Boardwalk Empire Fall Finale: Ready, Set, React!

If you have yet to watch the season finale of Boardwalk Empire, hit the nearest exit. And I repeat: If you have yet to watch the season finale of Boardwalk Empire, hit the nearest exit. 

Everyone else, read on…


That was no doubt your reaction after watching Sunday’s game-altering Season 2 finale of Boardwalk Empire. (It was certainly mine.) 

In short, they killed Jimmy! And by “they” I mean Nucky, who shot his rival dead in the closing minutes of the mind-blowing episode —bringing Michael Pitt’s two-season run on the HBO drama to a shocking end.

“Jimmy, throughout this episode, realizes that it’s over for him,” concedes exec producer Terrence Winter in an interview posted on “And I think he knows his end is coming. But before that, he at least wants to make everything right, say his goodbyes, repair what he can and move on. There are a lot of emotions — he’s angry, he’s greedy, he’s bitter — he’s really a mess.

“By the time we pick up Jimmy in the last scene, he’s essentially said his goodbyes to everybody and it’s very telling that Jimmy comes to this meeting… unarmed,” Winter continues. “He was well aware of the fact that he was being set up and he willingly walked into this. I think Jimmy knew this was his fate. And as he said to Nucky, this was really the only way this could’ve ended for us… [Jimmy] was sort of ready to move on into the next world.”

Thoughts? Surprised Empire whacked its second most pivotal character this early in its run? What impact do you think this will have on the show moving forward — both creatively and commercially? And, in non-Jimmy news, how do you think Nucky will react when he learns of Margaret’s betrayal? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. AJ says:

    Why does hbo kill off all the best characters?! First sean bean in the game of thrones, now jimmy in boardwalk!? God they make me want to strangle the hbo writers. Nuff said

  2. JC says:

    You have to question if your reaction isn’t the exact result they were going for by NOT GIVING the viewer what they wanted or expected. I was upset like a lot of people and didn’t see it coming, but since I didn’t see it coming, perhaps that is what is most interesting. Nucky creates a lot of movement based on situation but seemed like he was going flat — now there’s a new dimension that allows me to love to hate him. Manny is an interesting character who seemed like your typical sacrificial character and we all knew he’d get it… now that he hasn’t, I’m suddenly more curious about where he goes from here. Where does the mom character go? Is Richard going to go crazy killer nutz? And the signing over of the land added a little finger in the air to Nucky from Margaret. If you think about it, the characters were all becoming a little pigeon-holed, but suddenly none of them did what you expected. That makes it more interesting to me to see what happens next. Jimmy is dead, but I don’t think it was in vain.

  3. Andy says:

    Pure brilliance! :) I disagree with the majority of you people. The writers are being honest with us and with themselves by doing this. It was the only way to go. Jimmy was done long ago(since season 1). Yes, I agree he was the BEST character on the show. I agree he was the “most human”. But look what he went through to show this fact to us. Could any of you really see Jimmy runnin’ sh%# in Atlantic City in season 3? The political characters that came to his office never gave him an ounce of respect the entire season. They blew off every attempt that he would make to get control of the situation. His mom never gave him any respect. His wife never gave him any respect. For these reasons alone he was defeated. Now, lets pile on the facts: His wife was killed because of his ego, his dad died because of his direct actions, his relationship with Nucky dissolved because of his decisions. He was molested by his mother since he was a child, disowned then eventually stabbed by his father and cheated on by his wife on more than one occasion. His business partners Capone and Lucky f#$%ed him over more than once. Jimmy knew he was done. He welcomed it. He wanted it. Pitt(Jimmy) agreed with the writers that it was the only honest way to sum it up. I agree that he was probably the most human character on the show. Well guess what? This is how a human would deal with it. It’s more realistic than Jimmy going on a tear and killing off EVERY other character on the show like he was Rambo and it would be EVERY OTHER CHARACTER(with the exception of de la Heurta’s and his son). Anyway you slice it, it did what it was supposed to do. To get you angry and make you sad. That’s what it feels like when someone you care about passes. You never say “wow, that happened at the perfect time”. You say “F%#K, I never got to say goodbye”. Well done writers! Bravo!
    P.S. – I can’t wait to see Nucky’s face when he realizes that EVERY OTHER CHARACTER in that scene not to mention the whole show f$%#ed him over too(except for Jimmy).
    P.P.S. – Kinda cool when you think about it? Fairly early into the final episode Nucky said “How can you order somebody to murder somebody?”. This made me think of one of the first lines that Jimmy said to Nucky on episode 1 season 1: Jimmy – “You can’t be half of a gangster Nucky…not anymore.” then season 2 finishes with Nucky popping Jimmy in the dome which in turn makes Nucky a full gangster. Pure genius. They had this planned since day one people.

  4. Lia says:

    Well it was very disappointing. Why didn’t they kill his mother by mistake and that would have been a dramatic ending enough. But to kill Jimmy who was the best one on the next two Nucky, that was suicide that the show did that.
    I have no reason to watch it anymore. I don’t want to see the mother molesting her grandson like she did her son. Jimmy was growing and if the writers would have seen that they wouldn’t have come up with this ending. They could have made Jimmy and Nucky finally get together because Jimmy did love Nucky. They would show how the NY mobsters like Luciano and Al Capone from Chicago starting to put their two cents in and trying to take Atlantic City. Then Jimmy and Nucky would join forces. Jimmy would have met a young woman who wasn’t a lesbian and truly loved him this show could have had a great romantic edge with Jimmy. Romance is great when it’s a young couple who may have some obstacles in their way and trying to get together.
    This really sucked and this is one less show I will be watching. I have already erased it from my DVR and so have several of my friends.
    How stupid. This always happens when a show is doing well the writers were doing a great job than BANG they shoot it out of space and no one wants to watch it again. Why do writers always get rid of the best character? Then they wonder why shows don’t stay for years and years like they use to.
    Just how stupid they make Margaret and I am offered by the way the priest is shown. She is giving away something that doesn’t belong to her all Nucky’s land, and the priest accepts it, where is Martin Luther when he started the protestant movement for paying to absolve you of sins. She is buying her way for the sins she committed by stealing land that doesn’t belong to her. So she just continues to sin to get rid of a sin. I am Catholic and whoever wrote this part is either protestant or atheist. Now she thinks that God will be merciful to her. She thinks her problems with her daughter and son are because her boyfriend is a gangster, not that she is living in sin, not that she had sex with Nucky’s bodyguard, not that she is stealing money from Nucky, no its because her boyfriend is a gangster and stole her family’s money to get a better life. How stupid do the writers think we are why are they making her so stupid?
    She should have suggested marriage with Nucky before he did instead of giving away what doesn’t belong to her. She tried to give her family the money she stole but they wouldn’t take it so that sin is resolved.
    But stealing is sinning and living out of wedlock is a sin. She better go back to catechism.

    • Andy says:

      Respectfully I must comment. Capone, Lucky and the other gangsters are real people. History restricts their characters movements as far as plot goes. Them taking over Atlantic City is like doing a show on George Washington taking over Canada because it would make a good story.
      As far as religion and Margaret’s character goes I think it’s pretty spot on considering the time period. There was very little critical discussion on religion at that time. Also, very little government protection as well. There are several references throughout real history to back up the writers take on religion in respect to the show. Try not to take to much offense. Enjoy your love of your religion and don’t feel the need to defend it so much. It’s yours and nobody can take that away from you. :)

  5. johngalt2788 says:

    I may be echoing what everyone else has already said in one form or another, but killing Jimmy has pretty much killed the show for me. He was the reason that I, too, watched. I have NEVER posted a comment anywhere, ever, for anything before, but that gives you just an inkling of how upset I was at the end of this show. Mr. Winter has seriously underestimated his audience, I’m afraid. He states in his interview that he took a gamble. Well, he lost, at least for me. Without Michael Pitt’s eloquent and multi-layered performance, there is no longer a show of interest for me. I wish it luck and a long run, but I shall turn my attention elsewhere. I simply no longer care what happens to any of the remaining characters.

  6. Mark says:

    People stop crying over Jimmy’s death, life is harsh so Jimmy not getting his revenge suits the tone of the show. Shows that take chances should be cheered not too mention Nucky needed to be darker since he’s the bad guy like Tony was in the Sopranos.

  7. Tont says:

    Let’s face it: Jimmy Darmody has been careening toward self-destruction for a long time, since he first dropped out of Princeton. Nucky told him he was squandering his potential then, and told him he was throwing away his future when he became a “gangster.” Siding with his addled mom & the ailing Commodore against Nucky was an epic mistake borne of guilt & confusion rather than thought. And finally, refusing to pay Manny Horvitz the money he owed him displayed a practically suicidal arrogance. In the end, Jimmy was a failed bootlegger who excelled at nothing so much as turning allies into enemies. Michael Pitt’s performances have been superb, but it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which Jimmy screwed up this badly & still survives the wrath of his peers.

  8. Dante says:

    People relax ,you all say you will never watch again, but if you are a true fan ,you know you can not wait until Sept to see what will result from Jimmy demise and how Nucky will react to this

  9. Jimmy says:

    This show became about the character Jimmy Darmody and where he was going. As much as we all love Steve Buscemi, no one cares about Enoch Thompson. You’re rooting for Jimmy and his plot twists are far more interesting than Nucky’s court case or family life. For them to kill off Jimmy is like killing their own show.

    • Beth says:

      Speak for yourself. I find Nucky fascinating and I’ve been rooting for him far more than I have for Jimmy. Just because everyone thinks Michael Pitt is so hot is not a good reason to keep him around. The show will be just fine without him.

  10. Don says:

    A brilliant ending to the season. Hey, if Game of Thrones can pull off having its main character killed, then Boardwalk Empire can handle Jimmy getting whacked.

    I loved the Jimmy character, but it would have dumbed down the story if Jimmy just came back under Nucky’s wing. Where do you go with the story at that point? The story tries to stick as true to life as it can, so Jimmy and Nucky aren’t going to take on New York or Chicago in a gangster war.

    If HBO has shown its audience anything it is that the writers for their shows know what they are doing and will create equally amusing and dramatic seasons with or without the characters that we love.

  11. Marx says:

    People I doubt this is a dream sequence! Look at Game of Thrones-Ned Stark is d e a d. HBO will kill off main characters, even when its ill-advised and truly risking its viewership.

    M. Pitt played this role perfectly, its a waste of talent he is gone. And a shame, making me debate further watching season 3. Like someone said earlier, the only reasonable explanation is if Pitt wanted to leave and had other movie offers rolling in. Otherwise pointless.

  12. mary says:

    Nucky has been irreparably damaged as a character. Nothing remotely attractive about him in any way now.

    • Beth says:

      If you truly believe that then you don’t get this show and it’s not for you anyway.

      • CR says:

        That’s a little arrogant, isn’t it Beth?

        The bad guy with endearing qualities has always been a dramatic staple. Take away the endearing qualities and he’s just a bad guy.

        They did it with Tony Soprano so that by the end of the series, we just didn’t care. They did it prematurely with Nucky. I wouldn’t look for a season four.

        • Beth says:

          And you’ve got some tunnel vision, CR. You say “dramatic staple”, I say “cliche”. I ask that a character be interesting and compelling. Neither one of those traits necessarily includes likeable. I find Nucky to be an extremely interesting and compelling character. And I repeat, if you don’t, then you don’t get the show and it’s not for you anyway.

  13. donna m says:

    Bold but dangerous decision but now I want the fabulous Richard Harrow to get his revenge in the next series and I also want him more central to the storylines. He is the only reason why I will continue to watch the show.

  14. cpthaddock says:

    strange, im more interested in if or when they get rid of margaret. she did have some spark last season but the flimsy goody-two-shoes business has become the most annoying thing in the show (apart from creepy grandma) jimmy was a great character, and it was a bit of a shock to not have him get his revenge on the butcher, but the void will be filled, bring on season 3 i say!

  15. debbie says:

    Ending “stunk”. They certainly killed off best character. I’m astounded as his part gave real depth to the show, otherwise it becomes another ridiculous replay of the stories of Luciano, Capone et al.. We have all seen that ad nauseum.. Bad move.. Maybe if they were smart, Richard finds him bleeding but not dead..

  16. Melanie says:

    Just when Jimmy’s character arc became the most engrossing part of the show — its done? Because he really died in the trench? Honestly, I thought that was what Richard represented and that he was there to counterpoint Jimmy’s struggle — guess not.
    Speaking of Richard, he knows Jimmy went to meet Nucky & Manny – what’s to stop him killing them all? The Irish dude, I’m guessing, suicide by gun battle for Richard? And there goes another compelling character.
    I guess the show is promoting the Irish guy to take Jimmy’s place. Well, so far, I can’t remember the guy’s name, so I dunno if that’s the greatest plan. I think Steve Buscemi is doing a wonderful job as Nucky – problem is – I still don’t like Nucky. I’m not rooting for him to ‘win’ and I’m not invested enough to want to see him taken down (and certainly NOT by any of the remaining Federal agents we’ve seen or the Prosecutor).
    I don’t know if I’m that interested in another season of Nucky’s machinations. He’s such a coward. Sure. HE shot Jimmy – big deal. With Jimmy unarmed and basically committing suicide, with Eli, Manny and Irish prepared to hold Jimmy still for him if need be.

  17. Steve says:

    I’m not sure where to start. There is no doubt in my mind that Jimmy made this show. I mean i think i’d be less upset about this ending if Nucky was played by someone OTHER than steve buscemi, someone who actually looks and acts ganster. Not that fish-eyed gangster wannabe. With my rant out of the way, I will give season 3 a chance, but boy will i be as critical as ever. I see Richard going on a vendetta to avenge his friends death. I see Capone taking on a much larger role than he has already. The sad truth about this all though. The story could still be amazing, Michael Pitts made this show. So without him i see killing off jimmy being putting a “clock” on how much longer they have left.

  18. Read a Book says:

    So Jimmy is dead. Makes sense to me seeing how the show is based upon the life and times of Enoch Thompson. If the non-fiction novel was written about James then he would not be dead now.

    If you read the non-fiction book, you would understand why Jimmy is dead and not Enoch,Eli or Horwitz.

  19. Brent says:

    Every one of you saying you’re done with the show will be watching the season 3 premiere come next year. There are so many places the writers could take Jimmy’s death. You’ll watch the premier and the show will hook you, just like it has for every episode for 2 seasons. The writers have taken us this far, have a little faith folks. Also, something that’s not getting much hype. Is Nelson Van Alden done? Where could he possibly go from here?

  20. darmody says:

    no i will not watch this show next season. why support a show that has no respect for the viewers

  21. Magically Suspicious says:

    If they were going for a jaw-dropping finale….well done. I’ve never been one of those “If they kill XYZ, I’m NEVER watching again!” folks, but I honestly can’t find any interest in the show without Jimmy Darmody. The complicated relationship between Jimmy and Nucky was far from over. And Jimmy was the main humanizing factor for Nucky. Without Jimmy, Nucky’s character becomes very one-sided, especially if he’ll be battling Margaret too. I might give the first episode or two of Season 3 a shot, just to see how they handle it. But I also think that, in the event I need room on my dvr, my season pass for BE will be the first thing to go. I’m not excited at all anymore. I hope, for his sake, that this was all Michael Pitt’s plan and he has good things in the works.

  22. Alyssa says:

    I do not post a comments at all…but I have to vent somewhere. I really feel like I am morning a lost…I am so hurt. Jimmy was the only reason why I watched that show…he was something else…I just don’t understand why they would kill him off. I feel dumb look on these websights for answers…I am just so hurt and just so mad…I never felt like this about a show. HBO making it all a dream!! Cause I really do not think I can watch this show with out that cutie named JIMMY!!!

  23. josh says:

    I could not believe the ending it took a minute to set in I was shocked and not really looking forward to season 3 it want be the same without jimmy he made the show. My opinion jimmy was boardwalk empire now that he’s gone the show is gone no more watching from me

  24. FTaylor says:

    I dont know why everyone is in an uproar about killing off Jimmy. If you watch any HBO series, a main character is always killed off. Jimmy was very sloppy and had it coming to him….He was not ready to run AC. He did not have the connects or the money to make business moves. Jimmy was a goon, and like real life, all goons at one point get killed…I am looking forward to next season…Now they will focus more on Chalky White and the African American influence of AC as well as showing how heroine hit the scene.I am looking forward to next season. The same people who said they will not watch will be viewing next season. Get over it. not that serious! Just keep watching.

  25. ron says:

    I was really into Jimmy’s character but the fact remains he sanction the hit on Nucky and there was no way Nucky could forgive or forget. Jimmy made a terrible decision and he paid for it. Nucky is based on a real life character and he remained firmly in control until his imprisonment in 1941. He was a man who knew what he wanted and how to keep it- there was no way a kid like Jimmy would be allowed to do what he did and get away with it.

  26. pinto says:

    This was the dumbest screeplay move ever. Jimmy was the anchor of the series. A dark, conflicted and tortured character not to mention a great actor and an eyecandy. He is the most interesting character in BE and unless he is brought up from the dead by some writer’s miracle, i’m done with this show.

  27. Ryan D. says:

    On a positive note, this opens things up for greater development of Richard. He loved both Jimmy and Angela, and it will be interesting to see how he responds.

  28. pistol pete says:

    Just a theory, what if they brought jimmy back in season 3. What was with that war scene after he was shot and suddenly cuts out. Maybe its possible he was injured and has a plate in his head that stop the bullets. I mean its been done in movies. I really wanna believe he’ll come back some how and have vengeance!!!!

  29. Peter says:

    You are right on. Why not stick with what was working. Buschemi is not believable as Nucky Thompson, poor casting. Michael Pitt was carrying the show.

  30. juan de la cruz {jersey city} says:

    My first time ever blogging anything on the net. What a shame for those writers to end season 2. They could of went a million ways with the finale. Killing the most interesting character by far is the most idiotic move producers allowed the writers to do. Jimmy’s character on the show was by far was the most attractive and mysterious which was the reason I loved his scenes above all. The writers are going to take a lot of heat for taking such a significant character out of the equation; it was only season 2 way too early, and just ridiculously wrong to be killed by a character who in my view was a coward . My interest level for this series completely dropped drastically jimmies character needed the honor of a gangster to see him out, but who gets that privilege [NUCKY] a whip. The show won’t survive too long as it would of did if jimmy was there.

  31. Edwin says:

    I dont think Richard is going to go on a killing spree for revenge. The scene in the house just before Jimmy got the call from Nucky, Richard is saying something about still living in the war when Jimmy makes him promise “to come back home”. That is the big diffrence between Jim and Richard. If were the other way around, Jimmy would of shot up the whole city, his mind was too clouded. I think Richard will honor Jimmy’s last words, and as i have read i think season 3 will start 1-2 yrs later. On a side note, when Margaret signs over the deeds to the church, she signs it using ‘Thompson’. When Nucky gave them to her she probably used ‘Schroeder’. Would that be enough to void it? Seeing how Jimmy just ripped up his father’s will, legal documents probably dont mean anything in the early 20s.

  32. kuanyin says:

    I probably will watch the next season opener, but at the moment, I’m thinking the show lost most of my interest. I don’t like Nucky being a gangster sociopath, I don’t like what they are doing with Margaret, I think it’s boring. Jimmy and Angela added a lot of interest to the show. Richard is the only interesting character at this point. Even Lucy disappeared just as I found her finally multidimensional. Agent Van Alden? Are we going to follow his life in wherever he ended up? Do I care?

    At the moment we have lost the complexity and it is looking like a dumbed down cliche.

  33. Travis says:

    I agree. I’m done with this show. It also makes me sick because the writers probably think this is a good reaction. They think we’ll be back. Well, I won’t. Jimmy was the only character I really cared about. I liked watching him kill people. In fact, I only wanted to watch his scenes. I could care less about Nucky’s homelife with that annoying Margaret character – it’s like Carmela’s scenes on the Sopranos. Female characters in gangster shows are only good for one thing. Also, who cares about that Irish stooge? Even the stuff with Capone, Lucky and Meyer sucks. And Chalky White is just the black character that needs a few scenes each week to keep a black audience interested (or represented). I’m sure the writers are laughing at all of our comments, saying to themselves “look, we got this big reaction, aren’t we great?” They probably think everyone is just blowing off steam and will be back to watch next year. However, I refuse. I watched this show to see Jimmy’s character – the only one worth caring about. Bad writing. I’m all about Sons of Anarchy now.

  34. Emilia says:

    They killed the prodigal son too early. He wasn’t allowed to grow in the way he should have and was the heart of the show. Even if this was in the cards for Jimmy in the future, there was plenty to explore in his character for a few more seasons. I think this will prove to be a poor decision for the show’s future.

  35. Rick says:

    In an instant they changed the evil-but-likeable central character into someone that I, for one, couldn’t stand to watch for another frame. And in three episodes they killed off two of the other three sympathetic characters, in gut-wrenching fashion.

    The next time HBO renews a show for a third season, they should make sure the writers aren’t bent on drinking the kool aid at the end of the second. I cancelled HBO Monday morning. I hope the third season costs them tens of millions and nobody watches.

  36. Craig says:

    I realize that it makes sense for Nucky to kill Jimmy. I’ve like Steve Buscemi from way back in the day as an actor. I started watching the show only because of Buscemi. I really like to show but I’m done with it. If the writers make a miraculous recovery and bring in another great charter, played by a great actor, I will buy the DVDs of season 3 to catch back up.

    Hey writers, I have a suggestion for you. Nucky says to Arnold Rothstein (I think it was him) on the phone that he has a decision to make – referring to if he is going to kill Jimmy and have Waxey Gordon killed. The rest of the episode is Nucky “thinking” about the first option – having them killed. The second option is how season 3 can starts which is him not killing Jimmy. I realize that they are not going to be BFF but Jimmy can continue being in the show in some respect.

    My final point, like I said, in the story it makes sense for Nucky to kill Jimmy and it is shocking. However, Jimmy does all of Nuckys dirty work, keeps him from going to prison, and then basically put his head in the guillotine and then pulls the cord for him. This in my opinion is pretty stupid. I realize he had a troubled life and his wife and father just passed but up until then he has shown a pretty strong desire to stay alive. It doesn’t ring true to me.

  37. Tm says:

    The sopranos killed Christopher three eps from the finale, not a biggie this was too early ESP w Jimmy making amends. They shouldve killed Eli off had Nuck move Jimmy and pop his brother now there’s and ending Terrence.

  38. Brian Keegan says:

    I think it was the most honest ending you could have. James knew it was coming hence the lack of weapons and sidekick. He made amends and if he did not want to die he would not have shown up.

    I think anything less then nucky shooting jimmy wold have been a sell out.and this only made nucky character stronger .

  39. Colin DeDeo says:

    I think it was a dream I do not think Jimmy really died I think jimmy passed out before he got to meet nucky after all he was really drunk how could he sober up that quick

  40. Gretz says:

    GREAT ending to Season 2!

    There was NO other way to reconcile Jimmy’s misguided betrayal.

    He HAD to pay for his actions. He knew it. He accepted it. He arranged it.

    However, the final scene would have been more satisfying to me if, prior to popping Jimmy, Nucky, in a show of appreciation for what Jimmy had done to get his charges and trial dismissed, had wheeled around and shot Manny first – as expected. Then to add the exclamation point, turned back to Jimmy to complete HIS shocking execution.

    Jimmy could at least get SOME sense of revenge before he died.

    This scenario also would serve to give Nucky a bit more sympathy from the audience moving into Season 3.

    Regardless – you have to love a production team that does not compromise.

    Reminds me of the elevator scene in “The Departed”.

  41. Mitch of The Wood says:

    There’s no tension left without Jimmy, Nucky’s dad, The Commodore, Neary, Evelyn and the federal case. Richard and Owen’s storylines are meaningless now that Jimmy and Owen’s old IRA boss, John McGarrigle are gone. I hoped for a reluctant showdown between Richard and Owen. Instead, Richard’s great character feels like a throw away. One among many. How is it that Eli could kill ward boss O’Neil and NOBODY NOTICES IT? Gillian was becoming really opressive, but with Jimmy and the Commodore gone, who cares what happens to her? Paz de la Huerta’s Lucy was a great wild card character and exciting to watch. Now she’s gone and who cares where she went. That’s the problem, it’s not just a bad season ender or the end of really good characters. It feels like whole story lines got built up and thrown away without any kind of resolution or impact. Nucky and Atlantic City are virtually unchanged by two years worth of episodes. Nucky is back where he was when we first found him: ruling unapposed with his dull-witted, sulky brother. The only thing that’s changed in Atlantic City is that now, there’s not enough dramatic tension in the whole town to make it worth watching.

  42. THX1138 says:

    Boardwalk Empire has defiantly JUMPED THE SHARK!!!

    I’ve watched HBO series one after another spin out of control and cash. Six feet under, Deadwood, Rome now Boardwalk Empire, the once tight plots suddenly fall apart and the characters start behaving as though they have multiple personality disorder and one of the other personalities has taken over. Like clockwork it happens toward the end of the second season.

    My guess is HBO not wanting meet the salary demands of writers on a hit show who’s contracts have run out replace them instead. resulting in the dramatic changes in both the character’s personalities and plot direction.

    Trust me from here on out that direction is down until Boardwalk Empire falls into the sea.

    Don’t think so? Ask your self this, would the guy who invented James Darmody ever think for an instant he would ever under any circumstance have sex with his own mom? That’s just one of several bazaar plot twist and changes in the character’s base DNA that scream something’s gone terribly wrong with the show.

    I’ll bet a lot of you wish you had never watched the last season of Six Feet Under or that you had skipped the Matrix sequels.

    Well here’s your chance…Get out now, and you can still remember Boardwalk Empire as great show.

  43. hater says:

    Jimmy had to die. Marky Mark told Winters that’s they way they do it on the mean streets of Boston (nothing against Boston), and Winters respected that, because everyone knows Marky Marky used to be a true gangster, a real-life Darmody who gave us six years worth of the same story on Entourage.
    I’m sorry…that made no sense…I’m just going to hate on every character Boardwalk Empire introduces from now on because I’m a true hater.
    Yeah, I hate that they killed Jimmy, but I hope they don’t bring him back in flashbacks to please the fans. Also, I think this was a good way for him to die, but it felt way too son, and way too forced. They should have saved this whole betrayal scenario for the last season. I also love Richard, but agree that he wasn’t properly used this year. In my opinion, this show is really boring most of the time, and it just feels shocking to be shocking. Remember, these are the same writers who loved to kill off interesting characters on the Sopranos, which is why the show got worse and worse – there was nobody left to relate to other than Tony -and this show has not Tony-caliber character. Also, who cares about Margaret? Van Alden stinks, too? Last but not least, I read an interview where the writers said they wanted to frustrate the audience by creating the illusion that Nucky and Jimmy would reconcile. Anyway, I think they got the opposite reaction from fans. Oh, well. You win some, you lose some. A show really needs a strong character from the first season to carry it to the end. Like it or not, Jimmy became that character; all of the rest of them just don’t create any empathy. Tony Soprano, on the other hand, even though he was a cold blooded killer, made you feel for him. I can’t feel anything for Nucky, and that’s saying something, considering Steve Bus-whatever-the-spelling-of-his-last-name is one of the most likeable actors in the world. The writers had two seasons to make us feel for him, and they just continue to strike out. Also, who is to say Nucky wouldn’t forgive Jimmy? All gangsters care about is money – nothing else – or at least that’s what the FBI always says. I mean why didn’t Nucky kill Rothstein at the end of season 1.

  44. hateriffic says:

    By the way, Jimmy Darmody was based on Jimmy Boyd, who replaced the real Nucky Thomopson (Nucky Johnson). Also, the writers messed up. You know how I know? The reactions are bad, and it really doesn’t matter whether it’s good writing or bad, all that matters is good and bad ratings – and though the show will probably scrape by for a few more seasons, i expect a ratings dip, because I think the female demographic will die.
    I hate Michael Pitt in everything except this show. I hate to admit that he carried it, which is strange.
    Sorry, I can’t organize my thoughts enough to make an effective argument. This show just sucks.

  45. edgar says:

    Jimmy is dead,the show is dead .

  46. There has to be more to this. Unless these are no longer the same writers they couldn’t possibly dismiss a character like Jimmy. I’ll hold my judgement until next season.

    • gigi says:

      I like your optimism. Hey… Soaps {Not that I watch them, I actually loathe them} bring back people from the dead all the time. Maybe Jimmy isn’t dead, maybe Nucky is a bad shot? Who knows… I’m not sure what true to life person his character is modeled after, so… it could be a possibility. :}

  47. L. M. says:

    No way. This makes way for Capone. He’ll be huge next season.

  48. gigi says:

    Really shocked the character Jimmy was killed off this season. Especially after what was revealed about what really happened between he and his mother. Which, was alluded to in prior episodes. So, that bit was not as shocking, just extremely disturbing. I know the character / Jimmy would eventually meet his demise, but I thought at least the storyline would go a little deeper, maybe his mother would meet her end. I find her character to be rather pointless especially since the father is gone.

    Most were rooting for Nucky to walk away unscathed from the allegations, but the fact he killed Jimmy with is own hands, now, that’s a dark path for Nucky. I’m interested to see if, the writers take the role to a dark place, once Nucky realizes it was his brother all along who wanted him knocked off. If they even take that route.

    Margaret was a great character, I’m not really to keen on the direction they’ve taken her though. I find myself more annoyed with the characters at the end of this season. Most people, I think are having a really hard time wondering where the team will take the show from here. If it’s a great team, it could have some interesting turns and twists. If they aren’t on top of their game writing for next season, it could possibly be a serious drop in viewers. We will see….

  49. insider says:

    They killed of Michael Pitt’s character because he was too hard to work with. -insider