Survivor: South Pacific: Who Will (and Should) Win It All? Take Our Polls!

Honestly, I’m kind of surprised it wasn’t pouring rain across the nation Wednesday night, since God had to be openly weeping at the way his name was cynically bandied about on the penultimate episode of Survivor: South Pacific.

In a nutshell, here’s how things went down after Ozzy narrowly beat Edna at Redemption Island: Albert tried to get Coach and Brandon to turn on Sophie; Coach, Sophie, and Rick decided it was better to eliminate Brandon. (Why they wouldn’t want to go in front of the jury alongside the emotionally unstable, socially awkward guy who wields his religious reliefs like a fiery weapon is beyond me, but I digress…)

Things got awkward after Brandon won immunity in a wall-climbing/puzzle-solving challenge: Albert got caught in a web of lies, Rick and Sophie got swearin’ mad, and it seemed like everyone took a turn yelling, huffing, or pointing a finger-gun of harsh truth.

Then, in a move I still can’t quite believe, Albert approached Brandon and said “you’re making me look like a bad dude.” And because Brandon seems to think there’s nothing worse than coming off as less-than-honorable on Survivor — or possibly because he hates women? — he agreed to give Albert his immunity necklace at Tribal Council and vote for Sophie.

Vital to Brandon’s plan, however, was winning Coach’s buy-in. “You know that by now, God speaks to me.” Brandon said, somewhat menacingly, as he shared his change in allegiance with Coach. “If we can’t forgive our brother, our heavenly father will not forgive us.”

Coach then strolled down the beach, dramatically got on his knees in front of the cameras, and prayed to be filled with the “Holy Spirit of divine interpretation and wisdom.” When he came up for air, he said God had filled his head with the name of the person who needed to be voted off. “My soul has never grieved like it does in this moment,” Coach added, which makes me think he’s had a pretty cushy life up till now.

At Tribal, Brandon gave his necklace to Albert (awww), but when it started to look like Brandon might not be safe, Albert refused to reciprocate the gesture. “I don’t think he’s gonna go home tonight, so I’m not gonna give this necklace back,” Albert said, closely approximating that scene in a horror movie where two friends head into a darkened basement, and one of ’em says, “Um…I don’t have great night vision. You go first.”

And that’s how Brandon got sent to Redemption Island (or “Ozzy’s pleasure dome,” as Sophie calls it). And now I’m curious about your thoughts: Who will win and who should win Survivor: South Pacific. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Coach (blech) will win, and Sophie (yay!) should win. Take our polls below to share your theories, then hit the comments to elaborate!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Christy says:

    Haha, everything you wrote was spot on. I think Ozzy SHOULD win but I think Coach will.

  2. Sally says:

    Will win: Coach. The fact that none of the remaining Upolu have thought of voting Coach out is beyond me, especially when both Sophie and Albert were trying to oust who they thought were threatening. Brandon and Albert are more threatening than Coach? Come on.

    Should win: I honestly don’t care who wins anymore. What a dud of a season. If Ozzy comes back from RI and wins immunity to F3, that would be cool.

    • Emma says:

      But coach has the idol so voting for him would be kinda pointless unless it was done without him getting any wind of it :(

      • Erin says:

        If you don’t use the idol by the final 6, you don’t get to use it. Now that they’ll be down to 5 post-Redemption Island, the idol can no longer be in play.

        • Snsetblaze says:

          Actually Coach can play it up until final 5. Even though in their minds, those left in the game believed they were the final five, they were not. Redemption Island did not change that rule.

  3. David says:

    I kept looking for a “None of the Above” option…..

  4. Sean says:

    My Random Thoughts:

    Sophie made a great point about Ozzy at Redemption (Non) Island: that he’s the last person that really gets to talk to them before they leave, he feeds them, and he comforts them after they get voted out. “Every single Jury Member has gone through “Ozzy’s Pleasure Dome” on the way out.” (On a side note, I think “Ozzy’s Pleasure Dome” was also the name of one of his pre-Survivor soft-core porn movies.)

    I’ve given Brandon a really hard time this season (and justifiably so), but his Gang Life story showed how much he wanted and craved for someone he was loyal to, to actually give back to him in the same way. He talked about “people taking my loyalty for…what they wanted to use it for, and then leaving me hanging.” At that moment, I said, out loud: “If Coach votes for him after hearing that…he’s a scumbag.”

    Here’s my question, if everything is in God’s hands, and He’s deciding everything…why do we even have a Jury? Why not just wait for a sign, like a piece of toast that looks like Sophie or something?

    If you’re looking for more to read on Survivor, I hope you’ll check out my full recap at or you can just click on my name

    • Edna says:

      Sean’s link is a virus. Don’t click it!

      • Sean says:

        Seriously, Edna. Get a life. Climb back under your EW rock. Just because you can’t spew your venom there anymore, don’t be spreading lies again.

        • Edna says:

          Well, how about you stop advertising your blog on someone else’s. And what the heck are you even talking about “EW rock” and “spreading lies again”? I’ve never heard of you before.


          • Sean says:

            My god, you’re lame. If you want to complain, feel free to complain, but making up lies and hiding behind a fake name is always the worst way to try and make a point.

            Zero virus. 100% Hater. Click it or don’t click it, your choice.

            Google “Sean’s Random Thoughts” if you want to read it.

            Send me an email Edna, I’d love to chat. Want to bet I don’t hear from you?

          • Edna says:

            Dude, I’ll totally take that bet. You won’t hear from me, because not once did I ever remotely suggest that I wanted to chat with you about anything. Especially since your link gave my computer a VIRUS.
            Also, my name is Edna, so . . . no fake name.

            Keep it up, Sean, your arrogance and persistence are for sure convincing people to click on your virus link “article” and don’t make you look suspicious at all…

          • Sean says:

            Anonymous accusations on the internet are the calling cards of cowards. So pathetic.

  5. Taylor says:

    If Ozzy wins, I will have lost all hope for gameplay on Survivor. Thanks to him volunteering to get voted out, his tribe kept Coch-roach (who screwed his tribe over, leading to their demise) and lost Christine (who said she would vote with the opposing tribe at merge).
    Sophie’s at least shown gameplay. Heck, even Coach deserves to win it over Ozzy, and I HATE Coach.

    • leah says:

      Coach reminds me of Jim Jones… Drink the cool aide kids even though it will kill you… ugly man and he does all his evil under the guise of being a christian… evil,ugly cult leading pig.. there i said it and i feel better.. ps… poor Brandon is schizophrenic or his father is abusive… check out the dynamics,
      Save our soaps…

    • Alley says:

      So right! I think Coach deserves to win. If Ozzy wins that would be an atrocity just because he sacrificed himself (as he said it) does not mean he deserves to win. He did it for his own gain and purpose. Coach should win because if it hadn’t been for his move to convince Crochan to switch tribes who knows where the Upolo tribe would be! None of them would’ve been able to get this far it Coach hadn’t done that! Ozzy hasnt done anything special other than win challenges to keep himself in the game. This is not Outwitting, Outlasting… only out playing maybe. Getting to the final three solely on winning immunity shouldnt a way to get to the final three!

    • Ari says:

      The thing that I really really hate about Redemption Island is that Ozzy could win after being voted out TWICE. I get that the first time was strategic but the second time it was legit. I hate that RI makes blindsiding someone into a non-thing because it’s not really over. You aren’t being voted out unless you are in the final 4 or 5. It’s just annoying and makes Survivor a lot less dramatic and interesting. That being said, I like Coach, I think he played a great game, I think the numbers are against him,. I’m kind of hoping for a Sophie win. If Ozzy makes it to the final 3 he’ll win.

  6. Gord says:

    I can’t imagine how Coach can take his religious quackery/hypocrisy any lower. Maybe in the final scene of the season when Coach gets crowned winner, he’ll reveal himself as Satan (he already has the evil cynical look down pat). After growing horns and a tail, he’ll toss the remaining competitors and jury members into a giant barbecue pit and will happily dance around their burning bodies in delight with fists of cash in his hands.

    Alternate ending: Coach mixes up a big batch of “Kool-Aid” as an “energy drink” before the final immunity challenge and all the remaining contestants die from a horrible poisoning. The coach wins by default.

  7. Nina says:

    Coach WILL win it and Ozzy SHOULD win it. Shame, shame. I dislike Coach.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    In Out Play, Out Wit, Out Last Ozzy has only Out Played. Coach has only Out Lasted. But Sophie has done all three. She’s my pick on who SHOULD win. But I think Coach WILL win. :(

    • Snseblaze says:

      Exactly. I am curious as to how she convinced Coach that she wasn’t as much of a threat as Brandon or Albert. Coach rightly saw that she was smarter than Albert but it never occurred to him that she may be smarter than he is (although Albert seems to have picked up on it and was actually right about her being dangerous.) His last two times out though, he had no intention of sitting in the finals with woman. Maybe he figured he’d change that idea.

  9. Emma says:

    What is it with the advert for Survivor on Sunday clearing cutting Ozzy out of the running for the million dollars by only showing coach, brandon, sophie, rick and albert???? does this mean he is defeated by Brandon or is it more devious editing to keep us all guessing???

    • Suzi says:

      I assumed that if they showed Ozzy they would be giving away who wins at RI, by not showing Ozzy we dont yet know who wins between Brandon and Ozzy. Its in Gods hands anyway, so no one has to take responsibility for bad editing.

  10. Katy says:

    There is no doubt coach is going to win this season, there is no other way he’d get this good of an edit. period. And at this point no one else deserves to win besides coach. All of the players this season saw boston robs RI season, they should have been smarter and voted the two returning members out in the beginning. but, alas, the casting team picked followers/morons (again).

    As much as I would LOVE to see ozzy win, he doesnt really deserve it. He didnt outwit or outlast.

    Coach winning should pretty much solidify we’ll never have to endure another Redemption Island season again. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see

    • Ron says:

      Why would the edit have to do with the winner when the name is not known until the live finale? They only know the final 3, not who wins.

      • sash fan says:

        The editors know who wins. Jeff Probst knows who wins. This was filmed months ago — they know who won the whole thing before the first episode even airs.

    • Katy says:

      The winner of each season gets a ‘winners edit’, meaning they’ll be edited in a favorable way

  11. Alice says:

    Why do people want Sophie to win? I like her and all, but all she ever did was follow Coach around like everybody else. She didn’t really try to create bonds with Savaii (except Cochran) either, and she hasn’t made a single strategic move that would make her stand out in the jury’s eyes. All she did was win immunity twice. But does someone deserve to win because they won two challanges?

    • tripoli says:

      Well said and completely on point. I like Sophie but she really hasn’t been much of a player as far as strategy is concerned. She’s always had the safety of the 6/5 so it didn’t seem to be a major factor in her game. Yes, she’s smart and thinks about the game, but she’s not done anything beyond that, other than win immunity. She’s just followed whatever plan is presented even if she questions if it’s the right move to make. Had she & Albert made a big move a few weeks back, she’d have a much better case for herself. And it seems quite rare these days to have a final 3 that includes even one player who has manged to outwit, out play, and outlast. This season has been so disappointing and full of unlikable characters, I can’t help but root for Ozzy, cockiness and all. At this point, I give him way more credit than any of the rest of them. Dude is a machine and really does deserve the win.

      • Alice says:

        I’m glad i’m not the only one with that opinion about Sophie. Everywhere I go that is Survivor related, there is so much support for Sophie to win because apparently she managed to “Outplay, Outwit, Outlast”, but when you think about, she’s done just as much as Rick and Albert in the game, but with 2 immunity wins. As much as I don’t like them, I think Coach or Ozzy (if he comes back) should win, but I like Ozzy a little more, so go Ozzy!

        • Magically Suspicious says:

          I agree with both of you. And Ozzy might be cocky, but it’s deserved. You can’t really fault him for it. He’s a beast. And the cockiness is also part of his mental game. The more he believes he’s unbeatable, the more he projects that and he’s got everyone believing it at this point. When you have your opponent entering a RI challenging already thinking they are fighting an uphill battle, the advantage is already on your side. Plus, given the fact that he’s not had anyone on his ‘team’ in weeks (if ever), the fact that he’s maintained that bravado is amazing and evidence that he has, in fact, outwitted. He’s definitely outplayed. And the fact that he’s still there is outlasting. Team Ozzy all the way.

  12. Pat says:

    I really think Rick should win this. A lot of people are like Rick hasn’t done anything. I think that Rick has played the best “under the radar” game ever. The Savaii are bitter jury members and if Ozzy doesn’t make it to the end, Rick has at least a shot.

    Sophie has shown gameplay and I think she’ll win. Rick should win. Sophie will win. As Albert already built up her resume in tonight’s episode, Sophie is a threat.

    I HATE Coach, Brandon, and Albert. The three are just a bunch of morons. And Ozzy shouldn’t win. If survivor was literally just surviving, then I would say hands down Ozzy wins. However, Ozzy hasn’t changed. He’s still a moron without a strategy. Every time something goes wrong he acts as if it was part of his plan. He shouldn’t win at all. I don’t like him and he sets himself up for failure.

  13. precious calhoun says:

    I think a hundred percent that OZZY will win…almost all of the jury was on ozzy,s old tribe……Sophie is the last person to win she is extremly ugly and mysterios……its definitly not rick or albert…..i tgink its going to be between coach,ozzy,or brandon…..everyone is picking on brandon because he is russel hantz nephew…….vote OZZY if u could

  14. nodak says:

    I hope that Survivor does not bring back ex-players again. Each time this happens, we get the rest of their tribe following the ex-player around like a bunch of baby ducks. The ex-player makes all the decisions and no one questions them. I miss the Survivor when all the players started not knowing anything about anyone, and things developed from there.

    Also, God does not care about which Survivor contestant gets voted off. I’m looking forward to this “spiritual” season ending. Greed is what runs the decision-making of Survivor, not God!

  15. Anne says:

    Sophie or Ozzy should win. The rest of the religious nutbags make me sick.

  16. D says:

    It’s the exact same thing as last season…Boston Rob made it all the way to the end because all of the newbies put him on a pedestal VERY early on in the game. The end result was him winning a handful of immunity challenges and NEVER being really threatened through out the season. I wish the new players wouldn’t be such sheeps and realize that their best bets at winning the game is to vote out returning players IMMEDIATELY. Coach will win, he’s played a nearly perfect game in the sense that he’s outwitting, outlasting and outplaying everyone. I wouldn’t mind seeing Sophie win she is playing in a semi-strategic manner and has shown glimpses of greatness in this game. I wouldn’t mind seeing Ozzy win as well because I tend to always cheer for the players who go on a hot streak at Redemption Island (i.e. Matt from last season….I even became a fan of Christine from this season when she went on a little run).

    All in all, what I want for the show for the next few seasons is just all rookie casts. All these vets who keep coming back brainwash everyone and ride the safe and easy road to the finale for easy money. I get it’s great for ratings to have familiar competitors but I want to see all fresh blood or at least some more daring rookies who aren’t willing to let vets coast to the end.

  17. Rick says:

    I think Ozzy is way too cocky, and I can’t stand it when people like him get to the end and win. And if he makes it to the Final Three, the game is his. Unfortunately, based on the edits we’re getting, I suspect this is what will happen. Everything has been about Ozzy making it to the end: his discussion with Cochran about jury votes, his deal with Coach, his indication that he will win by doing what he does best in competitions . . . I just think this is a crappy way to win because you can be completely socially inept and have no strategy whatsoever, but if you win every challenge, you win the game because you’ve won competitions. While impressive, that isn’t what Survivor is about.
    So I don’t want Ozzy to win. Brandon is bat$!@# crazy and contradicts himself every eight seconds- plus he has no strategy and was a moron this week giving up immunity, so he doesn’t deserve anything resembling a win. Coach probably deserves to win if he gets to the end, but I can’t stand him and his “Bible-thumping until it’s no longer convenient” personality- I don’t understand why Albert and Sophie want to go to the end with him.
    I don’t recall a player named Rick, so that nonexistent entity doesn’t deserve to win.
    Albert tries to be strategic but fails on every level, . . . so yeah, no win there. Plus I get the feeling that he irks people.
    Therefore, I’m 100% behind Sophie. Love her. She’s smart and straightforward strategically, and she doesn’t take risks just for kicks.
    Barring inconvenient immunity wins, Coach, Rick, and Sophie have the numbers to get rid of Albert and Ozzy next, which means that if they are the Final Three, Coach will probably win and Sophie will come in second. But if Ozzy creeps in there, Ozzy wins.

    • Jon says:

      Granted Ozzy’s social game is far from great and he is quite cocky but survivor is outwit, outplay, outlast. Ozzy may not outwit but when it comes to outplay he is to survivor challenges what babe ruth is to baseball. His challenge perfomance is phenomenal. He is truly in a class of his own and I personally think that carries enough merit for him to be able to skate by and win on that skill alone.

      • Marcia says:

        Ozzy has gotten lots of rest, food, and exercise, plus he was strong to begin with. He did almost lose to Cochran, though. ;) But, in my humble opinion, Dragonslayer is the real million dollar wizard here. That man knows how to manipulate and strategize. There are plenty of people available at all times to hate leaders and say they are “cult leaders”. They even said it about likable Boston Rob. Coach is a leader. He has my respect. I would really like to see him win. I just don’t think there is “enough” to Ozzy’s game to win a million dollars. If he wins in the end it will be because he got to butter everyone up on their way to the jury, and he wasn’t in the “fray” of the game. I would like to see Ozzy in the final three, though, and maybe the final two.

        • tripoli says:

          Boston Rob, likable? AS if! Benjamin’s game is just manipulation through straight up lying, while hiding behind his pseudo, religious believes. It’s pretty pathetic and as an atheist, I’m even more disgusted with the overly religious story line, as Benjamin is clearly taking advantage of his tribe’s beliefs, and using his own personal “beliefs” to suit the terrible things he does in the game. He’s an ass, plain and simple. Never been worthy of the win, let alone, a final 3 spot.

      • Rick says:

        I agree that Ozzy is a challenge beast- you can’t deny that- but I’m of the “once you’re out, you’re out” camp and think that Redemption Island is a crock of garbage. Ozzy has been voted out two times and hasn’t had to interact with anyone in the game since. The fact that he has 4-5 votes in the jury house regardless of what he does just seems ridiculous. Ozzy could be in the finale against anyone, and Dawn, Whitney, Jim, & Keith will vote for him simply because he was part of their original tribe and they think that awarding him the win will somehow make up for the fact that their tribe absolutely sucked strategically and were completely decimated. Sure, Ozzy has outplayed the others on Redemption Island, but he has no outwitted anyone and he hasn’t even outlasted anyone- “outlasting” implies persevering in the game, and he hasn’t been in the game for awhile now.

  18. NoreenR says:

    I can see why someone would pick Coach or Ozzy or Sophie, but who are the 1.76% who picked Rick as “should win”?!! Does he have that many relatives?

    • Rick says:

      Someone higher up in the comments section said that Rick should win for his “under-the-radar” strategy. If doing nothing is considered “strategy,” then I’d be a pro at Survivor. Just bring a pillow, make an alliance on Day 1, and nap through the whole game until it’s time to wake up for the finale.

      • sash fan says:

        Under the radar is a strategy. Be loyal, lucky enough to pick the right group to stick with. It’s boring but effective. You have to come through in the end, though, to win — get a few immunities & give a good speech at the last tribal.

        • Rick says:

          But Rick isn’t doing that. He’s done absolutely nothing, which makes it hard to support him as a winner. I agree that staying under the radar is a strategy, but it’s hard to justify a win if you do nothing all game. Rick hasn’t won competitions, and even if he wins one in the finale, I would never give him my vote just for that.

  19. Marcia says:

    I think Coach has played a great game. Ozzy wasn’t much until he went to Redemption, so he is gaining his spot at the end, apparently, through his physical strength and prowess.

    Coach went from a shaky intro on the first episode to being in control of his social game. He is a smart guy and a manipulator. He finesses it, too. He voted one of his alliance member off out of “obedience” .. what a way to vote Brandon out and still be in good standing with this young man of conscience! Coach is a genius!! :)

  20. Annie says:

    Are this seasons players nuts? Instead of listening to gibberish & “praying” the tribe should have made a move to get Coach to play his immunity idol ages ago and given him the heave ho.

    Coach will get to the final 3 but it will be interesting to see how the jury votes.

    By the way who’s Rick? ;-)

    Hopping Ozzie or Sophie win. I like Shopie’s eye rolling technique but if Ozzie can make it thru to the 5 & keep winning he has a chance.

  21. Dena says:

    I can only hope Coach won’t win, because he shouldn’t! I disagree with several above posts about Ozzy not outwitting or outlasting!! He clearly made his move to redemption island knowing he would OUTLAST,everyone he challenged and that is how I think he OUTPLAYED, lastly getting his tribe to vote him out was witty, he had a plan along…he would confront ever player who would become a juror to win their vote! Right?!

  22. JHarnes says:

    I actually like the former players. I think they can do it, but they need to mix things up more. Why not try 3 teams of 8 with two former players in each team. If there were two on each team we’d get the inter team conflicts and even crusades to try and eliminate players to keep them off the jury.

  23. Theresa says:

    Ozzy is great at challenges but his social game sucks. I don’t think he should win or deserves to win. Think he was a jerk to all of the players and talked down to them all because he is the mighty Ozzy.

  24. John Berggren says:

    If they keep having returning vets win on “new editions” they are going to have a harder time recruiting new players.

  25. Preston says:

    It blows my mind that people actually think Ozzy should win — he was voted out TWICE, he never had a strong social game while he was still in it, and no way would he have gotten to the end even if Cochran hadn’t flipped. Granted, his first exit was a ‘strategic’ move, but an Ozzy victory would be completely horrible for the franchise.

    Sophie deserves to win. Secured herself in an alliance on Day 1, followed through with it to the end, winning several challenges, and not buying into anyone’s BS. Sure, she didn’t make any BIG MOVES, but WHY would you make a big move when you could go to the end with Hypocritical Coach, Crazy Brandon, Sketchy Albert, or Silent Rick?

  26. as says:

    Survivor…CBS…GOD….the religion thing has gone to far. It’s a non-secular reality TV program. Coach shouldn’t win for his false-in-the-name-of God behavior to a mentally unstable religious zealot. Shameful…
    Ozzy for the win.

  27. The Squatch says:

    Will win: Coach

    Should Win: Cochran ( I know, I know… but still…)

    And while I’m at it, can we please go back to a final two format instead of a final three?

    • Rick says:

      Final Two por favor! The Final Three format is lame and is just a way for producers to cram more people into each season. Here’s an amazing suggestion- cast fewer people so we get to know them better, so we don’t have episodes where two people are eliminated within the hour, and so we don’t have a Final Three because fewer eliminations are required. Magic!

  28. hula says:

    SPOILER ALERT! Hey guys! I know who will win like for 100%. It won’t be Ozzy nor Coach, but Sophie. Ozzy is gonna beat Brandon in duel and also win 1st Individual Imunity. The second II is going to get Sophie and the Final 3 will be Sophie, Coach and Albert. It really sucks since Ozzy is not the winner! :/

  29. gloria says:

    The person who should NOT win is Rick, closely followed by Sophie. Either one would be one of the most boring, useless Survivor “winners” ever. Coach and Ozzy have actually made interesting moves and performed at high levels, so one of them should win.

  30. Kathleen thompson says:

    Which jury member will vote for coach?
    Who will vote for Sophie?
    Ozzie is the true survivor, and the jury will vote for him.

  31. angel says:

    Wrong. The winner is announced live. Liar.

  32. SOPHIE, BABY!!! says:


  33. Syaz says:

    I was so sad when ozzy got voted off.. He should at least be given a chance to duel with albert.

    I love Ozzy and i think he’s the ultimate true Survivor!