Did the Horror Story Daughter Give Up the Ghost? Taissa Farmiga Teases Twist Plus Season Finale

Violet Harmon’s recent attempt at an overdose of pills — coupled with her conspicuous absence from the last episode — has some fans of FX’s American Horror Story (Wednesdays, 10/9c) speculating that the troubled teen has joined boyfriend Tate in the ghost world. Tonight, that mystery will be addressed.

“You never know with Ryan Murphy,” Taissa Farmiga, who plays Violet, says of the show’s crafty cocreator. “He can be thinking one thing and then just pull something else right out from under you. But yes, you definitely get your answer in this episode.”

Officially, FX’s synopsis for the horror thriller’s 10th episode says that Violet will “learn the rules of the house.” Farmiga elaborates, saying that courtesy of Tate and other resident spirits, “Some secrets start to be uncovered, and there are so many of them….. Violet is just trying to take it all in, but it’s a lot. And it’s dark.”

Though one might think the decidedly dark fare would present the biggest challenges to Farmiga, who is 17 and had only one acting credit on her resume prior to this summer, she says it’s instead the emotional scenes – including a real humdinger airing this week – that weigh on her.

“Emotional scenes are kind of fun for a while – it’s nice to get a good cry out – but Violet has been pretty emotional in the second half of this season,” she notes. “And all of that emotion gets to you.”

The downright scary scenes, meanwhile, “are fun to play,” she maintains, because the set pieces so easily set the mood. “That basement is kind of freaky!”

That said, Horror Story does like to get its freak on and often, so Farmiga admits that “there have been moments” where she and TV mom Connie Britton might trade looks between takes à la “This is so crazy!” But thanks in part to a smiling crew and cast, she says, “You just jump back into it” for the next scene.

Working alongside the likes of acting vets such as Britton, Dylan McDermott and Frances Conroy, let alone two-time Oscar winner Jessica Lange, “has been great,” Farmiga raves. “Sometimes I wish I could just sit down and watch them, to see how they play out a scene, but then I remember, ‘Wait, I’m in this scene, too,’ and you’ve got to act.”

Farmiga very recently wrapped the season after filming her role in the 90-minute finale set to air Dec. 21. Of that capper, she will only say, “There’s a lot going on…. They start to finally wrap things up, so you get your answers. But I’ve got to say, the ending is kind of dark.

“It’s happy… and it’s not,” she continues, measuring her words carefully. “I mean, this show isn’t really ‘happy,’ so you shouldn’t be expecting all sunshine and rainbows.”

As for Season 2, which FX greenlit a while back, Farmiga confirms that “the last few minutes” of the finale will hint at what’s to come.

And as that season-ender airs, Violet’s portrayer can expect to hear from her big sister, actress Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air), who fast became a fan of the far-out drama.

“She was shooting in Romania when I first started, but she caught up when she got back, and she always texts me during the show,” the younger Farmiga shares. “It’s nice to have her support!”

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  1. Lambsilencer says:

    And here I was thinking that Taissa is Vera Farmiga’s daughter… :) Oh well, always good to see I don’t know everything. :D

    Great article! Looking forward to the rest of the season.

    • aleksa says:

      It’d be easy enough to mistake that (she’s a spitting image of her sister). There’s something like a 22 year age difference between them.

  2. fernando says:

    I really hope season 2 is a whole new cast and a whole new place, I like if each season it will be something new, because it will get to a point where its going to get old but if each season is a fresh start it could last a long time.

    • Alex says:

      @Fernando – A new cast (living family) maybe.. but the location (the house) is the nexus of the show… while technically yes you can have a show called American Horror Story, set in some other home, in some other place… there’s way too much to explore with the house.

      • Mike says:

        they should stick with the same cast they have now for season 2 the harmons and all the other colorful characters of this great show and reading the set up for season 2 it looks like they are doing that :-)

        A new family would just be a replay of season 1 just with a different family

  3. I knew it. What did it for me was when the truant officer came to the house saying she hadn’t been to school in two weeks. The second he said that I said to myself, “Okay she’s dead”. Now I don’t know but I have this strange idea that when the babies are born it will be her and Tate reincarnated, and don’t be surprised if those babies don’t age, like really fast.

    • Kristin says:

      I never thought of that. As soon as she couldn’t get out of the house I knew she was dead.

    • jennrae says:

      The flies confirmed it for me. We knew this episode would answer the question, and flies mean death. How has no one been smelling Violet, though? That smell permeates, and the bug guy for sure would have smelled her a mile off, even if everybody else couldn’t (unlikely).

  4. Plum says:

    I didn’t even consider that she wasn’t alive so it was a huge shock to me. It was a great ep and Lange was amazing but the ending was so deeply sad, even with the all the twists in the show that was the one that was the saddest.

    The entire cast is amazing week after week, this show is the most beautiful scary show ever, better than all of the horror movies that have junked up the theaters for the past ten years.

  5. Amy says:

    i love her