AFI's Top 10 of '11: Homeland, Game of Thrones, Justified and Louie Among First-Time Honorees

Freshman dramas Homeland and Game of Thrones have been named among the top 10 TV programs of 2011 by the American Film Institute.

Also being recognized for the first time by the AFI are Louie, The Good Wife and Justified. Repeat honorees include Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad and Modern Family.

Justified Video: Raylan, Boyd and Tons of Guns!

The AFI will fete the honorees at an invite-only luncheon on Jan. 13 in Los Angeles.

The complete list of 2011 selections is below:

Breaking Bad
Boardwalk Empire
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Game of Thrones
The Good Wife
Modern Family
Parks and Recreation

What do you think of the AFI’s picks? Which snubbed shows should be demanding a recount?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Brian says:

    Great list other than snubbing Community.

  2. Jonathon says:

    They misspelled “Community” as “Modern Family.” They’ll fix that soon, I’m sure.

  3. Whit says:

    Um… what!? No Friday Night Lights in it’s EMMY WINNING year? Preposterous!

  4. mawhi says:

    Woooo Parks and Rec!

  5. Anna says:

    Fringe anyone?

  6. Jon says:

    Well, seeing as the only EMMY FNL won was for acting, I’d say that doesn’t really factor into anything.

  7. Tater says:

    In my opinion CHUCK should be added to the list…But then again i’m The way I see most of these shows listed are “One-trick ponies” …Chuck is drama,action,comedy,etc… A true list would have CHUCK, Community, Big Bang Theory, Castle, etc.. lol.

    • DJ says:

      Big Bang Theory isn’t a one trick pony then?

      • Tater says:

        I didn’t say that BBT wasn’t a “one-trick pony”…I said Chuck wasn’t…I just feel that BBT deserved to be on the current list In my opinion…

    • Captain says:

      A true list? So any list that doesn’t favour your opinion isn’t truly representative of good television then?

      • Tater says:

        I guess I should have bolded the first 3 letter of my post that said In My Opinion…and the shows that I stated(excluding BBT) were shows that are continually underated and deserve better treatment by their networks…While I no my opinion dosn’t change the current list..It still doesn’t remove my right to have an opinion of what a “true list” IN MY OPINION would be composed of…..and while i’m sure many other would disagree that is their right as an individual. It just bothers me how so many great shows gets overlooked because of overhyped/over-rated shows… Again this is my opinion.

  8. Mc says:

    What about Sons of Anarchy?

  9. Stephanie says:

    I’m a bit disappointed that Community isn’t on this list considering what an amazing second/third season it had. I actually really enjoy Modern Family, but I don’t think it deserves to be ranked above Greendale

    • Asha says:

      I have not understood the continued love for Modern Family. The first season was excellent because it was so fresh and new, three seasons in they are just rehashing the same predictable story lines. Community had a really solid second season and has produced some exceptional episodes for the 3rd.

  10. Ashley says:

    “Community”? Where’s “Community”?

  11. kyle says:

    Community??? I agree with the other shows but besides Community the list is pretty good

  12. Saint Alicia says:

    Consistently hearing good things about these shows, though the only one I watch (have time for–in addition to the other shows I’m already committed to) is The Good Wife. Still, I feel like I’m missing out…
    If people could recommend a single show from the dramas included, what would it be?

    • Johnn says:

      I’d say Homeland. It’s a great show with superb writing and the best acting I’ve seen on TV in a long time. Also, only 10 episodes have aired so you don’t need to do a lot of catching up. :)

      • Ben says:

        Except for every Homeland episode is like a mini-movie and is so dense it might actually take a while to get through. When I got behind I couldnt watch a few in a row, I needed a break between episodes, but its still really good. I would recommend that or Justified.

    • Bad Breaker says:

      Personally, I think Breaking Bad is one of the best shows ever to appear on television. It is a very gritty drama and I don’t know if that is your cup of tea or not. If you enjoy political/CIA drama, then it doesn’t get much better than Homeland.

    • Mark says:

      Breaking Bad is probably the best drama on here but it just finished season 4 and it’s not really a show you can jump right into. Homeland is nearing the end of its first season so that’s much more doable in catching up. Also Justified that finished Season 2 is great also.

    • R says:

      Breaking Bad, for sure.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      ^^Thanks for the feedback, folks. Homeland it is :) (maybe I’ll get to Breaking Bad over the summer).

  13. Elle says:

    Friday Night Lights and The Killing

  14. Ed says:

    No Walking Dead??

  15. Beth says:

    No…there’s 3 tricks on Big Bang Theory, now.

  16. Nat says:

    What??? not Greendale and it’s HumanBeings?? Please Chang your minds and put Community on the list.

  17. brittany says:

    WOOHOOO! Way to go Parks and Recreation! Definitely my favorite show of the year. It deserves all the credit it gets and I just wish more people were watching this gem of a show!

  18. Sue says:

    I kindly disagree.

  19. Brennan says:


  20. Andrew says:

    I love seeing Justified on this list. Absolutely fantastic show. Not getting enough publicity because of its network. The end of the second season was excellent. I’m afraid that I’m going to miss Margo Martindale next season; between her character and acting she was one of my favourite character arcs in recent memory (Ted Danson on Damages and John Lithgow on Dexter also come to mind).

  21. Johnny D says:

    So glad The Big Crappy Theory is not on this list. Most overrated show of the past 10 years.

  22. Captain says:

    The only show on this list I watch is Modern Family but it seems like a pretty predictable list. Mostly acclaimed cable shows and Emmy-bait with few run-of-the-mill entertainment shows.

  23. Sarah El says:

    Good list IMO besides the exclusion of Community. Besides that, truly a solid list.

    • Sarah El says:

      And to note that on the list, I watch Game of Thrones, The Good Wife, Homeland, Modern Family, and Parks and Recreation. All of them (though maybe Modern Family) definitely deserve their places on this list.

  24. Johnn says:

    Take off Curb Your Enthusiasm, put Community in its place and: perfect list!

    • Peacedude says:

      You’re kidding, right? Curb is one of the funniest and most intelligent comedies on TV. Not saying Community is a bad show (It’s a great series, actually) but Curb is amazing and deserves to be there.

      • Johnn says:

        I’m not. Curb is not a bad show, far from it actually, but it is on its eight season and starting to show signs of wear. And it has won before, so it would be nice to give a “new” show a chance.

        That, or take off Modern Family. Just as long as Community makes it.

    • Brock says:

      I’m a recent Curb convert and I found last season to be brilliant. The Michael J Fox season finale was probably one of the funniest episodes of TV I’ve ever seen.

  25. Thuy says:

    Hell on Wheels is a fantastic show

  26. SkyCro says:

    Sons of Anarchy ?

    Seriously Sutter and Company are really dismissed on all awards.
    For this reason I find this list to be preposterous.

  27. Amy says:

    Uh where is Community?

  28. joe says:


  29. FVClaudio says:

    Community!!! Without it your list deserves no respect.

  30. Nik says:

    Community. Enough said.

  31. Xiomara says:


  32. John Lewis, Jr. says:

    No Community? Really? It’s hands down the best show on television.

    • KevyB says:

      I like Community but that comment is ridiculous. Community is a little too up-and-down to be on the list, sometimes within the same episode. Like the recent foosball episode. They make a huge point of saying how overdone the whole “breaking something and trying to replace it” thing is then totally take that in a new direction… meanwhile in the other storyline use the equally overdone “we actually knew each other as kids” trope and do absolutely nothing with it. And neither plots were all that funny. Also on tap this year: The unhilarious Pierce’s bigoted dad, Troy’s plumbing skillz, most of Chang’s security guard stuff, and ALL of John Goodman’s stuff. If anything, I think this year is more disjointed than last year.

  33. Renee says:

    Glad to see Justified on the list.

  34. Dillon says:

    Where’s Community!? GREATEST SHOW EVER and its not on this list! Make some noise Human Beings! Tweet and hashtag – #savegreendale, #savecommunity, #occupygreendale!

  35. Chris says:

    Uhmm where are the Greendale Human Beings. I dont watch a lot of these shows but I can tell you for sure that Community deserves to be on here way more than the other two I watch (Modern Family and Parks and Rec)

  36. daryl sakimae says:

    what about Community? hands down one of the most original and creative comedies.

  37. ajl says:

    To quote Ron Swanson, “I still think awards are stupid…but they would be less stupid if they went to the right people.”
    Glad to see Parks and Rec on the list. It’s nice to see talented people’s hard work and skill recognized.

  38. Bob says:

    Im sorry but where is Community. Easily the best show this year, Modern Family has gotten much worse than season one and Parks and Rec isnt great anymore. Come on vote for the Human Beings!

  39. Austin says:

    Uhh, where is Community? They Britta’d this list.

  40. pau says:

    Where’s Community?

  41. Paula says:

    Wow it looks like someone Britta’d this list, good job forgetting the greatest TV show currently on the air!

  42. Sarah Fiebiger says:

    Yay for Breaking Bad, Parks and Rec, Louie, and Modern Family! BUUUUUUUT – Seriously? How did leave out Community. Community and Breaking Bad are the most intelligent, well-written, well-acted, well-directed, well-shot, well-edited, well-soundtracked, all around best shows ever. You got one! How could you possibly miss the other? AFI, you totally shafted Community, not cool.

  43. Jen says:

    The list is definitely lacking without Community.

  44. Cirquelar says:

    Parks & Rec, but no Community!?! Community of the only show that deserves six seasons and a movie!

  45. Jomana S. says:

    Boss is the best show this year!!!!!

  46. Matt says:

    How is Community not on this? It’s the best show after Louie.

  47. Mary says:


  48. Mary says:

    Sons of Anarchy

  49. maureen says:

    Since FNL’s final season aired on Directv last year, it’s possible it wasn’t eligible this year.

  50. Lisa says:

    Where is Community? Yet another award that is ignoring the most critically acclaimed show on television (or second behind Breaking Bad)