Supernatural Scoop: Misha Collins Returning!

It’s official: Misha Collins is set return to The CW’s Supernatural later this season.

Specifically, a spokesperson for Warner Bros. TV says that Collins will appear as a guest star in Episode 17 as well as in “at least two additional episodes” beyond that — though not necessarily as fallen angel Castiel.

“It has always been our intention to bring back Misha in some form,” executive producer Sera Gamble hedged shortly after Castiel famously exited the canvas earlier this season. “We certainly can’t say too much about where the story is going to go, but we love Misha and want to continue to work with him.”

This past Friday, Supernatural aired this season’s 10th episode, which served as the fall finale. The CW series returns with fresh episodes on Jan. 6.

Around or before the time Collins resurfaces on Supernatural, he will also be guesting on The CW’s Ringer, appearing in that freshman thriller’s 14th episode.

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  1. Metallicar67 says:

    Wow, and you all call yourselves fans. Some of you ought to be ashamed of yourselves with the nasty comments you make. We don’t all love every character on the show but seriously? You have such a need to be so mean. Your a step off a bully. I normally don’t comment on these things because of those who find it quite alright to be so pathetically nasty, and I’ll probably cop an earful too but oh well. Sticks and stones I guess. Some of you really should take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourselves “if I was anyone else out there, would I like me”?

  2. Jack says:

    If he is there enemy BRING IT. If he is the yawn inducing angel again he can go jump.

  3. Zed says:

    This isn’t season one anymore, it is season seven. The boys have gone through a LOT and simply trying to rehash the old format from the first seasons isn’t going to work. Characters like Castiel and Bobby have become important parts of the show, the show has evolved and trying to get rid of these characters and jump back six seasons isn’t going to work. Castiel’s return is more than welcomed and I hope he stays a lot longer than three episodes.

    • Lucy J says:

      Not welcomed by a lot of us it appears. You may want him back but a lot of us don’t. And we fell in love with the old format it’s what’s kept people coming back time and time again, not Castiel who was only in it for a few seasons as a guest. So pipe down sister.

      • Belinda says:

        Actually, he was in 3 seasons and two of those seasons he spent as a series regular, not a simple guest. And as one of their head writers Ben Edlund has been quoted saying, he is another brother and another main character. You may not want him back, but many other people do, and it’s pretty clear shown by the ratings that the old format is already losing viewers. Shows grow and change, you can’t go relive the glory days forever.

          • Angie says:

            It’s like asking your favorite band to make the same album over and over and over. They can’t do that. Bands have to evolve in order to stay relevant. You always have those fans who will say that the first one or two albums are the best albums, and the only real ________ fans are the ones who only like those first two albums, but the truth is, those fans just don’t understand the concept of evolution and growth. Sam and Dean have evolved. I have seen all these people talking about how we can’t forgive Castiel for what he did at the end of Season 6 and at the beginning of Season 7. Well, I know that the end of Season 6 was bad. But I think that Sam would forgive him because Sam (who started the Apocalypse, if you will recall) understands what it means to need to be redeemed. And Dean is at this point where he’s going to have to learn how to forgive other people because he has to learn how to forgive himself too. That is part of how their characters are growing right now. Castiel is the impetus for that growth now. We can’t just sit back and leave them wallowing in misery with no support system. I don’t think it’s realistic to imagine they’d survive for long that way. They have been through too much. They need Bobby and Cas. I do think death needs to mean something. Well, it DOES on this show. Look at their dad’s death. Look at Jo and Ellen’s deaths. Look at Gabriel’s death. We have had plenty of meaningful deaths. But the boys needs their family, and the family has evolved to include Bobby and Cas.

          • Rain says:

            Well said Angie!

      • lolz says:

        Again with the telling people how to post. Wow you really do hate to see other people’s opinions. Perhaps you should run on back to the septic tank where people can tell you how brilliant you are for hating on Misha.

      • Dani says:

        Actually, judging from the comments on here and various social networking sites, and the actual show ratings, I’d say it’ll be a majority welcoming him back.

      • Kathie says:

        AHHHHHHH!! YES! Now I just want Bobby to be alive! C’mon, season 7, don’t disappoint!

      • raelee514 says:

        Actually he was in season 4-6, that is half the life of the show not counting this season. Therefore counting this season he’s been on the show… One more season than half the life of the show. He’s a vital character to the shows framework, like him or not, that’s just a fact.

        Castiel is a vital Supernatural Character, you can’t tell the full story of Sam and Dean Winchester without him.

  4. Brianna says:

    If he doesn’t come back as Castiel, I’m gonna be pissed. Even Castiel without his memory of Dean or Sam would satisfy me, but PLEASE!….He has to return as CASTIEL!!!!

    • OOOH! says:

      I would love to see a human!Castiel with no memory of them or Heaven. Something where he’s been “alive” for years as a human (maybe reborn) but their paths didn’t cross because then he might have met his angel!self. So he was sent(by God) back in time and reborn as a human and now is pushed into Dean and Sam’s lives again and has to regain his memory (but not his grace, necessarily) in order to help them.

      lol… I’m excited about Misha being back, can ya tell??

  5. Natasha North says:

    I thought he was on Ringer now? Winchesters vs Castiel i guess I could deal just don’t go trying to make him be all BFFs with them, he was their enemy in the final episode keep him their enemy now. I hope his return is merely his closing time and his long goodbye because the dynamic does change and I don’t want it to diverse from the brothers again.

  6. worynet says:

    Sorry, Linda. Whatever you thought, the TV rating said something different with you. WB said so. Well, I’m not sure Sera Gamble would say. Maybe she’d comfort you. Anyway, Linda, you’re wrong. He didn’t go for good in season 7!!!! Bye. Hahahahaha

  7. Belinda says:

    All I can say is that it’s about freakin’ time, this season has been bleak and dreary since Misha Collins left, his return brings back just a bit of light and hope at the end of the tunnel.

  8. Jen says:

    I’m really excited that Misha’s comigng back to the show, he’s a brilliant actor. But I don’t want it to be some kind of joke, or have him just be evil and they gank him and that’s it. I want CAS to have a chance to redeem himself to Sam and Dean, as HIMSELF. Even if he becomes human or dies, at least the people who have become his family will forgive him, that’s all I want.

  9. Jenny says:

    omg! this just made my day! i hope he comes back as cas personally(: but anyway is great!

  10. Sam says:

    To everyone saying the show is better without Cas, take a look at the ratings this season and see if the majority of people really feel that way. People love Cas! How can you not like that guy? He’s complex and empathetic and imperfect, all the things we love about Supernatural.

    Also, to the butt-hurt Sam fans, Sam was the first one to forgive Castiel. He reached out to him when he needed it. Sam is amazing and wonderful and a much better person than all of you who are still hating on Castiel. If Sam can forgive him you should too.

    • lyla says:

      I’m a SPN fan but I’m not really in the fandom, so Sam’s fans are actually hating him? WHY???????!!!!!

      • Sam says:

        Some are. There are a few bad fans in every group. There are some Misha/Cas fans hating on Jared/Sam and some Jared/Sam fans hating on Misha/Cas. There’s no GOOD reason for it, since both those guys and their characters are amazing.
        I think it mostly stems from what went down at the end of season 6, but as I said above, Sam forgave him. Both Cas and Sam have screwed up royally in the past, but that doesn’t mean they are beyond redemption. Personally I love team free will and I hope for the day we see it again.

      • romie says:

        If you want to avoid the venom-infused froth from a certain sector, you’d be wise to shy away from fandom.

  11. jen says:

    BEST NEWS EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! But please don’t kill him again, ever. Kthx.

    • Agree says:

      I’d rather they give us a complete storyline where Castiel is redeemed and he says a proper thankyou/goodbye to the boys and either goes back to Heaven as an angel of good or to live his life as a human without them. That way it would leave the door for possible guest spots by Misha but also give us closure without killing or ruining his character.

      I’m just so happy he’s coming back!!!

  12. Xenobia4 says:

    I fangirl shrieked when I read the headline and started jumping up and down my living room!!



  13. worrynet says:

    I am really happy to hear this news. Misha is a important one in Supernatural. I wish Supernatural/Sam and Dean to grow up – to accept another person as family. And I am really happy to know WB has eyes to see TV rating chart.
    I wish WB to think about Heaven spin-off, that is one way to satisfy Cas girls and Cas-hate ones. (I didn’t say J2 girls, many J2 girls like every characters and story)

  14. Cowboy says:

    If Dean doesn’t kill Castiel for what he’s done, that means he only killed Amy because Sam liked her. He saves his own friend but kills Sam’s?

    I don’t want any version of Castiel on the show, not unless it’s for a permanent write off.

    I am hugely disappointed by this news, hugely. Show some guts, Show. For once!

    • JJ says:

      The show is showing guts by not being bullied by the few loud and persistent Cas haters.

    • So True says:

      So true… what Amy did doesn’t compare to what Cas did. But Dean and Cas are “friends” so Cas is excused for murdering thousands. Sam and Amy were “friends” even if only as teens, and what Amy did was so unforgivable she deserved to die. Can we say double standard?

    • Sandra says:

      Are you kidding me? Dean killed Amy, a monster, because she was killing people. Not because Sam liked her. And she was hardly Sam’s friend. He barely knew her. She was someone Sam interacted with for a couple of days at the most. Which is why I had a hard time believing that Sam trusted her word so freely. Sure she killed her mother to save his life. But honestly, the fact that she was able to kill her mother so easily for someone shed known for a few hours, speaks volumes.

      And as far as Castiel is concerned, he was actually Sam and Dean’s friend. Someone they’d known for several years. Someone they’d formed a relationship and bond with based on trust and years of fighting on the same side. Someone they had every reason to trust with their lives. Unfortunately, Cas ended up betraying them in the worst way possible. But the truth of the matter is that I really don’t see Dean (or Sam for that matter) killing Castiel.

      • no name :) says:

        “He barely knew her. She was someone Sam interacted with for a couple of days at the most. Which is why I had a hard time believing that Sam trusted her word so freely. Sure she killed her mother to save his life. But honestly, the fact that she was able to kill her mother so easily for someone shed known for a few hours, speaks volumes.”

        This really bugged me… while I wasn’t happy that Dean killed her, at least I can take comfort in why… And believe me, it took a few days for me to come to terms with it! Sam was very young (middle school) so he was very trusting of a girl he thought was cute. Nothing wrong with that… had she NOT been what she was. And while I can’t blame Amy for it, since she didn’t choose her species, the Winchesters chosen duty is to protect HUMANS from the supernatural. And yes, I agree that Castiel did wrong, but wait a second… Haven’t Sam AND Dean done really bad things too? Sam with the whole Ruby and demon blood stuff and he set Lucifer free not to mention didn’t DEAN break the first seal by torturing souls in Hell? And if they both can redeem themselves for their actions (because they CHOSE to do those things and even under the conditions it was still their choice) then why can’t Castiel? I”m not saying they should forget what he did and go “Lalalala” but they can let him redeem himself and forgive him. Because that’s what FRIENDS and FAMILY do!

  15. Erin says:

    All this Cas hate is making me sad. Can’t the fandom be happy that a piece of Team Free Will is back. I’m sure Dean will be happy to see him again. They can finally reach the closure they desperately need.

    I’ll be anxiously awaiting the return of our ‘Holy Tax Accountant.’

    -Proud Minion

    • romie says:

      No. Because Becky is actually representative of many of these posters.

    • Cheryl says:

      Are you f’ing kidding? Dean happy to see the Bas***d that tore down his brothers wall and nearly killed him?? Like it or not Misha and Castile lovers Sam is the most important person in Deans life always has been always will be. What Castile to Sam is unforgivable in Deans eyes. Otherwise the Dean we know and love will cease to exist!

      • Yuri says:

        You should probably learn the character’s names before you attempt to hate on them.

      • romie says:

        Thanks for proving my point, Becky!

      • JJ says:

        What show have you been watching? Cas is family like Dean said and you can always forgive them in the end–especially if they are trying to redeem themselves as Cas last words promised to.

      • Angie says:

        Didn’t Death warn that the wall would eventually come down at some point anyway? I know it was wrong for Castiel (note the spelling) to do this, but it was going to happen anyway. Sam did survive it, and perhaps Castiel knew he would. We can’t say for sure. If Castiel hadn’t stopped Raphael’s Apocalypse, it’s quite possible that Sam and Dean would have both died anyway, along with the rest of the people on earth. Meanwhile, the people that Castiel killed while he was Godstiel weren’t exactly great people, if I recall…. I mean, we didn’t have perfect proof, but I think that maybe some of them were corrupt politicians and that sort of thing. So, it wasn’t exactly a trial by jury, but it wasn’t slaughtering humans at random the way the other angels wanted to do either. In many ways, the situation with Castiel as he fell in with the demon Crowley mirrors the situation with Castiel as he fell in with the demon Ruby. For what it’s worth, I love Sam too, and I’d love to see the story arc we’ve been promised for Sam continue. I honestly don’t understand how Castiel showing up in three episodes is going to prevent it from happening. Quite the contrary, actually. I think it will help it along. We haven’t even been seeing what Sam has been seeing as of late, and I suspect an angel (if Misha does return as an angel) will know Sam is still seeing Lucifer and possibly even see what Sam is seeing. Misha’s role may well be to drive that storyline. It makes no sense to me why the die-hard Sam fans are so against this. This is not a one-character show.

        • Angie says:

          Edit: “In many ways, the situation with Castiel as he fell in with the demon Crowley mirrors the situation with SAM as he fell in with the demon Ruby.”

  16. Penney says:

    I am so glad Misha will be back, and I hope it’s as Castiel. The show has gotten so bleak and depressing with one beloved character after another killed off to the point I’ve been questioning why I put myself through it. I love Sam & Dean, and it’s hard to watch them tortured and lose everything that means anything to them. They need some friends and allies.

  17. Kathie says:

    Some of the most exciting television news I’ve heard in a long time! Now let’s just hope they don’t mess it up.

  18. Yuri says:

    Whenever I see a post complaining about bringing Castiel back that says how stupid it is and how it should just be the brothers because side characters don’t matter and they just don’t want Castiel alive again or redeemed at all, I just think about how Dean and Sam would totally disagree with that post and it makes me feel better.

  19. Tiffany says:

    Yes! I am so happy that Misha will be back on the show!!! This season has been great, don’t get me wrong (much better then season 6 I think) but there has been a little void that J2 hasn’t been able to fill. And that’s Misha. Even if he doesn’t come back as Castiel ( which I hope to God that he does!) I am still estatic that Misha will be back on the show! And to all this Castiel/Misha haters out there, I don’t see why you do. He made the show better when he was there. Which was a long time. 3 seasons! So quit the griping that he is going to be back. It is inevitable.

  20. Happy says:

    I can honestly, truly say that I have NOT watched a single episode since the end of 7.02. I have seen reviews and blogs and whatnot on the rest of it but I am a fan who actually has never seen anything before season 4 except for the last two or three of season 3. So for THIS SPN fan, Castiel and Misha are just as essential and exciting as Sam or Dean. I know it’s hard to believe but not everyone who watches SPN watches it for the Winchesters. I can really say that I watched it for Castiel. The episodes of the show without him I have watched (until this season) but I’ll admit to fast-forwarding through much of them. I watch for Castiel and Misha so I will have to keep my fingers crossed that this news is true so I can add it to my DVR lineup again.

  21. Ariel says:

    I have missed him so much. Still love the show, but I wanted him to somehow survive. It’s been a sucker punch without him. BOO! Bring him back, at least as a human fighting monsters with them.

  22. trina says:

    Unfortunately I doubt he will be Castiel, which makes me rather sad. If he is playing Castiel I hope he 1) apologizes to Sam 2) Does something that will help eliminate the leviathans (thus earning redemption) and 3) is given a poignant ending similar to Bobby’s with real emotions from Sam and Dean.

  23. Shiba says:

    AH FREAKIN FINALLY!! Well we knew he was coming back…goodness I have been waiting on the news of when! I can’t wait to see him back =)

  24. Liz says:

    I’m so excited for this! I’ve been hoping for Castiel’s return!

    Although I’m kinda sad to see how much dislike for this is going around. I mean after Cas was ‘killed off’ I kinda felt it left alot to be desired. It was a rather bad send off to one of the main characters, and well I always thought giving Cas a chance for redemption would be awesome!

    Every other character has had a chance for this, and it’s kinda fair that he gets his own. At this point, Cas’ return may not be just for ratings, but because maybe the story needs him.

    Either way I can’t wait to see what comes of this!

    • muse says:

      It’s the same couple of posters just sock-puppeting. Misha has more than 300,000 minions alone who will be thrilled to see him back. We know Jensen has been rooting to get him back too since he loves have recurring characters on the show. I really hope he comes back as Castiel but I can seen Gamble being petty enough to bring him back as a completely different character out of spite for the criticism of her showrunning skills.

  25. Cheryl says:

    Dean killed Amy for killing 4 people saying she was a monster. Well Castile tortured and killed more than that before he injested the souls (including Bobbys ex lover the professer) and he also took down Sams wall too beforehand something unforgivable in Deans book and Castile killed thousands after he absorbed the souls.

    The only role for Misha is not Castile, the Angel mythology which is over and done with and yes sam sees Lucifer but thats in his mind from the 180 years of torture he endured in the cage.

    The show has finally begun to recover from the damage done to it by the over blown and overextended Amgel mythology and has returned to being the story of Sam and Dean again. Hopefully the showrunners are smart enough to rethink this really bad fan pandering decision but probably not so hopefuly they cast Misha in another role and only use him when he compliments the show. Always keeping in mind the brothers are the focus of this show and if they stray from that idea as they did in Season 4 thru 6 it will cost them dearly like it did then As the show lost fans not because Castile left they lost half the fandome\ becaue it lacked the brotherhood in Seasons 4 thru 6.

    • Yuri says:

      Castiel*, and I’d hardly call a massive drop in ratings “recovering”.

      • romie says:

        *laughs* Yeah. I’ve been wondering what definition of recovering is being used as it’s one with which I’m obviously not familiar.

      • Cheryl says:

        That “massive” drop in ratings happened from Seasons 4 thru 6 and it occurred from the lack of the brotherhood. (One million fans a quarter of this fandom left in season 4 alone,half a million each in Season 5 and 6)

        • Yuri says:

          I recommend educating yourself on the subject before attempting to talk about it. Come back when you’re done and I’ll take your responses seriously.

          • Cheryl says:

            I recommend you educate yourself by looking up the ratings online you can find them in many places. The lack of the brotherhood is why the ratings fell from Season 4 to 6 You can face the truth by seeing the facts yourself or not thats up to you.
            A reminder on what this show is really about….
            “Because the fans are a protective and occasionally nervous bunch, we are always reiterating both in interviews and in practice that the show is about Sam and Dean. They are the two leads. It’ll never be about anything else. It’ll always be about the two of them, the issues they’re going through, and then, first and foremost, their relationship with each other… The episodes are about the boys. It’s about the guys.
            — Eric Kripke

        • raelee514 says:

          Season Four is the best selling season of Supernatural. So, fans left the series in DROVES during it?


        • lolz says:

          Moron. Ratings went up in season 4. It’s why they got a season 5. No idea why they got a season 6, mind you, because the show has sucked since Gamble took it over.

  26. Isabelle says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy happy joy joy. I love SPN and will always watch but I love it when MC is on.

  27. angel_kink says:

    Yay! This is EXCELLENT news!

  28. MishaHatersSuck says:

    I love Misha! I’m sorry, but i’d rather watch Cas and Dean than sam and Dean. I dislike Sam, it’s a shame he can’t be killed off. I only like him because he’s Dean’s brother. As a character he’s an arrogant whiny idiot, who screws everything up.
    But Cas, now there’s a character! I adore Misha and I adore Cas. You haters just don’t have taste!

    • Yuri says:

      Castiel is my favorite character to ever exist but this comment makes me ashamed to have you among us. You’re free to dislike Sam, just as anybody is free to dislike Castiel or whatever fictional character they may not get into, but keep that hatred to yourself. You’re calling other people “haters” while saying you want Sam killed off? Actually, I honestly think this is someone just trying to make Cas fans look bad.

    • MC says:

      What’s funny is that a few posts back an outraged Cas fan is denying that any Cas fan has EVER wished Sam dead or off the show. LOL You are too much.

      • voldy says:

        it’s called a troll. google it.

      • lolz says:

        Well you hate on Cas so why can’t she hate on Sam or whoever annoys her on the show? I do love the smell of Sam girl hypocrisy at midnight.

        • I'm just a girl says:

          I started out a Dean girl then season 6 ruined him and I was never a Sam girl and II have loved Cas since his intro so I’m a diehard Cas girl.

          I think it’s stupid of anyone to think that everyone must love the character that they love best. Love whoever and leave everyone to love who they want. :)

  29. MishaHatersSuck says:

    He betrayed Dean, something everyone is berating Cas for! I hate him season 4-6. So far, he’s been okay, but I still much prefer Castiel. I do however think that to fix the whole rift betwren tje boys (caused by sam!), they need to leave out Castiel.

  30. MishaHatersSuck says:

    But yeah, I don’t really want Sam to die, that’s too far. when I say that I mean the new, post-demon blood sam. Would love to see Sammy make a return.

  31. Charlie says:

    YES. Excellent news.

  32. Jenny says:

    I am very glad to hear about the return of Cas, although I am also a little fearful. The writers haven’t treated him very well in the past and I hope they do it right this time around. Castiel adds a wonderful dimension to the show and helps show a different dimension to the characters of Sam and Dean. I love Castiel and the show has felt like it’s been missing something since his exit. I hope the writers recognize what a gem they have in this character and Misha Collins.

  33. Kelsie says:

    Welcome back Misha!!!

    Can the people who claim that Cas fans want Sam/Jared off the show please tell me where this is being said. Because I’ve never heard this.

    • Monty Python says:

      A very few on TWOP complain about Sam, and talk up how Dean/Cas steal the show. But the vast majority of fans like all 4 Dean/Sam/Bobby/Cas, and thinks SPN has too few characters as it is.

      Honestly, I think Cas haters make those few posts about “Cas should replace Sam”. Just to show they aren’t over-focused pr nutty. Who cares what a few extreme fans think??

      • muse says:

        I actually think it’s the Cas haters trying to make the Cas and Dean fans look bad. You can tell by the bad grammar. There are a couple of very obvious posters who show up everywhere and have a very distinctive way with the English language.

  34. MishaHatersSuck says:

    I said it, but not cause I’m a Misha/Cas fan. Obviously I didn’t mean it, I was just pissed at what people were saying. I do really dislike s4-6 sam, but he seems to be…moderately better in s7.

  35. vesper says:

    NO Godstiel!! NO Levistiel!! NO Jimmy Novak!! I just wanna my Castiel baby come back to me!!!

  36. Monty Python says:

    At first I’m so happy to think of Cas returning. I might even start watching SPN again. :)

    On the other hand, SPN is sadistic, and Misha might just be playing a shape-changed Leviathan.
    Or, Misha might be Cas without a body showing up in dreams.
    Or, somebody is having Cas flashbacks or hallucinations.

    Actually, Misha will rock whatever role he plays. But, I don’t look forward to catching up on what I’ve heard about S7. :-P Amy? Becky? Phewie.

    • yeah says:

      You’re not missing much. Ideas are started then forgotten in favor of piling on way too much angst and cheesiness. I used to record them but I’ve rather lost interest. I do crossword puzzles while it’s on. Seriously, the commercials are more entertaining. I have it on mostly because I don’t like total silence and there’s nothing else on.

  37. LIzzy says:

    Damn it, I had finally given up on this show after Friday’s suckfest of boring retcon, and then they announce they’re bringing Misha back. Now, so I’ll understand what the heck is going on, I’ll have to suffer through the next 6 episodes of recycled plot holes and maudlin drama, just to have Misha show up for 2 minutes, and then get killed again.

    I hate to admit it, but there is a small, pathetic part of me who keeps hoping that this show could become entertaining again, and bringing Cas back would be a huge step in the right direction.

  38. MishaHatersSuck says:

    I loved Friday’s episode. I cried the whole way through it though. I also think killing Bobby off is a bad idea, and if they do kill him off, I don’t see the point in bringing Misha back as Castiel.
    So let’s hope Bobby lives and Cas returns :)

  39. Ruby says:

    Gee, what a shocker. All the Cas girls will be wetting their pants.

    I’d rather have Bobby back.

  40. Rlo says:

    Yay! Hope he’s back as Cas. He’s my favorite character of all time and Supernatural kills off enough people.

  41. Ella says:

    YES YES YES!!! I am literally bouncing up and down and squeeeeeeeing!!! I love Misha. I LOVE Castiel. I hope they bring back BOTH as regulars. OMGeeeee, I am so excited! Best news EVER! Can’t wait to see Dean’s reaction :D

  42. Alue says:

    This is awesome news we missed you misha.castiel all we need is Richard speight jr as gabriel ro come back alive

  43. Me. says:

    Wow, why is there so much hate here? Anyway, Castiel isn’t coming back, we’ve known that, but Misha is, and we’ve known that as well. I’m glad its been confirmed again though because I adore Misha and his acting.

    Although, I hope their definition if bringing Misha back is not just flashbacks like they did in the prior episode. I think the SPN writers desperately need to do something to please their fans again, because whether you hate Castiel and Misha, you have to admit he has large fan support, and killing his character off really turned off a lot of fans. PLUS with what happened with Bobby in last Fridays episode, SPN needs to do something to keep the fans wanting to continue to watch the show.

  44. dave says:

    How terrible for all those simpletons who have enjoyed the current season of lets just do MOTW rip offs we did the first couple of seasons and hope no-one notices.
    Castiel’s back to restore a bit of the shows mythology and you may not get your boogeyman retread fix each week.

  45. CaDammiesGirl says:

    YAAY!!!!!!! welcome back Misha <333 weather its as Castiel or not I don't care I'm just excited to see Misha back on Supernatural, And I can agree with other people I hope ep 10 isn't the last of bobby but im totally psyched about seeing Misha all over again on supernatural, Granted I didnt like him right off on season 4 but he grew on me because I didnt like Sam either right away and he to grew on me Now I love Castiel. Sam. And Dean and a bit of bobby. I just hope they dont rekill castiel this time, bring him back as someone else just dont kill him again I cant say goodbye a second time. (Welcome back Misha <3Im excited and now Jan 6th cant come fast enough this made my night!!)

  46. MishaLover says:

    MISHA! <3 I can't wait

  47. Sarah says:

    Misha! I can’t wait <3 Cas isn't annoying.

  48. CaDammiesGirl says:

    AS for the Misha hater’s stop hatin’ already because its been confirmed that hes coming back. so hatin’ on him because he takes attention away from sam or crowly or who ever its pointless to hate him because there are people out there who like myself are in love with Cas. And to be honest it shouldnt be about whos got this attention or who takes attention away from who it should be about the guys (Misha, Jensen, Jared, Some for Jim) and there acting and the story they and the writers put together not about whos got this screen time or whos got this attention. so Hatein on Misha for coming back and doing his job is pointless its like me hatein on Grimm or its pathetic actor but I know in the end hatin on it its pointless cause there keeping it on air but thats not goanna stop me from defending my boys (Cas sam and Dean) but Ive given up hatin on it so stop hatin on Misha/Cas.

  49. Kay says:

    Wonderful news! Misha brought so much to the show, it’s a shame he was so summarily dismissed by Gamble. I just hope WB makes sure Gamble will not pull a 10 second appearance for Misha per episode as she has done in the past. I’m also happy the news came from WB – much more believable that way.

    Not such a happy day for Misha haters, I notice. ;)

  50. Jessica says:

    I’m so happy that Misha will be back!
    I suppose it’s a little too much to ask for Cas, but if Cas does return, I hope he gets the right treatment from the writers. He obviously needs to apologize to Sam and redeem himself, but I think Cas haters tend to forget that this is the angel who followed a Winchester to The End- literally. (Not to mention being blown to bit TWICE for the good fight, and falling from grace.) If Cas leaves for good, I think he at least needs a proper send-off. He screwed up like you wouldn’t believe, but he also sacrificed himself multiple times because Dean/the world at large needed it.
    And- we don’t have to sacrifice “brotherhood” to have Bobby and Cas. People are equating side characters with the lull in the Winchesters’ closeness, but the mere presence of other people doesn’t do that- the writers do.