House Exclusive: GH Alum Cuts to the Chase

It looks like Chase is about to have quite a religious experience on House.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that actress Julie Mond — best known as General Hospital‘s original Lisa — has been tapped to guest star in an upcoming episode centered around Jesse Spencer’s Chase.

According to an insider, Mond will play a nun who Chase treats when she comes into the clinic.

House Spoiler Alert: Look Who’s Returning!

In an interview with TVLine last month, Spencer teased that an early ’12 installment would find Chase connecting with a patient. “A patient gets into his head,” he said, “and it will have implications.”

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Considering that Chase murdered a vicious dictator, I think this has some deep implications! lol! Chase has barely wrestled with that act (How would you feel if you killed someone who was murdering and torturing thousands? I’m not sure I would struggle with it too much either, but then again it’s impossible to know! lol!) so I bet she’s gonna bring some major guilt/deep thinking to good ol’ Chase.

    BTW, thank the Gods and Stars above that Jesse Spenser cut his hair, holy hotness Batman *swoon* that boy went from OK to Holy Sh!T I’m Melting!

    Anyway, can’t wait to see this and I remember kinda her on GH, though I much prefer the recast of Brianna Brown in the Lisa role.

    • Melanie says:

      Also remember that Chase studied to become a priest before he decided to be a doctor and he DOES have a very religious background, although he keeps it suppressed most of the time.

  2. Mia says:

    Can’t wait to see this episode!!!! Jesse Spencer is soooo hot and he really deserves to get some major screentime!

  3. Megan says:

    Oh yes Jesse Spencer is hot! He is why I watch House ;)

  4. Christy says:

    I’m so glad Chase is getting an episode centered around him this season! Peter Blake has written it (along with Eli Attie), and Chase always seems so interesting and multi-layered when Blake writes episodes about him.

  5. Captain says:

    I know she’s the first Lisa and everything but she was on GH for like 2 months. She may be the original but Brianna Brown is THE Lisa Niles.

  6. Kimi says:

    About time that Jesse Spencer gets a chance to shine on House again! Can’t wait!!!

  7. Jill says:

    If it was up to me very House episode would be called “Chase” from now on ;)

    • karla lucas says:

      noootttt! without hugh laurie this show would not last,even though i too like chase s charactor on the show…But i think most all of them are incredible actors (actresses)

  8. Alice says:

    This is the most boring in an extended string of dull House “spoilers” this season. It is laughable that this is the best they can do for storylines now. How the mighty have fallen.

    • Joan says:

      yep, we have an ep centered around a secondary character in the last season, unbelievable.

    • D says:

      Guest cast announcements aren’t really spoilers. On your high horse much?

    • sara says:

      Alice It was just reported that House was the fourth most pirated show in 2011. It is in the Guinness Book of Records as the most watched television show in the world. And is constantly at the top of the DVR plus seven ratings. So sorry, DS is still putting out a product people want. NBC/Fox need to find a better way to market it.

  9. Joan says:

    I want an ep centered around Taub and then Foreman and maybe we’ll have an ep centered around House in this season.

  10. Carol says:

    Chase has always been my favorite member of House’s team so I’m really looking forward to this episode. It’s been too long since Jesse Spencer has been given the opportunity to show what a great dramatic actor he is and from the feedback I’ve read about his performance, he definitely doesn’t disappoint. Oh, and yes, he is most definitely HOT!

  11. Joan says:

    and of course the nun is very pretty, Chase and a nun in a bed, and discussions about life and death.

  12. Shauna says:

    I already know that this will be my favorite episode this season! Why is it not february yet. YEAH for Chase and Jesse Spencer!!!!!!!! :)

  13. Linda says:

    It is so great to hear that Chase gets a story/ episode about him. He was allways one of the most interesting characters/team-members on House. Love Jesse Spencer and House!!

  14. Svenja says:

    Chase is my favorite character and I too can’t wait to see this episode! Jesse Spencer 4ever :)

  15. Leni says:

    Yes! Chase 4ever and ever :) He is the best duckling there ever was ;)

  16. J. Stevens says:

    I’m glad to hear this! I’ve always wondered what the deal was with Chase and the reason he gave up being a priest. There is a lot they could do with this episode, especially since the lady in the episode is so pretty. I could come up with a great story line myself! Can’t wait to see what it’s all about and yes, Jesse does definitely deserve some air time!

  17. SALLY says:

    That’s great! I would also really like to know why Chase gave up on being a priest!

    • Sacha says:

      There is no secret. He wanted to become a priest after the death of his mother and his father’s neglectance, but failed, and became a doctor instead because his dad wanted him to. He did it because he had no other options, but he was never committed. Chase is actually an interesting character with a lot of issues, faith being one of them. I always thought that it was one thing that made his character intriguing because not only he kept an open mind. He was also never judgemental and he could take the bad with the good. I think that the nun is so pretty because she is going to be a mirror for Chase. I guess he’ll re-examine his faith through her. If this actually turns out to be the last season, then it would be a perfect exit for the character. Chase connected to a nun in S1 who saw the prodigal son in him. House called him a prodigal son when he returned to PPTH in S8, and now there’s another nun who will probably get into his head. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chase turns to faith in the end, leaving House furious because he found solace in something else but relationships, whereas House failed. Because frankly, if romantic love fails and you’re not obsessed with your work, what else is left?

      Glad Jesse is back with something substantial at least. He’s hot alright, but he’s also a terrific actor and deserves more screentime. Haters won’t have to worry. I’m sure House will be involved in this, and he’ll be all snarky and mean about it. Sigh.

      • HT says:

        Guess you are not really a fan of Chase/Jesse! He finally gets an episode and you can all but put everything down :(

      • Oceandeep says:

        You took the words and thoughts right out of my head!!
        When everyone was speculating on who would be the new DOM..most wanted Chase..but I tweeted and f/booked that I’d like him to re-find his faith and end-up working as either a doctor or priest in some forgotten part of the world ( a wee bit like they did in ER)…maybe they listened? lol. Can’t wait for this episode! )

  18. It is so great! Chase is my favorite character ! Cool.


  19. Melanie says:

    Can anybody tell me WHEN the new episodes start back up again???? I can’t find it anywhere online!

  20. Zora says:

    I like Jesse Spencer / Chase the most form all the characters! The episode will for sure be amazing!

  21. Pix says:

    Watch the season 1 episode ‘damned if you do’ for the answer. It’s about a nun who gets under chase’s skin (seriously how many season 1-3 episodes have we repeated now?). I hope Peter Blake remembers that chase hates nuns – I have a feeling he wrote damned, and it was a good ep, so we’ll see.

  22. Jules says:

    Kind of interesting…but unless this episode turn like “a bit” (The Mistake ssn2) or (Damned of you do ssn1) where Chase mingle/interact and affect him through the process and our favorite sarcastic limping Doc try to “save”/recover his faith &judgement …and his ass…lead to House’s faith and his difficult upcoming “reunion” with his biological father.. Then I’m in..and honestly Chase deserve his own episode more than the others…and a way to spencer to show us/shine his dedication for his caracter and the series…
    Plus, seem 2012(2nd part) + back at 8pm
    We gonna recover/have the best season yet !
    So I’m anticipating the return of my favorite addiction and with the BEST “leader” H.Laurie (and let not forget he’s gonna direct again)
    C’mon! January 23rd arrived!!!!

  23. shiremaid says:

    OMG! Is House ever going to have fun with this one! LOL can you imagine the jibes and sarcastic remarks!!!!

  24. Jules says:

    Honestly, I prefer spoilers more juicy than this
    Sure she good “soap” actress, but I never watch/heard of her..so I consider her like an actress who lend a role/cast to interact “a bit” with the main caracters…great for her,but to us she need to shine,unless we will blame her for ruining that episode…
    Seriously, unless the guest star are valuable(like mr.Wright upcoming episode) or like the caliber of Franka Potente,André Braugher…that merit to be posted, not those like mrs.Mond who been seen in soap or in 1or 2 movies as stand in or “woman at a bar”….
    Good for their cv,but for us, -I/we don’t care!!

  25. Karen brent says:

    I love watching House.

  26. tahina says:

    Good for Jesse. The news will probably make me watch House again,or just this one episode.

  27. Kayla says:

    Looking forward to this episode. Chase is by far my favorite duckling and Jesse Spencer definitely deserves the spotlight for both his talent and loyalty to the show.

  28. milage varies says:

    This focus seems odd to me. The basic structure of the show is: House, first level character; Cuddy and Wilson, second level; Foreman, Chase, Taub and all the other fellows, third level.

    So how utterly weird and directionless to devote an episode to a tertiary character, relegating House to a supporting role. I want my basics back.

    • Christy says:

      That is such bull****. Every character other than House is secondary, Cuddy is in no way more important than Chase for House.

      • Milage varies says:

        In some fan fiction, Chase is indeed portrayed as a close friend of House. On the actual show itself, Wilson and Cuddy are intimates of House. The other characters are of lesser importance in his world. You may not like it, or wish it were different, but that is the foundational way the show is designed.

        • Christy says:

          You think Cuddy is more important to House than the rest of the characters and I have a problem with reality? Open up your eyes sweetie, Cuddy was never important and the show is infinite times better without her.

          • Bilouze says:

            of course she was! did you watch House since the beginning?
            ok you hate Cuddy but stay objective!
            all the team can be replaced, they’re all not important.
            Just look the ratings, they are the worst of this show, guess why?
            Cuddy’s departure and House’s violent behavior.

      • Bilouze says:

        yeah House should sleep with Chase.

        • Christy says:

          You just admitted what was Cuddy’s only role in this show. Just where House put his “other cane”.

          • Bilouze says:

            so you hated Stacy, Lydia, and you’ll also hate Dominika! lmao
            they’re all only a hole for House, the same he has with hookers.

  29. Jules says:

    Honestly, Chase was in the shadow of Cameron & boreman(sorry, Foreman-hihi!) the first seasons,then when finally Cameron left, he became the best ally and wing-man(kind of) for House…and now he’s my favorite because of that and can stand and mock Foreman around and the best leader for the team when House not around…
    So,Chase is my favorite duckling
    2- “13”
    3- Park
    Then now in the loser category, Foreman-bcuz became a jerk and a dictator(à la Cuddy) who think he can control & better then everyone…
    Cannot wait to see its downfall or be put at his place by House or even Wilson…
    [loser category-Cuddy/Cameron and Foreman]
    And Masters…
    So, now I’m glad that Chase can shine + more storylines

    • kayla says:

      I agree! It’s not like they’re giving Chase a whole arc, they’re just giving him one episode. He’s been on the show since inception (and yes, he has been the focal point for a handful of past episodes). But, focusing on Chase for one episode this season is not so unreasonable when they wasted so much time on Masters, Cuddy’s family and Taub’s relationship woes last season. .. And I’m sure House will be involved..

      • Anouk says:

        Glad that the Chase fans seem to be the more sane part of the fandom. I am going to enjoy anything with Chase (and House) involved. Really looking forward to it. Jesse Spencer is a fantastic actor and he gave Chase depth and layers. I always loved his moments with Hugh Laurie. They seem comfortable around each other, as do Chase and House. Can’t wait for the new eps!

  30. Person says:

    I’m gonna make a speech here, so bear with me. I’m more interested in the episode that is being written by the same people who wrote House’s Head (awesome episode). I will always love House, but since Cuddy broke up with him, the show has been going downhill. And the addition of Park was horrible. She just can’t act. She’s more bearable now that Chase and Taub are back, but it would be great if they killed her off. The writing just isn’t as good as it was in the earlier seasons. House himself isn’t as compelling as he has been. Unless they can turn the show around, the show should end by next season.

    • Carol says:

      It’s funny how different opinions can be. I’ve stuck with this show since the beginning even though I thought seasons 4-7 were, for the most part, not up to par. After House drove into Cuddy’s home and then Lisa Edelstein decided not to return for season 8, I seriously had my doubts about how this show could continue. I’m glad I stuck with it though because, in my opinion, this has been the best season in years.

    • thing one says:

      Person, I agree with all that you say. The show lost it’s zest and drive when House and Cuddy broke up. I have watched “House” since day one and have stuck with it through every twist and turn. But this season is by far the weakest of all. The intelligence, the fun, the sexiness, and the mystery have evaporated this year and it makes me sad.

  31. Patricia Manna says:

    I want to know why your not showing all the new episodes lately, I really look forward to seeing them every Mom., they have been all reruns and I want to know why, I am really pissed at all of you for doing that, what’s Up with that???????

  32. Oceandeep says:

    You took the words and thoughts right out of my head!!
    When everyone was speculating on who would be the new DOM..most wanted Chase..but I tweeted and f/booked that I’d like him to re-find his faith and end-up working as either a doctor or priest in some forgotten part of the world ( a wee bit like they did in ER)…maybe they listened? lol. Can’t wait for this episode! :))

  33. Siempre pensé que era una cosa que hizo que su personaje interesante