TVLine Items: Party Down Movie Update, Hugh Laurie Weighs In on House End Date and More!

Adam Scott would never steer us wrong, right?

The Parks and Recreation star has pulled an Arrested Development of sorts, and announced that a Party Down movie is still very much a reality.

“We have a treatment,” Scott told Grantland, “and if everyone’s schedules work out, we’ll shoot it over the summer.”

Now all that’s apparently needed is for Starz to sign off on the project.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Hugh Laurie on Thursday dropped by Ryan Seacrest’s radio show and gave the host an update on those ongoing House renewal talks. He said it’s “too soon to say” if the show will be back for a ninth season, adding, “It may very well be [our last season], or we may drive on and see if we can make a clear two decades. Who knows?” (Thanks to E! Online for rounding up Laurie’s quotes.)

• Auditions for The X Factor‘s second season are officially underway, and you can get in on the action by uploading your best vocal performance at between now and Dec. 31.

• Gage Golightly (Ringer) and Sinqua Walls (Friday Night Lights) have landed multi-episode arcs on Season 2 of Teen Wolf, Zap2it reports, playing new students at Beacon High.

• Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will drop by the Late Show with David Letterman on Monday, Dec. 19 to present the Top Ten List.

• Lifetime has released its first promo for Drew Peterson: Untouchable, the upcoming original movie starring Rob Lowe and Kaley Cuoco (premiering Jan. 21), and it’s equal parts creeeepy and camptastic. Take a look for yourselves below.

• History Channel has ordered a Pawn Stars spinoff. The new series, titled Cajun Pawn Stars, will chronicle day-to-day business at the Silver Dollar Pawn & Jewelry Center in Louisiana.

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. Sasha says:

    I want the Party Down movie so bad!

    Now if only Rob Thomas would fulfill his VMars movie promise, and I’ll be set.

    • Argroman says:

      Sorry, Sasha. But that wont happen at first. Warner Brothers wont sign up on that last time i heard, so the movie is stuck behind a wall of lawyers and stuff from WB.

    • Ari says:

      I LOVE PARTY DOWN! I feel like a movie version would be AWESOME! Also why was Rob Lowes hair so awful this season of P&R and blamed on this movie when it seems like he is wearing a wig or something in the preview?

  2. maria says:

    Can the title about House be more misleading?

  3. Jimmy says:

    It’s time for House to end. This season has been so utterly uninteresting that I’ve relegated it to my DVR queue until I have time to watch them.

    • Sunny says:

      Jimmy, I couldn’t agree more and I did the same thing w/ my dvr.

      • Sierra says:

        Same here. I truly loved the show and hate to admit it’s not what it used to be, but it really isn’t. So I took it off my dvr too. If they would fix the mess they made starting with the car crash and bring Cuddy back, show just isn’t the same without her, I’d be back in an instant to give it another chance. It’s the sort of show that deserves a second chance. But I think that’s highly improbable and they’ll just keep treading water until the end. What a shame for such an unforgettable show and character. Anyway, I wish it the best.

        • Nada says:

          as much as I enjoyed huddy in the first seasons, I don’t think her return would help the show. But it’s true that House has lost something this season, his soul.

      • LBN says:

        This season is really bad but i´m still watching, don´t know why to be honest. But i think Cuddy should be back to make things more interesting. Forman is not great as a boss and he was always boring. And she is sexier by the way.

        • Noelbelle says:

          I think Foreman becoming the boss is just about the most unrealistic thing that’s happened on this show after Chase killing an African dictator. Why would a guy that was an assistant in a department get promoted out of everyone in the hospital to Dean of Medicine? And with his divisive personality? The only thing I like about this season is Dr. Park. She’s quirky, but not in an irritating way like Amber Tamblyn’s character last season.

          • Jill Samarich says:

            I’ve always loved House and still do love Hugh’s character. His acting abilities have been wasted this season. I blame the writer’s. Perhaps a new love interest might spice things up. Forget Cuddy – find him someone that will play with him instead of against him. I would hate to see the show sink because they’ve run out of options for his character. Maybe he could become an addictions counselor. Just sayin’…….

  4. Kaiulani says:

    Thanks Santa for the Party Down movie!

  5. João Amaral says:

    it’s time for a Veronica Mars movie. NOW!

  6. end it already says:

    Just another confirmation that even great actors need help from their partners. Hugh looks dull and tired this season, hence the lack of recognition.

  7. Jonathon says:

    I think House has been much more creative in making the new characters all fit in together this year. If its the last season i’d kind of feel cheated cause they should announce ahead of time to prepare to end the show right. i say they announce that there will be one more season and start getting us ready for the end. it will be sad to see it end with the Wilson, House, and other characters arcs ending but every show must end at some point so its time to start planning that now.

  8. lola says:

    HL. need also the case on the tv to sell records

  9. tahina says:

    Not sure why the Hugh Laurie’s headliner, he didnt say much, he never does. Love his portray if House, but there ends my love for him.

  10. Nancy says:

    I LOVE [H]OUSE and ADORE HUGH LAURIE!! I would like the show to go for at least another season, if not longer. I DON’T want Cuddy back. Last season was a FIASCO! I blame the writers. Season 8 has been good so far, but I want it better. The writers claim it will be.
    I guess we will see. In any case, I will be very sad when HOUSE ends and we lose HUGH LAURIE who is an AMAZING actor.

  11. Katrina says:

    See for me, I miss Cuddy. I didn’t particularly care for them in a romantic mode because I almost didn’t recognize them. Maybe they had new writers during that period. I enjoyed their banter and thought they were a great foil for each other and they had a nice chemistry with each other.

    The show has been on a long time so I can see why they are considering wrapping it up.

  12. scarlett says:

    More House ~ never enough :)