Why Didn't Gossip Girl Dare to Dair? Is Revenge Hiding a Sibling Secret? And More TV Questions!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we are going to throw at you, from shows such as Nikita, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Revenge, Bones and Community!

1 | Has frequent Nikita guest star Devon Sawa been promoted yet to series regular? And if not, why?! The guy steals each and every scene he’s in.

2 | Is there a more thankless role on an otherwise superb piece of television than Homeland‘s Mike? Even when they give Diego Klattenhoff something to do (Advise Nick! Persuade Jessica! Dribble a basketball!), they don’t give him anything to do.

3 | Are Boardwalk Empire‘s Gillian and Jimmy the creepiest mother-and-son duo since [suggest names in the comments section]?

4 | Did Kalinda’s pre-Lockhart Gardner alter ego, Leela, spend some time in Britain? How else to explain the increasing presence of Archie Panjabi’s native accent this season on The Good Wife?

5 | Is Colin Hanks the most cartoonish villain in Dexter history?

6 | Does anyone else find themselves screaming at their television every time Chef Faulkner proclaims she is already The Next Iron Chef‘s next Iron Chef?

7 | ABC has promised Vanessa Williams a plum role on a new or existing series as payment for imprisoning her in an increasingly superfluous role during Desperate Housewives‘ final season… right?

8 | Which line of Castle fans do you think would be longer: Those volunteering to be handcuffed to Nathan Fillion, or to Stana Katic?

9 | Forget who the mother is! What is going on with Robin’s clothes on How I Met Your Mother? Thank goodness for her black dress this week because the blouse/trousers at the beginning of the episode were dreadful.

10 | Dear Gossip Girl: Couldn’t we have had at least a little Dan/Blair romance before the inevitable Chuck/Blair reunion?

11 | Why are more people not watching (and obsessing over) HBO’s hilarious and transcendent Enlightened?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Danielle says:

    Er, no thanks to #10

  2. Laura says:

    I don’t agree about Colin Hanks. I think he’s great on Dexter.

    • ana muller says:

      I think he’s pretty great too.

      • Jessica says:

        Honestly, I have laughed this season of Dexter more than any other — cartoonish is the perfect word to describe Colin Hanks’ portrayal. I’m not saying at all that this is the worst season of Dexter, but I am definitely saying it is the most amusing season (in my opinion). I’ve been greeting my boyfriend for two weeks now with, “HELLO, WHORE” delivered in my best Colin Hanks voice. Don’t get me wrong; I think Colin’s a good actor. I think the writing is what’s made his character so cartoonish.

        • ana muller says:

          ok I will admit that the “hello whore” had me laughing pretty damn hard lol

        • jennrae says:

          Well, then I’m saying it, this is the worst season of Dexter ever.

        • Tanya says:

          I think this season of Dexter is pretty dang good. I love that Dex is questioning faith and where he fits into it. I thought it was quite funny that Colin Hanks’ character didn’t know the professor was a figment of his imagination though. LOL!!

          What I am disturbed by is where this therapist has Deborah going…Hey you know you want your brother, right….ICK!

  3. Ashley says:

    I’m thankful Gossip Girl realized Dan is always your best “girlfriend.” He’s like Blair’s brother, anything more would feel incestuous.

  4. Taylor says:

    I love that Next Iron Chef is mentioned in this article. (also: Faulkner annoys the hell out of me.)

  5. kate says:

    Good to know I’m not the only one who finds the Gillian/Jimmy relationship creepy!

  6. Abby says:

    I don’t think Nolan and Emily are half siblings… But I do think Charlotte and Emily are half siblings.

    • dee says:

      No, not Emily and Charlotte–Emily and DANIEL would be awesome. In a completely gross way, of course, but awesome. Would explain why Victoria favors Daniel so much, wouldn’t it?

      • alexandra kessie says:

        It would but he was already born before the affair no?

        I thought Charlotte and Emily were half sisters – that would make more sense – naughty VICTOOOORRR–RIIIIA.

        Nolan I love him to bits – but that hair urg – I can hardly believe this is the same cutie from Borne Identity/Supremacy and Mad Men.

      • TomB says:

        They’ll never go there on a prime time network show, except maybe for SVU. I agree that Emily and Charlotte share some DNA and that is why Victoria never really bonded with her. I don’t think that necessarily rules out Nolan joining the clan.

        • lacey says:

          Ever since Conrad called Charlotte a true Grayson I’ve thought that she was really David Clarke’s daughter. Victoria adores Daniel but seems to just tolerate Charlotte. Then again Charlotte is an annoying teenager so maybe that’s it. I would love for Nolan to be Emily’s half-brother, and it would make for some interesting scenes.

    • Amanda says:

      Daniel and Emily!

    • Caitlin says:

      YES! I’ve been thinking that since the beginning!

    • Nerwen Aldarin says:

      Daniel was born before Victoria’s affair with David Clark so no to him being siblings with Emily.

      But I do think Charlotte and Emily are sisters, it would be twisted and explain a lot.

    • Hannah says:

      YES! I called this a while ago because in flashbacks, Charlotte is never mentioned even though Daniel is. Emily and Charlotte have to be half-siblings

    • sandra says:

      Agree I thought the same too

    • Leo says:

      In one way I can see it but in other I don’t. I would think that David Clarke’s child would be more precious to Victoria. She has rejected Charlotte in many ways. It seems to me she is resented because she was born in a marriage that Victoria wanted to end and now couldn’t.

  7. a says:

    This site is so biased. “Chuck & Blair” trended worldwide and you try to make it look like people wants dair. UGH. Don’t make up stuff. The audience wants Chuck/Blair, not Dan/Blair. My question is, why the gg writers try so hard with Dan/Dair when it’s pretty clear that most viewers want Chair? Also, is so obvious Chuck is a lot more popular tha Dan. Why the writers are giving him so little screentime? And why Joshua Safran never talks about him in the episodes previews? It’s all Dan, Dan, Dan. OVER IT.

    • MSC says:

      Gossip girl sucked last year when they touched the “Dair” direction. The audience doesn’t want it. Get the hell over it tvline. Chuck and Blair are awesome and I don’t want to see sloppy seconds all so you can see another couple on this show bang. Get real

      • Bart Bass says:

        You make no sense.

        DB are endgame!!!!

      • alexandra kessie says:

        I want it! I want them to get together sooooo bad. Sorry I think Chuck should be left alone (Blair stop tormenting him!) and that Dan should be her Rufus. (Seriously rufus is a shell of a man) I also think Serena should just grow up!

        Eric should not come back and stay on Revenge – though he’s boring full stop, sorry. They need to bring girls other than Blair to the forefront – Ivy and Liz don’t cut it (also is Liz and Jack…did they do the do and have Chuck? confused)

        But DAIR all the way. I like how snappy they are with each other.

        • florence says:

          rufus is so boring, all he cares about are waffles. Dan is also pretty dull, they’re only attaching him to Blair to make him look a little more interesting, which is my opinion isn’t working.

        • Ivy says:

          After watching this week’s ep, I am convinced that Liz is Jack and Bart’s sister making her Chuck’s aunt. Remember she removed her pic from Bart’s vault and Chuck told her she looked familiar and asked if they had ever met? Jack’s call to her re Chuck’s condition sealed it for me.

    • V says:

      Are you kidding me? Dair is the ONLY reason I have become a fan of GG again! At the end of Season 2, I had just about enough and gave up. I heard about the Dair relationship and it sparked my curiosity and now the ONLY reason I watch GG again is for it. A lot of GG detractors such as myself agree as well, Dair is getting us to come back. Chuck and Blair are DONE! In real life, she would have left him long ago, he’s insane! I love Chuck Bass but he brings out the worst in Blair, Dan brings out the best in her! Serena and Dan are also tired and Blair does make Dan much more interesting. I say Dare to Dair!!!

  8. Lori says:

    Gossip Girl didn’t dare to Dair, (thank goodness), because Dan and Blair are only entertaining when they are fighting. That is why a relationship between those two characters would never work. If Blair wasn’t snooty and condescending, then she wouldn’t be Blair, and why would we watch? Leighton and Penn may enjoy working together, but they don’t have the same screen melting chemistry of Leighton and Ed. Pretty sure the ratings have been on a decline ever since we starting getting the Dair stuff dangled in our faces.

    • Olive Penderghast says:


    • Emily says:

      100% agreed. Ed and Leighton are why I tune in every week, so thank you Gossip Girl, for avoiding the straw that would have broken this little camel’s back.

    • em says:

      I would actually venture to say that Chuck and Blair are most entertaining while they are fighting and bantering as well…And yes, while I do agree that Blair would not be Blair in a Dair relationship, Chuck is not really Chuck anymore after he changed. So, for me at least, the Chair relationship currently is MUCH different than the Chair relationship a couple of years ago. It’s not bad, just an indication that characters can change.

    • Chris says:

      You say Dan and Blair are only interesting when they have fights. I could say the same thing about CHuck and Blair but instead of fights its Lust. Whenever the two characters are in LUst with eachother its interesting but after that initial stage of lust everything else is Blah and the writers end up breaking them up because them together is boring. THe writers terminated Chair not 5 minutes after they got back together in the last episode.

      Dan and Blair together we haven’t seen yet but I think it would probably be awesome because even their non-relationship is highly enjoyable to watch.

      • kristhian says:

        i think Dair be ok for a temporal like just half season to see if theres something good there, but its like .0% chances that happen because through 5 season most of main characters lack of good history examples: Serena since season 3 has gotten bored, Jenny who personaly i like is gone, Vanessa thank god is gone, Rufus and Lily need something or get them out of the way, charlie or ivy unless everyone forgive her for pretending to be family can stay, Dan and Blair as friends are good, as couple i personaly would like to see how play out, but i know that like 90% of the GG fans love to death Chair so (sad for me), Nate just go around every other character as comfort zone and hooking up with women(lame), Chuck and Blair need to see other people but then back together and gossip girl
        Who agree with me?

  9. Nina says:

    YES!! Make Devon Sawa a series regular!

  10. Kristina says:

    #12) kurt said something about mr. shu’s endless supply of sparkling cider or something like that so it probably wasnt actually champagne :)

  11. mechacha_75 says:

    that’s called build-up @ number 10. DAIR is coming!!!! <3

  12. Troy says:

    Yeah, ABC HAS promised Vanessa Williams a plum new role. It says so on your sister site: http://www.deadline.com/2011/11/desperate-housewives-star-vanessa-williams-signs-talent-holding-deal-with-abc/

  13. Sally says:

    Because Serena and Chuck exist, it’s out of character for Blair, and because not every friendship has to turn into something more. Not to mention, they’d never make each other happy. The qualities that make them acceptable as a friendship would kill it as a romance. And the majority of people are tired of the road blocks and stops along the way and want Chuck and Blair back!

    • Ari says:

      This is pretty much everything about Gossip Girl right now. They need to accept that they are in the last year or two of their run. Most of their actors have started building movie careers and are probably not going to re-sign for more seasons. I think I read they were all contracted for 6, this is the 5th so I would imagine that next season is it. Stop with all the superfluous drama and start bringing the end game down so fans can feel good about the end. This ridiculous Dair crap is terrible. It always was. Blair insisted that it not be known that she was hanging out with Dan. DING DING DING this should tell you why this relationship wouldn’t work.

    • AnnClau says:

      I think the Dan/Blair thing is a good thing that happened. You know like close friends trying to have more. But now it’s time to realise it’S all that was. They’re just really good friends like brother and sister almost and that’s it. Blair and Chuck should work out their problems to get back together. Before the show ends, ’cause yes it should not continue for more than another season. Just put Chuck and Blair back together and find Gossip Girl. And please, please stop bringing back the Dan/Serena thing. Please. Either put them back together for good or forget about it. But stop bringing it up every couple of episodes.

  14. Frankie says:

    RE: # 10
    Because it would suck? Seriously, they will do Dan/Blair in some form in the second half – everyone knows it. It was obvious in the last episode. So stop whining Dair fans and please stop with the transparent top down pimping TVLine. Dair can’t authentically generate online buzz so they have to rely on you guys to do it for them. It’s embarrasing guys.

  15. chestal says:

    #10 hell to the yes!! give us Dair!!

  16. Amy says:

    I’m definitely picturing Glee writers being a bit more careful about using the term ‘regionals’ again. Props to Community for showing that Glee overuses this term (as well as the storyline).

    • James says:

      I highly doubt this. I really wish it would happen, but I don’t even think the people of glee know Community is a TV show. Hell when I tell people that Community is my favourite show they always ask, ‘what’s that?’ So I highly doubt Glee even knows of Community’s existance, yet alone actually watched last night’s episode.

      • ana muller says:

        If you work as a TV writer and is oblivious to Community, you’re bad at your job.

      • Ari says:

        As I was watching the Community Musical, I thought to myself, this is what musical television should be like. Songs that advance the plot, express emotion, aren’t just cheap knockoffs of cheaply produced autotuned hot messes. Glee wishes it could do musicals that well.

  17. Jessica says:

    did i miss something on revenge? someone fill me in

  18. Misskarolyn says:

    Finn did not open a bottle of champagne, ut was apple cider. Mr Shuester said it.

    • steveo says:

      He actually DIDN’T say it. But the bottle is obviously a bottle of Martinelli’s sparking apple cider. In a nice bit of continuity (the props department has apparently heard of this concept, even if the writers have not), Finn served the same brand in “The First Time” at his dinner-date with Rachel.

  19. Pam says:

    LOL at number 14. And Justin Long doing a Jimmy Stewart was a big disturbing.

  20. Kelly says:

    It looked to me like Finn popped open a bottle of Martinelli’s.

  21. Diane says:

    A little Dan/Blair romance? You mean like the ones he had with Serena and Vanessa where he decided he was too good for them and dumped them oh so graciously?

  22. sendthefail says:

    Dair ftw! Greatest GG pairing ever!

  23. dee says:

    As previously noted for #12, it was sparkling cider.

    As for #13, Lea Michele tweeted the other day that she was in the studio recording a Michael Jackson song for GLEE, so I think you’re on to something.

  24. Sarah says:

    Seriously, WHAT is going on with Robin’s appearance lately on “HIMYM”? Cobie Smulders is gorgeous, but they’re doing everything to make her look as frumpy and unattractive as possible this season. That blouse/trousers combination was unforgivable.

    • Samantha F says:

      THIS is what I want to know. She looks awful this season, beauty and fashion. I see old eps while I flip through channels and she looks great and then I watch this season and she has gone really downhill. Honestly, I think a lot of it is the new short hair.

  25. monic says:

    You know a couple is so loved and so wanted when they were TT together. Chuck & Blair <3

    • jenkins says:

      Yeah, CB trended world wide and that’s what we want not some farse of a pairing that can’t even trend in a city.

    • CB4EVER says:

      OMGGGGGGGGGG IKR. The moment when he proposed to her after sleeping with Jenny is TRUE LOVE. I need this moment to happen again. Finale <33333

      • DAIR says:

        lol, i know, right! And it was so romantic when he tried to hit her! Abuse is soooo romantic! <3

        • sandra says:

          how any of you DBers think you can call yourselves mature is beyond me.

          • ABUSEisNOTromantic! says:

            well..we are not cheating on polls and we know that gg is just a tv show..you know..it`s all fictional! and we have lifes! oh yeah..and we don`t support violence against womans. :)

  26. Manu says:

    I’m sure GG will Dare to Dair soon. It wasn’t the time for them to get romantic, with Blair pregnant and engaged, but after the 100th… I expect it to be fully on!

  27. Kimmie says:

    Pretty sure Dan/Blair is still happening. What a breath of fresh air! Chuck/Blair ruined the entire show.

    • Nuria says:

      Couldn’t agree more, I bet you’re over 18, aren’t you?

        • s says:

          Oh, the judmental dair fans that keep saying chair fans are immature. Dair ruined the show. Look how awful the ratings .dropped after the DB arc started in . Chuck & Blair trended worldwide, Chuck Bass is always trending. The writers need to realize what the audience wants and stop pushing DB

          • G says:

            Yeah, it’s a total BS. About 50 fans like Dair, at best. You should see waht CB does on twitter compared to Dair. It’s laughable how few Dair fans there are there.

          • ugh says:

            rating suck bc chair is still in the picture….and ooohhhh…he trended…big deal!

          • ChairVsDairIsRidiculous says:

            Even after promoting the heck out of a Chair reunion, the ratings still sucked. It came in like, dead last.

            Chair’s just one terrible soap opera that was fun when it started but turned into a melodramatic mess. Dair will never last. But as long as the prince gets out of the picture, can’t we all be happy? Dair fans will get their temporary ship and then watch it blow up. Chair will end up together. Maybe in the meantime, the writers will return Blair to being… Blair and not some broken version of herself.

            Then we all win.

          • Kate says:

            The show has been on the decline because of the same old boring Chair storyline from last season. Dair was the only interesting thing towards the end of last season. And as for Chair being threaded worldwide, where is the proof in that and they still pull only 1.3 mil viewers cause of chair. Dair can be the only thing that could give GG a 6th season.

            And I am 21…seriously Chair fans are such kids

      • Emily says:

        Seriously? Way to show your maturity right there. Maybe some people like the idea of DB, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us who have been waiting for Chuck and Blair’s happy ending for the last 5 years are somehow ‘unworthy” of Gossip Girl.

      • Sally says:

        So all twitter users are under 18 cause they got Chuck and Blair to trend WORLD WIDE. Logic at work, beautiful thing right here.

        Correct your fallacies please. Maybe you don’t want to cause if you did you’d have to admit that DB do not work romantically given the character histories and relationships with other characters and that the vast majority of people do not want it.

        • ChairVsDairIsRidiculous says:

          I’m not sure why Chair fans are so quick to defend their ship. Let Dair play out. It won’t last. If anything it will cement the fact that Chuck and Blair are ultimately meant to be together.

        • Chris says:

          I think people are thinking of this show way to logically and treating the characters as real people.

          I think you are wrong though because character history and relationship between other characters have not stopped anyone else on this show from being romantically involved with anyone. A few examples are Lily and Rufus, Serena and Dan(step sibling), Nate and everyone, Chuck and Blair(history not great both haven done bad things to eachother …..) etc…etc…

      • Kimmie says:

        Lol, yep I am. I pity CB fans and their tweenager perceptions of what true love is.

        • vivian says:

          it’s so pathetic how Dair fans keep trying to act superior.

          • kathy says:

            There’s nothing pathetic about it. It goes to show how Chair fans are really actually threatened by Dair fans cause otherwise, they wouldn’t be making death threats to Josh Schwartz if he didn’t put Chair together. I guess that just goes to show how wonderful and classy the Chair fans are. I’m 23 and happen to love Dair. I feel like a big portion of the Chair fans are under 18 cause everyone I ask that likes Dair is in their 20’s and everyone that likes Chair is a teenager. Just a thought. Also why do Chair fans get so upset?? It’s obvious they feel threatened by Dair. Also, I do in a way feel bad for Chair fans. They obviously don’t know what true love is , and they feel like Chuck and Blair are what real love is about. They have to come back down to earth and realize that real love, in real LIFE, is Dan and Blair. My boyfriend would never sell me for a hotel or cut my face up. I sometimes would like to get a good look at Chair fans and see what their lives are like. I would want a guy who would support me and love me unconditionally. Not try to sabbotage me, but do things that make me happy and are what’s best for me. Who would sit on a couch me with and make me a cup of coffee and go to the movies with me. I want that in a relationship. I dont wanna fight over a picture like in season 3. I want true love. Pure and whole love. Good love. Unfortunately, 60 percent of fans like Chuck. Also, I disagree with the person who said that Dair only has like 10 fans. Bull, do you watch Dair videos on youtube? They have like 10,000 views. Heck, clips of Dan/Blair scenes online have like 20,000 views!!! Chair fans like to run their mouth, they can’t stand how Leighton Meester herself said that in a lot of ways Chair isn’t meant to be and that she wants the Dair relationship to progress. I could go on all day, but I dont have the time, or the energy. Chair fans are in denial. They cant stand to realize that the low ratings have nothing to do with Dair. In fact, the episode where it was Chair centered in previews etc, had the lowest ratings of the season!! But whatever I’m done. Dair for life. No matter what the ending for the show, Dair will always be true love in real life <3

          • gillian says:

            THIS! and that absolutely enormous and pointless reply you received, just proved your point… they try to act like they don’t get caught up in these ship wars, but it takes two to fight right? I prefer Chuck and Blair myself but find this constant arguing really tiring.

      • Taylor says:

        I couldn’t agree more with Kimmie and Nuria. I used to be a huge Chair fan, but at the beginning of season 3 I found them boring, and then once Chuck pimped Blair out to his uncle in order to get his hotel back, I couldn’t stand them. I just feel like Chuck and Blair’s relationship has become sick and abusive, especially on Chuck’s part. I feel like by having the writers act like Chuck and Blair are soul mates, they are romanticizing abusive relationships. With Dan and Blair, they have a lot in common and seem to have really come to like and respect each other while still keeping that fun playful spark together that they had when they were basically “frenemies”, which makes them so enjoyable to watch. Also, I find it extremely refreshing to see Dan deal with the romantic feelings that he has for Blair now rather than continuing to constantly be all hung up on Serena, who I hate. For the record, I’m saying this as a twenty-four year-old.

      • Ari says:

        I’m over 18 and I would rather have Blair with Louis than with Dan. Dan is so judgmental. He is just like Rufus, judging the lifestyle of the UES but happily jumping into the lap of luxury to be a kept man. Dan is a terrible character, who is pathetic (he was his own biggest fan on Twitter). It’s sad really. I was really able to relate to Dan when the show first started. He was kind of like the odd man out. Now he’s the odd man out who thinks he is better than everyone because he lives in Brooklyn and makes the exact same face (eyes widen, move head backward a bit, pull lips back reach one hand out as if trying to grasp the reality that you are a douche) to express every emotion. Frankly, I think Blair would wilt into a shell of herself if she were ever with Dan. He is nowhere near strong enough to stand with her.

        • ChairVsDairIsRidiculous says:

          I think Dair will happen to discover that they only work as friends. But I think you’re right that Dan’s character hasn’t been developed well over the years. Every writer writes him differently.

          Blair’s already a shell of herself though. In case you hadn’t noticed.

          • Chris says:

            I agree that sometimes Dan jumps to conclusions but he seems to be the only character that expects people to act like they did previously which is seen as being judgmental? As for Blair being a shell of her former self, I think its a bit too late for that. I mean if she were stronger she wouldn’t need to be with the prince, CHuck or Dan to have her baby and live her life.
            The Blair who worked her ass of for an internship, the Blair who cared about Yale and the Blair who stands up for her friends even when they are not exactly speaking is the one I like to watch; Chair fans can squawk all they want but the only time I have seen the Blair I like is when Dan is involved.

          • diane says:

            @Chris Are you kidding? Dan only started getting involved by the end of season 4… Do you mean you never liked Blair before that? And he had absolutely nothing to do with the “Yale” story line.

      • sandra says:

        I don’t know who came up with this “Dair fans are over 18” theory but it’s total crap. Both ships are just as childish and to care that deeply if two fictional people are going to be together or not to the point of nsulting other REAL human beings to “prove your point” is pretty damn stupid! The only difference is if you’re over 18 it’s even more pathetic. I personally root for Chuck and Blair but think the arguing and the calling each other names thing is unnecessary and embarrassing. (yes, I’m over 18.. 23 to be more exact)

    • jenna says:

      Dair is so FRESH it killed the ratings last year. you keep thinking that DB fans. Guess what buzzed and trended. Chuck and Blair. I’m sorry but you guys are completely living in la-la land

  28. jenkins says:

    Uh, Dair suck. Get real we want Chuck and blair – they trended not crappy Dair

  29. Tati says:

    Seriously, how can someone wants Blair to be with Dan when they have ZERO chemistry?! They don’t work as a couple at all. Blair belongs with Chuck, they’re the reason people still watch Gossip Girl.

  30. Nuria says:

    Ugh! CBers are everywhere, don’t they realize their not the whole GG fandom?

    Daring to Dair would have been too much for the conservative GG writers. They prefer to redeem the unredeemable and make Blair miserable. She really should be alone and then choose, the look on her face when Dan mentioned that possibility was heartbreaking. Blair should be a strong and independent woman and they’re showing us she is not herself without a man, that is sexist.

    • Elisha says:

      We trended you can’t DBers. We are the majority of the fandom

      • Lu_H says:

        you feel better because of that?
        i used to ship chair, i dont hate them, i feel sorry for everything the writers have done to this couple…who cares about endgame when the couple is completely ruined?…i now chair will find their way back, but i wont be shiping them anymore so yeah chair fans are the majority but what else? chair are only used for the OMG now, but yeah wahtever they will get married in the season finale, epicness

    • Diane says:

      The writers are too “conservative” to write what, a cliche? Rich girl, poor boy, forced movie-watching interests? Big whoop. How very closed-minded of you to label something as unredeemable. Then you want Blair to be an independent woman but also want her to choose a guy later on? Judging her for wanting to be with someone is also reverse shaming and sexism.

    • Chris says:

      I agree Completely with Nuria. The writers of this show are so scared to be creative.

  31. curlyhair says:

    Number 10 ftw!

  32. Elisha says:

    Dair is the most idiotic pairing and I question anyone who wants that junk. Seriously stupid

  33. ka says:

    Yes..I could see Emily and Charlotte..but I can see Nolan as well.

  34. Manu says:

    oh good lord, SCAB needs to find better things to do… this comment section looks like butthurt.com!

    The furniture you all claim to be so popular is over and done with… and you sound so desesperate trying to point out reasons why Dan & Blair shouldn’t happen…

    It’s happening, better get used to the idea!

    And blaming bad ratings on Dair… you have got to be kidding me! There was barely any Dair in the last 5 episodes, so if the ratings went down, it’s because NO1CURR about Blair going back to Chuck.

    Accept it, get over it, move on… Dair’s to come!

    • jenkins says:

      No obe cares about you anon and your complete idiocy. I laugh at you guys if you really think Dair will ever be anything like CB. And ,yes, there are more Chuck and Blair fans. We had CB and DB in one episode but guess who trended and who didn’t Db are not what most want.

      • ANON, apparently says:

        LOLOLOLOL no one cares about you, SCABer, and your complete idioticity!
        I am glad to inform you that I’d never want for Dair to be anything remotely alike Seat… Seat sucks!

        Also, Twitter is a social networking site, whatever trends there is not telling of the maount of fans any show or couple or anyone has, stop deluding yourself. You are part of SCAB, obviously, so you know how badly you cheat and how you recruit people and get multiple twitters and all of that. So no, CB isn’t most wanted, CB has crazier fans behind it, which makes sense, cause no one in their right mind would ship such abusive couple.

    • LOL says:

      Basically. Now they are obsessed with trending because they can’t back up their claims with ratings. And just the other day, we had Chair fans at JFK admit that there were a lot of Dair fans there. A lot of people do like watching Dan and Blair regardless of what SCAB and whatever else claim.

      • Awwww says:

        Awwww, DB fans are pissed that Chuck and Blair trended. Have butt hurt because your couple is so terrible no one talked about them on Monday? Or that Blair will always choose Chuck over douchey Dan?

        • Manu says:

          LOLOLOL trending = irrelevant

          Also, your couple is the one who has a guy that’s tried to rape the three female leads on the show, including the girl you ship him with! So… nope, butthurt is your area of expertise!

          Chuck is the douche and he’ll be left behind by FAR SUPERIOR DAN HUMPHREY any day now… Also, everyone talked about Dan and Dar, the media LOVES them, so just go ~pray that he’ll survive or something.

          • Awwww says:

            Awwwwww, again with getting upset Chuck and blair trended. Awww, so sad, Dair fans can’t trend and they’re mad more people love Chuck and blair. So Sad, Dbers. So sad.

          • ana muller says:

            when in the hell did Chuck tried to rape Blair for f***’s sake?

          • Manu says:

            @Awwww I could care less about seat trending. Enjoy it, it’s all you got…

            @ana muller have you seen 420? Go rewatch it..

        • cecily says:

          @Manu have you seen a shrink? cause if you think that was anything close to rape you need one.

          • Manu says:

            The real question is whether you’ve seen one…
            Just because he didn’t succeed, doesn’t mean he didn’t try to force himself on her. Really, go rewatch 420.

            Also, he’s been abusing her from a psychological POV since season 1, so if you want to ship it, go ahead, but don’t try to make it be anything that’s not.

            Chuck and Blair are the most unhealthy relationship I’ve seen, deal with that.

          • andressa says:

            @Manu LOL do you even know what rape is? An could you please stop being so aggressive to try to prove a point that is so obviously wrong. You said Chuck tried to rape her, that never happened, and yes I have watched every episode of every season, so case closed.

  35. Martina says:

    yes to #3 between Gillian & Jimmy and Jaime & Cersei Lannister it’s a toss up for incest award on tv this year

  36. Sandra says:

    Couldn’t 2 people be friends on Gossip Girl without having to romance? Not interested in seeing Serena/Blair fight cause of Dan. Sorry.

  37. Marie says:

    Why do you push DB so much? They didn’t happen simply because they are out of place. No matter how much you push them, they are contrived and will always be.

    Chair FTW!

  38. Elena says:

    Why do you want Dand Blair romance when its not something interested? its the most boring on the tv history. I am not watching GG for a yawnfest. enough about that DB crap! I hope GG never goes there for Dan Blair. at least two people may remain only as friends on this show.plus they are not interesting as a couple.People want Chuck and Blair. instead of dragging out their reunion Chuck and Blair has to be a couple. people got bored of GG throwing CB fans a bone and taking it back at the last minute.

  39. LOL says:

    Chuck and Blair get together and get into a car crash. If that’s not the universe telling them something, I don’t know what that is. Dan and Blair will get something on in the second half of the season.

    And for all the people crying about no buzz for Dair, sorry we just want to enjoy the show and not become part of SCAB or some organized internet group. I love Dair but I don’t have a twitter account nor do I care to have one. The ratings haven’t been good throughout this Chair arc which is why the new buzz word for those fans is “online.” Along with calling Dan and Blair incest as if that even makes sense.

    • leigh says:

      What buzz or ratings did Dair bring last year. They tanked the show to where it is. Oh, Bland fans you always make me laugh

      • c says:

        The only thing DB did last year was make the ratings drop A LOT. After 4×11 the ratings just keep getting worse. At least Chair was able to keep the ratings stable and good in the first half of s4. Also, there are a lot more comments about Chair on facebook and twitter than Dair. who always trends worldwide? Chuck, not Dan

      • LOL says:

        Really? As if the A-plot wasn’t Bass Industries. Nobody cared about Bass Industries just like nobody cares about Prince Louis or Diana and the Spectator. We’re going to see if Diana/Chuck will be a storyline that anyone cares about.

        Some of you guys are hellbent on Chuck and Blair being together when frankly speaking, some of us just like to be entertained – that’s why I enjoyed Dair last season but it was fun especially with all the Ben and Bass Industries storylines that were taking up the rest of the show.

        And by the way, not every single thing is a freaking fight or some kind of claim of superiority. And the end of the day, it’s just a show.

        • Awwww says:

          Well no one came to watch DB and that’s what was pushed you stupid idiot. DB fans continue to make me LMAO

          • LMAO says:

            I think your mommy needs to take away your computer privileges. I’d have no problem having a conversation with Chair fans if you all weren’t so bent on claiming that Chair fans somehow DESERVE anything.

            We’re ALL GG fans. We ALL want different things. It’s not that big of a deal. Fact is, there ARE people that want Dair and those people are just as much invested in the show as Chair fans. Y’all can be proud of your little millisecond of a Chair trend, but the rest of us still exist and do want want to watch Dair. Stop acting so entitled. Sheesh!

    • Diane says:

      You can’t fake Twitter trending topics, it has to be high volume, high frequency posting within a certain period of time. You may not be active online but other shippers of your kind have their own army of accounts on blogs, twitter, and forums to troll and spread hatred specifically against Chair. As for the ratings, Gossip Girl has always been an online show. I don’t care about the Nielsen numbers and demographics although the CW network still does. The show is still in the top 10 of iTunes every week, but you don’t see GG words trend on Twitter as often.

      • Truth says:

        You are too logical for their nonsense. They’re just angry Chuck and Blair trended and they try to stupidly justify it didn’t mean anything. They’re wrong as usual

  40. Kelly says:

    I would be the first one in line to get my very own marshmallow Ron Swanson at the NBC Store. Let’s make this happen!

  41. DanFan says:

    Ratings have been on a fairly steady decline since season 2. Casual viewers aren’t shippers. Casual viewers tune out when they get tired of seeing the same story lines repeated ad nausea. There are a quite a few Dair fans out there, we just are typically lazy or have better things to do.

    • leigh says:

      Sure. that’s why Dan is always the lest liked character in the show and Chuck and blair trend..yeah, I really believe you there……YAWN. This fan war isn’t working because most want Chuck andBlair. Trended people. Deal with it.

  42. Cathy says:

    Nope. The only questions Gossip Girl has left me with are 1) why id the wedding still on? 2) Why can’t Chuck and Blair have more than 30 seconds of happiness? 3) And finally if I ever both to think of Dan Humphrey, my only question would be: Why isn’t he getting haircut?

    But I’m afraid the TVline team has been watching a different show because there was no possible way DB could happen in 5.10 or any episode prior that. Common sense would even say nor any episode after that but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Sh*t happens!

    • leigh says:

      TVline has ridiculous Bland fangirls writing this crap. Whatever Tvline. You can’t get fans to like a forced and lesser couple in Bland.

    • Dan'sHairIsItsOwnCharacter says:

      1. It may all be a dream? That would be nice. Prince needs out.
      2. A better question might be why their 30 seconds of happiness was over-the-top cheesy? And because their ship is the worst soap opera on the show. I’m not saying that I don’t like Chair, I’m saying it’s been destroyed over the last few years by utter ridiculous plot.
      3. They’ve been filming out of order and Penn was working on that Jeff Buckley movie and I’m hoping that eventually he’ll cut his hair.

  43. Kristine says:

    Dan and Blair may cause Chuck and Blair fans to go crazy in the comments and bring a lot of hits to tvline but they certainly did not bring or keep the viewers watching GG.
    Sick of the GG fanwar. Remember when the show was about more then who loved Blair this week?

  44. Morgan says:

    On Glee, that was a bottle of Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider, not champagne. It’s non-alcoholic and delicious!!

  45. Candy says:

    More Dair pimping from TVLine. *yawn* Don’t worry Ban fans (all 10 of you lemmings when we exclude PFunk’s management team) You are getting something in the second half. But the show had to reinforce the fact Chuck and Blair is the true love story first by having CB pick each other.

  46. GG lover says:

    Biased much?! Majority of fans prefer Chuck and Blair together. Dan is boring. Its simple as that. But i can almost guarantee that Dair show is not over. More contrived plots shall keep Chair apart while Dan gets pimped out even more. No wonder audience gave up on this show.

    • Camille says:

      Haha it’s ironic that you say that when the show actually started failing when it became all about Chuck and his neverending family issues.

      • steph says:

        No, it started falling at the beginning of season 3 when Dan became a focus- check it out, dilbert.

        • LOL says:

          Do you even watch the show? Dan was always been a lead character and Dan and Serena were the main couple in Season 1. Now you are claiming he became the focus in Season 3? LOL

          • steph says:

            He did you dumbass. It was a Dan story in season thee and Chuck and Blair were in the BG. That’s why ratings fell. Dan was pushed again with Blair ratings fell. This season it’s about Dan and his book, guess what- ratings fell. Where is your argument now. Dan and Serena, really? they are a joke and everyone knows it. Chuck and Blair had the highest ratings in season 2 and that is a fact.

          • ana muller says:

            “Dan has always been a lead character” that made me laugh. Who else do you consider a “lead”… Nate?

          • kelly says:

            Dan is sooooooo amazing most of the audience hates the guy

        • Taylor says:

          steph, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but on one of the DVD extras for season one they said that when they were developing the show, they were originally going to have Chuck only be a recurring guest star role. It was only after the producers were impressed by Ed’s audition that they made the role a series regular role, so I would say that LOL is right about Dan always being one of the lead characters. As for people blaming Dair for the ratings drop in season four, I don’t think that’s truly the case. I think that the best part of the first half of season was Juliet’s vendetta against Serena, and Dair was the best thing about the second half of season four. I thought all of the drama with Bass Industries and the Thorpes was the worst part of the last half of season four. Watching paint dry sounds more entertaining than that storyline was. As for the people blaming the ratings decline on Dair, did any of you ever stop to consider that perhaps the drop in the ratings might actually be because the viewers for the show that get counted with the Nielsen ratings system have stopped watching because they are sick of the writers focusing so much on Chair?

      • Emily says:

        Both of these arguments are specious, so can we all stop using them, please? None of us are ratings experts. Ratings falling have to do with MANY factors.

        For me, I want to see CB because it’s what I’ve invested my time into, and it feels like Gossip Girl to me. Trying to push that DB suddenly have a connection and are BFFs doesn’t work for me – give me Serena and Blair’s friendship back, please.

        But I’m sick of these arguments on both sides about ratings and polls and trending on twitter. The writers are going to do what they think fits the story best, and those of us that like it will watch while those of us who don’t will find something we like more.

  47. Vivi says:

    Dan and Blair makes me wanna puke, they act like brother and sister, c’mon! And I laugh at people that compares them to Pacey and Joey. Bitches, please! If there’s any new PJ there’s got to be Chuck and Blair.

    • Truth says:

      They make most of us want to puke. Just stick with CB gossipgirl. You’ve already lost most of your audience when you put Dair together last year.

  48. Lena says:

    Good Lord.
    The whole Dair vs Chair thing is so annoying.
    The trashing the opposite couple is getting old. If you are so sure of the couple you ship, you wouldn’t need to trash others…
    Just like trashing the other fanbase doens’t make anyone look any better, over 18 or more mature.

    And isn’t obvious that for a show that has no buzz like GG, that these blogs keep playing the Chair vs Dair card to get page views,comments,people tweeting it?

  49. Suzy Q says:

    Hey Michael – you haven’t dished anything on the Supernatural guys in ages…I’m sure you can come up with something juicy for us about the Js. Thx!

  50. Camille says:

    Lol no you’re not, you’re just trying to make people think that you are. Pathetic much?