Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Derek and Addison Reunite, But There's a Doozy of a Twist!

Grey’s Anatomy is pulling a Fringe.

In a February 2012 sweeps episode, the docs at Seattle Grace will be making their rounds in an alternate reality, as the ABC drama ponders the provocative question, “What if things had been different — very different.”

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Specifically, Meredith imagines what life would’ve been like had her late mother Ellis never had Alzheimer’s, a traumatic situation that shaped Mer into the dark-and-twisty wife and MD she is today.

A Grey’s rep declined to comment, but TVLine has confirmed that Kate Walsh will play a big role in the mind-trippy episode. Why? Because in this alt-reality, Derek and Addison — wait for it — never broke up!

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And while Walsh is the only former series regular returning, an insider confirms that other Grey’s alums will be back — including a certain victim of the Seattle Grace Massacre of 2010, who shall not be named. (Follow me on Twitter for clues.)

And to be sure, Derek, Mer and Addison aren’t the only characters who get pulled into this new dimension. “Everyone is affected,” says the insider.

Grey’s Anatomy resumes Season 8 on Jan. 5.

Thoughts? Predictions? Excited to see Grey’s taking such creative risks in its eighth season? Hit the comments!




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  1. Laurel says:

    I’d like the producers to go back in time and fix things with George and Izzy so they don’t leave the show. They were among the best characters. The reason I watch now is Christina and Little Grey. Meredith and McDreamy? Eh. Although I would pay good money to watch someone pin him down and give him a nice close shave. Sick of the stubble.

  2. watchtower11 says:

    i wish george & izzie will be in that episode.and callie is not lesbo & be w/ mark.i’m always a mallie fan.

  3. Amy says:

    It’s Meredith visions, but for some reason they involve Addison? LoL Can someone say ridiculous? Where are George and Izzie? These are her “family” I can see her having an Alt vision with them and with Ellis, but a whole Addison/Derek thing doesn’t even make sense in terms of Meredith’s SL. Addison is on PrP. I see her weekly and that’s fine with me, but Izzie and George are Meredith’s family and for them to not be in her Alt world of “what ifs” at all makes zero sense and makes this episode seem slapped together with no real reason behind it sadly. I may not watch it live at all for the fact that it’s insulting to make a story and act as if these people she loved so much in her life would not be in an Alternate version of it.

    • Erica says:

      Hand up……………ridiculous. Rhimes has a crush on KW. Brings her back even though she gave her her own show she still has to bring her back to GA for……………whatever. Don’t even care anymore. That is what FF is for. With the exception of Alex and Cristina, Mer’s family is dead. No interaction between Lexie and her and Jackson and April are just room mates. Can’t decide on flip/flop and hot/cold Derek.

  4. Alice says:

    Greys needs to get back to earlier seasons or this show will end. George and Izzy wanted to leave, too bad they were pivotal. Christina’s character has flat out sucked without Burke. He would love to come back. Owen gone……yes!!!! Christina and Burke back together……yes!!!!!!! No Mercy West peeps please. Shondra needs to get back to her original concepts if she wants to stay on the air.

  5. Kimberly says:

    Isn’t this just Meredeth’s “It’s A Wonderful Life”? or “What if Meredith had not come to Seattle Grace?” – it was BECUASE Ellis had Alzheimers that Meredith came home from Europe and quit being 1/2 of Death and Die (Sadie) – but she’s still be gloomy Mer – becuase Ellis still had the affair, still attempted suicide, still divorced Thatcher, etc. So what changes? Anything affected specifically by Mer being in Seattle on Day 1.

    George isn’t Mer’s roomate, doesn’t fall in love with her so probably doesn’t fall for Callie or sleep with Izzie – but may still get hit by a bus. That bus had his name on it.

    Izzie – isn’t Mer’s roomate, still falls for Denny, get’s kicked out of the program (becuase Mer isn’t there to rally her friends) Denny still dies and Izzie still gets cancer and probably dies as well, becuase Mer was the one who talked Derek into saving Izzie.

    Christina doesn’t have her person – but probably still gets involved with Burke and abandons her wedding and falls for Owen – but is even more of a robot than ever.

    Alex is never part of the gang – so flunks out of the program becuase he fails that test they all helped him study for.

    Derek never meets his “breath of fresh air” and Derek doesn’t sleep with Meredith at Prom – likely reconciles with Addison and they probably have a family, but may not be all that happy becuase it’s unlikely Derek’s indifference changed.

    Mark – becuase Derek doesn’t sleep with Meredith, Addison never calls Mark to Seattle, so Mark is still Living in New York. Obviously he’s still a Grandpa, but MAYBE Sophia doesn’t exist. It’s possible Mark still comes to Seattle and still sleeps with Callie, so…

    Chief is still Chief (no Mer to make him quit) and Adele still has Alzheimers.

    Lexie’s Mom still dies of the hiccups, but Thatcher gets to blame another doctor for it. He still drinks, Lexie still comes to Seattle but Thatcher dies waiting for the liver Mer is not there to give him. Leaving Lexie with no parents.

    In Conclusion: Izzie, Susan and Denny = Still Dead. Maybe Thatcher, Adelle and George Dead. Burke and Hahn still gone, Mark’s and Alex = not there, Callie’s still bi. Bailey, Arizona, Teddy & Chief = The same.

    AND FINALLY and MOST IMPORTANT – because Mer is not there to be the “Girl with the Bomb” – little Hottie Bomb squad guy (aka) Kyle Chandler LIVES! Yay! (but Christina Ricci dies).

    Oookaay, it’s maybe possible the despite his family with Addison, Derek dies – killed by Mr. Clark becuase Mer was not there to scream shoot me, shoot me! Whatev!

  6. omg with the ''bring back izzie and george'' says:

    every time i read comments on grey’s, there are tons and tons of people who can’t stop sobbing about izzie and george.. come on, GET OVER IT ALREADY, THEY ARE NOT COMING BACK!!!

    and no one’s going to break derek and meredith up, this episode, that the article is talking about, is going to be in ALTERNATE DIMENSION!!!

  7. Camille says:

    “What if” Mer married The Vet! Of course, Ellis would never allow that! And how could they Mer is not dark & twisty cuz Ellis didn’t have alzheimers, her mom trying to bleed out to get Richard back is what did it.
    So many possibilities if done right! The musical was horrible!!!

  8. Sarah says:

    I’m going to give this the benefit of the doubt, but seriously, I have no desire to see Derek and Addison happily together for even one episode.

  9. Sandra Jernigan says:

    Here’s a twist… what if George actually went to the military and just showed up again and the person that died in the bus accident just was talking to him outside at the time just before it all happened. George got on a different bus. Good thought…

  10. Jillian says:

    Even if it is AU, the thought of Derek with the redhead makes me vomit in my mouth.

  11. Michele says:

    “Specifically, Meredith imagines what life would’ve been like had her late mother Ellis never had Alzheimer’s, a traumatic situation that shaped Mer into the dark-and-twisty wife and MD she is today.”

    Michael I’ll agree that her mother having Alzheimer’s had a big impact on Meredith’s life, but she was dark and twisty well before that happened. Her father abandoning her at age five and her witnessing her mother’s suicide (sitting in a pool of her blood) at age five started the dark and twisty. Daddy issues, abandonment issues, workaholic mother and trust issues all started as a kid. Her mother getting Alzheimer’s got Meredith back from sleeping her way through Europe and she buckled down in school to become MD. I hope they don’t rewrite history to show Ellis as a caring, loving mother and Meredith ends up being a candy striper with a perfect husband, children and a white picket fence.

  12. Lucia says:

    There will be no George, Izzie, Burke or Hahn in this episode because the article clearly states that Addison will be the only series regular to be back.

    The possibility exists for either Reed or Charles to be back since they were both killed in the shooting massacre and a victim of the shooting massacre will be back.

    It is not Mandy Moore’s character because she did not die in the shooting massacre. She died from complications from a surgery that she had months afterwards.

    It is simple to glean this information from just reading the article.

  13. Vickie says:

    If Derek and Addison get back together it will mess up everything, I will stop watching. I believe that is were this is going. Sad!!!!!

  14. Doris says:

    It probably will be the one that Bailey was with and died on her. Wasn’t there a girl that died also? George and Ozzie Nooooooooo.

  15. Rose says:

    Ok, I am a HUGE GA fan, but this what if it never happened stuff is just wrong! This is not a sci-fi show! It is supposed to be a kinda true to life story of a teaching hospital! PLEASE, if the writers read any of these comments, please take this into consideration. A more plausible storyline would be to bring back LIVING characters! Izzie, Burke, these are the storylines that make the show interesting–not dead Denny again!!! Once a character is dead, let him remain dead!

  16. Cole says:

    looks like its going to be reid or charles to return. out of the 19 victims, those were the ones had an actual role on the show. I didn’t like either of them but i hated reid more. I jope I don’t have to suffer watching her again. I REALLY don’t want to see addy and derek as a couple again but thank goodness it’s just temporary. What I really want to know is why there doing this type of episode now? I want to know what happens to teddy? Karev and Merideth and the sick baby, and those roadside victims? What Derek and Mer are going to do abot Zola? why did they not get there court date? Is it not bad enough we have to wait over a month for the next episode and now we have to wait thru a “what if” episode? come on i hate the waiting!

    • Schuyler says:

      The show comes back on January 5th. The article clearly states that this episode will air during February sweeps, so we do find out what happens to Meredith, Alex, Teddy, the sick newborn and the crash victims before this episode when the show returns in January. My guess is we will get episodes 8×10, 8×11 and 8×12 in January and this will be episode 8×13 which will be the first episode that airs in February. I for one think this episode sounds interesting and can’t wait!

  17. Riss says:

    It’s either Pery or Reed, now which one. Not sure >>

  18. Sandra says:

    That would be awesome! I vote for George to come back!!

  19. Nikki says:

    I am a huge Grey’s fan still, but the show has never really been the same since George and Izzy left. I wish they could back for good. Oh well.

  20. christine says:

    Yeah I totally agree..I love Greys Anatomy and I hope to see George and Izze back too the show is not the same without them..I miss them

  21. Cari says:

    With fourteen regular cast members is it really necessary to bring in a character from another show? I hope the what if episode includes Ellis and Susan if the writers have to go there.

  22. tess says:

    Bring Izzie and denny back!! <3<3 even if it was just one episode, i would be sooo so happy! i love george too but d much rather see izzie!

  23. Becca says:

    Super stoked about this! Props to Grey’s for doing it!

  24. sandy says:

    Forget Isaiah washington….bring back George as a vet. Get Izzies eggs hatched, kill off Calli’s.girlfriend keep Mer dark and twisty no matter what and for cryn out loud return McSteamy to his hot glory!

  25. Alana says:

    This is going to be an amazing episode!! I wonder how they will change Meredith’s character?? I do not like Addison so I still don’t think it would have worked out for her and Derek. I know Izzy and George won’t come back but I also wonder how victims from the shooting will change the way things are??

  26. Kelli says:

    Had to LOL at the picture you are showing of Derek and his ex. The whole time he was dancing with her he was having eye sex with Meredith enough to make her get hot and run away. Too bad Rhimes can’t get ahead of her stories. If she loved Denny so much she shouldn’t have killed him off in the first. Same thing for the death of Derek’s marriage. I realize I’m in the minority but IF I wanted to see more of this character I’d watch PP.

  27. Flower sun says:

    haha, It wouls be nice episode and actually I sometimes think what if Addison and derik would have stayed together. I am 100% sure that the person coming back is Dr.princton Berk.

  28. minzkie says:

    what ever will be, will be….. just staying with CALZONA. im in love with them.

  29. hello says:

    omg hope they make come back some of the oldies characters… george plz…I agree, interesting also would be dr burke, and izzie. I like addison but derek and mer are meant to be together =)

  30. Becca says:

    does this mean that Mer ended up with McVet?! *fingers crossed*

  31. Dawn says:

    I think this sounds great! Looking forward to Jan 9 :)

  32. Amy says:

    I’m intrigued—especially looking forward to seeing Addison again. However, I think Meredith is dark and twisty more because of who Ellis was and what kind of mother she was (“You had a mother. We had surgeons”) than because of Ellis’ disease.

  33. Ali W says:

    I love to see, to come back on Greys (George). And on private practice, I would like to see a sister and brother reunion. With Amelia and Derek. So he could give her some, closure. On how to cope. With what she has. And Derek and Addison, could work if he was not married. But now everything has changed. Derek belongs with Meredeth- SOULMATES.

  34. sandra says:


  35. taylor says:

    i was hoping for george as well i miss the guy

  36. Miranda says:

    I’m so excited, I love alternate reality episodes! There probably my favourite filler episodes!

  37. marie says:

    if derek and addison never broke up….put meredith with jackson avery…

  38. hermes hidayat says:

    i wish the writers would revive kyle chandler’s character as the ill-fated bomb squad.

  39. Brittany says:

    I want Izzie to come back! I know she left to help jer family but can we end the Alex / Izzie storyline (:

  40. simsima says:

    I hate Addison!I never want to see her with Derek in a relationship again!I wantt to see mer&der together for rest of their life.If burke come back…it can be exciting:)

  41. paula says:

    So that means that one of the Mercy West interns that died(Charlie or Reed)or even Gary Clark(the shooter)will return.

  42. Lori says:

    I miss George. Please come back for your fans.Just because some one got hit by a bus it didn’t have to be you.We want you back.

  43. Danielle says:

    Merideths baby was a victim …

  44. paula says:

    AWESOMEE!! i hope burke izzie and george would be back

  45. Amanda says:

    The “victim of the Seattle Grace Massacre of 2010” couldn’t refer to George. He died in 2009. Plus, the previous sentence stated that Walsh was the only “former series regular” who will make an appearance. My guess is that it will be Gary Clark.

    Here’s a question: Ellis’ sickness forced Meredith to grow up and give up her partying ways. Was it that or Mere’s childhood that caused her to become “dark and twisty”? And if Mere never becomes “dark and twisty”, will she bond with Cristina the same way in this alternate reality? But if Ellis never gets sick, then Mere wouldn’t have been in the same intern class with Christina in the first place. (She returned from Europe early because of Ellis.)

    And what about Burke?

  46. Julia says:

    Will there still be sparks between Derek and Mere in this alternate reality?

    When Friends did the same thing, Monica and Chandler still hooked up.

    When Buffy the Vampire Slayer did the same thing, Willow still found herself attracted to Tara.

    My guess is yes.

  47. GE says:

    i miss Burke…Will he come back..& karev & izzie marriage worked out.this’ll be awesome

  48. Naomi says:

    I love Addison. Wish she’d come back to Grey’s.
    Can’t wait. She was my favorite character – seasons 2 & 3.