Supernatural's Jim Beaver Returns to Justified

Well this doesn’t bode particularly well for Bobby’s fate on Supernatural.

Jim Beaver has booked a potentially multi-episode return to FX’s Justified, which premieres its third season on Tuesday, Jan. 17, TVLine has confirmed.

The Deadwood alum tweeted on Thursday that he will for certain be back for one episode but could appear in “as many as 7 … maybe more,” reprising the role of Shelby, the manager of the mine where Boyd worked for much of Season 2.

Justified Video: Raylan, Boyd and Tons of Guns!

Recently, Beaver’s Supernatural character Bobby Singer flatlined and was given the following choice by a Reaper: Become a vengeful ghost or move on to Justified the afterlife.

Justified is currently filming Season 3 in Los Angeles.

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  1. Jim Beaver says:

    Slightly misquoted here. I said it COULD be as many as 7, maybe more. Right now, I’m booked for one, which sets up the arc. They haven’t ironed out exactly how many, and it could end up being substantially less than 7.

    Jim Beaver

    • Michael Vannoy says:

      I just wish you were still on Supernatural as well.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      All clarified, Jim! – Management

    • Julie says:

      lol Gotta love that he took time to come and write about the mistake… teehee!!
      Ah Bobby – Jim: We haven’t lost hope on ya! We all know that Bobby will need some time to recuperate once he decides to live! ;)

    • Cfolliot says:


    • Elizabeth Aloe says:

      Don’t leave our SPN world! Not sure I can take it if Bobby goes. That’s like cutting out part of the heart of the show. HOWEVER, I love Justified and look forward to seeing you on that show. :) Hope you’re feeling better.

    • Winston5 says:

      Jim you’re the best supernatural rocks!

    • GK says:

      BOBBY!!! You actually see our comments! Wow! You nailed it in the winter finale. Even I had a few tears! As much as this pains me to say, I really think your character should not miraculously come alive, Jim. It was one of the best sendoff anybody could possibly have. All that amazing work will be undone if Bobby stays alive. Keep rocking dude! You are awesome! I will watch Justified for you!

    • Keith Sullivan says:

      PLEASE SAY IT ISNT TRUE!!! are you not returning to Supernatural? Is Bobby really gone? oh man I am a die hard Supernatural fan and Bobby is one of my all time favorite Characters! It is bad enough that Castiel is gone not Bobby too! Anything can happen on Supernatural as we all know. We thought Crowley was gone in spoke bones burned. Castiel gone not bobby too! They were the 2 best reoccurring Characters and you are just amazing as Bobby! SUPERNATURAL NEEDS JIM BEAVER! I really hope Castiel comes back and Bobby stays! Me and a friend of mine NEVER miss Supernatural and BOBBY IS OUR FAVORITE!

    • Vera says:

      I cried my eyes out during last episode of Supernatural. Bobby is my second most favorite character ever on the show.

      Now, I’m extremely excited to see you on Justified, which is my mom’s favorite show.

      Best of luck, Jim!

    • tracy says:

      supernatural wont be the same without bobby singers humor and awesome attitude he was a great character he will be missed

    • Ellie Larrabee says:

      How disappointing to think Bobby may not return to Supernatural. I have watched the show from the beginning and have found him to be such a powerful character who takes care of Sam and Deans welfair. Besides, they bring everyone else back to life…even Bobby’s wife came back to life if even for a short time. I miss you

    • Lin Long says:

      Jim Please come back I miss you so much your amazing, Supernatural is not the same with out you in it.

    • Bernadette says:

      Please, please come back to Supernatural. We miss you and need you!

  2. magmae says:

    I love that you corrected the scoop.

  3. steve says:

    Jim, thanks for the great run on supernatural. Your performance in the last episode was amazing…made this grown man cry…I’ve been a fan since deadwood and im incredibly psyched that you will be showing up on justified, probably the best show on television. Now if you could just confirm that Deadwood movie.. :)

  4. Ines says:

    Although I think Bobby will choose the afterlife, I know he’ll be back on Supernatural. So I wish Jim the best of luck doing Justified. You’re a great actor and you deserve to take any great opportunities that come along. Thanks for being the great character I always look forward to see on Supernatural.

  5. Carrie says:

    I think Bobby will be back somehow *fingers crossed*. He’s too important to the show. I love “Justified”, too, so it’ll be great to also see Jim Beaver on that show. He’s a terrific actor.

  6. Spoiler Alert says:

    Hey Jim

    In the second last episode of Deadwood when (SPOILER) whitney is shot in the head – was pretty much the most devastating death i’ve seen on TV. All because you made Whitney the most lovable character on Deadwood, so good job, also on choosing to reunite with Tim Olyphant on Justified. You are awesome. PS it was also cool to see you on breaking bad this year.

  7. deborah says:

    Unless maybe he’s brought back by Cas or God or remains as a ghost, I’m afraid Bobby may be gone. On the other hand, Dean and Sam could possibly try to make a deal with Death or Crowley. Also, there’s that little time travel thing; they could go back in time and prevent Bobby from getting shot in the first place. It will be nice to see Jim on “Justified,” but just hope he’s not permanently gone from “Supernatural.”

  8. Jessi says:

    Bobby is my favorite on Supernatural. I hope there is plenty more to come!

  9. Beckett says:

    Dear Bobby,

    Quit being a puss and get up off that cot. Those two knuckleheads aren’t interesting enough to get done what needs doing. What kind of hunter gets punked by something as cliche as a bullet to the head? Seriously, its time to bring your A game, champ.

    The Demon who likes to watch.

  10. Ruby says:

    I love this man with my whole heart and will follow him wherever he goes. (On my TV that is.)

  11. Kat says:

    I have always been a huge Supernatural fan but I am not loving this season. I don’t like the direction Sera Gamble is taking the show or the way she is determined to kill off everybody.

    Bobby Singer is part of the heart of Supernatural and I really can’t see the show without him. Plus, it’s interesting that Sera took away Lisa and Ben (though I didn’t like Lisa and I’m glad she’s gone), then Cas and now Bobby so she is systematically destroying Dean’s relationships and simultaneously offering more Sam centric stories which is NOT what I want to see.


    • Drew says:

      First of all, Kripke was involved with last season, which means that he took Lisa and Ben away too. I’m not a fan of the decision and hope that they bring them back, because it obviously hasn’t helped Dean (losing them is part of his problem this year, I think) and they’re no safer than they were before. Every Leviathan out there knows that there are pretty much only two people left alive that Dean cares about, and that’s Lisa and Ben. They all know about them because of Castiel, and then because they took on Sam and Dean’s memories.

      Second, not being able to see how the show could continue without Bobby is the whole point. It’s not an evil plan that Sera cooked up to give Sam more screen time (seriously, he’s had less to do this year than Dean by a long shot and this whole Dean-girl vs Sam-girl battle is getting old). It’s a legit story for season seven, taking away everything that we’ve become comfortable with and have been relying on, rather than trying to do the same exact thing over and over again, and getting stale because of it. We don’t know where this is going or how they will get along without Bobby… and that’s a good thing, from a storytelling point of view. It sucks. We don’t have to like that it’s happening to the characters, but it’s a perfectly legit story to tell.

      Now we see what Dean and Sam are capable of without John leading them, without Bobby telling them how to fix things, without Castiel making everything okay with the snap of a finger. Now it’s just them and no magic, just the skills that they’ve picked up over the years.

    • Kalie says:

      You do realize that although Gamble is executive producer, she’s not responsible for everything and anything that happens with the show, right? She has to work with other producers, writers, directors, Warner Bros. and The CW. It’s not like she makes all decisions on her own and everyone just does what she says.

      • Amy says:

        But ultimately she has creative control which means when its great its on her, when its not its on her!!! Just saying!

  12. Grace says:

    What about Richard Speight Jr.? Will he be back on JUSTIFIED as JED at all this season? Thank you!

  13. cas ryan says:

    i hope bobby stays gone no offence to jim hes a good actor but im really looking forward to seeing how the boys cope on their own and if that doesnt ill be majorly pissed

  14. Melissa says:


    Please get someone at JUSTIFIED to update the look of Lexington. It’s an upscale urban area that looks a lot like the Universal backlot, but with bigger trees.

  15. Alexis says:

    Well given the choice I would also hot-step it over to Justified.
    That show is near perfect! Cannot wait for season 3 – I was so disappointed that Jim Beaver only got the one episode in S2.

  16. Dianne says:

    ohhhh noooo, don’t leave, Jim….what will those poor “igits” do without the plethora of knowledge they still need to learn from you. I saw one episode of season 6 and was hooked…I started from season one and I’m almost done (will be b4 season returns in Jan) and as much as I love the boys, you hold them together. They will be lost puppies without you. Good luck and God Bless you on all your future endeavors. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

  17. ronee says:

    oh i do not want bobby singer to die. i love bobby! Come on Cass glue your body back together, get your mojo back and save bobby singer! i can’t stand losing him! First Mary, Jessica, John, Ash, Ellen, Joe, Rufus and Castiel. no!!!!somehow someway save bobby singer!

  18. DeCaye says:

    Im heartbroken!!! Bobby makes Supernatural!! Please say he isn’t gone forever!!!! :”(

  19. Denise says:

    I think that it was unfair to leave Sam and Dean with no family. They are very capable hunters but everyone needs some one to turn to. I love the show and both Bobby and Cass rounded out Dean and Sams characters. Although I am a die hard fan and have every season on DVD, I am not happy with the direction in which Sara Gamble has been taking the show. I will continue to watch because I love Sam and Dean. If Ms. Ga bel reads these post you really need to bring back Bobby and Cass. I was not too happy when Ellen and Jo died stop killing every one that means something to your fan base.

    P.S. Bobby may still be here remember Dean’s empty beer bottle. Any way these are my opinions.

    • Amy says:

      I agree, I think that taking everything away from them isnt as exciting as some of the people on here seem to think. I mean what is so interesting about both of them being depressed all the time, they don’t enjoy their job anymore, they don’t feel like they help people, they have no family to live for, I mean why bother!!

  20. Cheryl says:

    I absolutely HATE that Cass and Bobby are both gone….they were the family Sam and Dean needed, the two people/angels they could always count on. Hoping Bobby’s ghost makes appearances and Cass shows up again.

  21. Patty says:

    Good TV is not about the two lead characters alone, which is a huge failure on the part of producers of this show. The ensemble cast are every bit as important to the show as the lead characters. I do not watch this show for Sam and Dean alone. Constantly killing off great characters wreaks of a lack of creativity on the parts of those producing the show. End the show all together if you are running out of things to write. Bobby’s character was as essential to the show as Sam and Dean. I felt the same way when they needlessly killed off Jo and her daughter. At this rate the show will soon be canceled as the ratings are sure to drop.

  22. debs hanley says:

    i agree with everything thats been said on here i to am sick of all the good characters being killed off or got rid of in some daft way if this carries on we wont get a season 8 or more there wont be anything left to watch sam and dean are brill but they carnt carry the show alone it needs other story lines and characters to bring out the best in the boys i have watched supernatural since day one and will continue to the end but a lot of fans that i know havnt they have stopped watching and if that happens the show will end and we dont want that.

  23. jon says:

    i understand that they want to keep the show fresh, and it is a hard thing to do. jenson and jared are brilliant and make the show, BUT, we the fans are what keep it on and whether or not they think its getting stale shouldnt should be about whats going to keep ppl watching on friday nights and i think the fan base has spoken WE WANT CASS AND BOBBY> FIGURE IT OUT thank you

  24. joyce says:

    Will stop watching if bobby doesnt return hes as much a part of the show as sam and dean

  25. Terre Ponder says:

    Bobby’s humor can;t be replaced. Jim Beaver’s delivery is just beyond awesome. The only one that could even come close is Rex Linn, but I don’t think that he would leave CSI-Miami, Good Luck Jim in all your future rolls.

  26. Amy says:

    I get that they are trying to see how Sam and Dean will handle not having the crutches that were always their to fix things for them. However, they could have done that without killing them all off. Its just so sad, I mean these guys used to have such life in the first few seasons even after Dean came back from Hell, but now why do I want to watch Sad depressed Sam and Dean. I mean I wouldn’t blame either one if they were just like screw it let the Leviathons win. Why bother!!!

  27. Mona says:

    I will never stop watching Sam & Dean. There has to be change, just like with the change up from demons to angels. I cried when Bobbys ghost burned up, is he really gone? And where the heck did Cass go and why did he leave Dean alone on purgatory? I am looking forward to the new season but I have to ask, where has the humor gone?

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