Is Dexter 'Incest' Not Best? Is Charlie Sheen 'Winning' Again? And Lots More TV Questions!


11 | Anyone else think of The Middleman every time they hear NBC news anchor Natalie Morales’ name, and then get disappointed once you realize it’s not Dub-Dub?

12  | Is Glee ever going to remember that Puck and Rachel are Jewish? How about a Hanukkah episode?

13 | Does Justin Long really have to leave New Girl? Say it isn’t so!

14 | Why did it take Kimberly McCullough announcing her exit from General Hospital to give Robin a worthwhile storyline, particularly one that involves a long overdue reunion with fellow Port Charles lifer Jason?

15 | Given this week’s American Horror Story childbirth, is it any wonder that Connie Britton decided to adopt?

16 | Can ABC please give Charlie’s Angels another shot, featuring Leverage‘s Sophie, Parker and Tara in the title roles? (Please?)

17 | Can The Mentalist lose his memory, like, once a season? If only for the sight of Van Pelt blushing from his flirtiness?

18 | What’s with The X Factor U.S. stealing ideas wholesale from The X Factor UK? (To cite one of many examples, this week’s “NoDiggity”/”Shout” mashup was already done by Cher Lloyd on the British version, back in 2010.)

19 | Considering the cynical, borderline grotesque use of God’s name — and religious belief in general — on the current season of Survivor: South Pacific, does anyone think Coach and Brandon should be on the lookout for strategically placed lightning bolts during Sunday’s season finale?

20 | Must The Chew play that blippy, synthesized theme song going into and out of each of its 10,000 ad breaks? It’s the musical equivalent of chewing on a piece of tin-foil jerky.

21 | Why doesn’t anyone — and we do mean anyone — say goodbye before ending a phone conversation on television?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. josh says:


    • Karen says:

      Doesn’t make it any less EWWWWW. Which it seriously is. If you grow up together as brother and sister (blood related or not) you’re brother and sister. The ick factor is seriously high on this one.

      • Saint Alicia says:

        Truth. You’d think the Westermarck effect would put the kibosh on any attraction.

      • Ari says:

        Agreed. If Dexter and Deb had been like teenagers when Dex was adopted I’d say it is less of an ick (but still pretty icky) but they were raised as sibs. My brother was adopted when I was about 18 months old and he’s my brother, regardless of the DNA. I think this is more of just Deb trying to grab on to something stable.

      • Jules says:

        IT was a dream.. Deb is figuring out her level of loyalty to Dexter.. and this is all a vehicle to further her story so we believe it when she backs Dexter and keeps his secret (when she eventually finds out his “hobby”). It is necessary for her chracter to go through this.. and it was just a dang dream.. I do not see what the uproar is.. seems natural (since they are not biologically related).. it will be something Deb goes through and not some weird love arc for the pair. CHILL people.. it’s a TV show where people get routinely KILLED, hacked into pieces and disposed in the ocean.. and you get the ewww factor from a dream kiss? Seriously, why do you even watch Dexter in the first place?

        • Jim says:

          a) it’s taken a relationship that viewers see as brother & sister and tainted it, even if it was just a dream
          b) and it’s only *just* a dream if they leave it at that one scene
          c) it is in fact not natural since they’ve had a sibling relationship for so long; they would see themselves as brother & sister not as “hey, we’re not blood relatives – wanna knock one out?”
          d) it reeks of writer desperation and after that not so surprising twist with Gellar can we really trust the writers any more?

      • Templar says:

        Not really. In medieval times boys were fostered out to be raised by other knights, lords etc. They were considered to be members of the family and frequently married daughters of their foster parents. The laws of consanguinity are intended to prevent idiocy, nothing to do with closeness.

      • Anna says:

        I take it you’re not into soap operas with adoptive siblings, step siblings and former in-laws playing musical beds? ;-) </em?

    • Kim R says:

      Okay…I love Dexter..huge fan…BUT…
      I have a brother who is not blood related (doesn’t make him any less my brother!) and it would be incest to me. I can’t even imagine it, wouldn’t even imagine it…it is NOT appropriate and I have NO idea why the writers thought this would be a good direction for Deborah to even dream about. They need to stop it now. Just pretend it never happened and move on. :)

      • RLS says:

        Jeez, how about we pretend this whole SEASON never happened and move on. Worst. Season. EVER.

        • Bad Breaker says:

          True. This and the Lumen season were subpar by Dexter standards. Trinity and Ice Truck Killer were “killer” seasons.

      • Templar says:

        Did you see the film Clueless? Alicia Silverstone ends up with her step-brother Paul Rudd. What’s the problem?

        • Noelbelle says:

          He was her stepbrother for about 5 minutes and they always had a flirty relationship. Dexter and Deb were raised together from infancy and for 6 seasons we’ve watched them interact as brother and sister. It’s weird that people don’t think it’s weird, unless maybe they’re not that invested in the characters. It was so “EWWWW!!!” I actually said “EWWWW!!!NOOO!!!” as I was watching it. And I was alone. Also, would a psychiatrist suggest that Deb’s in love with her brother? (I’ve never studied psych, so I don’t know and I’m legit asking). Sure, she’s really involved in his life, but wouldn’t the more rational explanation be that she’s lonely?

          • K42 says:

            No, a psychiatrist wound NOT suggest anything like that, because it’s just IMPLAUSIBLE for such a thing as two persons raised as sibling to develop sexual attraction. It’s not icky, it’s just OUT OF REALITY. There have been a lot of serious academic studies on the matter. For instance, with non-blood-related children raised all together in the kibbutz system. Over several thousands of them, pretty much ZERO developed sexual attractation upon reaching the adult age.
            (On the other hand, blood-related siblings who didn’t meet until adult age have some chance to develop sexual attraction, due to something called genetic attraction)

            Bottom line: that’s not just the worst psychiatrist ever portrayed in TV, it’s more like a fantasy character conceived by a retarded 10-year old who once has been told for 5 minutes about the existence of something called “psychoanalysis”

          • bob loblaw says:

            @K42 The whole premise of Dexter is implausible and out of reality…I guess I am the only one who considered the possibility in previous seasons that Deb might have non-brotherly feelings for Dexter (Well, actually I know im not cause there have been posts on forums and youtube videos suggesting it before season 6)

    • Elizabeth says:

      Really?? lol! It’s incest emotionally at the least. Sure, genetics are fine but Psychologically it’s just as screwed up. Sorry, no way around it.

    • dt says:

      josh get a grip. it’s ewwww

    • Erin says:

      Josh, do you actually KNOW anyone who was adopted? If so, ask them if they’d make out with their siblings. THEN you’ll realise just how icky the whole situation is.

    • mst3k says:

      stop with the all caps. I wish I could write this in Comic Sans as a retaliation.

    • abc says:

      shows are not made to give viewers what they want. but to explain what they characters live and feel. and deb is very complex. after losing her parents and the love of her life, among with disturbing job and disturbing relationships, isn’t normal that she questions the only relationship she has with someone that, after all, is not blood related?

      i think that this questioning is only a part of her discovering the truth about him and how she will react to it, mixing the feelings she has for him. but i don’t think that there will be more than that.

      • cj says:

        it’s totally ick. a brother is a brother no matter the blood.
        but i DID find it bizarre that the therapist would suggest such a thing so… confidently. my conspiracy theory is now that LaGuerta has taken down Matthews, she’s bribed or blackmailed the therapist which will lead to Deb’s unraveling and possible demotion, bringing Angel back into the top spot where he should have been at the beginning of the season. and considering all the s*** and betrayal Deb has gone through in the past, i wouldn’t consider it a long shot that even her therapist would betray her. its an unfortunate theme that ultimately makes for FANTASTIC acting moments and i can’t believe Jennifer Morrison hasn’t been nominated for any awards.

      • Grace says:

        I agree with abc, I’m not freakin out YET. If they hook up or start up a thing, then I’ll be freakin out, but I really do think this is just a plot device to set up something bigger.

        I suppose the most likely something is Deb figuring out Dexter’s secret. In my head, the writers are putting the idea of incest in her head so that when she realizes what’s really going on – namely that she’s a big ole gaymo (seriously, how many straight girls own that much plaid?) – it won’t be as scary.

    • DisgustedDexterina says:

      Deb and Dexter? EEEEEWWWWW! And for those who say it’s not incest, well, it’s not only about DNA, but the way they were raised. Anyway, I thought Deb and her worse-than-Dr-Phil shrink talked about her unresolved issues with her dad, Harry, as part of her problem. Now, it’s her attraction to her brother? Triple EEEEEEWWWW!

    • Katie says:

      newsflash you idiot – Dexter was adopted by Deb’s father when he was just 3 years old. They have been brother and sister all their lives. It is repulsive to think she would develop sexual feelings for this person she has known as her brother her entire life!

  2. Grace says:

    Dex and Deb aren’t ACTUALLY related – and while there is an ick factor to it, it’s not out of left field either. you’ve got to think about everything Deb has dealt with in her life. She’s constantly abandoned and uprooted time after time and Dex is the only person who’s ever ALWAYS there for her. Plus, they’ve always been unusually close.

    Either way, Dexter’s not a show to conform. It’s a show that likes to push the buttons. That’s what makes it fun.

    And I don’t think Dex will reciprocate – I think it’ll just make their relationship infinitely more complicated. Deb’s gonna have to put those feelings to rest on her own.

    • DL says:

      I certainly think you can justify it from a character perspective, as you have done here, but that doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable or “gross” for audiences. I watch Dexter with family and friends each week, and we were all squirming in our seats. I hope this subplot dies quickly (no pun intended).

      • Elizabeth says:

        lol! I was squirming in my seat, covered my eyes, ICK totally ICK!! That doctor put that idea in poor Deb’s head and now she’s stuck with it. Thanks Doctor Sicko! haha!

    • Brigette says:

      Thank you– I agree! Maybe it’s because I was an English major and read a lot of effed-up books, but from an artistic, character-development angle, I think this is fascinating and I believe it. I always thought there was something “off” about their relationship, and it’s no secret the entire family is messed up and dysfunctional. Do I want Deb to hook up with her serial killer brother? Not really, for Deb’s sake, but do I hope they drop this story line? No! I think some really interesting stuff could come from Deb’s complicated, inner turmoil.

  3. Mikaylah says:

    I kind of like the Deb/Dexter pairing. Is that wrong? Lol. They aren’t blood related, so incest isn’t a problem, and they have always been there for each other. I’m just not sure how they could be together, openly, without everyone else freaking out… Maybe part of the drama will be keeping it secret.

    • SW says:

      This is exactly how I feel about it. They’re not blood related, so it isn’t incest, so it isn’t a big deal. Dexter isn’t the only show to have step-, or adopted siblings have feelings for each other. I’m not sure why everyone is freaking out about this particular case, but not the other shows.

      • katie says:

        wow, you are clueless.

        • Matt says:

          I’m sorry but your clueless! They are not blood related which makes it alright for them to be together..if they were then I would definetely say ewww…also, if they were related by blood then there probably wouldn’t be any attraction anyway. Anyhow, I admit it is a bit awkward though for obvious reasons and because they were married in real life and actually just finalized there divorce a couple weeks ago..December 2nd…but remain friends.

          • nikko says:

            ok…..I’m pulling out the ‘I’m adopted’ card here. This storyline is awful and totally disturbing, plus I feel like it totally devalues the familial bond that adopted children have with their families. I was adopted at birth and can say without a doubt that it would be completely disturbing and totally revolting if any of my adopted family members showed a sexual interest in me. Dexter was adopted at age 3, but Deb is younger I believe so she would ALWAYS remember him as her brother. I do not have any ‘blood’ relatives that I know well enough to provide a comparison, but I can tell you, with certainty that my adoptive family is as much my family as any blood relations would be. There is no psychological difference.

            For example – imagine that for the whole show, we thought Deb and Dexter WERE blood related….then they have this whole incest scene and at the end they find out, it’s ok, because Dexter’s adopted……would that really fly? NO WAY!

            GROSS GROSS GROSS! I really hope this doesn’t go anywhere. Plus I feel terribly for them to have to do this storyline after what appears to be a VERY messy divorce. I guess that’s why they get the big bucks!

          • K42 says:

            I’m sorry, you’re getting in totally wrong. Actually, if they were blood-related but NOT raised together from childhood, there would have been a good chance they developed sexual attraction (it’s what scientists call “genetic attraction”). On the other hand, two children, either blood-related or not, who has been raised together in the same housing situation (from house to something larger like a kibbutz) in the 99.999% of the cases will NOT develop any sexual attraction due to the Westermarck Effect.
            What Dexter writers propose is not just icky, it’s rubbish and laughable (perfectly in tone with everything else in the show, like their knowledge of how a police department, a mental illness, or Internet work).

    • Cat says:

      Ya. I don’t mind either. It’s a good twist after hving seen all the others this season coming. Creates more drama and I like the drama.

  4. R says:

    I feel weird about it, but I’m psyched about the potential Deb & Dex hookup…

  5. hello says:

    A Dexter-Deb hookup means i am done.

    • Claire says:

      I agree. This season isn’t good anyway but this would make me quit.
      And the fact that they aren’t related doen’t make it less incest !

  6. LM says:

    Wasn’t it revealed a while back that Harry had an affair with Dexter’s mother and he IS in fact Dexter’s real father – hence him and Deb ARE related by blood?

  7. Girish says:

    While I may not find the Deb-Dex subject too gross since Deb is constantly talking about Dex this whole season through, I also don’t think that just because they aren’t blood related doesn’t make them any less of a real bro-sis! It was only a dream sequence, we all have fantasies. Hope its just that in this case and the writers don’t pursue this path.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I totally called it that she’d realize she’s in love with him!

  9. Laura says:

    Ummm, I think Harry is/was both Deb and Dexter’s dad, right?

    • Chloe says:

      Yeah, I think you’re right. Because Harry cheated on his wife (Deb’s mom) and had an affair with one of his informants, Laura Moser, who turned out to be Dexter’s mom. So Deb & Dexter are HALF brother and sister, since they share the same father.

    • anon says:

      No, Dexter’s biological parents are Laura Moser and Joe Driscoll. Deb’s are Harry and Doris Morgan. That was settled in season one.

  10. June says:

    17. OH YES, please! But only if we get a Jane/Lisbon kiss next time – or maybe some flashbacks to his family. I`d like to point out that there has only been ONE so far, and that was in the first season. How about some more information on them?

    And how come there are no spoilers for THE MENTALIST to be found anywhere on this site but you do mention the show in this round of questions?

    • Jules says:

      VERY GOOD POINT. Same goes for Dexter. We need recaps REGULARLY for these awesome shows!! and any spoilery type inforamtion would be cool too.. :)

  11. ShaeShae says:

    I was really hoping this would happen – strangely enough. And yes, Deb’s dad did have an affair with Dex’s mom, but after Dex and Brian were born, when she was his CI. :D

    • S. says:

      Exactly! Thank you ShaeShae! Everyone and their mama needs to stop using the word ‘incest’. ‘Incest’ is what happened over on the other channel, huh, HBO, gesh. I still found the dream seq alil unnerving but it’s great drama, can’t wait for Sunday!

  12. Sabrina says:

    This season of Dexter has been total character assassination of Deb. Her “in love” with Dexter just completes the process.

    Also the actors involved just got divorced, seems a bit disrespectful to go with this storyline. Especially considering Dexter is popular enough that these type of shock value, melodramatic, stories are not necessary.

  13. Jessica says:

    Dexter — Honestly, the “incest” (although it’s not) aspect doesn’t really matter too much to me either way. I’m more confused why Deb’s interaction with her therapist has been written the way it has. Factoring in the red-herring manner in which all of this seems to have been concocted, I’m leaning towards the “incest” (although it’s not) aspect being the *actual* red herring to distract from the more obvious path to which this has all been leading: Deb discovering Dexter’s secret, as well as a well-that-makes-a-lot-of-sense intimate relationship between Deb and her therapist.

    Two and a Half Men — I’ve never been a fan of this show, nor particularly a fan (nor a hater) of Sheen or Kutcher. However, I will say that I have endured all episodes of Two and a Half Men this season, and I can definitely say that when reruns come on in syndication (with Sheen, of course), I feel like I’m watching the highest award-caliber comedy I’ve seen in my life. That’s how terrible this current season is — it makes the prior ones look “genius” even to a non-fan. Charlie is definitely WINNING.

  14. Saint Alicia says:

    So much yes to #4! FINALLY they’re on the road to mending their friendship. And even though Kalinda and Alicia have never been touchy-feely, I was really hoping for some kind of reassurance in the form of physical contact. Nothing huge; a fist bump, Christian side-hug–just something. ;)

    As far as #17 is concerned, if Patrick loses his memory again I’m gonna have to demand more Teresa ass grabs first and foremost.

  15. ella says:

    isnt this almost as weird as serena and dan continuing to date even though their parents are married?

  16. XK says:

    #11 — yes! Boy, I miss that quirky little show.

  17. Kacey says:

    I said Ewwwww, when they got married in real life! It just felt like he was marrying his sister.

  18. Lynn says:

    First of all: #4: Yes, I’m pretty sure everyone got chocked up. I know I did!

    Secondly, regarding #5: I don’t think exploring Deb’s feelings for Dex are is such a strange thing to do. In fact, I think it’s quite bold, and I like it. Psychologically it wouldn’t be weird for her to have those feelings, given all that she’s been trough. She’s always been looking for approval from her dad, so now seeking that approval from Dex (who had the better bond with daddy) doesn’t seem all that strange. Don’t get me wrong: I do not want a Deb/Dex hookup! But her having these feelings is not unlikely, and so I think it’s groundbreaking they dare to go there.

    Plus, the dream/kiss scene made me chuckle, knowing about Micheal C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenters recent divorce. I would have loved to see their faces when they first saw the script. ;-) Bet they didn’t see that one coming!

  19. madhatter360 says:

    About the Dexter/Deb hook-up I think the most awkward part of that would be that Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter were married, but are now either separated or divorced (I’m not sure which one).

    Also, about Survivor, I haven’t really been watching this season, but I watched this week and all I can say is that while it’s nice to have contestants who are spiritual and everything I’m ready for next season’s contestants to be a bunch of atheists.

  20. Chloe says:

    Yeah, I think you’re right. Because Harry cheated on his wife (Deb’s mom) and had an affair with one of his informants, Laura Moser, who turned out to be Dexter’s mom. So Deb & Dexter are HALF brother and sister, since they share the same father.

    • anon says:

      NO. Rewatch season 1. Sheesh. Dexter’s father’s name is Joe Driscoll.

    • Sjwash says:

      Harry had the affair with Dexter’s mother AFTER Dexter was born, when he was really young and she became the informant. So no they are not related at all. That was cleared up in Season 1.

  21. Jess N says:

    Number 21 has bothered me for YEARS.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      It’s a major tenet of screenwriting; “in late, out early,” which means for every scene you are in late and out early. The scene doesn’t necessarily start when a character enters a room/when characters meet each other, but when the scene becomes “juicy” (when the conflict starts). And the scene doesn’t end with characters saying goodbye, it ends when the scene stops being “juicy.”
      Obviously it’s not a hard and fast rule, but it dictates a lot of dialogue.

      • Juliet says:

        They were raised as brother and sisters and i love Dexter but it is incest guys if they go there..and if incest is ok on tv, so something like character ‘raping’ another one and actually falling in love with aka the love story between the rapist and his victim or another character almost murder another one and they write a love story, as twisted as it is should be accepted, you want to be’immoral’, in this case don’t be an hypocrite accept other warped, complex, twisted stories..can’t have it both way people..of course writers have to be freaking brillant but still..when it is ‘outrageous’ there is no ‘oh but it is an exception because i like these characters, i like Dexter’ it is immoral, end of story..also people in real life can be also pretty immoral so don’t try the ‘it is not realistic’ backlash..people it can be, it can exists.
        p.s: yep Charlie is winning, big time.

  22. Sheesh says:

    Deb and Dex are NOT half brother and sister. You really should watch season 1 where it’s clear! Harry had an affair with his mom AFTER he was born!

  23. DreamRose311 says:

    1 – probably the best since season 3. Though for me the whole pixalated nudist camp made me roll my eyes and do my weekly ‘I’m so glad this is the last season of Chuck’ bit.
    8 – hah! yes.
    21 – yeah this has driven me crazy for a while

  24. Pam says:

    Yes, I do think last Friday’s Chuck was the best of the season so far.

  25. Kristen says:

    #21 has always bothered me too! It’s totally weird.

  26. Michael Sacal says:

    Do you want to hear Puck and Rachel sing the Dreidel song?

    • cc says:

      For some people, an acknowledgement that not EVERYONE on the show has the same religious beliefs would be nice. They are Jewish, seems wierd that no one bothers to wish them a Happy Hannaka (total fail on spelling). God forbid anyone should be polite and accept other peoples’ religious differences :rolls eyes:

      • veronica says:

        Are you kidding? Glee talks about Puck and Rachel’s Jewish-ness all the time, like how the whole first season or so Puck would only sing solos by Jewish artists, the fact that Rachel and Puck hooked up at all was because they were both Jewish, Rachel told Finn she was determined to raise her children in the Jewish faith, etc. They mention those two being Jewish way more than they mention any of the other characters (and by that I mainly mean Quinn and Mercedes) being Christian. Sure, they barely mentioned it in the latest Christmas episode, but that possibly could be because Hanukkha is actually not that big a holiday to a lot of Jewish people. It’s bolstered somewhat to compete with Christmas, but there are other holidays that are way more important in the Jewish faith. Not to mention, a lot of people who aren’t Christian still celebrate Christmas just because it’s become so commercialized and secularized.

  27. Yaz says:

    OK first thing is first, whether or not Deb and Dex are biologically related, its still incest. They were raised as brother and sister most of their lives. And still refer to each other as such.
    Now that I have said that, I must commet about the fact that they ARE IN FACT SIBLINGS. I have rewatched all seasons of Dexter many times and it was believed that Harry had his affair with Laura after Dexter was born, but Dexter did some digging and discovered that Harry and Laura carried on an affair BEFORE Dex was born and Harry was indeed his father, making Deb his half sister. The whole reason Harry “adopted”Dex after Laura was murdered and not both him and his brother was because Harry knew that Dex was biologically his. And the “adoption” covered a lot of things up for Harry.
    OK, I feel much better. If anything those people who are sending others back to rewatch seasons should in fact take their own advise.

    • Dark Passenger says:

      No, actually you need to go back and rewatch Season 1. When Dexter was left a house by his bio father Joe Driscoll, he performed a blood test to find out if that was his actual father which came back positive.

  28. Hali says:

    I live in Miami and I would just like to point out that our police department is called City of Miami PD or Miami-Dade Police… they need to update the California set they shoot that on lol (only the aerial shots and South Beach shots actually take place in Miami). Also, on the Deb/Dexter incest thing: So gross. Definitely ewww and the wrong way to go.

  29. Huh says:

    In addition to #21, I always wonder why characters on TV never react to how hot a newly poured/purchased cup of coffee/tea is; or, the hottness of something taken out of the oven.

    Also, it drives me nuts when characters are supposed to be driving a car, but they spend too long time staring at their passenger rather the road.

  30. ~Michelle~ says:

    #13 – I think JL had to go… way too much of a good thing for a freshman comedy (blessing/curse).

  31. Joey says:

    Regarding Homeland, this would be a great time for Dana to go backpacking. As a matter of fact, it reminds of years ago, when I was backpacking across Western Europe… I was just outside Barcelona, hiking in the foothills of Mt. Tibidabo. I was at the end of this path, and I came to a clearing, and there was a lake, very secluded, and there were tall trees all around. It was dead silent. Gorgeous. And across the lake I saw, a beautiful woman, bathing herself. She was crying…

    • DreamRose311 says:

      Hillarious!!! WIN!!

    • Justine says:

      haha love it :) I wonder how many people remember what show that’s from. And to answer the questions, that was a very funny Chuck episode (so sad it’s the final season) and I am still reeling from Dexter – way too disturbing to really think about.

  32. em says:

    12: Maybe they both wanted to sing along with their friends for a themed episode regardless of what their characters’ storyline or background…don’t they kind of do that a lot on Glee?
    13: I’m gonna miss him. Best guest star in a while for a comedy series.
    14: Robin’s storyline with Lisa was absolutely terrible. Her scenes with Jason are always great, and I wasn’t even watching GH when they were together. It’s a tragic way to go out.
    19: What are the chances of Tim Tebow coming out of nowhere to enlighten them? Or maybe an Ozzy win will be enough.

  33. D says:

    Last week’s Dexter was so boring, if they had just tweaked two things; kill Batista and Quinn, and make the dream sequence not a dream; it could’ve MAYBE salvaged the season. When it comes to my one-syllabe soundbites, “eeeeew” trump “zzzzzz” every time.

  34. Lyndsey says:

    Speaking as someone who IS adopted, the Dexter-Deb idea is pretty sickening. Blood does not make a family. It’s the bonds & love you share over the years that makes you a family so yeah, it’s incest. I don’t look at my brother & think well he’s not “really” my brother. God knows I’ve survived terrible relationships & terrible events but none of that would make me change how I view him. Even the thought is fairly nauseating as is the number of inexperienced people on here that are trying to justify it as a real world scenario.

    Oh, and to the person who brought up the medieval fostering system…please put the Arthurian literature down. In reality, those children were much older when they went to another castle or home so they already had an established family life & would keep in contact with their family. This was nothing like our current foster system or adoption. They went to learn certain skills, not to be members of a new family.

  35. chris says:

    as for natalie morales, YES!!!!.I miss middleman.

  36. Erin says:

    My personal opinion with Glee and the forgotten religion of Puck & Rachel is that Puck should make a comment about how he is tired of all this ‘Christmas crap’ and that he wants to play a song by a real Jewish icon…which then will lead into ‘The Hanukkah Song’ by Adam Sandler…I have always felt that Puck has the perfect personality for this song.

  37. Justin says:

    Number 21. Omg. Right? I’ve been wondering this for years. A simply “bye” would be nice. They always just hang up. How rude.

  38. Tess says:

    Regarding #18 – X Factor borrows heavily from its parent show because they figure that the vast majority of their viewers have never seen the UK show…even though it’s easy enough to find links to the live feed during their season run online or at the very least look up old clips on Youtube. They obviously don’t think many people who watch their show would bother to care about the UK version. It happens to be much better than the US one so it doesn’t hurt for the US one to borrow from it,so long as that means they are bringing us some new different songs and ideas rather than rehashing stuff we’ve seen on other shows as well. I’m hoping the US version will grow into itself next year after they iron out the kinks (read: get rid of Nicole…and review the rules with Paula and LA…and get a larger variety of songs cleared…and stop dictating Steve Jones’ every move so he can actually appear less like a robot and more like the personable human being that Ellen interviewed…etc.).

  39. Noelbelle says:

    The X-factor thing really bothers me. If they wanted Cheryl Cole’s performance ideas they shouldn’t have fired her. They keep stealing all the performances she created with Cher Lloyd. Simon did it earlier this season with Simone Battle as well. Not just that, but the show seems to be stealing from itself. It’s the second time we’ve seen “No Diggity” this season and we’ve seen “I’m Going Down” performed THREE times.

  40. KL says:

    #2 – Yes, still VERY curious about the REAL reason Michael Pitt’s character, Jimmy, was abruptly killed off of Boardwalk Empire. He was all set to FINALLY go head-to-head with Nucky and then bam! In one episode, everything came crashing down and he was killed. I would have liked to see him avenge the death of his wife, and what will happen with Richard now?

  41. Rach says:

    I agree, i mean if someone says “i think you’re in love with your brother” you are going to think about it and she was obviously freaked out that it could be a possibility because they have been raised as brother and sister even though dexter they are not blood related.

  42. Cathy says:

    #5 – Harry is not Dexter’s dad;refer to Dexter Season 1, Episode 9, entitled Father knows Best.

    #21 – Maybe saying goodbye on TV is the equivalent of of fifth finger in a cartoon?

  43. Keith says:

    There are many step, adopted, and yes even half and full-blood siblings who have experimented or even gone one to have spousal-type relationships. That may sound gross to many, but it happens often enough that you definitely know someone who has, whether you know it or not. I know some lesbians who are disgusted by the thought of any heterosexual sex at all. We’re not all going to want each other’s sex lives, and that’s okay, but trashing the attractions consenting adults have is hurtful. You’re watching a show about murderers and what is upsetting to you is the thought of any two characters having consensual sex? Or an attraction? The reality of these situations should get some airing on TV, and it shouldn’t all be negative, as the reality is, there are many of these situations that are positive.

  44. Ana Muller says:

    It is pretty gross that Deb would even go there, but I guess it’s explainable given all that she’s been through that her head is in a really screwed up place. That being said, she should probably get a better therapist.

  45. Marie says:

    Deb and Dexter are MARRIED (or were) in REAL LIFE …. HELLO! It’s a GREAT twist.

  46. Arg says:

    I’m adopted and I find all the people who say “it’s not incest” really disturbing. It’s like saying, you were never really a part of a family all these years, you just happened to live in the same house as those people. I hated The Royal Tenenbaums for the same reason. It’s so flippant and creepy to just use it as a storyline to bring in extra drama. I suppose I’ll watch the finale, but I might be done with Dexter too. It’s been really weak this season anyway.

  47. Lisa says:

    In NBC’s mind, Chuck is already done, so they don’t give a crap about creating any suspense for fans.

  48. Jules says:

    Can they focus on something else!
    Be better if they can find an interesting weirdo serial killer as good was Trinity-Then Dex, satisfied himself by killing a bit more….
    As for Deb,well since she upgrade, she’s a bit stuck…plus, cannot wait the day she will have to face/kuff-confront Dex in action…this will be Epic…almost like last season…who I almost doze(zzzzz) off /piss at every episodes (very Boring) So,this season kind 50/50 – maybe (hope) the final episode will deliver

  49. No one says:

    OuAT/Revenge crossover FTW!

  50. clare says:

    The mike and molly idea of a sitcom based around a cafeteria has already been done. In britain tthe bbc had a show called ‘dinnerladies’ It had a cast of brilliat commedienes and is brilliant. I would highly reccommend it. although beware the british sense of humour is different to the american so might not be to everyones tastes.

    Lastly, I agree that the Dexter incest storyline is a bit weird but it does serve a purpose. Deb has to explore the true level of her relationship with Dexter so that when his dak passenger is revealed to her, it is believable for her to protect and accept him. Also I do agree that the last two seasons have been a bit weak however the setup for next season is already occuring and the chase for the computer geek/forensics intern who drew the life lines on the icetruck killer hand makes it seem like we will have a truely ‘killer’ adversarial season to come.