ABC Cancels Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Move. That. Bus… to the junkyard.

ABC has canceled Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which will conclude its nine-season run on Jan. 13 with its 200th episode.

The final hours will journey to tornado-devastated Joplin, Missouri, where the team will build seven homes in seven days.

But it’s not the last viewers will be seeing of Ty Pennington and his crew. Four special episodes will air after the series wraps up, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And Pennington already has another gig lined up as a panelist on ABC’s new health and lifestyle series, The Revolution.

Shark Tank takes over Home Edition‘s Friday at 8 pm time slot on Jan. 20.

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  1. Heather says:

    I saw this coming….when they moved it to FRIDAY….which is the death of a show. ABC is good for that. It’s the same way they killed Ugly Betty.

    I really like Extreme Home Makeover but I do think that it was time the show ended.

    • gellar says:

      “I saw this coming….when they moved it to FRIDAY….which is the death of a show. ABC is good for that. It’s the same way they killed Ugly Betty.”

      i hope you know, that they’ve moved the show to friday, BEACAUSE ratings were suck. ugly betty’s too. there are shows that have fanbase, whick can save it on friday. EM:HE has no hardcore fanbase obviously.

      friday not a bad day. a show can live on friday with miniscule ratings. but not that miniscule.

      • CJ says:

        An extra season on Fridays was basically a gift to fans of the show, because ratings had been slipping for some time. People basically got tired of the show–one can only watch so many episodes of some heroically needy family having their house torn down and rebuilt before it gets old. The negative publicity when the families couldn’t afford to keep the improved houses didn’t help.

        • Christian says:

          What’s kind of ridiculous about these ‘financial woes’ everyone keeps talking about is that those families account for less than 5% of the families the show helped. I did some poking around and found that in regards to the cases when an EMHE family struggled with financial problems, the timeline under which all those cases occurred is identical to the frame of time when the recession was at its peak, that being from late 2007 through late 2009. While it is true that the show’s efforts didn’t help matters much for these families, the show was not entirely to blame. Many of the cases I saw involved job losses, and in cases like the Harper Family, which has received a great deal of attention and is considered the forerunner for the “Extreme Makeover Foreclosure Edition” phenomenon which has arisen in the past years, failed business ventures. The case with the Harpers was that they lost their home after they defaulted on a rather large home equity loan they used to start a construction business, which unfortunately failed after the 2007 Housing Market Crash.

          In fact, of the 208 houses the show built, I know at least 185 are still owned by those families, a large majority of whom are doing very well. One good example of this I’ve found was the case of Janet Pauni and her family of Logan, Utah. The case was of a family of Polynesian immigrants, a single mother of eight children in a run down house. In October 2006 EMHE arrived in Logan and built them a brand new house. Four years later, The Utah Statesman ran an article on how well the family was doing. Not only was the house well suited to fit their needs, but the catering business received so much attention via the show that they have been able to afford the upkeep of the house. The legacy behind Extreme Makeover Home Edition isn’t about the large and fancy houses, it’s about not putting yourself first.

    • Since so many of the people who were given homes are losing the now unaffordable homes to excessive mortgages and light bills… I think its just good publicity to say… oops… we better get out of here before someone sues us! :O

  2. Brandon says:


    • Jeff says:

      EXACTLY – who was watching this crap all this time?

      • THUNDER says:


        • Jeff B. says:

          Comments like this confirm my fears that the world is full of complete idiots. People used to care about others. They used to care if a family was trying but just couldn’t make it. They helped, the got off their butts and did something to try and help make the world a better place. Frankly I’m really disappointed in my generation and the one that is growing up now. All the current generation seems to care about is Xbox.
          Grow up everyone. We are all part of that big group called human beings. We are all on this big old Earth together, and if we can’t get along, and we don’t care about others, it’s not hard to see that one day, we’ll all be gone.
          I’m so sick of those who keep hollaring, “it’s mine…mine…mine!” No, I’m not wealthy. I work from paycheck to paycheck to support my family. But I am always willing to give what I can to help others.
          I helped with the construction of one of the homes that went to a Joplin family. I’m not a carpenter or painter, but I wanted to feel that I contributed to this project, even though it was such a small amount. I know those people on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition appreciated their new homes.
          This show was not crap. This show was about helping others in need. If you can’t see that then I pity you, because you must be living a very miserable life.

          • Angela says:

            Jeff I agree with you!! I couldn’t find better words, you said what I wanted to say! Thank you! I can’t believe that this show is been cancelled.. I didn’t know.. i just found out that all the episode now in TV are just a repeat. I am so disappointed now. I hope that they will reconsider this bad decision.

          • uhyeahright says:

            One could argue though that previous generations didn’t have quite so much constant tragedy (via media) as people now do. In previous generations, people helped others that were in their same neighborhood… now people are having to help everyone everywhere (because of mainly TV). However, I do agree with Jeff.

          • Elizabeth Dumont says:

            Thank God …. Finally someone who feels exactly the same way I do. I couldn’t have said it better!!! And also … I really do miss Ty and the crew, and think they should “every once in a while” have a super special of Extreme Makeover. Twice a year – once in the spring & the other in the fall. Sounds GREAT doesn’t it !!!!! :D Nice talking to you! Sincerely from Liz

          • vickie says:

            I agree with you too Jeff. I can’t believe all the postings from people without a heart. I loved the show I rather see more programs with people helping one another than the junk that is being showed on television.

          • laura says:

            i know im a lil late on the reply, but very well said jeff b. and you are exactly right! this world is full of idiots that think about nothing more then themselves. and these same people are the ones that has taken God out of school, courtrooms, and in public speaking. i think you and everyone else that contributed to the helping of any family in need is a blessing and a God send. i think you did an amazing thing. thank you for being the selfless man that you are!
            another god fearing person!

          • Violet Burnley says:


  3. Bobbi says:

    I really enjoy Shark Tank and am glad it is returning. But, I’m surprised by this cancellation. You would think a feel-good show like this would do well in today’s economic climate. Well, they definitely had a good run!

  4. Phil Ellis says:

    Why would ABC cancel Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It’s one of the better shows on TV. Leave it to ABC to screw it up again! One wonders why ABC is falling behind the others….hmmm

    • Evan M says:

      Sad to hear the show is cancelled. Sad to have now so many families who won’t have the opportunity to get a new home to live in.

      But as to why it was cancelled? Bedsides the ratings (never should have moved it from Sunday) let’s also realize in this economy I don’t think ABC can keep a weekly show where they’re building a house every week and keep a decent budget (even though who knows how many people are doing things pro bono).

      Not to mention there are just too many stories floating around of people who used their stories to get the new house, then either couldn’t afford the ballooned payments again in this current economy, or even worse, brought in kids to up the “awwww” factor, then as soon as the house was built, the kids were kicked out in the streets and the homeowners enjoyed their new house that actually wasn’t built for them. (There’s more than one story of that kind of incident floating around out there.)

      I hope besides Ty’s new show, he also does more of that Great American Auction show. That was fun to watch.

      • J. Blair says:

        Sorry, realize I just posted above, but I had to respond to this post.
        There will always be those who abuse the system. We can’t stop that. But I still believe this was one of the best shows ever produced. If the incidents noted in the above post really did happen, then I believe those people will eventually end up as the losers, either physically or emotionally. But it’s not up to us to determine who is genuinely in need. Many times those who truly need the help, would never ask for the it themselves.
        In reference to Evan M.’s comment about people doing things pro bono, I can for a fact, vouch for at least one of the homes given to a Joplin family. Materials for the home were donated by a home manufacturing company, and the work to put the home together was completed by nearly 200 volunteers from a single community. No one was paid a dime. I was one of those volunteers, and I enjoyed every minute of the time I spent on the project.

        • caroline says:

          I think it is truely amazing all the hard work all the volunteers do. Restores faith in human beings. Well done

          • careen says:

            I am from Jamaica and I watch almost all the episodes. It usuall leave trying to come up with some idea of what I can do in my community to help. It is very unfortunate that a lot of people cannot recognise the odd that some of the person on the show has defied to do something good that has benifitted others. When tragedy strikes most of us run and hide and even hate others who has n8thing tomdo with what they are going through. Most of these people didnt let anything stoppedmthem and I am sorrynthat the show ended. And I am also sorrynfor the persons who didnt manage the new beginning

    • Gerry says:

      I agree. I am from Canada and looked at every episode. I have all 200 on dvd. It was one of the only things worth looking at on what i now call the idiot box. If it is not about sex or violence, it’s not on tv.

    • Violet Burnley says:

      I loved Extreme Home Makeover. Some shows brought tears.

  5. fernando says:

    ABC just does not understand that when a show is on Friday, it does not make a lot of viewers no matter what show, in my mind I thought Ugly Betty was fine where it was 4 to 5 million is not bad on friday night. I don’t think ABC should cancel this show, im sure it doesn better then shark tank, now I dont watch this show, but I think that ratings are good for friday night.

  6. jinn says:

    I quit watching it when the rebuilds got ridiculous. It stopped being about helping the average people, and changed into just trying to outdo the episode from the previous week.

    • April says:

      I completely agree. It got really dull after that.

    • jESS says:


  7. David says:

    It’s about time they cancelled this show. Ty is one of the most annoying tv personalities.

    • Ari says:

      I liked him on Trading Spaces but when he got to be a host he became really annoying. Too much of him is a bad thing.

    • Peggy says:

      I am sure that those around you may have disrespectful things about you, but I am sure they would have the dignity to keep it to themselves. Those that know Ty think a lot of him. How do you know if he is annoying or not? Grow up when posting things to the world!

    • Gerry says:

      Look in the mirror. Now you see someone annoying! He did good around him, what did you do lately while sitting on your butt!

  8. Anthony newhall says:

    ABC has a kiss of death and that is their Friday line up.

  9. chris says:

    I am surprised the show lasted as long as it did in its format. Although it is hard to justify building houses for select few when entire regions (New Orleans after Katrina, Joplin after tornadoes) are devastated.

    Although ABC does not need to pay for the construction costs and labor (all donated by local businesses), asking these companies to continue to donate significant time and resources during a down economy has to take its toll. And you never hear about how these people are left with enormous houses that suck energy, use large amounts of water, and result in enormous real estate bills.

    The worst indictment are the people who turned around and either sold their houses for huge profits or took out second mortgages and ended up losing the house. Really takes the ‘pull on your heartstrings’ factor out of the show.

  10. jrs says:

    Whoo hoo, best news I had all day!!!!

  11. kelly says:

    This needed to happen… Most if the extreme makeover families couldn’t pay the taxes on the extravagant homes and went in to forclosure, pretty counter productive if you ask me.

  12. Mishelle Tsousis says:

    I love watching home extreme makeover. We would record it and as a family sit down and watch lots of people get together to help others in need. What a wonderful thing this show has done, so sad to see u go :-(

  13. Sally says:

    I am very upset that Extreme Home Makeover has been cancelled. This show does good and should be kept on. Turn it over to HGTV but keep it on.

  14. kevin says:

    Friday nights has been a sinkhole for ABC ever since the days of TGIF but I hope the alphabet network is destined to find a huge hit on the “Friday night dead zone” during next Fall primetime schedule in May 2012 now that SHARK TANK set to debuts its new season this January.

    • Liz says:

      I’d like to see them bring back TGIF. I know they can’t bring back Boy Meets World, Sabrina, and Clueless; but it would be nice to have family friendly Friday night tv with similar shows to those.

  15. Tee says:

    Did they ever renew that extreme makeover weight loss one? Now THAT was a terrible show…

  16. Resee says:

    Wow really? Ppl are glad? You have no idea how good they made these ppl feel after something devastating happ in their lives. I’m said it is leaving & getting replaced. There aren’t too many shows out now & days that are based on helping others & their communities propser beyond something horrific. So I’m sad to see it go, & I hope something like this & better come later on so families & communities can keep hope

  17. Karen MT says:

    What does this mean for the eps that were meant to be aired afterwards? They’re currently building a house outside of Charlotte. I’m assuming they’ll finish the house, but does this mean it won’t be aired? And what about the homes and families that have already been announced?

    • Tom Nichol says:

      Four final projects will be aired during the holiday season to round out the show. I agree that the show should NOT have been cancelled, especially in the self-serving way that ABC did it! How I wish that someone at HGTV or maybe RFD-TV would give the series a new shot. If they do, Ty should not be on the show as much as he was–300 days on the road every year is simply not healthy, and probably cost Ty his relationship with his girlfriend, Drea Brock. As if that weren’t bad enough, The Revolution has now been cancelled as of the end of July. Most all of the original design team from EMHE have other jobs and endeavors they can go to, so they may not be hurting financially–but emotionally, that’s something else again! The same goes for Ty’s colleagues on The Revolution. Hopefully, Ty can take some much-needed time off, refresh and refocus his perspective, and try and find some other TV show where he can be of help to others.

      • Leah says:

        He’s not with Drea Bock anymore? That’s strange she’s always with him

        • Tom Nichol says:

          The last I knew, they had broken up completely. I haven’t seen anything on the Internet to indicate that they’ve gotten back together. I certainly would like to see them get back together–BUT–they more than likely would need to get some sort of counseling if their relationship were to have any hope of survival.

  18. Melissa Zimmerman says:

    This sucks, why do the always cancel family shows?

  19. Vinny says:

    I’m calling it now: they will bring it back in a few years when they realize they have no real programming, a la Fear Factor’s return.

    I found it a little shocking that they’re calling it quits now, but then again I haven’t watched the show in years and almost forgot it was still on the air. Still, it’s a little bit of a loss since this show wasn’t like a scripted show that gets stale anywhere from its 6th-7th season onwards (I compel you to argue one show that was as good in its 7th or later season as it was in its heyday).

  20. Phoenix says:

    I didn’t even know that the show was still on.

  21. mags says:

    Noooooooooooo! They haven’t built me a new house yet!

    • amy shea says:

      That’s exactly how i feel. My dad was diagnosed with 4th stage, terminal cancer last spring and by the time we found it it was already too late to try and save him. All they can do is pro-long his life with chemo which basically does the same thing as cancer, kills him. He can’t go to work because he’s so sick so when he loses his sick leave time were gonna lose our house because my mom is only making $900 a month. She works as a kindergarten teacher at a christian school and she only does as a ministry not because of the money obviously. To add to that she has bringing kids home after school for years to help them because most of the ones we keep have learning disabilities. She also doesn’t charge them because it’s about helping others in need without expecting anything in return which is what i believe this show did. I’m a senior in highschool who made one stupid mistake so now i am a soon to be 18 year old mother, but i see this child as a blessing reguardless of how it came to be. My family has never asked for help, we’ve always been the ones to help in many more ways than i can explain. I didnt grow up an only child either. I have 3 older sister who were being raised by a single mom, but because someone cared enough to be a dad to a family that despretly needed help, we have had an amazing close family who in return has helped many others. If it wasn’t for the show being cancelled i would have written in to them about my story, but unfortunately we may never get a chance like that. I thank the homemakover show for making such a difference in so many lives though, they have been like angels here on earth.

  22. brandy says:

    Shoot. This is one of my favorites…one of the few things that I don’t feel like crap for watching.

  23. Guy says:

    Something tells me ABC are going to save Body of Proof and put it on Fridays next season and eve the end of this one. I could be wrong but it sort of makes sense to me. It’s an in house production and well it could do well enough for them on Fridays.

  24. amir isabelle says:

    please don’t cancel EMHE it’s a superb team with a big heart and so generous it’s scandalous of stop EMHE , poor Ty , Paige , Paul and Michael … I’m very sad don’t go EMHE please , please , please

  25. jamie says:

    I participated in a build and was so disgusted after thatbI quit watching. The “stars” are MINIMALLY. Involved with working on the house and when I say minimal I really mean not involved. For our build they left the last piece of siding off ….Ty came out of his trailer long enough to get filmed putting the last piece on. It is a joke and false advertising. I would rather donate my time to Habitat for Humanity where the stars are the families and volunteers.

    • Jack says:

      Excellent point – if all of the disappointed viewers want to do some real life good, volunteer your time at Habitat for Humanity instead of watching maudlin contrived “reality” shows.

    • Ava says:

      Agreed. We did a build in Pittburgh a while back and the stars of the show were too busy running their mouthes to do any work. They just had photos ops of them measuring things or moving a vase onto a shelf. Ick.

  26. TheFinalMan says:

    I could never bring myself to watch any program that has “Extreme Makeover” in its title.

  27. Heather says:

    Really?All of the people griping about how it was about time and how they thought the show really are all showing how shallow you really are.
    This was one of the few shows about helping people who really needed help.It was finally a show about something other then snotty overpriveleged cat fights or lame scripted “reality shows“ I suppose if they threw in some snotty rich girls whining about having to lower them selves to lifting a finger..or if they had added making people eat bugs it might have held your rather limited attention span then?
    I feel bad for those of us who are living in hell w no way of getting help now that the show is canceled. Before we all could at least have hope that we could wake one morning to having that bus show to help us have a safe place to live.
    It was one of the few shows on tv that made a difference to peoples lives for the better..its a horrible loss.

  28. Heather says:

    It’s too bad habbitat for humanity is still far too expensive for most of us.I have lived in one horrible place after another.I baraley survived living in a place that I had to remove 60 PINTS of water out of the air. I was dying from black mold poisoning for 4 long years.I now suffer permanent breathing problems and was forced to move to place I can barely aford to try to survive.

    There isn’t any help out there,most if us fall through the cracks..I have looked into habbitat for humanity There is only a tiny % of people that can afford that.This show really filled in some gaps and helped people that had no other way of getting help..people like me.
    Its really too bad that a show about helping people isnt on every channel once a week.

  29. Pam says:

    I am sad to hear the news but I guess time changes but I do hope the team come back in a new show maybe CBS

  30. isabelle says:

    please ABC do not cancel EMHE why this decision ? It’s unjust , stupid and bad … I’m very , very sad

  31. nancy says:

    Ironically, I know 2 people that had Extreme Makeover Houses. They couldn’t afford their taxes, utility bills or increased taxes and lost their homes. I’m not sure it was a good thing when they had a house and 5 years later they were forced out. They were not doing these people any favors.

  32. sarah sproston says:

    I loved this show when it first aired! But once they started doing families with disabled people and needy children (don’t get me wrong they diserved it more than most) I lost hope that one day Maybe they could do my house. I am just an average women with an average family, so I stood no chance. So I simply lost interest. Also I hated the fact that they built the rediculous sized homes. If they family couldn’t afford to fix there homes(even the little things) what makes anyone think They could afford the property taxes which would go up like crazy! And another thing. Doing the children’s rooms. Some of their rooms were a little too much. Sure a unicorn coming out of a two year olds bedroom wall is nice when she’s two. But what about when she’s seventeen? She will have to live with that unless the family struck the lottery and paid to remove it and fixed the room. What happened to Just a fix And not a rebuild. No wonder they are cancelling this show they spent way to much money on theses homes. But it is still good to watch. Just not realistic.

  33. isabelle says:

    ABC please do not cancel this beautiful team full of love and of generosity for families , EMHE is not a serie it’s mens and womans who work hard nights and days sometimes without eat and it’s unjust for them of cancel their work hope you ABC dwell on your decision and sorry for my bad english

  34. Mike says:

    Good concept show, but the TV personalities were horrible…absolutely distracted from the show. Too much foo foo nonsense. Ty reminds me of Mary Lou Retton…perpetually perky. What a headache.

  35. lynn Mac says:

    I don’t know what season we are watching of Extreme Makeover but what a shame its going to be cancelled. They have helped so many people in need and have really made huge difference in peoples lives. I was hoping the producers do the show in other countries for eg in Africa Zimbabwe where I come from. There is always hope!!!

  36. jmb says:

    Just FYI Ty and the crew were down in Texas a few weeks ago building a house for a fireman and his family that lost everything in the large fire we had on Labor Day weekend. We were told it will air around Christmas 2012 as their Christmas special. And we were also told he was working on a house in another state at the same time b/c he was flying back and forth. So this isn’t the last we see of them.

  37. Tonya says:

    What in the world is ABC doing? First they go and cancel their longtime daytime soaps All My Children and One Life to Live. Now they’ve brought the AC down on Extreme Makeover. Get it together ABC !! NOBODY LIKES HOW YOU GUYS ARE CHANGING EVERYTHING NOW. The new shows you are putting on your network SUCK!!!!!

    • PostWaleed says:

      I FULLHEARTEDLY AGREE ! ABC used to be my family’s favorite channel for TV programs. Mom loved “AMC (All my children)” for as long as I can remember; I’m 34 yrs old. We watched “Extreme Makeover- Home Edition” for the last 8 years (we even taped it when not at home). We all felt that it was one of the best feel-good TV shows to ever be put on TV ! ! !
      The show may have been on too often to remain stimulating and effective. We look forward to the upcoming “Special Editions” of E”M-HE”.

  38. Denise says:

    If you build houses that are safe and that the people can afford, it would be better to watch knowing the family is really secure in their future. Otherwise, you’re just making “heartwarming” TV and nothing is really being done to benefit the family. You’d think with all the brains it takes to build a house in 7 days, they’d conserve some mental resources to make it last for the family financially. Shouldn’t the family be made aware or “counseled” on the impacts, good AND bad, that their new home may have on their lives? i.e. higher taxes, energy bills, etc. Unless of course helping is not the MAIN GOAL of the show.

  39. I’m very sorry to see the EHME show has been cancelled. I have really enjoyed the show and i have watched every airing of it since the beginning. On a very few occassions i’ve had to tape or record it and view it later but only on a few times. I appreciate what the show has done for so many families. I have only heard of one time in my home state where a family has lost their madeover home but today i have read of other stories of families losing the homes, childrens being used in order to obtain the show support and some other horrible stories. While i truly hope this hasn’t happen i understand that there may have been some mishaps over the years. However the show has done so much to help that i truly hope that the show itself gets a remodel. People who are truly in need would be happy to have a working, safe home, beautiful but within their means to maintain it. Get back to the basis of giving a hand up without the overwhelming price tags. In other words moderations is the key. Please DON’T CANCEL.

  40. Tazze says:

    I wish they would still get to continue what they’re CALLING is to do; helping out TRUE families who REALLY are in NEED of help. WHY cancel them? Some people love watching these clips!!

    There are other sitcoms out there that shouldn’t be on; but that is life I guess., you choose what we the world is to watch when in reality; we don’t like junk sitcoms. The old ones yes they were fine. I Love Lucy is awesome!! Too bad you have to decide to get rid of the family one, that we love to watch. No more of ABC for us!! Maybe CBS will have them instead of ABC!!!

  41. RGC says:

    I’m so sad that this show is ending. It IS the best of “reality” tv. More lives have been changed and homes built for people. I hope ABC CHANGE their minds and bring the show back with Ty and the others!

  42. Carmella says:

    Hey I’m Carmella Williams and me and my3kids really need a home make over please help us.bamboo forest Houston .Tx77044 832-329-6720 thainks

  43. Suzete says:

    I love Extreme Makeover and I’m very sad that its ending. Changing it to Fridays was a mistake in my opinion,its the last day of the weekday and people are happy to be out of work and just want to go out for a few hours to take some time for themselves maybe have a drink,to the gym or even a bite to eat with friends.Sundays is usually more of a family day and Extreme Makeover was a good one to watch together with good value.. Very disappointed its ending,I hope its picked up again,maybe they can split the two shows when one comes to a end the other one can return and so on..

  44. Annette says:

    ABC seems to be enjoying cancelling shows this past year. That is why ABC is going down the tubes. I certainly do not watch any shows on ABC anymore after cancelling All My Children. Now it seems they want to put on more stupid reality shows. Maybe they will be stupid enough to put on the Kardashians (not sure of spelling and really do not care).

  45. Donna says:

    Although I agree that the builds have gotten out of hand, they always tried to do things to reduce upkeep costs.

    I do like the fact that they found families that really did seem to need and appreciate the help.

    I will miss this show very much!

  46. Charmaine says:

    I am really gonna miss EMHE, why did they cancel the show.

  47. Alissa says:

    I an very upset at cancelling the home makeover show, me and my 7 year old watched it together, it showed him that there are people out there worse off than us and that there are people that actually cares enough to help them. Ty and the team and the volenteers do such wonderful things for thoes who need it. I do not watch much tv, but I will miss this show, it is so heart-warming and a real family show, by the way who couldn’t stand watching a show with Ty in it, he is hot

  48. Liese says:

    How fitting that ABC should replace a show that helps the helpless, in a time where families are really struggling, with Shark Tank (slated, I hear, to take EHM’s slot), a show that celebrates overly ambitious people behaving badly to make lots of money. ABC, you’ve lost my loyalty. Shame on you.

  49. a pom from across the pond says:

    well good old Disney / ABC they cancel a great American TV program that only America can really do properly.. i suppose the slot and budget will be spent on a cookery or weight loss program or worse still another cops program that fill up the worlds airwaves only to give us another 20 channels we dont watch …

    i fear the opinion’s of foriegn viewers who see amaricans are real nice folks deep down will soon revert to oh the gun toting legal abiss that we take the kids to see mickey mouse ……. no offence to Americans just those that seem intent on globalised financial gain against good ole fashioned caring…

    Wow it’s only a Tv series sorry to ramble

  50. jaxum says:

    I loved the show and the good that it did, not only for needy families, but is showing that the majority of people in this country still care about each other.
    I must admit however that even though Pennington obviously is touched by the peoples situation, I have become very tired of his histronics.