Glee First Look: Has Artie Found His Calling? Plus Mercedes Tackles Mariah Carey!

Looks like Artie has truly found his calling in life.

In the following exclusive clip from Tuesday’s Glee (airing 8/7c on Fox), the West Side Story director is asked to once again take the reins of a major production.

Rachel’s Gay Dads on Glee: Let’s Cast ‘Em!

But this time around, the stakes are really high because Artie is helming a television special featuring New Directions!

Meanwhile, the Christmas spirit is in the air at McKinley High as Mercedes belts out Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in our second sneak peek below, a performance that inspires a lot of flirting in the choir room.

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  1. Liz says:

    Flirting for everyone except the homosexual couples. One of which was never in a shot together and the other whose behavior hasn’t changed since they were just friends. Well done Glee. Way to be inclusive.

    • Josh says:

      If you look, there is a close up of Santanna and Brit dancing in each others arms. And besides the Mercedes and Sam thing, there wasn’t that much flirting. None for Tina and Mike either.

      • Victor Hugo says:

        Ohh, talking on Mercedes, she can’t graduate this year, now that she’s finally growing on me!!

        • squirrel tail says:

          Have they established that Mercedes is a senior? For some reason I thought she was the same year as Tina and Artie, which would make her a junior, but I could be wrong.

    • Puh says:

      oh, get over yourself. did you even see the xmas special last year??

    • Kyle King says:

      WHAAAAAAAAT! Just because ONE episode doesn’t tackle gay issues you freak out? Get a life, Glee is already the gayest show ever. You can live without gay people just for once.

      • Joe says:

        I don’t think I’ve ever agreed to a comment as much as I have to this one.

        • whoknew says:

          I second the agreement. People are people within relationaships all who are happy whether their affection is shown on camera on any given episode or not does not mean these relationships are given any less attention to their closeness. ie Brittana, Klaine, Tike, Wemma, Shancedes, Finchel. When so many fans are bashing the writers for not giving their favorite characters or couples more story lines then they are screaming no kisses or “it was just a hug”. Wemma has been on the back burner of this show for two and a half seasons so to please all of the complaining fans of certain characters and couples. It’s getting ridiculous and now it’s beyond absurd to read and listen to all the silly inane and totally crapful nonsense of that my fav couple didn’t get a kiss. Good grief get real. Be happy the writers see and hear your wishes to include said couple/character story line into a feature of the show. I’m happy for my favorites. Not going to rock any boats. It’s seanior year for the core cast and may be their last so I’m happy for the good story involvements and that all are happy. I must say the writing for the show has been so much better than last year. Last year the writers tried to bring another dimension to the show with musical performances and turn the characters in another direction. But it was not successful for the mass of fans. Now these new writers are bringing fresh and new concept to the show with emphasis to all characters. In a given episode not all characters can be freatured due to the vast number of cast. So I am pleased to accept what has been aired so far. Some better than others. Thanks Glee for the new fresh ideas on the show.

    • A says:

      I disagree… sadly Brittany and Santana had more PDA BEFORE they became an official couple.

    • Captain says:

      Oh my god, someone saying that Glee isn’t gay enough? Does this person exist? I’m gay and I love Glee and I can wholeheartedly say Glee is about as gay as television gets. Glee makes 1 Girl 5 Gays look like monster trucks.

    • Pip says:

      OMGlee! I get where you’re coming from, kinda, I was keeping an eye out for a bit of interaction with them too, but this was only a 2 minute clip and it kinda looked like it was supposed to be about Sam/Mercedes, rather than anyone else tbh. The playful hug for Brittana was cute and so was the Finchel kiss. Besides, Klaine are singing Let it Snow together in this same episode, so it’s not like they’re getting no coverage at all. x

  2. Hannah says:

    This version of All I Want For Christmas was way better than the one Mariah Carey did with Justin Bieber. Usually I hate any remake of the song because I think its untouchable but this one was okay. Amber was good.

  3. Camila says:

    A Finchel kiss under the mistletoe, how surprising. What about a kiss from the in love lesbian couple?

    • Captain says:

      If Santana isn’t comfortable enough to hold hands with Brittany in public, why would she be comfortable kissing her?

      • whoknew says:

        Exactly. Santana is the one who is hesitant to demonstrate PDA except in front of the ND. Even after her outing.

        • tnhand1022 says:

          Glee doesn’t only take place in public though. We’ve seen lots of kisses in the Glee kids’ bedrooms – including Blaine’s. I’d just like the lesbian couple get equal treatment.

  4. Allie says:

    Tiny Tim, omg thats terrible xD

  5. James says:

    Oh how lovely!!
    The gay couple doesn’t have a single moment together.
    The lesbian couple gets a tiny half hug.
    The heterosexual couple gets a kiss.
    Yay for equality on Glee.

    • heather says:

      um, did i miss when Brittany came out?

      • Megan says:

        Brittany’s Bi, she’s said so herself, that makes Brittana a Lesbian relationship even though Brittany’s not a lesbian..

      • crystalynn says:

        Apparently the ” I am a bi unicorn thing” to kurt was her saying she was bi. They never gave her a proper coming out like Kurt or Santana which really pisses me off since when Santana came out, it was Finn who stepped up and was all about “saving her” and Brittany in the background…

        • Tauri says:

          that’s because Santana was struggling with it. Brittany doesn’t know that she’s different than alot of people. She just thinks thats how it is.

          • Adriana says:

            I agree with this. Honestly, Brittany doesn’t know much of anything and she knows a lot of other stuff, which is very confusing. I like her, she’s funny and all but I do believe her character is lacking coherence.

    • Adrienne says:

      Did you seriously just say that? Glee has done more for LGBT people in the media than anything thus far has. Whine some more, it’s cute.

    • caitlin says:

      That’s ridiculous. You’re literally quantifying the intensity of their relationship based on PDA? The entire point of their relationship is that before it was just based on pleasure and promiscuity, but now their relationship is more focused on their emotional connection, which does not need to be legitimized by PDA. There was recently an entire episode on the strengthening of their relationship. Yet you disregard that, and ask why there aren’t more couples making out during a musical number? Plus Finn and Rachel’s relationship hasn’t gotten much attention since “The First Time”. So calm down, their is already a massive amount of gay and lesbian representation of this show. Honestly, my only complaint at this point is that there aren’t any more modest couples on Glee anymore, but I can appreciate the artistic move that Murphy made with “The First Time”, so it doesn’t bother me all that much.

  6. Roger says:

    Half of you are acting like just because the gay and lesbian couple aren’t heavy in this scene that Glee’s not taking it seriously… um pretty sure they all had significant story lines… This was a 2 minute clip…settle

    • Roger says:

      PS they did a really good job with this song :) been really impressed with Glee the past 2 episodes

    • mark says:

      The Brittany/Santana story has not been handled right nor given the proper development. That’s why people are mad. You know they haven’t even spoken to each other in 4 episodes! It’s getting ridiculous.

      • Anon says:

        Puck and Quinn basically didn’t talk to each other for a whole season. Get over it.

        • Captain says:

          Puck and Quinn suck though so really it was no big loss.

          • anon (a different one) says:

            i have to agree on that one. even in season 1 they were stupid. puck needs to date someone who’s headstrong with sex appeal. quinn is beautiful but she is not strong in the least – no worthy of puck AT ALL.

      • Carmen says:

        I think Santana needs a new girlfriend, a girlfriend who is a lesbian, not just “bicurious”. Speaking as a Latina lesbian, I find Santana and Brittany not believable as a couple, maybe because there seems to be so little chemistry between the two actors or maybe the problem is the acting itself. Naya is warm, sweet and forthcoming towards Brittany; Heather comes off like a wet noodle in her response to Santana. When Chris Colfer and Darren Criss do a scene together I care about the characters they portray and feel the love between them and celebrate it. When I watch Naya and Heather together I just want to scream: “Brittany, get yourself a man”, “Santana: you really deserve better”.

        • veronica says:

          I think both Brittany AND Santana deserve better. I like the idea of them together, but the way it has played out has not sat well with me. For one, Brittany deserves someone who doesn’t manipulate her into being with them, which Santana has done or tried to do on numerous occasions. She deserves to be with someone because she falls in love with them. As for Santana, she deserves to be a person’s first choice, and Brittany’s first choice was Artie, otherwise she would have left him for Santana.

          I do feel I need to say, though, that I feel it’s unfair to say Brittany shouldn’t be with Santana because she’s bisexual. As a bisexual woman myself, I feel that’s a sentiment a lot of bisexuals have to struggle against, that we’re never quite straight enough to be with boys nor gay enough to be with girls. Bi-phobia is just as hurtful as homophobia.

          • Carmen says:

            Hi Veronica,

            I agree with you that both Santana and Brittany deserve better for the very reasons you state. Manipulation and partners-who-are-second-choices don’t seem to be good foundations for an relationship, even a fictional one! To my knowledge, Brittany has never referred to herself as bisexual, only as “bicurious”. She’s kind of experimenting. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with experimenting per se if the people involved are on the same page, but being experimented on is humiliating. I find it embarrasing to watch Brittany’s less than enthusiastic responses to Santana’s displays of affection. If the characters are supposed to be in love, that sentiment doesn’t come across for me.

            There’s no passion, no sensitivity, no chemistry between the characters or the actors themselves. Although in my experience and observation this is the exception rather than the norm,a couple of women I know who identify as heterosexual and bisexual have fallen in love with women who identify as lesbians and are in loving and long-term relationships. This is not the sort of situation (a lesbian-bicurious couple in love) I’m seeing on the screen.

            Darren Criss is a heterosexual man. I think he’s an exceptially good actor (he just doesn’t seem to miss a beat!), but besides the considerable skill he brings to the table to portray a gay teen (more than matched by Chris Colfer’s gifts as an actor; I’ve seen him and heard him speak in person and he’s definitely NOT Kurt) there seems to be a great deal of chemistry or compatibility between the two of them. This was evident to me from the first moment they appeared on screen together. You believe that their characters are real, that they were and are friends and that they are in love and in a relationship. This is what I’m missing in the Santana-Brittany relationship.


          • crystalynn says:

            I totally agree with you,I am bi and really don’t fit in anywhere it seems.

        • Hull says:

          That’s funny, because I don’t see anything from Klaine. I mean like, nothing. I don’t think they have chemistry at all, but that is just me.

          • Captain says:

            No they really don’t. It’s mostly because Blaine is so far out of Kurt’s league that there is no way they’d ever work in real life but honestly, the two actors just have no chemistry together on a romantic level. I bought them as friends and I bought Blaine as Kurt’s crush but I honestly just don’t feel like Blaine would ever see Kurt as more than that.

  7. A says:

    No love for Brittana and Brittany has to be flirty with a guy… while we get Sam/Mercedes which is the silliest couple we’ve ever seen on Glee that came out of nowhere. When even the actors don’t know why they are together then you have a problem!

    • Samcedes says:

      What the hell are you talking about??? Chord likes Samcedes, and so does Amber! Chord said that he would like to see how Samcedes progress, and that it’s a fun storyline to come back to. He also said that they are good for each other because of their personalities, and that Mercedes is spunky and has an amazing voice!

      • GleeFan says:

        Actually, “A” kind of has a point. The two actors playing the part liking the ship has nothing to do with if it makes sense or not. If you want to use that example, Chord has said that there still is a possibility of Sam/Quinn in the future. Sam and Mercedes had virtually no lead in, didn’t say a word to each other until the episode before they got together and there is really nothing about their personalities that screams “OMG! They should be together!!” The pairing was a cheap way to give Mercedes a boyfriend and create a Season 2 cliffhanger… and them’s the facts.

    • Juliana says:

      I’m waaaaaaaay more interested in Sam/Mercedes than in Britanna! And no, it has nothing to do with their sexuality.

  8. LP says:

    OMG, you Brittana and Klaine shippers are continually making yourselves the laughing stock of the glee fandom. Such whiners! Your ships have taken over a show that use to be great. Now the show has declined so far in the ratings that it will probably one have one more year after this one. And all because the writers decided to make YOU happy and give what YOU wanted.

    • jason says:

      Uh no. The ratings are declining because the writing is uneven, cliche and predictable. It has nothing to so with the characters. If the writers would develop better stories the show execute them better, the ratings would not be suffering.

      • Deena says:

        Haha, no. It has everything to do with characters (who’s featured) plus writing. Ever since Santana and her gay crusade was featured, ratings not so good.

        • donna says:

          The episode that focused on Santana coming out was the highest rated episode of the season. It was a horrible ep for sure, but people tuned in to see the after math of Finn outing her. The writing was so bad in that episode that the ratings dropped to season lows last week. An episode where Sam was heavily promoted. It’s not the “gay crusade” as you so eloquently put it; It’s the writing. It doesn’t matter the character. And honestly, Santana (and Brittany) have had no where near the amount of screen time other have had.

    • ElKabong says:

      “making yourselves the laughing stock of the glee fandom”

      Which is really saying something.

    • GleeFan says:

      Um… no. You’re all wrong. Well, though everything you have all said maybe has contributed, the main reason why ratings are done (THIS IS ACCORDING TO FOX, THE CHANNEL WHO ACTUALLY AIRS GLEE… NOT SPECULATING FANS) is because the show became an instant phenemenon and, naturally, they eventually show down.

      Plus, some people need to get their facts right. If you compare the ratings to last season, of course they look… less than great. However, because Glee’s ratings were extremely high before, after the drop they’re still high but not EXTREMELY high. Glee always comes first or second in its timeslot and, last episode, helped FOX win the night in 18-49. Forget about last season; Glee is doing fine and, according to FOX, they’re “not worried at all” about the ratings. They’ve even said that any company would be estastic to get it. So, let’s just enjoy the show.

      Thanks. Goodbyte.

      • Katie says:

        So much love for you and your comment. People always talk about Glee’s “low ratings” as if they’re suddenly only bringing in 5k people. Haters need to get a grip.

      • GleeRebuttal says:

        They arent as high this year, you are right. But that has nothing to do with the gay content. It has to do with the sucky writing this season. Until Episode 8, this season has BLOWN.
        Quinn – lets completely reverse all the character development she did in season 2.
        Mercedes – lets turn her into a bitch, cause THAT isnt stereotypical.
        Santana – Lets make her even LESS lovable, as if she wasnt that already.
        Puck – Really? That boy needs to have a haircut already. His mohawk is looking more like an old mop, than a edgy ‘do. And his wanting of “the teach”? WOW.
        Blaine – BOOORING. And the costumers choice of clothes on him make teenage gay boys look more like clowns, than fashionistas.
        Kurt – time to drop the “im out, Im proud, get used to it” routine. The boy is turning into a man. Or at least he should be. There is NO growth with him at all. Well except losing his virginity. Whoopie.
        All I am saying is that everything that made Season 1 and 2 good, is what is making this season suck. There are no developments, you dont love the characters (well at least I dont), and the story lines are going nowhere. Come on directors! Smarten up or you will lose your entire viewership other than the teenagers.

  9. whoknew says:

    It’s kind of hard for me to see all of that in a 2 minute clip. You must be more in the know. Besides, I’m going to let the show play out before I comdemn or praise it. Give it a fair shake. It’s Xmas all are happy and so should we I hope. Maybe a little cheesey as some people may think but seeing the clips of a fifties show is cool to me becuz I lived it. Kind of reminds me of Pleasantville the movie with Toby McGuire and Reese Witherspoon in black and white. I really liked the movie and am excited for the holidays becuz I’m off work for one. Two, Love to see happiness at the holidays even in a TV show which I really enjoy. Especially the last couple of episodes.

  10. Juan says:

    Yeah, I wanted desperately for Kurt to sing this.

    My favorite Christmas song ever.

  11. Skyer2020 says:

    Seriously Noah and Rachel are Jewish, Ryan Murphy what’s with you? Why are they celebrating Christmas? Where’s the Hanukkah stuff or a menorah for that matter? There wearing red and stuff, really Ryan Murphy?Why not showcase something different for once? I can’t stress how much I’m put off by them not embracing there heritage. Even if there reformed at least show something connecting to Hanukkah.

    • Skyer2020 says:

      or even something remotely connected to more of there Jewish Identity…

    • Tarc says:

      Considering a healthy chunk of the Jewish folks I know (and there are quite a few people) celebrate the holidays like everyone else – after all Hanukkah falls near Christmas (as does Kwaanza, winter solstice, etc.). particularly in the US, it’s alsmost inescapable. And honestly, there has been absolutely ZERO indication that the Jewish members of Glee aren’t celebrating traditionally…

    • Tauri says:

      In last year’s christmas episode, Rachel said “Being a Jew i don’t generally give christmas gifts, but since you love the holiday so much..” Noah and Rachel are just respecting their friends traditions, considering that most of the group celebrates christmas. And why do you only care about the Jew’s? Nothing was mentioned about Mercedes not celebrating Kwanza but you didn’t complain about that…

    • Taryn says:

      think for a moment, just a moment. rachel is jewish so with her family she would celebrate hanukkah, BUT her boyfriend celebrates christmas, am i correct? most couples at the begining of a relationship celebrate both of their holidays if they have different ones and then when they settle down and think about marrige they may desside on one or continue to do both. it depends on the couple. Noah, well he’s noah yes he’s jewish and proud of it and probably celebrated haunikkah but he would most likly celebrate christmas with his friends too.

  12. champmav says:

    Thank you Amber for taking on an M.Carey song and toning the vocal flourishes down from ridiculous to delicious!

    Complaints about which characters are seen together more are staggeringly stupid. Glee continues to be a wonderful hour of TV entertainment and is better than most. Ratings always decline when a show burns as brightly as this one has; it’s still just about the most watched network show for its networks coveted 18-34 demo so they can max out their commercial profits; Merry Christmas!

  13. blahdeeblah says:

    I thought there would be a flirting scene between Blaine and Kurt. I mean I tune in to Glee every week just to see them only, or more specifically Blaine. Kinda disappointed, think it would have been cute but whatever. *shrugs*

  14. ana muller says:

    I find it kind of disturbing to watch glee after I saw the last Community episode. I’ll probably spend the whole episode waiting for Mr. Schue to confess he killed the last Glee club on a bus crash.

  15. Alex says:

    This song just seems ridiculous after watching last week’s episode of Community. I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to watch one of their songs again without laughing. REGIONALS!!

  16. Melanie says:

    The song I would love to in the holiday episode is “Winter Song” by Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles. Preferably performed by Rachel and Quinn, I’ve been dying for a duet between them again! If you haven’t heard the song before, youtube it, you’ll see what I mean.

  17. Tracy says:

    Loved the Finnchel kiss but why is Mercedes getting another solo when we NEVER get to hear Rachel anymore? Lea has a better voice than Amber’s and she would have done a better job with this song. Amber was good but she tried to sing the song like Mariah and no way does her voice offer anywhere near the depth or soul that Mariah’s does!

  18. Layla says:

    Lea gets solos all the time! I agree she has the better voice, but I think Amber’s was more suited to this particular song. Although I agree, Mariah’s version is better. I personally would have liked to see Quinn get a solo, her voice is so lovely but so underrated and underused. :/

  19. Bob says:

    Has anybody noticed that the original characters don’t get as much time anymore? Examples :Sue, Rachel, Kurt, Mr.Shue, Tina, Artie. They keep focusing on the new characters (or characters who just became regulars). Such as Santana, Blaine, Brittany. Maybe I’m just crazy but it seems like the majority of episodes have become about them. Everybody says Rachel sings a lot, but honestly? I’m probably wrong but I think the last solo she got was the 2nd episode while Mercedes and Santa not to mention Blaine get them practically every episode. I also really don’t think people should be mad about there not being a gay couple flirting. Almost every episode of this season so far had been about a gay couple. I’m no homaphobe but is wrong I find this refreshing? Whatever, I still think it’s a lovely show and watch it weekly. Everybody who says it sucks now and comments on things like this, if it’s so bad, why watch it? Haters will always be haters…

  20. Hififdif says:

    Rachel hasn’t had a sol at all this year. Nobody really has with the exception of Puck, Blaine, Cedes, and Rory. I believe both Blaine and Puck have had three, Cedes and Rory both had two. Santana has sang. Santana has sang in every episode since the third one. She has only not sang in one episode so far, and that is episode two. She is singing a whole lot, but she hasn’t sung any solos yet. While Rachel has sung this year, she hasn’t sang nearly as much as Santana. That’s ok. She will be singing a lot soon, and Santana is going to sing more. Finn has only sung in three episodes, and that’s ok too, because Kurt hasn’t really sung either. I just don’t even care about Tina and Quinn so I could care less of what they sing. So yeah Santana has dominated the singing this season, but Puck and Blaine have dominated the solos. People are always going to complain unfortunately. Glee will never be able to please people EVER. That is just how it is. I like all the characters(not Klaine though, they annoy me), so I am fine either way.

  21. Lex says:

    Not to get off topic but did Rachel cut off all her hair?

  22. Megan Evenson says:

    Okay people, it’s a music video. No need to make a fuss! just watch the dang video!

  23. Laura says:

    Okay. Glee is not about homosexuality. It is about embracing who you really are. It also deals with situations teens have to deal with. Homosexuality is a subcategory from all that. You don’t see them making every episode about drugs or sex. So gays don’t have to be featured in every minute of every episode.

  24. Tauri says:

    If they were trying to say she’s singing Mariah Carey’s version, it really should have been a duet, considering “Mariah’s” version was a duet. And technically, It’s Justin Bieber’s song. Its on his album. Get it right, Vlada Gelman.

    • Anne says:

      WHAT?!?!? Are you seriously saying that it’s Bieber’s song?!? I’d love to know how old you are, that song was originally recorded by Mariah in NINETEEN NINETY-FREAKING-FOUR!!! Bieber was a NEWBORN at that time. It has been a favourite for YEARS, and as far as I’m concerned, Bieber’s LUCKY he got to collaborate with her on such a classic. I suggest you open your mouth and insert your foot….

    • Dina says:

      Tauri, you must be about 12 years old. Justin Beiber did a remake of Mariah Carey’s song with her as a duet (and it sounded horrible, by the way). Mariah released it in 1994. And to be completely correct, her’s was even a remake of a country version of the song released in 1989. Maybe you should ‘get it right’.

    • Cassandra says:

      Technically, it is Mariah’s version since she’s been singing the song since 1994. The duet with Justin Bieber is just the latest in a series of rereleases and remixes. Just because it’s on Justin Bieber’s album doesn’t make it his song, just like having it on a Glee album doesn’t make it a Glee song. Please get your facts straight before you ask the same of others. Thanks.
      Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_I_Want_for_Christmas_Is_You_(Mariah_Carey_song)#Remixes.2C_Extra_Festive.2C_and_Superfestive_versions

  25. Andrea says:

    I have to say I loooooove Klaine they are so adorable but I think that they have had their fair amount of scenes together…same thing with Brittana. Now I’m not a big fan of Samcedes, actually I was kinda disappointed at the 2nd season finale when they appeared holding hands because I actually wanted Mercedes to fall for someone outside the glee club for a change (so I’m actually ok with her football boyfriend)…and Sam to go back with Quinn. I do think that Samcedes appeared out of nowhere, totally random. But anyways I’m a gleek and I love the show so I’m just hoping that they will have a good storyline for this couple

  26. purplebtfy says:

    I love the samcedes story line!! Honestly as a bigger girl it makes me happy that for once she would get the hott sexy lead guy.

    I also loved the puck lauren ‘ship for the same reason.

    I don’t like shane he has turned mercedes into a bitch. I would rather her be with sam. And I love the fact that he is willing to fight for her.

    I like that they are mixing up the usual couple stuff. I am so tired of seeing the big girl regardless of how awesome she is or how good of a person she is be single because she doesn’t look like everyone else. because it’s not often you see that on tv. Usually it is the fat guy with a hot girl never reversed. So I applaud glee for having those two relationships in the show. I don’t count puck and mercedes because it only lasted one episode.

  27. Bri says:

    I can’t wait till tuesdays episode!!!!!!

  28. ERICK says:

    F*UCK U GAYS!!!

    • James says:

      So not needed. We have heard those ignorant comments for 40 years, and still don’t care. What makes you think we care now?
      The fact that you took the time to comment that derogatory comment, and most of the people here are NOT gay, shows that mebbe you need to have a Santana moment, where someone FORCES you out.
      If you dont want that, then please do not force your opinion on a group of people that just dont care about the haters, and just want to have a normal life, like you seem to take for granted.

  29. Holly says:

    If you listen closely to the christmas volume 2 album it sounds like Klaine is singing Let it Snow. It sounds an awful lot like them.

  30. Erin says:

    Can everyone stop arguing? Glee is based around being positive, believing in yourself, standing up for each other and embracing everthing that you are… I’m not seeing much of that around. I do agree with one comment though, that it is just a 2 minute video! Brittana has had plenty of screentime this season. Same for Klaine. And yeah, sure, Finchel kissed! So what? Someone said, “Oh, so much for equality!” It’s one kiss! Personally, I loved this video, and Glee is amazing. If you think otherwise; don’t comment.

  31. James says:

    OK people. I am a gay man. WHAT THE HECK IS ALL YOUR PROBLEM? There is not enough “gay scenes?” Please! Please remember that this is primetime TV, and there are still a lot of people out there who are not accepting of the LGBT community. And guess what? They elect presidents, and prime ministers. They determine what goes on in societal “norms” because they are the biggest and loudest group out there.
    So regardless of what we think, the producers, and directors of Glee are doing a PHENOMENAL job of airtime. Regardless how small. They are bringing issues that we have been dealing with for YEARS to the forefront. So in that aspect alone, I congratulate them and hope that they continue the positive message that they have been doing for 2 1/2 years. I hope that this message resonates through ALL communities, and not just through the LGBT community.
    The prude group who doesn’t understand, or like us IS getting smaller, but we who have been around for a while have been fighting this fight for our entire lives. The young kids complain one director isnt showing enough gay kissing in a two minute clip. BAH!
    You don’t have to worry about being killed just because of who you love. INstead of bashing this show, go do some research as to how far we have come in the space of just 40 years. Then come back and say this show still isnt revolutionary. Until then, enjoy the show, or turn the channel.

    • Jack says:

      dude shutup. Leave it alone seriously, your not making it any better by fighting with these people. If your really proud to be yourself and nothing else. Let it go, seriously. You dont need to be fighting with people, and stop complaining about how everyone is rude to you and treats you wrong because of what you like. Your not making it any better for yourself. And your not sending out your message well. So next time, dont comment unless your not whining. Kay thanks:)

  32. Anna says:

    Please give me Samcedes for Christmas! I’d be so happy!

  33. Alyson Criss says:

    Well, saying that to kurt kinda but last season n born this way she said she was bicurious. Wen she wanted santana to wear da shirt dat said lebanese(lesbian) dat was kinda her admitting she was into girls sexually as well as guys.

  34. Ash says:

    Artie looked like he was Waldo(Where’s Waldo) in the “All I Want For Christmas” video. =P

  35. christine says:

    i think the song sang by Mercedes is great

  36. Betty_monster says:

    Ok, this is ridiculous. Because of Glees huge but varied Audience, the audience has become ‘un-pleasable’. It is impossible for the actors, writers or the director himself to please absolutely every viewer.

    This is evident through just reading the comments. Some say they are loving it, some say they are hating it.

    If you are a hater, no body cares! Especially those who do still enjoy watching it. Instead of making ur hatred public, why not just stop watching the show? Frankly, nothing is going to change because u don’t agree with britany being bi, or Blaine wearing ‘gay’ clothes. They are not creating this show to revolve around YOU!

    So can us lovers of glee please just enjoy the show without having to hear ur complaints every second post? If u don’t like what your watching tune out and stop watching it every week.

  37. Wth! says:

    Totally agree with you Betty monster.

    One point I would like to add is-I predict trouble in Lebanese land lol. Britt doesn’t seem to be into Santana much any more. Maybe it’s Santana’s bad-but recently improved-attitude. Maybe Brit’s just over the drama?! I know I am.

  38. lynn says:

    AAAGH! Enough Already! I just want them to sing. I dont care who’s with who, who got a kiss, or which ones are holding hands and yes I agree can will and emma please just go away!, But…just…SING already!