How I Met Your Mother First Look: Robin's Baby News Knocks Barney Out

How I Met Your Mother dropped a bombshell of a pregnancy reveal recently, and the hits — literally — will keep on coming in next Monday’s episode (CBS, 8/7c). We’ve got your first look at the aftermath of Robin’s confession.

How I Met Your Mother Exclusive: Ugly Betty’s Becki Newton to Romance Barney!

Although Barney passes out several times — at Robin’s hilarious doing! — it’s what he says that causes Robin to pass out that’s the real highlight. We felt the wind knocked out of us too, especially when Robin gives a definitive and surprising answer about whether the baby could belong to boyfriend Kevin (played by Kal Penn).

Check out the sneak peek and then hit the comments with your thoughts. Like do you think Robin is really pregnant?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Svenja says:

    The video doesn’t work :(

    • Rock Golf says:

      Same here. I get the message that the video cannot be embedded. Is it because I’m in Canada?

      • Rock Golf says:

        You can view it directly at

        • Annie says:

          Thank you! The sneak for this also states she gets some bad news, & one of the writers or EP said some people may even stop watching after the episode airs. Wondering if she finds out she has cancer or that she can’t ever have children…..Thoughts?

          • Liv says:

            I doubt it is that she has cancer. NO way do I believe for a second that Robin has cancer and then Barney goes slutting it up with Becki Newton. No way.

          • amanda says:

            I bet you’re right, and she finds out she can’t ever have kids. That will dispel the “Robin is the mother” theory once and for all, thus people may stop watching.

    • joss says:

      works 4 me, i’m in mexico :O … good luck!! :)

  2. It’s a little slapsticky, but I love Barney’s enthusiasm at the end, and Robin fainting is actually pretty funny. The only thing I don’t get is that she’s not even sure she’s pregnant. The spoilers and articles we’ve been getting for the past few weeks have made it sound like she was definitely pregnant, so I’m a little confused. Glad they quickly ruled out Kevin, though!

  3. Joey says:

    same here :(

  4. Ryan says:

    Video works for me, Svenja.

  5. Brittany says:

    No video either…

  6. brandy says:

    Ok, tvline, even adobe is giving up on flash video – when are you going to switch to html5 and stop shutting out readers on iPhones and iPads?

  7. Char says:

    video doesn’t work for me either, it says this video is not allowed to be played in embedded players.

  8. Scott says:

    The requested video is not allowed to be played in embedded players.

  9. Brittany says: Here’s the link for everyone! Found it on youtube!

  10. Danyelle says:

    Works for me fine here in America, on two different browsers even.

  11. Meg says:

    Guys, I just wanna be able to follow y’all on Twitter without getting spoiled. Entertainment Weekly is longer something I read for the EXACT same reason as to what y’all are starting to do in your articles. PLEASE quit putting the spoiler before the Spoiler Alert, and considering the last article before this one, ALWAYS put a spoiler alert. Please, I beg of you. If I have to quit reading TVLine’s stuff too, I have no way to read entertainment news.

    (For the record, I knew the spoiler for this article. But I just got spoiled for Boardwalk Empire with the last article. And yes, I know I can avoid the nets if I don’t want to be spoiled, but articles like this are outta the blue.)

    I don’t wanna quit y’all. :( I love TVLine.

    • lauren says:

      What spoiler is here in the headline? The baby news was in the episode like two weeks ago?

    • lacey says:

      What spoiler? We already know Robin’s pregnant, and Barney passing out isn’t that exciting for you to be upset about. You have to watch the video to find out why Barney passes out and Robin’s answer to if Kevin’s the father.

    • Kit says:

      This isn’t a spoiler. The headline isn’t at least. It was revealed at the end of the last episode.

    • Lauren says:

      What exactly was spoiled for you? If you are three weeks behind and didn’t know Robin was pregnant, that’s not TVLine’s fault. You can’t expect them to avoid topics for three weeks after an episode airs.

  12. Meg says:

    Rephrase: EW is something I NO LONGER read…

  13. nonabgo says:

    This show is turning into a daytime soap opera. WTH happened to it?

    • Cuius says:

      Agree – whilst still watchable and having some good moments – it seems to have been struggling during the last and current series

    • mike says:

      Yup. So sad. It started off well enough this season after having a few pretty bad years (nothing since season 3 has been all that great, and I’ve only watched intermittently until this year), but the whole “I’m Pregnant” story almost made me quit the show altogether.

  14. Chrissy says:

    I guess this helps explain how the timing was so tight / short, she doesn’t actually know yet and she’s only just late.

  15. clg says:

    surprised she hasn’t gone to a drugstore in the past week…pretty normal response for being late and i’d totally check that rather than (or in addition to) waiting for the doc

  16. Christine says:

    The stylist on this show should be fired. Robin is beautiful, but she has looked terrible this season. They need to fix her hair immediately, and the outfit she has on is unflattering.

    • lilla says:

      I think it’s pretty direct dressing Robin like this. She is really under herself not caring even about her outfit. It’s a Robin season, she will be an amazon at the end for sure. The good thing is, that Barney loves her even like this, with no boobs :)))

    • Cy says:

      Too true! And when they do flashbacks, Lily’s hair is always different (true to the character) but they haven’t even bothered to change Robin’s awful ‘do. No effort!

  17. Marissa says:

    Funny clip. I agree on the comments about robins styling this season. They have made her character look horrible! I mean come on already.

  18. Kathleen says:

    about the Kevin thing..I KNEW IT! It would have been way too creepy…

  19. lara says:

    1. SO glad that they’re not going the soap-opera who’s the daddy route?
    2. Robin’s stylist needs to be fired ASAP.
    3. I’m still really afraid that this is going to go the Friends route, where Ross and Rachel have a baby together, date other people, and then (surprise) end up together.

  20. Janine says:

    Um…there were several episodes where ‘future Ted” talking to his children, mentions that “Aunt Robin” never had kids of her own. SO its pretty safe to conclude that she is either not pregnant or she is going to lose the baby unless the writers decide to contradict something they have already written (and a pretty large something at that)

    • Michael Sacal says:

      Good memory.

    • @Janine says:

      Well the writers must of forgot (shock horror :/) because there has been rumors that Robin’s kids are being cast, one brunette, one blonde.

    • jayme says:

      you seem to remember this pretty vividly, I do know that Robin in present time has said multiple times that she doesn’t want kids ( and in one episode that babies scare her) and I kinda remember something about Robin travelling a lot in the future, but I can’t recall Future Ted saying that Robin never had kids? would you be able to tell me the episodes?

    • Ben says:

      Hi, Janine, I always rewatch the entire run before the new series y fresh in my mind. To the best of my knowledge, Future Ted has never explicitly said that Robin’s never had children, but it was heavily implied. In one episode, they did have a thing about Robin and kids, (the episode in which Robin dates a single Dad from Lily’s class), Future Ted says at the end that Robin eventually dealt with her issues with children. There was a short montage at the end with Robin being in Ted’s kid’s pictures, taking them to the zoo, etc. So if they were to go back on this and say that Robin had kids of her own, it would be pretty jarring, considering it has never been hinted that Robin has kids, but technically it wouldn’t directly contradict previously established facts.

    • Vala says:

      It was NEVER mentioned even once that Robin never had kids of her own! Please watch the show before you comment! It was revealed by “future Ted” in the episode when she dates that guy with a children that “Aunt Robin” eventually went on to make peace with children showing the drawings with her and Teds kids in the zoo and other places!

      I know she may very well not be pregnant now (which I am sure she’s not) or she miscarries the baby, she may never have kids on the future as well BUT it’s not because it was revealed so in ANY episode!

    • Lauren says:

      Not true. Future Ted never says Robin didn’t have children. He just says that she spent time with his children and appeared in their drawings when they were young. That doesn’t mean she didn’t have children of her own. Maybe she spent a lot of time with Ted’s children before having her own. Who knows… but the point is that you are wrong.

    • peaceloverock83 says:

      no…he just said robin never liked kids. The only thing like somewhat goes w/ what you said is at the end of an episode ted stated “and your aunt robin starred in future works of art…yours” But nobodies kids have been seen except teds (and what-if kids of ted and stella)

  21. Ethan says:

    Man, when did Robin look so old? and that haircut and that outfit, ughh…she was so hot in the first few seasons.

    • Dana says:

      I agree! It’s like her neutral state is hot, and they go out of their way to give her the least flattering possible haircut and clothes. WHY???

  22. Ashton says:

    MAN! I love love love this show!!

  23. DJ Doena says:


    “I trained my sperms for years to swim the other way.”

    Nice double-meaning ;-)

  24. lilla says:

    Love it!!! Can’t wait to Monday! Hope it turns out, there’s no baby, Barney relieves because she doesn’t want a baby before marriage :) Robin takes this as if Barney doesn’t really want her, and she wants to forget Barney. Barney gives up trying to gain back Robin and then meeting with Becki he decides to marry her. Then at his wedding he realizes, Robin is the right tie, and they get married and live happily ever after :))

  25. Alberto says:

    So it can’t be Kevin’s!!! OMG!!!!!!

  26. Ainav says:

    Wow. I so can’t wait!!
    I have a sneaky feeling that she isn’t actually pregnant though..

    p.s thanks for posting a YouTube link so we can all enjoy!

  27. Kat says:

    Robin and Kevin haven’t already slept together?!? But he tells her that he loves her and she chooses him over Barney? WTF?!

    • Svenja says:

      LOL had the same thoughts when I watched the sneak peek.

    • Lina says:

      So you can’t love someone if you haven’t slept with them? Robin chooses Kevin because of how he answers the question of ‘why?’ It was a very logical and rational choice. Of course that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice. Logical and rational choices for me are usually the wrong ones!

  28. Annabelle says:

    My opinion is that she isn’t pregnant, and that whatever made her “late” will mean surgery to cure whatever is wrong, and after this surgery having children will not even be an option. So future Robin and husband will adopt kids…just my two cents. Sure wish my DirecTV would finalize the deal with CBS & ABC so we can watch this this on our TV instead of on my PC…ugh!

    • ana muller says:

      just curious what kind of health condition can make you late?

      • CeCe says:

        I’m not a Doctor, but there are several “female issues” that can make you think you’re pregnant. Fibroids, endometriosis, ectopic (which you would be pregnant but would require surgery)…scarring on the tubes, to name a few…again NOT A DOCTOR…

    • peaceloverock83 says:

      they did say she had “bad news” this episode?!

  29. Melanie says:

    Possible spoiler-

    Didn’t a spoiler come out about the show casting Robin’s future kids? So it’s likely that she really is pregnant..

  30. shaon says:

    i think that she is not pregnant.

  31. Tegan says:

    You guys, Ausiello confirmed that Robin’s definitely pregnant. Like, almost a week ago. But he also said that she may not remain that way. I don’t think she’ll abort, but a miscarriage is possible.

    Though I think the kids will be in a dream/fantasy sequence.

    I don’t care as long as Robin and Barney end up together! :D

    • Svenja says:

      If she’s going to have a miscarriage (it is possible), that would be a little…well too heavy for HIMYM.
      I don’t know, it is still a comedy, isn’t it?

      • Katya says:

        Dude, Marshall’s dad died last year and it was some of the heaviest stuff I saw on tv last year. I hadn’t cried that hard over a tv show in a long long time.

  32. Jessi says:

    I’m getting the feeling that when they are saying that it’s an episode that when it airs people will stop watching after that, I think he’s referring to the Robin/Barney shipping fan base. My theory is that whatever happens in this episode, it’s gonna put the final nail in the Robin/Barney coffin, and they’ll never, ever end up together, which will anger plenty of people. Also, they’ve been really hinting at the fact that Robin, Barney and Ted are going to be going their separate ways soon (although not permanently). It’s been mentioned in multiple episodes this season, most strongly at the end of the episode where Victoria returns.

  33. Andrew says:

    Something has to cause Barney to start dating Becki Newton’s character. This is that episode. But remember, Barney dated Nora for a little while and still thought of Robin in the end of their relationship. It’s been stated that Becki Newton’s character is no joke for Barney. With the fact that Robin is pregnant means the writers throw all kinds of surprises around. This cannot rule out that Barney and Robin could still end up together. What I think is possible is for Barney to be dating her through the end of the season, and the bride turns around in a flash forward and it’s Robin. We don’t know when this wedding will take place. Articles saying we’ll meet the mother misinterpret articles that we will meet the BRIDE, not THE MOTHER. I wish people would at least look up that there will be at least EIGHT seasons. Good grief.

    Victoria saying Robin, Ted, Barney didn’t work was definitely implying Robin and Barney not staying friends, but flash forwards from past episodes imply they all remain friends, or…more with Barney and Robin. We don’t see Quinn in any of the flash forwards when Ted asks where is wife is, and they like to keep continuity. Not definite, just possible.

  34. ks says:

    Heard the forthcoming episode is going to feature Robin’s kids, so I think the forthcoming episode will feature future Robin telling her kids the story of How she met their father :)

  35. Mzz-St3ph says:


    It is already shown that they are casting a blonde and brown headed boys for robins future kids and she is going to be telling her kids a story for one of the episodes like ted does… so she eventually has children… and she may have a miscarriage but for the moment she is deffs preggers. and its bad news… there was alot of mention about a boss, so it was not be preggers related for now maybe its work related, and if it is about the baby maybe when she fates when barney said im going to be a daddy thats when she miscarriages…

  36. Tabitha Ruff says:

    Is crying cuz she just watched the episode and I’m just so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. I have lost faith in humanity. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  37. Tabitha Ruff says:

    Anyone have any idea who played Robin’s fake kids?