Exclusive: Jane Fonda Joins Aaron Sorkin's HBO Series (And You Won't Believe Who She's Playing)

Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO series about the cable news biz is generating a pretty massive headline of its own: Two-time Oscar winner Jane Fonda is joining the cast in a recurring role that is sure to have conspiracy theorists buzzing, TVLine has learned exclusively.

The still-untitled hour-long drama — which is being unofficially referred to as Newsroom — is set behind the scenes at a fictional cable news network and centers on an anchor (Jeff Daniels), his new executive producer (Emily Mortimer), his newsroom staff (Alison Pill, John Gallagher, Jr., Olivia Munn, Dev Patel, Thomas Sadoski) and their boss (Law & Order‘s Sam Waterston).

Fonda, in her first major television gig, will play Leona Lansing, the CEO of cable news network’s parent company. She’s a titan and her corporate concerns often conflict with the reporting of the news outlet she owns.

Hmm…. the character sounds suspiciously like a female version of Fonda’s ex-husband, media tycoon and CNN founder Ted Turner. Her name also name checks two legendary business women, ex-Paramount boss Sherry Lansing and the late Leona Helmsley.

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  1. Jesse says:

    That is awesome news about Fonda joining the Sorkin show…but what is she wearing in that photo? Is that really a sequined seafoam-green animal print? If so, then any character named “Leona Lansing” should definitely wear it.

    • furdburfull says:

      Hanoi Jane should be serving prison time
      or have her leg blown off and arm shreaded to
      pieces by a north vietnamise artillery shell
      I doubt the PC Liberal media won’t post this

      • pjdjmj says:

        Hanoi Jane aka Communist whore should have been hung for treason long ago. Sorkin is obviously should have his citizenship revoked. They probably won’t allow this either.

        • Anti-Whacko says:

          To regular readers–As I suspected, the neo-Nazi, racist, right-wing whackos are being linked over here from Drudgereport. Thise mental midgets smell up any site they visit. Try to ignore them–They’ll all die of alcohol poisoning or chirrosis of the liver at some point in the near future.

          • oldenuf2remember says:

            Spoken like a true paragon of liberal compassion and
            open-mindedness. Where were you when Hanoi Jane visited the
            Hanoi Hilton and, when the POWs passed her their Social
            Security numbers in the hope that she’d pass them on to the
            US government so their families would know they were alive, she
            handed them over to the prison authorities who proceeded to
            increase the beatings and torture in retaliation?
            I’m waiting for an answer. Where were you?
            How many Americans died as a result of her betrayal?
            Their blood is on her hands.

          • david5300 says:

            truely spoken like a true liberal/ enemy comatant/ useful idiot.
            Someone who would send your son or daughter to defend his freedoms while he mocks their sacrifice and protests them if and when they return home.
            The same ilk as the westboro bastist cabal.

          • Laura says:

            oldenuf2remember, that story is a total urban myth. Check your facts, asshat.

          • Geechee says:

            I’ll bet these “mental midgets” can spell “chirrosis {sic}” correctly.

          • Lipstick says:

            La Di Daaaaa You wish.

          • PatrioticUSGlory says:

            Cancel HBO.

          • markchristopher says:

            Spoken like a true liberal…. your day will come, and soon. The littlest dictator, Obama, is on his way out, along with the crass analysis to the likes of you. All you libs can do is throw stones, because you can’t live up to what you’ve done to our country. America is getting wise to you.

          • Califemme says:

            Hey libtard, most neo-nazi-racist-rightwing-whackos are teetotalers, duh. If you’re gonna insult people, get yer facts straight, sucka.

          • Gail says:

            I read the names that you called the other people that you disagreed with.

            Ok hippy, why don’t you go find your mommy & daddy, if you have one that will admit to their mistake, and/or go to the Feds you socialist/commi, self centered pig, & have the feds or commune, you belong to & get your diapers changed. Then go find a city square to smoke your dope & make a cross to “social justice to humanity” & prop yourself up there. (Of course taking your regular drug breaks, forget about baths, & don’t forget, get some free food handouts from the people who work). Oh, but make sure you take the day off to get your food stamps or unemployment!!!

            Okay, there. That sounds about as immature and stupid as your comments.

            Evidently the previous posters KNOW A LOT MORE than you have an idea about “Hanoi Jane”. I was a child back then but from what I have read, seen and reports that I have heard the previous posters are correct. My impression of Jane Fonda was that she was a privileged actress who was not emotionally healthy (I listened to her autobiography/book-out of her own mouth). I think that she got swept up with hearing only one side of the story, peer pressure, insecurity, not having good emotional family support, and “wanting to go with the crowd” to her that was her family that she thought gave her emotional support. She made a COMPLETE FOOL of herself. I have not kept up with her events since, but if I was her, I would formally & publicly apologize to the Vietnam Vets & their families. She should try to do philanthropic events, donate time for not just veterans but the Vietnam Veterans, to TRY to compensate for the idiocy & ugliness that she did back then.

            Why, oh, why, do people think that other people want to be in a war. They are protecting our country so that we CAN have the freedom of having an opinion and that we CAN vote. But above all the right to being safe. A lot of soldiers in the past were drafted. Or voluntarily signed up, due to country pride and the love for it. The soldiers did not make arrangements to have a war. Blame the president and the others that control this. And another thing, have hippies and/or the anti war people, ever ONCE considered that there are secrets not divulged to the American public about security threats, and threats of war, actions needed to prevent war. And also I know that if there are humans involved, yes corruption can be behind things, but with so many other people to be checked with? The president is not the ONLY ONE who makes the decision of war. I could go on etc, etc., etc.

            If you negate these statements then you need to leave our country & go to another country to appreciate ours. You will be happier not being here and we will be happier that you are not here.

            It sounds to me as if you are sheltered, bored, and a spoiled, “entitled” American that has not had to face the real dangers of what the Veterans had to face. You sound like an armchair quarterback. Will you have a temper tantrum and soil your diapers if God does not ask for your opinion on judgment day?

            I will not be looking for a response. Just think about my opinions and my experiences on this. We can agree to disagree but when I see a libtard be so hypocritical, I give up. I will give an opinion or how I see things. My job is not to change your mind. I AM trying to understand people with your views, but I just can’t. I just cannot reason it out.

          • Cynde Frizzell says:

            Honey, did they not teach you how to spell where you came from. You’re obviously not from Texas,
            Thank God.

        • SonR says:

          given your views in favor of execution and censorship, you should obviously move to north korea

        • catlover says:

          Hanoi Jane is the reason why i do not have a father. he was killed in the withdraw from Hanoi. that communist whore should be tried and hung. or that the special forces have her , they know what to do to a traitor

          • MoonAngelwings says:

            Wow , didn’t know Fonda served in Vietnam. I wonder how many of these crap Conservatives remember the Vietnam war, or just repeating BS from Reilly, Beck etc.My Relatives served in Vietnam, when asked about Fonda all 4 say ,Love her body .

          • Califemme says:

            Ignore this a$$hat: Comment by MoonAngelwings – December 15, 2011 10:56 AM PST

            These numbers mean NOTHING to MoonBatwings:

            Estimates of the number of Vietnamese soldiers and civilians killed vary from less than one million to more than three million. Some 200,000–300,000 Cambodians, 20,000–200,000 Laotians,and 58,220 U.S. service members also died in the conflict. (source: Wiki)

      • pjdjmj says:

        Anyone (Sorkin) who would employ Hanoi Jane aka NVA/VC whore should be hung for treason along with her.

        • Laura says:

          What have you done for the world lately?

          • Bruce says:

            Hi Laura:
            Before u debunk those stories about Jane Fonda being urban legend, know this. I am a retired airline pilot for a major airline. Before I got hired, I was a C-141 aircraft commander for the Air Force, and I was lucky enough to be one of the 141 drivers chosen to fly some of the Vietnam POW’s home at the end of the war. During the long return flight, I went in the back of the airplane to welcome the GI’s home. I will never forget talking to one of the guys who told me he had his fingernails pulled out by the bad guys. Seems Jane Fonda was on her way over to Hanoi, and the North Vietnamese wanted our prisoners to tell her how well they had been treated, and he would not agree to do that, so they pulled his fingernails and thumbnails out. He showed me his hands. All he wanted to do was to confront her with his personal story, but as I heard later, she refused to meet him, so his wish never came true. Just wanted u to know her actions are NOT urban legend.

          • Joe from Arkansas says:

            Bruce- Thank you for your service. Thank you for standing for the truth in the face of the most aggressive propaganda machine ever contrived by power mad liberals. Also know that it is too late for laura. Indoctrinated in a left wing indoctrination center, sometimes called “public schools”, she is proof that once a fool has been crated by the indoctrination system, they willbe easily fooled. The current crop of “students” are being taught that God is an suburban legend.

        • Rick Balsavage says:

          Boy! do I agree! What is the definition of treason? Jane Fonda!

      • RMF says:

        Hanoi jane will never, in this lifetime,be in my house.

        • Laura says:

          And I’m sure she wouldn’t want to be in a rat-infested slum, which is probably where someone of your ilk would live.

          • fatherboop says:

            Jane Fonda should be in jail for treason to the US.

          • mintaka says:

            Oh, get off it Laura. I expect you are too young to even know how she got the name of Hanoi Jane.. it’s public knowledge that she fully earned it along with the anger held toward her even today.
            As for your effort at trying to insult those who know what they are talking about… we all consider the source from whence it comes!

          • Geechee says:

            Isn’t it past your bedtime?

          • Patrick says:

            Hey I know this Laura, she is the ows mom who put her four year old on train tracks to stop the trains from running. Good job using your four year old.

          • catlover says:

            i lived it with my mom ,, i buried a box they said was my dad. you Laura and liberal sheep and all sheep, once they are thru with you. there a nice camp for you

          • Feces-Flinging Monkey #5342 says:

            Yeah, don’t worry Laura. When I run out of intelligent, coherent arguments, I resort to poo-slinging too!

      • FADUTA says:

        Time to call and cancel HBO!

      • Robert DeBeaux says:

        Since the success or failure or any TV venture is dependent on ratings, I sugest that EVERYONE include this link in ALL of their contact lists to NOT watch (or Boycott) this show.
        I am doing so at this moment.
        Jane Fonda is a traitor. This is FACT. Her popularity depends on the news and media glossing over anything of import.
        Goggle her and discover the personification of treason in the living flesh.

        • Gwen says:

          “Goggle” her? It’s so hard to take some of these posts seriously when the posters can’t even handle basic spelling and grammar. Jane Fonda has apologized many times for her actions/words during the Vietnam War, and she is certainly not the only person who was against our involvement. If you are going to cry “treason” for every person who disagrees with the actions of our government and speaks out about that disagreement, then I think there are a lot of people who would fall under that definition.

          • Robert Bushard says:

            Ahhh… Gwen,

            You said “Jane Fonda has apologized many times for her actions/words during the Vietnam War, and she is certainly not the only person who was against our involvement.”

            First, yes, many were apposed BUT FEW visited the enemy Capital, praised them and aided them. Even Bill Clinton did not go to Hanoi to protest. He went to Moscow to get his oder. That is correct: ODER.

            Second, as far as I care to recall, Jane, The Cummunist ****, Fonda only apologized for being PHOTOGRAPHED on the anti-aircraft gun while joking with enemy soldiers. She did not apologize for her TREASON, only for the photograph.

            Finally I have a story to share with you:

            In the early 80’s while on a business trip in Charlotte, NC, I visited their local mall one day on a lunch break. It was after a customer meeting and I was wearing a three piece suit. In the mall I happened across a Sam Goody store where a life size card board image of Hanoi Jane advertizing her new workout video “Wretch Out with Jane” was displayed.

            I approached the sign and spit right on her face.

            The store manager was standing right there and raised a ruckus and soon I had a security guard holding my arm and questioning me.

            I told the guard I am a Vietnam Veteran and what Hanoi Jane had done in Hanoi during the war as an explanation as to why I had spit on her image. The security guard released me and then HE spit on the advertisement. The store manager just shrugged his shoulders and walked back into the store

            I expect that when she goes to here final reward in hell, I will visit her grave to relieve myself.

      • tpreitzel says:

        Get over it! People makes mistakes, even grave mistakes. People change. During this Christmas season, try an act of forgiveness. By forgiveness, I don’t mean injustice. Mercy without justice is a joke. Justice without mercy is harsh. With very few exceptions, can you honestly think of more than a handful of people within the military-industrial and political establishment that shouldn’t be tried for treason?

        • James Howell says:

          Get over it? “Mistakes” were made? The woman is a GD’d traitor! She is directly responsible for men being tortured in the Hanoi Hilton. She was photographed sitting at the controls of an anti-aircraft gun in Hanoi saying she hoped one of those “criminals,” i.e., American aircraft, would fly over so she could shoot at it.

          Forgiveness? Not a bloody chance. Justice? The only justice is her suffering the torments handed out by her buddies running the Hanoi HIlton. I’ve hated Hanoi Jane with such passion and for such a long time, the emotion has probably become part of my genetic code.

          It will be a cold day in Hades before that…that…person appears on my TV screen. CBS can go to he11 also.

          • James Howell says:

            Crap, I said “CBS” could go to he11. I meant “HBO.”

            Although, now I think on it, CBS going to he11 is not that bad an idea.

          • Laura says:

            You’ve hated her for a long time? Buddy, you’ve got major problems.

          • James Howell says:


            Yep, a long, long time–almost 40 years; and I will take that hate with me to the grave. This country was almost torn asunder because of that damned war and Hanoi Jane’s actions, and her Liberal defenders, took us even closer to the brink.

            My hatred of Hanoi Jane is a “major problem?” Nah, not really. Hating her is easy.

        • concernedgranny says:

          Don’t tell me to “Get over it”. Hanoi Jane is not one bit sorry for what she did. Like a true lib, she has justified each and every one of her actions which WERE treasonous. What she did is unforgivable simply because no human being with feelings could ever have done those things. Now she wants all of us to watch her new show so she can make lots of money? She’s a selfish pig.

          • Scanner says:

            I hate to tell you this but she HAS apologized for her trip to North Vietnam and very much regrets her decision to do so. I saw her say just that on TV years ago. There are a lot of urban myths about her so maybe it is time to just let it go. You don’t have to watch her show but to waste so much energy hating anyone for so long is really pathetic. I am no fan of her politics but she has the right to believe what she will. This was 40 years ago, just let it go.

          • Scanner says:

            I’ve done a little more research and maybe she does deserve more contempt than I said before. I guess she only regrets the picture on the AA gun not the propaganda broadcast etc. Sorry.

        • mintaka says:

          I wonder if those poor souls who saw an American woman at thier prisons and believed she would at least let their loved ones at home know they were still alive.. how great was their disappointment to later learn there would be no message to their families. Not to mention the physical pain they endured afterwards. Forgiveness? Not for a long, long time will I forgive her!

        • Joe from Arkansas says:

          What would have possessed you to comment on something of which you are totally ignorant? You have all of the mechanics of mercy, foregiveness, contrition, confession of treason, atonement wrong. Justice, for the convict (Until liberals achieved absolute control over our system) was to be “hard” but “fair.” For two generations, democrats have meted out their version of “justice” based largely upon party affiliation or the ability to provide an “indulgence” (Democrats call them political contributions. The rest of us know them as bribes.) Witness Eric Holder for illegally trying to restrict that state’s drawing of congressional districts, while Arkansas democrats have disenfranchised the majority of the 1st District (Elected the first republican in 150 years) so that they can restore the corruption that had been rampant since the Civil War.

      • david5300 says:

        Your bloody well right!
        This piece of human debirs thinks it’s fime to earn a living as we would see her films then collaborates with the enemy by manning a Anti Air Craft cannon that would be used against our sons.
        This B***h can starve to deathfor all I care. Any one who promotes her work or supports her can go with her.i.e. Donald Southerland

        • Laura says:

          David dear, it’s obvious you’re not well-educated and it shows in your post.

          • mintaka says:

            Your lack of education is even more glaring. Why don’t you give your fingers a rest until you can think of something intelligent to say.

          • Feces-Flinging Monkey #5342 says:

            Not enough poo there, Laura. You really ought to try bigger handfuls! Poo-slinging is tough, but I see you have *plenty* of it! Keep at it, I’m sure some day you’ll get it right! Oh, and you. Are. Welcome!!

      • Bill says:

        Maybe they could call the network the Communist News Network. Oh, I forgot another network is already using those letters.

      • Laura says:

        You’re an idiot.

        • Geechee says:

          What an articulate and substantive rebut.
          Are you allowed to use language of that nature in the school cafeteria?
          I mean, I’d hate for your parents to find out.

        • Cybrdg says:

          Laura! Why do liberals ALWAYS resort to ad hominem attacks? Bill’s opinion is worth every bit as much as yours is. If you can refute his argument; then do so. You obviously CAN’T so you insult him personally. I guess it’s just liberal/progressive genetics?

      • richard says:

        Maybe she can get some mushrooms from the druggie.

      • Fred Pinkerton says:

        Right no. She is a traitor. Thumbs down to any role she is playing. Her real life role was snitching on the Americal fyers who were captured and tortured for trying to give her messages for their familites back home. She is despicable. Why have her in any series in America. Let her star in a film or tv in North Korea, if they have any.

      • Caroline Mast says:

        I agree 100%…she is a disgrace to this country.You could not pay me to watch anything she does.

      • Firebird Gunner says:

        I agree with furdburfull, The only news we need to hear about Hanoi Jane is her death!

      • catlover says:

        Hanoi Jane should tried and sentenced as the traitor she is.

      • MoonAngelwings says:

        Well I believe then Former Pres. G.W. Bush should be tried for War crimes. His actions led to Death. Jane Fonda never did, she just expressed her freedom of speech. So, furdburfull, please “Get Bit”

      • SteveW says:

        Get over it, you schmuck!!!

    • Ali Osborne says:

      I can never, never forgive this woman for dissing our Vietnam troops
      while she was kissing up to the enemy, riding on their tank and calling our Americans killers. She’s a real piece of trash. I’d never watch anything she’s a part of.

      • Wendell says:

        I knew there was a reason I liked Jane Fonda. You *were* the killers, coming into another country and commiting multiple atrocities, killing and torturing civilians, pouring napalm on the land, etc.

        Then onto Iraq, on false pretenses, turning this country into bloody mess and ecological catastrophe, to bring down dictator that you supported before for years with no problems.

    • william Haverty says:

      Hanio Jane, look, we remember what she did, so guess what, she can kiss our butts

    • Dr. Spradling says:

      Jane Fonda is a beautiful woman. But Aaron Sorkin is making a huge mistake using her in this role. Ms. Fonda is someone I do not watch nor would I ever recommend a show that she was associated with or was a cast member of.

      I hope she finds a profession where she can use her talents, maybe someting in the cleaning or housekeeping industry.

      HBO wake up Ms. Fonda is a no start for any TV Production or Movie, she needs to be in another line of work and never again in the movies or tv.

    • rashid says:

      Most of what HBO does is very good, so I look forward to it. Not producing for ad breaks makes such a positive difference in story flow. I just love HBO productions, can’t wait for Luck. Treme’ is fantastic, as are most of the rest this season. Jane’s a pro, she’ll be fine. And to her detractors, that was a long time ago.

  2. Kyle says:

    jane fonda on american tv? i thought she lived in france…

    • 4sailing says:

      I don’t mean to be a spelling nazi, but. . . in regards to hanoi jane – that’s spelled T R A I T O R O U S B I T C H and is always pronounced as one word. Hope you don’t mind the help.

      • AgentOrange says:

        “that’s spelled T R A I T O R O U S B I T C H and is always pronounced as one word”

        I stand corrected. All this time I thought it was JaneTheCommunistSlut.

      • Cybrdg says:

        Here AGAIN Laura, you attack the PERSON instead of argument. If you have something to debunk the FACTS; then do it. Argue against the MESSAGE, not the MESSENGER. (dumb ass)

    • Feces-Flinging Monkey #5342 says:

      Apropos, yet succinct. Good job!

      See, LAURA? One *can* fling poo effectively with a small handful, one must just learn proper technique. Again… You. Are. Welcome!

  3. art says:

    The old hollywood left can never let themselves go. They just keep adding to their self induced legend. Pathetic group they are.

  4. LordElrond says:

    May the blood of the soldiers you betrayed to the Vietnamese be forever on your hands Hanoi Jane. You know this is true.

    • Justin says:

      Says the person who calls themself Lord.

      • JonSEAZ says:

        During the Vietnam War, this woman acted directly against the interests of her country, against the interests of her nation’s soldiers, and most directly and personally against American POWs being held by the enemy with whom she fraternized. A great many American veterans of that era clearly remember what Jane Fonda did, forever consider her a traitorous bitch, and never will forgive her for so long as they draw a breath. That is just the way it is, son.

        • Anti-Whacko says:

          No, not quite. She went behind enemy lines to show what the American army was doing to a rural people in the name of Anti-Communism. Please explain how that worked against the interests of the military men and women serving in the Viet Nam theatre. Did she fire shots at Americans? Did she raise money for the Viet Cong? No. Don’t get so caught up in your crazy rhetoric that you ignore basic facts.

          • WilliamPenn says:

            Wake up! Along with John Kerry, Fonda is honored in a Communist Party Vietnam War Museum in Hanoi for assisting the communist victory, immediately after which millions of Vietnamese men, women, and children were slaughtered by the communists. She was wined and dined by the staff of the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” POW prison and the garbage was fed to the US military prisoners. She ratted out prisoners who had slipped her notes complaining of torture and they were severely beaten. One was BEATEN TO DEATH! Fonda chanted “Death to the USA” while manning a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun. Hopefully, one day, a Vietnam veteran will put a bullet in her head.

          • concernedgranny says:

            I don’t know about you but I was around in the 60’s and remember how our soldiers were spit on when they returned home. I remember this POS taking the side of the enemy and betraying our soldiers. That was a dark time in American history. Hanoi Jane was a traitor and I, for one, can never forget what she did. Obviously and thankfully, I’m not exactly alone in my feelings. God Bless America!

          • Geechee says:

            Thanks for giving new definition to term “half-wit”.

  5. Zorlac says:

    Jane Fonda is an enemy of the US. I find it insulting that HBO would hire that B***h. She should be bound gaged and dragged from the atlantic to the pacific where she should be sent to Vietnam.

    • Tania says:

      Oh, get over it! People like you are an American embarrassment and the true enemy of this country(not to mention complete MORONS).

      • Proud Veteran says:

        You’re a retarded, brainwashed, liberal useless idiot!

        • American Guy says:

          Right on, Proud Veteran. Did I mention she smells bad too?

          • jctgal says:

            I’m thinking when she was married to her first husband he was somewhat of a Communist and she followed suit. Turned against her Country to side with the enemy in Vietnam and laughed about it .

          • Laura says:

            I think it’s your own smega you’re smelling.

        • Anti-Whacko says:

          Yes, good job, demonstrating those intellectual arguments that characterize the right. You have no arguments–You call names. Shouldn’t people that never moved beyond third-grade reasoning be locked up in asylums?

          • Anti-Sheeple says:

            I find this post of yours hilarious! I noticed that your first post is nothing but name calling other readers/posters. Please stop with your infantile, hypocritical name calling, it only proves what your posts project, you’re obviously a mental midget and a liberal bully.

          • James Howell says:

            Wait, Anti-Whacko, you accuse others of name-calling yet you use that same tactic in your post at 5:25 p.m., PST.

            I quote you: “the neo-Nazi, racist, right-wing whackos”. Looks like name-calling to me.

            Then of course, being a compassionate person, as all liberals are, you rejoice in the possibility that “They’ll all die of alcohol poisoning or chirrosis of the liver at some point in the near future.”

            You should consider changing your screen name; “Anti-Whacko” definitely does not fit.

          • Geechee says:

            Yes, but it’s almost Christmas, so we decided to give you a break.

        • Ryan says:

          You say liberal as if that’s an insult. Liberal means open minded. You should try it sometime, instead of holding onto 30 year grudges that does no one any good.

          I wasn’t until after the Vietnam War was long over, so I can’t really attest to all that she did or didn’t do, but dear god, it doesn’t matter anymore. Move on.

          • concernedgranny says:

            The word “liberal” has evolved from meaning open-minded to “anything goes” and “gimme, gimme, gimme”. There are still plenty of people around from the 60’s that remember the ‘make love not war’ sentiment of that time. Once we are all gone, this may very well be forgotten. But not now…it’s important that we remember. And since we still feel so strongly about this after all these years, you know it MUST have been really horrible. Hanoi Jane will always be a traitor to this great country and therefore, an enemy of mine.

          • James Howell says:

            concernedgranny is correct, twice: (1) “liberal” has indeed evolved from open-minded to tax-the-rich-so-I-don’t-have-to-work and (2) the sheer hatred shown on this blog page for Hanoi Jane should be a clue to the oh-so-smart liberals: the Viet Nam War days were a very bad time for us and Hanoi Jane’s actions, and her liberal defenders, just threw gasoline on the fire. My father’s generation had the Japanese and the Germans and World War 2; my generation had Hanoi Jane, the Viet Cong, and American citizens, a.k.a., liberals, defending both. (Let’s not forget the politicians, on both sides of the fence, using the war dead to garner votes.)

      • oldenuf2remember says:

        “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or, in adhering to their Enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.” (Constitution of the United States of America, Art. III, Sec. 3, Par. 1)

        Exactly which part of “giving them aid and comfort” is too
        difficult for you to grasp?

        • Anti-Whacko says:

          Doing a press junket to show abuse and mismanagement by the US military is not “giving aide and comfort.” Its not financially supporting enemies of the United States–Under your strange definition of giving “aide and comfort” would include reporting on US military attacks on Afghan citizens (men, women, and children) or reporting on military failures of any sort (think attacks on the US military under both Bush and Clinton). Think about your premises, and consider, their logical conclusions.

          • Geechee says:

            We iz sho nuff glad we gots smart fellers lak yu to hep us reech lojikal conklusiens, you bein all ejukatid an’ all.
            By the weigh, didju spin eny time in thuh militery?
            I didn’ thank so.
            (I culd tell, ’cause yu soun lak a candee-a$$ed mama’s boy whose closist brush with dangur iz playin’ vidio games. In fak, I bet yu culdn’t find Vietnam on a map. (Or, as thet reel smart ladey on your side, Congrisswoman Sheellah Jaxin Lee says, “Two Vietnams – North and South – living side-by-side.”) Mebbe one day we kin be as inlightined as yu Dimocrats.

          • john boyle says:

            All yer misin’ there is the threat to kicks the posters ass.
            What a douche.

        • john boyle says:

          What part of “giving them aid or comfort”????
          What part of “diplomacy” do you not understand?
          Your conservative views are always the same, twisted to your POV.
          I’ve read much about what happened there and understand why you folk turn the events to fit your politics. But I don’t see it that way. I see it as an attempt to expose similarities between people and try to evoke some compassion on both sides. The act of a diplomat. I can also see how you will disagree with my views. It’s not surprising. But it seems to always have your side exposing vile hatred and an inability to reason.
          Pretty tired of your side.

        • Feces-Flinging Monkey #5342 says:

          Impressive! No poo to be slung, just facts! I likeeeeeeeee!

  6. Justin says:

    Great news. Will love seeing her on a weekly TV series.

    • Anti-Whacko says:

      Me too! I’m so pissed at these Drudgeport trolls posting on this site that I just signed up for HBO that I just signed up for HBO at home and the weekend place. I’ll keep the subscription as long as this show is on.

      • Geechee says:

        Yes, but think of all the episodes of “Hoarders”, “Biggest Loser” and “Nancy Grace” you’re going to miss.

  7. Ron Bee says:

    Hanoi Jane? This program will certainly be on “Will not watch” list.

  8. Richard says:

    Good reason to cancel HBO.

    • Tania says:


    • AnybodybutBHO says:

      Agreed to cancel. Maher is one useless pig, Hanoi Jane another. And lets try some ‘fairness’, how about the scumbag liberal Hollywood execs and actors pay their fair share of taxes?

    • Anti-Whacko says:

      Interesting–I just signed up for HBO with Comcast at home and the weekend place. That’s the American way–Let’s let our pocketbooks do the talking.

      • Ant-Anti-Whacko says:

        I’m sick and tired of you rich wanna be leftists with “weekend places” pretending to be friends of the people. When it comes down to it your type is as big as problem as the righties. I hope that one day we can elect a real socialist and take your second home for the people who don’t even have one home of their own due to the selfishness of people such as yourself. It’s disgraceful. What’s funny is that you truly think you’re better than those you decry as right wing. You’re all pigs.

  9. TexaSooner says:

    Highlighting Hanoi Jane seems one way to make the project commercially nonviable. She’s still toxic 40 years later.

    • Anti-Whacko says:

      “Poison”? Monster-in-Law did $83 million in the US. What revenues have you generated since 2005 (the movie’s release date)?

      • James Howell says:

        83 million dollars? Isn’t that low? I don’t keep track of such trivialities but my random reading over the years indicates movies are successes if they gross a heck of a lot more. Hollywood probably considers $83 million a pittance. Hell, it probably cost more than that to make the dross.

  10. vote paaalinnn says:

    OMGGG IM totes cancelling hbo cuz jane fonda said something i don’t even know like 40 years ago and she should be punisheddd what a b*** riiight??? gooo usa!!11 kill all the commieees gosh theyre so evil!1

    • Another Veteran says:

      You certainly do not know any history of your country beyond the latest text message you received from some other illiterate. Heaven help our society and nation, if you are an example of the future.

  11. Henry Bowman says:

    Good thin g HBO doesn’t have advertisers, they’d leave. This woman is beyond contempt.

  12. Hilly says:

    Jane looks Good…….. Happy for her.

  13. American Vet. says:

    This woman is a documented traitor to our country who caused the deaths of over 11 POW’s in North Vet Nam while denouncing her country. She should be in a federal prison now walking around in the free and making TV series. OH by the way the night it shows on HBO is the night I unsubscribe to HOB forever.

    • Tania says:

      You are an embarrassment to ALL vets. What a disgrace.

      • Diana says:

        Tania – American Vet is speaking the truth. I don’t know why they didn’t prosecute her for treason. You’re the disgrace. You don’t seem to know why most American’s don’t like her.

        • karind1 says:

          why don’t they prosecute cheney and gw bush for treason? they started a war on lies and thousands upon thousands died……ever write about that?

          • AnybodybutBHO says:

            Why are you liberals so damn stupid? I mean trotting out that war crap again? Have anything logical to go on? The only mistake they actually made was not bombing Riyadh and Tehran along with Bagdad with nukes and the Middle East would be at peace right now.

          • Brad says:

            AnybodybutBHO: Why not bomb the whole USA while you’re at it. Everybody can live in peace then. Crazy stupid whacko.

        • SonR says:

          you claim to love the USA, have you forgotten to read the constitution. if you want people locked up for speaking against their country, maybe you should move to north korea.

          i think most americans find jane fonda’s work out videos far more disturbing that her acts against the war, a war most americans were against

      • oldenuf2remember says:

        Tania, which branch did you serve in?
        If you didn’t you don’t know squat about the word “veteran”.

  14. stupid redneck says:


  15. Marcus says:

    If you’re hating on Jane Fonda and you were born after 1980, shut up and go away.

  16. Vietnam Vet says:

    Sweet Jesus! This woman almost made us stop raping and killing those evil vietnamese people! I don’t want her on my TV!!

  17. Jenny says:

    My guess is that it’s going to be a major hit piece on Fox News, you know, just in time for the election season.

  18. jersey dan says:

    Aaron Sorkin, whoever he is, should be banned from having anything to do with television for consorting with this enemy of America! They are a disgrace to the memory of the brave men and women who gave their lives in defense of our country! May the eggs of a thousand fleas infest both of their rotten crotches!!!

    • Ikg22 says:

      Whoever he is? Seriously? Oscar winning writer of the Social Network, Emmy winning writer of the West Wing? Look what Jane Fonda did might have been bad, personally I’m Australian and born after 1980 so according to some people I shouldn’t comment, but I don’t want to live in a world where Aaron Sorkin is banned from releasing his amazing work.

      • James Howell says:

        I don’t believe Sorkin should be banned; he can associate with whom he pleases as far as I’m concerned. What has me confused is the importance lkg22 places on a movie and a TV show. An Oscar because of a movie about an asinine on-line community is important? An Emmy is important because of some TV show? Christ on a crutch, just how inane can some people be?

        • Ikg22 says:

          I’m sorry if my inanity personally offended you in some way James Howell. I was under the impression that we were on a message board which pertained exclusively to entertainment, and specifically television news. As such I felt like it might be relevant to the subject matter to mention that the particular individual that the OP had such difficulty placing was in fact well known in that particular area by referencing some of his better known and more publicly lauded pieces of work. Once again, I apologise for any offence caused by my comments.

    • Ryan says:

      We live in a FREE country. No one should get “banned” or censored because other people don’t like what they’re doing. He has broken no laws.

      You embarrass me as a United States Citizen, sir.

    • Laura says:

      Jersey Dan obviously has the sophistication and intelligence of a thousand fleas.

  19. Hutch says:

    That is one show that will never grace my TV. Ship her old surgical inhanced ass off to Hanoi and let them enjoy her.

    • ewing says:

      Like any of you backwards Fox news fanatics were going to watch HBO in a first place.

      • Feces-Flinging Monkey #5342 says:

        I know, right?!? What with Bill Maher mucking up the line-up… But you need more poo, like LAURA has. You’re too poo-deficient. Perhaps poo-thetic, actually!

  20. HanoiJane says:

    thanks for the heads up. i’d hate to accidentally watch a show and then the * guzzling, yesterdays traitorous garbage shows up. I’ll be sure to stay away.

  21. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    what’ll it be called, “I Was a Teen-IQ Traitor”?

  22. Brown Water Vet says:

    Go to He11, B1tch.

    • laura says:

      you go to hell, you ignorant ass.

      • Feces-Flinging Monkey #5342 says:

        Wow, Laura, I’ven never seen anyone fling so much poo at vets!! Other than Hanoi Jane, that is! Good job, girl! Keep the poo flying at those who kept you and yours safe all these years!! Jesus is gonna looOOoove YOU!

  23. HanoiJane says:

    Hey I’d never have been born if this scrunt had gotten her way!

  24. Tania says:

    I’m looking forward to this series. Sounds like it is going to be a really good one. It already has a solid cast and so the addition of Jane Fonda can only strengthen it even more.

    To the haters, go watch something else losers. Talk about being stuck in the past.

    • ezie says:

      Hey Tania. Maybe if it was 1 of your family members who were tortured and killed becaused they trusted Bitch Fonda with their SS numbers at the hilton where she fraternalized with the enemy oooh but wait. that was a long time ago. You are an idiot!!!

    • alpha1six says:

      I will never watch any project that hanoi jane has anything to do with. I will not patronize any company that subsidizes her activities in any way. She is a traitor and her actions on behalf of the communist north vietnames against the men and women of the US military in a time of war will not be forgiven. It will be a happy day when she assumes room temperature and we will be done with her. I am sure that her father was greatly disappointed by her actions against America.

  25. American Guy says:

    Whenever I see or hear her, I want to shower with brown soap.

  26. I served says:

    If she is in it then it will be a whore movie

  27. Mad Capn Bob says:

    Isn’t HBO part of a massive capitalist conglomerate? Isn’t Jane Fonda incredibly wealthy and part of the Ee-vyl One Percent? Therefore, I shall not be watching this.

  28. glasshouses says:

    funny how the people still holding this against her are the same people willing to forgive Newt his many transgressions. Same way the people who are so zealous to protect their 2nd amendment rights are dismissive of those exercising their 1st amendment ones. “a two-minute lapse of sanity that will haunt me forever … But the photo exists, delivering its message regardless of what I was doing or feeling. I carry this heavy in my heart. I have apologized numerous times for any pain I may have caused servicemen and their families because of this photograph. It was never my intention to cause harm” – Jane Fonda

    • AnybodybutBHO says:

      That the problem with liberals, the mistakes they make cost us American lives. Her admitted stupidity caused the deaths, pain and suffering of countless American soldiers. Just like today, thanks Jimmy Moron Carter and Bill Bluedress Clinton. Really? Newts transgressions really? Why is it when a democrat transgresses it’s a badge of honor and when a republican does its hell to pay? And comparing Hanoi Jane to Newt intellectually or on experience and accomplishments is like comparing a Yugo to a Ferrari, just not gonna win.

      • Ryan says:

        I’m pretty sure going into a war we never belonged in is what caused us so many American lives, but people like you don’t seem so concerned about facts. Just distractions that make you feel a little bit better in the world. It’s easier to blame some Hollywood liberal for all the problems of the war instead of the people who propagated and funded it, right?

        • Feces-Flinging Monkey #5342 says:

          Ryan, then surely *YOU* are NOT a democrat, right?!? You DO know that a Democrat started that war right? And not just ANY Democrat, that’d be John F’n Kennedy, national hero to Libtards!

          Consider the poo flung!

      • writerman says:

        Anybody but BHO:

        You forgot George W. Bush and his administration, and the lies they told not only to this country but to the world in regard to a war they perpetrated in a place called Iraq. If your argument is to have any validity, do stop the name-calling if you do not want to invalidate what you’re saying. How many soldiers (and civilians) died as a result of George W. Bush and members of his administration? It’s more than a couple of thousand.

        • James says:

          Also what about all the thousands of innocent Iraqis who were raped, abused and died in the war who had done nothing wrong in their entire lives. All lives are equal. I freaking abhor GW Bush and his administration.

    • ezie says:

      Man what is it with you people. She was resposible for the torture and murder of our U.S. soldiers at the Hilton. Are you people lame or what??

  29. Sam says:

    What the f**k is going on with these comments?! Are they all from the same G.E.D.-receiving, sociopathic internet troll? I have no opinion about Jane Fonda as a person, but good god, people, take your hatred out on something productive! Take a woodworking class, learn how to kickbox.
    Aaron Sorkin could hire Sarah Palin and I would still watch. It’s Sorkin.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Just some butthurt zealots spamming the comments with their decades old rage. They should get back to homeschooling their kids ret@rded and spare the rest of us their idiocy.

      • WilliamPenn says:

        Along with John Kerry, Fonda is honored in a Communist Party Vietnam War Museum in Hanoi for assisting the communist victory, immediately after which millions of Vietnamese men, women, and children were slaughtered by the communists. She was wined and dined by the staff of the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” POW prison and the garbage was fed to the US military prisoners. She ratted out prisoners who had slipped her notes complaining of torture and they were severely beaten. One was BEATEN TO DEATH! Fonda chanted “Death to the USA” while manning a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun. Hopefully, one day, a Vietnam veteran will put a bullet in her head. But you go ahead and watch her show. Keep your blinders on.

    • Anti-Whacko says:

      All mental midgets from a link at Drudgerport. They invade like warts. But with far less charm, education, and class.

    • MoonAngelwings says:

      Amen Sam..you have a LIFE!!

  30. Alley Rat says:

    Thank you for the warning, but I dumper HBO a lomg time ago.

  31. 18to25 says:

    Man, everyone commenting must be over 50…I’m vaguely aware that she’s a radical, but the only reason my generation knows Jane Fonda is because of that horrible JLo movie…

  32. Eric Kane says:

    Cannot believe the idiotic Hanoi Jane comments – didn’t know people that old read this site … nor had the interwebs!!!

  33. Tfigg says:

    She should be tried for Treason. How many Americans did she cause the murder of. Bury her face down when it is time to meet her maker!

    • ewing says:

      One actress couldn’t cause many deaths of soldiers even if she passionately wanted to. How about trial for people who sent these boys in a foreign country on a war that had nothing to do with them. Surely they are the ones to blame. They sent american troops over there!
      Of course JF was disgusted with this war, she shouldn’t have pal around with North Korea, because they were equally disgusting as the side that USA supported, but war crimes and overall f-ry that americans were responsible for in Korea would make any sane human disgusted.

  34. Kartoff says:

    I wasn’t that interested in this until I just read that Jack McCoy will be gracing my TV screen once again. I will tune in just for him!

  35. Rlynh says:

    I can’t think of a more boring TV show than a TV show about a newsroom. The fact that Jane Fonda is going to be playing Ted Turner is just one more reason not to watch.

  36. ggny says:

    Cast is great but i would like to see some Sorkin show vets on the show also

  37. D says:

    Wow, don’t the old people have sleep to catch up on or incoherent drivel to mumble to themselves?

    • Tyrone Shoelaces says:

      Wow, there’s that wonderful liberal open-minded acceptance thing going on again. D, your words say more about you than they do your intended targets.

  38. karind1 says:

    Jane Fonda admitted she made a huge mistake then when she was really young. So, what do you think should happen to George W Bush and Dick Cheney for taking us to war on their lies…..messing with the intel and losing over 4000 US soldiers and having tens of thousands injured for life and killing all those innocent Iraqi women and children and men? Do you ever write on blogs about them and what they did to our reputation in the world for torturing and admitting they did??? Shouldn’t they be in the Hague for war crimes. You can’t jump on her when no one died by her hands, and ignore them. Or are you that hypocritical???

    • AnybodybutBHO says:

      Wow, you are an idiot. There are actually other news sources than CNN and Christine the War Whore. Have your nerve living at the expense of men and women that provided the luxury for you to be living in your parents basement playing video games. Did you learn about the Hague on a Hollywood movie? Just wow, you are truly an idiot.

    • Chelsea says:

      I think that TVLine should shut this crapfest of a comments section down, but I had to comment on your “facts”. President Bush did not “take us to war on lies”. As far as Iraq goes, several of our allies had what they believed to be reliable and accurate intelligence indicated that Saddam Hussein had WMDs. We couldn’t ignore intelligence from multiple trusted sources. Secondly, the number of soldiers that have actually committed any sort of crime is a tiny number when you take into account the people who are over in the Middle East trying to eliminate a violent threat to peace. If America just wanted to bomb the hell out of the Middle East and destroy everybody, we’d just send warheads. Instead we send brave soldiers so that they can aim at the killers and protect the people who just want to live their lives. But sure, you can go around convinced that our former President is a psychopathic murdering criminal. It’s just not true, nor is it based in reality.
      Oh, and because this is about a TELEVISION SHOW, I’ll add my two cents on that: I’m not going to watch it because I can’t afford HBO, and I’m not interested in the premium subscription stuff–it’s usually too graphic on all counts for me.
      Good grief, TVLine, comments are monitored?

      • MoonAngelwings says:

        I bet Gen. Powell would disagree with you. G.W Bush & Cheney lied, believe that’s why Powell told them take the job and shove it. Gen Powell has principle, he is a great man

  39. TakeNoBull says:

    She is a traitor. She should be starring in prison.

  40. karind1 says:

    Remember Mei Lai? Who went to jail for that-where we massaccared all those Vietnamese? Any hypocrite here want to talk about cheney and bush and mei lai and all the torture we have done that goes against Geneva convention? Oh, no, you wimps just want to pick on Jane Fonda who was really young and stupid and had no role in government. I will watch this show—it sounds like something that non hypocritical Americans will like-especially forgiving Christian ones-I am not a Christian, but isn’t that what real Christians do?? It sounds like it is a show for intelligent people, which by looking at a sampling of the people who posted on here…are not. Hanoi Jan- lets see…Gitmo George and Chaos causing Cheney….waterboarding anyone?? Black hole sites?

  41. Newbern W Johnson says:

    I lost friends and comrades in Viet Nam.
    Jane Fonda gave aid and comfort to the people who killed them.
    Nothing of hers will EVER be in my home as long as I am alive.
    I,for one, will not forgive and forget.

    • Stan--Vietvet says:

      Like you I too lost friends in Viet Nam , I have never or will I ever have anything to do with her or anything connected to her in my home. I will forget when I’m dead and if she dies before me I will rejoice. I prey she dies a slow painful death.

  42. SERIOUSLY says:

    SORKIN,. forgot to credit & mention.. HE borrowed…….. the FACEBOOK IDEA from a persons facebook page who was talking about doing the story…. LONG BEFORE SORKIN. Coincidently, he was also DEFRIENDED, for the theft. Many folks read the original persons page who had the idea. Timedate stamp-fool.

  43. Sgt D says:

    I wouldn’t piss down that bitches throat if her stomach was on fire. I won’t watch anything that has her in it and will boycott the sponsors. Sgt D Vietnam 69-70.

    • Brad says:

      Why aren’t these comments being moderated? Nobody here is actually a vet and they’re simply ruining the good name of the real vets and their hardships.

      • Tyrone Shoelaces says:

        “Nobody here is actually a vet and they’re simply ruining the good name of the real vets and their hardships.”

        And you would know this…….. HOW? You want the comments moderated to reflect your ideas and points of view and others deleted? How open-minded and liberal of you!

      • James Howell says:

        I’m a vet. October 1970 – September 1974, during the Viet Nam War, in case you are unaware of the time frame.

      • Stan--Vietvet says:

        How the hell would you know who here is a vet and who is not–just because we don’t agree with your line of koolaid. USN 1965 -1969 in country two tours.

        • Brad says:

          Nobody who is a real man would use words like him – D! And anyway most are over 55 and I don’t think they’ll stoop to this level of bad mouthing, like some self proclaimed vets here are obviously doing. Except for a few people who are actual vets here, I still stand my ground that most of them are posers.

      • Michael Delaney says:

        I am a viet-nam vet my unit was A company 1/501 101st Abn Div served ’70-’71 I corp yes she is a Traitor no I will not subsidize anything she does. and all you that apologize for her can spend eternity in heII with your beloved actress. answer if you chose to show your liberal arrogance. because I have less use for you than her, she harmed her country than you are harming your country NOW!

        • ewing says:

          Yeah, all this stupid internet posts on silly internet site (sorry, Ausiello…) are harming the country something fierce. You’re just losing all credibility with bulls*** like that. At least try to troll in intelligent manner.

    • Laura says:

      Hey, Needle Dick, watch your language.

  44. FACTCHECKER says:

    REVENGE.. Is futile. When your target owns a fleet of jets.. and, homes in 5 countries.. and, 7 states. Success, speaks for itself.
    While Jane and the legend in his own mind Sorkin.. STILL RENT APTS.
    Shes actually playing a MUCH Younger woman, who recently fired Sorkin, & has told JANE off to her face over PATRIOTS & TeaParty comments, numerous times!! The actual person, is a major Fox shareholder, who JANE..wishes.. she could be! When ACTUALLY she couldnt be a pimple.. on that Great Womans BUTT. She could however play her GRANDMOTHER. -Have fun Sorkin,, you wont last 10 episodes.
    Being desperate for ideas.. is starting to show. BOTH HASBEENS.

  45. Eng53 says:

    I refuse to watch this traitor. I hope she falls off a cliff while doing aerobics and buzzards peck out her eyes while she is paralyzed from the neck down.

  46. Hey seriously says:

    holy crap, i did read that guys page on facebook in 2006!! guess he also wasn’t a money grubber like these two!! to much hassle to sue, and he had more class than they Sorkin, obviously. there are still creative artists with morals in this business. these 2 are examples of old hollywood gutter politics.

  47. Stephen Ryan says:

    I am one of the old guys who are scoffed at because they cannot forget what Ms. Fonda did. The picture will be forever in my mind, of her sitting in the gunner’s seat of an anti-aircraft gun (not a tank) with a N. Vietnamese soldier’s helmet on her head, and grinning at the camera. It the grin that hurt the most, while American young men were fighting and dying in the steaming jungle and only a few miles away American prisoners-of-war were enduring torture and terrible suffering. Some things are unforgettable and unforgivable.

  48. Courtney says:

    Holy hell, who would have thought TVLine would have had so many embittered, stuck-in-the-past middle-aged folk trolling its Comments section?

    Move on. Better yet, quit worrying about the past and start giving a crap about the fact that our economy is in the toilet and none one of the people who put it there have been charged with a crime.

    She’s not Hanoi Jane anymore. She’s done a lot in the last thirty years that has redeemed herself in the eyes of people capable of forgiveness. Learn, and keep your hate to yourself. Moderator – please get your lovely rear end over here and delete the posts of these sad people.

    • Timmy says:

      I like television so much that I comment on message boards about television shows and still have the temerity to call others sad.

    • Tyrone Shoelaces says:


      Thanks for the kind words and comments. BTW, your tolerant liberal slip is showing (once again). Now go back and read your post one. more. time. carefully. I know it’s a lost cause but I do love holding mirrors for people.

    • James Howell says:


      You are correct about the people responsible for the economic problems not being charged; Barney Frank and Senator Dodd are indeed still running around loose.
      Jane Fonda will ALWAYS be known as “Hanoi Jane.” She has not redeemed herself. She is a traitor and will always be known as a traitor. She and I are the same age. If she dies before I do, I hope to make it to her grave so I may piss on it.

  49. jnsesq says:

    Sorkin and Fonda, eh? Two reasons I won’t be watching. If I want to be propagandized I’ll just watch the network news.