses of cards were erected. Puzzles were solved. Tears were shed. Hugs were rejected. Pigtails were sported (by Ozzy!). And shirtless Tai Chi was practiced on the beach. (Nope, Coach didn’t spare us the horror.) But in the end, only one player walked away with a cool $1 million at the end of Survivor: South Pacific. Here’s how the finale played out:

Final Redemption Island Duel: Ozzy defeats Brandon
Penultimate Immunity Challenge Winner: Ozzy
Penultimate Tribal Council Eviction: Rick
Final Immunity Challenge Winner: Sophie
Final Tribal Council Eviction: Ozzy
Final Three: Sophie, Coach, Albert
Winner of Survivor: South Pacific: Sophie Clarke!

Yes, I may have let out a mild-to-moderate whoop of pleasure when Jeff Probst finally spilled the beans. But hey, since Coach himself said in his opening remarks to the jury that “when you open yourself to others, you receive it ten-fold,” then surely he should be satisfied with all those warm fuzzies and none of the cash, right?

Anyhow, before I turn things over to you, here are a few of my thoughts on the finale:

Ozzy’s wisest observation (about Brandon’s fatal miscalculation): “He’s not playing with God; he’s playing with human beings who are greedy and want that money.”

Ozzy’s scariest observation: Describing the chance to exit Redemption Island and return to the main game as “getting back to real life.” (Someone needs some serious reality TV detox.)

Ozzy’s most egotistical observation: His reunion show remark about how he was sure everyone was rooting for him in the final challenge. Um, not me, dude.

Coach’s most ponderous voiceover: All that business about envisioning himself “rising above everybody, rising above all the misery… from destruction to absolute victory.”

Coach’s dumbest move (Option A): Not taking Brandon to the finale. (Come ON: Who would’ve voted for that dude?)

Coach’s dumbest move (Option B): Combining knee socks with a scraggly ponytail.

Sophie’s barely veiled way of telling Albert he was utterly useless in challenges, and in particular the house-of-cards game: “Albert, drop your stack and come pick up my pieces!” (Jeff Probst’s brilliant counterpunch: “You want Ozzy out of this game, beat him”)

Rick’s dreadful/truthful assessment of his own value in the game: “Ozzy needs people that aren’t gonna beat him.” (Sophie’s brilliant counterpunch: “If Rick’s not the man to do it, there’s no point in having him around.”)

Rick’s one moment of awesomeness in an almost silent season: Telling Coach to “go have a seat” when his betrayer stood up to embrace him.

Move that may have sealed Sophie’s win: That tearful breakdown during the second-to-last tribal council. Maybe she didn’t do it strategically, but Sophie managed to show some remorse for her social failings in the game — without it coming across that she was only repentant because a jury of her wronged peers were about to decide whether or not to give her $1 million.

Most insufferable congratulatory remark after Sophie’s immunity win: “A new slayer is born!” –Albert (so pretty, yet such a pitiful performance making a case for himself to his peers)

Brat calling the brat a brat: Ozzy whining to the final three that “the bad news is nobody wants to vote for any of you guys.” (Sack up, dude; you choked in that final immunity challenge, and your social game was mediocre, even though you managed to drop this laughable sound bite: “I played as good a social game as I possibly could’ve.”)

Most hilarious comment to the jury: Sophie saying she viewed Coach “as a young girl.”

Dimmest move in response to a juror’s question: Albert hemming and hawing at Brandon’s insistence on a “yes or no” answer to the question of whether he knew Brandon was going home after giving Albert his immunity necklace. (Why couldn’t Albert concoct one more lie and say “No”? Talk about failure to outwit and outlast, sucker.)

Most satisfying jury takedown: “Coach, you used Christianity to manipulate your whole tribe, and to put fear into them, actually.” — Whitney

Most satisfying jury comment period: “We signed up for this,” said a calm, reasonable Edna to her fellow jurors, who seemed hellbent on shaming the final three. “They managed to dupe each one of us. Congratulations!”

And congratulations to Sophie, a non-returning player who won three individual immunities, offered a decent amount of amusing confessional sound bites, and outstrategized her alliance mates all the way to a well-deserved win.

What did you think of Sophie’s win, and the season in general? Hit the comments and sound off, and check out a preview for next season, Survivor: One World, below! And for all my reality TV recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Jen says:

    uggggh! cannot stand smug Sophie! and enough with the fake crying.

    • Sean says:

      My Random Thoughts:

      I have to say, I was honestly happy to be heading to the Final Tribal Council with three players who, in my mind, all had a legit shot to win the million. But when Sophie revealed that Coach had the Idol longer than he claimed, and the entire lie to make it look like the prayer was the reason they found it, you could see that Brandon was visibly shocked…and don’t we all wish Brandon hadn’t already asked his question? I think that was a million-dollar answer from Sophie.

      When Jeff Probst went out in to the audience to talk to his favourite villain, he said“Stand up, Hantz.” How awesome would it have been when the vertically-challenged Russell stood up, if Probst would have said “No seriously, stand up”?

      If you’re looking for more to read on the Season Finale after you’re done here, I hope you’ll check out the rest of my recap at or you can just click my name.

      • Edna says:

        Don’t click on this link, it’s a virus! That’s usually the case when someone posts a link on someone else’s blog!

        • Sean says:

          Edna, seriously…do you not have anything better to do with your time than make up lies? Again…pathetic.

          • Edna says:

            It’s not a lie! Consider yourselves warned, Internet users! Your computer will go blank if you click on the link- VIRUS!

            Sean – don’t advertise on others’ pages. It’s rude.

          • Jane says:

            I’ve been reading Sean’s recaps for 2 seasons now. They’re fun and I’ve never had any sort of virus. His site is through blogspot, so he’s not setting you up for anything.

            I don’t understand why there is always someone trying to sabotage his site. If your argument is not to promote on here, then just say that. That’s a fair point. If you have to add false claims to your argument, then your argument probably isn’t very sound.

          • Janelle says:

            Jane is Sean! He just used a new name!

          • @Jane says:

            fun or not, this is michael slezak’s blog, and sean shouldn’t be promoting his own blog here. edna is probably just saying it’s a virus (i’m not testing it to find out), but sean still shouldn’t advertise here and try to get slezak’s fans over to his site. it’s not cool.

          • Jane says:

            No, I’m not Sean. And Janelle, you say the same thing week after week here AND on EW anytime anyone doesn’t flame Sean. Must be him.

            @Jane, your point is very valid. And I agree. But what I’m saying is that you were able to make it without coming up with some lame excuse/lie.

            “It’s not cool” is the argument, not an imaginary virus.

          • Janelle says:

            You and Sean both accuse people of being on EW last week or whatever… honestly not true, I only read this blog, not EW.

  2. Gi says:

    hated the final 3

  3. Gen says:

    I’m so happy for Sophie! She earned it. I really enjoyed this season.

  4. jen says:

    and they follow up the horrible final 3 and the horrible choice of winner with… Russell?? Again??! Will these producers ever stop with the Russell crap already??

    • Ari says:

      Russell is the Kardashian of Survivor. No matter how much you hate seeing him on screen some idiot out there thinks that the people like him so he just continues to get more and more screen time.

  5. Nina says:

    This Final 3 was awful. And the winner? Worst edit ever.

  6. Nicole says:

    None of them deserved to win.
    Ozzy should have gotten the million dollars.

    • Nina says:

      Damn right! That final 3 was the worst.

    • Mike S says:

      Yeah, the player voted out three times is always the best in a season…

      • Trey says:

        that’s what i’m saying. Upolu dominated Savaii- Savaii made the mistake of making Cochran feel excluded enough that he was able to be incorporated into Upolu more easily. if Cochran stuck with Savaii, it might have been a whole different game, but Savaii erred by not treating him well enough to keep on their side, Ozzy included. so a member of the completely decimated tribe does NOT deserve to win, especially one voted out three times.

        • hmmm says:

          I don’t think Savaii’s mistake was making Cochran feel exclude – he does that to himself largely. Their mistake was not voting him out when they had the chance. Hell, he should have been first or second out. He was THAT much of a hindrance to them.

    • Sidewinder says:

      I agree that I did not want any of the final 3 to win. But my choice if on the jury would have been Albert. I was so glad that that Pontificating narcissist coach did not win. SO Ozzy, at least you actually got one up on Coach as YOU deserved and won the $100,000 fan favorite money. Coach is so full of himself and thought he was the brightest star on that Island. Really? SO congrats Ozzy.

    • bethany0403 says:

      Seriously? Ozzy is the biggest douche ever. Could he be more arrogant and a bigger a-hole? He didn’t deserve crap. His ego is out of control. I loathe Ozzy.

      • Ari says:

        I agree! I didn’t watch Ozzy’s first trips to Survivor but judging from this season, I don’t know why he is so well liked. He was one pygmy assbiting story away from being Tocantins Coach. He was so unlikeable, arrogant, rude, so full of himself and his ability. Of course you were cruising Ozzy! They built the RI challenges for you! I was glad when Sophie whooped him in that last immunity challenge. When she started getting the pieces you could just see Ozzy on the brink of a tantrum “Sophie has six pieces, Sophie has seven pieces” and Ozzy was on the verge of tears. I have been rooting for Sophie all season so I’m glad she won! I think she earned it. She played a good game, the best kind of game, she stayed low, convinced everyone that her ideas were actually theirs and she wasn’t afraid to call out somebody useless.

      • spikesgrl says:

        I agree completely. I liked Ozzy on his first Survivor, just barely could tolerate him on his second and despised him this time. Yes, he is good in challenges and is a great outdoorsman but he is an egotistical jerk and I am so glas he did not win.

    • Lee says:

      Ozzy is great at challenges. But he is no genius at strategy, and his social game is utterly lacking. I don’t get all the Ozzy love. Like beathany0403 says, Ozzy is a douchebag.

  7. Carly says:

    Sophie deserved it the most out of that selection of the top 3.

  8. Chmarin says:

    After so many seasons, my favorite has finally won. Sophie FTW!

  9. Beth says:

    Couldn’t stand Sophie or any of the final three for that matter. Hated this season and especially the winner. Ready for a new season!!

    • dan says:

      A few weeks ago I predicted a Sophie win to my kids. Then last night I wasn’t so sure, and I thought (dreaded) that Coach may have pulled it off. But when Sophie told the true story about the hidden immunity idol I figured she had it wrapped up. She basically admitted she can be a bit standoffish and maybe a bitch (her crying session seemed legit to me and not an act); I think that swayed at least Dawn and maybe Whitney to vote for her. Curious who Edna voted for b/c she was joined at the hip with Coach and I assume that Rick voted for Sophie. Once again, the “third wheel” at the final tribal gets no votes (has any “third” person at the final tribal received votes?). Hated seeing Russell at the reunion and can’t stand Jeff’s obsession with him.

  10. John says:

    Sophie deserved that money more than anyone. Ozzy was voted out 3 times! He didn’t deserve it. If it wasn’t for that stupid redemption island, he would’ve been gone long ago. And he’s an arrogant dickhead who needs to cut his hair. GO SOPHIE!!! :) Finally the right person wins.

    • Chmarin says:

      ^^ Amen to that.

      • jane Davis says:

        I think Sophie showed her true colors on the next to last immunity game. She is really despicable. Coach lost me with his lying. Cochran was clearly the best person to win. Ozzie is great, no doubt about it. Why Coach did not vote Sophie out I will never know. His intelligence fell to the bottom of the pit on that one. Sophie needs to have feelings for other people and show heart. If she has one.

        • LeeLee in Oz says:

          I gotta admit, I hoped Cochran would win, wouldn’t that make a an interesting season when the jerky nerd outplays the beauty queen, villian,academic, hero and mentor?? Who wouldn’t cheer from their couches if he upped and won!!!!!???? Go the UNDERDOG!!!!!

    • jen says:

      gee, you are one confused mess, aren’t you??

  11. SURETHA says:

    BOO!!! BOOO! anybody other than those 3 should have been there, Sophie is a Boo!

  12. Suretha says:

    I think it is time for better contestants, people with humour and guts! Come on Jeff, give us people that stand out amongst other and let us enjoy Survivor, oh and keep redemption island, love that side, is good not to be out right away.

    • Lee says:

      I thoroughly disagree. I think Redemption Island is terrible, it takes away all the drama of a Tribal Council blindside. Ozzy got voted out THREE times, for crying out loud! (Of course, one was a strategic one based on there being a Redemption Island, but still).

  13. CastleBuffySVU says:

    So disappointed that Ozzy didn’t win. He should’ve. He is the ultimate survivor in my opinion. Barely liked anyone from Upolu anyways. Ozzy won so much, he is so incredibly strong, and not to mention sexy. But that last part doesn’t matter, Ozzy should’ve won and that is that. I didn’t care for Sophie..would’ve preferred Coach, even though he voted Ozzy out. :/ loved the season until Ozzy was gone. Couldn’t watch the rest.

  14. Rolfe says:

    I think a lot of times people confuse good television characters as great players. Sophie was not a compelling character, but she was a GREAT player. She played the best game by far. Good for her!

    • EXACTLY says:

      Totally agree. I’ve found that most times people on Survivor are one or the other, well except for BRob who was a character and a good player. Sophie played a great game, she kept her nose clean, she was strong in challenges and won immunity when it counted. She knocked Ozzy out of this game. Let’s face it, if Sophie was gone instead of Rick, Ozzy would be a millionaire right now.

  15. Storm says:

    Sophie is just lucky that she was brought tothe final three… She was even irritated to be with ozzy because she knew that the jury would really choose ozzy because ozzy had proven enough to be a survivor in the redemption island beating everybody ….and people watching survivor just loved how ozzy played as it was confirmed by the sprint winner. Sophie just won because the jury has no choice but to vote at least one. You have the million dollar Sophie but u don’t have the prestige. You are not a worth winner.

    • tripoli says:

      Agreed. Worst final 3,well, it’s tied with last season, for that honor, and a pretty disappointing season all around. Ozzy was clearly the most deserving of the win, and I was pretty much over it, once it was clear he was going to be voted out. Since Benjamin has never played with honor or integrity, and was absolutely going to go back on his word to go to final 3 with Ozzy.
      Sophie became more and more annoying and awful as the weeks past. Her dislike for Ozzy was simply because she knew he was a way better player than her and she had zero chance of beating him. His assessment of her as a whiny, spoiled, brat, was right on the money. Ozzy may be cocky, and that rubs some people the wrong way, but it’s warranted because he’s got the goods to back it up. Sophie doesn’t. She was just the lesser of 2 evils. And please, let’s do away with the final 3. It’s pointless as one person is always completely out of the running and gets zero votes. And if there is ever a season centered around Hnatz vs Hantz, I’m out. Refuse to watch that, and I’ve seen every season, and can’t imagine not continuing to do so.

    • Ron says:

      Who brought sophie to the final three? she was there because she BEAT ozzie and won immunity yet again and brought herself to the final three.

    • Portia says:

      Titally agree. When Sophie turned on the water works, she won simply
      by getting the sympathy vote. She did absoultely nothing to win and
      rode in on the guy’s coat tails. She should have been the first to the go. She is a total bitch and did not deserve to win. The jury had no other choice but this was a totally unfair win and dhe did not deeserve to win at all

  16. Cee says:

    ozzy should have won! sophie is so annoying and irritating.

  17. Mare says:

    Final 3 was complete crap. Had I been on the jury I would have declined to vote. None of them deserved to win. Albert was a putz, Coach was a tool and Sophie was a whiny, lazy brat. Ozzy was none of things. He was a consistently strong player who intimidated the crap outta the “lesser thans”…period.

    • Viv says:

      Ozzy was so great. I loved the way he got voted out 3 times. It took real guts for him to be such a loser that he was voted out 3 TIMES in one season. Ozzy you should have won, if only it were a game of who gets voted out the most, then you would have won it!

      • Sam says:

        Sorry if life is unfair but Ozzy played ACCORDING TO THE RULES OF THE GAME FOR THIS SEASON. It is not his fault that there is a Redemption Island. He got back into the game fair and square. Sick of people harping on about how he got voted out thrice. He got back into the game through LEGITIMATE means FOR THIS SEASON. The tools were there and he utilized it. At least vent your frustrations towards the right people. Duh.

    • Cup of Joe says:

      Actually, Ozzy was an entitled moron. And his strategy sucked donkey balls.

      Like it or not, the Final Three was there without having their torches snuffed. That alone makes them deserving to win.

  18. T.J. McBride says:

    Hi Jeff I liked the season I am the biggest fan of survivour and have wanted to be on it since I was 11 and still do I am only 13 though And I will still want to when I am old enough but I am from Canada so you need to let canadians go on this show, there are so many people that would like to from Canada thank you and please think about it

    • fiona says:

      Agreed wholeheartedly. I’ve watched survivor ever since I was your age and I would definitely want a Canadian to be able to play. Every other reality show except Survivor and Amazing Race has allowed Canadians to play and its about time they do.

  19. T.J. McBride says:

    Hi Jeff I like this season. I am survivors biggest fan and have wanted be on it since I was 11 but I am only 13 and will still want to when I am older but there is one problem I am from Canada so you should really allow canadians to be on this show and their are alot of people from Canada who want to so please think about it

  20. Courtney says:

    After I saw that Ozzy got out I stopped watching it he should have won because he was the only one that actually played the game, Sophie just wined constantly thoughtout the entire game and in no way shape or form should have won.

  21. Catlady says:

    My dvr messed up. Who won player of the season? Surely it was Ozzie.

  22. Dophillips says:

    I know it sounds silly to say that I was disappointed with the outcome of a reality tv show, but I was. I felt that Ozzie played the best game, although I recognize that he made a few mistakes. I hope that he will put his fan favorite funds to good use and, perhaps, find a way to capitalize on his popularity. Maybe Ozzie could host his own reality tv show?

    If I had been on the jury and had to vote for one of those final three, I would have voted for Coach. Sophie claims to have been the strategist, but at anytime Coach could have gotten rid of Sophie, but the reverse was not true.

  23. Erin says:

    Catlady – Ozzy won Sprint Player of the Season by the largest margin of votes ever (Cochran came in second).

    Sounds like I’m the only one happy that Sophie won. Once Ozzy went out, I was hoping Sophie would take it. The only players who made the merge this year that I thought even deserved a shot at winning were Sophie, Jim, Cochran, and Ozzy. The four of them truly tried to play strategically, unlike the majority of the others.

    I do have to say, though, my heart broke for Brandon tonight. Yes, he did some stupid stuff and made bad decisions on the show, but when someone’s family can’t put their feelings and emotional health ahead of a reality show, there are serious problems. I also remembered immediately why I hate Russell. After being a fan of him his entire first season, I did a complete 180 at his final tribal. Now I think he’s a delusional fat little man who needs to get himself a life.

    • Mark says:

      Awww yeah :( You really had to feel for the poor guy. He honestly seems like a confused, young man. Sure, he was a bit crazy at times but ultimately he seems like a very sweet dude. His family needs to recognize that it’s just a game.

    • Rick says:

      I’m glad Sophie won too, Erin. If I played Survivor, I would do it just as Sophie did. Get in good with a solid group of people right away, and remain loyal 100%. Stay behind the scenes, don’t piss people off if you don’t have to, and try to get others to do your dirty work.
      I really related to Sophie in terms of her feelings about having a tough exterior. She seems like a very smart girl, and I think she was completely deserving. :-)

    • Ari says:

      I’m really glad Sophie won! Ever since she started wise cracking and eye rolling in her confessionals she was my pick to win. I knew Sophie had it in the bag as soon as I saw Dawn crying when Sophie cried. I’m also glad that nobody voted for Albert. He played a terrible game. All of his brilliant plans were terrible. About midway through this season I was really concerned for Brandon’s mental health. He really seemed to be coming unhinged. Then he sort of trudged through his issues and came to a point where he really seemed to grow as a person. Dare I say I actually liked him at the end? Hopefully his in-laws are better people than the Hantz side of the family. He should just disown the Hantz’ and move on.

  24. Evan says:

    I feel exactly how you do! Ozzy’s awesome! Sophie is a brat.

  25. Evan D. says:

    I REALLY wanted Ozzy to win! He deserved it after winning all those challenges! He played a great game! And I REALLY don’t like Sophie! Like, how she was telling Albert to drop his half-done card tower and help her? Jeez, she’s a brat! Poor Brandon, no family to support him. :-( That would suck.

    • Cup of Joe says:

      Since when was relying on challenges yet fubaring the final one called deserving to win? All brawn, no brains that guy is.

  26. emmalinesadie says:

    I’ve probably watched 20 of the 23 seasons and can honestly say this was my least favorite final 3. Like many others, I really didn’t feel any of them deserved to win, but I’m at least glad that Coach didn’t get the money because he came off as supremely arrogant once again (didn’t like him in previous seasons either). Glad that Ozzy got the fan vote.

  27. Storm says:

    If I may suggest, wishing that next time, viewers have a chance of being a part of the game like if somebody is voted off from the game, we as viewers can also vote so that that player who really deserved to win can be in the final three.

    • Mike says:

      That can’t happen because the show was filmed over the summer, including the final tribal council and vote. The winner was determined before the first episode aired.

    • D says:

      That is SO unfair. What we viewers see is COMPLETELY determined by the editing decisions. Not fair at all.

  28. Todd says:

    Sophie was such an annoying whore. I could not stand that bitch as well as every other final 3. As soon as Ozzy lost iimunity I turned off the episode and came to this site. I did not want to watch the episode anymore cause all of them left were horrible. But of all of them Sophie what the hell is wrong with the idiots on the jury. The only one that made sense was Albert. This show is so lame and I have been so pissed with the decissions for mayn seasons. I might just stop watching this show.

  29. Alex says:

    Sophie did not deserve to win! She did nothing. She was a coattail rider, and nothing else. She blindly followed coach to the end. OZZY DESERVED TO WIN! HE IS THE BEST TO EVER PLAY THE GAME! 3 CHEERS FOR OZZY!. I was initially rooting for coach, but I realize he wasn’t playing to win. He was playing to “Please god” or “Do the honorable thing”. He didn’t do the honorable thing. He backstabbed ozzy. He should have voted out sophie. OZZY ROCKS!

  30. Rick says:

    I’ve loved Sophie from the start, and I’m glad she won. She is intelligent, strategic, and knew exactly when she should or should not have spoken up.
    A few more points:
    1) The Hantz family really sucks. I loved watching Russell the first two times around on Survivor, but he demonstrated tonight that he is a real hole and only showed up for himself, not for Brandon. I could never imagine an uncle of mine talking to/about me the way Russell talked to/about Brandon. And how could you not feel for Brandon when no one else showed up to support him? Yes, he was crazy, but the editors can be blamed for surely exaggerating this beyond reality.
    2) Was Ozzy really that popular? Based on this board, it seems he was. I’m just surprised that someone like Dawn (my other favorite) didn’t even come close since so many saw Ozzy as arrogant and smug.
    3) And on that same note, it’s almost unfair to do a “Fan Favorite” on a show where most of the cast is newbies and two are veterans. The two vets obviously have had years to build up fanbases, so they’re going to be popular unless they do absolutely nothing of note, which is never the case since the veterans have always been featured over everyone else these past few seasons.
    4) I’m kind of shocked Coach didn’t win, given the Final Three. I thought he’d have Brandon, Cochran, Edna, Ozzy, and Rick. No complaints here, though, because my girl took home the grand prize.
    5) I feel like the reunion focused too much on individuals, namely Cochran and Ozzy, instead of letting us catch up with the cast overall. Who needs to hear Ozzy’s motivational speeches about being one with the rainforest and fearing Mother Nature when instead we could find out Whitney’s widely publicized marital issues or country music career (they gave Chase the chance to sing rather horribly a few seasons back), or we could get into Edna’s friendship with Coach from Day 1.
    Overall, though I still don’t think Survivor has returned to the glory of its earlier years, this was a pretty solid season even though everyone stuck with alliances and didn’t have a ton of strategy, although this may mostly be because a favorite of mine finally won.

  31. Josh says:

    Ozzy looked like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz at the reunion show.

  32. cthom says:

    OZZY!!!!! He was right….no one wanted to vote for any of the final 3. Hope it is not the last we see of Ozzy!!!!

  33. milo1017 says:

    I am so disappointed that ozzy didnt win he was the absolute winner he won inmunity challenges undefeated in redemption did work around camp,good fisher,good strategist although did not show it as much in this game as he was seen as a major treath from day 1 making it hard to established a solid allianace etc.would of got all votes from the jury if made final 3.In part i believe of the final 3 sophie was the winner because of the challenges she won but compare to ozzy shes just a whiny brat.(funny when she broke down in tears in couldnt speak)(not like of a chamopion)

    • Zenia says:

      you’re right, ozzy was the “absolute winner.” no wait, he didn’t even make it to the final three. you can’t win if you don’t make it to the final three. he may have been a good player, but he was clearly NOT the winner. come on now.

      • Lauren says:

        Ozzy was clearly the audience favorite -so in a way he is the “absolute winner”. He was only one immunity win from being declared Survivor winner -and he would had beaten everyone including Sophie if he had been in the final three. You can’t take that away -he can hold his head high. He did go out in a very positive way -while people are still figuring out if they liked Sophie or not. She in her own words was a hard person to know in this game. Ozzy may had not won the money and excusing the haters out there -he did win the hearts of the audience. So he is the absolute winner in every way except the official title and could be arguably the most popular person to play the game -as was proven by winning the Sprint prize by the largest margin ever.

  34. SJChen says:

    I am so upset to not see the ending of the show tonight because of the football game on CBS. Please let me know how or if I can see the show now, online, via Internet.

    Also, I am upset that Sophie won. Ozzy was a true “Survivor” and deserved to have been part of the final 3.

  35. guillermo curiel says:

    If I had a vote and let’s say ozzy was still/in the game I would vote for him…even though he a pain inthe ass he played hard and earned his keep

  36. Vetle says:

    Rooted for Sophie all the way! I’m soooo happy for her. :)

    If Ozzy had won, it would’ve been such a cliché. And he was the smug one, not Sophie. Ozzy was so certain he would win the last immunity, in a challenge exactly similar to the one in Cook Islands.

  37. Larry says:

    Ozzy was the better player -despite his puzzle solving skills. That last immunity challenge was why he lost. He would had won against all the final three in a voting situation -NO DOUBT. I was rooting for him only because he has come SO close before. Now regarding Sophie, I knew she won as soon as Ozzy was certain being voted out. The editing of her breakdown and showing the jurors reaction pretty much guaranteed that to me. I knew Albert had NO chance in the end. And I knew that Coach would be called out by some of the bitter players like Rick. There was no suspense in the final vote because of the way the final episode was edited. So this edition of Survivor was sort of meh to me. I will always watch the show -but this and Boston Rob winning so decisively last time kind of lost some of the excitment for me.

  38. Stefan says:

    Ozzy may have been a fan favorite to many, but when it came down to the crunch, he imploded. My guess all along was that it would be a puzzle that would be his downfall, and it was. He played hard, but he wasn’t the best. Good for Sophie.

  39. Zach says:

    Sophie was the most deserving survivor!!!!!! Ozzy should have been gone ages ago and if it weren’t for the stupid redemption island twist he would have been gone. His social game was crap, his strategic game was crap, america is a bunch of mindless drones if they think he was the player of the season, my god. Sophie was the brains behind the whole operation at Upolu, talked herself into the best position at the final tribal council and deserved that cash 100%! Very happy with the outcome

  40. Mike says:

    This season was a dud. Final 3 sucked. Wish Coach would have won. But have to say I am excited for next season. I like the twist that both tribes will live on the same beach (makes for alliances between different tribe mates so that maybe post-merge, a tribe is not picked off one by one). Jeff did not mention returning players or RI either. If survivor gets rid of those two (bringing back reward and immunity challenges) and goes back to a final 2 instead of a final 3, survivor might get back to its glory days (even though I will watch anyway).

  41. lisa says:

    Ozzy deserved to win more than any of them! It doesnt matter how many times your voted out,redemption island is part of the game.Glad he won the 100,000. I think that win means alot to him.none of the others would have even been there if it wasnt for stupid cochran.

    • ty says:

      Making it to the final 3 is also part of the game. Ozzy did not make it there, so he does not deserve to win. You can argue he played the best game (although I don’t think that is true), but if if he didn’t even get to the final vote how can he deserve to win.

  42. Mellie says:

    That last answer Coach gave… I absolutely thought he’d win with that. Alas. Maybe it’s just because I really dislike Sophie, but I was rooting for the changed Coach (I didn’t hate him! I didn’t laugh at him 100% of the time! What happened there?) in that final three.

  43. mgb says:

    Ozzy should have won, with Coach coming in second. The others didn’t deserve a seat anywhere near them. I’m glad Ozzy won the $100,000., but he should have won it all. No one can play like him. Now, how about giving him his own show?

    • rags says:

      Go watch a popularity show instead of this one. Being able to climb trees like a monkey doesn’t mean you’re a good Survivor player. His strategy? Taunt the physically weak, shore up his own ego, throw a tantrum when things don’t go his way. In fact, for someone who had 3 trial runs, he was an epic fail.

  44. fiona says:

    I wished sophie and albert had the balls to eliminate Coach. I mean to be freaking honest that guy boasted so much that he had the idol the last chance he gets to use it he’s so confident that no one would vote him out. And stupidly it was true. I think Albert could’ve won it if they did make that happen. But he always ended up sidestepping.

    i think ozzy should’ve won and the rest of the jury thought so too if he wasn’t eliminated. Sophie was the better of the three choices. I would’ve hated it if coach won. Boston Rob was one thing: this is how he plays the game from the very beginning, but Coach talks about honor and integrity and using God to play to his audience, it annoyed the heck out of me. You can be a good Christian in the game without flaunting it and telling everyone that God talks to you while playing the game. Be Christian but play it with dignity

  45. SurvSteve says:

    Sophie was a completely interchangeable pawn. Cowboy Rick
    could have ended up in exactly the same spot had he not been
    voted out and we would have been complaining about him as well.

    She did nothing.

    The jury failed to ask the obvious question:
    Why did Sophie/AL/Rick not get rid of Coach?
    Sophie/AL/Rick were too afraid to make any strategic move
    even when there were votes available from desperate enemies.

    Then she cried her way to having Rick voted off.

    We never saw Sophie explaining her grand plan to the camera.
    She had none. Same with Sophie/AL/Rick

    Thus concludes Survivor Cult Edition Part Two

  46. Hookie says:

    Ozzy win?? You’re kidding right? He is most lazy and arrogant person on the planet with nothing nice to say about anything. EVER. He is a bottom feeder without a job or purpose. He is a complainer, crier and spoiled sport. He cries sour grapes when he himself cannot raise his status and that is a lowlife. Glad he lost. Someone, somewhere, someday will knock him off his unemployed soap box and he will cry his eyes out and say “oh, why me?”

    Good for Sophie – she won challenges and stayed on track. She was intelligent enough to keep her mouth shut and stay the course. She didn’t fall for the garbage of Coach & Brandons crying was sick.

    Congrats Sophie!

  47. E says:

    Was definitely pulling for Ozzy. He may not be the greatest strategist/social game player, but neither were the other 3. The biggest asset for the final 3 is that they stuck together. They didn’t have to make any strategic moves because of this. In fact, they seemed very fearful to make any moves, falling back on the safe move every time. Since the 3 of them played the same way in that respect, it got them all to the final.

    I liked Sophie most of the season, but found her brooding a bit much, but I presume everyone has their unlikable moments and it comes down to editing. She definitely had the best finger on the pulse of the other players, but she never needed to use that. Definitely disliked her attacking Ozzy and then not being able to receive same criticism in kind.

  48. renaak says:

    Sophie! Yes!

    Ozzy win? His head is so inflated I was scared for everyone around him getting covered in the splatter. He is clearly one of the most arrogant people to play the game. Bye bye!

  49. Tahoe Mike says:

    I was so waiting for Mikayla to get the chance to confront Brandon for being such a psycho, and they never let her speak. That sucked. He really needed to answer for that.

  50. Katie says:

    Michael we share the exact same thoughts about Ozzy. I think Ozzy’s main problem is that he felt he deserved to win so strongly that he forgets to play the game. Talk about spoiled.