Supernatural Fall Finale Recap: Eternal Sunshine of Bobby's 'Fruitcake' Mind

[Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Friday’s fall finale of Supernatural, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

It’s not a Supernatural finale unless at least one person is at death’s door. And this Friday’s episode — the last new one until Jan. 6! — definitely delivered on that front. Here, we “Eternal freakin’ Sunshine” through Bobby’s self-described fruitcake of a head and relive the episode’s highlights.

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MIND TRIPPING | The episode opened with a CSI-like shot inside Bobby bullet wound to the noggin, giving us an unprecedented peek at his “gin-soaked, rat maze” inner consciousness and backstory. Going through his old memories, Bobby ran into hunter/partner Rufus, who told him the only way out was through a door in his worst memory. Bobby thought that meant reliving the night he and his wife fought over his refusal to have kids just days before she was possessed and he was forced to kill her. However, that door only led him to more memories. The Reaper came calling again, trying to convince Bobby to come with him, but he wasn’t ready to give up, especially not when Sam and Dean were still out there and he had  crucial information to get to them about the Leviathan. The real horror in Bobby’s past turned out to be his nasty, alcoholic father, who was abusive to young Bobby and his mother. It took everything he had, but Bobby finally confronted the man who scared him off from having kids – he raised two heroes, take that! – right before his younger self shot daddy in the head! Like father, like son, after all?

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At last, Bobby came out of his coma just long enough to scribble some numbers on Sam’s hand and lovingly call the boys “idjits” before flatlining! Back in memory land, the Reaper returned to assure Bobby that Dean and Sam would be OK without him. Sitting in his last memory of the two brothers fighting over movie snacks, Bobby mulled the reaper’s question: “Stay or go?” He has only two choices – become one of the spirits he and the Winchesters kill or move on. Either one would still probably afford him guest spots, although we can see the former being a bigger arc. Or will he miraculously recover? Then again, maybe Bobby will just die. As much as it pains me to say it — because I love the character as much as the next fan — there’s only so many times the guy can cheat death.

FACING DEATH | Back in the real world, Sam and Dean were struggling with Bobby’s condition. Dean punched a glass display case after a hospital employee questioned him about organ donation. Sam, meanwhile, was trying to prepare himself for Bobby’s death. But did you notice how he clutched his hand? Was that a problem with the wall in his head?

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THOSE PESKY LEVIATHAN | Baddie boss Dick Roman actually had the nerve to show up at the hospital, where Dean spotted his car and immediately started yelling at him. The heated exchange was captured on cell phone by random witnesses, begging the question: Will that – and Evil Dean and Sam’s public notoriety – come back into play? But more importantly, what were those numbers that Bobby was so desperate to get to the boys and what do they have to do with the Leviathan? Hopefully, Sam didn’t wash his hand.

What did you think of Supernatural‘s fall finale? What do you think Bobby’s choice will be? Or are you praying he will somehow live? And did this episode remind anyone else of an inverse version of Season 5’s “Dark Side of the Moon”?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dee says:

    It was a great episode.

    Made me tear up several times.

    Loved how Bobby played catch with young Dean.

    If Bobby does end up going with the Reaper, then the boys will be truly alone, that is heart-breaking.

  2. Michael Sacal says:

    I’d like to see Bobby and John Winchester team up in the after life to fight monsters on that end. It be cool to see that in the show, but it would most likely be done as a comic book.

    • Great episode, reminded the Wolfman of some of the best back in seasons 2, and 3. I like the thought of Bobby and John Winchester hunting on the other side -that way hope truly would spring eternal!

  3. stacey says:

    Fantastic episode. I have truly loved this season, but the “heart” hadn’t been there for a lot of eps, and last night, I cried, I cluctched my blacket with worry, and ended up hollering at the stupid black screne with the words “Executive Producers Sera Gamble Robert Singer.” This episode rollercoasted me through sadness, relief, hope, despair, and utter shock. Bravo to the cast and crew, the writers, and producers of the little show that could. Truly amazing.

    God I hope Bobby makes it. :)

  4. Lisa says:

    A truly magnificent performance by Jim Beaver. If this is to be his swan song (and I believe it is), he left us only wanting more of this brilliant actor, who as Bobby brought so much to the boys’ lives and as Jim Beaver brought so much to ours.

    I’m still scratching my head, however, over Gamble’s need to completely dismantle the house that Kripke built. I understand wanting to put a stamp on the show and that this re-enforces the “stripped down” version of the show she’s going for, but removing Bobby permanently leaves a hole… permanently. The two choices are Bobby suddenly becomes a stupid hunter – as opposed to the brilliant pragmatist that we know him to be – and becomes an angry ghost or he dies. I think the show can only let him die. My only hope that he isn’t dead is that he didn’t write down the entire string of numbers before he died…

    • kate says:

      “I’m still scratching my head, however, over Gamble’s need to completely dismantle the house that Kripke built.”

      Oh for the love of God, stop with this nonsense. It’s a risky job, it was more likely than not that Bobby would meet his end eventually. This endless Sera Gamble doubt and dislike because of some bizarre love of all things Kripke just needs to end. Kripke penned one of last season’s weakest episodes, and there were some real clunkers while he was more actively involved in seasons 1-5. And in spite of some fans bizarre hatred of Sera Gamble, the show hasn’t completely collapsed this last year and a half. There have been lamer episodes than others, but for the most part, it’s been pretty good.

      If nobody knew Kripke had stepped down, I bet people would be licking Kripke’s butt talking about how good everything’s been.

      • Dee says:

        Completely agree with your comment, Kate.

        The loathing for this woman is ridiculous.

        It’s not as if she is the only executive producer on the show or the only writer or the only one who has a say in what is happening or will happen.

        She is one of VERY few women who are actually in charge of a network show and wow, the bitterness and hate for her is palpable.

        Everybody needs to lighten-up. It’s only a show for goodness sake!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          I do agree that the woman does not deserve hate. And I respect her as one of the few women showrunners out there even if I think the writing has become a little weak.

          • elle ryan says:

            well i never really liked her but she just got a bit of respect from me i wanted bobby gone and she did it i didnt think she had the balls to do it but she did so hats off to ya sera =)

      • Anonymous says:

        I only watched a couple of episodes of season 6 because I did not like the direction of the show. Then, I decided to tune in for season 7 for a couple of episodes and I was shocked at how bad the writing had become. The jokes weren’t funny at all. The show seemed to have lost its wit which had been its strength before. I think it became even more apparent to me after my long break. While I think the end of series 5, was verging on pretentiousness, Kripke knew how to write a clever script even if he did unfortunately pander to some fans at times. However, Gamble does this to an even greater degree than Kripke. It has always been the weakness of the show though since the middle of season 2. I might be in the minority here but I think the show should come to an end and at least finish a little gracefully. Sometimes, it isn’t the writer’s faults. Sometimes you just lose steam which is why I don’t think most shows should live past the fifth season, especially genre shows like Supernatural. Anyway, if Kripke was running the show, I would have the same criticisms but then again I also criticized some of his run as well. Still, season 7 has good moments like when Sam married Becky. It is unfortunate that they couldn’t write a clever script for Carpenter and Marsters and that they wrote such a horrible script with Jo’s return (I do love her and I did at least enjoy her scenes with Dean).

        • kate says:

          I respect this. The original wrap up of the 5 season arc left the show a little bit directionless for awhile and there have been some lame episodes (no lamer than, say, “Bugs” or “Red Sky at Morning,” two of my least favorite eps) but I understand what you’re saying.

          People just seem determined to really hate Sera Gamble and everything that she does, and it’s getting to the point where it’s just like, “Kripke’s gone, he was good but wasn’t a God, quit romanticizing and get over it.”

      • Kyle Andrews says:

        I agree that the hatred for Sera is a bit extreme. Especially last season, when Kripke was still involved with the show.

        This year, there have been times when the show wasn’t as polished as it could have been. For example, when Sam and Dean were all over the TV, as America’s most wanted… yet they were strolling down the street in broad daylight without so much as wearing a baseball cap. That’s not something that Sam or Dean would do, because they’re smarter than that.

        Then in “How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters”, the writing/editing was the most sloppy that I’ve ever seen it on the show. It was very disjointed… Like when Sam and Dean go to rescue Bobby and bring Borax, but no axes or anything to take off the heads of the Leviathan. Or when they run out of the building without Bobby and somehow end up in the van before Bobby can even get out. They’d never leave without him and the timing of that scene was off.

        That said, the season is still good. Kripke or Gamble, the show is leaps and bounds above most of the shows on television. I think that it was a risky, bold decision to dismantle the show that we know and love, rather than get too comfortable with the “norm” of the show. I’m not happy about Bobby, but I’ve been half expecting him to die since season 2. Completely isolating Sam and Dean is interesting.

        Now, if only they’d realize that every Leviathan out there knows about Lisa and Ben (first through Castiel, then by Sam and Dean), and how torn up Dean has been over losing everything in his life. Since they’re all that still exists, more or less, you’d think they’d be in danger.

  5. Leslie says:

    Loved the episode. Losing Bobby, if that happens, will be tragic for Sam & Dean, but that has been their lot in life. They will grow stronger because of it! Kudos to the cast & crew for a excellent episode. Emmys should go to everyone, especially Jim!

  6. Harry says:

    This was a nice sendoff for Bobby. This season’s writing has not been up to par of the first 5 seasons, but this episode showed when they’re inspired they can bring the magic. Seeing the boys lose another father figure is tough, but I suspect he’ll be back. Bobby’s character always has a trick up his sleeve to save the day, so I suspect when things are bleakest there’ll be one more. Maybe it’ll be his last appearance, maybe his life long sacrifice will elevate him to some status that he can help. Hopefully they can bring him back for one last time without making it corny. Plus, if Bobby isn’t done just yet then maybe Cas isn’t too.

  7. trackerem says:

    loved the ep! lots of thoughts on whats gonna happen with bobby! very excited about jan.!

  8. Ozzie says:

    I think Bobby will return next year. Death or demon Crowley can always bring him back…or even God and that’s to keep Sam and Dean on track of the lizard Leviathans.

  9. Cheryl says:

    With how well Season 7 has been progressing so far and with last nights extraordinary episode, it really felt like our show again, I felt happy and proud of it again. Its a rare show that can get itself back on track after Kripke with Season 4 thru 6 put it at deaths door too. Hoping Bobby doesn’t leave somehow but if he does it was a nice exit sad, but good.

  10. Emmy says:

    Bobby’s wife is called Karen, not Lara, and Sam’s wall went down at the end of season 6. FYI.

  11. Elultimorefugio says:

    Despite the overwhelming facts, I’m in denial about Bobby’s dead. He will somehow live. It’s not his swan song because he’s not going to die. Period.

    • GeekGirl13 says:

      I’m on that river with you Elultimorefugio. My niece called me after she watched the episode and my response was, “He’s not dead until they salt and burn his bones, and even then, I refuse to give up hope that we’ll see him again!”.

  12. I think Bobby is going to stay and then we will have some extra fun with that choice and what it means. It could be really fun to watch how the boys deal with that. And I think the guys are going to need help trying to figure out the numbers too.

  13. Slizabeth says:

    Man, I miss the days when Cas could just bring the boys back to life… Also, CAAAAASSSSSSSTTIEEEEEL! :( WAH.

    Can’t lose both forever, right? RIGHT?

    • Kerron says:

      I loved Castiel too. he was a great friend and loyal angel and i hated the way he had to die in pain. but he was a great God and didnt take crap

  14. Creepy-Creeper says:

    This episode is one of my favourites, of that there is no doubt. I just hope that Bobby doesn’t die and Castiel comes back as well!

  15. Karen says:

    Totally boring. And no, that isn’t a personal attack on Jim Beaver, who was as good as he ever is. But this was totally boring, and confusingly written. Plus, does anyone seriously think the show will get rid of Bobby? Please. He doesn’t get in the way of the epic Wincest love like Castiel did, so he’s safe.

    • Rain says:

      100% this!

    • Mary says:


      Is it really necessary to start with the Cas issue again, and bringing in Wincest (a fanon ship, which just like Destiel will never be canon) kinda makes your argument lose even more creditability.
      People are freaking out about losing a beloved character, and I think that as a Cas fan you should at least try to show some consideration for their panic and grief (since you probably feel or felt sth similar in 7×02), and not belittle them.
      And might I remind you that the majority of fandom didn’t believe they would kill of Cas?

  16. Girish says:

    This episode was the best of the season. If this is Bobby Singer’s swan song, then they did it amazingly! The entire episode made me emotional and I can live with the ambiguous ending even if they don’t explain what happened exactly in the next episode. I hope we see more of this kind of writing on Supernatural, because this is what makes it that much more special. First Cas died, then they had to ditch their safe houses (the car and Bobby’s home), now Bobby’s apparent death! Everything is going against the brothers. This makes me sad and excited at the same time! I think they purposely gave the Leviathan leader, a name like ‘Dick’. We all will definitely scoff and undermine him, but ultimately he may just become one of the biggest villains on the show.

  17. Nat says:

    The comments to your posts never disapoint me. Again with those fans who have to write bring Castiel back. Forget about it, move on, find something else to watch if you don’t like the show without your Castiel.
    And seriously the person who wrote this article asked us what do we think about Bobby. I don’t see why Castiel is in your answers.

    • James says:

      There are 12 comments which haven’t even mentioned Cas.
      2 of them mentioned, but in passing reference to death on the show.
      2 of them were overtly subjective on Cas!
      Your definition of ‘Again with those fans who have to write bring Castiel back. Forget about it, move on, find something else to watch if you don’t like the show without your Castiel.’ baffles me!!!

    • Jess says:

      Uh oh! AWKWARD!

  18. Tiffany says:

    This episode…just…I don’t even know. While watching it the first time, I didn’t feel particularly invested because I was absolutely positive they wouldn’t kill Bobby (I don’t know why I suddenly forgot that this IS Supernatural we’re talking about…). I didn’t think his death was an actual possibility until he flatlined and went back into his memories. That last ten minutes broke my heart! So, so very well done if it does end up that Bobby is dead and it’s sticking. I can’t help but hope there’s some trick he’s got up his sleeve, though. The thought of Sam and Dean having to lose him just kills me. Oh, and I LOVED the emphasis that was placed on how Bobby really was the boys’ father. Beautifully done, all around.

  19. Tracygal says:

    We have been loving Season 7, but this really brought out the best of Supernatural. I can’t believe we have to wait a month. I hope Bobby makes it, the boys really can’t take any more. Kudos to the team for such a moving episode. Emmy folks need to take notice and give this terrific show the love it deserves.

  20. Sara says:

    Bawled like a baby! And as I’ve said before, there is no Supernatural for me without Bobby Singer. So, dead or alive, we better still have Bobby as a fairly regular character on this show!!!

    • fudgefase says:

      Jim Beaver was brilliant in this episode. It would be awful if he died. You’d have thought that maybe their friendly witch (James Masters) could have magic-ed that bullet out or something!

  21. Scott says:

    I’m hoping he DOES become a ghost, but a GOOD ghost. Basically attached to Sam and Dean, popping in when they need help.

    Bobby, the drinking ghost,
    The drunkest ghost you know.
    Though Sam & Dean physically fight
    Helping at them `cause he’s bright,
    The brother’s do love him so.

  22. jeanny says:

    This episobsolutely broke my heart and I’m hoping against hope that the Winchesters get another miracle save – between Sam’s “beautiful mind” and Dean’s nearly suicidal despair before this loss, I don’t know how they can survive this to fight another day.

    BTW, I kind of thought when Sam was pressing his palm it was like he was hoping all of this with Bobby was another nightmare illusion. One of the moments that made me cry.

    • Dee says:

      Oh, that was a moment that made me tear up too!!!

      Poor Sam!

      He was looking so dejected and sad. He did want this to be an illusion.

      Dean looked lost and heart-broken as well. Poor boys.

  23. BHM1304 says:

    What fascinated me the most about the circumstances surrounding Bobby getting shot in the head was how it rang up memories of Beaver’s first series regular role, Whitney Ellsworth. Both characters died from being shot in the head from out of the blue, both characters deaths made many other characters very angry. It was an appropriate send off for Bobby and Rufus’ return made it even more special. Jared and Jenson did excellent work with little material this week as well.

  24. raelee514 says:

    This episode was beautiful written and acted.

    Sam squeezing his hand was because he was hoping that Bobby dying was a hallucination and it wasn’t really real and it was something Lucifer was doing to him — but it wasn’t. It was real. So, sad.

    Jim Beaver was amazing in this episode, especially the way he delivered that last line of ‘idjits’ which was Bobby Singer for — I love you, boys!


    Gorgeous episode.

    P.S. Bobby’s wife’s name is Karen.

  25. Kat says:

    I hope Bobby doesn’t die! I get that the show is about the boys but they do not and cannot operate in a vacuum – they need other characters! I hate Sera Gamble and the way she is trying to kill the show! Who else thinks Gamble needs to go?

    • Jessie says:

      Not me. She just wrote one of the best episodes of the last two seasons IMO.
      But I agree with you on the Bobby thing. I hope he doesn’t die. Why isn’t it January yet? I hate cliffhangers before a hellatus.

  26. Lila says:

    I hope Bobby survives. The Winchester world is too small and Bobby is an integral part of their universe. What lesson can be learned by the Winchesters other than monsters take away everything and everyone you love; I wouldn’t give the leviathans such a trophy. I don’t think this is going to happen because it would be too much for Dean, especially, and Sam to deal with. Dean has lost his parents, Lisa, Ben, and now Bobby, not going to happen, I hope. Sam broke my heart. He’s so realistic about the situation, but he is in agony over the possibility of losing Bobby.
    As for Dick Roman, I would run if I were him because if Dean Winchester issues a death warrant then you are a dead leviathan; you can count on it.
    Bobby’s love for the boys was one of the most poignant parts of the story. He truly loved them and that’s why I think he will fight his way back because he knows Dean and Sam need him and that they wouldn’t be fine without him being a part of their world.

    Yep, that last scene was a sucker punch in the stomach and I cried like a baby; I really sat through this episode feeling shell shocked by the angst and love that was just so jarring.

    • Jenn says:

      I just hope Dean actually gets this kill. They took the Samuel Campbell kill away from him, and we still haven’t seen Walt and Roy get theirs yet for killing Sam and Dean in season 5.

      Sera Gamble does decent work when she’s not writing bad harlequin romances into the script.

  27. Linda says:

    Bobby’s wife’s name was Karen and NOT Lara.

  28. rudy says:

    he’ll be a ghost dad

  29. Eric says:

    “Death’s Door” was one of the finest episodes in television history! It may not make the fans happy, but it would have made them feel something very powerful, even if the feeling sucks!

    • Melody says:

      As much as I am in pain from this turn of events, I can’t argue that this is some damn good television. I don’t want to be angry, sad, frustrated, and grieving, but you have to give props to any show that can make you feel that.

  30. JLS says:

    Oh man what an awesome episode. I really didn’t think they would kill him off. I cried like a baby at the end.

    Some of my favorite parts were when Dean was talking to the organ donation guy and he screams “I do my job!, now do yours!”

    and then Bobby talking to his younger self after shooting his father. “This is the part where you learn they never say thank you”

    Some very powerful lines, I’ve always thought about how thankless of a job the guys have and for all the good that they do, they always get crapped on. Great show I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  31. Kelvin says:

    I suspect the episode where Dean killed Sam’s monster friend will tie back into this. Bobby should die (though I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t given some of the horrible writing we’ve seen from the Supernatural team). If he dies and sticks around as a ghost then you’ve got the other side of the conflict.

    It’s ok to kill monster friends when they aren’t your friend but when it is suddenly it’s not. Cue internal brother conflict, cue external brother conflict, cue ghost Bobby going bad and cue the brothers having to put and end to ghost Bobby.

  32. Melody says:

    Like Bobby and the boys, I didn’t have a very good relationship with my father. He was very withdrawn and a closeted alcoholic. Besides the relationship between the brothers, the relationships between Bobby and the boys are my favorite of the show. I have the wonderful opportunity to live vicariously through Sam and Dean and imagine Bobby as my own surrogate father. Watching little adorable Dean playing catch with Bobby was wonderful because that was something I never got to do with my own father. This is something wonderful that the show has provided for me and something I am looking forward too and expect in the future. It’s a precious gift and one I hope that writers don’t take away from me.

  33. Liz says:

    I sobbed! I think it was the saddest episode I’ve seen from Supernatural. I love Bobby and if there’s any way for him to recover, I really hope they can find it. Maybe Cas isn’t dead and he will swoop in and save him? Can’t wait for the new year!

  34. Brooke says:

    Oh, that was just the saddest episode ever. I’m torn between not wanting Bobby to be gone and hoping he doesn’t come back and lessen the emotional impact of this episode.

  35. Rob says:

    I think it’s a way to set up the return of Cas really. His body was destroyed in the beginning of the Season, Bobby if he stays will likely be comatose. So in theory we could see Cas take Bobby’s body. Which will remind me of that awful thing they did with Fred in Season 5 of Angel.

  36. glenwgjones says:

    how about if bobby has or is dead then he gets elevated to be gurdian angel of sam and dean…kudos to the writers of such a great episode, i dont believe he has dies but i think that wud be pretty fitting if bobby was made an angel

  37. miss scarlet says:

    Can we just clap for Jim Beaver on a job well done? He was completely amazing. Padalecki & Ackles were great too, but Beaver really blew me out of the water. Bobby was a really, really good, brave man in spite of everything and I loved the moment where he told his father inside his head that he adopted two boys who both grew up to be heroes.

    This is probably the best episode of Supernatural to air since the penultimate episode of season 05, ‘Two Minutes to Midnight,’ (which I enjoyed far more than ‘Swan Song,’ the season 05 finale).

    Great episode.

  38. moname91 says:

    Yes…Bobby is intregal to the Supernatural universe, but as I suspect that this is Supernatural’s last year I applaud Sera for having the guts to kill off this beloved character. Now Sam & Dean are truly on their own. This will provide a lot of material for the boys to work with for the rest of the season. Although I hope that in the series finale somehow both Bobby & Castiel will be back in some capacity.

  39. Brennan says:

    Good catch! Sam didn’t want it to be reality…it was almost like he wanted to push a button to get back to reality…
    Sorry folks, Bobby is gone. It was a hero’s send off. Do you really think the writers will turn around & say “gotcha! Just kidding!” after such a wonderful tribute? They would insult us viewers if they did. This is what makes great television: the fact we grow attached to fictitious characters, we hang on every scripted word, and we act as if the story line is parallel to our reality. The complexity of families, the fact that family isn’t just blood, the reason these boys went to hell and back, present as the backbone to the horror story that has had us glued to this series for 7 seasons. Not a fairy tale, Hollywood soap-opera that jerks our beloved characters in & out of comas so we can just hang on to what should never be.
    I think the writing is brilliant, the cast is outstanding, and even Serge is an artist when it comes to lighting…they all deserve the best & I think they have the best fandom.
    So use the “hellatus” to mourn, then expect the story to dive into more grit in January, because Bobby is gone ( hell, J.Beaver just went to Japan for several weeks-he’s out!).
    I just hope everyone would just remain a dedicated fandom & show their support: through the good, bad&ugly. If its that upsetting, try divulging such sorrow to your therapists…don’t blame the writers.
    VOTE Supernatural for People’s Choice awards!!

  40. Ella says:

    I liked the episode but one thing I have never understood post season 2 is the need to put John Winchester down as a dad just to make Bobby look good. Bobby is great on his own, they don’t need to drag John through the dirt to make him look like the better father figure. John did the best he could and he loved his kids – it feels like an injustice every time Dean or Sam calls him a dick or like in tonight’s episode, when Bobby had that ridiculous phone call with him.

  41. NiTeK says:

    I loved the episode, but Bobby is to strong for even the directors and writers to kill him, he will haunt them down and destroy them if they try to terminate him from the series, he is the series!!

    BTW, I didn’t get Bobbys’ last word to the boys, can anyone enlighten me? :)

  42. Lkane says:

    Oh man!!! last year I told my friends I’ll stop watching this series if Uncle Bobby dies…..So this is the time!!? I dont know,I just love this guy so much.He’s everythings remain for this series ,and he remind me my Granpa who is long gone.Now, I dont see the way to continue watching this series anymore…