Supernatural Scoop: Misha Collins Returning!

It’s official: Misha Collins is set return to The CW’s Supernatural later this season.

Specifically, a spokesperson for Warner Bros. TV says that Collins will appear as a guest star in Episode 17 as well as in “at least two additional episodes” beyond that — though not necessarily as fallen angel Castiel.

“It has always been our intention to bring back Misha in some form,” executive producer Sera Gamble hedged shortly after Castiel famously exited the canvas earlier this season. “We certainly can’t say too much about where the story is going to go, but we love Misha and want to continue to work with him.”

This past Friday, Supernatural aired this season’s 10th episode, which served as the fall finale. The CW series returns with fresh episodes on Jan. 6.

Around or before the time Collins resurfaces on Supernatural, he will also be guesting on The CW’s Ringer, appearing in that freshman thriller’s 14th episode.

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  1. KAZ says:

    Relax!! All you minions and… Extrements… You are all entitled to your own primitive opinions! It is a natural way of man to think different. Some like, some do not, some are idjits, and some are not. But be your keep own dish at your side of the table, do not try and push it onto others, that is of course, unless they want to eat your leftovers….

  2. James says:

    Too bad. You can’t always get what you want, m’dear.

  3. James says:

    You must be having a case of bad luck, dear SNAPY. ;) Its not going to end anytime soon.

  4. James says:

    Sorry that argument doesn’t work when hate tries to shove their opinion down my throat.

  5. Jessica says:

    Oh my God! I am so excited! Misha is coming back?! That’s just awesome. I’ve been missing him like crazy. I always thought he was an awesome actor and I can’t wait for him to come back. I personally don’t know why people keep complaining about him. He brings a depth to the show that is much needed. One thing I notice is that the people who hate on Castiel the most seem to be the people that want the show to be similar to Season 1. Honestly, people, I don’t think that’s possible. A show is supposed to grow and evolve with the characters growing and evolving with it. Making characters be who they were seven years ago is insane. Sam and Dean are not the boys that they used to be. They are men now. They are starting to realize that family is important and that they have to stick together to defeat the evil things that they face. Otherwise, they’re just alone and sad. I agree that Sam and Dean being together are important but I also think that Castiel and Bobby are just as important to the show. Castiel is like another brother and Bobby is their father figure. Taking them away make Sam and Dean incomplete and lost. At some point, people have to realize that having a show go back to being the same at the beginning of the series is just impossible. Everybody needs somebody to help them out when they need it. Taking that away is just a recipe for disaster.

  6. Jeff says:

    The Supernatural fanbase on TVLine makes me embarrassed to be a Supernatural fan. Honestly, I can’t imagine not enjoying Cas as a character. Seasons 4 and 5 were the obvious peak of the show. And it’s still a great show, one of the best on TV, just not AS great as 4 + 5. Season 7 has been a definite step up from season 6 though, and I say that as a huge Cas fan.

    My hope is that he comes back to redeem himself, only to be turned human, and then join the boys on the road on a weekly basis in season 8. The amount of great stories — comedic and dramatic — that could come from a Castiel trying to learn how to be human is quite expansive. Obviously, he shouldn’t be made the main character, it should be the three brothers (and yes, Cas is a damn Winchester brother at this point, in my mind) together. But having a human Cas tagging along could be absolutely awesome to see.

    • Dilys says:

      This! I want this so much!

    • Me too! says:

      I could see this scenario happen! And it’s not as if Castiel would have to be in every episode either. In fact, I’d kinda like to see them set up a “base” sorta like what Bobby had (library, panic room, etc) somewhere safe (as can be, lol) and Cas stay there a lot of the time but be ready to go help if needed. Can you imagine Dean teaching him to drive? lol

  7. Janna Balthaser says:

    I am ashamed of so-called members of the Supernatural fandom that express such childishness and bitterness. I’m thrilled Misha will be back, and I have faith that the writers know what they’re doing.

  8. raelee514 says:


  9. beth says:

    Not excited about the news. I at least hope there is some fallout over what he did in to the guys (and Bobby’s lady friend) in season 6. I don’t want a whitewash so that Dean and Cas can be all buddy buddy. He has a lot to make up for. And before anybody starts in on Sam, remember he took responsibility for the whole freaking thing (even though he certainly had help in starting the apocalypse) and jumped into the pit to save the entire world. Not sure what else he needs to do to make amends. And yes, I do hold an angel more responsible for his actions than a mere human, thank you very much.

    I have nothing against Misha and I liked the conflicted but still scary Castiel in season 4 just fine but since they started making him Dean’s goofy friend and the butt of the slashy jokes (pun intended), I haven’t been so crazy about him being the fan service character. The angel story has been done about three times over so I am actually hoping for a different character for Misha. An angel winging in to save the day all the time or providing transportation at a moment’s notice is too deus ex machina to continue especially if the point of losing Bobby is in part to cut the guys off from their source of ready answers.

    So, while I will attempt to be happy for my friends who like Cas, I am not looking forward to a return.

    • raelee514 says:

      Castiel has already apologized and taken responsibility for Sam. For everything he did with all the souls/Leviathan’s within him. He apologized to Dean profusely and said he was sorry he let him down and he would fix Sam NOW if he was strong enough… and promised to prove himself worthy again to Dean more than once…

      How was that not taking responsibility. Oh, also fought off the Leviathans as long as he could so Dean and Bobby could run, though they didn’t of course!

      Yeah, that Cas, no responsibility, no self-accountability at all in 7.01.

      Yeah he and Dean need to talk, but so what… it’s not like Castiel didn’t realize he ROYALLY Screwed up. Just like Sam. Just like Dean when does too.

      • beth says:

        I just find it odd that Sam’s faults are still discussed and held against him after all this time. Whenever someone points out what Cas did, you get, “but Sam tortured a nurse and hurt Dean’s feelings” I don’t feel that Cas redeemed himself yet for some of the things in the past but maybe that’s what will happen in one of his episodes??? Different strokes and all that.

        • raelee514 says:

          But don’t assume all Cas fans compare him to Sam and find Sam lacking — that’s really a weird minority in my opinion.

          He’s an important enough character to the fabric of the show, that I expect them to give his redemption (if they go that root, which I do hope/expect :::crosses fingers::: it will be given the weight Sam’s was… now of course there are those that will argue Sam didn’t get enough POV, I know but that’s another topic and another opinion.

          But on fact, Cas haters seem to want to try forget is that the character is vital to the fabric of the show, he’s not a throwaway character like Anna, the story as a whole can’t be told without him. He’s like Bobby he was/is family to Sam and Dean and that puts him on a totally different level than any monster of the week, or other angel that we have seen. He’s a different kind of Angel, a more human one and that was part of his Fall.

        • lolz says:

          Cas hasn’t redeemed himself because Becky Gamble wanted him off the show so as not to distract from her wincest fantasy season.

        • Um... says:

          Not to crush your cracker but hasn’t Dean himself been holding Sam’s transgressions over his head since season 4 as well?? And remember, Castiel spent 99.9% of his existence in complete and total submission/obedience to God. He only started having doubts and opinions because of his experiences with Dean and Sam. Who taught him to make his own choices and that family is the only thing that really matters to them. But they didn’t teach him much about consequence, redemption, humility… And Cas was a SOLDIER, which meant that he had to be ruthless at times. I seriously doubt he’d have pulled Dean from the pit had he been a “Michael Landon” type. And you know what… Castiel has forgiven Dean and Sam for their own mistakes, by actions of not in words, and he did say he’d redeem himself and Dean acknowledged it.

    • lolz says:

      So basically you hate Castiel because he was closer to Dean than Sam. Yep, no butthurt there.

      • Sandra says:

        This is what I feel is the basis for a lot of the Cas hate. That Dean cares about someone other than Sam. And that Cas, to some fans, is trying to usurp Sam’s position in Dean’s life. Also, some fear that with Castiel’s return, he will take away time from Sam’s story arc. Let’s face it, there have been a number of complaints that Sam has not been getting any attention this season.

        And while my main attraction to Supernatural in the beginning and now is the brotherly bond between Sam and Dean, I’m also a fan of the bond and relationship between Dean and Cas. I blame Jensen for having chemistry with nearly everyone he works with.

  10. beth says:

    You know, people are allowed to like and dislike certain characters. Why all the hand wringing that some folks don’t want Cas back? It’s an opinion. What I find embarrassing about this fandom is how expressing an opinion gets you called all sorts of things. Is it so hard to imagine that some people have an opinion different than yours?

    • says:

      Nope. I’m fine with a statement of dislike. I’m not fine with a statement of its why SPN has lost viewers, he ruined the show, he got in the way of brotherhood…

      Because castiel never got in the way of Sam and Dean as brothers.

    • lolz says:

      Yes people can dislike certain characters. Well except for Sam of course. No one is allowed to criticize him or point out his flaws and bad behavior. At least according to your post above.

  11. Andy says:

    I’m sad that misha is only returning in the last 3 episodes. Castiel should be on screen more. I know supernatural is about sam and dean but cas is part of dean’s life now. bring castiel back please.

    • Dan says:

      I’m hoping that they’re gunning for an 8th season and that Castiel will be in three eps this season and in many many more next season!

  12. Melanie says:

    HALLE-FREAKIN-LUJAH! I am so, so excited for this. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss :)

  13. pappy says:

    i just wish to see a proper farewell to the character. if he becomes the series regular, that doesn’t bother me either. misha becoming a series regular will make me a very happy person. right now i’m wishing for the least i could think of.

  14. MM says:

    Yessss, fantastic news. The show seems much more interesting now to me…. In my opinion (only my personal opinion!!!!) Misha makes the show perfect.

  15. sarah says:

    I am beyond thrilled. I think this season has been somewhat lacking its usual spark. Even my 11yr old son thinks this season is a bit boring and we are usually glewed to the tv on spn nights. Not so much minus Misha. He helped give the show life. Oh and by the way…I am pro sam/dean/bobby and Cas, although Im also 100% a minion and a devoted spn fan although season 7 has been ho-hum.

  16. FaithD says:

    Okay, I understand people not liking a character, people are entitled to their own opinions, blah blah blah, but just because you don’t like them personally does NOT mean that they are an invalid character. But Cas brought on the Leviathan and possibly the end of the world, right? Surely that makes him a bad character, right? Well, I sure hope that you think Dean and Sam are bad characters, then, because they did the same thing with Lucifer. But Cas was working with a demon, that’s not what a good character do, right? Then I guess Sam’s not a good character, either. But Cas LIED to Dean and Sam, so surely he must have known that what he was doing was wrong. Oh, wait, who else did that? FREAKING SAM. But Sam thought he was doing what was right, thought he was saving the world, he just knew that Dean wouldn’t understand. That’s exactly what Cas was doing. Look, obviously Cas was in the wrong, I’m not saying he wasn’t, but the dude was not only trying to save Heaven and Earth, but he only had about two years of making his own decisions. He did the best he could. Obviously he shouldn’t be immediately forgiven, but you know what? Sam and Dean will most likely forgive him. Cas is family to them and as self-destructive as it might be, being family to the Winchester boys means being forgiven for pretty much anything and everything. Not to mention how much Sam and Dean NEED Cas right now. They literally have no one, and I’m sorry, they aren’t in season one where all they needed was each other. They’ve grown, they recognize that they need other people, need other family. Not to mention that neither of them are very well equipped to be there for the other at the moment. Since Cas’s betrayal and death, Dean has been just like he was toward the end of the apocalypse, completely dead on the inside, just going through the motions because it’s what’s expected of him. And obviously Sam’s sanity is shaky at best. Sure, Cas probably won’t be in the best position to help them, but one thing is certain, without someone they’re only going to get worse. So not only is Castiel a good character who is honestly probably the best example of an angel out there (the angels were commanded to love humans more than anything. Everything Castiel ever did was for humanity, he literally gave everything up for humans, multiple times), who deserves a chance to redeem himself, but he is truly needed. So, you know what? It doesn’t really matter if you like or want Castiel back, because Sam and Dean not only want him back, but they need him back, and I think that after everything they’ve been through, they deserve getting a little something they need more than you.

  17. TFD says:

    My word.
    I didn’t realise that SPN fans had decided to give Who a run for their money in the “most insane fandom” stakes.

    I love SPN, but some of the stuff posted here makes me ashamed to be a fan.

    Glad Misha is coming back, even if just to give proper closure to his character, as series 7 hasn’t really impressed so far.

  18. Cthulhu says:

    Can we please stop going all Team Edward vs Team Jacob on each other? I’d like to think we’re all older than thirteen. I’m also assuming this is a show we all like.
    Look- to the people who liked the season 1-2 (or season1-3). That show was different from seasons 4-5 and different from seasons 6-7. The first three seasons are stand alone episodes with a very vague over arching plot- kind of like an average cop drama. I loved 4 and 5 (though you are welcome to disagree in a respectful manner) as it incorporated brilliant mythology and put things on a large scale, as well as juxtaposed the Winchester family with the familial problems of Heaven and Hell (playing on themes like absent fathers and sibling rivalry).

    I also thought Cas and Bobby were a great additions to the show. Just Winchester (x2) is not a large enough cast. The show quickly becomes too claustrophobic for most fans. Sam is an interesting character. So is Dean. The two of them together can only have so many issues to cover before things become repetitive and boring.

    So, seriously. I loved Misha, and I loved Cas as well and Jimmy, future!Cas and Levia!Cas. And when his character arc is up, I’ll be sad to see him go. But lets everyone, please stop fighting. Remember the real enemy here:

    Sera Gamble.

  19. Deanna says:

    Are you kidding me!!

  20. 363 says:

    Okay, I’m gonna be completely honest here, I’m not even off season four yet, so I don’t know what all happens. But just from what I’ve seen, Castiel needs to be on this show. I’m going to say this now, I’m not actually overly fond of Castiel, yes he is a great character but he’s not my favorite. However, he’s not my least either. My reason is because he gave this show depth. Before this angel pulled Dean from Hell, this show was just sitting there going in circles. Now that the angels are in this, we can see a goal, we can see a plot, and we have something to look forward to. For all those wanting the show to ‘go back to how it was’, Why? Seriously why? Why do you want to devolve something these writers worked so hard to make? You claim to love this show and that means loving all the characters in it. Now sometimes that also means letting go of a character you love, and truth be told from I’ve heard I want Cas back to. Okay? Cas went evil? Cas did this, Cas did that! Dean would kill Cas for what he did. Okay, even at season four, I can see a connection between Dean and Cas that could probably rival his love for Sam. No, I don’t think Dean would pick Cas over Sam, but I do think Dean thinks of the angel of at least a brother.
    Moral of the story: The writers have the final say so either side is gonna have to suck it up, even though I’m on the side that wants Cas back.

  21. Snoz says:

    does this mean Jimmy will be coming back not Castiel?

  22. Someone says:

    I just find it funny how you people hate Cas. Or some of you even hate Bobby.
    Seriously guys, why can’t just watch the show with all the characters without complaining or arguing in a childish way?
    The show is still about Sam and Dean. It’s not about Cas or Bobby or “Sam’s Wife”.

  23. Nat says:

    Time to ruin the show again. It was great so far, now it’s back to being crappy. Yeah bring back Castiel and his crap. Liars of writers said the show will be about the brothers. Then again you always lie.

    • Yuri says:

      I fail to see how including more characters makes it not about “the brothers”. And, also, look up the ratings and you’ll see the majority disagrees with you.

  24. Jodie donohoe says:

    Misha your the most amazing person ever, I’m very happy your coming back I was gutted when I Hurd that you was dead then I Hurd ya was cumin back this as made my day xx

  25. Dmitry says:

    I can’t even let myself feel relieved yet. There are so many “what if”s. What if they bring him back in another vessel? What if they bring him back just to kill him off again? My faith in the writers is long gone. I can’t be happy about these news as long as I haven’t seen those episodes myself. So I sit down and wait, my hopes up and anxiety overwhelming me at the same time.

    • J says:

      Yeah, my other favorite show was ruined and I lost faith in the writers. I haven’t seen anything to make me think SPN writers will be different. Which is why I’m waiting for the seaosn to be over then on DVD so I can borrow from someone and not waste my $.

  26. jacquie says:

    so happy misha is coming back love him, :D

  27. Evyn says:

    Yes!! Misha is coming back, can´t wait to watch supernatural again. I hope he comes back as Cas, and that it will be for more than 3 episodes, but I guess they first need to know if there is going to be a season 8.
    And While I´m at it please let Bobby not be death, the show without all four of them just isn´t the same.

  28. Louloute says:

    I’m so excited to know it ! Castiel is my favorite character ♥ *-* I’m so happy ! But it will be so hard to wait until 6th January >< I love Misha Collins, it's a very good actor and I will be so sad if he leaves Supernatural :(

    • MM says:

      Why 6th january? Misha will be back in Episode 17, means earliest end of february. So still a long time to wait. And we don´t know yet if Castiel will be back or Jimmy or Leviathan or whatever.

  29. Kelsey says:

    As somebody has said above – sorry ’bout your bad taste, bro.

  30. Gina says:

    I am so happy Misha/Castiel back to Spn! Really! but!
    I hate the mention of 3 episode! I hate that! I want Cas/Misha coming back and never leave!
    Please dont kill him again!

  31. Erin says:

    Finally! XD

  32. Julie says:

    Considering that I’m not into this show as I once was (I think I may be the only one who was disappointed at the fall finale… not saying it was a bad episode but a fall finale with only 5 minutes of Sam and Dean is not what I have expected.. I love Bobby but this hiatus seems at least 3 weeks longer because we didn’t get the two main characters in as much as we should have… MY OPINION sorry for rambling) I think reading all of your little anti-Castiel vs anti-anti-Castiel is just pure world war material. Wake up people: whether you want it or not he IS coming back and besides you all should have known it was coming back. The guy’s had a huge role in this series ever since he started screeching in Dean’s ears in Lazarus Rising and his «death» was so quickly done (notice how Bobby just had a full episode about his fight for life and death???).
    I’m happy that we’ll get to see him at least 3 more times. If it’s to kill those random Leviathans than good: every episodes they were in so far made my bottom list of favorite episodes (besides the one where the sheriff kinda helped Bobby figuring out what could hurt them… teehee that was funny). And perhaps the show’s getting ready to say its farewell and want to be sure it will be done by simply wiping off whatever’s Leviathan leftovers we’ll have around episode 17 (and do remember that we’re having 23 episodes this season so he won’t be in it as much as you think he is… unless he becomes the Big Bad Levi and at the end of episode 23 he just asks Dean to kill him once and for all)…
    Ah well do resume your random fight about liking him or not. I just wanted to rant a little to waste break time…

    • Rain says:

      Julie – you weren’t the only one disappointed in the fall finale, I thought it was a horrible way to lead into the holiday break.

      • ashley says:

        Why people hate the mid season cliff does it always have to end on Sam in Dean?
        Bobby is family to last time I checked so what ever happens to him will effect the boys.

        • Bobby... not! says:

          The ep “Weekend at Bobby’s” in season 6 was my fave because it was so Winchester-lite. Yes, the show centers around the Winchesters but even side characters are interesting. I mean, in that ep alone we got to learn more about Bobby and we got to see what an average day is like for him as well as his friendship with Rufus. So having the mid season finale center around Bobby made my day (until the very end… then I cried).

  33. Rija says:

    Awesome news! But! I want Misha back as Cas and as nobody/nothing else. Not as hallucinations, not as a leviathan, not as Jimmy or whatever!

  34. kita says:

    If you dread cas/mischa coming back, then you clearly aren’t as big a fan as the rest of us. Stop bashing him. If you don’t want him back that badly then don’t watch the show. Simple as that, stop bitching trolls.

    • Julie says:

      hehe… remember when roles were reversed and the people who are dreading his return told the ones who wanted him back to stop bitching? I’m not making fun of your comment nor am I against you or whatever… it just makes me laugh how the tables change so fast with this fandom! teehee! Sorry about this I just had to point it out! ;)

  35. StripFeeling says:

    I’m only on 5 season but I’m soo happy Misha will be in the show again, I din’t want to watch any further because I knew He wouldn’t be here. ♥♥ Can’t wait ^^

  36. me says:

    So you shouldn’t bitch if you don’t like what’s going on in the show. Good to know. And ironic coming from Cas fans who perfected bitching when they didn’t like the way the show was going. I can’t keep track of who the disloyal fans are supposed to be.

    • Louis says:

      Who the hell know’s these day’s every side bitch to the max.
      If it’s not the Dean girls then it’s the Sam Girls blah blah no story line.
      Now people hating on the Cas fans which they shouldn’t be surprise he’s been on for 4 seasons now.
      Like it or not he has fan’s too just like the Dean in Sam.

  37. Kate says:

    I am THRILLED that Cas will be back! I love Misha and Cas and I can’t wait to see the look on Dean’s face when he sees Cas!

  38. AiRozu says:

    I MISS CASTIEL!!!!!!!! DX

  39. mckaila says:


  40. Dave says:

    Although his return is welcome and desperately needed, i don’t hold out much hope that the show is going to improve much.
    Since Kripke departed and Gamble took over, the show has just meandered along. Gamble usually starts out with some lame idea for a season(Alpha monsters S6 & Leviathons in S7)but nothing ever comes much of it. There’s no big over arching idea planned out. It’s just the first two eps of the season and then it devolves mostly into tired MOTW retreads we’d seen 6 seasons ago and on occassion they remember what they started with and they throw in a token scene.
    As people like to think that X-Files finished in season 7 and the other two seasons are best forgotten, SPN was a 5 season show and something else thereafter.

  41. Stephen S. says:

    You know as much as I like Castiel/Misha I gotta say this is getting ridiculous. They are bringing him back? Death no longer has ANY meaning on this show. Whenever a character dies now, I’ll never be able to take it seriously since they can always just bring back the character back later if they want.

  42. Patricia says:

    Okay,first.I love horror genre! Kripke’s 5 year plan was wonderful,cohesive&fully realised! Have watched since pilot,will watch til the end! Show has horror,heart &humor! Castiel’s character added to the family dynamic of show.(Bobby’s already family) Of course I love Castiel! But if they were going to “get rid” of his character, then please give him as grand an exit as he had 4 an entrance! That being said;I want Castiel back,not Leviathan,or Jimmy

  43. Perla says:

    Great! Can not wait to see Misha soon !

  44. katemonster says:

    I’m puzzled why they said might not return as “Fallen Angel” Castiel??
    Castiel wasn’t fallen unless he cast off his grace at the last moment….makes no sense.

    My perfect season 8 Team Winchester would be Ghost helper Bobby/Fallen human Cas and somehow Crowley gets in the mix too.

    • Maybe says:

      Maybe Castiel tore his grace out while under the water (which could have led to that whirlpool thingy) at the last second, in hopes that it would destroy the Leviathan? If so, then maybe his body disappearing (or whatever happened to it) was a sign of that. So maybe Castiel is now a Fallen Angel walking around, maybe without his memories, and he and the Winchester brothers will meet.
      That said, the current season has bored me. I only liked the first two episodes and the mid season finale (which made me mad and made me cry as well as hopeful). I think if Misha is back as Castiel that they need to really explore his redemption. If he’s not Castiel, then they need to make a very compelling story around the person who looks like the angel. Oh, and I’m so excited myself! Sam and Dean (who I love) just haven’t been as fun or endearing as they were in the first five years. And most of the last season and the current has been rather weak, imho. So I’m hoping that the chemistry between them and Castiel will be as it was in years four and five.

  45. Extras21 says:

    We love Supernatural.

    We were upset when Misha when bad…VERY.

    It’s an underrated show.

    Check out our blog…its about spreading nerd culture.

  46. Rowan says:

    I am SO excited Misha/Castiel is returning. Right before he died Cass DID say that he would redeem himself to Dean and make it right. Maybe this is Cas helping Dean and Sam and redeeming himself.

  47. WHY????? says:

    right!! to start off iv’e been a massive supernatural fan from the start and im glad there a changes being made nice to see some new stuff. yes it will be nice to see a little bit of cass but still supernaturals centred around dean and sam everyone else is just there really. it has to be said guys and girls its a fudging tv show for entertainment so why all this bitching and moaning about who care and who doesnt just be happy you have such a great show to watch. im glad to see the leviathans in the show its a great boost after season 5 the devils gone the filled the void with cass wanting to become god and now they’ve chucked in some big nasty mofo’s to have a big bad guy and they dont seem like much for now but the seasons not even half way through so before you all go screaming because some guys dead or alive in tv land why dont you just enjoy it and think about *OUR LAND* enjoy life stop bitching some people dont have that luxury

    peace out guys…… supernatural is still awesome

  48. Rosemary says:

    WTH guys!!! You know some of us like Castiel, he’s a good comic relief to the show. Plus Misha Collins is a kickbut actorand he good be reading these comments RIGHT NOW!! And you don’t know whats gonna happen on the show, maybe Cass will only show up in Deans dream or something. You don’t need to get all pissy and be like “OH I HAAATE CASTIEL.” Because he could have a relavant part in the story arc of the season. And anyone, superfan like me or otherwise, can plainly see the show has been lacking in excitement or charisma without him. And all you guys who are all like “Oh seasons one and two were the best because Castiel wasn’t in them!” No seasons one and two were good because we still had F-ing Eric Kripke in seasons one and two! You guys are just stupid mean internet trolls that need to learn the definition of a GREAT CHARACTER! NOW GOOD DAY!

  49. T Winchester says:

    The show has certainly taken a turn for the worse and this ‘gamble’ (yes, pun IS intended) will ensure that the CW will not be bringing it back for an 8th season. They have torn all the evolution the show has done for the past 7 years, down. Ratings have been steadily declining for the last two years and they have literally written the show into a corner that, without Kripke at the helm, they will not get out of without destroying the story completely. I love Supernatural, I really do…but it may have been better to end the series with “Swan Song” like they intended…

  50. stephanie says:

    I love Misha and the character Castiel. If you know anything about Misha Collins then you know that he has tremendous range and he has managed to play this inhuman character spot on. Just my opinion. I am 51 years old and this is still one of my favorite all time shows. I have brought many of my friends into the Supernatural fan base and they all crave it too.