The CW Delays Returns of Ringer and 90210

Ringer fans will have to wait a little longer before fresh episodes resume in the new year.

Why? The CW is double-pumping its new reality series, Remodeled (premiering Tuesday, Jan. 17 at 9/8c), by slotting multiple original and repeat installments during its first two weeks on the air. 

As a result, Ringer will now resume with new episodes three weeks behind schedule on Jan. 31. Additionally, 90210‘s return has been pushed back a week to Jan. 17.

The good news: The delay means that Ringer will run nearly repeat-free through May.

Remodeled is a docu-series which follows modeling industry vet Paul Fisher on his quest to unite smaller agencies into one supersized unit, to be called The Network.

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  1. Ken says:

    Pssh, this reality show is totally going to tank. But I’m excited about Repeat-Free Ringer the remainder of the season.

  2. Nina says:

    I guess it’s good to get all the waiting out of the way! SIGH.

  3. Marc says:

    Are you kidding me? As if this show has a shot at being any more well received than H8er was…ugh. I thought things would get better once Dawn O left but it’s more like “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

  4. Jesse says:

    How do you interpret this move by the CW? Should the Ringer/90210 producers see this as the network hyping a new show at the expense of two shows that have underperformed in the ratings this year? Or is this maybe not terrible news for Ringer to be able to run straight through May (and, hopefully, lock down a second season in the process)?

    • Drew says:

      Gossip Girl is an older show, with actors who seem to want to move on, and its ratings are lower than either of these two. That said, 90210 doesn’t have the hype of Gossip Girl, or anyone who could potentially begin building a respectable film career, the way Blake Lively and Leighton Meester have been lately.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if either of those shows were canceled… or both. But I suspect that they’d can 90210 before GG.

      Ringer is a bit harder to say. It is a show that the network really needs at this point, being the only show besides Supernatural to target a slightly older audience. It’s a demographic that none of their other shows will be capturing. On top of that, it has a LOT of notable actors, which means publicity for the network. It’s hard to tell what the network is thinking at any given moment, but if I were them, I’d give Ringer time to catch an audience.

      • Jesse says:

        Drew, I found your comments really interesting. Agree on canceling 90210 before GG (both are syndication-eligible at this point, but my guess is that GG might pay off in syndication quite a bit more than 90210). As to Ringer, I’m biased because I think it’s a great show, but I do think it would be a high-profile embarrassment for the CW to cancel the show after only 1 season. Ringer’s ratings have not been amazing, but they’ve been consistent with other CW shows. Since we’re grading on a CW curve, I would hope that the 3-week delay is just an anomaly and not a sign that the network is losing faith in the show.

        • Drew says:

          Thanks. I find most of this network’s decisions to be baffling (going back to the canceling of Veronica Mars) so I guess we can’t expect logic. Should be fun to see what they do.

  5. Carrie says:

    Well, that’s annoying. I was looking forward to the return of “Ringer”. Their new reality shows always do terribly, anyway.

    • Marc says:

      Seriously, what was the most recent reality success for CW: Beauty & The Geek? UPN is the one who created that one (as well as ANTM) too. If I were a betting man, I’d be saying 90210 may be getting the boot this year. Too many pilots being ordered and I think the network outgrown its need for the show, personally. Only time will tell though!

      • Michael says:

        The WB created Beauty and the Geek.

        • Marc says:

          My bad on that one. Either way, CW itself has not created a single successful reality show. Maybe they should focus on making quality shows that regularly get above 1.0 in the ratings before trying to succeed at producing reality TV. Also, whoever lumped Ringer in with 90210 as the worst show on the CW… sorry but you’ve still got at least Gossip Girl and America’s Next Top Model to go before you get there. I do admit that Ringer has some kinks to work out but worst show on the CW? Far from it.

      • lorna says:

        IDK hy they kept renewing 90210 when they dumped MP 2.0, which I did like, although now that I’m watching the original, I can see why many ppl did not. GG- Blake Lively can’t act. All want to move on. Let em go. The show hasnt been good since s2 ended.

  6. Leah says:

    I think I will watch “Remodeled”. Ringer is not my kind of show & 90210 is crappy.

  7. RichieOnTV says:

    Ringer and 90210 are, without a doubt, the worst two shows on The CW atm imho. [Bare in mind that I don’t watch Hart Of Dixie.]

    As long as Nikita is renewed for a third season, I won’t have to cut anybody.

    • Drew says:

      If I had my way, 90210, Secret Circle, Nikita and any of their reality shows would be canceled. I’ll let Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie live, just because they have certain appeal, even if the stories aren’t great. I’d keep Ringer, because the network needs the older audience if it plans to survive. I don’t care either way about The Vampire Diaries… but if I were the network, I’d be doing whatever I could to grow the audience that Supernatural has. It is diverse, ranging from teenage girls to aging military men. It’s smart. It’s respectable. And it brings in good ratings for the network.

      The CW is dropping the ball by not even trying to build on that audience.

      • Carrie says:

        I agree with you, except I wouldn’t cancel “Nikita”. It’s a clever show and one that’s actually aimed at young adults, like “Ringer” and “Supernatural”. “Secret Circle” is awful, but they won’t cancel it. They should get rid of “90210” and forget any new reality shows. I doubt they’ll ever find the success they have with “Top Model” again.

        • Mary says:

          Nikita isn’t going to get cancelled.

          Maggie Q already has a soaring film career that is due to shoot her to super stardom status in North America very soon.

  8. Michael says:

    Remodeled is gonna tank, just give me my Ringer!!

  9. Jen says:

    Is that now a good thing or a bad thing for Ringer/90210?

  10. Meghan says:

    Definitely annoyed that we will have to wait longer for new episodes of Ringer! It’s the kind of show that benefits from being aired each week, since the storyline is more complicated than your average show.

  11. Edenheart says:

    Fine. This will give the writers of Ringer more time to strengthen their story, give more weight and depth and truth to their characters and recognize the show’s potential to back in extreme drama. It started out with bawls, but zeitgeist compels this show to grow a third, larger testicle. I am faithful to a fault. Quickly resolve the Lolita-cries-rape dangler, give Malcolm more purpose, pull Andrew’s head at least partly out of the sand, rev up the threat of Bodaway Macawi, and resonate Gemma’s (senseless) murder through the remainder of the season.

  12. Theo says:

    I think that if GG is renewed for season 6 it will most likely be its last as Leighton and Ed both want out but they might stay if they get given a big enough raise.

  13. Miv says:

    Ahw, man! I was looking forward to getting Ringer back reasonably soon. It’s such a guilty pleasure show, I love it. On the other hand, no repeats is always good – there are what, 12 episodes left in the season? Really hoping the writers use this as an incentive to tighten up the storytelling and get us that renewal.

  14. rewards says:

    The only problem of Ringer is the CW. Yes, it is. Because it’s an amazing show but the target of “The CW” is really young. “Ringer” is NOT a series for youngs.
    If I was the director of CW, I’d renew this series because it’s the only show that differs from the other show that it has.
    Anyway: HoD and Ringer, now, have the same result. Ringer, in these 3 mounths has had an average of 0.7 (It had only two down) while HoD has had 3 down and 3 up.
    I hope CW renew both!
    Finally, Ringer in replication has always had 0.4 of raiting like TVD. It is a good result! The problem, I repeat, is the channel where it is!

  15. Jess says:

    Well, at least they announce it now, and not a day before their were supposed to come back :|

  16. Ed says:

    90210 is fantastic this season, though I could live without the Silver/Navid and Ivy storylines as I feel they are both Zzzzz fests.
    I read somewhere that the actress who plays Naomi wants out of her contract so who knows.

  17. Brandy says:

    90210 wont end this season, but I pretty sure nikita, gg, Ringer or Hart of Dixie will. Ringer and SPN are imho the worst shows on the network. Nikita also has a older audience. I watch GG, 90210, Top Model, VD, SC, Nikita, Hart of Dixie cause theyre the only good shows on Cw and mostly on tv besides 2 Broke Girls, Desperate Housewives, Once upon a time. This stinks that they would push 90210 back and put this stupid reality show on cause Remodeled will immediatly bomb as will The Frame.

    • Brandy says:

      Oth I watch too.

    • John says:

      You watch GG, 90210 AND Top Model. That’s an epic fail! You have no right to judge Supernatural – the best show ever!!

      • John says:

        PS: And OTH crap too!! Ugh!! And you say Spnl is the worst! To hell with you!

      • Brandy says:

        Thats your opinon which youre entilted to and my opion is my mine,which im entiteled to. We all like different shows,thats fine. Its a free country with freedom of speech. There is no need though to curse me, bash me ect. That would/could/should get you banned. Accept that are people with opinions that differ from yours and that there are people that dont like your show. Be civil and grown up, not childish like you were.

    • Carrie says:

      I can’t take you seriously when you think “90210”, “Secret Circle” and “2 Broke Girls” are actually good shows. “Supernatural” and “Nikita” are the best-written shows on The CW.

      • Brandy says:

        Thats your opionion and I have mine, were both entiteled to them .we like different shows, thats fine. Accept there are people who dont like your shows or people who like shows you dont. Its hard to take you seriously when you say spn is the best written show, but whatever , to each his/her own. Its a free country where were free to like to whatever shows we want.

        • Brandy says:

          Most people would say and so do I that vd is the best written showon cw. Even my hubby dosent like spn. Spn doesnt have the best writing cause lots of fans stopped watching after seasons 5 &6, it was beaten in oct. in the ratings for 3_4 weeks by nikita(second lowest rated cw show), spn no longer is top 1_2 show on cw, it was moved tof ri, former cw pres DO wasnt a fan, more people say theyll quit watching if cas and or bobby are killed off which happened, cw dosent promote it, its writing and sl are awful, also it was supposed to be a only 3_5 year show and the shorunner left after season 5 & even tv critcs at yahootv say thyre done watching spn.VD converted a non vamp person into a vamp person and keeps you guessing,on the edge of your seat, coming back evry week and wanting more as soon as a episode is over, that is the best writing.

          • Brandy says:

            Spn also imo from whT ive read online has jumped the shark a couple times , first with souless sam( dean did something simliar) and with cas thiking hes god, masscaring people. Now as far as tv goes, shows are subjective, as is humor, what I like youdont like and what you like dont but its to each his/ her own and diffrernent strokes for different folks. I resent you and john attacking me and my shows, attacking me cause of what shows I like/watch.thats another big reason I dont like spn, its fans act like people who dont like it are stupid(which were not), that its the only show in the world or the best show ever/in the world,or that its the only good show on tv or the only good show on cw and its not, thst may your opinon but its not fact and people who dont like spn shouldnt be judged, critized ect for not liking it and should feel free and unafraid to express thier opinion without being vrtbally attaked, people like you give spn a bad name, bashing fans of other shows/people who dont like spn.

  18. Justine says:

    Figures. The first year in a long time that the CW actually puts previews with return dates at the end of their episodes, and then they switch it. Way to confuse the viewers who don’t constantly check TV Line for schedule updates (good thing I do!). And how do networks actually plan on keeping their audiences again?

    • grate says:

      Maybe they realize that most people are not idiots and they are capable of looking up TV listings to see when their favorite shows are on. Keeping up does not require constant checking, unless one has a porous memory or is just dumb.

  19. Nichole says:

    Mixed feelings. I love Ringer and am upset that I have to wait longer for it. I’d rather they delay it and air repeats rather than their latest crap attempt at a new reality show. I think they need to pair Ringer and Nikita. These are the two shows that have appeal beyond the tween scene. I think they would make good timeslot buddies.

  20. shuayb says:

    The show that needs a boot is Supernatural! They r killing the most liked character on that show!!!
    There is nothing wrong with Secret Circle, Ringer and Hart of Dixie. So whoever says otherwise needs to go have their heads checked.

    • Drew says:

      So in response to killing off a character that you like, they should cancel the entire series? You realize that ending the show won’t bring him back, right?

      I HATED what happened to Jo and Ellen, but a far as storytelling went, it was both legit and well done. I hate that it happened, but at the same time, that might be the best episode of the series.

    • Ann says:

      Oh, please. I’ll be sad if Bobby goes, but “Supernatural” is about Dean and Sam. “Secret Circle” is boring and silly, and “Hart of Dixie” is just okay.

  21. Lynn says:

    I was upset when I read this news. The CW is last in ratings because it must be run by morons. Haven’t they learned anything from the epic failure that was H8R? The CW should stop trying to be a network for reality shows. People willwatch Bravo, VH1 or MTV if they want to see the most talked about reality shows, not The CW. This network might gain some loyal viewers if they didn’t keep cancelling shows and moving shows to different days. I have a bad feeling that a lot of viewers will assume that Ringer was cancelled when they don’t see it on Jan. 10. Many people won’t know about that the show’s coming back on Jan. 31 if they don’t read tv blogs.
    The best I can hope for is that The CW runs a lot of ads during other shows to remind people when the show actually returns. :(

  22. Liz says:

    So why does the CW keep trying with these lame reality shows. Aside from ANTM, which is leftover from UPN, every reality on the CW has failed.

  23. Danielle H says:

    OK Folks, this show will for sure make it to a 2nd season. As will The Secret Circle. I am pretty sure either 90210, GG, and/or Nikita will be gone after this season, if not all 3. They aren’t delivering even by CW standards and a couple have grown old. I’m surprised so many people think this one is going away.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, I suspect Ringer(and Hart of Dixie, for that matter) will get a second season renewal. If in fact the CW as a network is still around, which I think has kinda become a going concern considering beyond The Vampire Diaries all their other shows are hovering between 1 and 2 million viewers a week. I’m not sure how much longer “It’s respectable numbers for a CW show” can be used as an excuse for EVERY show on your network. That said, I can totally see GG getting gone(I think that cast is ready to move on) and, outside of the indispensible AnnaLynne McCord, there’s almost nothing worth saving on 90210 so I could see that getting canned too.

  24. Kristina says:

    No not another reality tv show. Don’t they know there are people who don’t watch any of those awful shows. So tired of seeing shows cancelled just so a reality or talk show can go on air. No matter how many they put out there I just don’t watch. I stopped watching channel 7 just because of that between morning to 2. I use to watch them everyday since a child from 12 to 3.

  25. Sid says:

    None of you know what you’re talking about, especially you GG fans who want 90210 to get cancelled. Fact is 90210 is the 4th highest rated show on The CW behind TVD, TSC and SPN. I love NIKITA but it, GG and Ringer are at the bottom of the pit and all 3 will go this season :)

    90210 will get it’s final 5th season


    • HUH? says:

      According to tvbythenumbers, GG and 90210 have consistently lower ratings than Hart of Dixie and Ringer. HOD and Ringer actually build on their lead-ins, unlike The Secret Circle (which is always lower rated than its lead-in, The Vampire Diaries) . TSC is the highest rated of The CW’s new dramas, but it also benefits by it following the highest rated show on the network, TVD. It would be nice if The CW renewed all 3 of its freshman shows, and gave them a chance to gain viewers. I have a feeling that GG and 90210 will be renewed for 1 more season, since their numbers are declining.

  26. Brandy says:

    Huh, hart bounces back up when it falls, grows out of gg lead in,is more likley to be renewed than cancelled according to tvbtn, and hit 2 million viewers after its premiere which Ringer has done of these and the extra reruns didnt grow ringers audience. Also, cw WILL cancel 3 more shows( in addition to h8tr and ending oth) & nikita, gg, ringer are lowest rateds shows so they will be first to go. 90210 is 4th highest rated show. Cw wont and cant renew all 3 remaini.g freshman shows as thyre be no place for new shows next year.

    • Sid says:

      Thank you Brandy!

      Fans of RINGER are delusional, the show is doing horrible and it’s sad when a show like Hart of Dixie got zero promotion and it’s rating higher than RINGER(which was probably the most promoted New show of the Fall) :D

  27. Mary says:

    Nikita is doing well for repeats. So don’t believe it is getting cancelled. (:

  28. televisionplus says:

    90210 went dead for me when the adults left the show. I was looking forward in reuniting with my beloved BH90210 characters, was a hoot to see Brenda with Nat and Kelly. And then they decided to make Kelly a homewrecker and Jenie Garth said no more 90210. Then they got rid of the parents… that was it for me.
    Secret Circle I cant get hooked to it. Terrible casting. None of them appeals to me.

  29. ilikequiche101 says:

    I only watch GG and TVD, so I can’t say I want any of the GG series to be cancelled (although the new reality show sounds pretty stupid, but I don’t like reality shows, so I’m biased). I’ve watched GG since its first episode and it has been unpleasant to see its decline since season 3. I do know that GG is reaching its 100th episode this season and I could see it being syndicated on other fashion/teen/teenage girl/women-oriented channels (such as E!- pairing it with Sex & the City reruns, for example). I think if they’re doing the theme nights again, it would pair well next year with “The Carrie Diaries.” It is true that the CW is getting more money for GG than for the new shows with their new streaming deals, which would make me think that they would want to keep making episodes of GG as long as they could justify the costs. However, I could see based on TV ratings alone why they’d cancel GG. I hope that if they’re going to cancel it (and the same for any other shows in danger), that they let the writers know enough in advance so the show doesn’t just end with no closure. It would be nice if they gave it a 13-episode season 6 send-off like they are for OTH. It will be interesting to see what happens. As long as Chuck and Blair end up together, I’m happy.

  30. Robyn says:

    My opinion is that this extended break will end up being good for Ringer, because so many people will not want to miss it when it finally returns and it will give the show a ratings/popularity boost! I think its a really good show that deserves to be picked up for a second season and I like less repeats. Hart of Dixie I have only seen clips of but it looks bad, that show could very well get cancelled. I haven’t been watching 90210 this season so I don’t know if it’s still a good show but I think there’s a chance it only has one more season after this left in it depending on popularity. Gossip Girl has a lot more star power than 90210 with actors like Blake Lively, Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester so I don’t think it’s ending any time soon. I currently watch it and still really like it.

  31. compassion says:

    I love love love the show ringer. I hope it last for at least 8 seasons. It’s filled with drama and suspense and just has a good plot to every episode. It’s good for audiences young and old and I just hope the good story line can continue without cw not knowing what else to write since the downfall is putting to much scheming in each show.

  32. Audria says:

    I love ringer. I believe the CW has scored with this one. I also am a huge fan of 90210. Ringer was supposed to come back on tonight and I am extremely disappointed to have to wait any longer. To the CW: “do what you say” Ringer should have been back on tonight

  33. Cool B. says:

    Ringer is awesome, LOVE it!

  34. Cool B says:

    I agree 100%!

  35. invisibletalent says:

    To the powers that be. Let me put things into perspective. You almost canceled One Tree Hill way back when and we convinced you to keep it on. This is another one tree style Winner. I was and am there for both versions of Two and a half men. I was and am there for TBBT. None of you give shows enough time to grow. It is by sheer luck and initial fan loyalty that saves many. Not all shows are able to gain that base right away. Anyway Reality TV is so over, yesterday. I love these shows and always have from day one. Trust me on this Ringer is a keeper. Supernatural,Vamp. Diaries,Small-ville,One Tree, RINGER, Fringe, and The Secret Circle. 90210 was a mistake I have not watched one single episode nor will I. I love the absolute cutie on Hart Of Dixie but don’t watch the show whatsoever I suggested her BTW. I used to love Gossip Girl but it is so tired and over. I still watch Nikita but if it will save Ringer by getting rid of it then so be it.

  36. Dmitri says:

    Inwatch GG, TVD, TSC and HOD. All are good, though TSC could be better, but I have faith that it will. Nobody cares much for Ringer and Nikita because it is not the target audience’s interest. They should not be cancelled, but rather moved to a different network. 90210 and reality shows suck, they should be cancelled. I have never tuned in to SPN, but it looks good.

    Hellcats and Melrose Place were utter trash, and I can see why people hate 90210 for the same reason. As for reality shows on CW, nobody watches CW for those so just cancel them they are trashy anyway.

  37. Challito Ortega says:

    Ringer is the best, most interesting show I’ve seen since, “Savannah.” Please help renew for a 2nd season and many more!!!!

  38. danielle says:

    it was the final there when is it starting up !!!!!

  39. Maureen says:

    Ringer needs to stay for many many many many many seasons! is the best show EVER! and as for 90210 and GG they can go they’re getting too repetitive and just not as interesting as they were in their first seasons.Hart of dixie and secret circle also need to be cancelled. Cancelling MP 2.0 was such a big mistake.Supernatural and Vampire Diaries should also stay. As for the reality shows they all need to go. Top model is just not very interesting anymore.