Finola Hughes Returns to General Hospital for Robin's Exit Storyline

Finola Hughes is returning once more to General Hospital.

The reappearance of international jet-setter Anna Devane is set to take place during February sweeps, TV Guide Magazine reports, and will coincide with the exit of Kimberly McCullough, who plays Hughes’ onscreen daughter, Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake.

Katie Couric Signs Deal With ABC for Daytime Talker – Is GH Headed for the Morgue?

A spokesperson for the ABC soap tells the mag that Anna will be “very involved with Robin and Patrick” during her time back in Port Charles.

While it’s always nice to see a familiar face, Hughes’ return as the doting mother further fuels rumors that Robin — who is HIV-positive and just this week revealed that her treatments are no longer effective — will be killed off the show is tragic fashion. To that, the GH rep would only say, “The writers are still working that out. Everyone is very aware of Robin’s history of living with HIV and wants to do the right thing. I will leave it at that.”

General Hospital Shake-Up: Jill Farren Phelps Is Out as Show Boss, New Headwriter Named!

McCullough last month announced plans to exit her longtime GH role to pursue her dream of directing full-time. She is currently slated to depart “as storyline dictates” sometime in early 2012, though obviously no sooner than February.

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  1. Kvivik says:

    Please bring back Tristan Rogers (father Robert) and John J York (uncle Mac) too.

  2. Mika says:

    Sad to see them kill off Robin Scorpio, but it is better that the great character head off into the sunset than be part of what GH has now become. Hopefully, if Robin dies though I hope she gets reunited with her one true love Stone and that the writers never decide she mysteriously survives 5 years from now.

  3. tversky says:

    This is the saddest news ever. If any character on General Hospital deserved a happy ending it was Robin.

    • angieb09 says:

      If they kill her off, I hope they do it the right way. let us all morn her lost, not just her disappearing w/out a trance then she turns back up 5 yrs down the road.

  4. Lizzie says:

    My heart and my head combat each other on this one. I grew up with Robin. I have watched GH my whole life. I have become attached to Robin in a way that is probably unhealthy considering she is a fictional character, hehe, but it’s just the way it worked out. Just thinking about her dying makes me feel weepy. Yet my mind thinks this would be a brilliant story. But could I watch her die? Could I watch the episodes? Or could I tear my eyes away? I don’t know, I just don’t know.

    It’s like asking me if I want someone to kill my dog. NO! Of course not! But maybe he has cancer and he has to be put down, but my answer will still be the same, I don’t WANT the dog to die even if I know it has to.

  5. Save GH from its fired writer/producer says:

    This is so disgusting I can’t even begin to tell you. How is it even medically accurate that “her treatments are no longer working”?

    I’m begging Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati, who are taking over GH, not to destroy one of the most important storylines that GH ever told.

    While you are at it, why don’t you just let someone shoot Maxie in BJ’s heart.

    History matters!

  6. T says:

    After watching yesterday’s episode (my first in many months), I thought to myself that it would be amazing if they had Anna come back and be the one to help Robin off the canvas. As sad as this storyline is, I’m glad it gives Kimberly McCullough one last great storyline. I was NOT a fan of the Lisa business.

  7. Still watching says:

    They described the issue in that Lisa Niles had been messing with Robin’s prescriptions and she had been taking placebos instead of the real meds. She built up immunity to it in the time since they discovered that the protocol wasn’t working. She is trying a new combo but she is in fatalistic mode, not wanting to really find out if they are working or not. Robin talked to Jason about it all at length in yesterdays show. It does follow storyline and it honors history. She has spent a lot of time talking about Stone and their shared history. If this is how they are going to take her out, it does seem to be respectful to the history of the show.

  8. JAmandaFan says:

    Don’t kill Robin–send her to jail for killing Lisa Niles!! If GH ends in September (for some stupid Katie Couric talk show) then Robin is going to need to be there–I can’t understand why Kimberly can’t wait until then to start directing full time. And if they kill her off it will be just like killing off Zach on AMC and having to bring him back for the finale. Just send her to jail and then when she wants to come back–new evidence can come to light and they can set her free.

  9. Liz says:

    Didn’t she play the mother of the 3 witches in “Charmed”? Wow, that was a long time ago…

  10. Jaye says:

    Great that they are going to bring Anna back. I’ve always loved her & missed her being on the show. Terrible that Robin is being killed off. I wish they would bring back Robert & keep them all on the show until ABC kills it for Katie Couric next year.

    • Dave says:

      Why are you assuming the demise of General Hospital? Until ABC said it has been cancelled you cannot assume it is

      • Mia says:

        Dave several sources confirm that GH is dead in 2012

      • tammy says:

        !!!!!!Please dont take off my soaps, I have been watching these sents 1971. One life to live and General Hospital all of my life. I was seven year old when I started watching and now I am 52.They were in black and white that before cable was in. When I got home for school at 2:00 pm every afternoon I was there. And I am still watching today.” Please leave them on”. Poeple has for got that Vicki had a brother was a doctor Larry and there was a cop and he went on to the new soap of ryan hope. Please dont take away these soap. From 1:00 pm til 4:00 pm that my time. I need them and they need me and they need a job too. You having all my children that is all you need,Dont take away the others PLEASE.!!!!!!!!!!

        • Eileen says:

          I agree I love GH. I only watched that show The Chew…a few times come on give me a break, it is one of the worst shows on daytime, and now The revaloution!! OMG.. I know how that will go… I switched to cable for the few hours during the day and come back to watch GH only….With all the umemployment there are more women watchig daytime you think the ratings would be higher for soaps

          • cindy says:

            Every time they change the lineup, and come to find out in a month the the ratings for the show that they put on wasn’t very good, then they are wasting time and money trying to put something else in the slot that doesn’t even fit. I wish they didn’t even bother the daytime soaps for this stuff.

        • LMC says:


          • cindy says:

            I agree with you 100% LMC, I think your right in regards to everybody having a talk show, and as you said before, they all talk about the same thing over and over again. Then the networks start complaining that the ratings are low, why do you think that they are low? Because you continue to talk about the same thing all the time and it gets lame and boring.

        • Mtherese says:

          Larry wasn’t Vicki’s brother, he was her brother-in-law, married to her now deceased sister Meredith. The cop was larry’s brother. They were working class, and despised by the patriarch Victor Lord. I watched that show the first day it was aired and ever since. Oh, well. I will get over it being gone. It’s just TV.

        • cindy says:

          This has been a year of disbelief, they have taken All My Children off, One Life To Live, and are they now talking about taking off General Hospital too? What are we going to watch on daytime television? Everybody does not like to watch the View, or The Chew. They maybe nice shows, but we have been use to our old standbys of daytime television. I think it is a shame that abc is changing the lineup in daytime television.

  11. Mia says:

    Frons did what he was brought on to do. All things end and I was sad to see OLTL and the shadow of AMC go but in all honesty what was painful was not that they ended. Its how Frons helped systematically destroy these shows so they became unwatchable. GH is dying and losing two of the only actors on soaps probably besides the Aldersons to grow up with their characters. Soaps fans value the veterans especially talented ones like KMc and JJ. If GH was going to be cancelled why not go out with someone great at the helm like Wendy Riche. If AMC was going to end why have these actors relocate their entire families to California to end up firing them. For soaps who for decades actually paid for the pilots networks produced I felt so disrespected even CBS wasn’t that cruel.

  12. Danielle Andre says:

    I haven’t watched GH in years, but the story of Robin & Stone takes me back to my teenage years. I used to watch GH with my mom, Robin & Stone’s story opened up a very wonderful discussion about teenage sex. I miss the days of Anna and Robert, Felicia and Frisco. I will be so sad if/when GH is cancelled….

    • Dennis says:

      I miss the Robert, Anna, Felicia, Frisco days to. I might start watching general hospital again it use to be one of my favorite soaps. I remember one seen especially when Scotty wife or maybe girlfriend died in his arms. I cried, I think she had cancer I’m not quite sure it was a long time ago

  13. em says:

    I wasn’t watching GH when Robin first started dealing with HIV, but her discussion with Jason today and going down memory lane brought tears to my eyes, as it does every couple of years she talks about it with someone. I never saw her as someone with HIV since I started watching several years ago, and for that, I commend GH writers for that. Sad to see Robin go like this, but nice to see her family coming back.

  14. Pennagirl says:

    So TPTB (the new ones stink just as bad as the old ones and this proves it)…are killing of Robin. Just stinks…they are gearing up GH to end! Stupid writers.

  15. Jennifer says:

    I would rather they do a really nice send-off even if she’s dying rather than her leave her family to go die alone.

  16. Niks says:

    While it will be sad to see Robin go, I think we all knew it would happen eventually. There is no cure for HIV/AIDS. The character had to die sooner or later.

  17. Lily says:

    This has been explained. Robin suspects that Lisa replaced her HIV protocol with something else and she hasn’t been taking the actual drugs for months. She has built up a resistance to them and that’s why they are no longer working. (I’m no doctor and have no idea if that’s how it actually works in real life but that’s how they explained it in the show anyway.)

  18. Paula koenig says:

    ABC seems to want to play. I can play too. I am still a consumer and will spend MY money as I see fit. I pay for satellite and I pay for network channels. Explain to me please how it is that the networks arent making money. I seem to pay the sat peeps, who pay and charge me for networks and I pay again at the store when I make my purchases. Someone has some splaining

  19. Theuresa Maven says:

    I have watched the ABC soaps off and on since I was a kid, although it has been more off recently. The two latest head writers on General Hospital are two of the head writers who helped kill One Life to Live (my personal favorite). The biggest mistakes made by the writers on General Hospital was to focus too much on Sonny, not making the over-the-hill unhip Luke disappear forever (no one cares where Luke is), and killing off the members of the Quartermane family, and all of the “old school” characters like Robin Scorpio. The Q’s always made the show intereesting through humor, but now the whole show has been taken over by the mob — there is no place for the hospital anymore. Spinelli and Maxi (the last one) were the most interestinng and humorous. If McCulloch must leave, let her take the annoying Patrick, his equally annoying brother and Emma off with her. Time to get rid of the super annoying LuLu, and the ever so short Steve Hardy. Time for a clean sweep. Bring back Diane — she was a hoot; add more Quartermane family, especially the “devious” Jane Elliott. Johnny and Olivia were far morwe compatible thaan Olivia and shortman. Shake up the show, and bring back the old school actores to show them how it’s done.

  20. 40yearfan says:

    I have been watching for 40 years, I can’t imagine the end to GH it is bad enough losing AMC N OLTL. If the ratings are low, get rid of some of those HORRIBLE REALITY SHOWS And put GH on PRIME TIME

  21. 31yearfan says:

    I have been watching GH since I was five. It is the only show I make time to watch now with my busy schedule. Can’t imagine my day without an episode.

  22. Debbie Dreher says:

    I watched AMC since it started & OLTL off & on & GH since my teens. I don’t care for Robin. The actress makes the same facial expressions she did when she started on the show when she was 7 yrs old. Love Sonny & Jason & Maxie (Kristin) & the Quartermaines. Sad to see Lucky leave again. Wish Helena was back. Glad Nikolas is gone & wish Liz was!

  23. jamie thompson says:

    I’m sad the robin’s character will be killed off,I was hoping for a happy ending for her and patrick, but we all know happy ending don’t last very long in soap opera land, all the best to the actress who plays robin

  24. Karen says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the original Maxie (Kristen Storms) Is she coming back? I certainly hope so……this new one makes me crazy!!

  25. Gaylynn says:

    I have been watching GH since I was young. I can say after watching the last half of the year I will no longer be watching the show. NOTHING good is going on. Nothing but BAD things. Really, Jason and Sam get married and are having a bad time of it within the month. Annoying Lulu needs to go. Elizabeth is a pain in the A. and always seems to forget SHE is the one who destroyed her and Lucky’s relationship… I could go on and on. All I know is that who ever has been or is writing for the show is/are the worst writer(s). I can no long stand the show. It makes me sad to leave but I can no longer waste my time on the ridiculous and awful story lines. Nothing good is happening and it doesn’t appear that it will change any time soon. I will truly miss the show, however it looks likely to be cancelled soon, but as far as I am concerned they had already killed the show the moment they killed off Jake just in time to save Carly’s daughter. How many times can you re-use the same story line??? How may people can die in one month on the show??? How long do you think people will keep hanging on.ETC,ETC,ETC… Good luck to the new writers… Oh, but aren’t they the same writers from the now cancelled OLTL… What a joke. Just like the direction of the show!

  26. WingsStef says:

    Well, I am hoping that Robin leaves the country for treatment or something.

  27. Teresa says:

    I’ve been watching General Hospital for as long as I can remember. I record it to watch in the evenings and I can’t imagine it no longer being there. Please do not take GH off the air!! I do not like Katie Couric and WILL NOT WATCH HER. Don’t you think there are enough talk shows on already?

  28. I have watched all these soap operas since I was 12 it been over 33 years and I would be really upset if General Hospital was destroyed like all my children and one life to live. I see abc is getting way too caught up in reality television. Its the drama of daytime that we want, the imagination is something everyone is forgetting. Life is so scripted these days and predictable. Don’t forget what daytime has brought all these year. Of all the soaps, general hospital has always endured with wendy riche. I don’t like some of these story lines your writing and if the purpose is to do in this soap you are on your way. Don’t kill off robin, let her ride into the sunset with partrick and emma. She has been the original actress since she was a child and we all grew up with her. Why kill off all of the quartermaines, that was the biggest mistake. Letting the budget be the reason to kill off alan was the biggest mistake made. Stop the mad franco garbage, it’s just too much too long like the lisa niles garbage. That was like fatal attraction the movie taken to the twighlight zone. Bring back the love to daytime, its just too dark..drugs, alchol, killings….where is the love, the fun…lighten up and save this soap. Don’t for one minute think we dont watch soaps. I have been taping GH all my years in school. I have old video vhs tapes and dvds of this and dvrs taped daily while i go to work. I love this show, please SAVE IT and do right by it and all the wonderful characters, actors and actresses. DOn’t fall victim to think everything has to be for the teenage twenty something..this world and business world is throwing away the baby boomer generation and those right after …and some older. There are other generations of people to focus on, don’t loose sight of that. These have been your loyal watchers all these year, don’t throw us away…Thankyou,.

  29. mari says:

    I love the Patrick n Robin story …..i don’t think they should kill her i think they should replace her with another actress……even though no one can ever do a better job than Kimberly but at least the story line will keep on ……..n later on if Kimberly wants to come back she can

  30. Ann says:

    I would prefer the soaps instaed of the talk-shows ans so-called reality TV—the average folk can pretend with a soap and be taken away to different places with people that don’t have cash-flow problems like real folk do!

  31. Teresa Stewart says:

    I hate that all the daytime soaps are going off. What about the Manning’s and John McBain coming to General Hospital. I think if they would get off the crazy off the wall stuff and bring back the good ole love, hate getting into everybodys business relationships and power wars, they would be a lot better than these goofy talk and cook shows they are trying to shove down everybodys throat. Give us some good ole love triangles to watch and get rid of these not worth a dang shows thats taking up precious space….We baby boomers are retiring now and we love our soap operas.

  32. Rey says:

    I couldn’t believe it when it started but I can see now that it is true. Bye Robin. She was a great character and I have watched her grow up along with everyone else. I have been watching GH for a very long time. I can remember my mother getting me out of school early to watch Luke and Laura get married. That was something else and I was watching it long before then.

  33. Carolyn Mitchell says:

    Did anyone see the last episode with Robin locked in a hospital room? Perhaps she is coming back later like Greenly from All My Children, but with a different person playing her character.

  34. Kat says:

    They haven’t killed Robin off the show. That should make a lot of people happy. Heather has sure made it interesting but I can’t believe so many people trusted her like they have. Luke and Anna are great together. They need to leave Jason and his wife together with their baby. Love Todd being on there. He is nuts and funny.Glad John from OLTL is on the show also. I don’t like Starr that much but her and Michael are a cute couple Lulu gets into everyone business every since she was young and people let her go off on them. I don’t like her most of the time because of it. The writers really don’t write the real laws or rules into the show. Wish they would work on that. I really like the show. Have been watching it for years. I miss AMC and OLTL very much. I have never watched the 2 new shows that took their place and I never will.Just remember, We all have our thoughts about the show.