Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on How I Met Your Mother, Spartacus, Revenge, Bones, Grimm and More!

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Question: I have a burning How I Met Your Mother question from Monday’s episode. When Future Ted says that Robin never becomes a pole-vaulter, was that a confirmation that she never becomes a mom? —Pat
Ausiello: Actually, the confirmation came four years ago, according to exec producer Carter Bays. “I would point people to the episode from Season 3 [titled] ‘Little Boys,’ he says. “In that episode, Robin’s grappling with the fact that she doesn’t particularly like children. And it ends with [Future Ted] explaining that she did go on to eventually like children in the form of Ted’s kids.” In case there remains any doubt, Bays states for the record that Robin “doesn’t become a mom.”

Question: Monday’s HIMYM felt like the beginning of a “cooling off” period between Robin and Barney. Please tell me I’m wrong. —Tricia
Ausiello: Sorry, you’re right. “We’re going to see Barney moving on in the remainder of the season,” confirms Bays, referring to the arrival of Becki Newton as his new love interest. And what about Robin and Ted (who ended the fall run on a particularly poignant note). “I’m sentimental about those two,” concedes the boss man. “She’s an important girl in his life. That’s never going to quite go away.”

Question: Please tell this Revenge addict the dead guy on the beach is someone other than Daniel. I love the way Josh Bowman has played this unwitting pawn in Emily’s plot. I’d hate to see him go. —Cindy
Ausiello: You better believe that was the first question I asked leading lady Emily VanCamp when she dropped by TVLine’s new Times Square headquarters on Tuesday. All she would say is that the “original plan” called for Daniel to be the dead man beached. And the current plan…? “I don’t think [the producers] are completely certain,” she hedged. “I guess the best thing I can say is that nothing is as ever as it seems on this show.” Well, one thing is as it seems: VanCamp confirms that “someone is dead on the beach. That I can say.”

Question: January’s coming fast. Got any new scoop on One Tree Hill? —Aimee
Ausiello: The series-ending epilogue will be sports-themed.

Question: Hey, Mr. Man-in-the-Know — do you have any scoop on Grimm? I wasn’t sure about this show at first, but my family and I watched the first episode online last night and added it to our DVR list before it even ended! —Cindy
Ausiello: This Friday’s episode is a big one for everyone’s favorite blutbad, Monroe. Not only will we watch as he struggles to contain his wild side, but we’ll also observe his romantic side when his former flame (played by Eureka‘s Jaime Ray Newman) comes to Portland and really, ahem, tests his discipline.

Question: Do you have anything on Parks and Recreation? —Brooke
Ausiello: Leslie gets hooked on PCP in Thursday’s episode. The twist? I’m not talking about the addictive narcotic! The scandal-ridden public servant, reeling from her work suspension and campaign collapse, uses her free time to form a militant citizen group, Parks Committee of Pawnee. Her first order of business? Adding Yahtzee to the rec center’s game room. The Christmas-themed outing also features the (hilarious) returns of Ben Schwartz’s sneaker salesman Jean-Ralphio and Jason Mantzoukas’ fragrance mogul Dennis Feinstein, and marks the long-awaited introduction of Ron Swanson’s miniature marshmallow doppelganger. (I smell a spinoff! Or at the very least a mid-afternoon snack!)

Question: Do you have any spoilers on Chuck? —Nick
Ausiello: In the Christmas episode “Chuck vs. The Santa Suit” (airing Dec. 23), both Chuck and Sarah find themselves on the receiving end of big ol’ smooches from other people — and one of the people delivering a kiss is most definitely not a friendly.

Question: After watching this week’s Gossip Girl fall finale, can you please give us some scoop on whether Chuck lives or dies? —Torie
Ausiello:  Considering Chuck is present at Blair’s royal wedding on Jan. 30, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he survives the car wreck. Unless, of course, Gossip Girl is about to venture into Weekend at Bernie’s territory.

Question: Please give me something good about Dair — like, possibly, Dan confessing his feelings to Blair at the hospital? —Jessie
Ausiello: You mean the prospect of Chuck dying isn’t enough to tide you over until January? Wow, you Dair ‘shippers are hard to please. I’m afraid I don’t have any good news to share… right now. But in early January, I will unload a scoop about the 100th episode that will make your Dair-lovin’ hearts explode. That’s right, I said explode. As in: This spoiler is so awesome it may actually kill you.

Question: Please get us some news on Spartacus: Vengeance. You have been way to quiet about this show! —Seena
Ausiello: Well, since I just received (and screened) the first two episodes (airing Jan. 27 and Feb. 3), right now seems like a perfect time for me to break my silence, don’t you think? Now then, I’ll admit it was bittersweet diving back into the action so soon after Andy Whitfield’s death. And, as strong a first impression as his successor, Liam McIntyre, makes, Andy’s spirit loomed large for me throughout the first episode. How could I — or anyone — watch Spartacus 2 without thinking about Spartacus 1? But by Episode 2, I was fully immersed in what was going on on-screen. So much so that I can say — and happily, I might add — that both the character and the show remain in top form. In fact, the series continues to push the envelope where blood and sex are concerned. (The gauntlet’s been thrown, True Blood.) Within the first two episodes, there’s an orgy as well as some of the most brutal slayings ever. (Seriously — Lorena Bobbit would be proud.) There’s also a heartbreaking death that is preceded by an even more heartbreaking last wish. Oh, and as those promos made pretty clear, Lucretia’s alive and she’s bats#*! crazy!

Question: Got any scoop on Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO drama More as this Story Develops — like a premiere date? —Bea
Ausiello: It’ll probably bow in the spring under the new title Newsroom.

Question: Ummm… that Carrie Preston Good Wife scoop needs to be spilled, sir! —Shane
Ausiello: Ummm… You’re right! It does. She’ll be representing Will in his battle with the S.A. office. Sucks to be Wendy Scott-Carr right about now.

Question: Now that we’ve been given the devastating news about Bonessixth episode being delayed, how about some awesome spoilers to get us through to January 2012? —Susan
Ausiello: When the show launches its spring run in March, Brennan will still be with child. But for how much longer? “That is the question,” teases series creator Hart Hanson. “How soon will she have the baby? It could happen [right away in Episode 7].” Hmm… The title of that particular episode is “The Prisoner in the Pipe,” and it’s been rumored that Brennan goes into labor in a prison. You see where I’m going with this?

Question: Can you please give me some scoop about Community? I am really going to miss it during the “indefinite hiatus.” —Amy
Ausiello: At least the show is going out on a high note — as in the show’s writers had to be high when they penned the fall/winter finale. As previously reported by TVLine’s Megan Masters, Thursday’s holiday-centric musical episode finds the Greendale gang filling in for the absentee glee club — and the results are pitch-perfect. Highlights include an Abed/Troy rap video that is sure to become a viral phenomenon, a running (and good-natured) dig at Glee involving ********s, a great callback to “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design,” and this line from Britta about the song-and-dance frenzy taking hold the study group: “I wish there was a way we could stop all this. I realize the stakes aren’t actually that high, but somehow that just makes it extra scary.” Oh, and I almost forgot: It all ends with a shocking murder confession!

Question: I’ll take any Pretty Little Liars scoop you’ve got! —Lila
Ausiello: Lucy Hale says that just because Aria’s parents will be clued into her romance with Ezra during Season 2.5, it doesn’t mean they — specifically her dad — will like it. Instead, the reveal “only causes more problems,” the actress tells TVLine’s Matt Mitovich. “There’s a lot of friction between Aria and her parents because of this big bombshell that she drops.” As a result, she promises “more sneaking around” and “a lot more lying, obviously. It’s Pretty Little Liars!”

Question: Any scoop on 90210? —Sumaiyah
Ausiello: The bitch is back! I’m talking about Naomi’s sis Jen, who resurfaces early next year with demon spawn in tow.[/ask_ausiello_show]

[ask_ausiello_hide]Question: What’s the haps on my fave new show Ringer? I am going through some serious withdrawal pains and still have five weeks to get through! Don’t leave a girl hanging! —Carly
Ausiello: It sounds like Det. Machado is getting a new adversary. The show is adding a cocky male agent who “handles his new investigation according to his own agenda.” My guess? The slick newbie will be tasked with solving Gemma’s murder.[/ask_ausiello_hide]

[ask_ausiello_show]Question: Any scoop on Sons of Anarchy, preferably about the fate of Tara? —Kori
Ausiello: If she thought Season 4 was a bitch, wait until she gets a load of what lies ahead in Season 5 (assuming she survives tonight’s finale) — or, I should say, who lies ahead. Series creator Kurt Sutter confirms that Drea de Matteo’s recovering junkie will be back in a big way next fall, presumably to make good on her threat to bond with her son with Jax. “I will tell you that we are definitely bringing Drea back,” he says. “We signed her up for six episodes, and we brought her in for two this season, so we’ll have her in at least four next season. And if I need her for more, I’m sure I can work that out.” (BTW, make a beeline for TVLine after tonight’s finale. You won’t regret it!)

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Meg Masters)[/ask_ausiello_show]

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  1. Liz says:

    The only thing to make my hear explode with DAIR would be her running to him in the wedding!!

    • I says:

      I really don’t get it. It’s always Chuck who trends on twitter. Chuck & Blair trended worldwide last night. And still, the 100th episode seem to be all about Dair and BLouis? UGH, the writers are SO stupid. Chuck and Blair are the most popular couple, Chuck is a lot more popular than Dan (go to twitter, facebook etc) and still they just can’t stop forcing Dan and Dair on us. No wonder the ratings are so awful No way I am gonna keep watching.

      • eddie says:

        soooo….. Gossip girl trends all over the world, but still averages 1.3 million an episode…. hmm interesting.

        • lola says:

          well, yeah! the whole world basically lives for gossip girl and breathes for chair. in the minute brains of the pubescent chair fanatics, that is.

          • Allie says:

            Stay classy, Lola.

            The point is that among the people who do watch the show, that’s the most popular pairing. Ratings are a separate issue, since the decline has a number of separate (and debatable) causes.

          • jenkins says:

            You’re a real “winner” aren’t you lola. Seriously, girl, get a life.

          • leigh says:

            Agree,Allie. And let’s all remember what arc got us to these low ratings- the Dair one last year. We’re at the lows that arc made for the show. Dair fans are kidding themselves if they think they bring ratings. In this promo you had Dair did anyone decide to watch more- no. The show will not survive without good, sound writing and this show does not have it when Blair Waldorf looks like a foll in love with every man. Her only consistency as a character this season has been her constant love for Chuck. Other than that I don’t even recognize Blair.

          • Lori says:

            Completely agree, Lola. I do not understand this weird fixation on Chuck and Blair. They SUCK as a couple. I admit I was drawn to their relationship for a while…at least until he SOLD her. You don’t come back from that and still be in a “healthy well-rounded” relationship. I mean, come on. The show’s dangling by a thread as it is. END IT ALREADY.

          • Ashley says:

            @eddie and lola
            They did trend worldwide, whether you believe it or not. Stop pushing this idea that Chair fans are “pubescent”. There are lots of older Chair fans. The trend means that thousands of people all over the world were tweeting about it. It’s not hard to believe considering Chuck/Blair is the most popular pairing. Some Dair fans can’t accept that, but it’s true.

        • G says:

          I guess it’s not known beyond the fandom that Gossip Girl is viewed primarily on the Internet & has an enormous international following. I know people who just watch Chuck & Blair clips on YouTube anymore. So US rating…no one gaf. Plus, the percentage of the coveted 18-24 demo is always strong. CW never posts the numbers that geezer CBS can anyway so the 1.4 is relative.

          • dee123 says:

            Correct. Gossip Girl is still one of the most downloaded shows (legally or not) each year.

          • Captain says:

            So youre saying because you know people who just watch CB clips on Youtube, that means the majority of GG fans ship Chair? Don’t think so. Lets just agree that Chuck/Blair and Dan/Blair have equally passionate, growing fanbases and leave it at that.

          • jules says:

            you say geezer CBS but CBS pretty much kicks GG’s demo ratings ass every week.

          • Svenja says:

            Even as a Dair fan (I used to ship Chair), I believe the part of fandom shipping Chair is maybe 20% bigger than the part of the fandom shipping Dair.
            But Dair does also have a big shipping community…
            That’s what puts the writers into a difficult position.
            They are juggling the ships (and Louis…ugh).
            I believe Chair will be endgame, but I want to see some Dair before that.

          • mel says:

            Chuck and Blair and Dan and Blair might both have passionate fanbases but it’s clear when in an episode where both interacted and one trended world wide and one did not who is the most popular.

          • Ashley says:

            No, the Chuck/Blair fanbase is much bigger.

            There’s a reason they win all the polls and why they trend on Twitter and Dair doesn’t. There might be one or two forums that have a lot of Dair fans, that doesn’t make them more popular.

            The Twitter trends, which have happened more than once, should show you how big the Chair fanbase is.

            The writers aren’t “torn” about anything. They do Dair as fanservice to the vocal Dair fans and have Chair be endgame, as they always intended.

        • Anja says:

          1.3 milion viewers in united states only. i’m form slovenia, and I know A LOT of people who watch Gossip girl. and we all have to watch it one day after if airs in the USA on internet. and no one counts those viewers. entire europe has to watch shows like GG, Glee, the vampire diares,90210… on the internet, if we want to watch it in the same YEAR as viewers in USA.

        • Abbey says:

          gossip girl ratings are only counted in america thats why. im sure it would have 10x that if they counted world wide.

          chuck and blair are fantastic together, they have chemistry that other couples dont. theyre both crazy and thats why they are great together. mistake me if im wrong but i NEVER remember blair and nate, or serena and nate or even serena and dan (who were so cute together) to have as much much chemisty with each other as blair and chuck do.

          im not sure whether its these new gg writers, but i dont like how they are changing blair. makng her weak and pussy-like. she is supposed to sceme her way out of everything, not reconcile with dan all the time (once in a while is ok but not every episode). blair makes the whole show. her crazy antics are what make her. i cant see her falling for dan, who is cute and a gentleman, but his character can get really boring to watch and i tend to see dair as a friendship not a relationship.

          i know people say opposites attract, but in this case they dont. no more dair please!

      • Jenn C says:

        Maybe because the majority of the Chair fans are teenage girls who spend all their time on Twitter trying to make their favorite couple “trend”. Seriously, who cares if they trended? And GG has been forcing Chuck/Blair on the fans for three seasons now, with the push and pull, break up/make up garbage. The only thing that has revived the show and made it fresh was the possibility of a Dair relationship. The Chair drama got old by the end of season 2. Just as the Dawson/Joey “star crossed lovers” drama got old by Season 3 of Dawson’s Creek. If Pacey/Joey had never happened, that show would’ve been just horrible during seasons 3 and 4. And just as Pacey/Joey revived DC, Dair have revived GG.

        • Allie says:

          Insulting other fanbases isn’t the way to make yours sound like the intellectually-superior choice, FYI. And the idea that GG has been “forcing” Chair on anyone all these years is laughable. Their relationship has been the main driving force of this show since the first season, so if anyone felt like it was being “forced” on them… why would they even continue to watch? That’s like sitting through 6 seasons of 24 and complaining about all the Jack Bauer. Anyway, I happen to enjoy Dan and Blair as friends, and I look forward to them remaining that way.

        • ana muller says:

          or maybe most people get that the only redeeming quality of gossip girl is the Chuck and Blair relationship. And the constant use of the Dawnson’s Creek example to support Dair is the only thing getting old here, for two people to be together the feeling needs to be mutual, Blair isn’t remotely interested, even Dan gets it.

        • G says:

          Ask the CW if trending matters. (hint: it does!!) Even Josh Schwartz tweeted that Chair fans better watch the ep. Now he’s hardly a teenager!! Ship who you want–whatevs–but you don’t need to slam the machine that is the enormous Chair fan base in order to validate & support your ship. btw I’m not a teenager…the Chair fans I know are all in 20’s & in college or older (like my Aunt who’s 40) … JS

          • lola says:

            actually, i believe all chair fans have graduate degrees, predominantly phds, jds, and mds. oh, and every single sjd who watches gossip girl cannot live without chair.

          • jules says:

            no he’s hardly a teenager. He’s just the EP of a show who’s primary fanbase is a bunch of teenage girls. So he goes where they go. It’s called show business.

          • Svenja says:

            why is this always about generalisations?
            Shipping Dair or Chair has nothing to do with age.
            I enjoy Dair in a bigger fashion that Chair (currently).
            It doesn’t have anything to do with my age (I am 20), but with my preferences in terms of storylines.
            I do enjoy season 1+2 Chair. I love it to death because it used to be super hot.

          • Ashley says:

            You have some serious issues. How are you going to react when Chuck and Blair end up together??

            A lot of Chair fans are older, including me. I’m in my 20s. This idea that they’re all tweens is something you want to believe, and something you have no evidence of.

        • leigh says:

          They haven’t revived GG when they sunk the ratings. What planet do you live on? I mean Chuck and Blair trended world wide, Dair has not. I don’t get the delusions of Dair fans. it’s really mind boggling. Are you guys drinking from the same kool-Aid?

        • joey potter says:

          if i hear one more comment about how dair is the new joey and pacey i will scream! they are really nothing alike, even more ridiculous chair is NOTHING like joey and dawson…

      • Faye says:

        You can’t really measure that, and it’s well known that CB fans spam boards, twitter, etc. So a lot of the tons of the comments and popularity comes from a few people.

        • leigh says:

          You do realize you can’t trend a topic world wide with a few people right? You do realize the entire board fanbase is at it’s smallest right?Dair fans find excuses all the time but a dare you to look at people tweeting about Chuck and Blair compered to DB. There is no competition and you’re just deluding yourself.

        • Ashley says:

          Sorry, Chuck/Blair is way more popular. To trend on Twitter WW there have to be thousands and thousands of individual people tweeting about it, from different countries too.

          And it’s not “well known” that CB fans spam message boards. That’s something Dair fans always say, instead of considering the possibility that there are just a lot of Chuck/Blair fans.

      • MSC says:

        Yeah, I don’t want Dair. People obviously want Chair except for the 2o Dair fans on anon

      • Jenkins says:

        The thing that’s really annoying me is if they hook up Blair with Dan she looks way more foolish and fickle than Serena ever did. I mean she just chose Chuck, she always has but to go from Louis to Chuck to Dan in one season? That would kill what little is left that I like in Blair Waldorf.

      • Leigh says:

        They need to stop forcing Dair on us. There may be some fans but after last episode people clearly love Chuck and Blair. Do I have to mention why? Just build Chuck and Blair,writers, and drop whatever fantasies you have about the general audience caring about Dan Humphrey already. it’s not working. His book arc didn’t bring in new viewers and last year his interaction with Blair got us these terrible ratings that continue. We don’t care about Dan.

        • Max says:

          Okay, according to you, Chuck and Blair trended worldwide for a time. So what? Maybe the reason Chuck and Blair trended isn’t just because people want to see them together. It may be because they were both in a life threatening CAR CRASH that was pretty much the highlight of the season?
          And I don’t understand what’s the deal with Chair and Dair fans fighting. I hate to say it but the Dair fans often come off as the more sane of the two.
          As for your comment that the show should go in the direction you want all I have to say is if you Chair fanatics would get over yourselves and realize that a show does not cater specifically to your demands, you would get your heads out of the clouds and realize that sometimes, a little variety is more interesting than having Chuck and Blair in every single scene.
          I like Chuck and Blair together. I think they are both great actors and have some pretty cool scenes together. But I can also enjoy Dan and Blair scenes without blowing my head off. It takes a bit of open mindedness to enjoy and appreciate two different ideas at the same time.

      • Kate says:

        Have you even seen the #dair supports its been receiving in the past month…many people are starting to like the idea of Dan and Blair, they atleast deserve a chance

    • meg says:

      IKR? Fingers crossed! My heart would explode too, if Blair runs to him in the 100th. I can’t wait for Ausiello to give us more deets here. <3

    • Caitlin says:

      I really hope by “so awesome it will explode” he means that it will explode of anger and frustration. The idea of Blair and Dan getting together after A) Chuck nearly dying after Blair proclaims he’s the only one she wants, B) Praying for his life and watching him nearly die because he wanted to go with her and support her) and C) Really…? Knocked up by one guy, almost marry him, but realize youre too in love with another man only to bam, on the wedding day suddenly want a completely different guy? Thats just fkn ridiculous.

      • Agreed says:

        I can’t believe the royal wedding is still on. The only way that Blair should be marrying Louis at this point is if Chuck is dead. If Blair runs out on her wedding for Dan I will cross the line into hating Blair. She will have officially become Serena and I will officially believe Chuck is too good for her anyway

        • Kate says:

          Yea Chuck is better..haha, that guys pimps her out…tries raping her, and also has been utterly so bad to her throughout the whole series..Dair is soo much better

    • Ashley says:

      I don’t know what the spoiler is, but Blair is not going to wake up and decide she loves Dan no matter what.

      If she runs to Dan, it will just be to get away from Louis and the wedding mess.

      I can’t believe there are people that actually want Dan to confess his feelings to Blair in the hospital when the guy she’s in love with is possibly dying. That’s just wrong on so many levels.

  2. Danielle says:

    Great… dair :/ How fabulous :(

  3. Elisha says:

    HATE BAN. Chuck and Blair trended. Freaking get it Gossipgirl! I guess I wont watch the 100th

  4. Emily says:

    Ugh, well, I just hope there’s something good for Chuck and Blair, too… We get 30 seconds of hapiness in half a season? Really?

  5. I says:

    Dan and Blair run away together. MEH, I am so over gg. Dair killed all my love for the show. I don’t care anymore.

    • Allie says:

      Well, we’ve been predicting this since the first episode of the season. I’m just glad they’re getting it over with, honestly.

  6. Danielle says:

    Really not understanding how we can go from yesterday’s eppy (‘You’re all I ever wanted. I love you’) to dair in 3 episodes.

    • Ashley says:

      This is Gossip Girl Danielle. Eveyrone forgets everything and everyone in like 3 eps or less. I think even the writers forget their own storylines.

      • Danielle says:

        I think even the writers forget their own storylines.

        It certainly seems like it sometimes. I try so hard to have faith in them but they make it so difficult a lot of the time.

  7. Antonia says:

    Thanks for the Gossip Girl spoilers. Nice to read Chuck will be attending the wedding. I hope he somehow stops it! Blair should marry him, not Louis.

    • Ava says:

      Personally I’m hoping this wedding being called a royal wedding is some kind of play on words, and it really references Chuck and Blair getting married because they are kind of like manhattan royalty. I just can’t believe Blair would go from admitting that she loves and wants Chuck to being totally ok with marrying Louis. Unless there is some kind of majoy blackmail situation going on or something equally insane.

      • anon says:

        umm personally seeing the spoilers about blair running out on the wedding, i’d rather it was her and louis without any blackmail (involving chuck anyways)but idk it doesn’t seem like blair. maybe she interpreted it all as a sign i guess but still… idk xD

  8. LC says:

    Yay, another Community spoiler. Can’t wait for Thursday’s episode. It will be bittersweet but I’m sure it will go out (albeit temporary) on a high. COMMUNITY FOR THE WIN!

  9. Lily says:

    Cannot wait for SOA!!!

  10. janelle says:

    CARRIE PRESTON REPRESENTING WILL GARDNER! I don’t think the courtroom is ready for this much badass. Can’t wait!

  11. Dave says:

    Like Chair
    Like Dair
    Hate Derena

    So I guess I must start shipping Dair, then.

  12. CastleBuffySVU says:

    Thanks for the scoop, as always! I can’t wait for Castle in January. I can’t believe that I’m greedy for spoilers already.

  13. Allie says:

    So I’m guessing Blair will run away from her wedding with Dan? I don’t see how it could be romantic, unless they want to character-assassinate the hell out of her, but with these writers….

    Anyway, I’m just waiting for the day that pairing will be killed for good.

  14. ann says:

    YES, Dair :) Thanks Ausiello. This will keep me going until next ep!

  15. AD says:

    Re TGW sure hope Alicia’s behind Elizabeth representing Will. A/W fans have to have some hope!

  16. Danielle says:

    It’s fairly obvious this ‘big spoiler’ will be about Blair and Dan running away ‘together’. Everyone whose on twitter and tumblr has heard the reports that Penn and Leighton were at the airport.

    • Viv says:

      I’ve stuck with Gossip Girl for a lot of years, through a lot of really terrible storylines, I made it through the Jenny Humphrey years. If Blair runs out on a wedding to Louis for DAN HUMPHREY I will have to quit this show. The only way I would be ok with this is if Dan is somehow orchestrating a meeting between Chuck and Blair.

    • Ashley says:

      I’m guessing there’s a huge catch though. As in she’s running away with Dan to get away from Louis and the royal family, and so she can go find Chuck.

  17. Camille says:

    SO READY FOR THE DAIR SPOILER! Can’t wait. Will be (im)patiently waiting, Ausiello! :)

  18. Danielle says:

    It’s kind of sad that the spoilers they’re releasing about the 100th episode, which are meant to get me more excited for it, are seriously making me consider not even bothering to watch it.

  19. Joanna says:

    Oh poor naive Gossip Girl fans! Ausielo, everyone knows that Chuck Bass lives! The show is NOTHING without him Check out twitter for further confirmation.

    And judging from the filming pictures Blair actually gets married to Louis, for whatever unfathomable reason the writers thought it was a good idea, and is still with him in the episode after the 100th. So whatever crappy DB they pull on the 100th episode (because it needed yet another reason to make it unwatchable) is either in Dan’s head because we’ve already established Blair’s just not interested or Dan does the unthinkable and convinces Blair to return to Louis after she runs away. Now that WILL kill the DBers.
    Whatever it is the promotion for the episode is atrocious and borderline suicidal, especially when Chuck and Blair trend worldwide.

    • Hojana says:

      With ridiculously low ratings. Trending worldwide HEH!

      • MSC says:

        Bitterness becomes you Dair fan. You’re just mad Dair won’t ever trend.

      • Ashley says:

        Just because you say it isn’t true isn’t going to change it.

        It did trend, everyone on Twitter saw it when it did. The ratings don’t matter when so many people don’t watch the show live, and GG has a huge following all over the world.

  20. Julie says:

    And here’s my cue to say goodbye to HIMYM. It was a nice run, but the show’s been running around the same pond for seasons now. We get it: Ted and Robin are “meant to be together” and somehow the narrator will slowly stop calling her aunt Robin…
    This show shouldn’t have lasted that long… it’s like they don’t know what to do with the story anymore…

    • Anita says:

      Um we were just told that Robin will never be a Mother how in the world can you think they are leading up to Ted/Robin??

    • Brooke says:

      Where in the world did you get the idea that Robin and Ted are going to be together? How does that happen when Ted has kids and Robin doesn’t? That doesn’t even make sense.

    • Carol says:

      On the contrary, the show’s telling some poignant stories that show what growing up is like – I’ve certainly never seen the issue of female infertility addressed in such a meaningful and well-done way as the episode this week.

      • Brooke says:

        Completely agreed. Between this episode and Marshall’s father’s death last year, this show has been killing it with the meaningful bittersweet storylines, and I haven’t really seen other similar comdies try. Great stuff.

  21. anna says:

    You have to be kidding me. The writers of gossip girl must be using the drugs that Chuck was on a few episodes ago, because no way does Blair confess (again) her undying love for her apparent soulmate Chuck tonight, to only a few episodes later (at her wedding with a third man) admit her love for Dan. I give up.

    • Ashley says:

      Don’t give up. This spoiler isn’t what it seems, they never are. Ed said Chair fans would be happy on the 100th. I would watch before we assume that something like that about Dair, which has no chance of happening. :)

  22. Deena says:

    YES! I hate Robin and Barney so that is GOOD NEWS for me! Also, I love Robin and Ted even if she’s not the mother. Those two were amazing together.

  23. Chris says:

    Oh thank goodness LOL. I mean I didnt think Chuck would die but you have to be sure. Cant wait to see how they will do this though. I love Chuck and Blair so much, its clear they are IT.

    The other stuff doesnt matter much to me lol, no care! I just want Chuck and Blair!

  24. Allie says:

    Also, after the outcome of your “Dan and Blair move in together” spoiler from last week, I feel like you have a bit of a tendency to, umm, exaggerate.

    Which is actually good, because it means this probably won’t be as bad as most of us might dread.

    • Danielle says:


    • Tuffie L'Rue says:

      I’m really losing faith in Ausiello. Two weeks ago he said Robin on HIMYM was for SURE pregnant. Yea she wasn’t. Then that spoiler about Dan and Blair living together was really living together for 12 hours.

    • Ashley says:

      Plus, he never said this spoiler was good for Dair. Dair fans are just assuming it is. “Dair loving hearts explode” doesn’t have to be in a good way.

  25. Eddie says:

    So excited for Community!!

    And yay for Chuck living, thought it really isn’t news. lol And awesome spoiler as them moving in together or Chair’s scorching kiss? LMAO

  26. Sara says:

    I have never really cared much for Blair until this Dair possibility started happening. I have come to ship them so hard. I know they will never be end game, so I don’t know why Chair fans are in a fuss, Chair will always be end game, but I’m LOVING Dair. (Except I still hate Penn’s hair. I love him (he’s my favorite male character, but that hair is god awful).

  27. Amy says:

    Thanks so much for the Dair info, Ausiello! Chair fans, I understand why you guys would be upset, and I’m sorry. Anyone who watches GG understands how it feels to root for a couple — extremely exhausting, as every couple is always getting screwed over at one point or another! We each love our favorite pairings, so let’s just all get along and see where the story goes. My personal favorites just happen to be DAIR and SERENATE. Can’t really say I’ve disliked any couple though, just because I love most all of the characters (well, except maybe any of the Vanessa pairings lol). Excited for the 100th ep!

  28. Annoyed says:

    Back to the tacky attempts to get facebook followers? Lame and pathetic.

  29. Tracy Murray says:

    I wonder if Sorkin and HBO know that , here in Canada , during the nineties, we had a TV series that aired on the CBC called The Newsroom that was also shown on PBS ? I think TPTB should seriously stick with More As The Story Develops or go with a more shorter and a little more original title as to avoid potential confusion with our Newsroom ( especially if Sorkin’s series will be also airing on HBO Canada ) .

  30. cm2 says:

    YAY! So glad to hear there’s more Dair coming. Dan (and Penn) was perfection last night. I hope the show realizes how much of an asset they have on their hands.

    • Hojana says:

      Not to mention something new an un-explored. Last chance GG writers have to get something right. Hopefully they bring justice to Dair.

  31. Sandra says:

    Of course Chair gets 1 minute of happiness, more obstacles, and… Dair? Oh well. Ed said that Chair fans would be happy with the 100th so holding on to that for now!

  32. Bones is going to be carrying that baby for a long time! Bet she gets a little grumpy – hence the prison term ? LOL

  33. Renee says:

    Silas Weir Mitchell is the breakout star on Grimm. His Monroe is wonderful!

  34. Mika says:

    It is so obviously Tyler lying dead on the beach that I’d bet money on it.

  35. David says:

    Ok I love coming on here and reading the people “B***ch” I mean “talk” about your shows. However, if I wanna say if you have not watched Community you are missing out on a show that loves TV as much as we do. Catch up on Hulu, watch Thursday before it’s break (forced hiatus) so that Whitney can keep sucking the fun out of its new time slot on Weds. ..O and BTW there are like 5 ships you can go on that show if you want that

  36. Sienna says:

    Would anyone mind posting the Facebook spoiler here? I can tell that it’s about “Ringer”, so I must know what it is, but I’m not on Facebook. Pretty please?

    • Anat says:

      There you go!

      Question: What’s the haps on my fave new show Ringer? I am going through some serious withdrawal pains and still have five weeks to get through! Don’t leave a girl hanging! —Carly
      Ausiello: It sounds like Det. Machado is getting a new adversary. The show is adding a cocky male agent who “handles his new investigation according to his own agenda.” My guess? The slick newbie will be tasked with solving Gemma’s murder.

  37. JP says:

    I’m probably in the minority here, but I actually hope Daniel dies on Revenge. I hate when network shows chicken out and don’t kill off a character because they’re too afraid to do so. And having Daniel die would have way more far-reaching and interesting consequences than having some other random character die who nobody really cares about (like Tyler).

    • h. says:

      i was thinking the same too – as much as I hate to say it, Daniel dying would be the most ideal way for the show to continue after the engagement party. tyler dying is too predictable and a little ‘so what’ for my liking.

    • Count Of HeyPresto! says:

      I am with you on this. Killing off Daniel will raise the stakes even more so. I sometimes wish the show was a parallel to the famous book – ‘Count of Monte Cristo’ – the Count had an outsider for a probable love interest and not someone who was related to his adversaries.

      • Ing says:

        The Count’s lover is indeed connected, albeit not related, to his adversaries. Haydee was sold into slavery by Ferdnand, the man who took Mercedes to marry him. Haydee gets her own revenge by telling everyone and having proof of this. But I totally agree. I wish the show paralleled the book more. As much as I agree that killing Daniel off would raise the stakes, I like him too much and see his innocence too much. He doesn’t deserve to die…yet.

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      I think killing off Tyler would be far more interesting. There are so many possibilities for people with motives. If they kill off Daniel, I don’t see how they can make much of a mystery of it. He doesn’t have any enemies. Plus, keeping Daniel around and seeing how the relationship plays out with Em’s revenge plans could be a lot of fun and have the potential for a lot of conflict. I can see Em actually having feelings, which would complicate things. I can also see Daniel, at some point, discovering the truth and having his own motives to seek out revenge on his parents. The Tyler character, in my opinion, is one note. And it’s boring already. He’s a snake….we get it. I think we could have a lot more fun trying to figure out who actually went through with killing him.

  38. florence says:

    If the 100th episode features any Dair “romance” you can count me out. Plus there is the prospect of having Louis around for 3 more episodes, it’s like the writers don’t want us to watch.

  39. Amy says:

    Thanks for that one line about One Tree Hill. Speaking of which, Ashley Fink is not a full-time cast member on Glee, and I believe in January if that still rings true you owe us a rave review of OTH. Looking forward to it, Ausiello!

  40. Alexandra says:

    Dan and Blair hooking up romantically would not be new or different for the show. Dan and Blair not hooking up and actually managing to be the only purely platonic friendship on the show that doesn’t cross romantic lines? Now that would be groundbreaking and different for Gossip Girl.

    • Hojana says:

      No what really would be ground breaking is a season that doesn’t have a storyline around Chuck and Blair will they, won’t get together drama. Move on already too many things point to the fact that this isn’t a good relationship.

      • Kendallf says:

        I think u meant dair is not a good relationship? How is it a good relationship when it’s one sided and Blair not supporting or asking what wrong and never apologizing to dan? Blair doesn’t even love dan and doesn’t even care he has feelings for her or not. All u dair fans care about is how many times Dan can there for Blair(which Os getting pretty old) but never care that Blair doesn’t love Dan and doesn’t give support in return.

      • Ashley says:

        Blair does NOT love Dan. Period.

        Does noone get this? She’s in love with Chuck. Would you really want her to settle for Dan? I personally would rather see Dan with someone that loves him back.

        Ed said Chair fans will be happy with the 100th episode, so I don’t understand why Dair fans are getting all excited.

        I’m guessing this spoiler isn’t what it seems.

  41. G says:

    Ed says that Chair fans will be happy w/ the 100th & Spoilers are at times exaggerated for dramatic effect(read: “Dair moves in together!”) With that in mind, perhaps MA is alluding to the filming pics showing Dan in groomsmen attire. He has zero connection to Louis so maybe we find out that B asked D to be part of her wedding. Aw. Love Blair & Dan as friends. :) !!

  42. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Thanks for the Bones scoop! I’m so depressed we have to wait. The birth will be the most awesome episode EVER.
    But March? Ausiello, do you know something we don’t?? I thought Bones was coming back in April.

  43. kit says:

    Chair fans seems to think they’re bigger than what they actually are. Not everyone takes the time to go on twitter and every other website there is to express their undying love for a couple. Just because a very organized fan base managed to get their ship trending it doesn’t mean that it’s the best/most popular ship.

    I don’t care for any couple to be quite honest, everyone should just be single. But the writing, especially when it comes to Blair and Chuck together, is just plain awful and cringeworthy. I believe most fans are willing to overlook the complete character assassination and the ridiculous endless tiring recycling of the same storyline just to get a *hot* moment between their ship.

    And by the way, while Leighton and Ed did have great and amazing chemistry in season 1,2 and even 3, it’s not there anymore.

    • Kendallf says:

      Leigh and effigy have chemistry anymore?Are u stupid? But yet u think Penn and Leigh have chemistry? I can’t even take your seriously after saying this because u are blind and you obv have not watched any of the amazing chair scenes this season.

    • MSC says:

      Yeah, we’re so intimidated. We trended- Dair can’t trend in a city let alone world wide. Just you saying we think we’re bigger than we are makes me laugh and I’m laughing that you think PL have more chemistry than EL. Now you’re statement means nothing.

    • Ashley says:

      Chair has a huge fanbase, not just with people that watch the show live but online through other means. There’s a reason they win the huge majority of the polls and trend WW on twitter in an episode centered on them. They are the most popular pairing. Dair has its own fanbase and that’s cool, but I don’t see the need to bring down the Chair one to prop yours up.

  44. UJ says:

    “Addressing the Shipping Wars.”

    Personally for me I’m sick of constantly arbitrating for the shipping wars between Chair and Dair fans. If they were true fans of the show (I may not be referring to all of you) then they should just watch and support the show regardless if it’s PVR or timed-delays, ituned or etc. The constant finger pointing at either Dan being judgmental or Chuck being irredeemable seems to get re-hashed every 2 minutes on the CW lounge forums. Leaving or omitting the way Blair and Serena have been badly written this season seems weirdly not discussed enough. And then there’s the boycotting of the show… why watch then?

    Superficial tweets, facebook and tumblr + myspace posts need to stop now!!

    • Hojana says:

      or the fact that this seasons consists of storyline’s also in the last season and the season before and the season before.

    • deanna says:

      I’m amazed people are still watching this show at all. That said, I think what make people still watching this show are the ships. SO great job there GG writers lol.

  45. AlwaysDair says:

    Finally some good Dair goodness.. chair is played out and boring. I believe their are as many dair fans as chair fans. We just have more important things to do with our lives then spam in capital letters CHAIR all day. Writers do not always listen to fans cause there have been shows where a couple does not end up together regardless on how popular they are. Personally with the ratings it does not show that Chair is as popular as they used to be. I had to FF their scenes because they do not have the IT factor anymore. Used to love them but to me Dair is better. They fit each other perfectly and Blair ending up with a poor boy from brooklyn is what she needs.

    • seriously says:

      LOL No. You dair fans DO spam in caps. There is a dair fan on YouTube and here who replies to every good chair comment. Don’t act like your fandom isn’t mature, because your comment and others prove it time and time again. The more you all try to play the “superiority” card, more people won’t take you seriously. I really wish you all weren’t so delusional.

      • Ashley says:

        I have to agree, there are immature fans on both sides, but I’ve seen how nasty some Dair fans can be.Not all obviously, but some. I’ve seen some attack every single Chair fan they see and constantly hate on everything about Chair and their fanbase. So there is no greater maturity level amongst Dair fans.

  46. Captain says:

    If Blair runs to Dan in the 100th episode I will explode with happiness. I like Blair/Chuck but I really love Blair/Dan and I’d love for them to have a fighting chance before the series ends.

  47. Ben says:

    That HIMYM news has me quite glum now. I loved Barney/Robin, the first time round though, it felt like the writers just forgot how to write the characters and got them together too soon, so they would put it off for later. Now I just feel very sad, but I hope that they try to make a character with Becki that is interesting and likeable and don’t try to force the audience into liking her as that never works well.

  48. nadya says:

    I don’t want Daniel to die but I also don’t want it to be Tyler! I love what Tyler brings to the show, aka bringing a bit of trouble to Em’s plans. And also I thought Grimm will be on Thursday this week? Boo.

  49. Rachel says:

    I’m so sad about that HIMYM comment, I was really hoping it worked out (with kids) for Barney & Robin. I will hold out hope until I find out who’s at that wedding, though!!!!

  50. Danyelle says:

    Was that an actual gripe (didn’t the season just end/what spoilers could at all possibly be out there?) or just an excuse to pimp a blog?