Gossip Girl Recap: Blair Chooses [Spoiler]!

[Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Monday’s Gossip Girl, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

Monday’s Gossip Girl‘s fall finale was chock full of feelings — some confessed, some rekindled and some kept hidden. Oh yes, and there also that big [spoiler alert] that should keep viewers in a tizzy until the show’s return on Jan. 16. Until then, here’s what went down in this week on the Upper East Side.

Gossip Girl: 8 Things to Know About Episode 100 (aka Blair’s Royally Iffy Wedding)

DAIR CONFESSIONS | After talking with Serena, Dan realized he was the only person not to have changed since his book. Rufus suggested he confess his feelings to Blair. At the very least, it would help him move on. Dan got his perfect opportunity to do so when Blair decided to seek refuge from the paparazzi at his loft in Brooklyn. But all she wanted to talk about was her Louis vs. Chuck dilemma. She was completely oblivious to what he was trying to tell her even as he admitted it wouldn’t matter to him if her child wasn’t his.

SERENA CAN’T QUIT | Serena dwelled on the past after looking over old Gossip Girl blasts about her poor life decisions. She was particularly wistful when talking to Rufus about Dan being the only good guy she’s dated besides Nate. Uh oh, are those old feelings coming up again? It certainly seemed that way when she tried to talk Dan out of admitting his feelings to Blair, believing it would mess with her friend’s happy ending. As a safety measure, S decided to help Louis win back his would-be bride. (Serena, remember how said you made really terrible romantic decisions? Well, thinking Louis belongs with Blair qualifies as another one.) In the end, both Dan and Louis lost in the battle for Blair’s heart. Dan told Blair he knew how to give her the one thing she wants – to be happy – and escorted her blindfolded to a secret, candlelit location. It seemed like he was finally going to seize his moment, but alas, he had arranged a secret get together for Chuck and Blair after seeing how in love she is with him. Oh, Lonely Boy, forever Lonely.

Gossip Girl Wedding Exclusive: Who’s Invited to Blair’s Big Day — and Who’s NOT!

CHAIR QUESTIONS | Earlier in the loft, Dan advised Blair to compile pro and con lists re: Louis and Chuck. Chuck, pro: Finally a good man. Chuck, con (via Dan): He slept with every woman in New York. Louis, pro: He’s a prince and – the thing that stopped Blair dead in her tracks – the father of her child. “I can make all the lists in the world, but what else matters?” she asked. Blair took Dan’s confession about not caring about the baby’s father as a sign to call Chuck. “Do you think you can love another man’s child?” she asked him. Chuck chickened out and told her he couldn’t make that decision for her. “You’re the one who has to live with it,” he said. “I can’t imagine it would be a mistake to marry the father of your child.” After seeing that there were still some risks even Chuck would not take, Blair decided that Louis would have to be her prince after all. But lucky for these two crazy kids, they found an unexpected matchmaker in Dan. “I’m going to love your baby as much as I love you,” Chuck finally told Blair.

Gossip Girl Exclusive: Michelle Trachtenberg Returning For [MAJOR SPOILER ALERT]!

CHARLIE’S GUILT | Charlie learned Max was outside her big debut party and tipped Gossip Girl off to Chuck and Blair’s rendezvous in an attempt to shut down the event and thwart Max. As Chuck and Blair left together in Nate’s car, which was leaking some fluid that makes accidents happen — is Tripp trying to kill his cousin?! — the paps chased after them, causing a very Princess Diana-esque car crash. At the hospital, Serena and Nate resolved anew to finally take down Gossip Girl, while Charlie was rightfully feeling guilty for sending in the tip. She even confessed to Rufus that she was the fraud, not Max, although it barely seemed to register with Rufus amid all the chaos and news of Blair and Chuck’s condition. The princess-to-be was awake and responsive, but there was no mention of her baby. Chuck, however, had fared far worse. Lily didn’t say exactly what happened, but her face spoke volumes. Still, it’s probably safe to say the only fatality here will be Blair’s unborn child. The unknown element is what do Diana Payne and Jack Bass have to do with all of this? How do they know each other? And will Charlie get away in time before she’s exposed to everyone? Or will Rufus keep mum?

Gossip Girl fans, what did you think of the fall finale? What do you make of Blair and Chuck’s fate, romantically and medically? Are you disappointed Dan didn’t tell Blair about his feelings? And are you hoping for a Dan/Serena redux?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jess says:

    There was a picture of a younger Diane in Bart Bass’ file. My guess is: she’s Chuck’s real mother.

    • Tori says:

      I agree. I think she is his real mother, they even seem to have a lot of the same characteristics.
      I really wasn’t that happy with the episode. It seemed a bit rushed to me. I don’t understand either how B&C got back together in this epidsode and the previews show her praying to God that Chuch survives yet the Royal Wedding is still supposedly on??? How does she go from confessing her love to Chuck to marrying Louis? And why would he want her after the scandal of her being in the accident with Chuck?
      I wonder if the wedding isn’t Chuck and Blairs???? Wishful thinking I’m sure..or maybe just a dream sequence.

      • Felicity says:

        My guess is that Blair will lose the baby and blame it on her relationship with Chuck — bad choices, bad things always happen when she gets back together with Chuck, etc. — and the royal wedding is back on. Then she’ll probably change her mind again.

        • Perola says:

          Bad things ALLWAYS happen when she is with Chuck. Is just a sign of fate.

        • Ari says:

          If this happens, I think it might be a breaking point for me. I feel like if she somehow blames Chuck for the accident and then changes her mind about wanting to be with him (something that she has wanted since the first season) then I can’t root for Blair anymore. The two of them have been very fickle in the past but at this point the show is on its last legs, it barely has another season in it, there is no reason to take Blair down this path that will make her, IMO, very unlikeable. The rest of the characters are growing up and if Blair does this it just makes her seem unappealing childish.

      • marcie says:

        Do we know for sure that it’s the ROYAl wedding that’s still on? Or could Blair be marrying someone else?

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      I concur.

    • Summer says:

      That was my first guess as well.

  2. John says:

    Not hoping for a Dan/Serena ANYTHING at all, enough of these two already. I could stand Chair 8.0, but not Derena 7.0, it’s just stupid how they’re trying to force them down our throat.

    I was actually worried about Nate. I mean, it was pretty obvious someome tried to kill him, and that’s pretty serious. The last 15 minutes were intense.

    • jay says:

      Forcing Derena??? Haven’t you watch how many times CHAIR had broken up and then re-unite and then something will happen again and viola broken up again…

  3. Valentina says:

    I don’t know why I keep bothering to watch, I’m probably the only Serenate fan on this planet. But so happy for Blair and Chuck. Well, you know, before the crash and everything

    • BLM says:

      You’re not the only one. I loved Serena and Nate together as well and I wish she’d stop with this Dan crap (HE’S YOUR STEP-BRO, S!) and be with Nate so they can be pretty and dumb together.

    • Katie says:

      LOVE SERENATE! But Chair not so much.

    • lauren says:

      i’ve always loved serena & nate together!! i did like that no one cared for s in this episode, and b is finally getting the limelight.

    • Roman says:

      I have always loved Serenate even in season 1. Chair and Serenate are the only reasons I watch.

    • Madison says:

      I’ve love Serenate!!!! Hoping they make a comeback :)

    • G says:

      LOVE SERENATE!!!! have since the first episode on!! Best part of S3…love Pretty & Prettier! ;) I mean, they broke Nate’s dresser…ha!

      Even Grandpa V ships SERENATE. So glad that they are teaming up in back half of the season. :)

    • Rk says:

      You’re not alone. I’m a huge Serenate fan. And I really hope that the writers don’t get back on the Dan/Serena merry-go-round of ridiculousness. I mean how amny times are they going to try and resurrect that relationship? Can’t we just leave it dead and buried and get back to Serena and Nate? Serenate fans really got shafted with their ridiculous break-up (Thanks Billy Baldwin for doing nothing on the show except ruining the best couple), I mean we wait 3 seasons for them to finally get together only to have the ripped apart by stupid stuff. And here I thought Josh and Steph were Serenate fans or so I’ve read. Sure sounded like it yet here we are two seasons after the contrived break-up and they still aren’t back together? And why not? They were so good together. They were happy, they were themselves, and they didn’t have crazy drama except for when someone like Jenny butted in and made trouble. And hello and am I the only who saw the missed potential with Serenate bonding over absentee, not so great fathers? His dad went to prison and nearly destroyed their family. I think he of all people would’ve understood daddy drama, but instead she turns to Dan, who has a wonderful dad. Yeah okay writers, whatever you say. Just enough with trying to shove D/S down our throats everytime they’re not with someone else. If the writers were smart they’d get our golden couple back together. I’m still holding out hope that the writers will get it together and gives us back Serenate. I’ll be Serenate always and forever.

    • Rk says:

      You’re not alone. I’m a huge Serenate fan. And I really hope that the writers don’t get back on the Dan/Serena merry-go-round of ridiculousness.For one they are step siblings now. So, eww. And also how many times are they going to try and resurrect that relationship? Can’t we just leave it dead and buried and get back to Serena and Nate? Serenate fans really got shafted with their ridiculous break-up (Thanks Billy Baldwin for doing nothing on the show except ruining the best couple), I mean we wait 3 seasons for them to finally get together only to have the ripped apart by stupid stuff. And here I thought Josh and Steph were Serenate fans or so I’ve read. Sure sounded like it yet here we are two seasons after the contrived break-up and they still aren’t back together? And why not? They were so good together. They were happy, they were themselves, and they didn’t have crazy drama except for when someone like Jenny butted in and made trouble. And hello and am I the only who saw the missed potential with Serenate bonding over absentee, not so great fathers? His dad went to prison and nearly destroyed their family. I think he of all people would’ve understood daddy drama, but instead she turns to Dan, who has a wonderful dad. Yeah okay writers, whatever you say. Just enough with trying to shove D/S down our throats everytime they’re not with someone else. If the writers were smart they’d get our golden couple back together. I’m still holding out hope that the writers will get it together and gives us back Serenate. I’ll be Serenate always and forever.

  4. Ava says:

    So I’m confused about the spoilers that have been out there about GG then. I thought the royal wedding was still on when the show comes back? I can’t believe that Blair would so obviously choose Chuck, who has loved her forever, and then suddenly go back to Louis. I so wanted Chuck to say that one of the reasons they belong together is because “We’re Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck…”

    • Manon says:

      I totally agree with you ! Chuck and Blair HAVE to be together, since de season 1 we know that. If it will have a “Dair”, I think I’m gonna stop watching GG .. I love so much Chuck and Blair, I think the best we can hope for them it is to let them finally get back together.

  5. Petra says:

    I really hope they don’t go the Dair route. There’s absolutely no chemistry there. Chuck and Blair have amazing chemistry. Chuck is the only reason I watch Gossip Girl and a Chair reunion would be fantastic.

    • ana muller says:

      I don’t see how they could possibly go the Dair route after last episode without seeming pathetic.

    • Liz says:

      I agree. I don’t understand why so many people like Dair. It’s just wrong and gross. Chuck and Blair are perfect for each other. To borrow from Friends, they’re each others lobsters.

  6. Mark says:

    Oh, I wish I believed she “made her choice”. A nice way to end this story would have been Dan realizing that it’s Chuck, always has been Chuck, and being the arbiter of that final reconciliation.

    But no, they have drones to appease so they’ll drag this out. It’ll ultimately be Chuck anyway, because there are more Chair drones than Dair drones, and the show will be worse for it.

  7. serena7 says:

    I do hope Dan and Serena get back together!!!!it’s about time!!I loved them since the very beginning and have been watching Gossip Girl just to see them together lately!<3 Chair was simply amazing last night….their chemistry..I don't get how anyone could ship Dair!!I don't see any sparkle between them..I only like them as friends!

  8. sarah says:

    I just hope Chuck gets better soon. And Chuck and Blair finally can be together forever!. But please come back to Blair that she knew what she wanted in life, who pretended to succeed, that wanted to be a powerful woman. Is that sometimes do not recognize her!
    I honestly do not think that Dan loves Blair, they are just friends, no chemistry to something else. And Serena was jealous, I think she should find another way to recover Dan. I like Derena!

    • Perola says:

      Derena is so overcooked.
      Could work in the books, doesnt work on the TV.


      C’mon. The guy is ALLAWYS there to Blair.
      Who she go see when she have a problem? Dan!
      Because Serena was busy? Maybe in the beginning, but not now. She goes to him ’cause he allays know how to help her, how to take care of her. He makes her realize the things she wants and the things she needs. If Dan wasn’t in her life she would be wondering who the father is ’till today, and being spoiled.

      Dan has been the anchor and the compass in Blair’s life. Serena would never help Blair like he does, ’cause Serena doesn’t have the feet on the ground either, she is allways a mess.

      And allways Blair was feeling miserable, he make her happy, even if it meant to lead her to the man that she loves. That’s love, not sex-tension-love, is mature love, the kind that make a couple grown old together.

      And when they kissed, ir messed with Blair’s head, even if that kiss on her house looked like didn’t make any mess. If Blair wasnt surround by drama all the time, if she was the one trying to pursue the “independent woman path” like she should, then everyone who really loves Blair, would want her to be with someone who putts her happiness above everything.

      And even i loving Chuck so much… And he beeing the gentleman that he was in those last chapters, i dont think he would continue to be that selfless.

      • ngaire says:

        OMG dan hated blair from the start of the show right up till 4.7 were he outed her video of her singing at her birthday and now he is the best thing that ever happened to her may i also add he did not apologise for doing that, how can he be a compass and a beacon for blair when he has hated her all of that time now they are meant to be please and he does more for blair than serena he’s been around for 5 years serena has supported blair and vise versa their whole lives they have grown up like sisters he has nothing on serena, oh but serena was his everything till he banged her and now she is nothing at least they got his nick name right because loneyboy is all he will ever be

  9. AcE says:

    The only good thing about this episode is that Derena is well on it’s way back. Thank God!

  10. Allie says:

    I’m glad Serena is finally appreciating Dan, I just wish he weren’t being so awful to her! Although I guess they can’t have them both appreciate each other at the same time without reuniting them.

    Chuck and Blair just slayed me. Their kiss in the limo was, once again, absolutely epic. I know they’re both going to live (the baby, probably not so much), but I don’t understand how she could possibly go through with the wedding after this. It’s so obvious that her heart lies with Chuck and always will.

  11. Sandra says:

    It was so beautiful to see Chuck and Blair happy for…1 minute. Definitely an exciting mid-season finale, and looking forward to next episode. The promo was amazing! And what’s up with the Humphrey’s and their sudden how-to-be-a-dick to Serena attitude? I feel sorry for Serena. Really Dan, couldn’t you be more sensitive about telling Serena how you feel about her BFF?

    • AcE says:

      After how she treated him last season, she deserves it for now.

    • sandy says:

      I hate that every time it looks like things are about to work out for Chair, something incredibly tragic happens. But I guess the things they went/are going through will only build up this couple’s epicness and once they finally get back together (and you know they will) they’ll appreciate it other that much more, because of what it took for them to get there. I really really love them (‘: best TV couple ever.

    • Step says:

      Dan’s such a douche. Sadly, I think poor S will end up with the dirt bag.

      • Avi says:

        Serena is no prize. I think she and Dan deserve each other.

      • DJ Doena says:

        And what exactly makes him so douchey? That he puts himself back to support Blair to make her happy?

        Yeah, totally an arse that man.

        • Jenn C says:

          Seriously. I guess NOT being a douche means to trade you to a potential rapist for a hotel and to repeatedly try to sabotage your happiness.

          As for Serena, she trampled all over Dan last season, now that he has some deep feelings for Blair, she realizes she wants him back? She’s a total flake, she doesn’t deserve Dan in the end

          • anna says:

            blablabla Chuck traded her for an hotel 2 seasons ago and has done nothing but apologize and suffer for it since blablabla he is aggressive to her because because he broke a window when she was around blablabla he saved her from a building that was about to blow up blablabla he almost got himself killed trying to protect her ring blablabla get some new arguments you Dair shippers. Or maybe just admit Dair isn’t happening, either one or the other.

  12. emily says:

    Chuck and Blair brought me to tears, but I felt really sorry for Serena, too. Poor thing just wants to get it right and mean as much to someone as Blair does to, well, everyone.

    Aside from CB being epic as always, my favorite scenes were Lily telling Chuck about unconditional love, Ivy confessing that she was a fraud, and NS vowing to take down GG. Great episode!

  13. Jada says:

    I loved Chuck telling Blair that he’d love her baby as much he loves her. The growth they’ve given Chuck this season has been fantastic and long overdue. I just can’t see Blair picking anyone over him at this point so I’m not sure what the point is of the writers exploring Dan and Blair in the second half. (My guess for why the royal wedding goes forth is that Blair makes some kind of pact with god to save Chuck.) As for Dan, well I’d really like to see him get over his Blair feelings and realize the girl that loves him is Serena. I like DB’s friendship but I don’t want a romance. I’ll never buy Blair reciprocating his feelings. Especially after this episode. Oh and I’m intrigued by Jack and who the hell would want to kill sweet Nate? WTF?

  14. Manu says:

    Dan proved to be the right choice, and the one and only for Blair. I hope she’ll realise this soon.

    It was the right thing, not to tell her, and I get that he thought Chuck was who’d made her happy, but I’m glad destiny or something decided to put an end to that seat reunion… it’s old and sickening at this point to even think of Blair going back to him.

    As for the rest… Tripp overreacted a bit, Charlie grew a conscience, Serena went from stupid to stupid-er, Nate keeps on being a lost baby playing among the adults, Louis is ridiculous, and Chuck doesn’t deserve the air he breathes.

    • Step says:

      Dan’s NOT the right choice because she doesn’t and will never love him like she does Chuck. Also, Chuck has been sacrificing for Blair ALL year, Dan hasn’t.You Ban fans need to wake up and see what the show is telling you for once. Chuck and Blair are meant to be and, no matter what they will be. They also trended world wide. Guess most fans love them.

    • Ava says:

      Nate. He is just so dull no matter what he is doing. I don’t know if it’s the actor, or the storyline, or that he has been involved in very blah relationships over the years but I just can’t get interest in Nate. He just always seems like a plot device and not an actual character. What happened to him going to Columbia? He made such a big stink about getting into Columbia on his own and blah blah blah and he dropped out? ALREADY?! I know that Gossip Girl requires a bit of a suspension of reality but seriously, last year and the year prior it was all about college and suddenly not a single one of them is still in school? Was there a time jump? Did I miss it? Are we just ignoring it?

      • Wenders says:

        I was wondering about this too. Not one of them has made a single mention of school this entire season. Did they all drop out of school for their respective jobs? (And I know this show has never been big on realism, but seriously, how many college drop-outs get the kind of lucrative jobs that these people get?)

      • DJ Doena says:

        last year and the year prior it was all about college and suddenly not a single one of them is still in school? Was there a time jump? Did I miss it? Are we just ignoring it?

        It’s the Smallville syndrome. ;-)

        On Smallville, Lois Lane only graduated from High School, because Lex Luthor (on Clark’s request) arranged it. Half a year later she was thrown out of Met U.

        Clark dropped out of Kansas A&M after half a year because his father died. He never returned.

        Lana managed to stay a full year in Met U but then decided to marry Lex.

        Chloe was at Met U for a while but around it was never mentioned again around the same time Lana moved in with Lex (beginning at season 6).

        So in the end, Superman and his wife are college drop-outs who scored jobs at the most prestigious newspaper in the world.

        Achievement unlocked. ;-)

    • Allie says:

      Wishing death on Chuck is just pathetic, although I can see how you might think that’s the only way Dan would stand a chance with Blair. (although I still don’t think he would even in that case)

      And Tripp “overreacted a bit”? He tried to kill his own cousin. What is your definition of “overeacting a lot”?

  15. Kate says:

    I think Blair will make a promise to God that she will make a sacrifice and won’t be with Chuck(or something like that)if he save him.So she’s going to marry Louis or be with Dan, but of course Blair and Chuck will get back together eventually.Blair and Chuck belong to each other!

  16. Aliya says:

    let me first say I love love love this show and every episode just futhers deepens that love for me ….last nights episode wow so much going on Serena, hate her. Shes really annoying which is why she belongs with equally annoying yet more loveable. Charlie/Ivy cant wait to see what rufus does about that confession ….Chuck n Blair….love love looove them. I been wanting Louis out the picture for a while and after the convo between Lily n Chuck about unconditional love I knew they would reunite at some.point in the episode. Typical they would get in some dramatic car crash….which brings me to Trip/Nate what the hell??? was trip tryna kill nate?? ugh….and last Jack n Diane umm I dont even know what to think….how is she secretly involved with Nate’s grandfather n now Jack? where did she come from ….good thing its gonna be re runs cuz I missed something but lots of cliffhangers. i cant wait til january!!!!

  17. Liz says:

    Uhm public opinion is not the only factor in a show. Honestly I am lost with the cliffhanger though. I can only think that Blair gives up chuck because she thinks that will save his life. Either way writers said be patient with DAIR. And Dan and Chuck are probably equally selfless this episode. Dan for giving up Blair & chuck choosing her even with the baby .

    • Step says:

      It does matter. Chuck and Blair trended.That says fans want them. Face facts.

    • Mark says:

      On Gossip Girl?

      Yeah it is. This is the lowest rated show on Network television; an appearance driven show on the CW network.

      They’ll go with the public, I guarantee you.

  18. harum scarum says:

    chuck and blair were so wonderful! all their scenes were breath-taking! <3 and i really can't believe that it's louis' child. i thought they would tell us for sure in this episode that it was actually chuck's =/

    can't wait for january 16th and more CHAIR!

  19. Hazel says:

    You’re not alone!

  20. mat says:

    I think that Diana is Bart’s and Jack’s hidden sister so that’s why Chuck recognised her…they look quite alike don’t they?

  21. raho says:

    i love blair and chuck. i hope chuck doesn’t die.lois is such a fake. blair and chuck have true love. im rooting for cuck and i hope blair doesn’t marry louis.chuck has matured and become selfless. omg why does their have to be a hiatus.i do think diana is chucks mom.what does jack have to do with this.i love chair. i hope chuck lives the poor guy has been miserable for a long time.i hate da and serena thing. serena falls in luv with anybody.charlie was a good actress. how come they couldn’t do dna. go chair!i luv u guys.xoxo

  22. Cath says:

    I’m just wondering is it not obvious that CHAIR is kind of a tragic love story that every time they got together something horrible happens. They may be soul mates but it does not mean that they are good and meant for each other. DAIR on the hand always brings the best out of each other.

    I’m just happy that Nate finally has a story line worth watching.

    Serena finally realized that the one true relationship that she had was with Dan unfortunately he is already in love with her best friend.

    Chuck will be back don’t worry Chair fans.

    • Lana says:

      after tonight, I can’t think of a more terrible story line then Dan and Blair going down a romantic path. She’s so painfully obviously not interested. Dan proved himself to be an amazing friend last episode, and that’s really all they should ever be to each other. Plus the Chuck and Blair relationship is meant to be an epic tragic love story, but I honestly believe in the end they’ll find their way back to each other and finally be fully happy.

    • Claire says:

      I’m still a Dair fan, but the writers are not giving me much room to hope. Polling last season said that Dair was outpacing Chair in popularity with fans, but the pendulum does seem to have swung back in Chair’s direction. I have no interest in revisiting Dan and Serena, though. Ugh! Dan is way too good for Serena.

  23. Nikki says:

    I still think it would be great to see Blair with someone like Dan for a change but I like how Chuck has evolved and I’d hate to see him killed off.

    I do hate the fact that Serena thinks the only good men she’s been with were Dan or Nate. I can’t be the only one to think that Carter Baizen seemed to be the only guy who knew everything about Serena and accepted her for who she was, went out of his way to find her father for her, and despite the many times she pushed him away he still loved her. They had the best chemistry together and every guy since him has been dull. I wish they’d just bring him back or give her a worthy storyline because I’ve been bored with her this season.

  24. ana muller says:

    It kind of pisses me off a little bit that you chose to say Chuck “chickened out” on the phone when Blair asked him about the baby. I mean it’s not like he ever had second thoughts on wanting to be with Blair or her baby, he just thought it would be selfish to make that choice for her. And Lilly was the one that changed his mind about telling Blair how he felt not Dan, so it was pretty awesome of Dan to arrange for Blair and Chuck to meet and get together, but that’s really all he did.

    • Hojana says:

      That’s the whole point, someone else had to make him understand that it doesn’t matter. Dan didn’t need Lily to tell him that her and baby come together.

      • ana muller says:

        As I said I don’t think Chuck was hesitating because he didn’t want the baby, he was hesitating because he thought it would be a selfish move to tell her what to do, even if she was asking him to. He obviously loves her too much not to love her baby, he was just afraid that to tell her that would be to return to his old selfish habits, and to when he used to put his feelings before hers. Dan is a good guy, but Chuck is just as selfless, the only difference is Blair actually loves Chuck.

  25. Danielle says:

    hmmm..I think, Blair’s decision to go on with the wedding to Louis has got to do with Chuck 50-50 in the hospital..On the latest spoiler for the next ep, Blair is praying to save Chuck…Maybe she prays that if Chuck lives, she’ll leave him alone or something..as for Chuck having an amnesia, we really can’t tell..If they kill the baby, it wouldn’t be far that they’d give chuck amnesia..I just hope for a better storyline for Chuck and Blair, as well as Nate, Serena and Dan coz that’s what’s Gossip Girl was all about, friendships and relationships:)

  26. Hojana says:

    I really hope they end Chair at this. As predicted before the entire I’ve moved on, I’m redeemed, I’ve given you up act was a joke. All the while Dan didn’t confess his love for her to give her happiness. Can’t wait to see more Dair finally.

  27. Katrina says:

    Dair just about broke my heart last night! I actually didn’t mind the CB (Leighton and Ed’s acting are simply to thank for that) but I really want Blair to open her eyes and realize how in love with her Dan is.

  28. Alexis says:

    I loved the whole episode. Everyones story was moving. I almost liked Dan.Ivy is a honest desperate girl who just needs a family, I just can’t believe how Tripp was trying to kill his cousin just because of jelousy. Nate is adorable as a journalist, I think he will be the next congressman. I hated Rufus. How can a father tell his son to go and confess his love to a pregnant woman who is engaged with someone else? its not a sane father would do.
    Chuck and Blair, the best part of the episode.OMG! what an emotional caring romantic epic amazing couple they are. I hate GG for dragging their reunion out to prompt other things. Enough about torturing Chuck and Blair please they need to be happy from now on. GG! Give them happiness which they so much deserved more than anyone.I want to see their marriage and babies..

  29. mulder269 says:

    I think at this point we just have to admit it – Chuck and Blair fans will always find a reason to hate Dan, because he has been the only real threat to Chair since Nate and Blair broke up. Bottom line, Dan just got your couple back together, people! Stop whining. We all know they’ll live and whether or not she marries Louis or dates Dan, it’ll probably be Chair in the end, and you really could be more gracious and less annoying about it.
    And as far as Dan being mean to Serena, you have to be kidding. I don’t remember her being gentle about breaking the news that she was dating Nate, who happened to be Dan’s friend, maybe six or seven months after they broke up. In fact, she didn’t break the news at all. And let’s not forget how she played the both of them for a long time after. I personally think it’s good for Serena to be on the unrequited love end of things this time around. She needs to finally want someone she can’t have. And if she has to work for Dan and maybe put herself in a more vulnerable position than she’s been before, well, I think that can only be to the good.
    In fact, the only two people I feel bad for are Dan and Nate. Dan, because it’s bad enough to have to let the person you love go without having to be the one playing matchmaker for her. Nate, because it looks like his own family might be trying to kill him, and that must suck.

  30. Chris says:

    I’ve read over some of the spoilers on the wedding and I haven’t seen one that confirms the wedding is to Louis. I’m not sure but couln’t it be a possibility that the wedding is actually Blair and Chuck’s. Not Blair and Louis’s because I can’t see Blair thinking “oh hey Chuck is critically injured and we can’t be together, oh well I’ll go with option number 2.”

    • tori says:

      That is what I am thinking as well..the only way I can see her being with him is if somehow she is doing it FOR Chuck?? I can’t think of a way that would make sense, but maybe Louis holds something over her or she makes a pact with God, thinking they are bad luck for each other..or maybe Diana has something to do with it. I can see the wedding being a dream sequence too..

      • Chris says:

        Maybe Blair will have amnesia and chuck will tell her she chose Louis. Then on the wedding night she will remember the truth.

  31. Always Dair says:

    I believe Dair will happen. This is GG and it will come out to Blair that Dan cares for her. I am tired of Chair. Liked them in the beginning but not anymore. They are just boring. Dan in this episode proved to me to be the best man on the show out of all of them.

    Even if Chair is endgame, they will explore Dair. They have been setting them up and there is a strong Dair base too.

    • Raksha says:

      I agree. Dan was…so, so good today. When Chuck let go of Blair, atleast both of them knew how they felt about each other. Blair KNEW how Chuck felt about her, and vice versa. What Dan did….it was really too, too extraordinary. He did not pile on to add Blair’s confusion – he didnt even tell her about his feelings. He cut back on him moving on just to make sure Blair’s happy. THAT is true love.

      • Allie says:

        Or… he didn’t tell her because it was obvious that she didn’t feel the same way. A sacrifice is only a sacrifice if you have something to actually give up. Chuck has actually given up Blair when he could have had her because he knew it wouldn’t make her happy. Dan has never had Blair, so he gave up nothing by helping her get what she actually wanted.

        • Svenja says:

          Yeah, but Dan could have just made the wrong call for selfish reasons and NOT played matchmaker.
          He did that because he loves her so much.
          I want Dair or Derena….
          I’m not that much into Chair anymore, although I shipped them pretty hard in early seasons.

          • adrianne says:

            I’m not trying to be insensitive here but does it really matter how Dan feels if the object of his affection isn’t even close to reciprocating his feelings? I like the character so I really wish he could move on, find someone else.

        • T says:

          He gave up his ultimate “afterwards” ending for his book! A sacrifice is doing something for someone else at the expense of your own feelings because you know it will benefit the other person more than yourself. That’s EXACTLY what Dan did.

  32. stacy says:

    anyone else hate the charlie/ivy character? i don’t really understand her purpose and the enitre storyline is really starting to annoy me.

  33. Amanda says:

    yes, Dan and Serena!

  34. Jinq says:

    This show has two major problems, in my opinion. One is that once the writers get couples together on this show, they have no idea what to do with them except create enough conflict to break them up again. Which is kind of understandable, due to the second problem ~ the guest-starring recurring characters they create to add to/spice up the storylines since the main characters are so few. When they do find one that works, they kill it to death… when in doubt, bring back Jack Bass or Regina or Nate’s grandfather ~ or, heaven forbid, the pathetic version of Vanessa who was so awesome in the book. Their “new” characters aren’t very good, either. I mean, look at poor Louis. He’s got to be the most boring character on television right now. The Charlie storyline showed promise, but they have dragged it on WAAAAAAY too long now, with no payoff. Those writers should all be locked in a room and made to watch the entire series of “Sex and the City” to see what good writing for a small ensemble cast really is. The characters on Sex and the City were not always likeable either, and their lifestyles were similarly over-the-top, yet most of their storylines were compelling and most of their supplementary characters winners. I know this show is not mean to be as meaningful as Sex and the City, but why can’t it be? The people watching it are growing up ~ why can’t these characters grow up? If this show wants to stay on the air, the writers have to learn what to do with them other than have them pine for each other and make bad decisions, or the show isn’t going to last much longer.

    • Allie says:

      Totally agree with this. The writers have actually admitted they don’t know how to write happy couples- which is why they keep throwing ridiculous obstacles in front of Chuck and Blair, and why they keep dragging out Dan’s feelings as well. If she actually liked him back and they got together, what do they do then? Sit around eating pizza and watching movies no one’s ever heard of? At least with Chair there’s hot sex to be had, but they didn’t even bother giving us that in S3. It’s like the only drama they know how to write is screwing and fighting.

  35. Jenn says:

    All I want is Dair…

  36. Lady K says:

    Chuck & Blair!!! Chuck & Blair!!! Chuck & Blair!!! Yeah Chuck & Blair!!! Who DIDN’T melt, at least a little, when he told her he would love her child as much as he loved her? You absolutely KNOW the writers and producers are going to make us, the viewers, wait to get the final Chuck and Blair happily ever after but at least they both chose and THEY CHOSE EACH OTHER, AS IS!

  37. sep mou says:

    I won’t say and predict anything because of the inappropriate approach of the screen writers. The 10th episode ended really badly. After all the upside downs between Chuck and Blair, it shouldn’t have happened. I think the screen writers just try to write and make some stories, then leave the viewers with so much happenings around! Well, in my opinion, it’s not a good strategy for making a good film. 2/10 for this episode… :(

  38. J says:

    DAIR was my absolutest favorite as FRIENDS!!!! Why make one of them have stronger feelings? They could have had the most interesting relationship on the show had they remained friends.

    • ana muller says:

      AGREED. I feel like the writers’ main goal is to make every character in this show at one point be romantically interested with another, until they have tried every single combination. Trust me, it wouldn’t surprise me if Nate suddenly decided he is in love with Lilly.

    • Summer says:

      I appreciate that the writers flirted with the idea for Dair, but I think they should have just left it at that – a mild attraction on either side, but a strong, interesting friendship. Dan and Blair have always had an interesting chemistry as friends, and as tickled as I was by their flirtation last season, this season, Dan’s just become a giant ball of pathetic.

  39. Karla says:

    In the previews, we see Blair praying for Chuck’s recovery, I think she’s asking God to keep Chuck alive, and in return she’ll sacrifice her relationship with him and stay with Louie, realizing no matter how much they love each other, bad things always seem to happen when they’re together. just my theory, hehe.

  40. DJ Doena says:

    I have a general question: Maybe I have missed it, but was it shown who tempered with the break lines (I assume that was what it was) on the limo? Or is it just conjecture that Trip had something to do with it?

    • gillian says:

      It is just conjecture, but you have to admit that is the most likely scenario.

      • Sara says:

        I’m assuming it was Max, or whatever his name was. He suddenly came into money without really outing Ivy, and the money was a payoff from Trip. The mutually beneficial outcome that Max was looking for when he met up with him.

  41. jennifer njoroge says:

    i hope that derena gets back.the chemistry btwn them is magnificent.as for dair no way.i love then when they are friends and both of them pretending not to be friends in public.say what a royal.that is going to be a heartbreak 4 my chuck.the reason i love gg is becoz of chair.n trip how could he do that to his cousin nate.i used to see hm cute but not anymore.

  42. miss scarlet says:

    Ed Westwick is brutally handsome, but then they show a photo like the one in this article and you realize he’s got a really weird shaped head.

    I thought this episode was pretty good. I’m not a romantic but when Chuck told Blair he’d love her baby as much as he loved her even I melted a bit, and I love the growth we’ve seen in Chuck’s character this year. But the cliffhanger of the episode was kinda dumb. We know Chuck’s going to survive, it’s just a question of how it effect his relationship with Blair (and, by default, Blair’s with Louie).

    As for Dan and Blair, it’s an interesting thing to explore, but it’s been going on for too long without actually happening. Same goes with Charlie’s story line. I get that in many ways this is a soap, but I feel like it’s a real down point of this show that this stuff just goes on forever with no real payoff. That said, I do like it and hope when they finally end, they’ll know they’re ending and we’ll get a proper finale.

    • ana muller says:

      The cliffhanger for ME at least, is if Blair is going to change her decision. Which she probably is, seeing the wedding, or at least part of it, happens. But I just don’t see how she could possibly walk away from Chuck now that her feelings are so clear, and how could dumb Louis take her back after losing the baby whilst in a rendez vous with Chuck, I mean we all know he’s desperate but is there really any part of him that thinks Blair loves him anymore?

  43. JD says:

    no one picked up on the fact that chair’s limo had been tampered with, and that the limo they were in was meant for nate? obvs tripp paid off max to mess with the limo, and the intention was to do away with nate. i guess it’s nice for nate to finally have a storyline coming his way.

  44. Reality says:

    Why are people acting like relationships are easy? There are a lot of relationships (romantic, family, friends) where bad things happen. It’s apart of life. You have your ups and downs, yet people always want to look at the bad and never the good. Has there been a lot of bad concerning Chuck and Blair? Yes. But, there has also been a lot of good. Maybe these obstacles are only making their relationship stronger. Life isn’t easy, and just because this is a tv show, doesn’t mean everything is going to be easy as pie.

  45. Kimberly says:

    I’m really pissed off because these photos recently surfaced and I’m just sick of seeing Blair with Louis! This has to be after the accident so apparently Blair changes her mind again.


    • T says:

      Great catch! There goes my theory….

    • tori says:

      Well that sucks…there’s got to be some manipulation going on because WHY would she do that..she admitted she loved only Chuck..And Chuck is supposed to be at the wedding..he probably comes just to see if she will really go thru with it.. I’m sad.. lol

  46. Karla says:

    i think trip had max mess with nate’s car cuz max was eyeing the car while he was talking to nate outside, they never showed him enter the party, maybe he went to the garage and messed up the brakes

  47. Paige says:

    Why aren’t more people hung up on the weird bit at the end concerning some sort of Jack Bass – Diana – Grandfather Vanderbilt alliance??? Like what is that about?!?!?

    I like the theories that Diana is Chuck’s mom but I just don’t know if the show would bring that story line back? Then again it’s sort of just like them to do just that…I’m so confused!!

    And how does Nate’s grandfather factor into that?? I keep going back to that moment where they were talking a few episodes back and he said that if he went down so would she…what are they hiding?!?!

    • Tori says:

      Ok sooo..this is my random theory. The pic of Diana that was in Chucks fathers file was her really young wasn’t it? Like in school? What if Chucks father had an affair with her when she was underage and paid her off to have the baby but disappear and never come around. Maybe Nates grandfather knew about it and was part of the cover up? SO if she is revealed as Chucks mother he would be revealed for covering up an underage tryst or possible rape? And Jack would know since he is Chucks uncle…

  48. Cinema Fantastic says:

    It’s my belief that the wedding is going to be a dream Blair has when she is asleep in the hospital, only to wake and find out that she has lost her baby and Chuck is in a coma.

  49. Liz says:

    Poor limo driver. No one cares how he is doing after the accident.

    • Ana says:

      That made me LOL, really! It reminded me of the Austin Powers film -how they showed the families of the guys that winded up dead and all…

      Anyway, obviously Blair will lose her baby, I don’t think they ever had any intention of carrying that on through the end. And although we still don’t know if it’s a dream or if it’s really happening, the pictures of the Royal Wedding episode don’t show Blair with a Baby bump.
      About her and Chuck not staying together next, I think it may have a lot to do with the title of the episode (though not confirmed) ‘The End of the affair’. I’m betting Blair will pull off a Julianne Moore and like in the movie, promise to give him up forever if God saves him. But again like Julianne’s character, I doubt she’ll be able to keep that promise.
      Which I think has to do with her getting together with Dan. Though I don’t think they’re actually getting together, it’s probably more like Dan offering to take care of her after everything that’s happened and Blair letting him. I’m really sorry for Dair fans but Chair is the only couple that’s absolutely decided on the show. And I do think Dair is great as friends but they’ll never be more than that. If there was any moment for that to happen was about the time they kissed. No sparks there, no sparks ever, the moment’s gone.
      On to other things: we don’t see the accident, but although there were paparazzi around the car and all, it was pretty clear to me that Tripp payed Max to sabotage the car that Nate was supposed to be on, we’ll probably hear more about that in the future. And I don’t think Diana is Chuck’s mom, Chuck had that medallion with his mom’s photo and she looked nothing like Diana – and Chuck looks nothing like Diana! I really think Evelyn was his mom, but surely there’s more to this connection between Jack, Diana and Bart. Maybe she’s a family member… But then why wasn’t she there when Bart died? Any guesses?

    • Andrea says:

      I SWEAR I thought the exact same thing. What about the limo driver? He was in the front seat, he must have died or something and nobody cares!

  50. Angie says:

    Trite, but I think that Chuck will think he’s paralyzed and push Blair away towards Louie. This is the 1st season where I like Nate as more than eye candy. Seriously, he was boring, but now he’s finally doing something. Long live Chair!! Hope to see Dan and Serena back together at some point