House Exclusive: [Spoiler] Poised to Return

Here comes the bride back to House!

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Karolina Wydra — a.k.a. Dr. House’s Season 7 green card wife, Dominica — is returning to the show in early ’12 on a potentially recurring basis.

House Scoop: Jesse Spencer’s Series-Ending Death Wish For Chase!

The polarizing character — who got hitched to House last spring following his breakup with Cuddy — has been out of sight and (presumably) mind since the show returned this fall (leading some fans to wonder whether the union was quietly annulled off screen).

Her reappearance in this season’s 13th episode all but confirms that the two remain very much hitched. “You can’t just marry for a green card and expect to never see each other again,” teases House EP Greg Yaitanes.

Thoughts? Curious to see what producers are cooking up for House and Dominica?

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  1. caro says:

    =/…i wanna franka potente!!

  2. Rick says:

    News like this makes me so glad I quit watching this ridiculous show.

    • @Rick says:

      And yet you are second to comment on news about the show you quit watching.

      • Kimmy says:

        I can’t speak for Rick, but just because I don’t watch anymore doesn’t mean I can’t roll my eyes and be even more grateful for that fact when I read idiotic BIG SCOOP!! like this.

        • @Kimmy says:

          Ausellio tries to sell this as big scoop. That doesn’t actually make it so, and it has little to do with the level of excitement the showrunners believe this to cause.

        • lipsticksocialism says:

          I’m so with you, Kimmy. I rarely read House scoop, but I checked to see what this was about and made me also glad I stopped watching. (also, this is my first ever such post on the matter)

    • Cash says:

      Exactly. I stopped watching this show after Jennifer was given the boot in favor of new “it” girl Olivia (yeah, that worked out great, didn’t it?) and every story like this, from “huddy” to House’s crappy parking job, just leaves me happier and happier with my decision.

    • Artzi says:

      Each week I hope it will be better. Gotta be the worse season ever…and that new Asian doctor is such a lousy actress/speaker you can hardly even hear her. She has spunk but it doesn’t make her a good replacement for 13 or any of the others.

      • kel says:

        Yi isn’t the greatest actress, but she has potential. I like that they’ve made her mousy yet feisty enough that she’s not afraid to speak her mind. I love the last scene when Chase agrees to have a drink with her. If the writers were smart, they would show a different side of her. It would be hilarious if Chase did go out on a date with her and she ended up getting dressed up and looking really hot and wild. However, I doubt the writers would have that much fun with it, but it could be a great twist to a very dry season.

        • peeveem says:

          I fell in love with Charlene Yi’s character during that scene in the elevator with her asking out Chase. There’s that look that lasts about 2 seconds, where she’s looking up at him. It was brilliant.

          She’s DIFFERENT. Just fantastic.

    • Kendricks says:

      “This ridiculous show.” as you so absentmindedly put it is a work of creative brilliance. What the writers have chosen to do with this show has kept it on the air for this long. I personally love everything they have managed to achieve, and granted it is not perfect, but then again nothing is. Think about that Rick, they must have done something ridiculous enough to lure you here to post your thoughts. To the House team, I wish you folks find a way to keep it going the way our favorite doctor always finds his cure.

  3. Ally says:

    Cancel it now.

  4. Robert says:

    LOLOLOL can House producers be that desesperate and out of money to bring back this lousy character no one cares about? Seriously, Ausiello. Big news would have been Lisa Edelstein, Franka Potente or Sela Ward. But this is just the most ridiculous thing they could come up with.

    • @Robert says:

      So just because Ausellio is excited about lame news it means that House producers are desperate?

      • Sam says:

        Au$iello i$ “excited” becau$e that’$ what $hore and Yaitane$ want. Every week he hypes who the next guest appearance is, like it’s a big deal, some huge scoop. I’m just riveted by the episode cast listing…

    • nohuddyfan says:

      Lisa back?? why?? she said she had enough to play a ‘freak repressed character” (see her lovely Cuddy…) Bye!!!

    • Sally says:

      Well,I would have been excited if it was Jennifer Morrison, but she’s too busy with her own show. Or Franka Potente or Sela Ward. But well… you can’t always get what you want. BTW I highly doubt that the actress is that expensive, so why get a twist in the panties because of the few bucks ;-)

  5. Celia says:

    `“You can’t just marry for a green card and expect to never see each other again,” teases House EP Greg Yaitanes.´

    No kidding.

    Oh well, good luck with that.

    • Erin says:

      Yeah, this line made me laugh. ‘You can’t just marry for a green card and expect to never see each other again’ and yet, this is what the writers have been TRYING to pull off until now.

    • jennrae says:

      This isn’t the most ridiculous storyline…I’ve had two former boyfriends marry to get a woman a green card. I’m not so sure what that says about me.

  6. berenice says:

    Ho hohohohoho
    wow, what recruitment¡ sure, this make to return the millions of viewers.
    I cant stop laughing,
    which will be the season finale?
    Please, is better to cancel the serie¡¡¡

  7. nohuddyfan says:

    Thank God.. for a moment I thought you meant Cuddy… LOL
    Well, I was wondering what happened to her.. and it’s good to know they didn’t forgot about this wedding… I’d love to see House interact with her … LOL

  8. kell says:

    Ausiello is it a joke?

  9. Mafalda Neto says:

    Not cool Ausiello, NOT COOL. my heart nearly stopped there.

  10. brent says:

    wait for it. after 11th episode, this show is gonna be at different level.

    • Doya says:

      Yeah – another game changer that is sure to FAIL. They are not learning from their mistakes. Just cut the crappy sensationalism and get back to the creative writing. These stupid ideas are wasting Hugh Laurie’s talent.

  11. chase says:

    who cares. I had completely forgotten she existed.

  12. Monica says:

    Haha, so stupid. This is big news?? As someone said above, big news would be Lisa, Jennifer, Sela or Franke. This is BEYOND lame.

  13. Shane says:

    Ridiculous! This was the start of the story line that caused complete disillusionment with this show. Fans kept hanging on hoping they would stop the insanity of that poor “downward spiral” arc, but instead they’ve just continued it! Please how much of a mass exodus of fans, a obvious display of discontent and disatisfaction with the plot do these people need to wake up! I thought they wanted to go out with a bang? Way to destroy a character! Should have found a way to back out of this story arc starting with this Green Card marriage, instead they embrace it? Unbelievable! I’ve been barely hanging on this season to my commitment to finish this to the end. This may just be the reason to stop trying and hoping. Whatever commitment and creative genius this team had, they apparently have lost or they would keep destroying their main character.

  14. Dessy says:

    She looks like Mila Kunis.
    anyway, they should just announce this officially as the last season.

  15. Sam says:

    So a year of incarceration doesn’t affect the citizenship process? ***themoreyouknow***

    • Alex says:

      Apparently the only thing a year of incarceration affected was House’s hairstyle, for like 2 episodes. TPTB at House are such huge gamechangers.

      • Sam says:

        Well you know they like to “mix it up.” Or is that “get back to basics”? I forget…

        • Alex says:

          We also must not forget about the “KaBooms,” if there aren’t at least 3 of those per season then its a fail. Forget plausible storylines, its all about the shock and awe(ful).

  16. Gemma Yaitanes says:


  17. Linda Karczewski says:

    Glad that House has to say he was married to stick with it, Good for the man, settle him down, Still need someone to come on to play a role to yank at his chain as they say on both ends of the stick, she pulls and the other womantoo. Which does he want? I want to play the other woman, See how long it lasts. Never know can House handle 2 women.

  18. Robert says:

    It looks like the level of the casting couch is as high as the ratings. LMAO

  19. James says:

    Polarizing? Not even “Real Fans” who stick with the show even if the script is just HL reading a phonebook liked this story line. TPTB are on crack to keep going this route. They blew it the first time, what kind of insanity keeps on that path? No wonder viewers have lost interest and continue to lose interest. What part of this do they not understand? They are so busy trying to say it was a Huddy breakup that caused this fiasco, but speaking as someone who didn’t want Huddy in the first place – it was this Dominika marriage that made me see just how far out of character they were taking House. This actually is the worst news I could have heard. It tells me all the hopes so many of us had that they would return our character back to his roots and complexity were just words. Everybody lies. Greg Yaitanes is an idiot! How many story lines have they started over the years and just dropped? What makes this one so special it couldn’t follow that trend? The one we hate, they continue; the one’s we wanted pursued, they conveniently forget. So much for creative genius. They must really hate their jobs now to be intentionally destroying this show!!!!

  20. Liz says:

    Very good! As long as it’s not Cuddy I’m good with everyone. And I thought it was weird that we never saw her again for the rest of the season.

  21. bxsgshadg says:

    I love the most of the episodes of S8 … Finally I can’t say that is much better than S7 … This girl is much better and hotter than Cuddy .. 7-8 millions of viewers are good numbers… some other shows have 3-4 mil and you watch them .. so shut up if you stopped watched House why are you here if you don’t care about this show ? Can’t wait to see House’s real father and Dominika back

  22. maria says:


  23. Janine says:

    I know this is not going to be a popular opinion, but I am actually happy about this. I was never crazy about this storyline or character, but it did provide some comic relief. The real reason I am happy about this though is just because it will give us some type of closure. I know people wanted this character gone, but I didn’t want it to happen without any type of explaination whatsoever. I am glad she will be back for at least one episode. Looks like the writers are trying to tie up as many lose ends as possible since this may be the final season. First all of the hints dropped about House’s father and now this.

  24. Jessica says:

    I can’t even believe this crap. Epic FAIL.

  25. sandy says:

    i liked whats her face i dont mind that she is coming back

  26. Tsk says:

    Dominique is lousy enough but Cameron would be a bigger no no. We had enough of that horrible character

  27. bruna cora says:

    As a huge fan for this show, i’m forcing myself to watch this season ’cause i’ve spent seven years with House and i think it’s not right leave now. but after this news, i think it’s better for me not wasting my time anymore. and i’m very sad for that =/

    btw, i’m so happy it’s not Lisa!!! She deserves something better and i’d love watch her again as Celeste on TGW!!! =D

    • ALBERTINA280 says:

      Sorry, Lisa Edelstein House owes everything to, is a thankless and especially with their fans!, If all I manage is three chapters in TGW UHH that great actress! God’s House is the best without the need for a cheap soap opera of love bipolar (Cuddy), hopefully never again! The Huddy fortunately is dead and never come back to life!

  28. Jess says:

    Actually I’m a little excited about this! I liked her character last season and the “married couple” could potentially be a source of much humor next year, so I’m looking forward to it.

  29. Alex says:

    Yikes when did this mass House backlash syart?
    The show was always one of the most slavishly adored both here and on EW but these comments are something else.
    Does it all stem from everyone’s hapless favorite Cuddy leaving the show?
    Surely not…

    • @Alex says:

      Why ever would you think THAT? Obviously Huddy fans don’t even watch the show anymore. Why would they comment here and spoil other peoples fun? Surely that would be petty and vindictive? /ironic

  30. Iris says:

    Excellent news, glad they’ve kept digging the hole. All the viewers who have jumped ship won’t suddenly flock back to watch because Domenicka returns. Hurry into that grave, House.

  31. Kim says:

    I feel like I’m one of the few who’s actually enjoying this season. I like the new doctors, I like the lack of Cuddy and 13, and I like someone actually having a bit of a handle on House and his team being able to both disagree with him and work with him and each other. The dynamic is so much stronger now. And I’m glad to see them trying to tie up loose ends, even if it is to head toward the very end.

    • Joe says:

      You are not alone! (although I do miss Cuddy and 13), I’m glad the show has been able to continue without them. I honestly didn’t think it would make it without Cuddy, but they’ve proved me wrong. I think I read somewhere that they wanted to end the show next season. I’m glad the writers get to write the ending and it not just end with a bunch of loose ends like so many other shows.

  32. Aurore says:

    I start watching it again last week, because I missed Laurie. And if it’s not as bad as last season, it’s not great either.
    Nowhere near enough to forgive the last season mistakes. And bringing Dominica back isn’t gonna help. But bringing her as a regular might just be enough to make me quit for good.
    I love Hugh Laurie, but I can rewatch old House until he do something else.

  33. Melissa says:

    I actually just lost all respect for you Ausiello.

  34. Dani says:

    So they’re doing exactly what they said they weren’t going to do? Revisiting a storyline that wasn’t popular in the first place.

    Oh House PTB you make fan baiting an Olympic sport. Bravo chaps!

  35. Brazilian huddy says:

    Can’t the producers stop screwing up with the show?? Pay more attention for what the fans really want!!! And it’s not a crazy green card wife! No,it’s Cuddy,Cameron and 13!!! It was with them that the show won all of it’s awards and it’s with them that season 8 would be perfect!!! So,David shore,I BEG YOU,PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!!

    • Joe says:

      It’s up to the actresses to come back or not. David Shore didn’t fire any of them. They left on their own. This isn’t his fault. He’s just working with what he’s got. It’s the best he can do and it’s the best we can hope for.

  36. HouseObsessedAgain says:

    I’m looking forward to it even though I did not watch S7. Now I will go back and watch the episode the green card wife was in. I am so glad it is a woman of color because will bring MAJOR FLAVA to House’s interaction with her. This is why I’m so glad they hired Charlene Yi. I love, love, love Baby Gurl Doc Park. After Wilson (my fav character) I love me some Park :)

    • Momma says:

      Idonmatrix, you are ridiculous on every site. The actress playing Dominika is from central Europe, not a “woman of color” at all. Charlyne Yi has been an unrelieved disaster this season. Her inability to act or even enunciate properly is an embarrassment to a once classy show. Wilson continues in his primary role as comic relief only. As shown in last week’s episode, House carefully maintains a distance from his”best friend” and works hard to hide the essential elements of his emotional life like his father’s gun and sword from his meddling sidekick.

      I have watched every episode this season, out of a sense of duty. It has been simply awful. The ratings are plunging because the dramatic tension has gone away and the character insights into House have been eliminated this season. Bland, superficial, and boring were never words I thought I would apply to House. But with the total quality collapse this season, the show has earned those sorry descriptions.

      How fitting that “Kaboom” Yaitanes is excited about this dreadful new turn. Bringing back the green card bride sinks House to unbelievable new lows.

      • Richard L says:

        This has been the best series in years. The show was near unwatchable during the Huddy stuff. It seems to have returned to the examination of House’s tortured psyche and his game playing with people to such a great extent I have enjoyed this series more than any other since the days of Vogler and Tritter.

  37. Kath G says:

    The blantent nastiness of some people is beyond me. I have always enjoyed this show, still do. To them I say, if you have stoped watching, fine its OK by me. But why do you have to get preverse pleasure in atemping to hurt those who still watch. I would never think about going on to other TV shows comment sites just to rip them apart especially if I do not watch them. Its a TV show, the ones who feel its good to make nasty comments are the ones who need to get a life, because they can not tell the difference between a fictional TV show and real life.

    • bite me says:

      Because we love to gloat, and as the comment above said, that we are VINDICTIVE/IRONIC people. Besides, you missed the twitter war last year with Greg yaitanes and fans. Who does that?!

  38. rise says:

    I love this show AND this season – it’s SO much better without LE!

  39. Karen says:

    this is so lame they should end the show now back to basics as if the latter part of last season was a joke no disrespect to the actress but recycling stories no thanks

  40. JT says:

    House is too old for this girl, she can be his daughter, weird.

    • Erica says:

      LOL…he always did like the younger girls, didn’t he? But I can do without her. It will be interesting to see where they go with this. I hope it doesn’t last long though.

      • JT says:

        if it won’t be a stupid romance as huddy in S6 to 7 and other storylines they gave us since season 5, I’m ok with this girl, but I don’t want a soapy story, romances are not good in this show.

  41. Sila says:

    I guess Hugh Laurie & DS were correct in their opinion on fans. It wasn’t high. They were also apparently correct about not reading Fan Sites. They doesn’t.

    The series has run for 7 years in Primetime without our ‘help’ and it’ll finish when DS & HL want it to, which is likely this Spring.

    Get a Life.

    • A says:

      It’s David Shore’s fault why the quality of people watched/watch his show decreased. From season 1-3, people who watched the show had a higher, classy taste, those people are gone now because of the show’s current direction.

  42. Mariana says:

    Does anybody care? ‘Cause I don’t! I thought you were talking about Cuddy, that’d be actually good and definitely interesting news… But this girl? I’m already sooo over her!

  43. davafdsv says:

    Why don’t you all just shup up and go watch Castle. Or something even worse.

    By the way, House has 10 mil. viewers with the DVR ratings, aren’t there shows that have 3 and you watch them?


  44. chase says:

    HOUSE-11/14 FOX 6,630
    NCIS-11/15 CBS 19,996
    Glee-11/15 FOX 7,077
    Terra Nova-11/1 FOX 7,015

  45. sallymd says:

    Polarizing?I hated Dominika when she first appeared I hate her now..And I think that’s pretty much how most of House’s current and former fans feel..I wouldn’t call that polarizing since we all fell the same way..The marriage made no sense at all storywise. Why bring her back when nobody is interested in her in the first place. I was hoping the big come back was gonna be Cuddy..even Stacy..I for one won’t be back unless they bring Cuddy back and make House and Cuddy’s relationship justice

  46. D says:

    No one can honestly have a real opinion on this character, positive or negative, and be taken seriously.

  47. nana says:

    no comments

  48. nadia says:


  49. DanieGermany says:

    I didn’t like that character last season and was happy that she just vanished from our screens… and now she’s coming back ?! I can’t believe what has become of my alltime favorite show: First they take away my beloved Cuddy/Huddy, then they bring in some really uninteresting, boring new characters (aka Adams and Park) and now this ?! I am only continuing to watch because I think Hugh Laurie is the best TV actor ever and I worship him. But the show bores the crap out of me lately…

    • Erica says:

      Ok, well, I’ll agree with you on most of that. I do miss Cuddy. I hate that Foreman took over for her because he is not making a very good boss for House. I agree with you on the new teammates…I cannot stand that Asian chick Parks. Her character is not flowing with everyone else’s. She is so one-note and blah. She needs to go. Adams, to me, is kind of like Thirteen. There, but not too much hype. I love House. Worshipping him, no. He makes the show. Between him and the Wilson character of Robert Sean Leonard…that is HILARIOUS!!! I love this show. Very riveting each week to see what they are going to come up with next. Hate the thought of it leaving.