AFI's Top 10 of '11: Homeland, Game of Thrones, Justified and Louie Among First-Time Honorees

Freshman dramas Homeland and Game of Thrones have been named among the top 10 TV programs of 2011 by the American Film Institute.

Also being recognized for the first time by the AFI are Louie, The Good Wife and Justified. Repeat honorees include Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad and Modern Family.

Justified Video: Raylan, Boyd and Tons of Guns!

The AFI will fete the honorees at an invite-only luncheon on Jan. 13 in Los Angeles.

The complete list of 2011 selections is below:

Breaking Bad
Boardwalk Empire
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Game of Thrones
The Good Wife
Modern Family
Parks and Recreation

What do you think of the AFI’s picks? Which snubbed shows should be demanding a recount?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jason says:

    Modern family is spelled modern family. No mistake there. Friday night lights is amazing. And what about sons of anarchy ? Def breaking bad.

  2. hello says:


  3. Josh Hill says:

    No Community? What a crock.

  4. Eric says:

    Community definitely deserved a mention. Easily one of the best comedies going.

    I would also add that Chuck deserved to be there, but I think the fact that I have been obsessed with the show since the beginning makes me biased.

  5. Gord Howie says:

    Uh, what about Community?

  6. Annie's Boobs says:

    You forgot Community as well as Wilfred.

  7. Ben says:


  8. bubba kowslski says:

    Community is no where to be found on this list. I think you meant to say Community. Otherwise this list is several Streets Behind.

  9. Megan says:

    I really wish Community were included in this list.

  10. Meg says:

    What about Community? The cast is the best no other show has that type of bond like Community does. RUDE!

  11. Cathy says:

    I like this list, BUT you’re DEFINITELY missing Community! I don’t think Modern Family’s season this year touches its first, and Curb Your Enthusiasm has gotten old… while Community has only gotten better.

  12. Kristy Clowson says:

    I believe Community should be on your list!

  13. DarthLapin says:

    You forgot Community !!!!!

  14. Abed says:

    Cool cool cool, except for lack of Community.

  15. allen says:

    I think you might have forgotten Community. The best show on TV!!!!

  16. I would like to join many others in questioning a list of top television programming that does not include “Community”.

    Aside from that, the AFI list contains 9 shows I do not watch (I have given all but one of them a chance, so it is not just total ignorance). Either I have no ability to judge quality television (a possibility), or AFI has a narrow viewpoint and praises what it perceives to be (safely) edgy and daring. I know I don’t watch enough television to offer up a definitive list of what was the best over the past year, but I would like to think that not everything I watch is so much pablum.

  17. johnson says:

    community prease

  18. Savanna says:

    Community, so much better than anything on tv right now.

  19. Adrian says:

    The list would be perfect if they hadn’t forgot Community. Accidentally I’m sure.

  20. vane says:

    Agree 99% especially parks and recreation its amazing and with Louie can’t wait when he comes back to parks and recreation bt I don’t agree with modern family I did. Like it last year bt this year it kinda sucks

  21. tara says:

    COMMUNITY. yeah.

  22. Luke says:

    Boo you whores. Where’s Community?

  23. Laurel says:

    Community is better than any other show on TV. You’re foolish to leave it out.

  24. Laber19 says:

    The running Beetlejuice secret story line alone should have Community listed. Don’t know what I mean…search for it on YouTube.

  25. Rose says:

    Community should be added. The episodes are amazing, it’s constantly getting great reviews and is hilarious but also amazing in that it has such relate-able characters and layers of deeper meaning in all the episodes allowing for a fun and enriching but also deep-meaning TV show. Please add it. Otherwise you’re streets behind >:(

  26. ADinGA says:

    How did Community not make the list?

  27. mike says:

    Community’s ratings have dropped lower then the office without Steve carrell. The first season made the list. The show has fallen. It got benched cause fans weren’t watching. Why would it make this list? It’s the top ten out of hundreds of shows. All your shows are on it, just not top ten.

  28. Godzilla says:

    Let’s see, What shows are missing from this list.

    Walking Dead
    Sons Of Anarchy.

    Thank you, and good night.

  29. Brock says:

    Am I the only person that loved Shameless?

    It was the perfect bit of dark comedy and made my Sundays with its Californication partner. Cali definitely wasn’t in its best season ever, but the writing is still sharp. Other shows that I thought had great seasons:

    * Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Almost every episode was a strong one. Fat Mac brought an extra bit of fun without becoming an a stupid gag.
    * Bored to Death had an amazing second season with its very New York brand of humor, although its third season that also ran this year wasn’t as good.
    * Dexter continues to bring good seasons. Julia Stiles helped to rescue a season that was in danger of falling apart. The Doomsday Killer arc has managed to capture a lot of the first season magic that has been missing.
    * Community. So tapped into the meta…

    On a whole though I can’t say any show on the list is a true dud although I’m not the biggest fan of Modern Family or the Good Wife.

  30. Lucas says:

    Community > Parks and Recreations > Modern Family

  31. RH says:

    Why are so many Community fans on here trashing P&R? Seriously, you don’t have to choose sides with those two, both shows need your support! I understand preferring Community to Parks since they are completely different styles of comedy, but Parks has been KILLING it this year and I get so annoyed with people who watch both that want to tear it down just to show support for Community. How about we get behind both shows and try to get NBC to bring back the best hour of comedy on television?

    • Ari says:

      ITA! I love both Community and Parks & Rec and as far as I’m concerned fans of both shows should be supportive of each other. Both shows are in the same boat (although P&R has been getting award recognition so it is in a slightly better place). The ratings are not great, they are both teetering on the edge here. Rather than infighting, band together and love both shows.

  32. Liz says:

    This list sucks. There is no Fringe, Friday Night Lights, AHS, The Walking Dead… fail.

  33. D says:

    If we’re basing the list on 2011 only, Then I don’t think Community should be on the list. The quality’s been all over the place, at most, it could only vy for 10th place.
    Take off TGW and Modern Family and replace them with 30 Rock and Community. Or nix Community and give a spot to The Big C.

  34. Sheldon W. says:

    I’d replace Boardwalk Empire with Walking Dead, and Parks and Recreation with Suburgatory. Otherwise, I’m good.

  35. Terry says:

    I watch every show on this list and agree with their choices. I would have added Friday Night Lights also and even though Community is a show I watch, it is too erratic at best to be included on a best of list.

  36. John says:

    You forgot Community on this list!

  37. iknowtv says:

    There is a notable lack of community from this list. Not impressed.

  38. Todd Hetrick says:

    Where is Sons Of Anarchy in all of this? If you like drama,this is drama at its best! Katy Segal has been second to none,with her performances.

  39. AmandaW says:

    All three of my HBO shows made it! I don’t watch anything else on this list, so I cannot say how they are.

  40. LouiseBelinda says:

    AFI must have some brilliant people on the staff. Homeland is definitely one of the best shows on TV in a long time. It is good to see we have gotten back to entertainment with excitement with a show that makes us use our brains.

  41. SarahWinche says:

    Where is Community? What the Hell?


  42. Kaylee Kal says:

    How could you leave out Community?? What other comedy on television could do an episode based on chaos theory????

  43. huh says:

    What about Community???

  44. Jenny says:

    Pretty spot-on list!

    I am especially stoked to see the second season of “Justified” being recognized among the best in television. But I’m afraid the AFI needs to employ the Spinal Tap philosophy and “take it to eleven!” “Community” belongs on this list.

  45. Aiswarya says:


  46. The Middle is so underrated. People need to start watching this show!