Sons of Anarchy Season Finale Post Mortem: Kurt Sutter Tackles Burning Qs and Previews Season 5

[The following contains major spoilers from Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy Season 4 finale. If you have yet to lay witness to it all, turn back now.]

Phew. Sons of Anarchy concluded what has arguably been its finest season (take note, Emmy!) with an edge-of-your seat, twist-filled, game-altering hour that tied up a number of loose ends and planted just enough seeds to keep viewers pumped for Season 5. In the following Q&A, the show’s passionate, outspoken creator, Kurt Sutter, weighs in on the finale’s biggest question marks and reveals what’s in store when the show returns next year.

TVLINE | Was it always your plan to have Clay survive the season?
Yeah. The character of Clay was essential to me for at least a couple more seasons. There’s so much more dramatic ground to cover with Jax at the head of that table and Clay now almost the Piney character in that he’s weakened and stripped of some of his previous weight and power. To me, that’s a really interesting dynamic. And quite honestly, I didn’t want to waste the power of Jax having that knowledge and passion and knowing about the deceit that happened and the secret that’s been kept from him for all these years with just one episode of him killing Clay. Because then it’s done. He’s avenged his father’s death and it’s almost like that storyline kind of burns out, and I just feel there’s a lot more story to tell there. I equate it to a little bit of what we did on The Shield. When Vic found out that Shane was responsible for killing Lem, we played out a whole season with those two guys knowing that. It was so much fun to have those two guys [harbor] intense hatred and and yet they had to suit up every day and go to work together. That’s just really fun fertile ground for story.

TVLINE | The Tara-Gemma dynamic was forever altered, too. They’re essentially becoming the same person. Moving forward, what is the one thing that prevents Tara from truly becoming like Gemma?
That was always the idea to have Gemma kind of bring Tara close and ultimately create her own little Frankenstein there. Look, I don’t think we’re going to waste the arc that we built with Tara this season. Meaning, she’s not going to go back to the, “Am I in or am I out?” Tara that we’ve seen previously. But clearly Tara is not Gemma… Tara gives Jax that syringe and says, “This is how you [kill Clay].” Well if it was Gemma, she would have already done it, so there’s still an element of Tara that’s somewhat removed. I don’t thing Tara would actually be able to go up to Clay and put a bullet in his head or put the syringe in the tube. Is Tara really capable of becoming Gemma? And what happens if she’s put in a position where she has to make that ultimate sacrifice for her family and her club? Is she going to be capable of going that dark? So I do think they’re definitely some struggles with Tara yet to play out.

TVLINE | Tara and Clay now have something in common, in that they both know that Gemma is concealing the truth about her role in JT’s death from Jax.

Sons of Anarchy Spoiler Alert: Look Who’s Returning in Season 5

TVLINE | I have to imagine that that’s going to be a big story for next season.
I think so. It’s interesting — people have been asking me what’s going to happen with Clay and Gemma, and I’m not quite sure yet. I just know that they will always be intrinsically connected because of the secrets and the lies that they have together. And that’s an example of one. It’s why when Gemma sees Clay alive at the end [of the finale], that’s just a really bad thing for her. That’s a really big, dangerous loose end. So that will be something that we will definitely play with next season. And for Tara, that definitely gives her some leverage over Gemma. There are definitely still some loose ends from those letters — even though we see Gemma burning them. The physical evidence is missing, but Tara has enough weight with Jax that if she told him the truth, even without seeing the letters I think he would believe Tara. Perhaps Jax might not believe Clay, but I definitely think he would believe Tara. So I do believe there is some danger there even though she’s destroyed the evidence firsthand.

TVLINE | Is it safe to assume that the crime boss father of Leroy’s dead girlfriend will be a huge character next season?
Yeah. In terms of the level of participation, that always remains to be seen. But I definitely wanted to lay some track for Season 5 and put some complications already on Jax’s shoulder as he’s sitting at the head of the table. He’s already got a problem [going into Season 5].

TVLINE | Is it possible that we’ve seen the last of Opie for now?
I don’t think so. It was never my intention to suggest that he is away. To me, it was just too convenient and too soon for Opie to suddenly come back to that table with Jax. So much has happened to him and he’s such a thoughtful guy. I just think he’s the kind of guy that’s going to [need] a minute to put all this stuff in order in his head. And we’ll probably build some kind of story around that before he’s able to actually come back and be [at Jax’s side]. So that was just [a matter of] protecting the character and then to give me some story play for next season as well.

TVLINE | Given the pressing nature of the Irish deal, will Season 5 pick up almost instantly?
Fairly close. Obviously, there’s not going to be the huge break we did between Seasons 3 and 4. But I’ll try to [build in] a little time, maybe a month or so.

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TVLINE | Where do you stand on setting an end date to the show?
I’ve had a conversation with [FX president] John Landgraf and I look at [doing] potentially seven seasons. And, honestly, that’s really just coming from the model of the show and knowing that usually by Season 6 and 7 the above-the-line costs start to get pretty high and the show sort of loses profitability and it’s really difficult to continue to [produce] beyond that point. So my thought was that if I could get seven seasons, I’d definitely have stories to tell and a way to end it. So ideally, I’d love to be able to get another three seasons.

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  1. Nina says:

    I want more Juice next season !! The Jax/Tara ending with the Gemma/John photo at the end was so great.

    • Draper says:

      The cheesy dissolve was easily the worst part of the episode. Anyone with a brain could figure out the connection without it being shown.

      • Terrence says:

        It really doesn’t matter that you know or knew or if anyone else knows or knew the last scene is to set up what is going to be the focus or even the minor focus for next season.

      • Jim says:

        Agreed. The only thing rivaling the cheesiness of that dissolve was the customized “House of the Rising Son” version. I was embarrassed by that. It’s never been cheesy like that before. Weird.

    • Mark says:

      As my girlfriend pointed out to me, SOA is really a damn good soap opera. Unlike daytime soaps, SOA is focused for a male audience. All of the sex, sin, angst, grief, heroes, villains, etc. are all there. The tone is a little less campy but it’s a soap.

      • marc says:

        so its a soap big deal tell whoever busts your balls to go back n watch as my stomach turns and leave u alone lol

      • Marc says:

        You just described all dramatic television. Daytime soaps are like a used Kia. Where a show like SOA is a fully loaded Camry, making Dexter and Boardwalk Empire the Mercedes and BMW.

    • Scott McCarron says:

      I Love this show!!! its the best thing on t.v. Every character has their own way of putting a greatness to this show..I just want to say congrats & i hope it never ends..and if you every need a backup character im available..lol

      • Sandy says:

        From a womans point of view. I love Sons of Anarchy best show on TV Can’t wait for Tuesdays so I can watch it. This year has been the best and can’t wait to see what happens next season, I wish it could play year round. Excellent job this season, keep up the great writing.

      • Rena says:

        I love it too!!! hope it never ends… but you know it will… that will be a sad day…
        If it’s a soap, it’s a DAMN good one!! best show on TV

    • Anacharist says:

      Eff Juice, he is a rat and the only one to not take the heat for his actions. He should be smoked with a quickness next season.

    • ShannonDanielle says:

      I loved every minute of S.O.A. and it makes Tuesdays my favorite day of the week. My bf and I watch it religiously. Always wondering, always on the edge of our seats. I wouldnt change a thing. Thank you for the best series ever! Keep doing what you are doin. The guys hating on Tara is cause their is less sex with random girls and girls that want Tara gone is cause they want Jax lmao. I am a female and I think everyone has a little “rebel” in us and thats what draws us in. Its a little rush that we are a part of. <3

      • rushfu2112 says:

        I don’t care for Tara because she takes too much bs. Yet she is distant and a Dr, just not a very true personality, fro what I know of real life.
        If she doesn’t grow a pair in the next season it will just be too annoying to watch.

    • Kim says:

      I am with you more Juice.

      • Chatony says:

        Why would anyone approve of Juice or want more Juice. He killed one of his own club brothers for something HE did! He’s weak and suicidal, and doesn’t even stand up fr his own heritage. Plus he’s a snitch!!

        When the Sons discover the scum that he is, he is history, so enjoy him while you can..He’s not in the script for long…

        • Ryan says:

          Juice killed a club member in self defense and he was cornered. Look at tig and clay. They killed club members or someone in close relations.

          • Larry says:

            Juice killed a brother to cover up him stealing drugs from the club and giving it to the cops… He screwed up two times,stealing ,and then killing a brother… He should have just came clean up front when the cops approached him…. I lost a lot of respect for Juice…

        • RGW says:

          I completely agree, juice should come clean and the hang himself, at least if your gonna be a snitch, be good at it. I just dont like the squirmy lil fart.

    • Lisa Marie Cole says:

      I have been watching SOA since season 2, unfortunately I missed the 1st season. I love this show. I was married to the biker life for many, many years. The show is not far off on the inner workings of a club. Although, it definitely keeps me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode or the next season. Can’t wait for season 5 to premiere.

      • Kim says:

        I have been watching from the first show have not missed one… Tara is great. That FBI guy was just strange this year. Opie needs some happiness in his life for real. I think they killed off a few to many this year the guy in the land-mind I think Kenny should still be on. I want to hear more about Tara’s bosses old life I think she should become someones old lady.

      • gail says:

        Rent season one!!! It is well worth it. It will answer some questions and give you an idea of whats going on now.

    • Sharon says:

      Why does everyonehave to look so dirty? Give those folks especially Gemma and Tara a good bath. I have been around bike and bikers a long time and they don’t look that bad!

    • amanda says:

      yea tht was deff a gud ending..its kinda like the next generation SOA. really cool..

    • teresa says:

      Yes the picture scene at the very end of the show was absolutely perfect & great!!! LOVED IT!!

    • dee says:

      i want you to know we love watching soa great season can’t wait for next season.

    • Monica says:

      Totally agree with you this was truly genius at work. Thank you Kurt for making such an addicting show.

    • Anonymous says:

      app!! Macantousch can’t touch us!!! now its time for some issues and codes that might to need to be cracked



      ! ^app!! your last Episodes you put me on the air good Debuty U.S. Attourney^




  2. V says:

    Very disappointed. I feel like nothing happened this season (except for killing Kenny off and that didn’t need to happen in the first place). Sutter should just kill Tara off already. Make Gemma do it!!

    • SOA Lifer says:

      If you believe that then you are not truly an SOA fan…sorry buddy…this season was beyond words. Kurt Sutter is brillant and the fact that u want Tara dead shows you understand nothing about the dynamics of the characters. SORRY BUT YOU SUCK :P

      • Blonde says:

        Why aren’t you getting on any one else’s butt about not liking the finale or the season?! According to the comments most people didn’t like it.

        • So-So says:

          I wouldn’t say that I didn’t like Part 2 of the finale, but I think it was sort of anti-climactic. However, it was still compelling enough to make me want to come back next season to see how the new dynamic plays out. Plus I don’t believe for a second that Clay is going to go gentle into that good night. I think there’s going to be some major power struggles going on; Clay’s ego is just waaaay too big to so meekly step aside.

        • I am an ex biker and club president, so I became a fan after the first episode first season.There have been lots of biker movies in the years past but this is by far the most original and true to biker lifestyle as i have seen,Watching the last episode and listing to the soundtrack which i must add was pure genius you couldn’t have had a better song. Back to what I was getting at, the end reminded me so much of the end of the god father where Michael becomes the head don.I look forward to season five.

          • Bru says:

            I totally agree about the soundtrack, and all the soundtracks. Love them! Love the way Tara has snapped into survival mode. I also believe this is the purest story line. I’ll be around for all seven seasons if you’re able to get that done. I am forever on the edge of my seat. Thanks!

          • Roby says:

            That’s exactly what I thought! When jax told tig to sit at another seat and with the slow zoom in on him at the head of the table all I could think of was the godfather

        • Chatony says:

          I agree, you don’t ‘get it’…This season was AWESOME just like ALL of the seasons.The majority here agrees.

        • Rena says:

          NO!! as far as I have seen, everyone loved it!!!

      • John Locke says:

        I’m truly an SOA fan.. Whatever that means. And this episode SUCKED..
        I’ve been watching since the show premiered in Sept of 08.

        Please explain what exactly was BRILLIANT about this season?

        I thought they couldn’t wear cuts in public anymore? Or was that forgotten about? Piney has been dead for half the season and NOBODY KNOWS!!! Jax and Opie have become the 2 biggest suckers in TV history. If I was Clay, I’d be smiling too that no matter what you do to these clowns, they will take it and smile.

        Dynamics of the characters? Um Okay whatever that means. Tara changed her mind in 5 mins when all season it was about her getting out.

        This finale was the definition of anti climatic.

        • Jason says:

          Sorry… I’m more interested in story than things going boom or someone getting stabbed…(not like there wasn’t a bit of that in a season with rpgs, landmines, a driveby and a hit and run, an up close gunfight and an about self hanging). Remember this is Hells Angels meets Shakespeare here, the focus on character development through manipulation, spheres of influence, and flawed thought patterns, the season focused more on what would happen in real life, and what would be the smartest way to capitalize. Much more mental this season than physical. The fact that you couldn’t guess how it would end even if you had a 100 tries and not only that but the way it ended made sense and also led the way to a more “hells angels” season next year.

        • April Bailey says:

          I thought this season has been great!! And Tara did want to leave, but she understands why Jax couldnt and thats why she is staying, duh!! Shes standing by her man!!! Thats what women do……

        • Mitch says:

          Did you really watch the series or just read about it? Tara changed her mind because the man she loves , was forced to stay in Charming . How is Opie a pushover? he tried to kill Clay and still wants to kill Clay. Jax has been forced into not killing Clay, remember the Cartel are CIA and they can destoy the club and enforce some pretty long jail sentences if the deal with the Irish does not happen. They need Clay alive for that or were you asleep during that part? and if you watch any TV series ever other then the final season you never get full climax otherwise the show is over. And if you watch the show like you say you do you would have know that Piney often spends a lot of time out at the cabin, those characters that do not know his dead would not be questioning much because although we have to wait on a weekly basis for a new show, really piney would have only been dead for about 1 or 2 weeks now!!!

          • momof2innd says:

            I totally agree with you. Piney is at the cabin for long periods of time so it makes sense to not realize he’s actually dead. The cartel being CIA threw me off-was NOT expecting that. Clay will stay alive for now but he definitely won’t have the pull he had anymore. Will be anxiously waiting for Season 5.

          • Martha says:

            Right on Mitch, I couldn’t have said it better myself. You gave that SOA fan the perfect reply. I don’t understand people that say they have been watching since season 1 and still don’t get it. This is not a reality show nor is it a documentary, its drama !!! And btw, these women don’t look dirty, but if you know anything about biker outlaw life, looking clean is not there highest priority, unless you are a weekend warrior, LOL

          • Larry says:

            There has been so much going on since Piney was killed bu Clay…Opie,Jax,Tara and Gemma.know who killed Piney. It will come out early next season.Will be interesting to see how story comes out. I dont think Jax can tell the club that Clay killed him,,,not till this Irish thing is done….

        • MBL says:

          I’m a huge fan of this show and I too thought the finale (and most of the whole season 4) SUCKED. Really lazy and bad writing, acting was excellent however and these guys deserve a bonus for having to sell such poorly written scenes. Sutter is an arrogant asswipe who doesn’t have nearly the talent of Shawn Ryan.

          • momof2innd says:

            I disagree, this season’s been the best so far. The season that Abel was kidnapped was very slow getting started but by finale it had most definitely picked up. I think Kurt Sutter is a great writer and Producer-keep the seasons coming.

        • Scooter Scott says:

          If you are truly a fan, then be a fan and not a critic. Son’s of anarchy a great show anyway you look at it!

        • mike quad says:

          i agree!!!family and i are huge fans but…. This season very diasppointing. Season three finale much better than season 4. CIA agents. Really? Tig kills a rival gangs prez’s old lady, Jacks shoots and kills one of their members and samcrow isn’t in a lockdown or expecting retaliation?? How can anyone expect Opie to not rip Clay apart in future after he killed his father and was responsible for the death of his wife? Why not have a UFO come down and take part in samcrow. Show needs to get back to its true bike roots and not some fairytale style drible…in my humble opinion

        • slimity says:

          You’re so right. I don’t need things to go boom to enjoy a show, but the two-part finale was lack-luster to say the least.

          The revelation of Romeo and company working with the CIA was completely out of left field. That hadn’t even been hinted at in prior episodes.

          This also made the Potter’s plot line pretty much irrelevent, unless they’re planning on reintroducing it next season. I hope not, because that actor is brutal to watch. I really thought the only reason he was in this season was so there would be another ultra-annoying character for the Sons to kill.

          I love Juice, but his storyline was lame from the beginning, drug out waaaaay too long, and then made irrelevent in the finale. Worse was the way it was made irrelevent – Potter walks in, tells him he’s in the clear, and SHAZAM, it’s over. Basically, Juice’s crying and trepidation all season was for nothing. Now, he’s just a rat that killed an innocent SOA member.

          Likewise, I usually love the songs that play at the end of dramatic episodes and the montage of characters that accompany it. But the rendition of The Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun,” was sooooooo hokey.

          This had been my favorite season to date, but that finale left me scratching my head. I’m holding out hope for next season, because this is definitely my favorite testosterone-laced soap opera.

      • djochoa says:

        I agree with you 110%

      • Alice says:

        Well I love the season finale, just don’t take so long to come back. I even have my husband hooked on it. I know it’s biker business, but got really tired of all the sex and nude women. The biker groups have drama just like everyone else, and it’s nice to see they actually have a strong family side too. I love Jax and Tara, I think she has a black side, that should come out, as she protects her kids and Jax. Move over Gemma, Tara has arrived. I agree Opie or Gemma should kill Clay, but lets get a little more storyline out of him first. Probably lots of action in next season with all the conflicts between CIA and FBI, and the cartel groups, just don’t make it so much action, we loose the characters. My favorite show and I hope it does make 7 season, with a smash up ending to all the stories. Please have next season before September, that is just too long to wait. Great Job…Love the show!

      • Cobra says:

        You are absolutely right, this season was awesome as.And I think the next season will be great as well….

      • Arcelia says:

        Totally agree with you!

    • adambramble says:

      I agree on one point Kill Off Tara ASAP

    • adambramble says:

      I agree on one point Kill Off Tara ASAP

    • Jason says:

      Thats ridiculous… you klll Tara Jax goes ape***, kills clay, and leaves the club, and you got no show. Jax and tara are the future of the club thats just stupid. This is more of an internal arc, more realistic… no random crap exploding, not a gotcha moment around every corner… but realistic… establishing more connection with the characters and their plights, a calm before a storm next season with Clay still in the picture, a cartel, and gang war with the 9ers reinforced by their ruling chapter in Oakland… this was a season ending mid arc… you are going to get the pop and fizz of the season 3 finale when the arc ended.

    • chelsea says:

      thanks you. i for one cannot wait for tara to be killed off.

    • April Bailey says:

      Why kill off Tara? Shes great!!!

    • terrie says:

      i agree

    • Christina says:

      NO Killing Tara!!!!!

    • marc says:


    • michelle says:

      i dont think you have been watching the same show as me because this season has been pure quality.And a few ppls opinions is nothing compared to the ratings its recieved if it was’nt any good why would the ratings be higher than previous seasons?

    • Joedog says:

      you have the right to your opinion,but you are a jackass.This by far was the best season .Surelly you are not the SOA fan you thought you were.

  3. MrMank says:

    Jezz, Ausiello…that was fast. Credits hadn’t even started rolling yet.

  4. George says:

    i am wondering what the letters the Gemma burnt said, and How much Taras doctor friend will play in Tara’s life

    • ricblack says:

      Haven’t you been watching? Gemma took out the letters that implicated her in JT’s death, covered her ass before giving Jax the remainder and denying him (or anyone else) the knowledge of her part. Obviously, her main objective in wanting Clay dead – NOW, since he’s the ONLY one who knows the truth.

    • Locktite says:

      I think the ones that she took out were letters that JT wrote saying he didn’t think Jax was really his son. That he believes Gemma was having an affair with Clay. I think that’s what Clay was going to tell Jax in the hospital before Jax spit on him. Imagine where that could take the story ….

      • TONI says:

        No. Jax is not Clays son…remember in Ireland, when he almost screwed his sister. Jemma stopped it just in time. He is John & Jemma’s. Clays too fn ugly.

  5. jm5 says:

    Easily one of the best shows on television. I hope they get at least three more seasons, if not more. Kurt Sutter is a genius, and the way he wrapped up so many storylines while laying the groundwork for season 5 is incredible.

  6. kymberly says:

    This was one of THE best finales EVER!!! From the writing to the acting…Soo good all around! If this show doesn’t win emmys that’s a shame!

    • Kathy says:

      I totally agree…I think this was the best season and I loved the finale!! The writing is awesome and the actors are great! This show should win emmys because it is the best show on TV!. Can’t wait for next season. Hope they are able to keep it on the air for another 3 seasons!

  7. Danelle says:

    Awesome season it was jam packed and ended so smoothly and quietly it was perfect

  8. eric says:

    when will season 5 start. do we have to wait a long time

    • Sierra says:

      Though it has not been officially announced, each season of SOA seems to start in September since it isn’t one of the shows that has a full 24 episode season. Odds are, we’ll be waiting until September to see the future of SOA.

  9. Ana says:

    Has to be one of the finest hours of TV in a long time. That last montage with “House of Rising Son” and Tara/Jax mimicking the photo was just unbelievable. Can’t wait til next season.

  10. Emilio estevez says:

    The finale blew. Hard.

  11. joan bell says:

    Did I miss something? Where was soaking wet, naked Jax?

    • Isabelle says:

      Exactly. I’m wondering too. I thought it was the shower scene form last week but then there was a new article saying it was this episode.

    • Becca says:

      PART ONE, GENIUS. Naked Jax was in To be, Act One. Two part season finale. How do you not know that? And the Season Finale blew? I’m sorry, but this season has rocked, clearly you’ve taken too many drugs. =D

  12. Terry says:

    I’ve got a theory but I think that history will repeat itself with Jax. The last shot gave me the thought that eventually Tara will be Jax’s downfall. That in the end Jax’s wife Tara & best friend Opie will in essence become the new Gemma/Clay. It can’t end any other way. No way when this show ends that Jax, Gemma & Clay will have happy endings. Opie, who’s the most tragic figure in this whole show, will turn on Jax. Tara will to. I think that would be a perfect way to end the show down the line. You gotta build Jax’s eventually downfall by the people he loves up. What an amazing season.

    • Draper says:

      Thank the Lord you are not the writer of this show.

      • Snapp says:

        Obviously, you don’t know much about the writer of this show. That is exactly what Sutter did on The Shield. He brought Vic to the highlight of his career, and then broke him down, leaving him a shell of the man he used to be. I can easily see Sutter doing that to Jax.

        • Draper says:

          Thankyou for that insight, but I have watched The Shield in it’s entirety several times over, so dont be condescending. And you are right, that is probably how the show will end with Jax. I should have been more specific, the part I was objecting to was the melodramatic storyline of Tara and Opie getting together. Save that for the fan fiction.

      • sarah says:

        LOL! thats exactly what i was thinking too. what a terrible storyline!! lol

    • Jen says:

      Jax is nothing like Clay! There is no way it could end like that! No way would Tara be with Opie. She hates the club, even if she stands by Jax, doesnt mean she is happy about. No way would she hook up with another member of the club!

      • Jason says:

        Not yet… and Tara is not like Gemma… yet… but keep in mind they both started from somewhere. Like Sutter said, in politics it happens time and time again where the idealistic candidate that gets voted into office ends up having to make compromise after compromise after compromise until at the end, he resembles his predecessor.

      • the girl says:

        I bet once upon a time someone thought it was impossible for Gemma to cheat on JT and hook up with Clay, another member of the club. ahem.
        But I do doubt seriously that Tara and Opie will hook up. That would take a lot of character and plot development before it would even seem like a realistic possibility, simply because the two of them have no discernable relationship at all right now. So how do you go from nothing to plotting to kill her husband?
        With that said I do hope Gemma hooks up with Tig. He’s always seemed like a better guy than Clay, although unfortunately with her being who she is, he might be too good for her.

    • moira says:

      I like your way of thinking, it’s perfect.

    • wellser says:

      I agree and as someone who has watched soaps for many years. (They have cancelled 2 of the 3 I gew up with) The minute I started watching this show I could tell it had a soap feeling. You have to be like a chess player and think 6 moves ahead. When I read what you wrote it made sense. So I will be watching and waiting and when you are right I will give you a thumbs up. After 40 years watching these shows you get to where you know what has to happen and then what WILL happen. Its ok though its still fun to see how they spin it.

    • Bryan says:

      hope not that would be a copout for sutter, if he has talent he wont continue to write the same stroy over and over again using diffrent groups, I dont know how the story will end however Jax is not JT and Opie is not Clay, so I really hope not

  13. NE says:

    I hope we don’t have to wait too long before Season 5 starts up, I’m totally hooked on SOA.

  14. Sierra says:

    I don’t think the finale lived up to my expectations, especially after the killer ending we saw last season, but it was still a wonderful, job-well-done episode. I have never been the biggest supporter of Gemma, though I fully recognize the brilliance of her character, so seeing Tara come up and stand by Jax at the end was amazing!! And, I have to say, I’m really glad that Jax was honest with her and that they didn’t go into some huge fight or break up. It would have been understandable if something like that had happened, but I think it’s a real testament to the strength/commitment of their relationship as well as their development as characters that they’re gonna stick together.

  15. Isabelle says:

    SOA returns very sept. I liked the finally, I wanted more but what we got was really good too. I just dont like this feud with Tara and Gemma. Tara is the woman in Jax’s life, Gemma is his mom, its not the same and Tara is acting like Gemma is the other woman she has to fight off.

  16. Michele says:

    I love the show, but this season wasn’t nearly as good as last. The ending sucked. Where were the cliff-hangers?

    • Epic B says:

      The “cliff-hangers” are the power struggles we are going to see between Clay and Jax, and between Tara and Gemma. Gemma realized at the end of tonight’s episode that she no longer holds the position of “Alpha Barbie,” and that she lost it to someone who she not only believed would never step on her, but that that someone wasn’t even capable of taking it from her. Power and influence are very seductive; they define us. Gemma lost a big chunk of her identity tonight, along with Clay. Now we get to see how they both deal with that, and I don’t think its going to be pretty. I’m really looking forward to Season 5.

      • Mrs. Jax Teller says:

        I agree with this post. I was disappointed in the way the finale played out, but I appreciate how loose ends are never really tied up with SOA. Although Potter’s plan was foiled by the CIA, neither threat has died. The CIA will pull Jax’s strings, the RICO case still looms, and the local sheriff is back on duty on his own terms. Not to mention, the Niners and now this big crime boss will be looking at revenge for Laroy’s girlfriend’s death. All of that is going on, and we haven’t even mentioned the tension within the club. Season 5 is set up very well. Still love the show. The acting is top notch. I particularly loved Maggie Siff’s subtle facial expressions when she realized Jax was NOT leaving Charming, and her defiant look at Gemma at the end of the episode. I thought the fade out to the old picture of Gemma and JT was cheesy, though. But overall, the best season since Season 2.

        • Jason says:

          Its mid arc… it can’t be all consuming fast paced kill or be killed like season three because season 3’s finale ended that arc, consider this season finale as more of a calm before the storm in the start of season 5

    • Original 9 says:

      Where are the cliffhangers…….Really? What happens with Clay, does Opie come back, whats next with the Irish, the Cartel/CIA, What happens with Bobby Elvis, do they figure out Juice, Tara and Gemma, war with the 9er’s, does Jax find out about missing letters, Drea Matteo goes after Abel, do they kill Kurt Sutters character, what happens with the development……etc….. You may want to rewind and rewatch the episode, possibly the whole season.

  17. Cin says:

    Best season by far! Tara is too smart not to have made another copy of the letters before giving them to Gemma – especially since she’d expect her to remove the ones that implicated her. Can’t wait for next season!

    • Slak says:

      I thought she gave a set to her Doctor boss, but maybe I was wrong about that.

      • Robin says:

        She went to get the copy of the letters in the desk drawer, but it was just blanks that Unser and it there when he took them.

      • Dee says:

        She was going to give the copies that she made to the doctor, but when she opened the folder, she seen that they were gone. That was when Uncer came into her office, took them, and replaced them with plain white paper. Her boss never got a copy.

  18. Jason says:

    Blah finale.

  19. ejames says:

    Sick of this letters storyline already! Also, can’t stand Tara and her self righteous behavior all season and we are suppose to buy that she chooses Jax over the safety and welfare of her children? And she is suppose to be educated? Give me a break!

  20. Ashlee says:

    The letters that Gemma burned were the evidence of her helping clay kill jax’s real father John. She didn’t want him to find out about those

  21. CJ says:

    Sorry, but calling Season 4 the show’s best yet just screams, “Please Kurt Sutter, don’t be mad at us! Look, we’ll always give you praise no matter what!” This show had such immense potential, but has been systematically wasting it for the last two seasons.

    This season was building to an epic conclusion, and then it all completely fizzled in tonight’s episode. Within the first 15 minutes, they unraveled every plot of the season with no payoff.

    The entire RICO case falls apart in two seconds, Potter suddenly has a change of heart and lets Juice off and axes Charming Heights, some random Irish guy we know nothing about single-handedly saves Clay from inevitable doom, forces Jax to stay in Charming and take the gavel. That is a RIDICULOUS set of contrived circumstances just to get out of what had already been set up. Disappointing is an understatement.

    • E McLean says:

      I agree. Really like this series but final was a complete cop out. This is becoming a soap opera. It will soon be on daytime tv and everyone will have been married each other and come and go with no impact. Days of Our Lives reinvented. SAD

      • Slak says:

        I really love this show, haven’t invested in anything on tv this much in years, but I agree with you. I liked the early days when Jax was free to play around and the boys were boys. Jax used his sexuality and position in the club to get what he wanted out of women and it was fun to watch. I don’t want to shoot female characters down, but seeing men pu**y-whipped like Jax is makes me wish Tara and Gemma would just move the f**k to Oregon already! Imagine for a minute you were a biker for a week, where’s the fun?? If it was all grief and misery you’d never stick around. Enough with the controlling women and romance crap. Did they survey the audience and find it to be female-dominated and are trying to cater to them? If so, I think you’d find women actually dont want to watch controlling women remove men’s spines.

        • stacie says:

          Tara’s not being controlling…Didn’t you get the final scene? She’s standing BEHIND Jax…as in standing behind her Man…supporting him.

    • Bubs says:

      CJ you said it very well. Those stories just got squeezed in together in one final episode alone. I was hoping for another character to be killed off in a dramatic way to leave us curious as to why leading into next season’s first show!

  22. Megan says:

    I have to admit I was disappointed with the finale. The Romeo/CIA stuff isn’t believable. I don’t think Jax or Opie would really let Clay live after everything he has done. I still love this show and look forward to next season, but I didn’t think the finale lived up to the hype.

  23. Lori says:

    I think Kurt sutter is amazing I have not missed an epIsode of any season and can’t wait for season 5 just wished we didn’t have to wait till September. Thanks Kurt for the best show Of all times. SOA Fan <3

  24. Tori says:

    Loved thisbseason. But found thebfinale disappointing. You have Potter storyline all season then within 2 minutes it’ gone. Tara/Gemma kinda boring Gemma is so powerful that no matter how hard Tara tries she won’t replace her in Jax’s life. Unser knows the truth about John and he was in it for like a second. Compared to last week, this episode was weak. I still loved the season but it’s the finale was disappointing.

  25. Teresa says:

    The finale did have me wanting more over way to soon. I wanted Jax to kill Clay but keeping him makes for more drama . The acting and writing blows everyone away . Hope Emmy shows them some respect

    • Robin says:

      Well, the ending was outstanding writing and acting in my opinion. all was good. Has anyone stopped to think that Clay might kill Gemma and lie to Jax and tell him that she’s the one who had his father killed and he was just protecting her? I thought that is was saad for Gemma to see someone else take the throne as QUEEN, but Gemma loves Jax and that is what she always wanted is for him to lead SOA, it was his birth right. Terra is smarter then Gemma and I think that because of the two boys they will work things out, after all Terra needs someone to train her to be a GOOD QUEEN like she is. Jax I think will turn the club back into what his father wanted it to be legal and honest, they might even start working with the FEDS to bring down the really bad guys ???? Excellent writer, keep up the good work got my vote for EMMY indeed!

  26. Marcia says:

    I loved the final pose of Jax n Tara ending as JT and Gemma, we knew from the beginning the Irish would only deal with Clay. I do NOT want to see Jax betrayed by Tara or Tara become “Gemma” but want to see more of the chief of the hospital with her “biker” past coming into play, Clay being served by the mc by Bobby dropping a bombshell on Clay, Juice redeeming himself and helping Chibbs and Jax and Opie. Opie does need to be the one to finally kill Clay and Jax right beside him. Gemma needs to end up either alone or caring for Wayne. Her reign is OVER. Good finale but not like previous cliffhangers.

    • SkyCro says:

      Agreed especially on, “Good finale but not like previous cliffhangers”.

      The future of SamCro is pretty clear to me, the devil and the blue sea.

  27. Samantha singleton says:

    I love it all can’t wait until September get here. I love tha way tara told jax she wasn’t going anywhere.

  28. leslie says:

    If you didn’t like the finale, you need to rewatch, quit looking for the “kabooms” and see what a well written story this season has been. It’s more than action, it ls intricate characters and interplay, and it takes brains to enjoy. Try hard, kiddos! I know you can get it.

    • CJ says:

      Condescension is rarely a good way of making your viewpoint heard. You can love this show and this episode as much as you want, but saying this episode was well-written is absurd. You can practically see the writers pulling the puppet strings on the screen. The story all season was being told to build to a climax that never happened. Every plotline just ended with a thud.

      • APS says:

        I disagree. I don’t think the plotlines ended with a thud — things are just resolving themselves a little differently, with a different kind of pacing. Some of the BIG dramatic moments came before the finale, and some of them will probably come later. The groundwork has been laid for some UNbelievable conflicts between Jax & Clay, Clay & Gemma, Jax & Gemma, Gemma & Tara, etc. Maybe what’s going on is a little more subtle, but I think it’s pretty damn amazing. Look at where the characters are, now, as compared to the start of the season. It’s a total shakeup.

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you Leslie, i was trying to come up with a polite way to put what you so eliquently put into words. The writing and character development this season was amazing. At the end when Tig went to sit and Jax stopped him asking Chibs if he was up for it I had to smirk, after all the animosity betweeen the two you knew someone else was up for SAA and I truly think this was the first time I’ve actually seen Happy with a genuine smile on his face. The passing of the gavel is at hand kids and it’s going to be a wild ride.

    • Mikey M says:

      Try hard kiddos? What are you a Soccer coach?
      The shows writing was particularly weak this season and leading up to something that never happened was a big cheat.

  29. Eddie Jones says:

    This was a great season and the finale was classic. Sorry all to all the “haters” out there but real MC’slove and support this show. There r SOA party watching and more people r hooked. Hell yes to three more seasons. The Mighty Thor/ Kingz of the South MC /Atl.

  30. I don’t have a comment to post.I have a question rather about the tv. show Sons Of Anarchy instead. Hopefully someone can answer it for me. It would be most appreciated! So here goes, I was wandering if anyone knows if the actor who plays Jax on the show in real life when he’s not acting has a foreign accent like British or Irish? It just sounds that he has a difference to his english lines than the usual. Which is very sexy if I must say so!!!! Thank you kindly, Allison O’Meara

  31. jerry dameron says:

    To start thank you kurt. I hope opie dosent walk away but at the same time Chibbs in the right hand of jax season 5 is going to so good. Happy would make a good replacement for opie in the short time

  32. leslie says:

    Valid comment about being condescending. I had just read so many twitter comments about how the finale sucked because no one died and jax wasn’t naked. I apologize for that.

    I still stand by it being well written and a great setup for season 5. You have Gemma vs Tara with the option of bringing Abel’s mom and the Irish woman back in to play. Opie not trusting the club, going rogue? Jax finding his way or losing it. And just because Clay is weak right now…he’ll never give up that easy.

    So much, so smart, well wriiten tv!

    • Kathy says:

      The awesome writing and how the characters came to be this season is why it was such a great finale. By far the best writing and acting…it’s funny people either hated or loved the finale! I personally loved it. I think it’s a great set up for next season. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out!!

    • Mandy-big sons fan says:

      I agree!!!! So well written. And RECO getting the axe was great. It has always been a theory that the US government plays both sides of the drug trade. I love the way Sutter works things like that into his writing. Corruption, drama, moral flexibility, I LOVE IT!!!!! Keep up the great writing. The finale did not end with a bunch of fireworks and dramatics, but the way it ended still left me wanting more-NOW. (clapclapclapclap) Me and my boyfriend will watch until it is no longer an option.

  33. Skeeter says:

    Yes it did! Kurt, the crew & cast ALL deserve standing ovations! Rock on!

  34. Charlie Hunnam says:

    Glad you all enjoyed SAMCRO, cheers

    • Stacie says:

      By far the BEST show on television…im glued to my seat each week…and the writing and acting…supurb!

    • Mandy-big sons fan says:

      You are a sexy sexy man Charlie. And a fantastic actor. I love you!

    • Dana G. says:

      Good to see you chiming in, Charlie. You gotta love your character, Jax, as well as the rest of the crew. Great show, killer acting & superb writing. Keep up the excellant work!!

    • Joyce says:

      My daughter and me love watching you Charlie, we also love the show but love you more. Are you planning on making any more shows or movies?
      Would love to see you in anything. I really hate Clay in the show but I guess every show needs someone to hate. We love you Jax.

  35. mk says:

    I adore you.

  36. SOAAZ says:

    24 episodes? Are you high? I wish!

  37. Mikey M says:

    Why build up to a Clay payback and then give him a slap on the wrist.
    A big letdown.

    • Mandy-big sons fan says:

      Clay has not yet begun to suffer. For one, losing his position of power is hardly a slap on the wrist. In addition, his wife and step-son want nothing to do with him. He is going to be the next Piney but much less likeable….if he survives long. He is going to pay for his betrayals dearly. He will be begging for the sweet embrace of death.

      • momof2innd says:

        I agree, there is still lots that Clay has to pay for, he’ll be around for a while yet-though not in the same capacity-his ruling is at an end.

  38. tromos says:

    Notice how everyone who didn’t like the season or finale has horrible grammar? If you lack the intellect to comprehend the show, don’t watch it. Amazing job on the season. Perfect blend of action with the drama we all love to hate. Even with loose ends tied at the beginning of the finale, the context clues gave way to a lot that could happen in season 5. As long as Opie finally sits in the VP chair, I will be content. Keep going Sutter

    • Joe says:

      I thought for the most part the finale ws brilliantly written. I thought overall season 5 was very strong, and certainly more entertaining than season 4.

      However despite really liking the finale, especially the character development aspects… I was really disappointed in the RICO conclusion. Much time in season 5 was spent on the topic, and a very anti-climatic conclusion after that muh time having been spent on that particular storyline was quite disappointing. I’m not asking for the aforementioned kabooms or heads rolling, but a wam bam, gov rolls In and shuts down that topic in the first 10 mins was bad writing for the time spent on the topic.
      That storyline deserved quite a bit more respect put into its conclusion.

      The rest though was excellent.

  39. I'm Confused says:

    Can someone please explain to me the significance of Jax telling Tig and Chibs to change seats? I know that Tig turned in his Sgt-at-Arms patch. Does the new seating arrangement mean that Chibs is now Sgt-at-Arms? Thanks.

    • Rae says:

      Yup, Tig will be Sgt-At-Arms. Although if Opie doesn’t turn up and take the VP position, I assume (not the I) that the VP position will go to Chibs and Tig will stay Sgt.

      • Rae says:

        And by Tig being Sgt, I meant Chibs. It’s 11pm in Australia and I just finished watching it, my mind is blown by the finale.

    • Mandy-big sons fan says:

      Tig was part of Opie being betrayed with Donna and everything. He was definitely Clays right hand literally and figuratively. Jax is making his own regime and Tig would not have been a good fit for that considering his past. He blames himself for Clay getting shot and would have been too big a catalyst to Jax’s empire.

  40. SOA fan says:

    I thought the finale was good but not great. It was sort of anti-climactic versus the last 2 seasons finales. I wanted to see the club’s response to Otto’s betrayal. I LOVED the version of House of the Rising Son, so appropriate.

    V-Lenny didn’t die, Piney did.

    • V says:

      I didn’t say “Lenny” I said “Kenny” as in Kenny Johnson. I know that Piney died, I never really did like him very much.

  41. Harley Chick-A-Boom says:

    LOVED how the attorney (who we all hated) got the last word in on the council meeting! Although the doll was very disturbing. *shudders*

    I thought it was season was great! I don’t like it when a show is totally predictable and I wasn’t ready for the CIA twist, so it left me saying “wow”.

    Well done.

    • joe says:

      i kept waiting for the attorney to reveal himself as JT. He hinted at it at the begining of the season when he came face to face with Gemma, a sort of awkward meet to see if she recognized him, and I think that so called accident damaged his skull so he would need facial reconstruction. Also he wanted Clay to go down badly for setting him up to die. He knewCclay was out to kill him the accident gave him plenty of time to rebuild his life in a whole new light.

      • Ellen says:

        OMG. I have been saying all season long that Potter is not who he claims to be. I started thinking around the second episode that he was JT. Everyone thinks I am crazy, but the way he acts and the photos of Gemma and JT have made me believe that he is JT.

      • Rae says:

        I want that to happen, it would be an amazing twist at the end. I wonder if he will appear next season. Just because his rico case had to be put away doesn’t mean he’ll leave. His the ADA for that area right?

      • Em says:

        I really think he is JT, I have been saying that all season. For one reason he kept saying how he wanted to get even with the Irish. And if Juice co-operated he would let the club be except for arresting some of the members,(CLAY?!?).And the way JT was brought up so much this season,I know it was because of the letters, but also Piney asking why his friend was so sad befor he died. And the DA just always knew way to much about all the dealings within the club and the stuff that went on with the Irish. Also the picture of Jemma and JT. The man in it kind of resembled him. And I figured he put bobby in Jail and out of the way for a reason,( get an original members out of the picture when the arrests were going down.) And he did save the town in the end. I don’t think we saw the last of the DA. And would love to see Jemma squirm if it is JT.

  42. Shauna says:

    While not as satisfying as watching Opie deal with Stahl, this year’s finale was still awesome. I loved how broken hearted Tara sounded when she found out Jax was staying and taking over SAMCRO, and how it reaffirmed her commitment to her man. But the Clay/Jax scene was perfection. Clay knows his day is done and while he may ultimately accept his fate, he won’t go quietly. I’m glad to have Juice and Bobby back, Chibs being appointed Sgt. in Arms was a nice moment for my favorite Son but Opie missing his VP announcement resonated with me the most. He’s finally putting himself and his family (what’s left of it anyway) before the club, just like Jax swore he was going to do all season long. Sutter could take that fact and spin the series in so many different ways it literally makes me a giddy little fangirl. :-) As usual, I am already eagerly anticipating the next season.

    • jimmy says:

      i loved the finale sutter is best producer of all times!!! and i will say that opie is my favorite character and he will sit as VP cmon thats obvious and i feel that juice should die!!!!!! trader!!!

  43. Shlomo says:

    I’ve never seen SOA. Is the Tara you’re talking about the same Tara on True Blood? Does she do both shows?

  44. paul says:

    i was disappointed. i think this was the first episode in a while without a closeup of Jax saying “jesus christ”. i bank on at least 2-3 of those a show. love the show, but they definitely played that out. thanks chief.

  45. A.Rae says:

    I’m such a huge fan of SOA that it really can do no wrong for me at this point, but you know what I don’t get? All the fans who are complaining that the RICO case fell apart. I’m sorry, but that just seems very real to me. Don’t you ever plan something out, and then sometimes it falls apart at the last minute because of something you can’t control? I would be interested to know what they THOUGHT the payoff for that should be instead. I’m excited to see all of the club dynamics change next season, for everyone involved…

    • Joe says:

      Well for starters if I spent months, if not years building a RICO case, I wouldn’t go ” ow okay, and then just walk away”. The ADA may have not been able to do anything, but he certainly needed to do more than that. Have a backbone, do some screaming and yelling, make some calls, do something as an ADA to justify the millions of taxpayers money that went into the operation and staff he had. Would it accomplish anything, hardly. But it would show he at least gave a care. Because the way of was written, it showed he really was jut doing a job. And Tht isn’t how the story and his character was built up over the season.

      Yea yea someone will fire back about the city meeting and his actions, bit I am specifically referring to his passion for the RICO which was clearly shown was his life.

      Tht therefore sucked as a wrap up to his life’s effort.

      • Joe says:

        Or put another way.

        The season continually showed the ADA would do whatever was necessary to accomplish his goal. Until the CIA rolls in, and he folds his hands and walks away.

        Completely different character than the one depicted all season.

  46. jejejebuddy says:

    Wrote their characters into a corner and then wussed out. Not that I blame them. I can only assume FX didn’t want their biggest actor (Clay) and soon to be huge star possibly (Jax), dying or running off to Oregon.

  47. h311b3nt says:

    There are many things that I did not like with the finale that were inevitable. The writing had definitely painted the story into the corner and so it was necessary for some things to fall off.
    I think that it is difficult to imagine that Tara would keep her children in harm’s way to “stand by her man.” Oregon is the only means to a legit money flow for her family so that’s a lot to give up as well. But Tara needs to be on the show. She can’t run off and leave that storyline void with Jax (personal vs club life) and the Gemma power struggle.
    Clay needs to be on the show. The tension between Jax and Clay is the main underlying story arch and has to be preserved in order for the story to make sense. I thought that Clay’s ties to the Irish were a good explanation for keeping Clay around. If you look at it from the Irish’s perspective, Clay is the more reliable one. He is in it to make money and preserve his seat. His intentions are black and white. He killed JT to keep the Irish relationship going after all. Jax on the other hand is a loose cannon that side-rails the whole club at whim (the porn business, the hunt to save Abel, countless homicides bringing unneeded heat).
    Lincoln Potter needed to go away and fast. The character was not compelling the RICO storyline never took off. He was primed to be a super-villain but ended up being a socially deficient character with unclear intentions. His biggest win was manipulating Juice and even that storyline seemed forced to me. Also, it was necessary for him to leave in in order to allow Roosevelt to develop. Roosevelt came on like gang busters with road blacks and arresting folks for wearing cuts. He needs to get his balls back and be the local threat that he promised to be.
    My biggest letdown is that the Galindo Cartel is working for CIA. Introducing the Cartel into the show was very compelling as the real cartels in Mexico right now are some of the most evil people to wlak the planet (decapitations, drive-bys on elementary schools to extort money, public execution of media members/police officials, grenade attacks on the public during holiday celebrations). You bring that kind of violence or even the threat of that kind of violence to a small town like Charming and you could have an all-out war in the streets. But that entire menacing overtone was thrown out when the CIA/Cartel link was revealed. My only hope is that the Galindos double cross the CIA and we get down to the truly bloody business that real-life drug trafficking really is all about.

  48. Mike H says:

    And that, is what seems to have Gemma very scared!

  49. well, what can I say?…it fecking rocks.