The X Factor Top 5 Results Recap: Did the Right Act Go Home?

Sometimes it lasts on The X Factor, and sometimes it hurts instead. And indeed, this week’s Top 5 results-night telecast featured the hurting kind of conclusion — no matter which of the bottom two acts had your loyalty.

But enough of the Adele references — for there were almost enough tears spilled on Planet X during the 60-minute telecast to wash away Nicole Shameflinger’s copious sins against music, television, and general good taste. Let’s cut to the results…

The X Factor Top 5 Performance Show Recap: Boogie Night

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, said Steve Jones — who I’m pretty sure would exclaim “wonderful! wonderful!” even if a pack of hyenas stormed the stage for an act of synchronized excrement-dropping — the acts who received enough votes to go straight through to next week’s Semifinals were:

* Josh Krajcik
* Chris Rene

Wait! Hold up! Let’s break for some interminable commercials and a pointless interlude in which Steve gets to ask the thuddingly obvious question to Marcus Canty, Melanie Amaro, and Rachel Crow: “HOW ARE YOU FEELING?” (How do you think, you blooming foolio? And no, even if the bosses in your earpiece demand you ask that question, there’s no excuse for not improvising something better.)

Stacy Francis Talks X Factor: Astro’s Tantrum, ‘Purple Rain,’ and That Tom Cruise ‘Connection’

Also safe: Melanie Amaro

Bottom Two: Marcus Canty and Rachel Crow

And with that, we came to the “save me!” performances. Here’s my brief breakdown on Rachel “Got Outperformed on Wednesday Night by All Four of Her Rivals” Crow vs. Marcus “Undeniably Talented, but Like I Said Last Week, Not Really the Best Investment Opportunity for a Record Label with a Spare $5 Million” Canty.

Marcus: “I’m Going Down” (a dubious title for a “save me” sing-off, no?)
Raw and powerful as hell; it’ll take a lot of Oxyclean to get rid of the stains left behind when he threw down his heart and soul on the stage.

Rachel: “I’d Rather Go Blind”
Damn, child! You know even guest performer MJB was trembling backstage about her future competition. I’ve only been intermittently impressed by the kid’s vocals — and that nauseatingly cutesy black-and-white kissyface photo they use before she takes the stage should be declared illegal — but this number made a strong case for sending Rachel to the brink of emotional collapse before each and every one of her future performances. If this was a musical boxing match, Rachel scored the TKO.

Judges Votes on Who Should Go Home
L.A. (a self-proclaimed “man of principle,” whose principles can be condensed into the philosophy of “vote for my own contestant”): Rachel
Simon (sounding pretty confident the vote would go his way): Marcus
Paula: Marcus

At this point in time, the yo-yo in the irridescent snakeskin trash bag who likes to make it all about herself and who once infected the Idol stage by performing something called “Right There,” went into a sobbing breakdown of indecision. (Lady, please.)

“Please don’t cry,” said Rachel (who I think was also trying to convey a “lady, please” message). “It’s okay; I’m good with anything.”

And so Nicole voted to eliminate Rachel — in order to send it to deadlock and put the decision on America’s shoulders — and America voted with L.A. The teenage moppet in the cute pink jacket collapsed into a tear-soaked, screeching heap, and I was reminded why I think the minimum age limit for these types of talent competitions should be 16.

The end.

Actually, just a few other random thoughts:

Steve Jones Quote Presented Without Comment or Context
“No man should look so good in that much leather.”

Was Steve Being Sarcastic About the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul?
“Also coming up live, Mary J. Blige! Popular.”

Refreshing Honesty or Borderline Arrogance? (I’m Choosing the Former Category)
While Rachel and Marcus expressed their respective trepidation as they awaited word on who’d be participating in the sing-off, Melanie did the unthinkable for a reality-show contestant, kinda sorta acknowledging her front-runner status. “I’m kinda confident,” she told Steve, and with that, the trasition from “she’s boring and not current enough” backlash to “her ego’s getting too big” backlash can begin!

Satisfying Denouement to the Evening
Look, on one hand it’s easy to pillory Nicole for choosing to save Marcus when he clearly got outsung in the “save me” round (and, after three straight weeks of near elimination, is clearly not “in it to win it” in America’s eyes). That said, you could also make the case that his overall body of work this season — and his two performances on Top 5 night — were stronger than Rachel’s, in which case you could say Nicole did the right thing. What I can’t excuse, though, is Nicole’s phony, poorly acted effort to make herself the centerpiece of the results-night festivities. And so, yes, I’ll admit I got a surge of satisfaction when the weakest link on the judges’ panel got loudly booed by the audience at evening’s end. And actually, I don’t feel too guilty about it, either. Girlfriend can always go back to her Pussycat Dolls gig if this reality-show judging thing doesn’t work out, right?

Now I turn things over to you: What did you think of this week’s results? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Will says:

    Nicole is a damn hypocrite. I don’t know why or what she has invested in Marcus but it’s obvious she favors him. And for anyone who says well she has the lowest votes, well okay then go to last week and make sure that Marcus didn’t have lower than Drew. Dudes been in the bottom 2/3 for 3 straight weeks, ridiculous to continue to call him a star.

    • Stacie says:

      Last week you don’t go to a deadlock when Drew is there, but this week you do? Please! He’s not a star, he’s hanging around because there are a lot of teen girls voting just enough for him. Well now that there is only 1 girl left we’ll see what happens next week. I really am afraid for Melanie now, I didn’t trust Paula and Nicole after last week, a now I trust them even less

      • Tess says:

        Well, if it’s like the UK version (God willing, in this case) then the judges don’t get a say anymore and there will be no sing off to get into the final – just the viewer vote to make that decision.

        I can reason that chances are good Rachel would have just gone home next week anyway since it would seem Melanie, Josh, and Chris have the bigger fanbases overall so in a non-judge saving week, Marcus is a likely goner anyway – BUT – that does not mean that it wasn’t utterly painful to watch how things went down tonight. Between last week and this week, I think it’s painfully clear that crocodile tears Sherzinger has got to go. Someone else commented on another site that it seemed like had she not been casting the last vote, she would’ve picked Marcus to go home but she didn’t want to look like the bad guy this week like Paula had last week. Frankly, she gets paid to make that choice so for her (or Paula, in previous weeks) to play this “I can’t make this decision” crap is just plain wrong. The point of the save me sing off is for the judges’ to make sure the right person stays, so you don’t have a potential great artist go home early because they had one bad song (like what can happen on Idol; when the judges watch one contestant wipe the floor with the other in the bottom 2 and then can’t make up their minds (especially when the one that was slayed has been in the bottom 2 multiple times and the other has never been there before) the decision should be obvious. I felt sorry for Rachel tonight. Yes he songs yesterday were lackluster, but the girl can sing (better than LA’s two boys, imo)and deserved one more week, much like Drew before her. Sad that the best category coming into the live shows is down to one contestant…starting to look like Simon’s show may also not escape the “only guys can win” curse either.

        • Medic says:

          Why is LA Reid getting a pass in this matter. He is the most self-interested prick that ever walked the planet. Principles? I want to win. Had he done the right thing Marcus would be on his way to the cruise ship (or college) where he will be employed after the show.

          • Levi says:

            Well, “Medic”, show me ONE other judge on the show who has NOT ALWAYS sided with their own contestant. Your singling out LA is total nonsense.

          • akdar says:

            Levi, although it’s true that all judges have always sided with their contestants, at least they don’t pretend like LA that they think soooo hard about whom to eliminate and don’t babble about having to follow principles. That’s what’s annoying about LA. Being a hypocrite.

          • SAA says:

            So true. I’ve never seen such a disingenuous asshole in my life as LA Reid.

        • @Medic says:

          Atleast LA is consistent and not like Nicole who keeps insisting that her decision is based on the SMS.

    • Isabel PR says:

      I cant believe what just happen…Nicole I can see you don’t have children..specially this girl that is a survivor and is a great inspiration for every family. Rachel you have class .you even try to console Nicole to not to cry ..Nicole here in Puerto Rico your not welcome,,Rachel you are a shinning star .We Hope you the best .Gracias Rachel por ser una nina tal especial que con su familia muestran amor y gratitud que Dios te Bendiga…

      • `` says:

        so.. Rachel should keep going when she goes in the bottom out of pity? Granted, she’s better than Marcus, but..

        • KariBear says:

          I feel the same way you do. You may not agree with this but to Rachel throwing herself down and screeming and sobbing say “Mommy you promised”, showed she is no way ready to take on a $5,000,000. recording career at this time in her life. I actually felt it was rather bratty that she turned away from Nicole when it was aapparent Nicole tried to comfort her. Nicole felt that they were equally worthy of staying in so she had no choice if she did not want to send either home. That is why they have the tie-breaker. AND. . Rachel was in last place!!!

          • Heather says:

            She didn’t say, “Mommy you promised,” actually. She said, “Mommy, you promise?” after her mother could be seen saying “It’s okay”. Those convey entirely different demeanors, so it’s important that you know the difference.

          • jennrae says:

            KariBear, Nicole didn’t think they were “equally worthy” she just didn’t want to be the deciding vote. She’s a coward and doesn’t deserve a pat on the back for shirking her duties as judge. She knew how she would look after two weeks of her sending home one of Simon’s girls, but she needed Marcus there because, like Drew, Rachel would be harder for Josh to beat.

            Nicole deserved to be rebuffed…nothing about her performance tonight rang true, she’s so phony. And I think it’s pretty arrogant of her to think America can’t sense disingenuousness. You know, Simon got a lot of press last week because of his reaction to Drew leaving, so I think this was her way of getting press this week–which means promotion for her album.

            Steve said on Ellen that he didn’t think Paula and Nicole would use Drew as a pawn, and I agree about Paula but not Nicole. The part that gets me is that last week she kept Marcus because Drew’s save-me song was a mess, but this week she kept Marcus when Rachel was better with her save-me song. Where’s the consistency?

            Those boos are the only good thing to come out of Rachel’s elimination over Marcus. I replayed it a couple of times. I don’t think Nicole deserved those death threats but she does deserve to hear how monumentally stupid she is.

          • Cici says:

            Rachel’s mom said to Rachel ” I promise everything wll be okay” to where Rachel responded with a QUESTION “You promise? You promise me??” What you’re emplying is entirely different.
            With that being said, I’m going to have to agree with people saying that they should raise the age limit or atleast have a child psychiatrist on the show. There’s a reason why even in movies they don’t show a graphic version of a child being brutally harmed. Nobody wants to see a child breakdown like that and have their dreams crushed on national tv.

          • AG says:

            i completely agree with KariBear. rachel does not have the strength to be in the music business if this is how she handles getting kicked off 5th….i have never EVER seen a reaction like that before on a show like this..i was appalled at her behavior and i’m surprised she hasn’t apologized for acting that way. people were offended by astro’s reaction to being in the bottom 2…she is a baby and doesn’t belong in this business. she belongs on nickelodeon or disney

          • Waka says:

            Why can’t people see that Rachel wasn’t doing this for herself but for her family? I think the part where she said “You promise?” was her feeling bad that she wasn’t able to get that 5 million to help her mom, dad, sister, grandma, etc. who are living the life of the majority middle-lower class in the United States. I felt as if she felt that she left her parents down. That’s how I see her falling to the ground wailing and crying because she wasn’t able to win for her family. Idk, maybe I’m in the minority about this

        • Clarice says:

          I agree. I felt horrible for her … and I was disgusted by Nicole’s phony display of emotion … BUT Marcus sang better on Wednesday and Rachel got the lowest votes. After witnessing what happened with her and with Drew I think it’s clear that people this age are too immature for such an intense emotional roller coaster as the X-Factor.

    • Medic says:

      Why is LA Reid getting a pass in this matter. He is the most self-interested prick that ever walked the planet. Principles? I want to win. Had he done the right thing Marcus would be on his way to the cruise ship where he will be employed after the show.

      • frank says:

        Medic, I think that BOTH Marcus and Rachel will be working on cruise ships; the only difference is that Rachel will be working on the Disney line, while Marcus will be working for Carnival….

    • ummm... says:

      Ummm, why is this so tough for everyone?

      Nicole’s goal: protect Josh, her 1 act left in the competition.
      Nicole’s strategy: send home the stronger threat to Josh.
      Why is Marcus the weaker threat?: 3-time bottom-dweller.
      Why are Drew & Rachel potential threats?: newcomers to the B2/B3.

      Last week:
      Simon/LA split, Nicole is the 3rd vote.
      If Nicole wants to keep Marcus in, she has to send Drew home.
      Then Paula will either save Marcus or send it to deadlock.

      This week:
      Simon/LA split, Paula sends Marcus home.
      If Nicole wants to keep Marcus in, she can no longer save him from deadlock. At best she can send Rachel home and send it to deadlock.

      Nicole did right by Josh both weeks.
      In fact, if I were Josh, I’d be pretty pissed if Nicole had NOT voted strategically to protect me.

      Simon can vote to save his acts, LA can vote to save his acts, yet if Nicole votes strategically to protect her acts, she’s an idiot? I’m not buying that.

      • Sue says:

        Well reasoned and thought out. I just don’t think Nicole is smart enough to have thought of that. Hopefully, people won’t take their anger out on Josh next week.

      • PAIGE says:

        Ummm. THIS ISN’T BIG BROTHER. It is a singing competition and America expects the judges to have some integrity and give honest critiques of the contestants in order to help them improve. The judges/mentors don’t win anything here. That is why America was outraged when Drew was sent home because many people thought the reason was exactly what you said.. Nicole’s strategy. And you may say the other judges voted strategically against Nicole’s acts, but all of them went home when they should have.

        • karenb says:

          First off, this show really isn’t a singing competition, it’s an “act” competition. The X Factor isn’t about the best singer, it’s about the person with the overall X Factor…someone who can sell, sell, and sell. The “best” singer isn’t necessarily the one that can sell.

          Secondly, there haven’t been any honest opinions in the course of this show. All of the judges opinions are biased and strategically offered to advance their contestant.

          Personally, I think it’s a bunch of crap that the judges can send someone home, and it’s not necessarily the person with the most votes. I mean, why vote then? It sure makes me not want to!

      • RT says:

        That makes sense. Even if Nicole didn’t think of it that way, she still has the right to pick who she wants. Maybe she really does like Marcus better. When looking at performances across the season so far, I have liked him better overall too. There’s no doubt that Rachel’s save me song was better than his, but he was so much better on performance night. I don’t really think the save me song should be the only thing considered when deciding who to send home. Maybe she also thought that Rachel has a better chance to make it without winning than Marcus. Who knows? Honestly, if I had been in her position, I would have done the same thing, especially if I really didn’t have a clear favorite to save. I have not liked Nicole overall as a judge, but I don’t think she deserved the boos and did feel like she was sincere in her distress about the decision. It was brutal to watch Rachel’s reaction, but going home is part of the reality of being on a show like this. You have to know that at some level when you choose to participate.

        • Lana says:

          The whole point you guys are missing is that the bottom two have to fight (sing) it out right there and then. It does not matter who sang better earlier, by the way Rachel sings rings around bad note Marcus, it matters who sings better at that time. Rachel put nails all over Marcus’s coffin and Nicole is too much of a loser to do what should have been done, and that was to send Marcus home. I don’t blame Rachel for crying or turning to her Mother the difference between her and Astro was Astro had attitude and didn’t feel like he needed to prove himself where Rachel didn’t complain about being in the bottom and threw herself into her song as a real singer would do. I haven’t been impressed with Nicole when she didn’t pick Elaine because she was fat(with an awesome voice) but picked the James Brown wanna be and she has gotten worse since then. Don’t come down on me because I said fat as I am much bigger than Elaine is and I personally didn’t feel she was not attractive however, Nicole thought she was not attractive.

    • Jeanne Grasso says:

      I totally agree, and I and my family will no longer watch X-Factor if she is a judge again next season! There was totally no question about who the better singer was, and Marcus should have gone home weeks ago. Rachel just has to open her mouth and she out sings him, even if she isn’t trying! Simon, I think you should make sure that Rachel has a contract, even if it isn’t the 5 million dollar one that X-Factor is awarding. My votes now will be for Melanie Amaro all the way. There is no other contestant left that can even hope to compare with her voice and singing ability. YEAH MELANIE! And Rachel, WE LOVE YOU ANYWAY!!

      • Frank says:

        Rachel is a great entertainer, but not such a good singer. She’s like a 14 year old trying to be a 10 year old who sings like an adult. Her voice is not developed enough yet to be pleasing. She’s cute as a bug and definitely has a future in television, but I doubt that she will make it in the recording industry.

        • RT says:

          I agree! I don’t think Rachel is soooo much better than Marcus. It is close enough that you really can’t call it a travesty that she went home. Drew was more of one, in my opinion. As hard as it was to watch her at the end, you still shouldn’t vote to keep her just because she’s a kid. If you really like her, that’s one thing. But it is obvious that plenty of people like Marcus better and there is nothing wrong with that.

          • Donna says:

            @RT & Frank. I agree with both of you. I see no problem with the Rachel elimination. There was something about her performances that did not ring true nor was she consistent. Neither Simon nor Rachel picked songs that were appropriate for her; they were either too young or too old. Her singing performances was a bit off-putting to me. She did a fantastic job in the sing for her life song last night but wasn’t that a repeat song (done earlier in the competition) and the only time she sang well in the competition? I do however believe she is a star but should pursue acting and with X FACTOR exposure, I’m sure one of the child centered channel executives will be calling. That would be perfect for her. X FACTOR should raise age to 18; Nicole should not be blamed, it was her option to go to deadlock which in my opinion was good because the person eliminated was the one that got the lowest votes.

      • fred apple says:

        Nicole S is the worst. The silver lining with her moving to the Xfactor though was that she is no longer on the Sing Off – which is a better show anyway and sooooo much better without her!

    • This says:

      You know who I think is a hypocrite? All of these people on the board giving Drew and Rachel a pass for their meltdowns and condemning Astro for his. A meltdown is a meltdown. And when Astro left gracefully and sportsman-like, not one person on here gave him any credit.

      • Arkrost says:

        Drew and Rachel had emotional breakdowns, Astro threw a fit. There is no comparison. Neither of the girls behaved in a way that was disrespectful to the judges (or the audience) and neither failed to express their gratitude. To his credit though Astro took his final elimination like a good sport

  2. Nicole says:

    I blame Nicole. She should have grown a pair like Paula did and sent Marcus home like you know she wanted to.

    • Jeanne Grasso says:

      Nicole hasn’t the smarts nor the gumption to judge properly???? My goodness, she makes me sick. She casts a bad shadow over women everywhere! Get some smarts and some guts Nicole!!!

    • mike says:

      i disagree..i think nicole did the right thing by sending home rachel, leaving it up to america like other competitive shows like this. rachel should be embarrassed by the way she handled it..i have never seen anything like it and i can’t believe she acted that way.

      • Selbs says:

        I’m with you Mike. She acted like a bratty little 13 year old. Emphasis on 13 year old. I know there have been many a child prodigy making it big at a tender age, but this kid was so outrageously rehearsed with her cutesy responses and trying to cozy up to Nicole and Paula it really was a bit much, for me anyway. Bottom line, why does the Xfactor bother having the public vote if those votes are only used in the so-called tie-breaker. Once the show gets to the voting phase, why should the judges be involved in picking winners? You know they’ll only vote for their own when it gets down to this point. America, why bother? And, frankly, Simon has turned out to be the biggest prick on the planet! He makes watching the show almost unbearable. Guess it’s time to change channels!

  3. Michael Schaeffer says:

    The chances of Cheryl Cole returning are growing day by day. She might be back by next week!!

  4. ~T~ says:

    Rachel got shafted by Nicole’s inability to find a spine, brain, or tissue. Marcus should’ve been home. America putting him in the bottom two week after week actually means we don’t want him. Thanks but no thanks, LA.

    • Betty Cook says:

      I to think they sent the wronge one home to, I don’t think Nicole has a spine, did you see the way she kept looking at L A Reid, she knew damn well she was going to vote his way, she is a phony,she has no reason even being a Judge, Rachel should not have been sent home.
      Rachel might just be 13 but she sure as hell out sung Marcus any day. But I also think Simon will help her get her dream, because we will be hearing from her again,and she will be a star one day, but I know we will not be hearing from Marcus once he gets kicked off next week. Rachel has one powerful voice for some one so young, she is awesome

    • charlie says:

      If America wanted Rachel, why was she in the bottom 2? I think it’s stupid to have the judges decide who goes home after a sing off. Would be so much better if the judging were done like DWTS. Judges get to rate the contestants and the judges’ scores combine with the public vote to decide who goes and who stays. Smartest and fairest system of all.

      IMO Melanie has a great voice, but is ‘one note’ and doesn’t have the personality of a budding singing star. She’s no Kelly Clarkson or Jordan Sparks. There’s nothing truly distinct about her voice or her vocals. Chris and Josh have distinctive voices and styles and more adaptability to various genres of music. I personally favor Josh for the win to some extent, but don’t feel strongly enough about the shows value to much care who wins.

    • Frank says:

      Why can’t you people get a grip!! Rachel did NOT go home because of Nicole, she went home because she got the lowest number of votes. That is the way the show is designed to work, and it worked perfectly last night. Period.

      • Krista says:

        Thank you Frank. It really is quite as simple as that, isn’t it? Some of the people on this board are making this thing wayyyy too complicated.

      • Mary says:

        You are correct Rachel did receive the lowest number of votes; however, why have a sing off to prolong the pain when the judges do not do their jobs. Rachel clearly out sang Marcus. LA is a hypocrite, last week he stated he would choose who the best sing off was, clearly that was a lie. I for one do not find it enjoyable to see a child, who wasn’t my favorite break down. These stupid judges need to do their jobs and just say who they are sending home. They sound like idiots going on and on, yes LA you to. I think your integrity just went out the window, clearly you will only vote for your own, which is okay but don’t pretend otherwise.

        • ET says:

          Mary, it is purely your subjective opinion that Rachel outsang Marcus. My opinion is that she did not; she was good but she sang a song she had already done earlier in the competition and I didn’t see a bit of improvement from the first time. Marcus did a song that he had not done before, and IMO it was his best performance yet in the show. I have to give him the edge because he has grown musically and Rachel has not (Simon’s fault, I believe). Also, EVERY judge (not just LA) has supported their own contestant during sing-off; why are you holding LA to a different standard?

          • Mary says:

            Your right it is my opinion and several others agree that Rachel outsang Marcus. I don’t hold LA to a different standard, he was the one who made a statement that he wouldn’t just vote for his guys. Marcus has been the bottom three weeks in a row, obviously not the lowest, I would think he hasn’t grown as much as you believe. My point was LA and other judges should just vote, not go on and on when we already knew he was voting for his guy. I believe Simon just said Rachel. If Nicole thought Marcus was better, than so be it, not carry on and put in a deadlock. My point is the sing off is useless, it is not about the contesants, it is about the judges. Personnally I do not believe any of them are worth the 5 million dollars and this show is just a wreck.

          • Volcfom says:

            Actually, Marcus sang that song before too. Because they had to use their “save me” songs for the Wednesday performances, they both did repeats.
            That being said, I prefer Marcus to Rachel any day and am glad that she got the boot.

      • Olive says:

        Seriously! If America was sooo in love with Rachel, why’d she get the lowest # of votes? And honestly, to all the people complaining and calling for Nicole’s head, did you really think/want Rachel to win this thing? Nope, or she wouldn’t have come in last. Who cares if she finishes 5th or 4th? Internet trolls who make these bold hateful, bullying declarations online but who wouldn’t say it to someone’s face make me livid. You can dislike Nicole’s music (I’m not a fan of the PCD either), but to chastise her for her opinion and choice is disgusting. She got hired to make a choice, like it or not and of course no matter what she picked, she’d ruffle feathers and hurt feelings. I’m actually kind of impressed that after last week’s death threats, she didn’t automatically jump on Team Simon to protect herself and make herself look good to the fans.

      • RT says:

        You are absolutely right. Even if you dislike Nicole as a judge overall, I don’t think she did anything wrong last night and doesn’t deserve the backlash for this – for other things…maybe. The other judges have sent it to deadlock this season without this kind of negative response. I honestly think the right thing happened. To me, Rachel was the weakest of the performance night. Even though she did well on her save-me song, it shouldn’t be the only consideration. Marcus did well too. It really is a matter of opinion and America’s opinion, based on votes, was that Rachel should go home.

        • Mary says:

          Your right Rachel was the lowest but why have a sing off. I thought that was the purpose, so maybe America did make a mistake and the talented one will get another chance. Nicole is getting backlashed because she didn’t do her job and went on making it all about her, prolonging the pain. If she had said, right up front, I choose Marcus, than so be it, but she had a five minute all about me moment and didn’t make a decision sent to deadlock. And America has spoken, maybe he wasn’t the lowest however he has been in the bottom two for three weeks in a row.

          • GingerSnap says:

            Well, the fallacy in your thinking is that America made a mistake. They didn’t. Rachel was the weakest performer on Wednesday, and if we didn’t have the Save Me song, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. She would be gone.
            I’m not in favor of the whole Save Me song to begin with. And as far as Rachel’s meltdown, you have to lay these things at the feet of her parents. She’s not emotionally mature enough to handle the disappointment. As her parents, it’s their responsibility to hold her back a couple of years until she was ready.

      • HI says:

        THANK YOU. nicole did the right thing to leave it up to america and this is what america decided…she did not deserve to be booed! everyone should have voted for rachel then this wouldnt have happened so there.

  5. MaineGirl says:

    Astro, Drew and now Rachel—tooo young! They need to mature to handle the enormous pressures of the business. This talent show is just a drop in the bucket! If they throw a hissy fit or hysterically sob when they are told they are done, what happens when the REAL s..t hits the proverbial fan.

    • reall? says:

      And really? What’s wong with crying when one of your dreams is smashed? Did you pull your head out of your butt long enough to see she recovered and was graceful in her comments? She handled it better than most supposed stars and spoiled actors.

      • (!) says:

        No, dude, his point was that she shouldn’t have been subjected to that in the first place. She should have gone on the scene after a little bit more growth. All three kids broke down, and it’s an awful thing for them. Not that they need to be coddled, but we don’t need dream-crushing influencing us/making us feel like crap.

        • really? says:

          No Dude…it’s not for you to say what she should have been subjected to or not. You probably believe we shouldn’t take score until the kids are 18. Whatever, this was a competition, she earned her way on it, she rocked it, got screwed and will still come out better for it. People like you are the ones holding back the youth from experiencing real life. Just because it make you feel like crap doesnt’ mean the kids didn’t earn their shots on the show.

          • yeah says:

            Believe me I am not for the fake oh EVERY kid did great today and let’s play sports and have EVERY team win today!! Rah rah crap that just causes a lot of problems I think.

            But OTOH being a really particularly young seeming 12 or whatever she is and being in front of the whole world and all the press and this and having your families instant fortune riding on it and all and I’m not sure this is quite the same.

          • yeah says:

            And it does seem like a much higher percentage of kids in the business come out ok when they have zero to do with it until at least mid to late high school age. Sure plenty make it but it seems like even more not so much. And yes some who start later still get sucked into messes but all the same the track record seems to be better for starting just a bit older. At the absolute least be past first semster HS freshmen.

          • (!) says:

            LOL, no. I was saying nothing about it. Rachel would have done much better if she was a little older, with more practice. How can you not see this? You’re obviously a fan of her. It has nothing to do with her not taking knocks and crap. But dude, seriously, do I have to start slinging your “idiot” term around xD Let it go.

          • mel says:

            She didn’t “get screwed” at all. She didn’t get enough votes. There is a difference. America sent her home, which is likely to the Disney Channel. And that is right where she belongs!

        • lonevoice says:

          Actually, if you remember, those inTENsity kids had a pretty bad breakdown on stage, too. Their tears were horrific. No under 16s next year, please.

          • matt says:

            No, more like No Nicole next year, please.

          • Betty says:

            I agree with Matt no more Nicole. I don’t care who takes her place, and you can bet if Simon has his way, and he will she will be replaced, and I have seen grown up get just as upset as Rachel, so people please get off of Rachel’s because of her age, she sure as hell didn’t sing like a 13 yesr old she has a hell of a voice, and we will hesr from her again. I think Nicole and L A are in this together, and I dispies both of them.

    • Sam says:

      Stacy Francis was in her 40s and she showed less emotional control than Rachel or Drew. I’m a 22-year old and I would cry for hours if I got kicked off a show unfairly.

      • Sarah says:

        She got the lowest number of votes….how is that unfair? You should have voted for her then.

      • (!) says:

        Well, before the live shows she was crying/Droopy Dog. But when she was eliminated, she was actually quite cool.

        • umbrella says:

          Rachel is going to get a Disney contract anyway. She’ll get her own bathroom soon. ;)

          • TomTed says:

            X-Factor has first rights on all the contestants. Rachel will not be headed to The Disney Channel unless Simon & Company get paid big time. The company that owns X-Factor owns these contestants! Period.

    • AngCav says:

      100% AGREE MaineGirl.

  6. greg says:

    fire nicole right now, why even wait til the season is over. paula can mentor josh for the last two weeks.

    this show has just crashed and burned over the last two weeks, simon is going to have to rework the format for season 2 because this is tragic.

  7. chessguy99 says:

    This is great TV. Twice Marcus stays and little girls are left crying on stage. At this rtae I \can see X Factor under 3 in the 18-49 demo. Fox must be loving this, the bought the show to get a shot at winning Fall ratings. They may not win a weeknight the rest of the year.

    • Joelio says:

      THIS IS GREAT TV. Even more attention-grabbing than Crow’s collapse was Steve’s clear anguish and anger from the moment he reads the card (watch it again) to his refusal to ask her a question even though the producers tell him in the earpiece (watch it again) to the audience booing the tall, tanned thing (watch it thrice). I only started watching this show when Astro had his junior moment, but it’s a goldmine of drama, a ten-car pileup of emotion — everything AI is not. Even those AI commercials come off like AARP ads. It may never get better than these last 3-4 weeks but I’m hooked to the end to both the show and to Mr. Slezak’s insta-take.

      • Eurydice says:

        It’s awesome, isn’t it? I can’t wait to see how they’ll ramp up the drama. Maybe for the finale the loser can set himself on fire.

      • Totally agreee says:

        Drama at its best. I cried. I bet I will cry again – when I watch it again. Rachel that was your best performance. Hands down. Everybody with a brain is gonna want to sign you now… End scene.

    • Tim says:

      If it’s great TV, why would it cause the ratings to go down?

    • TomTed says:

      Hey chessguy99…Fox won the November Sweeps! And guess what show led the way? The X-Factor! Try doing a little homework before shooting off your mouth about ratings. You don’t have a clue.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nicole should be fired.

  9. Stacie says:

    Nicole needs to go. She didn’t want to be the one to send Marcus home, so she thought that America put him as last place, so as not to bloody her hands, but guess what she was wrong. Terrible terrible move on her part, could actually cost Nicole her job, no kidding around. If you aren’t there to make a decision then don’t be a judge. I’m not even the biggest Rachel fan but she murdered that Save Me Song. Disgusting. Also, L.A Reid, what principles do you have? You said that if the person who was best happened to not be a boy you would vote the boy off, well you didn’t do that. So don’t be talking about principles.

    Really gross. Marcus Canty has been in the Bottom 3 now 3 weeks in a row, I know he wasn’t the lowest placed vote getter this time, but obviously people aren’t connecting to him. Really disgusting turn of events for this show tonight on so many levels.

  10. JohnDoe says:

    So how many weeks do you think Marcus Canty will be in the bottom 2? 4…5?


    • em says:

      He’s no Nikki McKibbin…yet. I think (hope) he’ll be done next week.

    • Mary says:

      He must be a cat with nine lives. At this rate, He might even win.
      I like Josh but do not think he is worth the 5 million contract. I know it is childish, but I would love next week Marcus and Josh are in the bottom, and all the judges vote him out, except his mentor.
      I only turn in the very end of the show last night and I wish I hadn’t. They need to revamp or they don’t stand a chance in H..l of keeping this show on. I knew Rachel wasn’t going to win, look at the demographics on this show, but man who is voting for Marcus?

  11. Chrissy says:

    You are absolutely right! Rachels (and even Astros) reaction to finding out she was going home was the very reason why they shouldn’t have people her (or his) age on a show of this capacity. They are far too young. And Steve? He is absolutely HORRENDOUS. I plead that they find someone better next year because that guy make Brian Dunkleman look like an award winning host. I’m sure everyone will be asking for Nicole’s head on a pretty platter but AMERICA ultimitely decided who went home. Maybe more people should have voted for Rachel, not that she was going to win ANYWAY.

    • really? says:

      You can not compare Rachels reaction to Astros. Rachel cried and asked her mom if she promised that it was okay. Then she recovered and acted gracefully. You have a dream, have it smashed and see how you react. Get over yourselves you idiots.

      • Chrissy says:

        You idiots? I am one person, FIRST OF ALL. Second, you sound real mature. Are you 12 as well? She is a CHILD and obviously shouldn’t be put in the position to handle such a stressful situation. I, personally, did not care to watch a little girl get her hurt broken on national tv and cry hysterically. Like I said, she wasn’t going to win. No use in prolonging the pain and agony. YOU IDIOTS. RAGE RAGE RAGE.

        • really? says:

          Ah, did I hurt your feelings. Are you upset over something I typed..good, you’re an idiot. And you aren’t winning in life apparently. I personally would rather she have a chance to compete and lose then not have the chance to grow and compete. She will learn how the industry works and just tasted her first screw job. Luckily she’ll have multiple opportunities. And after typing that, you’re still an idiot.

          • (!) says:

            u mad bro? o mi gawd i call u idiot hueheuheu
            She’d still have that if the age limit was 16, with less of a chance of falling on the floor wailing like a dying calf.

          • really? says:

            @(!) you uneducated bro? or did I spell too many words correctly for you to understand.

          • Chrissy says:

            Why exactly do you have to make this personal? You sound so whiny. She would still have the SAME opportunities AND MORE if she had tried out for the show a few years later with more experience and maturity under her belt. The same for Astro. But i’m done arguing with someone who is going to NAME call because they lack the ability to formulate a real rebuttal.

          • (!) says:

            cuz he a troll bro – this is entertaining!

      • Krista says:

        “Recovered?” or stopped acting?

    • Greg says:

      I dont mind steve after seeing him on ellen this week. he explained that he has the producers yelling in his ear the whole show to make the judges stop talking. We have to listen to the judges ramble on about nothing every time they talk, and then when they something interesting and fight, they get cut off because they rambled endlessly on about the other performances. there is no winning really, and its not steves fault.

      • Chrissy says:

        They need to hire someone more equipped to handle the job, plus the guy is a robot. He shows no real emotion AT ALL.

        • TomTed says:

          Chrissy…you don’t have a clue about Steve’s job. He is the floor director of the show, and has the producers talking in his ear all the time telling him, “shut her up”, or “get him off the stage”.

          It may look like it’s all his idea, but it’s not. He is being told what to do through his IFB. Think his job is easy? You try talking to someone while somebody else talks directly into your ear. Bet you can’t do it!

      • chuckles says:

        After seeing him push Marcus away when he tried to console Rachel, I definately think he needs to go, producers in his ear or not.

        • TomTed says:

          Hey Chuckles…Steve works for the producers, and they are the ones talking in his ear and telling him what to do. Yes he pushed Marcus away when he was trying to console Rachel. That is what he was told to do. He is the floor director of X-Factor, the on-stage arm and voice of the director and producers who are in the control room. That is his job. You simply don’t understand how it works. Somebody has to be in control, or the show is out of control, and in serious danger of not fulfilling their commercial commitments. This is a business, not a high school talent show.

    • Leigha says:

      I agree @Chrissy. Astro, Drew, and Rachel all acted like the age they are. Too young to handle a competition like this. They are built up by their mentors and told they are stars and will have an incredible career only to have their hearts broken.

  12. Sam says:

    When Nicole was booed onstage, it felt like sweet partial vindication. Can we send her home? Marcus might have done better than his usual boring R&B-fest tonight, but Rachel turned her emotion into her best performance yet.
    L.A. Reid is an idiot. Nicole is an airhead. Paula’s sanity is akin to throwing darts and hoping one hits the target. I want American Idol! Even HaleyBash 2011 was preferable to this!

    • Noelbelle says:

      When Nicole was booed, I actually wondered if it made me a bad person to enjoy it. I decided it doesn’t because it was her own inanity that brought her to that point. I don’t really care for Rachel’s personality that much, but it was obviously clear that she sang Marcus into the ground on that “Save Me” song. If she can’t take the hint even when a massive audience is yelling for Rachel feet behind her chair, she deserves a little booing.

  13. Marty says:

    Yeah Nicole needs to be fired like yesterday…

    That decision was ridiculous. The best save me performance all season and she sends it home. She kept saying it was about who had the most heart but it’s apparent she doesn’t have a spine.

  14. Jay says:

    That’s what Simon gets for giving Nicole Cheryl’s job. Can’t put a bird brain in place of a real woman and expect her to do a good job.

    • Gorm says:

      Well put. This mess is all Simon’s doing. Nicole was just put in that seat and that last spot in the judging order to make this exact sort of sutiation happen. The only thing that made Xfactor a hit in the UK was breathless, scandalous and obesessive reports in the UK media, particularly newspapers, but the equivalnet in north america is television talkshows. And its very likely that HE THINKS Rachel’s screaming, crying elimanation will get him the press coverage he needs to make sure season 2’s dont sink under Big Bang Theory reruns. If it gets him coverage on Friday, he’ll be a happy little limey boy.

      The actual resut I hope for is that advertisers get turned off enough to insist on age and format changes to avoid what they saw. Who the hell would want their brand mired in that show if it produces that sort of emotion?

      Pepsi: As sweet as the tears of a girl who over came a crack-child upbringing.
      Sony: make.believe your dreams come true, until Steve Jones dourly crushes them.
      Chevy: Drive home your screaming 13 child who says things like “I have nothing” in the back seat of one of our fine sedans.
      Verison: Good for reading all the hate-speech on twitter that gets directed at the cast XFactor.

    • Tia says:

      This is what I’ve been saying since the beginning! Nicole gets on my last nerve! i stopped watching cause i cant stand seeing her cry and whine and moan every single show! like nails on a chalkboard!

  15. Ashley says:

    she did better overall marcus should have went home!

    • rachelrules says:

      I lost it too when Rachel seemed to genuinely lose it, so nice that her mom was there to comfort her gorgeously, amazingly talented angel. Simon being the boss I hope he has the power to eliminate Nicole, she is probably the main reason why no one watches the X Factor. Who wants to see this talentless hack every week. Paula was robbed by getting the throwaway groups category. Simon needs to seriously retool this show next year. I loved some of the supremely talented singers this year but Nicole is horrendous, La Reid has terrible taste in his assessments, Steve is a robot who no one seems to understand, he has zero charisma or empathy with either the audience or contestants, Steve and Nicole need to go.

      • Noelbelle. says:

        LA Reid is a mystery to me. How is it that a man with no visible knowledge of current popular music and such questionable taste in talent should come to run a recording empire?

        • duh says:

          because that’s all he has to do, run it. When you get to a certain position in any job, it stops becoming about knowing the product, but rather finding the right people who knows the product. Just like most CEO’s will be be confused if asked to manually build the produt they sell.

      • TomTed says:

        Hey racherules…”the main reason why nobody watches X-Factor.” Huh? Fox won the November Sweeps because of X-Factor! You do know what November Sweeps are don’t you? Try doing a little research before you make dumb statements like “nobody watches X-Factor”.

        It takes more than owning a TV to be a TV expert. Read a book. Remember books?

  16. Olga says:

    WOW tonight showed why Nicole will be looking for a new job next season. Last week she sent home Drew ….Marcus was good last week however I have never heard Rachel better than tonight!! She killed and owned her song. Nicole sold out so people would not hate her…guess what ..she is more hated now. I cried when Rachel saw her Mom and lost it. Once again sad nite for X-Factor :(

    • Octodad says:

      ^^^ This.

      Nicole needs to go. She voted against Rachel not because she believed America should decide, but because she didn’t feel like judging (even though she’s paid good money to do nothing but judge). Well, if you don’t feel like judging, then X Factor shouldn’t feel the need to pay you.

      Hopefully she’ll take the classy way out and ask to leave the show at the end of the season. That way she won’t have to get fired by Simon.

      • Noelbelle says:

        What’s an even bigger crime to me is her handling of Josh, who is clearly a talented contestant. Week after week she saddles him with bizarre song choices and absurd sideshows instead of fostering his own interests. The weeks when he has been the most successful are when he’s chosen his own songs, and those I think could have been vastly improved by a competent and knowledgeable mentor. It’s come to the point where I’m not really sure what specific kind of rock record Josh would make if he happens to win.

        • Bad Breaker says:

          I fear that Josh may bear the brunt of the (not undeserved) vitriol being spewed at Nicole. Some might not now vote for him merely because he was unfortunate enough to get her as his mentor and that would be a shame.

        • TomTed says:

          Very good comment Noelbelle. Josh’s mentor Nicole Scherzinger is ruining his chances of winning this thing. Somebody has to take him aside and explain to him that he needs to clean himself up. His hair is an unwashed mess. His teeth are yellow. His complexion looks bad. It is almost too late to make him over. They have 1 week.

          Look what they did with Melanie. Although she sang very well at her first audition she did not look hot, or even very attractive. Look how they have cleaned her up. She looks so much better. Why can’t they do the same with Josh? Is he resisting?

          Now for the music. Josh has not moved the audience since the judges house when he sang “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”. The arrangements with him up on the stage with all the noise and dancers has just about killed any chance he has of winning the X-Factor. Josh has completely lost his way, and I lay it all right at the feet of his mentor, Nicole Scherzinger. She doesn’t have a clue. Normally you don’t have to win the show to win a career, but if Josh is not careful he could be right back slinging fast food.

          How many front runners on these shows have we seen let it all slip away with poor song choices, and terrible arrangements. Josh had such promise. Now he will be lucky to get a record deal. Very sad.

  17. Winnie says:

    I am sorry for Rachel but she just went against Marcus the man with nine lives Canty.

  18. Sarah says:

    I found Rachel Crow to be a bit too much. I also thought Marcus’s performance was better tonight, so all this Nicole hate about her vote is pretty ridiculous. If you aren’t going to like her, how about it be because she never makes any sense. But then you would have to dislike Paula and half the reality TV judges out there….

    • deaf says:

      You are a damn fool if you think any song Marcus ever sung was better than what Rachel sang tonight. Glad you’ll be the 1 person buying his album. Hopes it’s as out of tune and horrible as all of his performances were . P.S. You can’t see backflips on MP3s or CDs, so see how exciting his performances are then.

      • Chrissy says:

        There is this amazing thing called auto-tune. A LOT of the top selling pop artists use it. So, it is quite possible.

        • deaf says:

          What the heck are you yapping about Chrissy. Auto-tone has nothing to do with the idiot comment that Marcus sounded better.

          Also, autotune mostly works for good looking women. Hardly any guys can use it and get away with it.

          • Chrissy says:

            Wahhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhhh.
            “you’ll be the 1 person buying his album. Hopes it’s as out of tune..blahblahcrycrycry YOURWORDSNOTMINE” Point in case. Yes, AUTO-TUNE(firstly, the spelling/secondly the use of auto-tune is to correct pitch and make it IN TUNE) THUS IT DOES MAKE A PERSON SOUND BETTER, so his album will probably sound just fine. Seriously, what’s your IQ? Make sense soon.

          • asdasd says:

            Lmfao, do you have any idea about the history of autotune? You have no idea how most of the mainstream industry uses it.

          • deaf says:

            Ah Chrissy, you can’t seriously question anyone else’s IQ. As for ASDSEGQESD or whatever you typed into your name. I know the history of autotune and most people who use it don’t last long or stay around for a while unless they are hot women. Name a guy who uses autotune and has actually been around the industry as a mainstream artists..

          • (!) says:

            almost all of the guys on pop radio. Where have you been? You know all dance music vocals are autotune too right?

          • Volcfom says:

            Your argument makes no sense, deaf. Auto-tune has been used for years and years. The person who made it mainstream and recognizable was T-Pain – a male artist.

      • Octodad says:

        “You can’t see backflips on MP3s or CDs”

        • Sarah says:

          I wouldn’t by either of their albums, but if I’m watching X Factor I’d rather be entertained than hear Rachel Crow compared to Michael Jackson. Blasphemy!

  19. Deb says:

    This was exhibit C on the reason why children should NOT be contestants on these shows. Astro’s first bottom 2 debacle and Drew’s exit last week were A and B. It was also a reminder to the producers that judges need to have 1) knowledge 2) maturity 3) humility and 4) common sense. See, there actually should be some minimum requirements for judging.
    Watching kids have breakdowns on stage is NOT entertaining.

    • idiot says:

      You are exhibit A, B, and C for being an idiot.

      • Chrissy says:

        I’m pretty sure IDIOT is related to Rachel. She’s got a real vendetta out.

        • idiot says:

          I’m pretty sure Chrissy is a 350 lb wart filled fan of Marcus. Guess what Chrissy, no matter how much you want Marcus, you will never have him.

          • (!) says:

            I’m pretty sure you’re a crappy troll, .5/10 — get more vocab beyond idiot

          • Chrissy says:

            God, you’re original. I could care less if Marcus stays or goes. I actually want Melanie Amaro to win. So, despite the fact that you ARE an idiot and lack any real debating skills leads me to believe you are the fat chick harpooning around over a child going home.

          • idiot says:

            I’m pretty sure a (!) isn’t calling me a crappy troll. I’m sure you’re Chrissy’s forklift driver to get her fat ass out of bed when she needs to leave the house.

          • idiot says:

            @Chrissy, what debate would you like to have, I’m pretty sure you have offered nothing in the posts you have typed tonight! Typical idiot, claim someone can’t offer a debate for your nonsense.

          • (!) says:

            omigawd idiot wat debate idiot I’m gonna sound mighty and call you idiot hi this is my idiot epeen –> what your arguments are

  20. Octodad says:

    Nicole is an utter disgrace. Rachel clearly gave one of the best performances of her life, while Marcus was a shrilly, listless wreck. We already knew LA was going to vote for his man no matter what, because when it comes to voting, there isn’t an honest bone in his body. But for Nicole throw Rachel under the bus, to just vote against her so she wouldn’t have to choose between the two – that is unforgivable.

    Nicole, you’re paid very good money to be a judge. Now it’s clear you have no intention of doing your job. My only hope is that you lose your job before next season starts.

    I don’t know why anyone should continue watching, now that we know how useless “singing for your life” really is.

  21. will says:

    JLOs star rose when she was on American Idol. Nicole killed her career with how she’s been on X-factor. This decision tonight was the nail in the coffin.

    • yeah says:

      I don’t know JLo also lost a lot of supporters by being on AI too. She certainly lost me with her bitchy hating on Haley. Pathetic.
      Randy was even worse though, so sold out he doesn’t even know real is anymore, sad.

      • Shindig says:

        yo dawg he knows errone in da bizz!!!

        • Gorm says:


        • FazeCraze says:

          Yo Shindig! You could write da phonebook!

        • Billy says:

          I don’t know…for me…it was kinda’ boring…

          • dawg says:

            I don’t know…. for me… it was just kinda sleepy…. I dunno…. I mean where were the pitchy parts to sear my ears and shock me to life?… just kinda boring…. you just stood there and sang it perfectly.. I don’t get it…. where were the corny looka here’s? … where was the t-rex mic grip?…. Haha, sorry, it just wasn’t good for me… I don’t get it…. are you trying to put autotune out of business? Wha??? Listen, listen, ok, out of all of you, the one who was most in it to win it, the one who really brought it tonight… ahhhh… well you know I’m going to have to say Haley sucked and everyone else was in it to win it!

  22. Lisa says:

    Lol so much for Nicoles solo career in the USA… shes going to have to flee to the UK full time until she ruins their X factor too.

    • yeah says:

      on the plus side for her, not sure enough people are watching for this to hurt her, and yet her name it out there more for the general population to hear

    • Noelbelle. says:

      Didn’t Simon say this week maybe she should spend a little less time in the UK so that she might get a clue as to what appeals to American audiences? Perhaps he should have given that advice to her sooner.

  23. Annie says:

    Rachel is talented, but she was too young to compete on the show. The good thing is that I’m sure that Disney is just waiting to cast her in a show.

    Michael Slezak, let’s be fair, this wasn’t Nicole’s fault, since they went to the public vote, and the public thought that it was time for Rachel to go.

    • will says:

      Is that how this show is? Then why have judges votes? Why not let it go to deadlock last week with Drew? Don’t say it was amercia when this may have been the only week that Rachel has less votes and now all of a sudden judges decide to use it. Hypocritical. Grow a pair.

      • (!) says:

        What does growing a pair have to do with the comment? Gosh, you people xD

        • Will says:

          @(!)..Grow a pair referred to the judges being actual judges. Go continue your attacks on the other posters you seem to have issues with. Stop trying to read into posts that have no intention of insulting the previous poster.

          • (!) says:

            I’m not attacking anyone, except the troll above. I have nothing against you, you just worded it to sound like it was directed at Annie. People are flustered tonight!

  24. Dan says:

    LA basically admitted Rachel outperformed Marcus Cantsingy (which she did) but then decided to vote against the superior contestant because he wants to stick with “his boy”. You piece of rotten scum, how dare you. I seriously CAN NOT take another week of Marcus’ shrilly, ear piercing, off tune voice! It drives me insane. Rachel’s tone is so much richer and more powerful, my god.

    And don’t even get me started on that sniveling little weasel, nicole. WHY is she PAID to judge when she can’t even form her own opinions? Get the heck off that panel, you spineless coward. You KNOW rachel did better, yet you wanted america to decide? You had a CHANCE to right America’s wrong! And you blew it. You little runt. Save the crocodile tears for your non existant acting career. I’ve had enough of her bawling over every little thing.

    • yeah says:

      OTOH, imagine how harsh it would be for your own mentor to send you packing. That would be wayyy rough. But he should stop blabbing it and just simply be Marcus is my man he is staying, done. Otherwise it seems fake.

      • matt says:

        L.A. felt he had to be loyal, but Nicole had no excuse for her horrible lack of judging. None.

        • RT says:

          Maybe she actually liked Marcus better, or really couldn’t decide. I personally thought Rachel was good only on her save-me song this week. America obviously agreed. If it’s really her opinion, it doesn’t make her a horrible judge – though I do agree that she hasn’t been great in other areas. I really can’t imagine being in that position, having 2 really good, sweet kids looking at you and having to be the final say on sending someone home. I probably would have done the same thing she did.

        • RT says:

          Maybe she actually liked Marcus better, or really couldn’t decide.

      • Julia says:

        @yeah, I agree – how could any mentor really vote against their own contestent? If the person were to get through, then they are supposed to keep mentoring them after voting them off? That just doesn’t make sense.

        As bad as AI was last season, I still prefer it. At least the singers aren’t lost in a sea of backup singers, strobe lights, wacky dancing, and other distracting staging.

  25. David says:

    I also blame Nicole for being a jelly fish, she has become a big disappointment. I LOVE that the audience booed her at the end, much deserved.

  26. Gordy says:

    Fire Nicole!

  27. Hank says:

    The whole thing was planned, just like the fake banter and made-up rivalry between judges. Sad thing is usually Nicole can’t follow the script, comes off stupid, today she did it perfectly.

    • forrest says:

      truth Hank. This type of audience reaction is what she’s paid for. Drama. Nicole will not only return next season, but will get a raise. You’re being played folks, this is reality TV with contestants with reactions. The more buzz, the more advertising for the program.

      • yeah says:

        I’m not sure this sort of mess is what plays long term in the US though. Even Steve Jones had a sort of ohhh no, oh dear noo, look on his face when he saw the results. Another booing crowd and a little girl breaking down and screaming for mommy doens’t realy go over so well here I don’t think. We’ll see though I guess.

        • matt says:

          I don’t know is the show really getting that much media attention, even with Drew and now Rachel’s breakdowns this week? (Rachel made a better recovery than Drew) Are the ratings going up?

          • yeah says:

            I thought someone said down the last couple weeks but I’m not really sure.

          • My Alter Ego says:

            Hmmm – the breakdowns of Drew & Rachel??? Drew, who “magically” rebounded once “the Biebs” tweeted her.

            And Rachel — another hmmm. In something that I read yesterday, “Simon picked her up” after she had fallen to floor. Yet in the Huffington Post comment today there is a video clip (

            As Simon approached, Rachel appears to leap to her feet. Some tweets (if you stay with the post) mention the lack of “real tears” from both Rachel and Nicole.

            Reality T.V.? Bad Greek drama.? OMG!

    • Noelbelle says:

      I absolutely refuse to believe Nicole is that good of an actress. Her distress at having to choose was like watching a soap opera character find out her dead husband is really alive and has been sleeping with her sister in the basement the whole time. The reaction after the announcement seemed real. She knew she effed it up.

  28. Lucy says:

    That was just bad TV. Bawling.. “mommy”… Simon needs to do some serious tweaking.

    Get rid of “in no particular order” guy.

    Get rid of Nicole.

    Raise the age limit.

    Prepare these contestants on how to leave graciously.

    Cut the constant recaps by 50%

    Turn down the sound of the audience by 25% — and the background music by 50%. I can’t hear myself think.

    Let the host introduce the contestants.

    If the judges are not going to judge, there is no need for save me songs.

    • Chrissy says:

      Raise the age limit.
      Prepare these contestants on how to leave graciously.


    • Crystal Fan says:

      @Lucy – I agree with you on every point.

      And that’s a lot of changes.

      Maybe Simon should just pack-in the X Factor, and return to his table spot on Idol.

      • Mary says:

        NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The last two years on idol he was useless. Simon doesn’t really like today’s music, which I can’t blame him, but look as who he chooses, the Diva’s.

  29. E says:

    My dvr cut out, so I didn’t see all of it. I thought surely if Marcus was in the bottom again he would go home. Nicole is stupid. He gave two great performances and had a scared voting base and still couldn’t get enough votes. He’s talented, but if, for three consecutive weeks, he can’t scour enough votes to keep himself out of the bottom two, why does Nicole think he’ll get our support without the exposure of network television?

  30. blingedup.susan says:

    Get Nicole off my tv. I. Can’t. Stand. Her!!!!

  31. Josh says:

    I was never a Rachel fan because I never envisioned her as a pop star, but she creamed Marcus tonight in the sing-off. He sounded like he was screaming throughout that performance. Also, even though she broke down initially, Rachel recovered well and responded to Steve’s questions with gratitude and poise. Far better than Astro’s tantrum and Drew’s sobfest.

    • Josh says:

      Oh, and Nicole needs to go. She thought Marcus was going home and was WRONG. I predicted Rachel would go once the Final Two were announced simply because Marcus did so well last night, but he is never going to win this, so they need to just cut him loose.

  32. lindsayjo87 says:

    Sigh, every week this show manages to make me care less about it rather than more. And yet I still watch. Melanie, Josh, and (recently renewed) Chris keep me in.
    I feel the most sorry for Marcus right now. Poor guy has been in the bottom how many times and now has to endure it again. Rachel was slightly more talented and interesting than him (and should be amazing in a few years), but heavenly days, I agree. Raise that stinking age limit (to 18, I say). And Nicole needs to grow a pair of ovaries. I could be wrong, but it seemed pretty obvious that she just didn’t want to play the role of the bad guy and decided to play Pontius Pilate and be a spineless bad guy. I’m really hoping this is her only year as a “mentor”. I don’t see her wanting to continue anyhow.

  33. Marcus Fan says:

    I feel bad for Marcus because he keeps getting humiliated and hated on every single week. I know he wasn’t the lowest votes 2 out of 3 times but its clear he won’t win X factor. Nicole and all them clearly thought he was going to have the lowest votes.

    • yeah says:

      Yeah I do feel bad for the guy. It’s a rough spot, at least he knows he did get enough direct votes to move on. But it still has to be rough to hear all the boos and see the girls break down next to you each week.

      • Noelbelle says:

        I feel bad for him too, and I hope any backlash doesn’t fall on him. I think Marcus is a fun performer, seems like a gracious and charismatic guy, and I have a clear idea of the kind of music he’d make, but he’s just not on par with the others. Melanie and Josh can sing him under the table and Chris just has this mass appeal and ability to win over audiences despite his inferior voice (what I would call an x-factor). Marcus’ third time in the bottom two should have been his last, I’m afraid, and now it looks like he’ll have to endure it again. If LA Reid really believes all that stuff he said about Marcus, then he owes him a record contract. Unfortunately, I think he’s just saying that in the heat of competition.

      • RT says:

        So true. Whether you like him as a performer or not, you have to admit he has handled being in the bottom 2 these last weeks with poise and class. I really felt sorry for him when hearing the boos and the chanting for Rachel.

  34. JVC says:

    My parents still stand by marcus, but i say this even as a marcus fan: He was great last night, but if this is your 3rd week in a row landing in the bottom 2, it is a clear sign that his days are numbered. Marcus and Rachel put their hearts and souls in their save me songs, but you heard the crowd chanting Rachel’s name. She should’ve stayed. Rachel Crow fans and Drew fans must be as Pia said “Mad as hell ain’t gonna take no more”. Now melanie amaro, it up to you to win it for the girls, surly your fallen comrades’ fans will rally behind you and give you that extra boost to take home the crown. With that said, step it up w/ song choice. And nicole, you reap what you sew, so don’t be throwing those crocodile tears at us. You lost what little pity points you had left crushing another teenaged girl’s spirt. Marcus again, as a fan of yours, it must end for you next week. Sorry.

  35. yeah says:

    As I said on the earlier thread here:

    Wow, Nicole is such a mess and disgrace at this, good grief. Not after that blow everyone away sing for your life do you risk the toss it to the audience. They have both had some issues recent weeks but Rachel just owned the sing for your life!

    And some of these kids are too young oh man. Moaning heap of a little kid screaming like that just not good TV.

    The show is quickly turning into an utter train wreck over the last two weeks.

    Marcus wasn’t as bad saving himself this week but Rachel went back to her thing and I have to say blew the sing for your life away and just utterly took control of it! And I say that having been down on her a bit for a while.

    What use is sing for life? It never matters! (Not on AI either otherwise we would’ve had the countryish girl in instead during the early sing for the top group thing.)

    You could read the result on poor Steve’s face. As soon as he saw the result you could read the “ohhhhh boy, this is gonna be ugly again, ohhhh boy this is the last thing we needed, ohhhh crap I bet the audience won’t take it well, oh damn we are doomed”.

  36. Marcus Fan says:

    Maybe Marcus thought since this was his 3rd week in the bottom he was going? so that’s why he didn’t give it his all? and imo Simon was telling everyone they NEEDED to vote for his girl Melanie so they probably didn’t for Rachel.

  37. GingerSnap says:

    This is the result I saw coming a week ago.

    And, yes, Simon, you need to raise the age limit to at least 17. This is child abuse.

  38. Linda says:

    I wasn’t particularly a fan of Rachel Crowe. However if the two save me performances had been outstanding – then let The Public vote
    Decide. That wasn’t the case. Rachel was exceptional and Nicole should have voted
    Marcus home accordingly.

  39. Michelle says:

    I cried for the little girl my heart broke for her but I feel we will be hearing from her even after this but Marcus if he’s in the bottom again next week he has to go but I’m not worried about him he will have a deal with LA Reid no matter what

    • Octodad says:

      Marcus will have a deal with LA no matter what? I wouldn’t be so sure about that. LA keeps saying he has to back “my guy”, but I’m not convinced of the sincerity of that. I think LA isn’t a fan of ANY of the contestants – they’re just pawns for him to use to win the game of X Factor, mostly to beat Simon. Once the show is done, I don’t know how much use Marcus will be to LA.

      The way I think it will go down: Marcus finishes fourth, rumors fly that LA will sign Marcus, then LA passes on Marcus, Marcus signs somewhere else, doesn’t do that well on the charts, gets dropped, we never hear from him again.

      LA is a hard-nosed businessman, and if you’re not making a lot of money for him, you’re out. Having LA root for you is not quite the prize we think it is.

  40. ceebee says:

    So WHAT is the point of the Save Me songs??? The judges automatically vote for their own contestant…..Nicole and LA have no business being on a show if they are not going to “judge” for who actually gives the BEST save me song….not watching any future episodes…I’ll read the recaps and hope the show gets major retooling before next season…I can’t believe I am actually more excited for the trainwreck that was AI from last year’s Country-Fest.

    • susela says:

      The system works better on “The Voice,” when each judge is *required* to send one of his/her own contestants home each week, until they each have one act standing and the public vote decides the winner. This format is obviously flawed. If LA was a “man of principle,” he would have voted for the superior performance tonight (Rachel’s) and sent Marcus home. And if Nicole was someone we could actually respect and did her job, she would have done the same. It’s ironic that she didn’t want to look like the bad guy and now she looks like a heartless fool.

      But in the end, this was Simon’s fault. He has given Rachel terrible material, trying to turn her into a bubble-gum tween star. The kid has some serious chops and should have been R&B all the way.

    • Noelbelle says:

      I’m curious to know if this is the case on the UK X-Factor? I haven’t been there to watch it since Leona Lewis won (yeah, quite a while), but I don’t remember it being like this.

  41. T says:

    At this point, the judges shouldn’t be allowed to choose at all. It should be the voters and as much as people don’t want to accept it, Rachel didn’t have enough votes. If they had deadlocked it last week, maybe Marcus would’ve been gone, maybe not. The only way to know for SURE is to let the votes be the deciders, not the judges. They’re more worried about “winning”. None of those guys realize it’s not about them.

  42. Sandy says:

    The Master, Mr. Cowell does things for a reason. He is a showman and chose Nicole for a reason and had her play a part, just as Paula does. All this judge piting one against another is just a way to get people to respond. Negative or positive reactions are what the show is after. The winner of this show will be contraversal as well, that is the nature of the beast, which isn’t really $5 million on the spot, they have to sell enough records each year to get the next years contract. People will tune in to see what all the negativity is all about. Its the nature of the beast. Does anyone really think that Chris Rene will be a Superstar???? or Josh or Marcus. None of them have the qualities to make the big time. Neither does Melanie, so why are we watching this drivel anyway?

    • wendy says:

      Yes, I do think Chris Rene will be a superstar. He writes brilliantly and definitely has the x factor. His voice may not be technically excellent, but makes up for it in emotional sincerity.

  43. Crissy says:

    Rachel was a sore loser, she’s too young. That’s why Idol has a higher minimum age, when kids are too young they start crying too much. The same thing kind of happened last week too, at least this time Simon wasn’t the sore loser. And people, WHY blame Nicole??? She let AMERICA decide and they voted off RACHEL!!! I’m glad, I thought she should’ve gone home last week. Congrats to Marcus, he deserved it!!

    • fran says:

      Your so right Chrissy. Rachel and drew and astro shouldnt have been therer in the first place, They are much too young. Those three proved it.

    • Marcus FTW says:

      You’re so right, Chrissy. What I can’t figure out is all of the New Found Love for Rachel on the board. WTH!! They have all hated Rachel….until now. Whatever.

    • RT says:

      I absolutely agree. I was starting to think I was one of the only people to feel that way.

    • Volcfom says:

      I’m also glad she left. I personally didn’t want her to make it to the live shows.

  44. Danielle says:

    Nicole’s decision to remain “the good guy” was ridiculous. However, the bigger debacle is how the last two “voted off” contestants have had a serious breakdown on stage. Complete proof that 14 and 15 is WAY too young to compete in this type of competition. One night you’re on top of the world having the time of your life and the next “bam”—gone. It’s really too much for people of that age to deal with…in my humble opinion. It was very uncomfortable and terribly sad watching Rachel yell “Mommy” and literally collapse to the ground. That, FOX, is not entertainment.

    • RT says:

      It’s especially hard for them when they are only told how wonderful they are week after week, then suddenly have to go home. That is especially true for Rachel, less so for Drew. She did have L.A. being hard on her some.

  45. suza says:

    How could you, as the reporter get the names so wrong?? Did you actually watch the show? LA voted for Canty not Crow. Simon voted for Crow not Canty. Paula voted for Crow not Canty. You got 3 out of 4 wrong …

    And as for Nicole. How dare she be so despicably inept? What does she have between her ears? Certainly not brains.

    • Sebby says:

      Slezak is correct. He was giving the names of the contestant that each judge voted OFF, not who they wanted to stay.

    • em says:

      If you’re referring to this article, Slezak clearly writes who the judges wanted out, which are all correct this time. Simon and Paula voted to eliminate Marcus and LA and Nicole voted to eliminate Rachel.

  46. em says:

    I’ll admit that I kind of disliked Rachel, but I don’t get why everyone hates Nicole right now. She sent it to deadlock. I personally think that since it’s top 5, America should decide anyway. Send the death threats to mainstream America this week if you’re mad.

    • Octodad says:

      We all hate Nicole for the same reason everyone hated Bill Buckner. At a very crucial moment, Nicole stopped doing the job she was paid to do, and did the judging equivalent of letting the ball roll right between her legs.

      Watching the two “Save Me” performances, it couldn’t be clearer who won – it was Rachel. As a JUDGE, Nicole was supposed to JUDGE it for Rachel. But she didn’t do her job, and so Rachel went home.

      Don’t get me wrong – LA deserves blame for his cynical vote as well. But his contestant’s life was on the line, so he voted accordingly. Nicole, though – she was supposed to be the impartial one. And she just gave up and watched the vote go by her.

      I’ve been watching reality shows for 10 years now, and I’ve NEVER seen a judge fold like that before. It’s a wrap for her – her days as a judge on ANY show are numbered. I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t make to the end of this SEASON.

      I haven’t been this mad since Haley Reinhart in Top 4 week on American Idol. But this situation was almost worse; at least on AI, the judges clearly hated Haley by the end. Nicole doesn’t even have that excuse. Nicole just crumpled like a tissue and said “I can’t decide.” Pathetic.

      • em says:

        I would actually beg to differ about Nicole’s job description. Yes, she was hired to judge, but only after it didn’t work out with Cheryl. Nicole was never this bad on The Sing-Off, but there, it was more of a collective decision. I happen to think that there are other judges who can’t judge (Steven Tyler for one) or take the easy road out – Simon did “let the public decide” a couple of weeks ago but it was for two mediocre acts.
        I’ve watched AI since S1, and if there’s anything that I’ve learned, it’s that you shouldn’t expect so much “judging” and you shouldn’t get worked up if someone goes home. I usually just blame it on America or production. It’s still a reality show, after all. Rachel bawling at the end was probably more disturbing than Nicole’s lack of backbone (which we’ve known for quite some time now)

        • Octodad says:

          You’re right about Rachel’s total meltdown after the bad news; if it didn’t happen this week, it probably would have happened in the next week or two, because she was a long shot to win the whole shebang, and she’s way too young to handle that news. To paraphrase a great philosopher, “I don’t think she’s ready for this jelly.”

          However, tonight was like the difference between a boxing split decision and Mike Tyson uppercutting someone clear out of the ring. After the sing-off, it couldn’t be clearer who won – it was Rachel by a country mile. To sit there and tear up and say “I can’t decide” after THAT pair of performances tells me very clearly that you’re not up to the job of making decisions on other people’s future careers, and that you should find something else to do. Quickly.

          In boxing, if a judge consistently marks a fight considerably differently than the other judges, that judge is BANNED. The same should apply here. To do anything less means to diminish the value of the show itself. And make no mistake, this result does diminish the show, no matter what would have happened to Rachel next week. We all now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the final performance doesn’t matter. And if it doesn’t matter, why should I invest my time in X Factor at all? It’s not as if there aren’t enough singing shows I can watch.

          BTW, I also agree with you about Steven. He’s a sweet soul who wasn’t allowed to say what he wanted, so he clammed up and just gave out the love to everyone. Nice guy, but shouldn’t be a judge. Simon, though – he’s proved his independent-thinking judging cred more than anyone else on any reality show. I’ll give him some slack for a “let the public decide” decision any day of the week over weak-willed (or is that no-willed?) Nicole Schlockmeister.

          • matt says:

            It was my understanding that the deadlock was only to be used if the judges had a hard time deciding between 2 equally strong performances? Tonight, Rachel scored a TKO over Marcus , and she decided to go to deadlock anyway? Nicole should be fired today for extreme incompetence, failing to perform her duties as a judge, this week’s results should therefore be invalidated, re-start next week with the final 5 again (i.e. bring Rachel back)and one less judge, let Paula take over as Josh’s mentor, thus protecting Josh from unfair anti-Nicole backlash. I have been looking at other websites as well such as EW and the comments are 95% anti-Nicole. And I don’t buy this theory that they are judging poorly just to boost ratings, you do not get good ratings by pissing off your audience to this extent.

  47. Kate says:

    The wrong person went home! Rachel is a MUCH better singer than Marcus and this was the THIRD time Marcus was in the bottom two and yet he’s safe? WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

    How many times is that idiot Nicole going to save Marcus? And what was with the phony crying? And did anyone else see her looking repeatedly at LA Reid before she cast her vote? Nicole is a washed up singer and LA is a music exec so she obviously trying to score points with him but it’s a shame Rachel had to pay the price for Nicole’s horrible conduct.

    Plus, Chris Rene? He may have quite the sob story but he doesn’t have the best voice and he’ll never be a star. He’s a much less nerdy Taylor Hicks.

    I am really disappointed with the X-Factor over this and I hope Simon gets rid of Nicole! She and LA are terrible judges!

    • GingerSnap says:

      Last week, the judges chose Marcus over Drew and people were p*ssed.

      This week, they threw to the voters. Rachel didn’t have enough votes. You can’t be mad at Nicole. Take a look in the mirror. You should have voted more for your favorite.

      • Mary says:

        Rachel wasn’t my favorite, heck I think she does belong on Disney not a recording artist. However, we can be mad at Nicole. The sing off is suppose to give someone a chance to save themselves. Marcus having been in the bottom two three times and Rachel outsinging him but a mile, Nicole should of done her job as a judge and voted Marcus out, not carry on I can’t decide go to deadlock. If she thought Marcus was better, than so be it, just say it but she never gave a opinion just carried on like a moron.

  48. hillchics says:

    How could you, as a human being, not read what is written right above the judges’ votes??? “Judges Votes on Who Should Go Home”. Speaking of brains…

  49. Lisa says:

    They need to have a rule that if you are in the bottom two on more than two occasions then you can’t be saved! Good luck Rachel! You did not deserve to be cut tonight and I know you will have a much bigger career than Marcus will because you a far better singer!

    Go home Marcus and take Nicole with you!

  50. Marcus Fan says:

    Agreed. They need to do A LOT of changes to this show if they want to make it last. New age limit to at least 16 and new voting system because the way things are now isn’t working…