Did Walking Dead Kill the Drama? What the Puck, Glee? And More Questions from This Week's TV

10 | Why can’t Ringer‘s Mr. Carpenter have, say, 5 percent more Logan Echolls in him? Why hire Jason Dohring to play a drip?

11 | Could Michael Bublé have been more bored by his own performance on Wednesday’s Christmas in Rockefeller Center? Dude, there’s a thing called sugar-free Red Bull. It gives you wings. And a pulse.

12 | On a scale of 1 to 10, how insane did Tyra Banks’ description of her novel Model Land sound on America’s Next Top Model? (Hint: The only acceptable answer is 1,000.)

13 | Did Prince Jackson not get media training about removing gum from his mouth before he makes TV appearances? Also: POOR BLANKET!

14 | Are there no likeable cheftestants on Top Chef: Texas? This season desperately calls for a dash of Blais and a pinch of Fabio.

15 | Really Jason Kennedy? E! lands an exclusive interview with Lady Gaga about her “Marry the Night” video and you don’t ask a single Cheerios question?!

16 | Is it possible Parks and Recreation is relying too heavily on the whole “character looks into camera to punctuate a joke” thing?

17 | Speaking of Parks and Rec: Half-hour comedies aren’t suppose to get us flustered, but how damn sexy was that closing Leslie/Ben kiss? Can the Pawnee court stenographer also do their wedding vows (should that day come)?

18 | Does anyone else think that Community has a serious future as an animé series whenever its run on NBC comes to an end?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. My says:

    See, I was wildly confused by the Puck thing too. He’s never even cared about Quinn.. Even in Season 1, it was all about Beth for him. But the Unholy Trinity and especially Rachel tried hard to reach out for her. Rachel’s been trying since season one. Imo, it was was a wasted opportunity for them. It should’ve been her.

    • Matt says:

      I dunno. Puck’s got some strong competition from Finn after this week.

    • Grace says:

      Rachel reach out to Quinn? Mercedes (who stood by her throughout her pregnancy and who she lived with when her parents and Finn kicked her out), Quinn’s mother (who, when last we saw her, left Quinn’s father because she wanted to be there for Quinn and he didn’t support her), Santana (her long-time BFF who showed solidarity with her in NY last season) or even Emma (the school guidance counselor) reach out to Quinn? Preposterous. Women can’t take care of themselves or each other, they need a man to fix them. This is what I learned from this week’s installment of Glee. Santana’s grappling with her sexual identity? I know who can help, the STRAIGHT DUDE! Finn totally knows what she’s going through and is in an excellent position to help her. Shelby’s baby falls down? Obviously she can’t handle that on her own, it’s not like she’s a strong single mother who has been raising the kid by herself for a year. Obviously she needs a 17 year old HIGH SCHOOL BOY to step in and handle the sitch. It’s so luckly this ladies have such an abundance of gallant menfolk to swoop in and save the day…

      • Kateryn says:

        I absolutely agree, but you forgot that Quinns mom left her father because he was banging some tattooed girl, and that had nothing to do with Quinn.

  2. Robb says:

    Thank you for #7! Kurt’s wardrobe this week almost made me take “Glee” off my DVR list.

    • Ryan says:

      Seriously. It’s as if they only job Wardrobe has on that show is answering the question: “How can we make Kurt look even more ridiculous than ever before?”

    • mykey716 says:

      Both Kurt & Blaine have the worst outfits! It’s insulting as a gay man and also truly ugly!! Kurt’s sweaters and Blaine’s bowties, high-water pants (and why doesn’t he own any socks??)
      I live in NYC and don’t see anyone dressed like this…can’t imagine it happening in OHIO!!!

    • Thunder says:

      . . . Kurt is one of the best characters on TV, yet the Glee wardrobe department works overtime to make him appear ridiculous.

  3. Corrine says:

    Puck is also one of the only characters who’s had any consistent, gradual character development and growth. Everyone else fluctuates all over the board.

    • Ray says:

      The show has become a little ridiculous of late. First, the best music and dance has come from the new group “The Troubletones” and that kind of music should have been coming from the original Glee Club since day one. The originals for the most part have been soooo boring since day one. How could they win ANYTHING???? Secondly Puck has been a typical self-centered teen since day one. How could he mature that quickly? And thirdly…why in the world would the writers put two main characters in a position that would definitely send the teacher to jail and get a “poor guy” tag put on Puck? Give me a break. The writers are apparently running out of ideas for the show. Used to love the show but now…………….?

  4. Melissa says:

    Such good questions, but I’ll just focus on #1. The answer: no. It ended in the exact right spot. Once she was a zombie, her fate wasn’t really in the balance was it? They just killed a dozen zombies. She was going to die too. The real point was that Rick had to be the one to kill her. Now the cliffhanger is where does that shift the tone of the group that Rick has finally stepped up and done what needs to be done even if it sucked having to do it. And now that they killed everyone, is Hershel going to lose it? (I’ve possibly put too much thought into this.)

    • Juliana says:

      ^ this! And also, everyone was so over the Sophia is missing storyline that dragging it for the rest of the season would be really stupid.

    • heather_kaye says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth…fingers – whatever. Cannot wait to see how the massacre is going to affect everyone.

    • Beth says:

      Agree completely with the three of you. It would hardly have been a cliffhanger when there’s only one option for her fate. There’s more drama inherent in the question of what will happen now that the group is no longer tethered to the search for Sophia.

    • DreamRose311 says:

      5thing the agreement. Also Rick’s shooting Sophia wouldn’t have had near the emotional impact if it took two months for it to happen instead of happening right after the dramatic scene of shooting the rest of the barnWalkers as Hershel and his bunch watched. Walking Dead has truly reached some brilliance this season.

    • TV Guy says:

      I agree with you, Melissa, however to play devil’s advocate it might have been interesting to see the group roles switched, meaning, Our heroes say kill zombies, Hershel says keep them alive they’re people… now that Sophia is a zombie, the heroes want her to stay alive, and Hershel wants her dead since they killed his family… or something to this effect.

      • dale says:

        I dont think that they could of tried to keep her alive. They have felt as a group that the walkersa must be killed all along, they killed off the one’s sister, and they made sure that their family that was killed by the walkers in first season could not turn. I feel that it would of been very our of character for the group to want to keep her alive.

        I am more interested in the fall out with Hershel, the way that the group now reacts to Shane, and the way that they treat Rick. If Shane had not flipped like that, then they would never know for sure that Sophia was dead, there was a hope there that they didnt have before, and now its gone, they have nothing to hope for

    • Pam says:

      Uh, 10th in agreement? (I lost count!)
      I think the cliffhanger also includes an increasingly unhinged Shane! What would be awesome is if it picked up exactly where it left off in February. RIP little Sophia.

    • Daniel says:

      Totally. Rick had to be the one. Everyone became complacent, as glen stated. Sophia as a zombie has not only brought down utopia, Hershels farm, but also collapsed Ricks hope. Rick has been trying so hard this season to offer hope and peace to everyone, even if that meant bending over backwards for Hershel. Shane’s unhingement was the catalyst to bring the peace crashing down. Hershel is going to be a wreck, the group have been brought back to reality and Ricks hard work and moral compass have been unappreciated. February can’t get here soon enough.

    • I agree as well, where would the cliffhanger have been? Who was going to kill her maybe, but she was dead the second she came out of the barn. Pus, knowing that Shane couldn’t do it just goes to show that he can’t lead that group.

    • Donna says:

      I thought it was very much the way to go. Having Rick be the one to put an end to it goes back to season 1, when he stopped by the park to put the half zombie woman out of her misery. I found it very interesting that every one of them were shooting Hershals zombies, but didn’t seem able to shoot sophia, and Rick who didn’t participate in the shootings was able to finish sophia.

    • tvhabitblog says:

      I’m so happy so many fans seem to agree on this. Count me among them! The ending provided a perfect cap to the arch of the first half of the season while still giving us plenty of reasons to tune back in come February. A lot of viewers were getting frustrated with too much inaction from Rick, too much stalling about Sophia, and not enough zombie killing. (I wasn’t one of them, but people watch for different reasons.) The midseason finale addressed all of those issues. Now when we come back next year, we can focus on the fallout from both within the group (um, someone’s going to be at least if not upset or angry about what went down with Sophia and all the time wasted on the search) and outside of the group (we knew Hershel was on his way to crazytown, but we don’t know how he’ll get there.) Also, now that Rick’s finale stepped up, will everyone (read: Shane) stop giving him the business? Let’s also not forget that Lori is pregnant, not everyone knows, and the whole prospect of a pregnant woman seriously affects security decisions… I can’t wait for it to come back, and it sounds like I’m not the only one!

      • Howard says:

        Even after reading the spoilers online, the end of this ep was still very powerful. I have to admit I haven’t been blown away by this show until this ep’s explosion of everything that had been simmering up to that point. Great job by everyone involved with The Walking Dead in developing things slowly this season before blowing the lid off. Can’t wait to see where things go in February!

  5. t.t says:

    Yes to community as Anime, Parks and rec was amazing laughed so much at April’s witness interrogation scene lol and at the opening scene with Ron and google earth lol.

  6. You forgot question #19
    Who the hell is actually watching Whitney?

    • the girl says:

      Unfortunately, I am. I make up for it with my deep and undying love for Cougar Town. But seriously, it’s embarrassing how much I like that stupid as heck show. I can literally (not figuratively, Ted Mosby) feel my brain cells withering away every time it’s on.

  7. Katie says:

    I seem to remember Rachel trying to talk some sense into Quinn this season and Santana/Brittany. I guess the difference is Puck spoke forcefully to her?

    • Em says:

      ^ Rachel had an ulterior motive of trying to get Quinn back to glee club. Santana and Brittany also just wanted Quinn with them – they didn’t acknowledge her struggle. Puck is the only one who has tried to talk sense into Quinn in a way that’s forceful yet sympathetic and totally unselfish.

      • so true says:

        So true. With Rachel Quinn realized she missed Glee club leaving the whatamacallits and their no bathing. She came back even though they were misguided reasons. Santana and Brittany wanted her back on the cheerios but say her decline. Only Rachel, Santana and Brittany tried to talk to her. But it took Puck and his sweetness to see through her self ways and tell her bluntly she was selfish and more high maintenance than Rachel. She acknowledged that she was crazy with Puck. I think her step to sanity.

  8. Sally says:

    I’ve got a question for Glee fans: Does anybody actually LIKE Quinn? She is honestly my most hated character on TV right now. Absolutely insufferable to watch. Not a single redeeming quality. Ugh.

    • Valerie says:

      Yup. I like Quinn. Considerably more then I like Rachel, or Finn, or Puck, and a number of other characters.

    • TheReasonsY says:

      I like the character of Quinn but the get Beth back by any means necessary storyline is disgusting and actually harmful to teens that are going through a similar struggle. Speaking from personal experience, I’m not saying it is easy to give up your child for adoption but it is easier when it is an open adoption and you actually get to have a place in your child’s life.

    • Kerry says:

      Quinn is one of the few characters on this show that I love and watch for! I so hope last week’s events lead to a true Quick romance. Puck did care about her in S1, not just about the baby. They’ve both been so messed up about what happened. Puck + Shelby= yuck!

    • Karin says:

      She’s the only character i like on the show. I think it’s funny how people and even characters on the show call her selfish (even tough she has been there for people on the show, like Mercedes and Sam, she was the one who got the club their page in the yearbook in s1) but none noticed or cared enough to really see how messed up she is.

    • SaM says:

      QUINN is the only reason i still watch Glee. She’s my favourite character. I could easily ask the same question about Rachel, whose only redeeming quality is her voice.

      • so true says:

        Rachel was tortured by your favorite character s1 made to feel awful about herself til Q went thru it while pregnant. All the smack talk and shame she lived thru. Mercedes helped her. Rachel has lots of insecurities about her appearance and what not thanks to Q and Santana and Brittany. Rachel masks her insecurities with the only thing she has that she knows she’s good at-her voice. But Rachel is forgiving and reaches out to Q s1. While Q said she would not have done if the situation was reversed. Rachel tried to reach Q s3 with kindness. Yes, Rachel was written to be obnoxious s2 out of character to me which is a bane of s2. S2 and S3 she has learned to share the spotlight. But this is Glee people have difference of oppinion about characters, their vocals and their actions.

        • Cassy says:

          Rachel is annoying, and I consider her waaaay more selfish than Quinn. every single thing she does, she does for herself. she just wanted to help Quinn so that she would come back to glee, so that they would have bigger chance to win. she helped kurt with his running for presidant because; what if she needs a last minute suffle? if thats the reason you help your ONLY true friend than you’re seriously disturbed.
          and, her insecurity? are you really going there? SHE DOESN’T LIKE HER NOSE! she is a teenager. show me a teenager who likes everything about herself.

        • jennrae says:

          “Rachel was written to be obnoxious” in season two? That’s no excuse since EVERY character is WRITTEN! When people say they hate a character, they are saying they hate the way they’re written.

          But it’s not just season two, in just the last episode she comes into the glee room crying not because she sabotaged Kurt’s chances to win the election, but because SHE wasn’t allowed to compete in Sectionals. The only thing about it that irritates me more than Rachel’s behavior is the fact that everyone acts like they’re doomed without Rachel. With the exception of their first Sectionals, Rachel has yet to contribute anything to a competition that another member could also contribute.

          And I have a big problem that, with a week to go until Sectionals, the glee club sits around while random people sing random songs to the group, and then they all cheer. Having competed at One-Act Play competitions, literary meets, and chorus conferences, I can assure you that a week to go you definitely know your set list and you spend every available minute running through the competition songs and dances as you would before an audience. You certainly don’t decide on songs at the last minute, and as was the case when they competed in New York, you absolutely aren’t still writing original music and lyrics the night before you perform, not to mention choreography. They should be in dress rehearsals and singing in front of parents, students, and whoever else will listen. It’s not something you can just throw together, particularly if you want to win. To suggest otherwise–that this group of kids is just so talented that they don’t have to work–really undermines the craft. Like it or not, everything Jesse St. James has said about Vocal Adrenaline’s work ethic is true about show choirs when they’re good.

    • so true says:

      Quinn is my least favorite. My favorites are RACHEL, FINN, KURT and Santana next in line is Puck. She was a terribly mean character with flaws and had to face shame. But how she treated Finn and other lower class people to her was awful. s2 Seeing the Lucy Caboosey story did NOT make feel empathy for her. Quite the opposite. Quinn was interesting in season 1 but written and lost into the wood work season 2. Quite boring and the pairing of Sam with her didn’t liven them up. Now she is crazy lost to winds and hard to understand her story right now. Truely insufferable agony to watch Quinn’s pain turn into an utter psychological break down. I guess Quinn had to make the most character sacrifice in her transition from s1 snob to ultimate broken crazy to redeem her character in the end at graduation. Rachel had never been taught self control, courtesy, sharing. Like she raised herself. But with Finn and Kurt’s help and all the consequences she has had to face she is a better person.

    • Molly says:

      I love her. she is my absolutely favorite character on the show. I watch Glee just because of Quinn and Puck.

    • Aprilcot26 says:

      I *despise* Quinn and can’t find any redeeming qualities either. True, Rachel is selfish, but I think Quinn is even more so. She gave Beth up because it would ruin HER life, not because it would provide a better life for her child. The “get Beth back by any means” plotline is truly sickening.

  9. MrMank says:

    Re: question 1…what drama did The Walking Dead kill? What other fate would have been in store for “that final zombie” (are we still avoiding spoilers)? The only thing I would have done differently is have someone else take the shot. I understand what the writers did as far as the Rick/Shane balance of power, but I think it would have raised the emotional stakes much more if Carol, Carl or even Daryl put her down. Otherwise, the ending was beautifully executed (no pun intended). Flawless.

    • Sally says:

      I actually like that Rick took the shot instead of Carol or Daryl. I feel like we’ve already seen the emotional impact of someone shooting a loved dead one with Andrea and Amy. With Rick and Sophia, it communicates the “balance of power” and hypocrisy of the group in killing Hershel’s family without blinking. Absolutely loved the scene.

    • Jason C says:

      I’m sure they also don’t want to reach the point of Carl killing just yet. In the comics when it happens its much harsher than this point could have ever been. I think this would have taken the air out of the sails for when Carl does finally hit the darker turns of the character (if they choose to go that route, which is one of the few things I actually really really REALLY want to see from the books).

  10. Sally says:

    Q: Do the Being Erica writers seriously expect us to believe that Erica/Adam is endgame? Ridiculous.

  11. Mick says:

    1. About Sophia:

    No, I don’t think it should have ended with Sophia emerging from the barn as a zombie, without her getting shot. Obviously she was going to die anyway (because she was a walker) and it was much more dramatic having her die in midseason ending, than having her die first scene first episode back.

  12. ME says:

    Dexter is blinded by all the religious crap fed to him by Brother Sam. He cant see the obvious anymore.

  13. Mike S says:

    I don’t think Walking Dead missed the mark. There is a message board I frequent that has absolutely EXPLODED in division between Shane (going nutsy-Rambo) and then freezing when Sophia came out vs Rick who was trying to be peacemaker before stepping up and doing what had to be done. The ending opened the door for some furious debate during the mid-season break. Who’s the better leader? Did Hershel and family know she was in there, while letting everyone go search for her?

    There is plenty more drama to come, I’m certain.

    • IveKilledPeople says:

      What message board? I’m always looking for an interesting message board,thanks.

    • Erica says:

      On the after show the Talking Dead (which I only watch because I am a huge Nerdist fan) Robert Kirkman explained that Otis had been the one to “catch” the zombies and put them in the barn. And he was killed by Shane before anyone started talking about the missing girl so no one living knew she was in the barn. Hershel kinda mentioned it earlier but it was never fully explained.

  14. Justin says:

    7 | I concur.

    16 | I don’t notice it enough to be annoyed. I can’t say I feel the same, though, when it’s Jim on The Office.

    17 | One of the best episodes to date, without question.

  15. SandieSG says:

    The Walking Dead ended at just the right place. Sophia’s death had to be shown, as it was obvious that she had to be killed. Her killing went along with the group’s belief that once a human becomes a zombie they’re no longer human and they’re a terrible danger to human beings. Loved the episode and I can’t wait for the show to come back in February!

  16. Juliana says:

    OMG, THANK YOU for bringing up Kurt’s half-sweater. What was that!? Seriously!? It’s friday and i’m still not over that… (drama)

  17. Dessy says:

    “Speaking of Parks and Rec: Half-hour comedies aren’t suppose to get us flustered, but how damn sexy was that closing Leslie/Ben kiss? Can the Pawnee court stenographer also do their wedding vows (should that day come)”

    Sigh. I loved that episode in a way I’ve never really loved a comedy episode before. It was FANTASTIC.That Ben/Leslie ending was one of the sweetest things I’ve eve seen on TV.

  18. Sally says:

    Oh I only just noticed questions 10 and on. TV Line is doing the multi-page articles like EW now? Aw man. But I guess you guys have to generate traffic. But please don’t abuse it like EW does!

    • mykey716 says:

      Well, don’t forget, TVline is almost a spin-off from EW….and it seems easier to copy what you know than to try to be different!

  19. DottieP says:

    I must take issue with Puck “knocking much needed sense” into Quinn. Simply, Puck called Quinn “crazy” and was very insensitive in doing so. His reasons for not sleeping with Quinn were not because he suddenly had achieved some higher emotional understanding about himself or Quinn; it was because he was thinking with his “junk.” (Remember that he wore the “I’m with stupid t-shirt last season? Yeah, that still applies here.)

    He was more upset about getting tossed out by Shelby than caring about Quinn at that moment. In fact, calling her “crazy” (not only him but viewers as well) gestures back to nineteenth-century characterizations of women, who were suffering from depression, etc., as “crazy” or “mad.” From Puck’s perspective (and from many viewers’ perspectives as well), she might as well have been eating yellow wallpaper.

    The attempt in this episode (and others) to make the male characters, who are emotionally immature themselves, the heroes is problematic at best. Finn dictating how and when Santana comes out and then proceeding to tell her how she feels is another example, in addition to Puck, of this trend to infantilize and degrade the female characters on this show. Santana even articulates that she doesn’t have a say in how her coming out occurs, but Finn (a straight, white male) thinks that he knows better and proceeds as such. His actions and Puck’s (regarding Quinn in this episode) go unpunished while the female characters continue to be punished for theirs (some are punished for actions of which they had no control – see Santana).

    The majority of Glee’s audience is female, and this repeated message of the male characters telling the female characters how to feel and who they are and the female characters accepting this is troubling. Rather than perpetuating centuries’ old gender dichotomies, why not challenge the audience a bit? There is potential here for some interesting character development; I’m thinking about Quinn and Santana in particular. Instead of focusing on how the boys can “fix” the girls, why not allow these capable young women problem solve on their own and allow to have some agency?

    I recognize the challenges of creating and sustaining a show such as Glee; the writers/creators must try to find a way to balance the multiple storylines alongside musical numbers (hopefully that will forward the plot and/or character development). When Glee is good (i.e. Santana’s coming out scene with her grandmother), it is very good. However, the imbalance on the show continues, and I know I would love to see those small moments of great t.v. become more frequent on the show.

    • Valerie says:

      Here! Here!

      The endless Quinn hate on this site is completely ridiculous.

      Does the character have problems and issues? Absolutely. But we could say that about half a dozen Glee characters, to include the now sainted Puck. Quinn is a teenager, with awful parents, who got pregnant in high school, got kicked out of her house (in an unbelievably cruel way), then got shuttled around between houses when she was pregnant, then gave the baby up for adoption (without any real support system), then tried to get back to some sort of normal place but unwisely fell back into a relationship with an ex-boyfriend (and lets me clear here, since the show is FAMOUS for revisionist history, it was Finn who pursued HER), then was cruelly dumped by that ex/present boyfriend.

      I think my point here is that to just callously cast Quinn as some awful nut who is selfish is to ignore the considerable history she has on this show. And let me point out that this “most selfish person ever” was the one secretly helping Sam with his younger siblings last season, not to mention trying to help Santana in this last episode.

      And lets be honest here, Rachel only “reached out” to her this season because she was trying to build up the numbers in the Glee club, or in other words, it was ABOUT HER. As Rachel frequently is.

      And lets be honest, shouldn’t we be wondering about the suitability of Shelby as a parent when she’s sleeping with a student, and apparently falls to itty bitty girly pieces by a split lip? I hope Quinn blows this “teacher” out of the water.

      • Kerry says:

        Yes, totally agree!

      • Chris says:

        Well…when 7 out of the 9 writers are men…what kind of female perspective are you actually gonna get?

        • Valerie says:

          Excellent point.

          Oh, and I forgot to mention the stunt Lauren Zizes pulled on Quinn last season, when she revealed to the school that she changed her name, had a nose job and *GASP* lost weight (which was treated as some sort of sign of her shortcomings).

      • Lissy says:

        When exactly did Shelby sleep with a student? I recall one regettable kiss with Puck (ick), but no sex.

        • Valerie says:

          She had sex with Puck in the last episode after he came to her rescue at the hospital. Then she told him it was a mistake, which is why he ran to have anger sex with Quinn (Oh, sorry, Puck’s now a super nice guy, I forgot!).

      • Mandy says:

        couldn’t agree more!

    • Dresdengrl76 says:

      Eating Yellow wall paper huh? are you a fan of American Horror story or turn of the century woman’s lit? :)

      • jennrae says:

        My thoughts as well. Do you get points for a literary reference if you learned it on a tv show?

        I for one was aware of “hysteria” being a woman’s disease treated with orgasm before seeing it on AHS, but if I were in an argument where this knowledge supported my point, I would have to go out of my way not to use it because I’d hate for people to think AHS was where I got it from. Nothing wrong with AHS, but there’s nothing wrong with reading a book either.

    • suzanne says:

      Well said.

  20. zackery wilson says:

    I agree. I thing amc got its self into a little it of trouble after the season finale of the killing. Also, we kind of knew they were going to have to shoot sophia so ending it with “her fate unknown” would’ve just been annoying, not suspensful.

  21. Jesse says:

    Totally agree re: Kurt’s sweaters. They are upstaging Chris Colfer, and the gray one looked like a big octopus that was going to reach out and strangle him to death.

    Hate to admit it, but I also agree about Top Chef: Texas. Not the most endearing group of chefs. And what is up with Beverly? Stop crying! Stop crying right now!

  22. Neva says:

    I loved the Walking Dead finale, and people would have just been frustrated if they had cut away, plus I think everyone would figure that it was Sofia and it wouldn’t be a surprise when it came back anyway. The real cliffhanger is that now that everyone has completely lost it, killed a bunch of people, saw Sofia die, and made Hershal lose it, how much/is this group going to fall apart?

  23. Jay says:

    1) Only if they wanted to be The Killing and display no clue for when a storyline has dragged on too long.

  24. Kerry Lee says:

    Thank you for mentioning the car plug on House. You can tell the writers didn’t want to do it which is why we got that lovely retort from Park. lol You can blame the budget cuts from Universal for the lousy product placement.

  25. K_Frem says:

    Uhmm.. Didn’t Puck clearly state he had a vasectomy? Doesn’t that mean he wouldn’t even be able to get her preggo again? And this whole Puck/Shelby thing has GOT to stop.. And as far as Puck caring about Quinn.. I always thought he did.. But maybe that’s just me.

  26. Heidihoe86 says:

    If you caught the Talking Dead after the episode, the writer and producer said that earlier in the episode it is revealed that Otis was the one who wrangled the Walkers and had Shane not murdered him, the secret of the barn would have been revealed sooner. As it is, Otis died before he even knew they were looking for a little girl. They made it sound like Hershel didn’t know she was in there. Very powerful ending!!

  27. ron says:

    I don’t think Rick killing her had to do with the balance of power between Shane and him. I think it’s because he felt responsible for what happened to Sophia.

    • Melissa says:

      Exactly. Rick is a reluctant leader at best. That role was not something he aspired to. The main “conflict” seems to be centered around who has the guts and the will to make the hard decisions. Shane is gung-ho, yes. Willing to shoot, yes. But shooting zombies who held no meaning, no relationship for him, was something he could do with no problem. However, once it became a connection, he froze. Rick made the hard choice. And *THAT’S* where the drama was in that episode. Rick still feels, and his reaction to what had to be done will be worth watching when the show comes back.

  28. Em says:

    ^ Rachel had an ulterior motive of trying to get Quinn back to glee club. Puck is the only one who has tried to talk sense into Quinn in a way that’s forceful yet sympathetic and totally unselfish.

  29. DreamRose311 says:

    8) You can’t call Puck the smartest person if he really did tell Q about his and Shelby’s affair. Unless it was a cry for help to get out of it (highly doubtful), then it was about one of the dumbest things he could have done.

  30. DreamRose311 says:

    ^ that wasn’t supposed to be a sunglasss simely, just simply 8 ) to ref the question

  31. DreamRose311 says:

    10 ) Yes! They need to make him a little more Logan-y, give him some humor.

    18 ) Also yes! Though really, I’ll take Community in any single for it can survive in.

  32. Winnie says:

    7, 10, 12, 16 -18.


  33. Chloe says:

    I liked the way the Walking Dead ended the midseason finale. They had no other choice but to kill Zombie Sophia, so there really was no potential for a cliffhanger. A lot of people expected Sophia to be in the barn any way. I knew she was in there as soon as Glenn discovered the barn was full of walkers. The whole Sophia storyline went on a little too long anyway. I’m glad it’s over with and we can move on to new things in season 2.

  34. Kat says:

    #1 Should The Walking Dead have ended the moment Sophia emerged from the barn? Absolutely not. As others have said, we already KNEW what her (or rather, ‘it’s’) fate was going to be. It was simply a matter of who would pull the trigger. Also, over-blown cliff-hangers are a sign of a weak show, and The Walking Dead isn’t a weak show. It has a very dedicated following who will be tuning in once it returns no matter what, and who don’t need to be enticed back by ‘Well, now I have to watch it to see what happens’ trash. Sure, The Walking Dead does still use cliff-hangers, because television as a whole had been dumbed-down to the point that most writers feel that they are necessary. I believe increasing numbers of television creators fear – and in many cases rightfully so – that if they don’t keep flashing shiny objects in front of viewers, that said viewers will forget about the show completely and stop watching. The Walking Dead currently has the luxury of not having to resort to things such as Sophia emerging from the barn and then splashing ‘To Be Continued…’ on the screen in order to get their viewers back in a couple of months. I hope they remember that.

    #4 The mole on Terra Nova only doing wrong for ‘good reasons’. Yeah, I can’t stand that. Plus, they’ve already used that plot point multiple times already (even that exact plot point, when the little girl infiltrated the colony because the Sixers had her brother). Again, it’s the dumbing down of television in which otherwise good people aren’t allowed to simply make poor decisions or do bad things. They have to make poor decisions ONLY because they are just so good that they are forced into those decisions. I was extremely disappointed by that entire ‘twist’ (twists for the sake of twists also being a sign of a weak show). Still, I have to say, I’m enjoying Terra Nova much more than I thought I would. When they started talking about ‘The secret of Terra Nova’ and ‘What Terra Nova’s really about’ and so forth, I started to roll my eyes and think, okay so people travelling to a parellel time point in the past isn’t enough of a plot? They have to cram some Lost-style ‘Oooh, so mysterious’ junk in there as well? But thus far, the writing has been surprisingly dignified and lacking in as much cliche as I had feared. Still plenty of cliche (as has The Walking Dead, sadly), but other than real cringe moments such as the girl betraying the colony, but OH, it’s fine because she’s only doing it to save her mother … I’m hopeful that Terra Nova can keep its act together.

    #12 Tyra Banks’ novel. Dude, haven’t you ever read a fantasy? Good for Tyra for not doing some lame attempt at a real-life gritty heart-wrenching drama about innocent models led down the path of sex and drugs (I assume … I haven’t actually read ModelLand). She certainly could have; she is definitely somebody who has seen absolutely every side of the model world. From what I understand in her description it’s a whimsical fantasy, and the world desperately needs more art and creativity. I’m even tempted to read the thing myself. So for me on a scale of 1 to 10, how insane did it sound? Well, two of my favourite novels of all time are the first two in the Gormenghast trilogy, so for me … not at all. I wish more people would step outside the box a bit.

  35. Chloe says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this season of Dexter is sooo disappointing. I’m just really hating Colin Hanks right now. I’m not impressed with his acting and I’m not convinced that HE even understands who Travis really is. But what a predictable move by the writers to have Professor Gellar as Travis’ imaginary friend. Clearly they are trying to mirror/parallel the Dexter/Harry relationship to teach Dexter an important lesson that he will take into next season..and blah blah blah. They’ll have to change A LOT to make me want to tune in for next season. P.S. freshman drama Homeland consistently kicks Dexter’s ass week after week! Now THAT is a great show. Incredible acting…and they have REAL twists that actually shock and surprise viewers! Go Homeland!

    • Brigitte says:

      I think that the concept of the season has been really great but have been very disappointed in how stupid they are making Miami Metro. If it weren’t for the new cop they would still be trying to figure out the Alpha/Omega. How could Angel, who spoke so vehemently about religion not know about the Book of Revalations? And Quinn is just being rediculous! Jennifer Carpenter on the other hand, is awesome this season!
      And totally agree about Homeland! I have to record and watch it later so I can be fully alert for every twist that happens. Awesome show!!!!

  36. shagamu says:

    Angela Darmody was a “truly sympathetic character”? Really? The same Angela who was cheating on Jimmy with a married woman during most of first season, and then cut her hair just to smite him? The same one who cheated on Jimmy with yet another woman after finding out he put a hit on Nucky? I don’t think I’ll miss her.

  37. Kathy says:

    I think The Walking Dead ended perfectly. Leaving it with just Sophia walking out of the barn??? What’s the suspense? She was a Zombie..it isn’t like someone wasn’t going to have to kill her. No cliff hanger. I liked the fact that after Shane unraveling the last few episodes and constantly telling Laurie only he can help her safe, Rick isn’t tough, Rick won’t make the tough decisions….then he froze. Rick was the only one with the guts to do what had to be done. Now we are all anxious to see the aftermath. How does Shane handle looking weak next to Rick? How does Sophia’s mother cope? Will Darryl spiral downward because he was really involved in wanting to find Sophia? How does this effect the group? How does the farmer handle what happened… is there a fight to stay on the farm. Is the baby really Rick’s? There is plenty for me to wait anxiously to see.

  38. btinct says:

    Walking Dead ended just as it should. Now if the series return will skip forward and leave Herschel and his crowd far behind. IMO, Herschel is the adult “Issac” from Children of the Corn … and that farm is a another version of hell for Rick and his wandering group.

  39. Jess says:

    Parc & Rec kiss was so hot I forgot about Amy/Will IRL for a second! I totally agree about the wedding vow! LOL
    The car plug in House wasn’t NEARLY as bad as some others I’ve seen (for example, in Bones!). At least House writers had a witty retort so it flowed in the conversation.

  40. Abby says:

    Are we ever going to see Artie using the “legs” he got from Beiste for Christmas last season?

  41. h says:

    Totally agree. I think the Shelby story is ridiculous. Quinn actually has the best heart, and love the actress. Only reason I watch anymore.

  42. Jerseygirl says:

    Thanks for the Michael Buble question. I wasn’t sure if he had not rehearsed, didn’t know it would be a Capella, or that he didn’t know he would have a chorus. It was bizarre!

  43. Jan says:

    Totally agree about Tyra and ANTM ‘modeland!’ Completely bizarre! Might explain some of the ANTM challenges/photo shoots now we know what goes on in Tyra’s Head!

  44. Bobby says:

    I have to agree about Kurt’s clothes, they are horrible. I know he’s gay, I’m gay, but he doesn’t have to be a woman. Give him some more masculine or at least partially masculine clothes to wear.

  45. Bear75 says:

    Seriously frustrated with Dexter this season. For one; yeah, totally saw the Gellar thing coming a mile away as he just managed to show up randomly near dustbins on the hope that mini Hanks would take out the (half a bag of) trash. Second; my personal justification for being ok with a serial killer, was that he picked off the scuzzers that the police/courts couldn’t punish. Its been getting progressively worse, but this season, he’s gone out of his way to mess with investigations so he can get the bad guy on his ‘table’ & people have died because of it. Starting to really dislike him now! [Yes, I am shamed re: realisation that the ‘Bay Harbour Butcher’ didn’t really deserve the love in the first instance…] :0) x

  46. eric murphy says:

    I agree about Jason Dohring. I read somewhere that he would become like an ally for Bridget. But they have this stupid rape thing with Juliet. He’s totally underused. As a Veronica Mars fan for all three seasons, this is just not the way to go.

  47. samantha says:

    hi im samantha i love the show its my fav. me and my brother are both huge! fans of your show we had a great idea some of the cast could walk into the woods and find a small group of people me and my brother thought we could be in the group lol but anyway you find a group and no one is bit so you let the group come with you and idk lol but something like that but i want you to know me and my bro r very interested in the show.