Boardwalk Empire Fall Finale: Ready, Set, React!

If you have yet to watch the season finale of Boardwalk Empire, hit the nearest exit. And I repeat: If you have yet to watch the season finale of Boardwalk Empire, hit the nearest exit. 

Everyone else, read on…


That was no doubt your reaction after watching Sunday’s game-altering Season 2 finale of Boardwalk Empire. (It was certainly mine.) 

In short, they killed Jimmy! And by “they” I mean Nucky, who shot his rival dead in the closing minutes of the mind-blowing episode —bringing Michael Pitt’s two-season run on the HBO drama to a shocking end.

“Jimmy, throughout this episode, realizes that it’s over for him,” concedes exec producer Terrence Winter in an interview posted on “And I think he knows his end is coming. But before that, he at least wants to make everything right, say his goodbyes, repair what he can and move on. There are a lot of emotions — he’s angry, he’s greedy, he’s bitter — he’s really a mess.

“By the time we pick up Jimmy in the last scene, he’s essentially said his goodbyes to everybody and it’s very telling that Jimmy comes to this meeting… unarmed,” Winter continues. “He was well aware of the fact that he was being set up and he willingly walked into this. I think Jimmy knew this was his fate. And as he said to Nucky, this was really the only way this could’ve ended for us… [Jimmy] was sort of ready to move on into the next world.”

Thoughts? Surprised Empire whacked its second most pivotal character this early in its run? What impact do you think this will have on the show moving forward — both creatively and commercially? And, in non-Jimmy news, how do you think Nucky will react when he learns of Margaret’s betrayal? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Karen says:

    Awesome Ending… Jimmy even knew it was coming not bringing Richard or a weapon.
    Gillian and Richard will be on a Jihad next season!!

    • bcjones1913 says:

      Her scope of influence is not drastically cut. Unless…. she makes the connection with Luciano grow. hmmmm

    • J says:

      Dumb ass writers!!!! It’s even worse than when they killed off Christopher on the Sopranos. Nucky was okay in the first season but Jimmy is a far more interesting character. The only reason the show got better was because Jimmy was on his way up. I can’t believe they didn’t give him his revenge on Manny. There’s no reason either Nucky of Jimmy should’ve been killed off. It’s as if they couldn’t think of anything dramatic for a season finale so they dumbest thing they can think of. Stupid writers. I seriously wanted to smash my t.v. I’ll wait for The Walking Dead to come back. Eat a D^ck HBO!

      • cierra wade says:

        I couldnt agree more with you!!!!

      • Tim says:

        I’m shocked at how angry people are and how many want to quit the show. Of course I’ll miss the Jimmy character (and Angela) but this is a great show. Compare this with the mess Dexter has become and it’s leagues above–right up there with the awesome Homeland.

        • Dali D says:

          I feel bad for you, because you don’t even realize how necessary Jimmy was. Next season you will not like the show as much and you will not understand why.

          • starr says:

            I just started watching the dvds. JIMMY IS THE SHOW. I’m going to stop watching now because I just can’t picture that show without him.

      • jgibson says:

        i agree dumbass writers. Jimmy was large part of the show.. problem the end of it for me to…

        • t from d says:

          its not so much the writers.. more history i’d think. i mean obviously the show is greatly dramatized and that.. but i think the base facts of what went on in that set time-line are pretty much on point. HOWEVER! Jimmy was clearly the best character on the show. Michael Pitt is clearly the best actor on the show. so, i CLEARLY have no interest left in the show. it effin blows!! i get it, it’ll be more about nuk again, and al capone, and running heroin. yada yada yada.. i dont care. Jimmy.

        • Hugh says:

          I cannot describe how disappointed I am they killed off Jimmy. He was by far and away the most complex and compelling character of the show, and to be honest of possibly any recent TV show worth mentioning. A real shame; honestly I will boycott the next season. I feel like the writers have patronised the viewer in their attempt to spark the “WOW” reaction; what they have done is disengaged my interest. What a pity. Sensationalist idiots.

      • Toots says:

        Jimmy WAS the Boardwalk Empire!

      • Jimbo says:

        The series is over as far as I’m concerned. Jimmy was by far the most interesting character. I won’t be watching season 3. Don’t need any dumb surprises by attention grabbing writers looking for shock value and publicity. I’m thinking this one will backfire.

      • Mike says:

        Agreed with your post! I’m going farther and have cancelled HBO.

        • Hugh says:

          Good man.
          These f%$ks rediculed the audience with this ending; the character of Jimmy was so well developed and then to snatch it away prematurely is just f%$king stupid.

        • Ryan says:

          Hahahahahaha same here hahahahaha glad someone’s on the the same boat

      • TonyNYC says:

        I’m right there with you. watched my last episode of this show.

    • Mac says:

      …..Id say really bad ending….nothing awesome about it. Horvitz stays alive as Jimmy gets his face blown off. What genius screenwriters we have. I kind of wonder if it all relates to Michael Pitt maybe not wanting to continue for a third season, or if the writers truly felt like it was neccessary to kill Jimmy. Very disappointing. I consider Jimmy to be more interesting and integral to the show than Nucky. His character was more unique and complex.

      In a way, the killing of Jimmy was like killing the show. I kind of feel some fans of the show will not have that much motivation to watch come next September. Bad Decision HBO….bad decision.

      • RinTinTim says:

        Like all those people who claimed to stop watching Game of Thrones after Ned Stark lost his head.

        • NYC1972 says:

          In the same episode of Ned getting his head chopped off they immediately replaced him with his Son, who totally shocked us all on his acting and the actual strategic moves, so it’s not the same – nobody is going to replace jimmy, the show made a bad move and it didn’t make sense how Jimmy was making stupid moves and eventually his acceptance to die – made no sense to me

        • Brad says:

          Yes but Game of Thrones is a series based off of novels, Ned dies, it happens in the novel, kinda hard to change that one up. And Ned was one of a half dozen main characters, and if you read the books, there are new characters being introduced all the time. In truth when you read the series Ned is far from being that interesting in comparison to Jon Snow and Tyrionn Lanester.

          Sorry if I’m being harsh my fav show just committed suicide. Why kill one of your two main characters in season 2. It makes no sense at all. I assume we will be seeing a lot more New York and Chicago. Kill Nucky might as well get it all over with, just like ripping off a band-aid.

          • DB says:

            ITA! Ned Stark’s death was already in the books. Therefore, it made perfect sense that he would die on the show. But, Jimmy’s death was completely unecessary. I won’t be watching next season now that my favorite character, and main reason for watching Boardwalk Empire is gone.

        • a.m.roberts says:

          I know, right! Probably the same people bitching about how “unnecessary” the whole Margaret and the kids storyline is, even though it’s essentially Nucky’s main humanizing characteristic.

          Although I think he might be a little less than endeared with Margaret right now, lol xD

    • Noah says:

      Just killed the show.

      Epic Fail

      Writers should be ashamed, if not blacklisted from all future writing jobs.

    • Clinton says:

      Awesome ending???

      I think you may be one of the only fans I’ve seen post this…Jimmy was the ultimate compliment to this show…his character was dark, tragic, complex…the writers committed suicide in dumping him!

      Whats amazing is my neice came in and sat down and I was explaining to her that this may be the best show on T.V. right around the time when Nucky called Jimmy…I didn’t realize that 3 minutes later I’d be promising never to watch this show again!

      I’m out! F**k off writers!

      • Hugh says:

        I have commented above also. I hate the fact I promotred this to my peers as the best drama I have watched in years. One big mistake like this is all it takes to turn the viewer off and believe me by removing Jimmy they have removed this viewer. I mirror your contempt.

    • CR says:

      It was probably good writing, but it spoils the show for me. I don’t think Nucky can be a sympathetic lead character anymore, so what’s the point?

    • Dali D says:

      It was a complete mistake by the writers. Every story need s a character for the audience to identify with. Jimmy was that character. Nucky may be the lead…but he is not sympathetic. Now there is no one for the audience to root for. Arrogant writers…very bad move.

    • soulstrickn! says:

      First Andy Whitfield, The only person who is “Spartacus” in my mind is taken from us before his time. Then They kill Khal Drogo “Jason Momoa” In Game of Thrones. By far my favorite character. Now they ruin my other all time favorite show “Boardwalk Empire” by killing Jimmy Darmody!! Other than “Top Gear” UK version! Those are my all time favorite shows. The only Shows I used to truly look forward to watching, All ruined. To put things into perspective about how I really feel, This is the first time I have EVER! expressed my feelings online. And I am 32 years old..

  2. aleksa says:

    I think “jaw drop” is a reaction.

  3. pve says:

    James! I feel bad for his son, he will be stuck with a grandma that will molest him.

  4. Lisa M. says:

    I am in a state of shock! All I can say is what is going to happen to Richard? If he goes I go.

  5. Amanda says:

    Don’t know if this season could have ended any other way.

    Sad that Michael Pitt won’t be on my TV every week anymore…

  6. Ricky says:

    Possibly the greatest show of all time and it just committed suicide. Basically, the core of my interest in the show lied in that character so for now I’m done with it. I know people will call it a bold move but to me it’s just the worst decision possible and I’m disappointed enough to not care what happens next.

    • Crys says:

      Then you’re more dumb than you let on.

      1. Jimmy was a pain to work with in real life on the set… they decided to get rid of him, thats how they did it.
      2. Now they just set up the irish side kick to take over Jimmy’s spot once Nucky finds out he slept with his now wife.
      3. Speaking of wife… Nucky is now screwed over since she signed over all that land to the church.

      Season 3 is going to be awesome…. I’m excited for it. They killed off Jimmy at a good time without dragging it out.

      • tom says:

        The rumor of Michael Pitt being “a pain to work with” was fabricated after he left the agency that represented him. HBO writers don’t just write in the main characters death halfway through a season, Jimmys death was the natural progression in the story line. Anything you read about Pitt being trouble on set is absolutely false.

        Guess YOU are DUMBER (not more dumb) than you let on.

        • Ryan says:

          That guy just got pawned and yes he is very dumb for belevings those rumors just says a lot about him he’llbelive anything!…moron

      • Dan says:

        The only way killing Jimmy makes sense is if it’s a series finally. A season 3 was rendered pointless tonight.

        • Noah says:

          Could not agree more.

          I love Steve Buscemi, not to the point where I’m not guessing on spelling his name! – but I knew nothing of Michael Pitt before this series.

          His character was equally intresting to me during season 1, and by half way into season 2, Jimmy was clearly the most compelling character in the series.

          The 2nd-to-last episode, with the flashbacks exposing Jimmy’s mom seducing him and his eventually killing his own father was one of the best episodes of any show I’ve seen in years.

          I raved to all of my friends about Boardwalk, and how they had to watch it. How the writing was the best on TV right now, and the character development was so addictive.

          Killing Jimmy off blows my mind. Not in a good way. I’ve never… Never ever ever ever liked a show this much and been this convinced I will simply never watch it again.

          Oh, and to those mentioning whether Michael Pitt was difficult to work with?

          Is that a rumor? Is it true? OMGWTF!!!

          Who here works with Michael Pitt?!?!?

          That’s what I thought.

          We’re the freaking audience. We don’t care which actor makes you feel all bubbly to work with and let’s you take your lavish paycheck home with a smile on your face.

          This was a terrific show, and if Michael Pitt is some kind of diva, shame on the production crew for Boardwalk for failing to sack the hell up and continue making television history.

          I pray for every sad sack writer of this show that they one day get the good fortune of having Jimmy Dormady pissing in their whiny incompetent cornflakes.

      • mary says:

        The irish guy has a large, bulbus nose which looks like a potato. The show is going down, and not in a good way.

      • NYC1972 says:

        Honestly i have no interest on anybody Irish in this show, the new sidekick is annoying, margaret is stupid, so if that is going to replace jimmy, I’m OUT

    • sheree16 says:

      Absolutely… this show is dead

    • Addy says:

      Double amen!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so disappointed and disgusted with this show, not sure if I will watch next season or not. I mean, what’s left to watch? They just HAD to go and ruin it.

    • jim chap says:

      Jimmy was the only fully dimensional character in a cartoon world. His complexity made the show worth watching. He made the cliches less cliched because his presence demanded our attention. Contrast him with every character (including Knucky) and only Richard could hang with him. It diminishes the writers to piss away
      such a human element. It diminished the producers to rip off the Godfather in a sophomoric way. The odd thing is that as soon as Jimmy was dead, I felt released from the show. It was instant. I knew I was done. I don’t care about the others because they’re cartoons. Such potential pissed away. Usually I attribute this to back seat writing but the feeling was so visceral and immediate that I know I’ll never watch the show again. Great job Mr. Pitt! I love Buscemi but he can’t carry this alone. He needed Jimmy. It was as if Knucky shot the show in the face.

      • brad says:

        Amen friend. Above anyone else I believe you have nailed it on the head. Jimmy is the tragic character who you can relate to while at the same time questioning his actions. Nucky just does gain sympathy. The stab everyone in the back and sell everyone down the river philosophy just doesn’t grab the audience. Not me anyway. Jimmy had all the qualities that make up the great tragic heroes in television. It’s that same thing that grabs you with Don on Mad Men, Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, and Christopher on the Soprano’s. Without Jimmy who will you root for on this show. Nucky is selling out his brother and just killed a person he saw as a son. Nucky is pathetic not tragic.

        So it’s dead, goodbye. And people say if you are a true fan then you will continue to watch, well I feel like Terrence Winter just pissed on my couch and I’m suppose to say that it’s alright and invite him over again to do the same. HBO, it is sad that you get these great shows, I wouldn’t be saying this if it came on AMC.

        • Brad says:

          Excuse my poor grammar should have read it before hitting post.

        • caligal says:

          LOL @ Terrence Winter pissing on your coach brad!
          I totally agree. The Jimmy Darmody character was the show. He’s the only character the writers fully developed and he’s the only character I loved and cared about. Even Nucky just seemed like a catalyst for Jimmy’s character. The other characters are ok, but I don’t care about them. And Nucky is just a bad guy that’s not interesting and you can’t even sympathize with him. There aren’t any other characters that have the depth and complexity that Jimmy Darmody does. And no other actor on the show is as compelling as Michael Pitt. He was riveteing just sitting there smoking a cigarette. All that intensity just below the surface. He could convey so much without doing or saying anything. So thanks BE for sucking me in and making me love a character and then killing him. I feel duped. It looks like the show is going in the direction of an all out gangster action drama with rather one-dimensional characters rather than really compelling ones. But we’ll see. Don’t know if I’ll be tuning in or not. BE writeres are going to have to work darn hard to replace what they’ve lost, IMO.

          • caligal says:

            I almost forgot about Richard! Only other character I really liked. I guess he’ll be gone soon without Jimmy around. Uhhh… I’m really unhappy with BE.

    • deb says:

      feel the same…very bold move…dont think it was a wise choice to kill him off…nuky cant carry the show…hes quite dull steve buscemi….michael pitt was riveting as an actor…i think it was unecessary…so pisssed

    • marx says:

      Could not agree with you more. There were so many ways they could’ve built on Jimmy’s character, but to kill him off was the end of the show for me.

    • KatKat says:

      I agree, I also do not care enough now to see what happens next season. Jimmy was what I think of as a typical mobster/gangster, killing people and showing no emotions or regrets. At times the show was a little boring until Jimmy would whack someone!! I think the writers went for shock value, and didn’t think it through. I’m also pissed because Manny and Eli got away with what they did, and Jimmy was the one that told his mother he really didn’t want to go thru with trying to kill Nucky. Doesn’t make sense to me.

      I know it’s probably too late now, but I am still hoping that the writers just wanted to get us talking about the show, and that we will find out on the first episode next season that Jimmy used the heroin Lucky gave him and was halucinating about himself being killed. After all, the older gentleman that gave Jimmy the Commodore’s Will (can’t remember his character name) told Jimmy to take a trip or go somewhere for a while. And, Nucky told Margaret that he joined up again in the military. They could write it so he comes back after a short period of time, and Jimmy really did just halucinate the killing…….I know, I know……just wishing!!!

  7. shagamu says:

    While killing Jimmy was very ballsy thing to do, I think this show will become a diminished version of itself without Michael Pitt’s excellent portrayal of him. I hope it had nothing to do with those reports that he’s so difficult to work with that his management agency dropped him.

  8. Kevan says:

    I had a feeling it was coming. Moves like this definitely keep a series’ momentum but as a viewer it’s a little annoying especially if there’s more room for character growth there, like in Jimmy’s case.

  9. Billy says:

    Terrible move. Jimmy was best character. show is gonna suck now

  10. LeLeB says:

    DEVASTATING!!!! When Boardwalk returns next year, it will be half the show it once was. Now I fear for the fate of the fabulous Mr. Harrow.

    • Kevan says:

      Jimmy was effectively the “B” storyline of the series and now they’ve removed that. His mother, Richard, and son are still there but it’s really a head scratcher just HOW this improves the show.

    • Bill says:

      I agree. Nucky’s just another dirty politician filling his pockets. Not worth investing 45 minutes a week in him. Boring, boring, boring. Killing off Jimmy is a major foul-up by the writers and producers.

  11. Erin says:

    I completely agree. I almost don’t want to watch it anymore because I know Jimmy’s gone. But I know I still will. Dammit.

  12. Ryan says:

    The show is and always has been about Nucky. Killing off Jimmy and more or less offering Eli redemption is just a convenient way to show what is important to the main character. Honor is unimportant, all that matters is who can be manipulated. I’m sad to see Jimmy go, but with the writing on the show so far, I’m certain it will just get better.

  13. maclayne says:

    OK…first of all…killing Angela..shocking…jimmy having sexual relations with his mom..just wrong…killing jimmy off..unforgivable…never watching this piece of crap again

    • pve says:

      That was Gillian’s fault. She has been molesting him since he was a child. She tell Angela that she would kiss James’s winkie when she changed his diaper. That’s wrong in my eyes.

  14. Richard says:

    There had to be some sort of conflict on the set- no one would be that stupid to kill off the character who brings in the ratings.

  15. Bobbie says:

    OMG! Not a good move. Jimmy was one of the best if not best characters in the show. I am a die hard fan. If Jimmy is really killed off the show, I will no longer watch it. BAD MOVE!

  16. Dot says:

    Jimmy’s story line was a big part of the show. How can it go on without him? What a dumb move by the writers. Unless.. was it a dream sequence?? Let’s hope so !!! Bye Bye Nucky and cast. It was great until now.

  17. Salinda says:

    Hated the ending -if the next casualty is Richard I am done with this show

  18. cheryl says:


  19. Mike says:

    I really think this decision fits with Jimmy’s character. He was always a tortured soul, his wife had died, and he knew his son would be taken care of now that he had inherited his fathers fortune. I don’t see this as a behind the scenes political decision by hbo staff

  20. Alexandra F says:

    :o it’s been about 30 mins since the finale & i still can’t wrap my head around what just happened ! Jimmy was the best character on the show and my fav ! i don’t understand why the writers killed him off ! i’m so heartbroken & upset ! Eli & Gillian are still in the show but not Jimmy ! wth! … I can totally see Richard getting revenge but I honestly think killing Jimmy was beyond stupid & they def lost a fan :(

    • bcjones1913 says:

      I Can Definatly See Richard quietly hunting down those respinsible for killing his one true friend and his compasionate love interest (Angela). I also see room for some of the other stellar actors to return to prominance. But I am NOT as excited for the new season as I was before the finale aired. Who knows Season 2 of the Wire sucked as well and look how it ended up. Hold on fir the ride.

  21. Greg F. says:

    Great HBO series have been defined by their core characters. McNulty on the Wire. Tony in the Sopranos. Vorenus or Pollo on Rome. So on… I mean there is just so much good HBO tv. I thought Boardwalk was on the verge of achieving Wire status. Every benchmark I use for any show I watch is based on the Wire.

    Well… guess what? Murdering Jimmy was essentially having the show commit suicide as many other views on this board have suggested. First of all it is so out of character for Nooky to wield a gun. Second of all… the whole central premise of Boardwalk was that Nooky was an unbelievable chess player who was 20 moves ahead. It is just too impossible to believe that he did not know Eli ordered his murder, not Jimmy.

    I for one after the masterpiece episode 11 of last week, where we finally understood why Jimmy sucked as a leader; will not watch this show anymore. Michael Pitt was off the hook in this show. I liked his character a lot. This show was about Jimmy. If the Wire killed off Omar or McNulty by season 2’s end it would have been game over for that show too. Luckily, the writers of the Wire were smart enough to realize who controlled the show arcs. Boardwalk is now finished for me. And what a shame… this was a Wire caliber show.

    • NYC1972 says:

      Greg, well said, think Wire is the standard and Boardwalk blew it, also Rome as second – but they built up the character of Jimmy almost perfectly and then totally crushed him, i mean what else goes wrong for this kid, and why is that in the show and in the viewers critics they say Jimmy betrayed Nucky??? it’s the other way around!! and he could have easily killed both his fathers and his mom and moved on with his son and Richard to Wyoming or where -ever – that’s his character. Hated this finale, i don’t see anybody that can overtake his role – the irish sidekick? he’s annoying, not a likable character

    • Beth says:

      First of all, this incident was all the more dramatic BECAUSE Nucky was never the gunman before. It carries more resonance by showing how personal this was to him. Second, as far as Jimmy not ordering the murder, am I the only one who saw the episode where he uttered the words, “Make the call”? It may have been Eli’s idea but Jimmy had the ultimate authority to greenlight it.

  22. Deanie says:

    This was a bit of a kick in the balls because I don’t understand why we were dragged through the mud of Jimmy’s life the past few episodes, building this storyline just for it to be killed off? What was the point? I am a die hard fan and if Jimmy is dead I can’t watch it anymore because my heart is broken.

    • sheree16 says:

      yea, wtf was the point?

      • RinTinTim says:

        The point was to understand Jimmy’s motivation since the pilot so the audience could understand the choices he made, so that, in turn, the audience could understand the consequences of his actions. This isn’t Sons of Anarchy, where characters make terrible decisions only to be left off the hook because the show runners can’t abide killing off a major character when they’re in love with their own creations.

  23. Brian says:

    What a bunch of morons posting here. It made perfect sense within the world of the tv show to kill Jimmy Darmody. To give him a way out after a season of bad choices would have been cheap. I agree that the show will probably be diminished in a third season without him, but that hasn’t happened yet. After a stellar second season, I’m willing to give Winters the benefit of the doubt.

    • Johnson says:

      What about Eli’s bad choices

      • Tanya says:

        Eli’s not out of the woods yet. I believe Nucks biding his time. He’ll eventually ‘take care’ of his brother too.

    • Andy says:

      I totally agree Brian. I would watch every episode this season and afterwards I would just feel pity for Jimmy. Every week it was another kick in the nuts for him. His family was taken from him mostly because of his decisions. His wife got popped because of his ego. His dad died because of his actions. He lost Nucky permanently because of his decisions. He knew he was out of his league with the higher-ups in the city. None of the politicians or his mother would show him any respect. When his wife was alive she would do things behind his back. The guy was a shell. Everybody important in his life either f#$@ed him over or died. Could any of you “Pro-Jimmy-living” people actually see Jimmy successfully running Atlantic City in season 3? He knew he never had a chance. Remember the speech he made on stage when Nucky introduced him halfway throught he season? Nucky told him then he had no idea how the game was played. He was a broken man that wanted to die. The writers were spot on to show this. You “pro-Jimmy-life” people say he was the only human character? Well this is how a human would deal with what he went through. Well done writers :) Thanks for telling it like it should have been told, instead of some over the top Jimmy goes Rambo with retribution to every other major character in the movie that hurt him, which was ALL of them, every one, think about it. Every character in this show except for de la Heurta’s character and his son hurt him in some way. This isn’t Spartacus people.

      • NYC1972 says:

        Andy, wasn’t jimmy the second smartest guy on the show? then why in this season he become the dumbest? and why did every mishap occur to jimmy and why did every oh gee look Nucky gets LUCKY AGAIN happen? i agree with one thing jimmy past haunted him, and everything can’t go back to normal but it seems this season just crucified the kid and gave him no breaks whatsoever, NONE except his son receiving the fortune that jimmy’s mom will sure do her best to control and continue the cycle. To me it made no sense – this show is no Wire – i can’t buy the fact that he was lost in the trenches when he wanted to succeed in season one, and what really annoys me is that every weasel this season made out – game of thrones here we come.

  24. Tanya says:

    My son and I are just horrified. We can’t believe that Nucky killed Jimmy. There had better be some interesting stuff going on next season to make up for it. Maybe Jimmy’s killing can all be a dream. I think someone else mentioned that.

  25. Jackeline says:


  26. J.D. says:

    Im so pissed they killed off Jimmy! My favorite character on the show by far. How do they get rid of him after revealing so much about his past?? I was waiting for a sniper shot from Richard to go off in the rain and kill Eli or something!? Bad move IMO. Great show but now it won’t be the same with PFC. James Darmody!

  27. Nucky says:

    These writers have you all just where they want you to be. Brilliant!

    • Poshcat says:

      You mean…not watching the show anymore? Because that’s exactly where I am. Good job, writers!

      • Noah says:

        Agreed. I’ll scope out the first episode of Seasoon-3… But if this wasn’t somehow a dream sequence (which by the way would be a lame cop-out and clear admission of guilt on the part of the writers… BUT I WOULD LOOK PAST IT!)…

        If Jimmy’s actually gone I’m done. Why the hell would you JUST NOW give us all this window into his past and his character, and then kill him off? There were only two fully dynamic male leads in this series, you kill Jimmy, and then you kill Nucky being “dynamic” by completely destroying the limited ethics he had established.

        Screw this show if Jimmy is actually dead!


    • KatKat says:

      Are you giving us some hope that Jimmy might be back after all next season? Was it all a dream/halucination??? That is the only place the writers could have me successfully happy!!!! And if they want me/many of us to tune in next season at all, they better be sure to give us some hints…and fast!!!

  28. Wrong says:

    Stop saying that MICHAEL (his real name) was a pain. The agency can’t “fire” the person they work for. Michael signed on to the agency that almost every single actor on BE employs. As for the rumors that he is a pain, they came from the agency Michael left. We haven’t even heard that he is a pain anywhere else. Stop believing rumors without proof. Better yet, don’t believe one-sided stories.

    • Bad Breaker says:

      I don’t know where you got the idea that a management agency can’t fire a client because they certainly can and have. It all depends on “just cause” in the contract they sign.

  29. Ralfy says:

    It will suck now the only character with substance was Jimmy Nucky is just cold I think that’s why I watched sopranos so much to see Tonys moral dilemmas nucky is manny just smarter they have to make a dream sequence of get really creative Jimmy was the heart and soul of the show tied in real life struggle and humanity into it lets see how it pans out or if the just end it like carnival

  30. Ryan A says:

    Stunning! Jimmy dead, I give the writers a lot of credit for doing that, it is something I never expected. Of course they killed off their most interesting character (along with Richard), and probably ruined the show in the process. But it still took alot of guts.

  31. Perry Rubin says:

    Next season opens with Nucky adopting Mania Horowitz the best new character as his new son.

  32. casey says:

    I only watched BOARDWALK EMPIRE because of Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt)….He was the most gorgous-looking guy I have ever seen on the screen…He was not only gorgeous-looking, but sexy, sensual, intelligent, and a great actor….I am not interested in any of the other characters on this show….I wish Margaret, Eli, Owen, Gillian, Manny the Butcher were killed instead…..There are only two characters who elicit any interest from me…They are Nucky Thompson and Richard Harrow…I could not believe that the most interesting character on BOARDWALK EMPIRE (Jimmy Darmody) was killed off….I have zero interest in watching it again next season…What were the writers of the finale drinking or what drug were they abusing that clouded their cerebrum? The writers of the finale must be fired…..

  33. Stu says:

    Was this death the blind item that has been teased with Michael Putt requesting off the show and then recanting?

  34. Birdie says:

    It was time for Buscemi to fully develop his slime ball side. It’s what he does. Season 3 – can’t wait.

  35. TJ says:

    I love Steve/ Nucky but I was watching Michael/Jimmy. Totally upset… bummed out. Was so excited for next season 3 with Jimmy…. so much potential for his character… Should have killed off Grandma and Butcher. :( Sad

  36. Kelly says:

    While I am terribly upset they killed my favorite character on the show, I don’t think there was any other way this season could be resolved. It would have been impossible for Nucky to go back to running AC with Jimmy around after all he did. Nucky would look weak, and the show would look like there are no consequences for the character’s actions.

    I look forward to seeing what Nucky’s consequences will be for listening to Eli and killing Jimmy next season. Already he has lost the land money from Margaret, and it will be nice to see what Richard and Gillian will do.

    I also nominate Chalky to take Jimmy’s B storyline role.

  37. Wow says:


    I liked Jimmy’s character, too. But losing him does not end the interest for me.

    Sopranos had the balls to kill off major characters. And this show does, too.

    Love it!

  38. Rachel says:

    I couldn’t have said it better : ( I’m sick over it.

  39. mike4479 says:

    I don’t know about that ending. I think HBO just jumped the shark.

    • mandy says:

      I dont think so… They just blew the mind of every person who watches the show!In fact this proves that they are willing to kill off any character, even a star at anytime. It actually makes it more exciting to watch because you dont know what they will do!

  40. Kevin says:

    This show is amazing the audience with twists and turns you never see coming. One character doesn’t make up a series, and believe me, you won’t stop watching because Jimmy was killed. I guarantee it.

  41. TY says:

    I guess it would be a lie to say that I was surprised. Jimmy’s character made a lot of poor decisions over the course of the season. But the nail in his coffin was finally agreeing to have Nucky killed. The writers actually wrote themselves into the proverbial dead end. There was no way after the shooting happened for Jimmy to ever be redeemed in Nucky’s eyes. There are a lot of things you can forgive somebody for… but trying to have you killed isn’t one of them.

    Now for season 3. Nucky actually pulling the trigger himself showed the evolution of his character. Prior to this episode he always had somebody do his dirty work for him. Has his evolution changed his character for the better or the worst? I guess we’ll find out in season 3.

  42. Peg says:

    I don’t think everything is as it appears, at least where Jimmy is concerned. Wouldn’t be surprised if he, Nucky and Eli cooked this up for Manny’s benefit… Sounds nuts, but stranger things have happened.

  43. Marpus says:

    Wind taken out of me when Jimmy was killed, but I think its important to consider that great characters are carved with powerful circumstances. The stakes were raised all season with Jimmy. Let’s not forget he whispered coldly at Nucky just before the assassination attempt. And while Eli suggested it, Jimmy carried it out. After that, his removal was imminent. Regardless of my attachment to the character, I am glad to see the writers and producers are brave enough to sacrifice one character, to make their main, amoral protagonist, a more compelling figure. The biggest revelation in this episode was not that Jimmy was murdered, but more that Nucky does not have any interest in redemption.

  44. MEB says:

    My thoughts exactly.

  45. Andrea says:

    Since when do shows kill the protagonist towards the beginning of the series? I don’t care that Steve’s name rolls first in the credits, Jimmy’s character brought depth to this show that Nucky simply does not. This show has jumped the shark way too soon. They haven’t developed another character enough to fill the void left by Jimmy. Without him, we don’t care as much about the other characters that revolved directly or indirectly around him. Beloved Richard, Tommy, Gillian, Chalky, Capone, Lucky, Rothstein…the list goes on and on. The only character left not tied to Jimmy that interests me is Van Alden. They better come up with something extremely brilliant with Richard, Van Alden, Owen and Margaret in the first episode next season or they just sank their franchise. If they wanted to be edgy they could have killed Eli or even Richard who everyone loves….not Jimmy. I would have cared less if they killed Nucky! Crying shame.

    • RinTinTim says:

      Chalky, Lucky, and Rothstein are all tied to Nucky more than they ever were to Jimmy. Gillian was Jimmy’s mother but she still has a long history with Nucky. Richard might or might not be looking to avenge his friend. This is the thing people don’t seem to be getting: with Jimmy gone, there will be more room develop the other( and far more interesting in my opinion)characters.

  46. Monique says:

    Maybe Winter had no choice and Pitt decided to return to his movie career where he could actually use some of his creative acting skills. Or maybe he and his girlfriend just wanted to hang out in their Brooklyn loft and play music. Either way it’s a great move for him now that he’s a household name he should get some good offers.
    If you want to see him really stretch rent Funny Games, Dreamers, Hedwig, Jailbait..etc… I was surprised he even agreed to do TV so instead of whining…be thankful we had these two seasons. Thanks Mr. Pitt!

  47. Ty says:

    Oh! I almost forgot.

    Look for Owen Slater’s character to have a much larger role in season 3. There IS a great degree of chemistry between his character and M. Shroeders character. And with her signing over the land deed to the church she might just need his “talents” to protect her from Nucky.

    • RodneyHarris says:

      I cannot stand the Owen Slater Character or Margaret. I’m not sure if thats by design. I hope they bring in another character or two and don’t see Slater as a replacement for Jimmy

  48. mandy says:

    Heartbroken….. For the Thanksgiving gallery I even said I was thankful for Micheal Pitt…. :( Jimmy’s Death scene was amazing. He is such a great actor! I can only imagine how Richard reacts next season. He is gonna come out with guns flying!

    Wow what about Margaret? That took some guts. I can’t wait to see the look on Nucky’s face!

    This was a great season. I can only imagine where it goes from here. These last two episodes have thrown so much at us it has been like a rollercoaster ride!

  49. bd says:

    I agree with people saying this was almost inevitable and necessary. Not because he had the whole Oedipal life including killing his old man. Not because he had to pay for leading to his wife’s death or something. Not because he showed he didnt have it in him to run the city and should have stayed a protege for a while longer. Not because he was in a dangerous line of work. Not because the show needed a shakeup.

    Jimmy Darmody needed to be killed because he tried to kill Nucky Thompson.

    And this is Nucky’s town. And Nucky’s show.

    And if anyone forgot that, I bet they remember now.

    • Beth says:

      Couldn’t have been stated any better. Thanks.

      • meccs says:

        Well what about Elie huh? …Elie tried to get nucky killed as well …yet he was part of the set up for Dormody. So what about that?

        I wouldn’t have cared less in fact would have preferred Elie’s death being the big finale shock and a awe factor, but why did it have to be jimmy for god sake. Jimmy was the most dynamic, complex, intrigal character in the show that interacted with every character big and small from Richard and Capone to the Comador and Nucky himself. Even Nucky doesn’t interact with those “lesser” characters. And face it everyone has a little bit of Jimmy in them struggling to find a place and purpose in this world and now they have killed off one of the most if not the most poignant character in the show eliminating that connection. Dumb move. Nuff said.

    • Grett says:

      Excuse me! Eli was the one who tried to kill Nucky, not Jimmy!

  50. Ana says:

    Well, I am officially done with Boardwalk. Jimmy was the most interesting character on the show. His character made this season 2. The revelation of Jimmy’s relationship with his mother in episode 11 helped us to understand Jimmy and his dark nature. We were ready to see Jimmy develop more after Angea’s death. If Showtime ever kills Dexter off of Dexter, I will write off cable tv altogether.