TV's Midseason Report Cards: Which Freshman Shows Are Making the Grade?

Winter is almost here, with just a handful of freshman TV shows having fresh episodes left to air before breaking for the holidays. But which members of the new class have scored good grades during their initial runs? And which are showing multiple areas for improvement?

TVLine Presents Your Guide to Fall Finale and Winter Return Dates

Are the Broke Girls delivering a wealth of laughs? Does Ringer still twin-pique our interest? Is an Unforgettable cop show proving to be memorable? We evaluated 19 of the newbies, though not all of them (meaning that fans of ABC’s Tuesday Man comedies, for example, must assign their own grades).

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sally says:

    Agreed with most of these grades. I’d give “American Horror Story” an A- myself, personally.
    And “Ringer” a C+.
    “Terra Nova” a D.

    • Plum says:

      If that D for Terra Nova stands for Dinotastic then I agree. Terra Nova has become my source for good cheesy fun; I never tire of Stephen Lang’s foxy silver goodness and fire breathing pecs.

      American Horror Story has been the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen on film; haven’t been this gut twisted by horror since Exorcist seared my preteen conciousness. Last weeks ep was heartbreaking. The pic above of the snarky Harmons pre-horror house is one of my faves. All the actors have been terrific, can’t get enough of this show. When each ep ends I’m always left wanting more.

  2. Alex says:

    Come on Once Upon A Time deserves at least a B+, maybe even an A-! But overall, agree with the grades, and am extremely glad that this year’s freshmen crop was better than last’s.
    Can’t wait to see what midseason brings.

    • Carrie says:

      I agree with A- or B+ for Once Upon a Time. Sure the real world pales in comparison to the fairy tale world, but I am still regularly captivated and the stories are well crafted. It’s my favorite new show of the year.

    • wordsmith says:

      I definitely wish the show were better than a B, and it almost is in my book, but not quite.

      I actually think the opposite of what they said in their assessment – I think it’s the Enchanted Forest side of the equation that needs improvement. I’d like to see it get bigger, grander, darker, and more fantastical. Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin is on the right level, everybody else needs to come up to that (particularly the Evil Queen, who is way too BLAND, despite her costumes).

      Also, with the exception of the Snow White story, they are relying way too much on the Disney lexicon. I mean, I guess I can understand adding the Pinocchio characters, but Pongo from 101 Dalmatians? Really?

      • fotreya says:

        I love all the Disney references in the show. Come on, fairy tales, ABC, Disney….

      • ChrisGa says:

        Wow, I agree with almost all of what you’ve said here, particularly the Evil Queen, a character who seems to be beyond the range of Lana Parilla in my opinion; she’s been the weak link in the entire cast since the show premiered. And the Enchanted Forest scenes indeed need to be ramped up; I haven’t enjoyed a whole lot going on there with the exception of the Maleficent episode(and that was entirely due to Kristin Bauer von Straten, who can do no wrong, and absolutely nothing to due with Parilla’s weak Evil Queen persona).

      • Niko says:

        It seems that ChrisGa and you should get married. You both have the same bad taste in TV shows!

        Pongo is just a dog, nothing more.

      • Lea says:

        I think Once Upon A Time could use a little subtlety every once in a while. I don’t like how obviously they throw the fairytale references at the viewers. Besides, Regina is not a particularly interesting villain and the “threatening” lines they write for her are terrible. And I wish that the writers would stop making Henry seem so obnoxious by always letting him repeat things over and over again.
        Grimm does a far better job integrating the fairytale elements into their story, and Eddie (the Wolf) is a great character. On the downside, Grimm lacks a character of the dimensions of Mr. Gold, who is by far the most compelling character on Once.

        • Tarc says:

          Never doubt the stupidity of (at least a decent portion of) the American TV audience. Have no doubt that the things that you think are being obvious leave a chunck of the audience scratching their heads – because they don’t follow. It’s sad really. The really need to add classes to teach media comprehension (and CRITICAL media consumption) in schools.

      • Sally says:

        I actually think Rumplestiltskin is getting kind of old. He does the same thing every episode, basically.

    • Jessica says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing! Emma could call Henry kid less often though.

      • Sally says:

        I agree on the “kid” thing, nevertheless I disagree about the general judgement about Emma. I like her so far, she’s not “steely”. She had a tough life, that’s what makes her tick.
        Anyway, I’d give OUAT at least a solid B+, but I lean a lot more towards an A.

        • Jessica says:

          Just to be clear, I like Emma too – I was agreeing with the general sentiment that the show should have a higher grade.

        • A says:

          Playing “tough life” shouldn’t mean forgoing other character traits. Jennifer Morrison doesn’t have personality to round up her characters. All of them are one-dimensional and annoying. If you like her, then you find ways to justify her shortcomings, but if you watch the show for the show, she is the sore spot indeed.

          • Jason says:

            I didn’t like her on House, but I like her as Emma on Once. You can’t explain that!

          • to Jason says:

            Exactly the opposite for me. I liked her more on House. Maybe because Cameron was supposed to be repressed and self-righteous, and lack of dimension served that character right, don’t know.

            It’s actually interesting to see how Once evolved from being Jennifer Morrison’s vehicle to anyone’s but Jennifer Morrison. Feels like producers are capable to keep a fresh look on things and decide what works and what doesn’t. Good for them, good for the viewers.

          • Teresa says:

            Why Lisa Edelstein fans are so annoying? We know you hate Jennifer so spread your hate everywhere, so pathetic, stop please! You are not OUAT viewers!

          • to all Hameron freaks says:

            Why Hameron fans need to bring up Lisa Edelstein every friggin time people don’t seem to like Jennifer Morrison’s performance? Get professional help, nutjobs.

        • Gonz says:

          I watch the show with my family and Emma is the character we all really dislike and we all agree it´s not a writing problem, it´s an acting problem. Jennifer Morrison is one dimensional and plays though girl in a laughable way. Even the though way she walks is embarrasing.

          • Kate says:

            To the contrary, my family likes Emma, she’s one of her favourite characters. The Evil Queen is okay but she’s not someone I’m going to root for whereas Emma is.

            I agree that they need to lighten up the ‘tough because she’s wounded’ stuff and calling Henry ‘kid’, but I still find Emma more interesting than Mary Margaret or David.

      • Gonz says:

        Jennifer Morrison doesn´t have the skills to pull her character. She was a casting mistake and the quality of the show is resenting this.

    • Kesha says:

      To me ONCE was scored right i just believe it would have been better as a mini series on sy-fi or a mini series period instead of a 22 episode a yr series its going to just drag on with no ending snow white will never get prince charming and sooooo.

    • Niko says:

      WTF, Once is definitely better than Grimm. AHS and OUAT are easily the best new drama of the season!!

      • Kate says:

        I agree! OUAT is better than Grimm. Grimm is like the offspring of Supernatural and CSI and there are enough of those shows.

    • Musica1 says:

      I love Once Upon a Time, but I, too, wish Morrison would play her character a little less one dimensional (with tough being the only dimension).

  3. Kari says:

    I HATE 2 Broke Girls. I have tried to watch it and it’s just horrid!

    • DL says:

      I agree. Can’t understand why it’s popular. In particular the writing leaves a lot to be desired, and sharp writing is what a sitcom needs to be genuinely good.

      • Darcy says:

        Oh my God! I am so sick of people thinking that everything they’ve ever watched has to be the most intelligent thing ever. Why can’t people just sit back and watch something? You have the right to dislike something, but not because it’s not completely intelligent.

        • Tarc says:

          Because I have no interest in watching garbage. 2 Broke Girls (despite the very talented leads) is tired, sexist, offensive garbage. Sorry, I don’t like to be that critical, but it is. There are plenty of other shows that manage to be funny and not brin and soul rotting junk. I wish they’d give these ladies a better concept and much, much, much better scripting and direction.

      • OK says:

        2 Broke Girls, IMO, is a poorly told story of when a soc from high school falls on hard times and starts hanging with a skank. No on to like on this show.

    • Christine says:

      My biggest problem with 2 Broke Girls is that the dialogue is predictable and it doesn’t sound natural. A good comedy should portray people talking naturally, AND saying funny witty things. Every time I watch 2 Broke girls I feel like it’s just joke, after joke, and not in a good way. No one really talks like that in real life. Every line out of someones mouth is not a well calculated punchline to some crude joke a 12 year old boy would tell.

  4. Barbara says:

    I LOVE Terra Nova!

  5. ka says:

    Really..I like two broke girls..its different. Love once upon a time..A.kinda like Whitney Whitney.C suburgatory.A..

  6. Slizabeth says:

    Hart of Dixie is overrated. Anyone who’s been to Alabama knows that. And you’re right, noone is buying her as a doctor. Is it too late to do a reboot and make her the owner of a cute boutique?

    • OpalGlow says:

      Agreed! The clichés in HofD are horrid. As a west coast transplant to Alabama I grew up with more rednecks than I live near now. Oh, wait, my neighbors in Bama are real rocket scientists. Sorry CW, 0 points for accuracy 100 points for pure annoying.

    • Tarc says:

      Hart of Dixie is charming, and if you can get past Bilson easily being the worst of the cast (and unconvincingly either a doctor or a New Yorker), the rest of the flaws are pretty much unconsequential. I’d just point out that Hart is a TV SHOW – so expecting ‘realism’ is far and away not what you get (and thank goodness, because reality is dead boring).

  7. Rebecca says:

    Grimm is a boring stinker, yet it got a B+? You lost your credibility right there.

    Then you consigned Ringer to a crappy B-. And Once Upon a Time is marked way too low, while 2 Broke Girls is way too high. A Gifted Man is ultra-generic, and Hart of Dixie just plain sucks. They should both be way lower too.

    • cindy says:

      Yup, gotta agree with you.

      I really don’t understand the criteria used to rate these shows. Grimm is one of the most boring shows I’ve ever seen. They took such a great premise and totally ruined it with such dull, forgettable characters and stories. Personally, I’d give it a C- and that’s being kind.

      Once, on the other hand, is innovative and imaginative and I love all the fascinating characters. It totally deserves a higher grade.

      I gave up on Broke Girls, Gifted Man, and Hart a long time ago. Ringer’s not bad and Revenge rocks.

  8. Ali says:

    Isn’t Up All Night on NBC not ABC?

  9. Sam says:

    This is far too kind on certain shows. Whitney, in particular. Once Upon a Time needs drastic work, American Horror Story is a hot mess/black hole for Connie Britton to be sucked into, and Hart of Dixie is a cheese-fest.
    That being said, Revenge might be the best new show since The Good Wife/The Vampire Diaries/Parenthood year of 2009-2010.

  10. Gen says:

    I think Once Upon a Time deserves a higher grade. It’s doing really well. I do agree that Emma should stop calling Henry “kid”, but I think she’ll come around.

    Person of Interest also deserves a higher grade, in my opinion. I’m really enjoying the show. It’s a cool story every week, it’s funny and the flashbacks are interesting.

  11. HRS says:

    Can you put a link to the mid-season finales/mid-season premieres article at the top of your page? Many of the shows are going off the air for the holidays and I can’t wait to see new episodes, but want to know when to expect them!


  12. Scott says:

    What about Last Man Standing?

  13. GK says:

    Somebody must have been high when assigning a C for the best new show this fall – Person of Interest! Its easily an A. And come on, how will the stakes get high if the POI is one of the main characters, so early on. We are just connecting to them, it needs more time to develop! Reese and Finch FTW – the most badass team ever!

    • Nathan says:

      POI is the best new show! A+!!!!!

    • Theresa says:

      I totally agree POI should at the least been given a B. This is the best show of all the new ones and i cannot wait to see how all it all inter-twines with all the people they have come in contact with…. Awesome cast!

    • JohnDoe says:

      Couldn’t agree more. That’s why it’s hard to take TV Line seriously. The people who run this site love garbage chick shows on CW, Glee, and a bunch of other shows for women. The good shows are given the cold shoulder.

      • Meg says:

        There’s an X in the upper right corner of your browser window/tab. Feel free to click it.

      • mandy says:

        You chose to come to this site dude. If you dont like what they say then go away! There are plenty of lame sites that I am sure could use your annoying remarks! TVLINE RULES!

      • GK says:

        All right, we agree with POI. But I have to respectfully disagree with your views on CW shows and TV Line (I’m a guy btw!) Ever heard of this little brilliant cult fav show – SUPERNATURAL? Other than POI, well, it can’t get any manlier than that on network tv. I also like The Vampire Diaries. About the other shows on CW, I really don’t care much. To each their own, I won’t blast them just because they are aimed primarily for chicks.

    • EA says:

      Agree! Totally deserves at the VERY WORST a B- and even then I think that’s harsh. I’m so over the CW crap and I am a chick. I’m grateful for a show that has a place to grow.

    • Renee says:

      Seriously! I look at some of the shows graded higher than Person Of Interest and wonder what people are drinking. Pan AM and Secret Circle graded higher than POI?!

      • GK says:

        Some people just don’t recognize good writing even when if smacks them in the face. I feel sad for whoever was grading the show since they don’t connect to the characters. POI, is as much about the story as it is about the characters. Its how the story is told that makes it brilliant. TSC graded higher than POI is a FAIL. POI can kick all these shows ass and then some.

    • Sable says:

      I could not believe the C grade for Persons of Interest, which for me is the best new show on tv this season. It is my only MUST NOT MISS new show although I do like some of the others. The only show I consider watching regularly on CW is Supernatural. Most of the shows are just not for adults.

  14. Leo says:

    Once Upon A Time deserves a B+ and American Horror Story should get an A-. Revenge didn’t deserve an A. The plot fell as a tad boring and too drama-goody-goody. Though I’m still a loyal watcher to it.

  15. PickledIceCream says:

    I like Michael Ausiello which is why I read the articles on this website, but sometimes I highly disagree with a lot of the things the writers post here. Once Upon A Time gets a B? Really?!? That must be a typo. :)

  16. MSW says:

    This report card is impossible to take seriously when American Horror Story is given the same grade as Hart of Dixie.

  17. aleksa says:

    “Chemistry” between Tessa and her dad on “Suburgatory”? Ew, no….

    • TaMara says:

      I agree. Chemistry? Like romantic? Are these people on drugs…or closet perverts? They have a wonderful father-daughter chemistry, that is all. If people see anything else, maybe they should take a hard look in the mirror. Ewww.

  18. Charles says:

    American Horror Story a B?

    You’ve got to be kidding. And your reasoning is for NEXT season’s storyline? C’mon Matt.

    It deserves an A+

    • Bad Breaker says:

      I read the recaps for AHS specifically for the comments section. No other new show has generated such questions, theories, arguments and fun discussions as this one. It’s got to be doing something right to generate this much interesting debate.

      • Lea says:

        I watch AHS and I don’t quite know how to put it, but it is often really unsubstantial. Sometimes it seems to me that the writers are solely interested in throwing as much shocking elements at us as possible (as in the episode where Vivien eats a brain, and this became the main angle of the ep). This week’s episode finally moved the story forward a bit, but overall, the discussion comes, I think, from the provoking elements and the mysteries the show has but doesn’t always seem to be interested in. Frankenbaby hasn’t shown up in a while, and the psychic (Billie) has mentioned some “end of the world” story that wasn’t picked up this week.
        I think a “B” is quite generous, I think I would give it an overall “C+”. The one thing about the show is that it, despite all its crazyness and erratic writing, it is frakkin’ addictive.

        • James says:

          The devil’s spawn inside Vivian will be unleashed to the world in the finale to devour you and your stupid whining!

        • Tarc says:

          Yeah, and I’d say anything lower than an A- for AHS is absurd. I suppose it’s all about what you want from you TV – but I don’t think that surprising, unpredictable, or ‘crazy’ are bad things when CBS is awash with the most brain stultifyingly lame suite of neverending, virtually identically plotted procedurals.

  19. Josh says:

    For me Revenge Unforgettable and The Secret Circle are the new ones i love Revenge being the best

  20. Brandy says:

    I agree with the grades for 2 broke girls, hart of dixie,secret circle, once upon a time. They are the only good new shows.

  21. David says:

    Ok I love Suburgatory…something I did not expect to like that much before modern family…grade A-….but why did you have to mention the thing about Tess/George…shatter glass sound…Geez they arent related in real life so its bound to be a chemistry…but now I’ll just have that now in the back of my head

    Also I tried watching Whitney..stinks probably initial grade C-…but the fact that its still on the air while Community was benched…now F no worse 0…get it off the Air…Sixseasonsandamovie….BTW they even did an ep about chemistry in season 1…cast of Brady bunch reference!!

    • dianna says:

      Agreed about Suburgatory, why did they have to mention about Tess and George that way? Now I can’t stop thinking about it, eww. I love the neighbors the most. Especially poker-faced Dalia.

  22. Bea says:

    I guess the chemistry between Zoe and Wade in “Hart of Dixie” is something nobody saw coming.

    • Christine says:

      I just hope the writers/producers are smart enough to follow the chemistry. A lot of shows ignore chemistry like this because it doesn’t follow their initial ‘plan’. It’s obvious that the chemistry between Zoe and Wade is much better and more interesting than the chemistry with Zoe and George, I just hope the writers are willing to pursue it and actually give them a legitimate chance.
      Things may improve if they develop George’s character a little more, but as of right now he just seems like a cardboard character. He’s so ‘perfect’ and ‘golden boy’ that it’s hard to really like him. He has no interesting qualities so far. They write Lemon so horribly, that it makes me judge George for even being with her.

  23. nova says:

    New Girl is boooooooooooooooorrring and you give it a A-?? Really? The only one I like was the guy who played Schmidt.

    • tvwatcher says:

      So agree. I just don’t get how people find it funny.

    • Niko says:

      New Girl is the most overrated new show!!

      • Christine says:

        Agreed!! It’s not really that funny, most of the times it leaves me feeling uncomfortable. They make Jess so ridiculously awkward that sometimes I have to fast forward through parts that are making me cringe. As far as comedies go, this season has been a real bust.

        • Dan says:

          I also agree with this.

          New Girl is a bore and not funny at all. I would give it a C at best. I really don’t understand how that show can be so overhyped!

          Of the new comedys I think I like Suborgatory the best but none of them are really good.

  24. Hillary says:

    Homeland is my favorite new show this season. Could not agree more with your assessment and grade.

  25. Lynnette says:

    I think Secret Circle deserves a better score, but I do agree, it is hard to keep up with the perfection that is the Vampire Diaries.

  26. fotreya says:

    I can´t wait to see the whole season now¡

  27. Jessica says:

    I don’t see how Person of Interest got the lowest grade of any show but Whitney, even though the write up isn’t really that negative. Or how low Once Upon a Time is compared to other shows.

  28. opus says:

    Once Upon a Time is by far the best new show of the year and you only give it a B, yet you give New Girl and Up All Night, both of which are huge disappointments for me, higher grades. I love Zooey, but New Girl, despite its high ratings, is one of the worst written shows of the season and Up All Night is just bad. At least you gave Whitney the lowest grade of any new show you rated, but it doesn’t even deserve a C-.

  29. rachel says:

    I must be the only one but I really like Whitney

    • Hamza says:

      I agree! It may not be over-the-top awesome, but it is still better comedy than 2 Broke Girls or Up All Night!

    • Eli says:

      Nope you’re not alone. I like whitney, I like the relationship at the center of the show, Whitney and Chris really seem like good buddies-lovers to me. I like that! And the show has a heart. It’s just that when critics love to harp on something, they reallly harp on that something and the vocal people on the internet love to carry their tune. If this show was the worst then why does it have higher demo ratings than Comunity or Parks and Rec? Plus let me remind you that it is on one of the most competitive nights on TV!

  30. ItsMe says:

    “Revenge” is my guilty pleasure. There are many twists…and, it may answer some questions each episode, but will end with you asking several more.

  31. lacey says:

    New Girl is quirky and somewhat funny, not as great as you make it out to be.
    2 Broke girls has few jokes that are actually funny, and don’t insult Laverne and Shirley by comparing them with CBS’ trash.
    Up All Night may have improved since it’s pilot, but I’m not about to tune in again.
    Considering how little you liked about Whitney I’m surprised it wasn’t given a lower grade. Plus having this horrible show still on while Community is benched makes Whitney deserve an F.

  32. holly says:

    I have enjoyed this year’s crop of new shows more than previous years. Person of Interest is great, Pan Am and A Gifted Man are my guilty pleasures. I also think Grimm has promise and love Once upon a Time. Revenge I’ll watch but think it can be over the top sometimes.

  33. Julie says:

    Once is the first show to let me out of the spn fandom to be a very obsessive fan. I adored this show from the first minutes of the pilot episode and I have only learned to love this show even more by each episode passing. Sure, Emma calls Henry kid but perhaps she just doesn’t know how to call him without the awkwardness of being the mom that gave him away (and I do believe that she will begin to call him by his name on a more regular pace soon).
    I am scared of the length of the show though and what it would mean to the story if this could go to 3 or even 4 seasons… Are we going to wait until episode 60+ for Snow and Prince to finally be together? Regina/Witch…
    I really wanna enjoy the ride all the way through though so that’s what I’ll be doing! It does deserve more than a B… It’s the only new show that I watch (I tried 2 Broke Girls and I hated it so much!!!)

  34. Danielle H says:

    As for what I watch:
    2 Broke Girls: B- (although very enjoyable lol)
    Grimm: C (this one’s hard to grade because it’s kind of up and down and needs a bit more.. pep?)
    Hart of Dixie: B (LOVE IT.. it’s so watchable and a relaxing hour of TV!)
    Once Upon A Time: C (it’s also up and down and needs to kick it up a notch.. it almost doesn’t even feel like it’s on ABC because it feels low budget at times)
    Pan AM: B (I hope it doesn’t get canceled, I actually rather enjoy it)
    Ringer: B (Very interesting and different, hope it stays!)
    The Secret Circle: C- (This show needs acting, dialogue, and writing help STAT!)

  35. SonR says:

    Grimm= A
    2 Broke Girls = B+

    New Girl = D
    i had to quite watching the show after the first 3 episodes. even my Zooey obessed guy friends can’t watch it
    Up All Night = C-
    quit watching after the drunkenly bough the van. that show hits all the cliches

    • Bad Breaker says:

      Glad to see I’m not the only one that’s not enamored with NEW GIRL…an A- ? Really? I find Zoey to be over-the-top and borderline obnoxious. Schmidt is the only redeeming value.

      • SonR says:

        Zoey isn’t borderline obnoxious she is nails on the chalkboard obnoxious
        Schmidt is good, but not good enough to put up with “its jess”

  36. CastleBuffySVU says:

    Slight disagreement with Ringer’s score. I would give it a solid B+. I’ve been HOOKED from week to week. I think Sarah Michelle Gellar is brilliant in the role, and I really like Ioan Gruffudd as Andrew. The characters are steadily becoming easier to relate to and are more likeable now. It is extremely unpredictable, and I can never predict what is going to happen next. Really like Kristoffer Polaha in his role too. Killing off Gemma was brilliant and unexpected. Then Siobhan showing up to kill “Charlie” was amazing. So incredibly random! Makes it so interesting and fun to follow.
    I agree with Juliet and Mr. C.’s storyline needing serious work. Juliet needs some stability, and cannot go into “obsessive” territory. I was just starting to like her, then she “cried” rape. Who knows what will happen with that storyline, knowing the writers on Ringer.
    Anyways, I LOVE it. Rating: B+!

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, I think Ringer deserved a better grade. While it’s not as across-the-board strong as Revenge(the best new show of the season imo), it has alot going for it, including a superb central performance from the typically excellent Sarah Michelle Gellar and a pretty stellar supporting cast. And I say yes please to more Kristoffer Polaha, who’s taken what seemed to initially be a one-note philanderer role and given it dimension and depth. Plus, the man is absolutely gorgeous. Just sayin’.

    • Nadine says:

      Absolutely, Ringer deserves at least a B+, and it’s a solid A for me. Fantastic show!!

    • Fran says:

      I think Ringer is underrated; I would give it a B+. I would have given it an A, but some storylines just do not work, like Juliet and her teacher. The show works best when it focuses on the soap opera stuff, rather than the Macawi plot. All of the actors are really good, but it’t a shame that they don’t give Nestor Carbonell (Agent Machado) something better to do. And all of this talk about Kristopher Polaha, and no mention of the wonderful Ioan Gruffudd? Gruffudd gives a very layered and intelligent performance as Andrew, who otherwise would have been a boring character in a lesser actor’s hands. There is some strong chemistry between Bridget and Andrew, and I hope they end up staying together.

    • Miv says:

      Totally agree with this. It may not be the most intelligent, but Ringer is easily one of my favourite new shows this season; deserves at least a solid B in my opinion.

    • CB says:

      Completely agree with your point on Juliet’s storyline. It seems out of place due to previous character development, but I guess the writers are taking her storyline of people believing her to a whole different level. I was seriously hoping it wouldn’t turn out that way and they wouldn’t use that trope.

  37. Dan says:

    American Horror Story – A+
    I’m obsessed. And I know I’m not the only one – the show gets several topics trending on Twitter every new episode.

  38. Niko says:

    Once Upon A Time is vastly underrated. I think most critics agree that it’s better than Grimm.

    And I like it better than sister show Revenge and Suburgatory, so the score should’ve been higher than those two.

    Once Upon A Time: A
    American Horror Story: A
    Revenge: B+
    Pan Am: B
    Suburgatory: B
    Grimm: B-
    New Girl: D
    Terra Nova: D

  39. Yvonne says:

    Whitney deserves an F! Or at least a D-…I have never actively hated a TV show before, but Whitney…
    It’s just terrible. I

  40. JohnDoe says:

    Why am I not surprised that soap operas for chicks get great grades, yet awesome shows like Person of Interest get bad grades? Typical TVLine crap.

    • Hamza says:

      Revenge, Hart of Dixie getting good grades? Seriously? Revenge may have started well, but it’s going downhill with the story now!

      Person of Interest has a cast and story which is engaging and better performed. Jim Caviezel is awesome! I just hope they add another female series regular!

  41. Jo says:

    Great assessments. I agree with them all. Well… except Whitney. I know you guys were dying to give that garbage an F but feared who you might piss off. I understand completely.

  42. DL says:

    How can you possibly justify giving Grimm a better grade than American Horror Story? AHS is easily the favorite new show of the season amongst all of my family and friends. At least Revenge got a deserved A-. Loving that show too.

  43. Monica says:

    I would give Ringer a C-. The show has been so underwhelming. I really expected more from it after all the buzz it got. I am bored for most of the episode and find myself watching the next episode just because the last 2 minutes raise questions that I want answered. If it was not for that, I would have dropped the show a long time ago. I find the characters flat and not compelling at all. Terra Nova should get a B-; it is a good show, though it is slow at times. I give The Secret Circle a C; it bores me and I watch it just for my sister. I guess I am not into witches.

  44. G-Mom says:

    My favorite new shows (with my ratings)are:
    Person of Interest – A
    Revenge – A
    Ringer – B
    I think Grimm is kind of boring and weird, of course I have just watched it about twice. I haven’t watched any of the others much.
    And as for X-Factor – F for the reasons in the “What needs work” part. That IS the show. I don’t think they have ANY contestants worth a $5,000,000 contract!! However, I haven’t watched it much after the first show, but I have seen all the contestants perform.

  45. Margo says:

    Person of Interest is A+ in my book. Cast is terrific and they’re slowly weaving the threads together.
    Prime suspect is getting better every week. Pilot was a little hokey. But the writing has really improved and the characters are developing some depth. Maria Bello is awesome
    Once had a great pilot with so much potential but it has become boring. To bad. I love Robert Carlyle. Wish they hadn’t cancelled SGU

  46. Barbie says:

    This is ridiculous in every way!!!

    New Girl A???? A pathetic, pathetic, classless girl, living with three losers, a show we grit our teeth over most of the times gets an A while Once Upon a Time gets a B? That’s the best show of a freakin’ season!!! And Unfreakinfrogettable gets a C??? You people kidding me??? Poppy Montgomery is FANTASTIC as Carrie Wells. That show is AMAZING, her skills of remembering everything is a dream coming true and it’s about a ZILLION times better than Zooey Deschanel who has the acting skills of a lamppost. And Grimm gets a B+?

    I used to respect this site. More and more I’m starting to lose respect for the overratedness of this thing.

    • Niko says:


    • DL says:

      Fantastic? She’s decent, and she carries the show well. Her accent is laughable, though. She’s supposed to be a New Yorker, and when she talks it sounds like a combo of her native Aussie and somewhere down in Georgia. I don’t particularly care for Dylan Walsh, either. I would give the show a B-.

  47. mandy says:

    The only thing I couldnt figure out is why new girl only got an A-,

  48. Brenna says:

    I’d grade OUAT higher but definitely agree with new girl. i hope for the best for pan am because i really like that show(and love dean and colette/ted and laura!).

  49. Kay says:

    I agree with the grades for the most part of the shows I watch, especially the grade for OUAT and Terra Nova. I would grade Ringer one notch down. Grimm at a B+ is fine after the first 3/4 episodes, but after #5 and 6 it’s A- for me.

  50. Annika says:

    Once Upon a Time and Person of Interest get an A so far!

    Unforgettable is an OK way to waste about 40 minutes except for that horrible dye job on Poppy’s poor head. It rips off The Mentalist which rips off Psych.

    All the others I’m not even interested to check out or the first couple/few episodes were disappointing. And I stopped watching comedy shows after Mad About You/Friends/Frasier/Dharma & Greg/Will & Grace ended.