Dexter Finale Sneak Peek: [Spoiler] Vanishes!

Dexter‘s sixth season comes to a close this Sunday at 9/8c, and these just-released promos from Showtime seem to indicate that Dex’s progeny, Harrison, is in serious danger.

Elsewhere, it looks like Miami Metro’s ne’er do well crime-solvers are closing in on the location of Travis’ final tableau — though we seriously doubt they’ll beat Dex to the punch.

Take a peek at the two clips below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts and predictions about Dexter‘s upcoming season-ender.

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  1. Haren says:


  2. Joe says:

    LOL! TVLine has been known to exaggerate in the past …

    In other news, can’t wait for this finale! Between Dex and Homeland, I’m going to have 4 heart attacks Sunday night. Someone keep an EMS near by.

  3. josh says:

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!


  4. Deb Davis says:

    If Harrison is harmed or killed I quit Dexter

    • Evie says:

      i second Deb…i will NEVER watch Dexter if they kill off was one thing when they killed off Rita but it’s a totally different thing when it’s a child…

    • Grace says:

      If Dexter and Deb hook up, I quit Dexter.

      • jenna says:

        agreed! I cringed last week during the dream sequence where they almost hooked up! that is not cool!

      • Jenny says:

        I know! I don’t get it! Who came up with that storyline?! I hope this is headed somewhere not disgusting! I want Deb to find out about Dexter! I think that would get rid of these stupid feelings!

        • Bravo says:

          The story has always been there if you had paid attention.

          Watch the episode “Shrink Wrap” in season one. Deb and Dexter each have a “first time” experience in the same episode. Dexter’s is preceded by a memory recalled in therapy where kids in school were accusing him of sleeping with his sister. This memory brings up all kinds of emotions and sends him running off to Rita to get physical. Likewise Dexter’s brother Brian is playing with Deb while they are making love, staring into her eyes so that she can see her brother, which causes her to cry. It’s totally twisted stuff but has ALWAYS been there since season one, if you were paying attention.

      • jennrae says:

        I had to turn my head! Jennifer Carpenter gave an interview I think after Rita died and suggested Dex and Deb getting together since they weren’t biological siblings, but I hoped she was kidding.

        I’ve been thinking Deb’s therapy storyline was leading to Deb having–to use Deb’s word in the dream–the epiphany that Dexter was a serial killer. I think the only way for Deb to accept the idea without arresting Dexter is for the idea to just occur to her, as opposed to her walking in on him killing someone, for example.

        Besides being gross, it wouldn’t make sense for Deb to see Dexter as anything but a brother. Dex couldn’t have been older than three when he came to live with the Morgans and Deb is younger than Dexter. She’s ALWAYS known him as her brother, biology aside. For her to have those kinds of feelings speaks more to something being wrong with her.

  5. Kim R says:

    Already!!?? It is over too soon. :(

  6. Scott K says:

    That anyone potentially “Vanishes” is a spoiler. TVLine lasted about a week for me. Anyone know any good TV blogs?

    • jennrae says:

      Oh, come on! Even the promos after last week’s episode showed Harrison being kidnapped by Travis, and if you didn’t watch last week’s episode, why would you go to a entertainment website in the first place?

  7. Bad Breaker says:

    All my favorites (Homeland,Dexter,BE,Breaking Bad,SOA,True Blood,AHS) have either wrapped up or are about to this Sunday. I am fearful of a vast wasteland on my DVR. As you can tell, I’m more into the gritty dramas. Is there anything starting up that will bring a smile to my TV?

    • Lou says:

      Justified will be right up your street, S3 kicks off in January so you have a few weeks to catch up

      • Bad Breaker says:

        Do you know if they are going to run a marathon of Justified S2 before S3 starts up? I would really like to see it and the great Margo.

    • Sarah says:

      Watch Shameless!! It’s on Showtime Sundays at 9 starting in January and it’s AMAZING!! It’s kind of a dark comedy/drama in the same vein as Dexter (although not AS dark).

  8. Polly says:

    the only thing i just hope is that they’ll drop the “deb falls for dex” storyline.
    on the last episode, in the dream-scene where they kissed, i almost puked.

  9. rodders says:

    Please, they’re not going to harm Harrison. They didn’t even have the balls to kill off Batista, who’s been utterly useless this season. I love Dexter, but this season has been very disappointing.

  10. Derek says:

    I am fairly certain Deb is getting killed off. I heard she’s become very difficult to work with and that the divorce was not amicable.

  11. Ben Hutchison says:

    I think is hilarious that people watch a show about grisly murders then are squeamish about the possibility that non biologically related, consenting adults might have sex.
    How is that worse?