House Exclusive: [Spoiler] Poised to Return

Here comes the bride back to House!

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Karolina Wydra — a.k.a. Dr. House’s Season 7 green card wife, Dominica — is returning to the show in early ’12 on a potentially recurring basis.

House Scoop: Jesse Spencer’s Series-Ending Death Wish For Chase!

The polarizing character — who got hitched to House last spring following his breakup with Cuddy — has been out of sight and (presumably) mind since the show returned this fall (leading some fans to wonder whether the union was quietly annulled off screen).

Her reappearance in this season’s 13th episode all but confirms that the two remain very much hitched. “You can’t just marry for a green card and expect to never see each other again,” teases House EP Greg Yaitanes.

Thoughts? Curious to see what producers are cooking up for House and Dominica?

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  1. Linda Karczewski says:

    Most likely The green card wife will come and go, House will have to accept it that you can’t get rid of her so easy, Like you all said annul the marriage while he was serving his time in prison and she doesn’t even know, or wouldn’t know about it. I sill want to give him the run around and be apart of the show. House needs someone that can stand up to him for whats it worth of LOVE. I can do it. have Dominica and I go head to head. Just a thought to carry on. Let House choose on who he really wants.

  2. chase1 says:

    HOUSE-11/14 FOX 6,630
    NCIS-11/15 CBS 19,996
    Glee-11/15 FOX 7,077
    Terra Nova-11/1 FOX 7,015

  3. Jules says:

    Ok! Not what I expected, but fine to see we’re that reunion means!! And still waiting for a possible House&13 “…I’ll kill you…promise” that I hope they plan to give us bfore the end…but let’s see/wait in January for the promos and others spoilers that can really made us crazy….
    As for those who hope a Cuddy’s return!!
    (I’m not one of them…so fed up!!) I’ll will only accept an episode of “I’m sorry,but…./I forgive you,but….” -kind of…. To finally close theirs chapter(almost like Stacy in the end of “Honeymoon” ssn1) and nothing more…just to satisfied everyone’s ….
    And thoses who post and still argue they stop watching…Go AWAY & and go watch other “crappier” tv shows, but let us enjoy our guilty favorite addiction!!!

  4. J says:

    Bring back cuddy bribe her just bring her back

  5. Jules says:

    Honestly, I prefer to have a weird and unexpected endind that will shock us….than have an easy resolution and “cheesy” reunion with Cuddy or Cameron returning… NO!!!!
    Plus, they(specially Edelstein) don’t deserve to joint the celebration (if it’s really the LAST season) just for suing their own redemption after leaving…(even for $$$ issues) [bcuz Leonard,Epps&Spencer ALL accepted to renew theirs contract with the pay cut… ]It Will disrespectful…and very awkward…and that’s why I’m not for her return!!!!

    • escrow says:

      get your facts straight!
      none of the men accepted a pay cut. quite the opposite actually!
      and Lisa didn’t leave for money reasons anyway.
      you silly hater!

      • D says:

        Get your facts straight. Epps took a 20% pay cut. Leonard was poised for one too, but somehow avoided it. Edelstein wouldn’t take one, so she walked. In addition to all of that, Epps, Leonard, Spencer, and Jacobson took four episode cuts.

        • Maria says:

          Leonard accepted to be in less episodes with the same salary. Edelstein was asked to accept a paycut AND to appear in less episodes. Jacobson didn’t even negotiate, which shows how straight your facts are. I can’t talk about Spencer, because I only saw that he signed and got disappointed and that was it…

          Edelstein deserved more than she got, she was more important to the show than say, Epps. Any non shipper will tell you that. She would be absolutely right to leave, even if only for that. And it’s obvious that there were more things going on than just that.

  6. Lashlee says:

    Ok I don’t understand why you people that obviously hate the show now feel the need to even keep up with It if all you are going to do is bash It. Can you just keep your mouths shut so that the people who still enjoy the show can actually enjoy It?? Please and thank you.
    The show has changed over the seasons but I still love to see what happens next. I don’t want the series to end yet!

    • OhO says:

      ”Ok I don’t understand why you people that obviously hate the show now feel the need to even keep up with It if all you are going to do is bash It.”
      Simple, because they don’t have a real life

  7. Wr says:

    I have a hard time understanding Yi. I’m a little hard of Hearing but can understand the others . Speak up please!
    Still love the show

  8. lola says:

    freedom of expression

  9. Bel says:

    I was hanging in with this series by my fingernails. I have been watching this season despairing at the lame plots and the woeful acting by the the two new female actors and the increasingly indifferent acting by the male members of this cast and now I find that the new game changing element of the show is to reintroduce the the inane character of the “green card hooker wife”. The character of Dominica was not polarising in S7 it was, from what I could tell, universally hated. The news that this character is returning in any capacity just reduces any desire I have to continue to watch this show. The producers and writers of this show have completely lost their way, the return of Cuddy I could have understood but the return of this character, a character that could have and should have been written off with one line from House of “oh yeah, we got divorced while I was in prison” is ridiculous. I’m fed up with this show, I’m fed up with this lame Season 8 and the revelation of this new plot point is I believe the thing that is going to finally induce me to stop watching :(

    • Selan says:

      Totally agree with you. I didn´t know if i should keep watching or not since this season hasn´t been exactly “great” but this wifey return is all i need to delete House from my DVR.

  10. Tee says:

    House is in a sad state if that’s a big scoop.

  11. ALBERTINA280 says:

    Para los fans que aman a Hugh Laurie, no nos importa absolutamente nada de Cuddy, una telenovela barata, ella la soberbia de Lisa Edelstein que para lo unico que le servio es para tres capitulos en TGW, sin House no es nadie, dejen por favor de colgarse de la fama de Hugh Laurie! No se puede comparar a LE con Sela Ward o Franka Potente por favor no falten el respeto!!! HOUSEFOREVER!!

    • aprende_a_respetar says:

      Yo amo a Hugh Laurie y a Lisa Edelstein. Los amo y respeto por igual a ambos. Y no entiendo por qué odias tanto a Lisa! Lisa “soberbia”? Tú estás loca! Qué te ha hecho ella para que le tengas tanto odio?
      Qué miedo da esta clase de fans enloquecidas!

  12. Pmom says:

    I agree this year is alittle dull but I love house n will watch 4eva please bring buddy back miss her

  13. P mom says:

    Cuddy not buddy

  14. Jules says:

    Hey! Can we speculate about WHO’s gonna been cast to play House’s father instead?
    That SPOILER will be EPIC and earn my interest for A BIG NEWS!!!
    Here my “dream list” top(a miracle if happen!)
    *Clint Eastwood*
    1-Donald Sutherland (will ask keifer to borrow him…hihi!)
    2-Alan Alda
    3-William B. Davis (cigarette smoking man)
    (xfiles nostalgia)
    4-William Devane
    5-Micheal Caine
    Obviously need a actor in his 70ish/80,tall and can match those dreamy blue eyes that hypnotized us for 7yrs now…..

    • Eva says:

      In the episode “Birthrights,” House’s biological father supposedly looked like Sean Connery–so, why not get the real thing?

  15. Luna says:

    Who thought this was a good idea??! I guess they want the show to get lower ratings and get canceled.. Nobody likes this girl!!!

  16. Yta Rec says:

    It’s funny how 4 or 5 bitter and rude LE fans writing hundreds of comments with different fake nicknames. No one cares about your delusional and fake comments. Come back to I watch for Cuddy and other ridiculous places. House/Cuddy relationship is over, accept it, move on, and get a life. Lisa Edelstein have the worst fans, she attracs only girls with serious problems, really. If you have mental problems call the psychiatrist. Tv line is a pacific place, go away.

    • JT says:

      this year is huddy, last year it was hamerons and hilsons, I hope this season is the last one. Too much dramas about nothing.

      • alysa says:

        so true about your theory! the ships are the one ruining the comments section. it started way back in season 1-3 about nasty arguments with hameron and huddys. and when the huddy wins and jm was written out, the hamerons backlash with every comments section arguing with the huddys. and then when cuddy become an annoying character, the hilson join in with hamerons, now it’s huddys turn to terrorize the comments section. circle of life. so yeah, this season should be the last, it’s getting jaded.

    • OkeyDokey says:

      Yta Rec: You’re as guilty as the bitter Huddy/LE fans you speak of. Every House post on this website includes an appearance by you letting them know how no one cares about them. 1: You don’t speak for anyone but yourself…you certainly don’t speak for “everyone” and 2. You’re just as pathetic as they are since you never bring anything to the conversation except insults. I’m sorry to sink to your level but since you speak for everyone let me do it too: no one cares how stupid you think the huddy/LE fans are. No one. And TVLine is a pacific place? Huh…what does that even mean? You sound as bitter as they do each and every time. Ship wars are so stupid and now I’m irritated with myself for joining in. Huddy’s Hameron’s, Hilson’s…doesn’t matter cause this is not real life.

  17. Jules says:

    WTF! Stop with the Huddy’s,Hameron..they don’t deserve to comeback…seriously!! Even if they call or bang at the FOX studio or Laurie’s trailer…hope they don’t answer….
    But be glad to see rtn Lydia (Franka Potente) or even Mira Sorvino….thoses 2 are worth it!
    But can someone follow on my suggestions for House’s real father list..

    • JT says:

      Yeah House’s father is THE storyline for this season, ship wars are so dull. I’d like to see Jack Nicholson to play House’s father, he’s crazy like House! Donald Sutherland is on my list too as for Clint of course!

  18. Haha says:

    LMAO Bitter Huddy/Cuddy fangirls are the most entertaining thing in the world LOL Keep trolling, you’re too much fun!

  19. tina says:

    Ok… im not liking this green card wife.. sorry.. my opinion is that if its the end of the show which in all honesty im thinking this is gonna be it, they should have put House and Wilson together. For once let House be happy.. with that said i started watching House in August of this year and have made my way through season 1-7 and on Monday nights have not missed an episode. The beginings of House were the best my favorite season had to be 6 i love the back and forth with Wilson. This season theres the same actors minus Cuddy (who i do not like she treated House like crap) and thier acting, however thier hearts are not in the show.. so with this being said i thnk Fox needs to end it with a bang, something that makes House happy, and it seems to me through every season thats dare i say Wilson…. lol maybe im off base but guess we will see. Thanks for reading, i enjoy reading what everyone else writes as well. T

  20. CAPITHADON21 says:


  21. Effyew says:

    I have been watching The show since S1 and after S7 i stopped. Why? Because Shore killed his own creation. Dont call me a bitter huddy but what House did to Cuddy was downright disgusting violence against women. That wasnt the house I have watched since S1, and they all said Nobody changes. I beg to disagree to everyone who said ships are not necessary in tv shows? In what alternate universe are you all from? Its called character development, to see how our genius cope with love and emotions but no, they write off their females as misogynistically as they can because Shore and Yaitanes are the biggest steampile of misogynists. They made Cameron a pretentious, self righteous bish, Stacy was married but slept with our cranky doctor and broke his heart, Cuddy was a controlling and manipulative hbic who thinks she can change House and 13 was a bi who sleeps around and is likely gonna die too. I loved the House the character he maybe rude and a jerk but he saves lives and is brilliant and his team saves lives but as for the characters, they are so full of negative shizz and thier lives are so depressing to watch. All the character developments are fail. So you cant blame some of us who turned away from this stale show. The medicine really turned me to this show but even all the brilliancy of it and Hugh Laurie’s superb acting wont make me watch again because tptb got lazy. No wonder some of the more “better” writers like Doris Egan, Leonard Dick left.

    • JT says:

      you know I’m a big fan of Chris Carter, he always has placed the feelings between Mulder and Scully in the background of the show, because he knew it, when two main characters get together, the series loses quality and interest, huddy was perfect in the seasons 1 to 4, after that, they wrote silly storylines and have destroyed the character of Cuddy, but all women character in this show are not well written, only Stacy was really great as Cuddy when she was the big boss of plainsboro.

      • Effyew says:

        My love for Chris Carter knows no bounds. He also gambled when he put together Mulder and Scully, the latter seasons aren’t the “greatest” like the earlier ones, but in the end, NoRomos and shippers had a pretty decent ending right? 9 seasons + 2 movies, that is something for a tv show isn’t it. And don’t let me get started on Michael Crichton. E.R was also great and in the end he did a decent closure on Doug & Carol and 15 seasons even if George Clooney left, the show survived. As for House and Cuddy, really loved them since Season 1, despite Cameron and Stacy. But with Cuddy, he was also playful and witty although sarcastic. But it was TPTB who gave us the Huddy banter’s, their sexual innuendo’s, the subtle flirting and the “past” they seemed to have had. Does Vogler ring a bell? He hinted if Cuddy slept with House and that was Season 1 right. If TPTB really didn’t have PLANS for “HUDDY” then why hint as early as Season 1 that the two HAD something? So when some viewers say that Hilsons, Huddies, Hamerons and their obsessive shipping ruined the show, its TPTB who first catered it to the audience, they are the ones who shoved it down our system’s so why blame the shipper’s for the “downfall” of the show? Their writing are sloppy, the continuities are all over the place and they still win because they are the ones being paid to write this crappe. But as a long-time fan like me, I am not hating, its just merely a “falling out of love” because its like a person I fell in love with has changed and wasn’t the same before, so why should I stay and be a masochist? And goodness knows how I cringed really with the female characterizations.

    • JT says:

      and one last thing, how many departures of female actresses and male actors did we have since the beginning of the show? cameron, amber, 13, masters, cuddy vs kutner on the other side.

      • Effyew says:

        If only Kal Penn wasn’t gonna work for the Obama campaign back then, I doubt if he’ll get killed off. But yes, the medicine has always been brilliant in the show, I could not love the cinematography more, but most of the TPTB are douchee’s. Lead by the main misogynist pig: David Shore and Greg Yaitanes. And ffs, I don’t completely agree with the *delusional* point of views Sarah Hess, Liz Friedman and even Katie Jacobs have re: relationships. Ohwell, each to their own. Go on watching the show but don’t wag tongue’s and say just because some of us stopped watching that we are “haters”.

  22. Ryan says:

    I don’t care what anyone says… House is an awesome character that can work with anyone and still be good. Back off haters because house is here to stay!

  23. lola says:

    this character in the story. causes me some creators are misoganos and a fascist

  24. Betz88 says:

    I adore House and at the beginning I declared that I was in for the long haul.
    It’s very difficult since each show these days is laced with so many commercials that the continuity of the story falls into the abyss.

    I welcome the return of Dominica, but I had forgotten about her. I must have been watching a commercial for Mucus Monsters instead!

  25. Astyanax says:

    First episodes I couldn’t stop saying”again”: that smile, that glance, that manner and of course all the same characters. I’m staying but it’s time to let it go and shoot the next Stewart Little))

  26. lipsticksocialism says:

    The comments here gave me such a good chuckle!! The irony of the early posts <3 <3 I think there are far more unhappy House fans than just the Huddy/Hameron fangirls.

  27. Debbie says:

    I don’t agree with most of the opions that are said. House is just as good as it always been. And the asian actress is great! In real life there are people, just as the actors portrays. And House you just got to LOVE him.

  28. Deven says:

    Can’t believe this show could actually get any worse than it has. All the actors walk around like the characters don’t know each other or have any reason to be in the same room. Hugh Laurie seems bored to death and should be onto something else by now. I didn’t watch last week…for the first time and I didn’t even give it a thought. This shark has been jumped and gone around the world a few dozen times. Hang it up!

  29. Jules says:

    We ALL know that House will be alone (or even dead) at the end…..So why bother trying to hooking him back with Stacy or Cuddy…..
    The only way I can see them comeback if we’re doing a FLASHBACK or at his funeral..
    Or, Cuddy is part of the disciplinary Medical board comitee who’s vote for retracting House’s liscence after a mistake(will check the upcoming episode 12) and he took the blame and decide to retire/quit and end’s up on the roof…their last conversation together ….
    After he gave Ball-e to Wilson and play his piano alone with a smile on his face!!
    I have faith in Laurie & shore to give us an ending that will shock or satisfied us and thoses who left and argue they don’t watch!!!

  30. jhon says:

    El beso de House y Cameron lo mejor de tv

  31. Yuli03 says:

    Ausiello is it a joke?
    The producers haven´t more good ideas. What a shame! This girls and the two new doctors are a TERRIBLE MISTAKE! House MD had great actress: Lisa Edelstein, Jennifer Morrison,Olivia Wilde,Selda Ward….. but now?

  32. Grace says:

    I LOVE HOUSE and still never miss it. I hope this woman is only in the show for a VERY LITTLE while. But she can take ALL of Taub’s screen time and I would be HAPPY!!! If not I want the show about House to be about House. HUGH LAURIE ROCKS MY WORLD!!!!

  33. Nancy says:

    I almost left the show last season after BOMBSHELLS. Now I’m glad I didn’t. I can’t leave until HUGH LAURIE leaves. HE IS AMAZING!!

  34. Carla says:

    Dreary show is dreary. No dramatic tension, no character exploration, no genuine character-driven humor, no committed acting, no storyline resolutions.

    The fall of House this dismal season makes my heart ache.

    Hugh Laurie deserved to be feted with terrific stories, superb writing, and gang-buster performances from top quality actors all around him this year. Instead he is given this truly awful season as a farewell. Green card bride, really?

    Sad show is sad.

  35. Jules says:

    I honestly believe that Laurie is the only one who’s proud enough to stick with character/stories & contract until the end…that why we renew it after ssn6….we cannot believe / tell the same thing for Edelstein & Morrison (both I have an overdose over their obcession and want a family+work storyline that drown the series in ssn1/3and ssn5/6)
    But Morrison came back in Lockdown…so now,Edelstein may show up bfore the end too..
    Anyone can show up…even Tritter (wow! Want him to rtrn over Cuddy anytime…)
    Can we wait until jan.23 and to speculate more about this….

  36. njjcgirl says:

    Really???? That was one of the lamest storylines, I wish they would forget about it…I almost did. I would like to see Tritter (season 3) come back…possibly as House’s parole officer??? That would be interesting and fun to watch.

  37. Serena says:

    Ok, sometimes Shore should read the comments to his “scoop”… 99% of viewers couldn’t care less about this ridiculous character. Few lines from House or Wilson about the end of the marriage (two-years period is almost over) would have been enough. I’ve never been a huddy and I didn’t like the way writers managed their relationship, but if there’s a storyline which deserves closure, well, is House and Cuddy. Even huddy haters should agree on this, at least in memory of the good times when their dynamic was amazing and they haven’t been turned yet into the caricature of themselves.

    • Petra says:

      I agree with this completely. Bring back Cuddy to give a proper conclusion to that storyline and a fitting conclusion to the show. Anything less is a travesty.

  38. sandry says:


  39. Lucy says:

    It’s weird I remember a time when Ausiello would get like 1,000 comments with in a day of any House related posting. That wasn’t even all that long ago. Not that online comments are the main measure of a shows success. The ratings are reflecting a similar lack of interest in the show.

  40. Lucy says:

    I wouldn’t count on LE coming back for closure. She has said she hasn’t been asked to return as a guest star. She’s still friends with the writers including DS and no one has brought it up. DS said he would like to have her back but has no concrete plans and doesn’t know if it’s possible.
    Morrison was still under contract when she came back, they had the right to call her back when ever they wanted and were paying her even when she wasn’t there.

  41. Ivelis says:

    13 should come back to see if the show gets better. House WAS one of my favorite shows, but this season hasn’t been the best.

  42. predsednica says:

    No, she is NOT!!! Lisa forever!!!

  43. jhon says:

    para fin de house tienen que estar Lisa y Jennifer ellas hicieron que house tuviese 20 millones de seguidores

  44. Jules says:

    I really think we have to wait for the promos and be surprise toward the end to be anticipating any “reunion” possible rtrn of Olivia Wilde or even Edelstein….
    Anyway, I’m anticipating more about Who gonna been cast as House real father…that will be a EPIC news/more interest….and what about 2nd directing opus from H.Laurie…… Love the mistery……
    But until then…we have to wait until Jan.23,OUCH! It’s penible to endure that long… But satisfied were back at 8pm again!!!
    Here my “wish list” for House father choice
    *Clint Eastwood* (miracle/best choice)
    1-Donald Sutherland
    2-Alan Alda
    3-Christopher Plummer
    4-William B Davis (cigarette smoking man
    (xfiles nostalgia)
    5-Tom jones (hihi! Bcuse Hugh had a great chemistry/fun playing together for his blues album…)
    Everyone of them would be amazing and worth to be mention as a BIG news more then the rtrn of “Dominika” or “13” and Cuddy combined.

  45. Jules says:

    Here another choice!!
    Max Von Sydow (the old priest in exorcist)

    Obviously need a actor in his 70/80ish yr old
    tall,and have thoses amazing blue eyes that can compare/similar to Hugh’s…

  46. Heather says:

    In all honesty, I completely forgot about the wife. I remember after the wedding, Dominica took off on a vacation with her boyfriend. ever since then, she slipped from my mind.
    I hope this episode will be interesting. I just want to see the reactions of Dr. Park and Dr. Adams; concidering they have no clue he was even married.

  47. Deb Mac says:

    Can the Fine Young Cannibal also return and make a meal of her?

  48. Amanda says:

    Stop hating and calm down. If you dont like the show then why are you even on here?

  49. Stacie says:

    It’s completely unnecessary to bring back the wife-prostitute, easily the blandest character ever to be introduced. What I DO miss is Chase’s long hair – bring THAT back! :)