Exclusive: Jane Fonda Joins Aaron Sorkin's HBO Series (And You Won't Believe Who She's Playing)

Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO series about the cable news biz is generating a pretty massive headline of its own: Two-time Oscar winner Jane Fonda is joining the cast in a recurring role that is sure to have conspiracy theorists buzzing, TVLine has learned exclusively.

The still-untitled hour-long drama — which is being unofficially referred to as Newsroom — is set behind the scenes at a fictional cable news network and centers on an anchor (Jeff Daniels), his new executive producer (Emily Mortimer), his newsroom staff (Alison Pill, John Gallagher, Jr., Olivia Munn, Dev Patel, Thomas Sadoski) and their boss (Law & Order‘s Sam Waterston).

Fonda, in her first major television gig, will play Leona Lansing, the CEO of cable news network’s parent company. She’s a titan and her corporate concerns often conflict with the reporting of the news outlet she owns.

Hmm…. the character sounds suspiciously like a female version of Fonda’s ex-husband, media tycoon and CNN founder Ted Turner. Her name also name checks two legendary business women, ex-Paramount boss Sherry Lansing and the late Leona Helmsley.

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  1. Dana says:

    If you read any if her past interviews she admits that she was young , naive, and it was a terrible mistake going to Vietnam. And regrets doing it. Surely we all have done something we regret, but this being a war brought a bigger attention to it. There is no. Documentation that any lives were lost by her actions.

  2. Good job HBO! Good job America! says:

    Jane Fonda is a HERO AND A TRUE AMERICAN.

    She was called to do her duty and did it admirably. I’m surprised so many of you hate her for her military service.

    I hope she runs for office someday. All the troops I know LOVE her.

    Jane has very bravely served her country. I don’t hate her at all for going over there and fighting the enemy! Love it or leave it. We love Jane!

    • James Howell says:

      Hanoi Jane in the military? She went over there to fight the enemy? She “bravely served her country?” You know troops that LOVE her?

      Holy schla-moley. You don’t have a clue, do you? Hanoi Jane was NOT in the military. The “enemy” she fought were American troops. I don’t know how to respond to the “bravely served her country” remark. That one really blows me away. She attempted to go to the Middle East to visit the troops but there were so many complaints she was forced to cancel the trip.


  3. mogar says:

    Great another program with Hanoi Jane I won’t have to watch.

  4. junkTV says:

    One of the reasons we cancelled HBO. Pulled the plug on all premium cable and couldn’t be happier. We don’t watch any shows that have far lefties on them. Why give them and their sponsors money to support their left wing causes. Doesn’t leave much to watch and it’s junk anyway. Family, games, books keep us so entertained along with internet we no longer would even find time for t.v…

    • ewing says:

      You’re so right, I think you should just stop watching TV altogether, it is mostly created by lefties, also movies, made by those damned Hollywood trash, and burn your books – writers tend to be these annoying “progressives” and have liberal views. Just to be safe, burn all of them, you can’t go wrong this way. Same goes for music.

  5. Adam says:

    My brother is a set dresser on this series!

  6. Oldguy says:

    May she suffer a slow and painful demise. I am a Drudge “troll,” and you libs must realize we “trolls” represent the majority.

  7. Stray Goose says:

    As a disabled Vietnam veteran, one of the goals in my life is to outlive the Traitor Fonda, so I can urinate on her grave. There is no excuse for her actions, and she can never take them back.
    Deo Vindice!

    • joe says:

      Sorry about your injury but should you not blame the People who sent you to Viet nam on a lie, the Gulf of Tonkin never happened, then the People who tried to get you out. Maybe if we had more support we could have saved you also. I know you are angry but your anger is misdirected. Blame Nixon or LBJ and your own foolish self for buying into a lie but not the people on your side.

  8. Greg says:

    Your the problem with county and view point and comment are about as low as you.

  9. rawheadrex says:

    Despite an oscar for a pitiable attempt at acting in “Klute,” cher Jane was never more than an ornament in any movie in which she appeared. I will give you “Cat Ballou” and you name another movie in which she appeared. Her father, another overrated actor, gave her entree to the filmic stage. This family is a perfect American family; adulterous father, promiscuous children, all advising America on all matters of manner and morality.
    I am so glad Hollywood on the left coast and the solons in congress on the least coast can guide the people who pay the bills.
    Jane, try a new wrinkle; look new farther than your chin!

  10. TW says:

    I think it is time to turn off comments on this post Michael.

  11. hillery says:

    Here is Peter Fonda from May, 2011

    “I sent an email to President Obama saying, ‘You are a f—— traitor,’ using those words…

    Sorkin, Jane, Peter—-classless.

  12. freddiek says:

    I like seeing her get older because I vowed on my brothers grave that I would piss on her grave. I am hopefully going to make long enough to fulfill my oath to all my lost brothers.

    • joe says:

      You need a Dick to piss don’t you? If you had a dick and Balls you would not have killed and maimed for a lie. The real men went to canada.

  13. Dennis D says:

    Keep in mind Sorkin doesn’t care. He is not American. He is Jewish.

  14. skeeter spidel says:

    I was there, I know what SHE did…Please if you love our country and have respect for our troops, do not promote in anyway anything that this whitch Hanoi Jane gets involved with. She is a monster and for reasons that I do not understand, is not in prison. I know what she did, I was there.

  15. Traitoralways says:

    @TW…You one of those b##tard#s that fled to Canada? We may have not agreed with the war but we did our duty to country just like the wars Obama is having, like Libya where so many civilians died. She was and is a TRAITOR and wannabe human who should be in prison for what she did and the lives she was responsible for murdering. You going to say you were there or some such crap as that then you’re a liar. WE all knew how they escalated the offensive after the left wing media in this country raised her to a status of a Goddess. If it wasn’t for a lot of decent Americans who died for this country right or wrong, you sure wouldn’t be on the internet or free to express your opinion.

  16. NYONE says:

    I doubt anyone is going to be interested in seeing this hag in any TV program, whatever the role. She’s way past her expiration date.

  17. Rolco says:

    She should be tried now in a military tribune for the treason she committed ! It’s never too late !

  18. Tyson says:

    You right wing nut jobs realize that nothing you’re saying is true, right? It’s all rumors spread around that have long been disproven. The POWs she supposedly betrayed said they never even met her when interviewed on the subject. She did pass on messages to POW’s loved ones, but she didn’t turn in SSNs to guards resulting in beatings and deaths. She didn’t say anything about wanting to shoot American aircraft out of the sky. These are all false rumors started years ago. I can’t believe it’s still being spread around. And what’s scarier still, you people are allowed to vote. Lord save us.

  19. Rolco says:

    Us American Patriots should not do the fighting and defending for these Liberal Communist Brain Dead Traitors. Let them defend themselves or let them surrender. We should only defend ourselves and not fight to protect these enemies from within. Jane Fonda should be tried ! It’s never to late to demand it !

  20. Eric says:

    If not for Game of Throans Season 2 coming in April I may have turned Hbo off.

  21. Hueychief says:

    Down with HBO.It is a lefty cesspoool.

  22. TERRENCE says:

    Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden were on their honeymoon making love when Jane sensed Toms disappointment “what’s wrong?” she asked. Tom told her that before they were married she told him she was a virgin and now that he’s inside her he can’t feel anything that her vagina is huge! Jane said “Tom that’s because you’re in my a**hole I f**k everybody in my ass!” this makes Jane a huge traitorous a**hole. Ted felt the same disappointment on his honeymoon.

  23. spaldo says:

    I piss on her every day! She should be tried for treason

  24. CHARLES SELF says:


  25. Ken says:

    The only excuse to watch Fonda would be a snuff film.

  26. oh really says:

    F..k jane fonda.

  27. Tommy A says:

    I would not p!ss in her mouth if her tongue was on fire.

  28. randy says:

    screw hanoi jane , she is a worthless whore and a traitor to a nation that gave her everything in the way of success . she deserves not

  29. notalib says:

    Jane, the liberal fruitcake is non-repentance. She is still a lib fruitcake. ANYTHING she appears in, takes part of, in favor of, supports and or indorses I will avoid even if the product and other actors are great. This anti-American whore should be sent to the basement never to be seen or heard from again.

  30. chuck says:

    Liberals are so funny because they take an ill-rational position and try and make it sound rational. All of you out there that truely know about Jane Fonda know that by all legal standards she truely is/was a traitor and the illrational and inmature liberals that call you names are just trying to get you riled up. These people have no pride in America and have made to believe that socialism, communism and marxism are a better form of government that what our founding fathers established. They will say and call you anything to make themselves feel superior. So pay no attention to the and if anything feel sorry for them, even tho their ideology is dangerous. There will be many more that will not watch the show than will.

    • joe says:

      I am a vet, USN Corpman served with the Marines FMF. I disagree with you. What can People do when their Goverment is involved in an illeagal War? I was discharged in 1969 and we tried everything to stop the killing we were beaten and jailed for protesting. With the Pentagon Papers printed everyone knew that the war was started on a lie, Gulf of Tonkin, yet the killing contiuned. You should be angry but your anger is misdirected.

      • Brad says:

        Thank you for that joe. This is not about Liberals and Communists, this is about irresponsible, evil ‘people’ who worked for their own selfish goals and trampled on the lives of others while trying to achieve it.

  31. mcw1142 says:

    Brilliant move to ensure it gets low ratings. Some of us television viewers remember her as the traitor she was during the Vietnam war. While the average GI was putting their life on the line, this daughter of privilege was posing with a North Vietnamese tank crew. Some of us will never watch anything this self-serving bubble-headed idiot is a part of.

  32. Jose says:

    Jane Fonda is an excellent actress. I am looking forward to see her in anything. Great news.

    I didnt know that there are so many old-guys blogging here. Because you should have lived at that time to post any comment about the past… if not you are just judging something from what you heard not about what you lived.

    • Drop dead you liberal POS.I was THERE.I SERVED my country while that bi tch sat laughing at the enemy’s anti-aircraft gun.She betrayed our Prisoner Pilots yo their captors which caused them additional tortures.You had better PRAY we never meet.

      • James says:

        You better pray I never meet you Gordon! I will rip you apart!

      • joe says:

        You are praising Pilots that dropped Napalm on People who had done nothing to us. Not only had they not done anything to us but they were incapable of doing us any harm. The war began on a proven lie,Gulf of Tonkin” jane,with the rest of us Vets against the war tried to stop the killing. While mistakes were made on our side they don’t compare to the carnage done by the people you support.

        The war is over, we lost for good reason, move on.

  33. ElBobbo says:

    I am looking forward to pissing on Hanoi Jane’s grave and hopefully very soon. Rot in hell you commie bitch and be glad we have never met, it would not turn out well for you.

  34. Jimmy says:

    Put me in the group that would be willing, given the opportunity to introduce the treasonist bitch’s brains to some 45 cal copper and lead.


  35. This disgusting traitor should have served 20 years for her crimes and then have been ignored and shunned(which she was,thank God. She is trying to rehabilitate her image for legacy purposes.Won’t work Hanoi Jane.You’re just another Tokyo Rose.Go slither back under the rock you’ve been hiding under.

    • James says:

      Funny you people are not even mentioning that a$$ GW Bush’s atrocities, while this woman who was a young fool is being abused for something which she wasn’t even responsible to begin with!

  36. Commie exterminator says:

    All I ever hear from the commie libs is they want everyone to just “move on” when the topic is something they are against. It’s funny but when it comes to George W Bush, or Dick Cheney…et al and their “lies” about WMD’s the commies just can’t seem to let it go and “move on”. Why is that?

    • James says:

      Let me see, if you were in Iraq while your family was being raped and abused in front of you, I wonder how high you’ll praise Bush then. I think you’d scream hoarse – “GW Bush forever <3 " Right?? The intelligence reports were fabricated and everybody high up knew that! Bush only went to war for the oil reserves! All the personnel knew the vile things the soldiers did and yet never spoke up about it. Wth did this woman – Jane Fonda ever do to you! You are all just blind eyed fools! Look at the image of USA in the world now! Nobody respects it anymore! Its a freaking joke!

  37. Amber says:

    TVLine, aren’t you guys supposed to be monitoring the comments? Some of these posts are spam and use bad language. I am surprised you guys are letting the comments get like this.

    I also gotta add, I am thrilled to see Sam Waterston on TV again, but I’m still wishing they had cast the effervescent Marissa Tomei, who is adorable actress, in that role instead of Olivia Munn, who sort of looks like an insect to me. And whom I suspect is also a traitorous b.

  38. Patrick says:

    If Jane had done in WWII what she did during VietNam, she would have been executed. She’s a dumbassed C-nt. You know, like YOU, “Laura”.

  39. joe says:

    jane Fonda may or may not have been the Reason that some POW’s were mis-treated but I have not heard anyone mention LBJ or Nixon the Men who put them in that position. They are the one’s who should have been “Perped walked” The war was not lost because Jane went to Viet Nam the war was lost because the reason to go to war was based on Lies “Gulf of Tonkin” The war was never winnable, we threw everything at them except Nukes. they had a cause, we had a lie.

    The other Urban Myth that should end is the one that states that our Men were spit upon when they returned. Come on, can you see a sandal wearig, Bearded Hippie spitting on a battle weary warrior and living. Not a chance.

    • Mike says:

      You need Bellevue now stop the puffing, cause you’re nuts or lib, same thing.

    • Michael says:

      You spew the liberal re-write of the truth. We were winning the war. S. Vietnam fell because democrats lied to them (nothing new) and withdrew funding that they promised. Hanging them out to dry. Democrats caused 3 million more people to die, including all those in Cambodia. Even 5 of the Chicago 7 said they were wrong about the war.

      But, at least the hippies had a good excuse to get high and disrespect our country and the men fighting for their right to spew their hate and ignorance.

  40. Rolco says:

    Liberals are trying to rewrite history. They, should also be held responsible and accountable. Just like Tokyo Rose and Hanoi Jane !
    Phooey on the liberals and their media controls. I’ve cancelled everything that tends liberal since 1994.

  41. Lipstick says:

    Hollywood is complaining now bwcause of the low box office receipts. They should look to the lousy movies they are putting out and for supporting liberals in government that are crippling our economy. This show will not make it because this woman is not true to America. None of these Hollywood types are. I never watch movies nor rent them either. Too bad really because I like Jeff Daniels. He at least deserves a better cast.

  42. John Galt says:

    Very simple folks. Call HBO, cancel, and mention why. Maybe they will get the message. Not watching is not enough, they already have your money – ratings don’t matter, subscribers do.

    Who is Ron Paul? 2012

    • ewing says:

      But none of this people had HBO in a first place. Well, maybe like two or three of them. So they’d have to subscribe first!

  43. Max's mom says:

    I remember those days. The draft, the protests- all of it. I marched in NYC on Luci Johnson’s wedding day carrying a sign that said “Bring the Troops Home Now”. My “ilk” did not want our peers to go to Vietnam and fight the politician’s war. It was nothing personal- we just did not want you yo go. RIP Joey Fitzgerald KIA 31 May 1967. He was 19 years old.

  44. Michael says:

    Even her father Henry, a true patriot, couldn’t stand her and was disgusted with her. It took years for him to even look at her again. She should have stayed in N. Vietnam … at least our B-52’s would have had a shot at her.

  45. JeddMcHead says:

    I understand the part she was originally considered for was an unprincipled whore who dodged being tried for treason because her father was a big Hollyweird actor — but they scrapped the role, figuring no one would accept the premise.

  46. John Moser says:

    Fonda and Sorkin. It’s hard to decide which is worse. Waterston makes me want to vomit. This should float like a lead balloon. Pass.

  47. Leon the Pimp says:






  48. David says:

    This is just too much. Go ahead and accuse Jane Fonda, but please remember that the war was unjust. Millions of Vietnamese are dead because of actions by the american government, as well as 58 000 american soldiers. War crimes were being committed and all of you who attack Jane Fonda seem to support the war efforts in Vietnam. You should all look yourselves in the mirror. What was the reason for killing millions of Vietnamese solidiers and civilians? What was the positive effect of the killings? If you can’t produce good answers to those questions, why do you support the war? And if you can’t justify the war, why direct your anger at Jane Fonda? Why not direct it at Kissinger or someone else in the administrations responsible?

  49. apvbguy says:

    cancel your HBO!!!!!!!

  50. Always Correct says:

    The hell? You miserable dlckbags whining about things that occurred about 40 years ago. You are supposed to defend “free speech”. IT’S IN THE CONSTITUTION. Sorry your lives suck so much you have to refer to, again, 40 year old BS. WHO CARES? You murdered people, many of your own. You’d be in jail if you couldn’t play the “troop” card.