The Finder First Look: Check Out the Official Poster For Fox's Bones Spinoff

Is Geoff Stults’ professional locator Walter Sherman in way over his head? Or is he looking for someone’s missing pet shark? Or are we reading way to much into the following key art for Fox’s upcoming Bones offshoot, The Finder?

On the surface at least, the poster conveys all the key message points about the procedural: the setting is tropical, it shares DNA with Bones, and it centers around “a different kind of detective” — in this case, a brain damaged Iraq war vet who possesses a unique ability: he can find almost anything for anybody.

Oh, and most importantly, it premieres Thursday, Jan. 12 at 9/8c.


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  1. Dani says:

    Cue the Bones fans complaining.

    • XD says:

      see, i’m really excited, and i absolutely love bones. i really liked that episode with the finder. and sweets is in it, so who can complain?

    • mary says:

      if david’s not in it….i ain’t watchin

    • Dijea says:

      I’m a Bones fan, but I’m not complaining. This looks fun and I’m going to give it a chance. I like quirky men and he’s definitely quirky. I’m actually finding Bones less appealing this season and I’m not really sure why – but it’s almost too much middle school sex jokes instead of intellectual humor.

      Bring on the insults.

    • Trish says:

      LOVE Bones, and I loved what I thought was a fantastic episode. I thought at first airing that it would be a great series on its own, and thought that again last night when I watched the rerun. I, for one, am disappointed that Ike (I believe that was the bartender/pilot’s character’s name) won’t be in it. I hoped to see all three of the same characters. Can’t wait to see it, and hope it stays on for more than the first season.

      • vanessa says:

        I totally agree with you! I liked Ike, I’m sad that she is not going to be in the show :( But I’m still excited for the show!

        • beeveedee says:

          Agreed. Watching now episode 3, having just discovered this is a series. Saw the Bones episode this spins off from and loved the dynamics of the 3 characters in the bar. Watching this episode has me thinking it’s missing some of the chemistry of the Bones episode. Could it be that 3rd character of Ike missing, or maybe they don’t have the same writers now?… but it just doesn’t feel the same.

  2. OhDear says:

    …every detective show that has ever aired on the USA Network?

  3. dk says:

    Well, let’s see. I didn’t like it when they took a whole Bones Episode for it last season….. and…. the only part I did like, the lady bartender, I do believe they’ve replaced. Yep, not looking forward to it, though, I guess it’ll give me more free time for a few months.

  4. Matt Webb Mitovich says:

    That’s a pretty good/tricky maze in the logo – yet it IS solvable. #wordgamesgeek

  5. kate says:

    i am a HUGE bones fan and i will not complain. i re-watched the pilot recently and think the show has some promise. can’t wait to see the first few episodes in january!

  6. Jana says:

    I am looking forward to it, although in my eyes it looks a bit like a Psych rip off.

    • Rob says:

      God let’s hope it’s not a Psych rip-off that
      would definitely suck…

      Though i will give this show a shot can’t guarantee
      i’ll like it though. Just going to have to wait
      and see.

  7. rod says:

    this totaly looks like a new USA show, characters welcome

  8. laura says:

    im giving it one more try but i think im gonna pass based on bones ep. just didnt really like the characters.

  9. Brenna says:

    I really enjoyed the characters and the episode which aired during Bones. I have been waiting for this every since!

  10. Lisa says:

    I’m upset they pushed back the Bones finale just to try to get people to watch a show that people don’t like…The Finder. I didn’t like The Finder. I don’t like Geoff Stults and Michael Clarke Duncan seemed out of place. They got rid of that chick with the bad British accent and replaced her with god only knows and quite frankly, I don’t care.

  11. 1mars says:

    Yep, I agree Geoff Stultz and this show is totally under water already based entirely on the pilot and the writing.

  12. kyle says:

    Been a bones fan since day one. I loved this episode and character when he appeared. I will watch this show. If it sucks, well then it sucks and I wont watch it. If it’s good… well more amazing shows to watch!

  13. Lisa says:

    In addition, I was severely annoyed when the show took over most of an entire Bones epi last season!

  14. Lisa says:

    Please tell me I don’t have to see this idiot taking a crap again.

  15. the grim reapper says:

    The Finder should be nice, a fresh kind of show, though related to Bones, actually very different. I reckon it will be awesome. plus, Ving Rhames is also awesome, so I don’t see the characters as a problem. And while it will be a break for Bones, this will pleasantly make the wait better.

  16. Hojana says:

    Bones launched it once already it was a dud…Move on and let Bones run free!

    • checkermate says:

      People are so reactionary. Bones is NOT going on hiatus because of The Finder. The Finder is showing while Bones is on hiatus. The woman had a baby….give her a break already!

      • sandy says:

        Emily had her baby in September. Thewhole crew , INCLUDING EMILY, are back at work making episode 7. DON’T tell me it is for her ,it isn”t!!!!!!!! It is to promote The Finder and for no other reason!!!!! IHATED IT when it took over Bones’ last season,and I will be unhappy until Bones’ returns!!!!!!!!!

  17. Dawanna says:

    I’m a HUGE. Fan of BONES! I liked the episode of the finder so I’m going to check it out, but it can’t replace BONES ……..that’s a Awesome show!

  18. Chelsea says:

    I think that legitimate ideas are becoming few and far in between these days. I love Bones and hope this show won’t ruin it. But my actual comment is directed toward the supposed editor in chief who wrote this article.

    Please check your piece for spelling errors before you embarrass yourself again. I’ll give you a hint, check your third sentence for a mistake my seven year old niece wouldn’t make.

    Give me your job or even a job in general and this wouldn’t happen again.

    • jjnado says:

      When correcting someone’s spelling or grammar, please make sure to hyphenate “seven year old” when it is being used as an adjective to modify the word “niece.”

      Also, “I’ll give you a hint,” should end in a period, with the word “Check” beginning the next sentence.

      ….oh, and don’t be such a friggin’ douchebag

  19. Beth says:

    Well I loved the concept…lets see how it works out!

    Oh and Monday is the 12th and thursday next week is the 15th…so which day is it?

  20. Dee Dee says:

    Think the forensic crowd will be hugely disappointed if it’s not centered around that and that’s a pretty big crowd you’d be losing. :(

  21. Jade says:

    @Lisa: “that chick with the bad British accent” – funny you should say so, given Saffron Burrows is actually straight from London. LOL, that’s a good one.

  22. jeni says:

    I’ll check it out again, although i have no strong feelings either way.

    I would like to know though, how an actor can have a “bad British accent” if she’s actually a Brit?

  23. Kim says:

    He’s not bad to look at though… And I like those glasses.

  24. kasey says:

    I’m excited… Bones needs a hiatus to do filming after Emily had her baby and I’ve been seeing Hart Hanson’s tweets about this. I’m just excited to see what it will bring. I will give it a try.

  25. baillor says:

    When was the finder episode on? I missed it?

  26. sedjet says:

    Is a bones fan and definitely looking forward to this show. The spin off episode was good.

  27. Ash says:

    I am excited for this show. Ever since I watched the Bones ep of The Finder with my aunt we both said it would be cool if they made a show based on the ep. Thursdays are getting a whole lot better.

  28. Abby says:

    This show is a POS! Won’t give it the time of day!

    • ggny says:

      i agree the backdoor pilot was crap but i heard after they got rid of the annoying female and reworked it that the new episodes are very good

  29. ggny says:

    still dont get why after The Finder needed female cast members they didnt move Tina Majorino character from Bones to The Finder after she was so well liked from the fans after being in 1 episode…She would have been great on The Finder

  30. Abby says:

    I don’t care they did. Won’t watch. I hope it fails miserably.

  31. Traci says:

    This is based off a character that guess stared on an episode of A & E’s hit show The Glades. I figured they would be popping up again. Neat concept

  32. Sue says:

    I am glad to see this as a spin-off. When I watched the Bones episode with the finder, I thought the characters and their interactions, along with the “Psych” type story line would make a great series in itself. I am excited to see if it will live up to my expectations.

    • Melissa says:

      You will be let down, BIG TIME. This is nothing like Psych at all and its even further away from Bones. These people can use the Bones name all they want, but the Finder is a joke and people will see it.

  33. Caz says:

    Wondering when this will be on in the UK and that “bad british accent” is East London. Definatly looking forward to this.

    • Lynne says:

      Me too it may be picked up by Sky – re the accent it may not have been Dick Van Dyke cockney but it was an affected accent. It annoyed me and I love it when Brits appear in US shows.

  34. ZmaX says:

    Did anyone else go through the maze?

  35. Ronda says:

    Ok Chelsea, why don’t you take another minute out of your unemployed (?) day and grab your 7 year-old niece. Then tell us what you think was misspelled in the third sentence of this piece. I’m not a reporter or “professional” writer, but I have done my fair share of writing in my profession. As such, I’m a bit confused as to what the terrible spelling indiscretion could be?

    • Zara says:

      The use of “to” instead of “too”. One of my pet peeves as well. However, I have learned that editors and proofreaders are scarce in journalism these days whether it is an old-fashioned paper or the internet publications. They are among the first to get fired and the journalists are left to proofread on their own. They are writers, not editors. Just saying.

      • Juan says:

        Troll burn! I love when people come in and right wrongs.

        and don’t worry Ausiello, we still love you. People make mistakes, and one of the best writers I know makes far worse, and many more, mistakes.

  36. Deena says:

    I love Geoff and I think I will like TF but I just hate that they’re moving and re-moving Bones cos of TF :/

  37. TvTroz says:

    Psych > The Mentalist > Monk > The Finder

  38. Nicky says:

    Liked Geoff except for the lame catch phrasing. What did he say all the time? “I’ll risk it?” Whatever it was, it was a little cheap and annoying. The girl was tough ok but a little too cockney and angry and the constant hand gestures turned me off. I loved the concept though and it looks like they’ve cleaned the cast up a bit. It’s sort of like the A-team meets Psych. And, it was funny. I believed they cleaned up the cast. The setting allows for future eye- candy strip downs by Stults. Yay!

  39. Kaija says:

    Love the poster. Geoff Stults is so perfect for this role.

  40. ely says:

    Es el mejor programa q he visto,espero q nunca se acabe,gracias

  41. Cara says:

    I live in a tropical place so I tend to hate any show based in the tropics. I don’t like Hawaii Five-O, NCIS:LA, CSI:Miami, and have never watched an episode of Burn Notice.

    So I’m already prejudice against this show, and on top of that I hate spin-offs, Criminal minds is my favorite show but I couldn’t stand “Suspect Behavior”. I don’t think I’m gonna like this either.

  42. gcem says:

    I really enjoyed the Bones espisode where they introduced this character, so I’m looking forward to the series.

  43. Lisa says:

    Do you people really think this is going to replace Bones? Emily had had a baby! Cut the lady some slack! While I LOVE Bones, and have every season on DVD and re-watch them all of the time it is not the only show on TV. Give it a break. You can not judge it until you have seen it. I for one will give it a shot and if it is no good then I will go find something else to watch until Bones returns.

  44. KBC says:

    Well, it looks like it could be a fun show. But didn’t they do this with back in the 80s with Tom Selleck? Is Geoff Stults gonna rock some sweet Hawaiian shirts?

  45. Sara says:

    I tend to love shows that take place in Miami, but the Pilot was awful. Leo was very likeable, but I just wanted to strangle Walter (the main character), so no Finder for me.

  46. Amy says:

    I’m a huge at David Boreanaz fan and im only watching ep

  47. Katy says:

    I don’t think they did anything like this in the ’80s. But what do I know I’m only 13. I think my mom said something about this when the ep first aired but I’m not positive. And (No disrespect to anyone who likes her) but will someone PLEASE tell Hart Hanson to get rid of DAISY???? She annoys the HELL out of me.

  48. iliana says:

    I am a huge bones fan. If it wasn’t for bones I would not even see fox. So sence bones wont be on until january I will just change the channel and wacth something else.

  49. Valerie says:

    Conflicted. If its a spin off of Bones they’ll probably end the series soon. I’m only 13 and BONES <3 is the only show I really love and can actually understand! I don't want it to end! Plus, it's like Hart Hanson wants super fans–like me–to have panic attacks bc new episodes of bones don't start for like another month! And then after only another 1 episode we have to wait 2-3 more months! It's mutiny I tell you!

  50. Wallace says:

    I’m exicted to watch the Finder. I love Walter’s complicated methods and thoughts. I’m sad that Ike and ‘his legal advisor’, whos name I sadly forgot.. They all had great chesmitry and the fact they are apart makes me sad. I’m excites to see what happens though.