Blind Item: Which Hit Drama Series is Plotting a Dramatic Change of Scenery in Season 2?

As any TV expert will tell you, the success or failure of any series comes down to the three L’s: Location, location, location!

OK, that mantra actually applies more to real estate than reel estate, but one should never underestimate the importance of choosing the right setting for a TV show.

Which brings us to our latest blind item…

Rumor has it that a hit freshman drama series is packing its bags and heading to a new hood in Season 2.

And not just any hood — the biggest hood in the world: New York City!

The move would herald a dramatic (and spoilery) storytelling shift for the show in question, which is why we’re withholding the title… for now.

Which show do you think will be mailing out a change of address card ahead of Season 2? Hit the comments with your theories! And for additional clues, follow me on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Joe says:

    Terra Nova!


  2. Dusanissimus says:

    how about the killing?

  3. Ainav says:

    Homeland I think or Revenge

  4. Vannesa says:

    Revenge. :D

  5. TimWnTX says:

    My guess is the same as most, REVENGE. I also thought “Ringer” should actually shoot in NYC. lol It might make some of those ‘scenes’ more realistic.

  6. Emma says:

    Revenge is far too obvious of a choice, even without reading the interview with Emily Van Camp.
    The blind item said that the move would give spoilers away about the direction of the show, and seeing how a move to New York is feasible within the plot already revealed on Revenge, I really can’t see it being it as the subject.

    I could easily see it being Homeland. Season Finale next week. See what happens then?

    Or Heart of Dixie. Feasible within the premise of the show, but would give a fair few spoilers away if revealed now. Personally I dont think it would be HOD as it would ruin the central idea of New York girl in the south and would loose most of the charm of the show.

    Also, plenty of usage of the word Hood in the blind item text.
    Is there a show around Red Riding Hood this year? Is it Grimm or something else?

    • lacey says:

      Revenge seems like too obvious of an answer since we have already been told the show is moving to the city.
      I can’t see it being Hart of Dixie because the whole show is about a NYC doctor trying to fit into a small southern town.
      There is no show called Red Riding Hood and I would count out both fairytale shows. In Once Upon a Time the characters can’t leave Storybrooke, and Grimm moving from Portland to NYC isn’t realistic.

  7. Carla says:

    Homeland. What a great show.

  8. Andre says:

    HAWAII FIVE-O! Nuff said.

  9. em says:

    Since everyone’s saying Revenge and the actress has already confirmed it, wouldn’t it mean the Blind Item is not Revenge? I first thought Hart of Dixie because it could definitely work for a while and several characters were talking about NYC at some point in the season. If the blind item were about OUaT, it would be a significant spoiler considering how unlikely it is that anyone leaves Storybrooke.

  10. TV says:

    Do we know that there will be season 2 for Hart of Dixie, Revenge, Once Upon a Time,… The show in question is renewed for season 2, so it’s got to be a cable show.

  11. Kathryn says:

    No offense to everyone guessing American Horror Story, but ARE YOU DENSE? Have you ever heard of a little show called Glee, which films in LA? Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck would not move filming of one of there shows across the country. That makes no sense and would be completely inefficient.

    • Good point! But I also heard about Ryan doing an documentary – on Hitchcock? Maybe he needs some time in NY.

    • Then I am DENSE! says:

      Nobody with enough sense will actually watch that stupid show – Glee!

    • Then I am DENSE! says:

      Also read the article properly! They are talking about a season 2 show!

      • Lea says:

        They are talking about a show that will have a second season and is planning the move for this coming season. Not about a show that is in its second season… So much for reading properly…

      • B. says:

        The original poster was saying that it WOULDN’T be AHS because Ryan Murphy also has to worry about Glee and wouldn’t film the two shows on opposite sides of the country. She was in NO WAY implying that the show as Glee. So perhaps you should learn to read things more properly.

    • Lea says:

      Where in the article does it say that the shooting of the show would be moved? They could easily “pull off” shooting what is supposed to be NYC in LA, like they do with Castle and Ringer (which is so obviously fake-New York that it hurts)…

  12. bhop says:

    i was going to say Hart of Dixie. I guess revenge makes more sense though..

  13. Scott says:

    It’d so obvious that it’s Big Brother!

  14. Allison says:

    Revenge hasn’t even been renewed for season 2. Keep your suggestions to shows that have been renewed already. Like American Horror Story.

    • Fatal says:

      how could AHS move? since the dead is tied to the house… they have made it crystal clear they cant leave the house other than on Halloween… just wondering the thought process behind picking AHS?

  15. s. says:

    Hmmm, American Horror Story or Homeland. I enjoy both shows but it would be more interesting if AHS did it! And is the “real estate” a clue for us? Since Viv and Ben have been attempting move! Hmmm

  16. Fatal says:

    its revenge…. the creator and ausiello… both have dropped hints in interviews and spoilers…

  17. Jared says:

    Aus, how is this a blind item? Emily Van Camp already said the possible location change it Matt’s interview…

  18. Gavin says:

    To be clear, plenty of shows TAKE PLACE in New York but are FILMED in LA, or Vancouver, or wherever.

    the list of freshman dramas (who knows how Matt defines a hit) is
    in order of likelyhood:(my opinion)
    Game of Thrones
    Terra Nova
    Once Upon a Time
    Hart of Dixie
    Secret Circle

    These already take place in full or in part in NYC so no move is needed:
    Pan Am
    A Gifted Man
    Person of Interest

    Did I forget any “freshman” dramas?

  19. Erin says:

    I doubt it’s Revenge, because that’s commonly known information and therefore not much of a spoiler. I don’t see it being OUAT because there are too many characters and I can’t imagine pretty much the entire town packing up to move to New York. Grimm could do it, since he could take down this season’s main bad guys and then move on with his sidekick to NYC, which is surely crawling with baddies in disguise. I could also see it being American Horror Story, because how long can they keep on with the same house and people? Even if a new family moved in, it would be the same ghosts and the same tricks. There are lots of different things that could qualify as a horror story, so it wouldn’t even require a haunted house as the central theme. If they keep the same house, then they should at least end this season with all of the current family being killed and becoming new inhabitants. I also don’t think there needs to be the assumption that the show is already renewed in order for optimistic producers of a hit drama to be looking ahead to planning a second season. They do need to take into account where the show will be going in order to wrap up this season.

  20. CJ says:

    Ausiello is tapped into all things television, and him missing Emily Van Camp basically confirming the move to NYC and then posting a “blind” item about it is highly unlikely. It is not Revenge.

    I am much more inclined to think it is something else, although I can’t quite decide whether I think it is American Horror Story, Homeland, Once Upon A Time, or maybe even The Secret Circle.

  21. Bonnie A. Large says:

    Revenge…didn’t Emily VanCamp spill that to you?

  22. Revenge says:


  23. I don’t think it’s American Horror Story only because I heard it was Revenge… but wow, that would make an amazing twist.. maybe the stuff about Revenge is wrong? Anyone got a link to the revenge interview?

  24. Joe says:

    If this turns out to be Revenge, it’s the most pathetic blind item in the history of entertainment reporting. The creator has been completely open about the move to New York in every interview starting back before the show even premiered. Lol.

  25. Mac says:

    Could it be Fairly Legal?

  26. Db says:

    American horror story…

  27. Jinxy says:

    Why does everyone keep guessing Revenge????? Ausiello says it will be a dramatic storytelling shift. Revenge already had an episode based in NYC (the gala where Lydia falls from the roof), so how does that represent a dramatic shift?

  28. Dave says:

    I would think it would be a show that is already renewed if they are planning for a second season already so I’ll go with Homeland

  29. juan says:

    Def. Revenge, no question about it.

  30. d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

    I would have to go with American Horror Story. They already said they “may” change cast and location with each new season. I’m assuming Aus referred to it as “spoilery” because if it is AHS it pretty much confirms that the Harmons don’t make it out (or they do and move to NY)
    Also i don’t watch Revenge but would have to say it most likely isn’t it because it hasn’t been renewed for a second season.

    • CJ says:

      It doesn’t really matter that the house is up for sale. They only filmed the pilot there and then built a replica on a sound stage.

      • Bleeper says:

        Yes, but have you see the AHS sets lately?

        I’ve heard they’re being struck.

        And of course Connie Britton says in an interview posted today that it was always her understanding that she was going to be on the show only one season.

        Oh, and then there’s the new set being built. Plans call for a NYC brownstone.

        If you think that changing the house in the show doesn’t make sense, please consider that “making sense” hasn’t been a big issue for AHS.

        It’s not about logic. It’s about crazy scary sexy disturbing stuff you don’t see on any other show. In other words, it makes perfect sense in Ryan Murphy Land.

  31. Michael says:

    Another vote for REVENGE.

  32. Sheikia says:

    I’m going to guess something different to go against the grain. What about the Killing?

  33. Karrie says:

    Even before reading all the comments, my initial thought was Revenge since most of “rich” only go to the Hamptons in the summer….

    Love this show!

  34. Kate says:

    I’ll go with American Horror Story because the haunted house in LA is the center of the show. Moving to NYC would be a game changer AND super spoilery. Aus also mentions “real estate” and location, location, location – sounds like a big hint to me.

    I don’t see how it can be Revenge. A possible locale move to NYC has already been mentioned. Plus, Revenge is set in the Hamptons during the summer. Most of the characters live in NYC the rest of the year so it wouldn’t really be all that dramatic and spoilery. It’d just mean that season 2 probably isn’t taking place during the summer.

  35. fred says:

    Once upon a time… it will move to nyc following the graphic novel series fables

  36. John says:

    In a major twist… GAME OF THRONES!

  37. Brendan says:

    American Horror Story?

  38. Captain says:

    It’s been said but Revenge was my first thought. It’s not so much a blind item since they’ve said many times that their plan is to move the show to NYC once the “Summer in the Hamptons” storyline is over with. I don’t know if it will work but it will certainly keep things interesting.

  39. PFitzDC says:

    It’s pretty obvious that it’s Revenge, especially with the note that it’s a “freshman” series.

    The shooting on the beach takes place on Labor Day weekend.
    There is no way any of these high society types would stay out in The Hamptons once the summer was over.

    (Although how they will include Jack/Declan who ARE townies should be interesting….)

  40. May says:

    IF the picture has anything to do with it, it’s gotta be AHS. The guy looks just like Dean McDermott. It could be a whole new family, with new ghosts, in a new house. It’d be awesome.

  41. JimD says:

    Revenge seems a little obvious for a “blind item.” It
    seems the obvious red herring, right? Terra Nova is a funny choice,depending on what goes on with that gate in the season finale. My vote, though, goes to American Horror Story; those Harmons don’t seem long for the world, which is fine considering the ones still alive are pretty awful people and some of the cast have been vague about coming back for a second season. It’s all been about this house in Las Angeles so it would be fun to see a new cast and… maybe a New York high rise? Anyone?

  42. noa says:

    Revenge, since it’s in the Hamptons for the summer. maybe next season won’t be in the summer, so everyone will be back in NYC.

  43. Quantumbuc says:

    Hawaii 5-0. :-) Top that for game changer!

  44. Steven says:

    Breakout Kings.

  45. Hellboy1million says:

    Once upon a Time

  46. Alberto says:


  47. Ben says:

    Revenge, sans aucun doute (car déjà annoncé dès le début de saison).

  48. bexickle says:

    terra nova, definitely.

  49. Rob says:

    Could be Revenge, but American Horror Story’s season finale is coming up sooner and it would definitely be a shift to move it to NYC. It doesn’t seem much of a spoiler to say Revenge is moving to NYC, but since AHS is so tied in to the location, that would be a major spoiler. Plus there are all those rumors that next season will be completely different characters, different story, so different location would seem to follow.

    Once Upon a Time could also be a contender. Would be a major spoiler to reveal a shift in location for that show.

  50. SsvenjaE says:

    My first thought was: YES!!! Suburgatory!! They move finally back!
    THen i read it again and saw “freshman drama series” well ok then i guess revenge because they will not stay all year in the hamptons.