Fox Bumps Bones' Fall Finale To January

Fox is cutting short Bones‘ already-abbreviated fall run.

The network has decided to move the show’s Dec. 15 midseason finale to Jan. 12, where it will lead into the premiere of new spinoff, The Finder.

While the scheduling move is sure to rankle fans already feeling cheated by the lack of Bones this season, from Fox’s perspective, it’s a bit of a no-brainer. A Bones lead-in all but guarantees The Finder will get a decent sampling its first week out.

After its special mid-January broadcast, Bones will head back to hiatusland until spring.

Reaction? I’m guessing it’ll fall somewhere between boo and hiss.

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  1. lene says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO! How about giving us more episodes of BONES instead of The Finder?! The Bones hiatus is too long!

    • cher says:

      agree with lene! More Bones than Finder.. geez.. we’ve waited so long already for the show to come back. booo

      • Brian says:

        You do realize they are taking a break because Emily really is pregnant , right? And all they are doing is moving the schedule for one episode so that it airs closer to the Finder premier.

        • May says:

          She’s not pregnant anymore. Her son was born a couple months ago. There’s absolutely no reason to continue to kick Bones. The Finder sucks.

          • Olivia says:

            Two words: maternity leave. Do you expect her to go back to work the day after she gives birth?

          • Meredith says:

            Are you twelve? Who cares about a woman bonding with her child and spending time together before she goes back to work full time, right? I want to watch TV! *stamps foot and promises to hate The Finder forever and ever*

          • AJ says:

            Wow, you people need to get a life! The fact that you are SOOOO upset that you need to wait a month for a show is PATHETIC. Additionally, the fact that you people think Fox doesn’t WANT a full 22 episode season of Bones shows your STUPIDITY. Get a life. Enjoy your TV show. Do BOTH!

          • Nonnaru says:

            Yes, the Finder is nowhere as good as Bones and Yes Emily had her baby a while ago. It takes about 2 weeks for each episode to be filmed and then more time to be edited and have the FX and music added in. In most cases a new mom is off for the first 6 wks after their baby is born. Putting all this together we have to realize that it might not be possble to get new eps together as fast as we would like. Our favorite show will be back, we just have to be a little patient.

    • Lady C says:

      Wellll….we could spend that off time reading the Kathy Reichs books that were the inspiration for the series….

    • Donna Newman says:

      I totally agree with you. “Bones” is my favorite detective show. The characters are quirky and memorable. FOX has it wrong to make us wait so long before “Bones” returns.

    • judy reel says:

      Bones is my Thursday night high. I started Watching reruns of Bones on another channel and decided I really liked the show.Then Fox decided to shorted an already short season of Bones and I have not much to look forward to watching. I like The Finder, but it does not take Bones spot for me. Seems like All the networks are shorting people of good shows and I am beginning to think of turning my tv to the cable networks permantly.

  2. Noeladd says:


  3. Jules says:

    Not thrilled. I really hated the Finder taste test last year.

    • Dom says:

      I completely agree. That was one of my least favorite episodes of Bones EVER! Even with (partly because of) the Bones lead-in I still will not be watching.

      • CastleBuffySVU says:

        I agree, I definitely didn’t like The Finder’s random pilot on Bones. The main characters don’t interest me. Anyways, I am hugely disappointed with this. Bones shouldn’t have been cut so short. They should have tried to work around her pregnancy more. Not to mention my distaste for this storyline. Her pregnancy shouldn’t have been written into the story, in my opinion.

        • Svenja says:

          I agree with you.
          I am not a big fan of the skipping.
          I would have watched a few episodes without Emily… it wouldn’t have been ideal, but maybe interesting to watch?

    • Brooke says:

      It was truly an awful introduction. I really don’t care to ever hear that dude say, “I’m-a risk it,” ever again.

  4. shockpop08 says:


  5. Phylicia says:

    This makes me sad

  6. julesmn says:

    I’m confused. Does this mean they’ll show repeats between Dec 15 and Jan 12?

  7. That totally stinks… I feel like all I’m doing for that show is waiting, waiting, waiting for things to happen.

  8. shockpop08 says:

    The fall finale better be good…that’s all i’m saying.

  9. Marc says:

    Another brilliant move by the braintrust at FOX. Honestly, I swear this network exists in spite of itself.

  10. Linda says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I am not happy.

  11. Priscila says:

    One month! Are you kidding me?!!!!! Noooooooooooooooo!!!!

  12. Christina says:

    Why are people mad? It is not Fox’s fault, or The Finder’s, for that matter, that this season is short. They do not HAVE more Bones episodes TO give. And I am actually fine waiting until Jan for the fall finale… it will be nice to get an ep in Jan instead of waiting from December to whenever the show returns in the spring (I heard April? But I don’t know if that was confirmed) for any new episodes.

    • anon says:

      Right? I’m amazed at the “OMG WE’VE WAITED SO LONG AND THEY’RE TAKING IT AWAY FROM US WHIIIIINNNNEEEEE!” responses to this. We *didn’t* wait an extraordinary amount of time for the new season (are these people twelve? do they not remember that just a couple of years ago we were still living in a world where nothing on fox started until after post-season baseball?) and it’s not like this decision is out of nowhere. I’m especially baffled by people screaming “WHY??”. Um…because Emily had a baby and they’re trying to promote the show that will be taking the place of “Bones” while she’s on leave. Good grief. It’s not rocket science and “WHY?” is a stupid question given that the article clearly explains why.

      • helen says:

        You do know that Emily gave birth almost 3 months ago right?
        This has nothing to do with her and everything to
        do with promoting HH’s new baby “Finder”.

        • Meredith says:

          Do you suppose she put that puppy down as soon as she delivered in order get back to work to please your charming self? I assure you, she did not.

          • helen says:

            She put it down when she was supposed to put it down. She neve rasked for an extended leave so stop using Emily’s pregnancy as an excuse for this year’s poor programming, thats what Fox and HH wants you to think.

          • anon says:

            omg, (regarding the comment that will probably be below this reply) i love it when people say “that’s what they want you to think” when an answer doesn’t live up to the reality they’ve created in their brains. different networks deal with pregnancies in different ways, but what fox has chosen to do is not out of the ordinary and it’s not a slight towards you personally. just because a scenario for working through the summer was presented doesn’t mean that it was at all workable or that it would have benefited fox, the show or emily. she gave birth three months ago. and she’ll go back to work looooong before the show returns.

            and all the nonsense about working around an absent emily is foolish. i love the entire cast and giving her a lighter workload would be feasible for maybe an episode but “bones” without bones is a little silly. why bother trying to find something to fill the allotted number of episodes that still wouldn’t make the 70% or so here who are whining happy when you could take a break and do it right. but, what do i expect? way too many people here don’t understand the concept of christmas break and seem to only just now realize that shows aren’t on the air for three to six weeks (depending on the show) around the december/january holiday season.

        • Judas the Nightmare says:

          no, she went on maternity leave, they just take haitus so that they can make MORE episodes, they only made 4 or 5 episodes while she was pregnant, then she gave birth now they have to film her with a fake baby bump good lord you are thick headed, watch the finder, give it a chance. Hodgins will be in an episode and so will sweets, you can at least get a little taste of bones from the finder. emily deschanel is even directing one of the episodes!

  13. Christina says:

    Fox has no more episodes to give us. Its not their fault thus season is short. Its bc of Emily’s real life pregnancy. I don’t see Fox doing anything wrong this time.

    • Jillian says:


      • Gardens says:

        Stop shouting.

      • James says:

        Do you really think they shoot episodes as they air them,in those weeks in-between!!? She had a baby 3 months ago,which means that they haven’t been able able to film any new material for at least past 4 months.Every woman has a right of 4 months maternity leave minimum(from aprox. 1 month before baby’s birth till at least three months after).Which means that all they had filmed before that is all they have.They simply have no more material.

        That’s one thing and another;look at all the other shows on other networks.They go on hiatus from around Thanksgiving,beginning of December at the latest and are not back till late January,beginning of February.And even before that they do not show eps every single week,but have pauses for various reasons..that amount up to three weeks,even a month.That’s the month you’ll have to wait till finale.And then those are the three months you’ll have to wait till April.I really fail to see where the problem is,except for whiny children with no real life of their own being cry babies.
        I was always the first to cry faul on Fox when they deserved it and god knows there have been times(Firefly,Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles…),but this is definitely NOT one of those times and they haven’t done anything but try and accommodate viewers the best they could given the circumstances.

  14. Hann says:

    This does not seem like a smart move. I mean, why show a random new episode of Bones in midst of no new Bones episodes for so long. I don’t like this. I think they’d be better off showing a repeat of Bones that night, it will still get viewers, to lead in. But Bones fans aren’t welcoming The Finder too warmly anyways…

    • Hols says:

      Yeah, I think this is the real issue. For people who are not super-fans of Bones, airing one random episode on January 15th, after the most recent episode was on December 8th, is just going to confuse the hell out of people — at least the average viewer, which is the majority. I think the Jan. 15 episode will take a huge hit in viewership from the average, then loss a lot of viewers once The Finder episode starts.

      Fox seems determined to kill Bones, as it often seems determined to kill shows. Let’s be real, there’s no need to be all “Noo!11!11!”, but this is not the proper way for a network to handle an abbreviated season.

      • Jailyn says:

        I completely agree!! From a network standpoint, it does make sense to want Bones to lead in to the first episode of The Finder. But they’d definitely be better off airing a repeat as the lead in instead.

        I’m baffled at who thought it’d be a good idea to air a new episode on December 8, take a one month break, air one more new episode (the midseason finale) in January, then go back on hiatus for a few months before bringing back the last few episodes of the season. Bones is going to lose a TON of casual viewers during that one episode in January. The ratings are going to plummet for that episode, which is sad since it’s supposed to be a really good one!

        I’m not saying that Fox should give us more episodes of Bones, as I’m completely supportive of both Emily’s maternity leave (however long she wants to take off) and the fact that HH has a new show coming out. Congrats to both of them! I just wish that they’d leave the schedule how it was rather than airing one random new episode in January.

  15. Sara says:


  16. Paul says:

    Dear Fox and Co

    #1 We are not going to watch the finder, we are sick of Bones being moved around like a sugarrushed kid on a poco stick.

    #2 we are not going to watch the finder, we don’t like seeing naked people on the phone sitting on a toilet

    #3 we are not going to watch the finder, we are getting sick of using Bones as advertisement

    #4 we are not going to watch the finder, in fact I find myself having the urge to create a ANTI finder momevement

    #156834 WE ARE NOT, EVER going to watch the finder

    • 1Mars says:

      From what I hear from other boards, there are already bunches of Anti-Finder groups out there.

    • anon says:

      Speak for yourself. I’m a “Bones” fan who has been watching since day one and I’m not a part of your “We”. I’ll be watching at least the first couple of episodes of the show as I quite liked the backdoor pilot and without “Bones” on the air I’m willing to give it a shot to see if it’ll fill the void.

      • tripoli says:


      • Agreed says:

        The one part of the ‘pilot’ for The Finder that I hated was that girl and she has been recast. So I’ll give it a few episodes. Frankly, as a fan of a few show that are on the almost cancelled side of the bubble, I’m just glad that Bones is secure in its place on Fox. I’m not going to complain about one shortened season, it’s better than no season at all.

      • Reba says:

        I plan to give The Finder a shot as well. I love Michael Clarke Duncan and support just about any project he is in. I even paid to see Daredevil in the theater!

    • Jimmy says:

      I love Bones and have been fan since the beginning and I as well am not part of your “we”. I WILL be watching The Finder and I like it.

    • raelee514 says:

      Yep. Not going to watch The Finder. Didn’t find it’s back door pilot intriguing AT ALL.

      wish they’d kept Lie to Me or Human Target.

      Bones should not always be MOVED so much!

  17. Megan says:

    While I’m looking forward to The Finder, I must admit I’m a little disappointed to have to wait for Bones episodes like that. I’m sure it’ll help with The Finder, though. It’s got potential. We’ll see what happens.

    PS – Congrats to Emily on her baby.

  18. Michelle says:

    The only reason I say BOO to this move is that it will leave one new episode in the middle of January, which can be kind of confusing and random. I’d rather have all my new episodes together and then a hiatus and then more new episodes.

    PS, FOX, The Finder is awful and not even John Francis Daly and TJ Thyne can make me watch it.

  19. KDW says:

    For those who think it is not Fox’s fault – they decided on the shorter run! The Bones team was ready to find ways to cover Emily’s absence for her maternity leave and still try and give them almost a full season. Fox decided that they would rather not do that and decided to split the time-slot with The Finder. I have nothing against the new show – really hoping I enjoy it. Just saying – I wouldn’t let Fox off the hook on this one so easily!

    • James says:

      Why would it be Fox’s fault? I for one appreciate introducing new show,while still giving a closure to Bones.I say closure because those who don’t see that Bones is at the end of it’s run,with them together and having a baby and all,are blind.This probably is the last season of Bones and the baby was introduced in order to end it.They could have worked around the baby,but even if that was the case,the show has given what it could already and there’s absolutely no need for it to continue indefinitely and turn into a soap.

  20. Loia says:

    I still do NOT plan on watching the Finder – makes me dislike it before it starts. Totally turned off to it now. Fox is using Bones and trying to manipulate things all for Finder.
    Those 4 extra episodes better air during this season! Bones is the only reason I put up with Fox! ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  21. Jess N says:

    The Finder test episode was painful to watch. This is not a smart move on Fox’s part.

  22. 1mars says:

    So FOX & masked scheduler is trying to piss off the Bones fans that were interested in the Finder. I hope every Bones fan in the US turns to Grey’s Anatomy that night and I dont even watch GA. I am going to start.

  23. C says:

    We better get our 17 episodes in the season and a full season 8 after all this crap.
    And I’ll definitely NOT watch the Finder. Especially now.

  24. Toni says:

    Last season this would have made me really cranky. However, I’m not digging the current storyline/season and therefore this really doesn’t bother me at all. I miss my old Bones. :(

    • ana says:

      I don’t like the new season at all!! I can just make it through an episode, and delete. It is sad. I couldn’t wait for new episodes seasons 1-6. Now I find myself watching one of those right after, just so I have something I enjoyed.

  25. Louise says:


  26. Stacey says:

    As much as I hate to wait, I think it’s smart.

    It will be nice to have a new episode in January since we’re on hold till Spring. I don’t mind the short season, sure I’d always love more Bones but I’m glad they choose this path instead of the alternative. Really I wish that Fox would have given Bones the renewal much earlier. Hart Hanson has already said if that were the case they could have and would have filmed through the summer and we would have had a full season and Emily Deschanel could still have her maternity time hiatus (which I’m very glad she was able to do.

  27. Mari says:

    This really sucks.It really does.Bones in hiatusland sucks.

  28. Maxsmom says:

    I hadnt planned to continue watching this season because I am one who didnt ever want Booth and Bones together but I have been pleasantly surprised that I have enjoyed the few eps we have had this season so as my 3 year old would say “double yucko” to the producers for pulling this stunt.

  29. Maria says:

    The only way I’m going to watch The Finder is if they strap me into a chair at gunpoint, park me in front of a tv, and glue my eyeballs open.

  30. Aussie says:

    Totally jipped, sucks!

  31. Booger says:


  32. Xian says:

    Grumble. Grumble. Grumble. I voice my objection.

  33. Elle says:

    Even a more confusing season than it already is. Coming back after another hiatus for just one episode and then taking another 3 month hiatus. Why not just wait one more week in January and catch the episode on TNT.

    Have to go along with others. No interest in the Finder. Like Geoff Stultz but dont like the character. Not even Hodgins on the episode can drawer me in.

    Fox just screws with all of its shows. Then we have AI for months and everything else falling aside. Hopefully for Fox AI will not fall short like Simon Cowell’s new show.

    Ratings for Bones have been decent but not as they were in past years. Are they really thinking it will give them such an advantage? A wait and see.

  34. Nan says:

    So what happen with the promise of uninterrupted 6 weeks of Bones form HH? First they lied as there was one week off for Thanksgiving and now they are moving one episode to January? Hope that Finder tanks

    • anon says:

      Wow. There’s not a lot of common sense going on here.

      Why are people acting like this is a ridiculous plan? It’s not. You take a popular show and use it to prop up a new show to try to get a few more eyes on it. It’s nothing new and there’s nothing strange or stupid about it.

      Also, maybe we should all write Emily a note and let her know just how badly her pregnancy has inconvenienced us. Who’s with me????

      • Jailyn says:

        From a network standpoint, it’s understandable that they wish to use Bones as a lead in for The Finder. But at the same time, it’s not a good idea to air an episode on Dec 8, take a one month break, air one new episode in January, then go back on hiatus for a few months before returning with the few remaining episodes of the season. It would probably be better if Fox aired a repeat episode of Bones as the lead in, or even an encore episode of the midseason finale (had it been aired as scheduled on Dec 15). That would just seem to make more sense.

    • anon says:

      Btw, that wasn’t actually intended as a reply to you even though I actually disagree with pretty much everything you said. I mean, HH didn’t lie, he gave the information that FOX had given him. He doesn’t run the scheduling department. That said, my post was a general note not at you specifically.

  35. Nikki says:

    This for me, is good and bad. I hate that it isnt a full season, but… I like the idea of getting an episode durring the break so to speak. As for it being because the finder, I could do without that. Im still not sure about the finder. The only episodes of the finder I plan to watch are the ones that include bones cast members…i.e.. The upcoming episode with jack hodgins. Other than that, this kinda sucks.

  36. Sara says:

    This blows. Couldn’t care less about the Finder.

  37. Eveateden says:

    I don’t get how this cuts anything short? It’s the same number of episodes before the break as before. They didn’t take away any episodes, just moved the air date. I actually didn’t mind the Finder. I’ve liked the actor since his days on Seventh Heaven. I’m willing to give it a shot. It is not like it is going to take over for Bones forever. They are just giving it a shot while the show has to be on Hiatus for Emily’s maternity leave. People are acting like the Finder is going to replace Bones. I do not feel that is Fox intentions at ALL. They are hoping to EXPAND their franchise not replace one show with another. Bones has good ratings and I do not think it is going anywhere any time soon. They are being creative and using Emily’s maternity leave in a useful way rather than being forced to run repeats for a few months. People need to CALM DOWN.

  38. Cari says:

    I don’t think it will work the way they’re hoping. The Bones fans who pay enough attention don’t want to watch The Finder (though, actually, I’m quite looking forward to it), and the ones who might watch Finder just because it’s on after Bones won’t realize it’s on for one episode in January (unless Fox promotes the crap out of it).

  39. Alexla says:

    And once again, the Bones fanbase proves how psychotic it is. Yes, it’s annoying, but we still get the same (abbreviated) number of episodes, and it makes sense for them to launch The Finder with an episode of Bones first, given that the shows are related to each other, and share some characters.

  40. Boiler says:

    Possible this has something to do with the stupid X Factor? I don’t watch so don’t know when its done but it is on Thursday

  41. Peter Bishop says:

    I don’t watch Bones but I’m glad you fans of other shows on the great network known as FOX get to suffer with us Fringe fans. They’ve treated us like garbage for 3 years now and we get our episodes pushed and delayed all the time. Join the club. We couldn’t even get a proper winter finale because for some reason, only Fringe can’t air in December but House, Glee and every other show on the network can.
    They even LAUNCHED a new show last week!

    So Boo Hoo. You expect the people working on the schedule at that network to exercise some common sense?! What’s next, you want snow in June?! Or more than 4 new episodes in a row? What do you think this is ABC?

    • Volcfom says:

      In their defense, no new episode of House will run in December either.

    • Hols says:

      Dude. Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I’ve seen the Vampire Diaries? Try having your favorite show on a particular network be THE #1 show on that network and still not being to get any episodes for 3 weeks in November, all of December and part of January.

    • Sephie says:

      actually ABC is not much better if you look at when Grey’s anatomy went on hiatus and that one is also not back be january. That one (grey’s) went on hiatus the 10th of nov.

    • James says:

      I feel your pain for Fringe since I love that show too.But seriously,regarding Fringe and how easy Fox has always been on the trigger with low and falling ratings(I still remember TSCC,Show I adored,which had better ratings than Fringe,but never got past season 2),you can be happy that Fringe is still on the air at all.For it’s 4th season,especially since it can not get even up to 4 mil viewers lately.And even last season it couldn’t reach 5 and was still renewed.That was the first time Fox renewed something with that kind of budget and marketing and yet such poor ratings.It was a true surprise for me.Those kind of ratings on network tv are normaly a no-no.So I’m happy that Fringe is still on at all!

  42. May says:

    They’re trying to frakkin’ kill Bones. Or everything. My guess is they want clean slots for 2012’s Fall Season. They’re trying to destroy all their shows. There’s New Girl and the nonsense hiatus right after the premiere, there’s GLEE and the “three-episode-hiatus” thing. The list goes on. Not a smart move, considering GLEE and Bones have the best ratings on FOX. Pure stupidness.

  43. Clair says:

    This is so stupid, I agree with the other fans we already get a shorten season which I know was because of Emily being pregant but come on moved and then off 3 months, If Emily is willing to come back why have 3 months off. They could come back early and the Finder could still show at a different time, that way they could have both and bones fans would get more ep plus be happier at least I know I would. I think the Finder will be stupid, I didnt like it when it aired on season 6. The ratings have been great for Bones so come on Fox also I hope they renew it for another season and we get the whole season we deserve that.

  44. AL says:

    I understand why the Bones season got cut short, and I’m not complaining about that. However, if we only get six episodes, then a hiatus, then the back six, I’d rather get those six up front without waiting a month between ep. 5 an 6, especially with two or three more months before ep. 7.

    As for The Finder, the spinoff/pilot ep didn’t grab me, but I’ll reserve judgment till I see how it got tweaked in the meantime. They’ve already replaced one of the actors, who knows how else it changed?

  45. Linda says:

    why oh why?????????????

  46. Gina says:

    Ratings in December usually stink. I think Bones will have better ratings in the January episode, IF they promote it well. I have no use for The Finder. I won’t watch it. I resent Fox for not letting Finder sink or swim on its own.

    • Jailyn says:

      YES! Promotion is the key! If they don’t promote that one January episode very well, they will lose a TON of casual viewers. And I’m probably not going to watch The Finder either. I want to support HH b/c I think he’s an amazing writer, but The Finder just doesn’t interest me. Not even with Bones as a lead in, or with Bones characters doing a couple of cross-over episodes…

  47. Ella says:

    This stinks….and I am still not watching The Finder

  48. tahina says:

    FOX how do I loathe you, let me count the ways! 1,ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo AND COUNTING!