X Factor Results Recap: Three Who'll Get Ready

It only took 37 minutes for X Factor producers to upload some results data to the show’s chiseled, frequently malfunctioning robot mascot, and then — finally — this week’s results-show telecast got underway.

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, the first two contestants sent through to safety, were: Chris Rene…aaaaaaand — insert long, significant pause here — Melanie Amaro. (Whew and whew.)

Then it was time for mentor and crusher of young girls’ dreams Nicole Sureshewasnt to hit the stage and perform her new single “Pretty.” Remarkably, Nicole did not surround herself with the army of absurd backup dancers she’s frequently used to stymie her last remaining contestant, Josh Krajcik, though she did manage to crank up the volume on the song’s instrumental track loud enough to obliterate half the verses. Steve only used one “amazing,” not two, to describe it. Controversial! (In Nicole’s defense, though, the song and performance were actually pretty good. Which isn’t to say the woman has any business mentoring, judging, or even mopping the contestants’ bathrooms during X Factor‘s second season.)

And then, after Simon Cowell sat in Nicole’s chair and gave her a Nicole-esque critique — “life is a waterfall and you are the ultimate rainbow!” — it was time to finish with the results IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER…

(We pause here so someone can hit CTRL+ALT+DEL on poor Steve.)

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, the third act through to next Wednesday’s finale was…Josh Krajcik. (Whew.) And thus, after three straight wins in the “Save Me” round, Marcus Canty finally got evicted from the Season 1 festivities.

“This is not the last time you will see Marcus Canty,” said Marcus. And I agree! Thanks to his ye-olde-timey button-front pajama bottoms/chef pants and red, wide-lapel jacket from the Bobby Brown 1986 Collection, we’ll see Marcus on plenty of worst-dressed lists before the New Year. (I kid! I kid!)

In all seriousness, Marcus seems like a heckuva swell kid, and he’s got a lovely singing voice, which will probably prompt Top 40 radio to ignore him, but I nevertheless wish him well. So did L.A. Reid, who called Marcus “a major star” and “a great singer,” then added “you have my support.”

And now for a few more brief thoughts on one of the most overpadded, underwhelming results shows in recent TV history:

* As many problems as I have with Nicole and Steve, I have to say the weakest link on X Factor is actually that anonymous dude giving the episode-opening, “It’s time! To face! The muuu-sic!” announcements. I wouldn’t hire him to do voiceover at a Taco Bell drive-thru, let alone a major network production.

* How much pressure did producers apply to Chris Rene to get him to earnestly declare “I want to be in that Pepsi commercial, and I want the $5 million”? Come ON, nobody would put those two prizes in that order. Cash before cola, people!

* Whichever female audience member was shrieking like a horror-movie victim during the judges’ introduction should have been shot with a tranquilizer dart and transported directly to the nearest psychiatric ward for further evaluation. Nobody should be that excited to see anyone ever.

* The “No Diggity”/”Shout” mashup was remarkable for a few things: It proved Melanie can get her groove on; it proved that X Factor doesn’t let its contestants lip-synch group numbers (thanks to Chris flubbing the intro to the second verse); and — to my complete shock — it made me a little nostalgic for Tiah Tolliver.

* Florence + The Machine. Awesome.

* This quote from Steve Jones, presented without comment: “Where’s Paula going? Where’s Paula gone? Paula just wanders off!”

Now it’s your turn. Hit the comments and share your thoughts on Marcus’ elimination, the Josh-Melanie-Chris Final 3, and whether or not you think Nicole would’ve made it past Boot Camp. And for all my X Factor recaps and interviews, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. ana_muti says:

    Marcus showed a lot of grace, and proved himself to be a great guy under that kind of pressure.

    • yeah says:

      Yeah, he is certainly likeable enough, although I definitely don’t think he was the best in this comp by any means, but yeah gracious and likeable.

    • SHARON says:

      I would have like to see Melanie go home. Do we really need another Mariah or Céline? She is one dimensional and did not show any versatility during the competition. Even though most of the comments regarding Marcus Canty were along the lines of an “Usher” wanna-to-be, at least he was willing to try and meet the criteria of each theme week. Melanie, could not even do “Michael Jackson” we justice. I hope Chris Rene takes it all, nothing again Josh.

      • VOTE FOR MELANIE says:

        We need proof that a talented female can win these things.

        • jennrae says:

          A female what?

          • FMM says:

            TALENTED. Said anything you want about Melanie, but she is TALENTED and has a hack of a voice… if that’s not your cup of teat, its ok with me, I thinks she is the best female singer I’ve seen in a reality competition since Melinda Doolittle…

          • Hannah says:

            A “hack” of a voice? LOL, I thought you were trying to claim she was talented, then you bash her by calling her voice a “hack.” And “cup of teat”? ROTFLMAO! Do you usually go around drinking “teat”? Kinda gross, you know?

      • Agustin says:

        Exactly my point. Thank you!

      • Trinity says:

        I love Melanie’s voice. I believe she will do big things. However, I just wish she didn’t look like she was being tortured when she is singing. Goodness – have some fun please!! PS. I want Josh to win.

  2. s-k-s says:

    While I would have reversed the results of the last 3 weeks (i.e., Marcus home in 6th place, and Drew in 4th place), I think the right final 3 made it through in the end.

    • yeah says:

      I’d have swapped Drew into top three for sure myself to bump Chris.

      • Boris says:

        Chris just isn’t that good. I’m not “feeling” him the way the judges keep saying they are- great, he’s a recovering drug addict . . . super glad his deceased dad is watching him . . . okay, but he doesn’t rap as well as Astro and doesn’t sing as well as anyone else in the Top 12, but we’ll say he has a “special something” to justify getting him into the Final Three. I hope America isn’t smoking whatever the judges are smoking, because all I see is an overrated mediocre reformed pothead.

        • Leah says:

          Thank you Boris!! I’m so glad to see someone else say everything that’s in my head. I thought I was the only one who is not a Chris fan (nothing against him, I think it’s great he got clean and all, but his rapping is average and his singing is below average).

  3. Dan says:

    FINALLY! Took long enough, couldn’t stand his voice from the start. Now if Chris goes next, that would be perfect.

    Nicoles’ performance was actually good. She knows how to work a stage. It seems people enjoying making fun of her though.

    • Gorm says:

      Agree with you completely. His voice was just grating, it was a forced and shrill cry, not a singing voice. It was the best he could do with a stunted larynx, but his style of cramming out wind and going as high as he could on every song should have been a death knell much sooner. he skated through on bad judges, poor song choices for other contestants and being one of the few non-ugly males.

  4. Andrew says:

    About friggin’ time. That’s all I can say.

  5. ana says:

    can’t watch the show. too much nonsense from nicole s. and paula. but love your recaps and comments.

    • Anita burns says:

      I agree about the judges. L A is surprisingly tone deaf and snarky. The two women are emotional clones of each other without much constructive to say. Simon pften makes the most sense but he has no likeability and seems to have stifled his girls’ creative talent, making them sound the same week after week.

      As for the show itself, overly produced to the point that the singers get lost in the flashy lights, jumping dancers, and gaudy giant videos accosting our senses. If a singer can’t hold the stage without so much staging, they aren’t talented enough.

      I like Melanie and thonk she has more to offer tha Simon allowed her. josh is wonderfully talented when he wasn’t smothered with staging. Chris is good for his genre but not my kind of music.

      So there!

  6. Niamhcat says:

    I still can’t imagine how Chris ever got this far. He has no voice at all. Horrible! I guess a heart-wrenching backstory can take you a long way.

    • Billy says:

      The heart-wrenching backstory is alot of it, yes, but his tats, gangta-wannabe gestures, “uh-huh”s every 2nd or 3rd bar, and hilarious *look-at-me-I’m-so-kewl* mugging for the camera ensure that sheeple think he’s current and marketable.

  7. Sam says:

    I had every reason to hate Nicole’s performance. But I’ll probably download it tomorrow. Girl might be an empty head on a plastic body, but she gives a good “edgy” performance.

    • yeah says:

      Yeah I’ve been saying all along she gets a bit of a bum wrap for voice and performance skills, people just glance and toss her skills into the auto-tune junk heap when she actually really is considerably better than that. (Not saying she is Adele, but she’s a very solid pop singer and performer, most of them probably can’t do that. Today we saw further proof that she *doesn’t* need any auto-tune in order to not sound wretched. Pink and Shakira can perform live, without aides, too, they actually probably have some of the best live stage presence of the pop crowd.)

      It’s her voting skills that are sadly lacking.

  8. yeah says:

    Well you do have to at least give Nicole credit for singing live. Whatever you think of her horrendous non-ability to carry out the voting portion of her judging responsibilities (she did fail there big time), a certain female judge on Idol would never dare to perform live on stage before the audience. Nicole put some passion into it and hit her notes whereas a certain Haley-hating hater AI judge might have needed 9 takes for that happen. (And let’s just not even dare to mention the phony Dawg (and his whole dawg persona bit was made up 100% solely for the show), although I supposed I just did.)

    Nicole really isn’t a bad performer or singer although people love to reflexively dump her in with the utter dregs perhaps because she is hot and how her she got where she is and especially now because of her voting misfires (and she sure had zero problem being able to send someone home when it was Drew, a girl, and Simon’s contestant).

    • Shindig says:

      Come now, the other one gyrated her butt on live television! Surely that deserves a.. well, on second thought, it’s probably best forgotten.

    • Alexandra says:

      J-Lo performed just as “live” on Idol as Nicole just did on this show. They both had augmentation, but get your facts straight. Your comments made no sense. I am a Haley lover, but I think Nicole did much more personal damage than Jennifer did.

      • yeah says:

        I don’t believe it is correct.

        It seemed like Nicole was singing into a live mic, a bit augmented or not, while I believe it was shown that the JLo performance was 100% lip-synching to a combination of something like 9 different live run throughs she did prior to the live show.

        Granted that is not a studio recorded backing track but one made from live stage performances but apparently it was performanceS plural as in something like a splicing together from 9 different attempts at it since it apparently took that many tries to get a go for all sections parts of the song.

        IMO there is quite a difference there.

        Nicole seemed to be too smitten with Marcus’ charm on stage to vote him off and too panicky and ridiculous acting under pressure while JLo was like giving the stink-eye and trying to slowly undermine their best singer over the course of few weeks and it didn’t appear to give the slightest hint of care when Haley got eliminated and was constantly spouting biased garbage. IMO JLo was wayyyy worse. We’ll just have to disagree here.

        • RTW says:

          “Yeah” is correct. J-Lo was wayyyyy worse. Okay, Nicole made a bad call – she should have voted Marcus out, but at least she gave the option to America. But then there’s J-Lo who ALL SEASON praised lackluster performances, had muted critiques on stellar performances, and just blatantly lied to persuade voters. No one wants to be treated like an idiot and she was just plain insulting. Oh yeah, her idea of live is to prerecord an act and play it back during a live show.

    • David says:

      Since when do we have to give credit to a singer for singing live??

      • yeah says:

        Well, probably since when it became easy to process and tune up voices.

        Although, I do agree, when you think about it, it really shouldn’t be any sort of dramatic accomplishment itself.

  9. Mary says:

    Not surprise Marcus was eliminated. It was a no brainer. They should of put Marcus and Chris in the bottom, they were clearly the worst two last night. LA would of been
    Sh…ng his pants, and it might of been more interesting. Sorry didn’t care for any of the entertainment tonite. I think Melanie should win, but the demographics of the show will probably pick Josh, nice voice but zero personality. I think he looks stiff on
    Stage and his faces are strange.

  10. sarah says:

    he SHOULD have been sent home three weeks ago

  11. Bad Breaker says:

    All I could think of during the show was how it might have turned out if Jazzlyn, Brennin, Caitlyn and Elaine had been among the 12 finalists.

  12. Shindig says:

    I’m cool with tonight, I was relieved Josh made it through. My favorites have a tendency to finish 3rd and 2nd though. Also, I somewhat liked Nicole’s performance — it was better than half the garbage they’ve had on the results shows.

  13. Z says:

    That kid can sing though.
    Anyone else remember judges houses?!!

  14. GingerSnap says:

    Wew! Worst performance of the evening – Nicole. But no real surprises with the final 3. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, that is.

  15. James says:

    Wrong person got voted off…should have been Nicole!

  16. raftrap says:

    And the final 3 are as they should be (well, except they should have been…you know). Can’t wait for Melanie to sing “A moment like this” with confetti falling next to her and all the other former contestants around her. Nicole did ok on her singing portion of the show, I was thinking about how that is probably the last time I’ll ever hear that song, but she certainly was feeling it and she soared and became one with the universe, so what I’m trying to say is I really don’t know who I’ll send home: Nicole or Steve…I’ll let it go to deadlock.

    • Seri says:

      Whitney, Celine, Mariah 4.0….She’s sweet and a powerhouse, but not an original. Josh is an original with a voice, songwriting, lead vocals in a band, piano and guitar and musicianship dating back to childhood….Chris can’t sing, but he’s a great songwriter. Ultimately, however, the key to the voting is what will happen to Marcus’s votes….and they are not likely to go to Josh; his fanbase is bluesy soul, the opposite of Marcus. Those votes will go to Chris and Melanie. I suspect due to the end of that split vote, Melanie will win. She is the most “Hollywood” — a diva with Rihanna’s Caribbean exotic attraction. But that’s the way the music industry works. The one they can best package gets the contracts, not the ones with the most talent. At least Josh and Chris will get careers, if they are lucky.

      • raftrap says:

        I don’t completely disagree with you about Josh, he’s pretty good, and one of my early favorites, but let’s be honest the singer/songwriter it’s a tough sell, American Idol crowns them and then they are forgotten, I’m not saying that Melanie (or Leona Lewis 2.0, now with optional Siri accent) will be market ready in 2 days, but Simon will do everything in his power to make her a star, and mark my words, she will sing “A moment like this”, Simon loves that song and at least the single will sell.

  17. Ella says:

    Well, Marcus goes home: “surprise, surprise!” Lol. I’d rather sent Chris home, but of course I knew it’s not gonna happen! All those tats and rappy things that are oh soooo current (rolling my eyes)+the sob story, Marcus with his unfasionable pants was no competition! And who ever cared about voice? Nicole wasn’t actually bad, she has a good voice and had a good performance.
    Still show was EXTREMELY boring AGAIN. It’s just nothing else interesting going on to watch instead, but I was working in a kitchen mostly anyway. Well at least Josh and Melanie are there and I was kind of rooting for them (not to pick up the phone though). Melanie actually has a chance and not because she has a beautiful voice or anything, but because it’s SIMON’S SHOW!! I don’t believe for a second that public actually has the last word on a winner. Well, will find out soon enough, btw is the next week the last one or there is one more?

    • VOTE FOR MELANIE says:

      Or it could actually be that the voting public has decided that a girl deserves to win this time

  18. jeff says:

    I understand what you are saying. If I liked another contestant she would scare me that much too. She is an amazing singer.

  19. Carlita says:

    I absolutely agree that Nicole should not be back next year. Her comments are the worst. I thought drew was way better than chris, though.

  20. matt says:

    Everyone makes fun of Steve because he’s so awkward (and so friggin hot!!), but at the same time you have to admit that his awkwardness is very entertaining and funny. I hope they keep Steve next year, and get rid of Nicole, let her focus on her solo career more.

  21. jaxguy says:

    The only surprise tonight is I didn’t hate Nicole’s performance. It really was pretty good. I know so many love Chris, but I think his back story has carried him a long way. Just look at what happened on America’s Got Talent. The voting public are suckers for this kind of stuff. I go for the talent. I’m torn between Josh and Melanie. As far as back story, Josh just seems to be a regular guy who never got the exposure he deserves. Nothing maudlin, nothing sentimental just straight forward and real. Love Melanie’s voice too, though.

    • bluesman says:

      I agree, I liked Nicole’s song. I liked it better than Flo and the Machine’s song. I’m not a fan of Nicole as a judge and I don’t know her music, but I liked last night’s performance.

  22. Patti says:

    Melanie has to go! She has a great voice but BORING!!! I would never pay more than $10 to see her in concert. All she does is stand in front of the microphone. zzzzzzz I love Josh’s raspy voice but, again, not much theatrics for a LIVE concert. I would actually pay real MONEY to watch a Chris Rene concert!

    Chris = winner, Josh = runner-up, Melanie = Vegas piano-bar singer.

  23. Cheyanne says:

    I don’t know what show u are watching! Chris kills it every week. He is an inspiration! His dancing compiled with his song writing, personality, he’s one of a kind! Chris Rene all the way! Just like he told LA from the beginning!

  24. Rick says:

    I was kinda hoping Josh would go, just to see Nicole’s reaction and ensure she didn’t have a winning contestant. Also, staying consistent with this year’s apparent theme, the “No Diggity/Shout” mash-up concept is ripped from the UK version of X-Factor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rOTKN84l90 .
    They’ve been doing that a LOT this year (Simone’s random song choice, inTENsity’s “Clapping Song,” etc). Are original ideas not allowed any more?

  25. Joshua says:

    Josh is not a star. He also needs a shower.

  26. BonesFringeFan says:

    Chris Rene FTW, yeah 5 million! :)

  27. Leigha says:

    Can we just address Paula’s dress tonight. How old is she? Because her dress belongs on a twenty something. It was beyond…

  28. Leo says:

    Lol, Michael, love all your puns on Nicole. That woman really needs to straighten herself out and book herself one way ticket out of the show.

  29. DJ says:

    Any credibility to this recapper or it’s commentators goes away since the judge’s houses when you said the Brewer Boys were actaually talented. These recaps are ridiculous, these comments are ridiculous, this writer no idea what he’s talking about and the fact that you people follow anything he says is preposterous.

    • raftrap says:

      We do not follow everything he says, we are one with him, we are InTENsity, resistance to the recap is futile.

      • Riq says:

        Amen! Hallelujah.
        I was really hoping that the recap would include a comment (or 7) on Robo-Steve’s horrific failed attempts to ask L.A a question – 5 times! Let it go man. I propose a recap of all the ways Steve-No manages to make this program awful. Exhibit A – cutting off Simon as he was about to say something sweet to Nicole (post mocking) so that we could be reminded again that the results are in no particular order. Exhibit B: his overuse of the “How does it feel?” question. Would have been great if Nicole had responded with “feels kind of crappy when I know people are hating on me for my terrible judging/mentoring. I feel so unpretty”.

        • raftrap says:

          I’ll say this about Steve though: he will make the show finish on time even if it costs him his job!

          • matt says:

            Give him a break guys, he has people yelling in his ear for a whole hour. I’d prefer him over smooth’n’sleazy Seacrest.

  30. joy says:

    At this point, my three favorites from the top 12 are in the finals, so I couldn’t be more psyched. (With apologies to Marcus, who did sing really well this week, and made a tremendously graceful exit — I wish him nothing but the best in his career and life.) The problem will be choosing among them next week; they’re so different from one another, and I like them for entirely different reasons. I may end up not voting at all, and just hoping that Simon sees fit to sign all three, so that I can buy all of their albums!

  31. Leo says:

    I really can’t wait for American Idol in 2012. I just dislike this X-Factor ;/

    • Ella says:

      Leo, I can’t believe I would ever say that, but I actually agree with you! I mean – Idol lost it’s charm 2 seasons ago, but it’s STIL 100% more entertaining than the X factor! The whole format when somebody sings for 1 minute (and we barely can even hear or see the person with all those back ups and dancers and other effects) and then obnoxious judges talk BS for 10 minutes and then we go to commercials – is BORING.
      And then more boring stuff as the same things are repeated million times (in no particular order). I don’t care much for ANY contestant, I don’t get excited and sometimes I even FORGET that the show is on tonight! And then remember I missed it and there are no regrets and sometimes I even CHOSE to watch something else. It never happened with Idol even though I was disappointed plenty with it too. X factor is just not that entertaining.
      Oh and another thing – kids under 16 don’t belong to the adult show. I mean I wouldn’t mind a separate kids’s X factor, but I don’t like 13 yo performing love songs with some sex connotations and 14 yo GILR singing “the kid is not my son”. Come on, it’s just rediculous!

    • Billy says:

      As long as Idol brings back its secret weapon(s) this upcoming season I too will probably be hooked. I’m referring to
      1) Rex Hardy, the heartbeat of the contestents’ performances
      2) the quality of combining big stage production with intimate venue sound, and
      3) the insanely addicting theme music

  32. Rick says:

    Format from X-Factor + Judges from The Voice + Host from American Idol = Perfect Televised Singing Competition

  33. PatD says:

    “I really can’t wait for American Idol in 2012. I just dislike this X-Factor ;/”

    Uncle Nigel’s minions are posting again.

  34. Rayato says:

    “As many problems as I have with Nicole and Steve, I have to say the weakest link on X Factor is actually that anonymous dude giving the episode-opening, “It’s time! To face! The muuu-sic!” announcements. I wouldn’t hire him to do voiceover at a Taco Bell drive-thru, let alone a major network production.”

    THANK YOU!!! I thought I was the only one! We really should get #FireTheAnnouncerFromXFactorUSA trending. The UK announcer is infinitely better. Hope Simon gets him for Season 2.

  35. Eurydice says:

    Overpadded and underwhelming pretty much describes this entire show. And these judges/mentors.producers are such dinosaurs – they don’t get that all that overproduction makes the contestants look even more underwhelming, and that if you start out with the dial turned up to “hysteria” there’s not a lot of room left to ramp up the “excitement.” Then again, for the finale they could set off a small nuclear bomb…

  36. Agustin says:

    Another Mariah Carey NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Melanie, just go home. Besides, her “true personality” behind the scenes, as shown, has been very disappointing.

  37. jazzy says:

    I agree, it was great to see Melanie can get her groove on, quit holding her back Simon.
    Agree with the three finalists, they all could win.

  38. JJ says:

    I find it funny that the people saying Melanie shouldn’t win/won’t win equate her with superstars like Mariah and Whitney but when they talk about Chris they simply say they like him which only adds to the arguments against Chris because he’s not a vocal talent that’s a memorable superstar like Melanie is.

    If Chris wins the show loses because he’s X-Factor’s Lee Dewyze. People are voting for someone because they want to make it a good “story” and when that album comes out it will flop like Lee’s.

    Melanie is the only one who can go into a studio and belt out a hit song. ‘No Diggity’ last night is what Chris THINKS he does well at but Melanie was the one who made that song. Josh is better suited for a bar cover band. He’s 90’s rock sound of Michael Bolton isn’t going to sell records much like Taylor Hicks doesn’t sell and Casey Abrams went nowhere.

    Melanie for the win!

  39. socalgal says:

    The right person went home. Chris has the “X” factor but can’t stay in tune and has a weak voice. Josh is fabulously talented and sings wonderfully but doesn’t have ‘it’. Melanie is absolutely divine but also doesn’t have ‘it.’ I didn’t want Rachel to win, but I thought she’d be the best Pepsi commercial artist.

    • Ella says:

      Rachel still can (AND WILL) do Pepsi commercials.

      And Melanie maybe doesn’t have it yet, but without Simon’s mentoring, she might be showing us something we haven’t seen yet. It feels that Simon is very domineering an that the girls he’s mentoring don’t feel free to fully express themselves.

  40. MacTheMovieguy says:

    I’m disappointed in this recap.

    Not one mention of the android formerly known as Steve Jones repeatedly asking LA Reid if he was smug. That was so awkward, and it happened like 5 times.

  41. gazebo says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention it Slezak but the nasty highlight for me was after Paula wandered away, she came back on camera while SteveO was trying to interview LA and Steve snarls “Paula get out of my shot!” Am I the only one who heard that? No love lost there!

  42. Alienate says:

    Am I the only one who finds the Sound Quality of the entire show to be terrible?
    I dvr the show and then am able to fast forward thru the commercials. During the show the center channel is so mushy most lyrics are unintelligible.
    BUT!, during all the commercials the center channel sound is just fine! What’s up with that?

    My biggest disappointment was how that reduced the Greatness of FLORENCE and her Great Machine.

    • matt says:

      The sound quality of the show is absolutely terrible. Unless it’s just an acoustic performance, and even then it’s not great

  43. Justin says:

    I’m not really impressed with any of these three. Melanie is replaceable. There are a ton of other girls out there like her who do it better. Her voice is fine, but not memorable, and actually quite generic. Chris Rene is a joke. I can’t believe this guy made it to the final 3. I can see him having some sort of career if given the proper songs and producers. But wow, what a waste of 5 million dollars. He cant be who Simon would have wanted to win when he brought this show here. And Josh is so unbelievably forgettable. Mark my words, that guy is not having a career in the music industry. He sounds like a bunch of other straight white guy rockers out there. His sound, like Melanie’s, is completely generic. This crew is a dime a dozen. X Factor Season 1 in the US equals a total fail.

    • Billy says:

      Give Chris Rene a couple of years to hone his craft and he will be one the funniest standup comedians in the USA. UH HUH!

  44. LUCY says:

    Michael — At some point I hope you and the other realty show critics write a review on the show’s production so that viewers can weigh in and perhaps Fox takes notes. It’s the only show where I look forward to the commercial breaks. They over do everything – it’s just too much.

    * Repeated introductions and contestant backstory recaps with dramatic muscial score as if the heavens opened up and the angels arrived to sing . 4 or 5+ times a night. How many times a night do they need to introduce the contestant and their mentor?

    * Audience is constantly screaming.

    * Often I cannot hear the contestant singing over the sound mix.

    I’ve only noticed a slight change in the sound level since their debut night. Recently they turned down the audience noise when the judges or Steve talk. om Sometimes – So it’s obvious this is all intentional.

    Bottom line, I think the contestant pool was weak and the judging process needs some change too. I don’t care for Steve, but if he stays please someone give him a clothing allowance so he buy suits that fit. He looks like he is shopping in the Tween department.

    The other night I saw an American Idol commercial. It was so calming. I actually look forward to that show for that reason alone because I really do enjoy the singing shows. The difference between AI and X-Factor reminds me of George Carlin’s comedy routine – Baseball vs Football.

    • Billy says:

      I Love LUCY!
      Oh, the SuperBowl is the only show I really look forward to the commercial breaks, but other than that I agree 100% with everything you said.

  45. SAA says:

    Love your comments all season about Steve Jones. Is he OCD or what? When Paula returned he yelled at her for being in his shot! Someone, please fire this loser.

  46. AndyLuvr says:

    I don’t get the big deal about Chris Rene at all. His is a very unremarkable voice. Frankly, I hate being reminded of his backstory because it feels like the damn show is putting a lot of responsibility on the folks who watch “X Factor” to keep this kid from falling off the wagon, i.e., put Chris Rene through and possibly win otherwise he’ll go back to drugs even if he’s not the best singer on the show.

    My money’s on Melanie Amaro. She’s a truly gifted singer. I will be so disappointed if she doesn’t take home the prize.

    I didn’t like Nicole Scherzinger’s song at all. Her performance at the Royal Variety Performance where she showcased her classical vocal training is much more entertaining, in my view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qh4y3dm0wDg

    • JoJo says:

      AndyLuvr – thanks for this link…pretty amazing really.

      Which brings me to something I’ve been thinking about regarding all of the hate going out to Nicole, which is that it’s really turned from general snark to cyber-bullying IMO. She looked a bit like a deer in the headlights throughout the show and I truly felt for her. I thought Simon’s critique of her “in her own words” was just tasteless and cruel. She’s taken a lot of missteps, but none that have deserved this kind of vitriol.

      More and more it seems that Simon has unintentionally orchestrated an absolute disaster from start to finish with so many of the “creative choices” from production and lighting to song choice and judging coming from an incredibly cynical, manipulative, and arrogant place – wouldn’t wonder that some of the contestants are going to need a huge dose of family and friends to regain their equilibrium and sense of who they are.

      The bickering between the judges and the open disrespect for Steve shows a group that is having no fun together, doesn’t have a clue how to genuinely mentor or contribute to something good, and frankly, it’s depressing.

  47. Ashlee says:

    I don’t understand why people keep saying Chris Rene can’t sing. Did you not hear him last week on the guitar when it was acoustics and then again when he was just on the piano? The guy has a very raspy unique tone to his voice when he isn’t surrounded by overbearing music tracks and if he remains on key. He’s not the strongest vocally for sure, but he CAN at least hold a tune with his raspy sound. I like his tone.


  48. Cass says:

    Marcus didn’t have a shot at winning with Melanie and Josh in the mix, but I liked him. I STILL do not get why Chris Rene is still in the competition. He cannot sing very well. Seems like a good guy with a great story of perseverence and I wish him well. He even has some talent for writing music. But his voice isn’t on par with the others–not by a long shot. Having “the X Factor” is great, but you should have the natural talent to back it up.

  49. Patti Rivera says:

    I think Josh deserves to win. He not only is the best singer, he also has other talents; piano & guitar. Plus he is older, more mature and this is probably his only opportunity. The other 2 still will grow and compete!