Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Derek and Addison Reunite, But There's a Doozy of a Twist!

Grey’s Anatomy is pulling a Fringe.

In a February 2012 sweeps episode, the docs at Seattle Grace will be making their rounds in an alternate reality, as the ABC drama ponders the provocative question, “What if things had been different — very different.”

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Specifically, Meredith imagines what life would’ve been like had her late mother Ellis never had Alzheimer’s, a traumatic situation that shaped Mer into the dark-and-twisty wife and MD she is today.

A Grey’s rep declined to comment, but TVLine has confirmed that Kate Walsh will play a big role in the mind-trippy episode. Why? Because in this alt-reality, Derek and Addison — wait for it — never broke up!

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And while Walsh is the only former series regular returning, an insider confirms that other Grey’s alums will be back — including a certain victim of the Seattle Grace Massacre of 2010, who shall not be named. (Follow me on Twitter for clues.)

And to be sure, Derek, Mer and Addison aren’t the only characters who get pulled into this new dimension. “Everyone is affected,” says the insider.

Grey’s Anatomy resumes Season 8 on Jan. 5.

Thoughts? Predictions? Excited to see Grey’s taking such creative risks in its eighth season? Hit the comments!




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  1. a loyal fan says:

    Well whoever they bring back (and it won’t be George or Izzy) it will only be for the “What if” episode(s) and then it will be back to normal. After all, unless SG has developed a new procedure, they can’t bring someone back from the dead forever. LOL

    Looking forward to this episode and many more. Love the show.

  2. Chrissy says:

    I miss izzy

  3. savannah says:

    I’m tkinking charels is the one comeing back cus he was shot that day and died or mabe reed ;)

  4. Justin says:

    Sounds like a cheap gimmick to me, although probably not nearly as bad as the musical episode (I hope).

  5. Kyle says:

    That was my first thought as well–really hope George is back! Wonder if they would/could even pull in Katherine Heigel as well.

  6. Tiff says:

    Everyone keeps saying izzy and george! WHY?!!! They both left the show a long time before the shooting happend. They arent comming back. Kathrine left the show to raise her kids and TR left way before that and died on the show. I wish they would come back, but they wont. They no longer have contracts with the show. Sorry people but it gets annoying when u dont know the facts

  7. hethyre says:

    I absolutely loved the musical episode and I’m very excited to see the alternate reality episode. My guess is it will be charles returning because Miranda changed so much since his death.

  8. tiffany says:

    These episodes could go either way. George will never be brought back because he asked to leave because of sexual harassment about being gay. Burke will never be back because abc told him to leave for his comments about gays. Izzy won’t be back cause wanted more money than what abc would offer her. I’m really glad Kate Walsh is coming back. I loved her and I hope they bring back Charles.

  9. Sidnee says:

    I ‘m thinking it wasn’t George who died in the accident (he wasn’t absolutely, positively identified?) … that he really went to war to be a doc, and will show up again one day. I keep waiting, hoping for that episode!
    I’ve seen Knight lately in cameos for other TV series.

  10. Eloise says:

    I loved the musical! Cali can sing! I cried through the whole thing. I’m so glad they didn’t kill her off! She’s my favorite

  11. Elizabeth says:

    It won’t be Izzie, George or Burke. The article says that Kate is the only former series regular returning. I’d love to see them but its not going to happen. I think this episode is a great idea for them to do something a little different and I can’t wait to watch. I wonder who could return for the episode? Denny, Finn, Olivia, Tyler, Ellis, Susan, Molly, Thatcher. I just wish it was airing before February!

  12. Ash says:

    Since the show began it’s always been about Mer and Der. I kinda always thought that if Der was never in the picture that Mer and Alex would be a good pairing. As for who they are bringing back from the shooting, it would be interesting if it was the shooter himself, meaning that instead of deciding to kill himself, that he did kill Weber with his last bullet and is now in jail. This would then impact Ellis Grey as she would still be alive and mourning for Weber. None of this will probably happen, but it would be cool since it’s just for one episode.

  13. leanna says:

    I have been watching GA from the beginning again bc I love George so much! If this episode is going to be good they will bring George back in memory of a good doctor.

  14. kelley says:

    I loved the musical and I loved George, I would love to see izzy again

  15. sarah says:

    I love grey’s!!!

  16. Aly says:

    I know this is way off but I wish they would bring back Henry for this episode. I don’t know how it would fit in but I miss him so much!

  17. Erica says:

    I am thinking it will be the intern that died with Bailey. She wil be the one thinking what if I would have done this/that differently. In my opinion…

  18. Renae says:

    I know this wasn’t hinted at in the article, but I hope we get to see Finn the vet again. I liked him and Mer :)

  19. J Ross says:

    I would love to see Grays scoop up Falicity Haupmann (SP) since Desparite Housewives is ending

  20. milisa marquez says:

    Bring Bk Denny :p

  21. Kaci says:

    I’m not so sure about this, I love Derek and Mer together !!!! But it will make for an interesting twist hopefully the alternate reality doesn’t last too long and it makes them stronger ! I love Greys <3

  22. Cindy says:

    “And while Walsh is the only former series regular returning, an insider confirms that other Grey’s alums will be back — including a certain victim of the Seattle Grace Massacre of 2010, who shall not be named”

    I’ve been trying to think of all the guest stars and my mind has drawn a blank. There’s Denny…

  23. Annie says:

    Think the idea could be really great, mostly curious about how they’ll go about it how they’ll explain it medically make it more realistic. Think Kate Burton will be back which should be cool may be nice to see Ellis as the great surgeon she was before the alziemers. All those worrying Addison will get pregnant with Dereks kid it’s not possible since it isn’t a crossover episode so her presence would not be real so can’t have consequences. Think it will be cool to see some storylines play out see what relationships would be in play if the circumstances were different who would have kids where they’ll be in their careers.

    This does explain Kate Walsh she was at Grey’s and Shonda saying it’s not the crossover episode. Not to anxious as although there has been episodes I haven’t been keen on never had a GA ep I hated

  24. Benita says:

    i’d love burke to be back! screw george he’s the reason isaiah washington had to leave the show.

  25. Mick says:

    Dear Katherine Heigl.

    Please return to Grey’s Anatomy. Just for one episode. Just one. One episode. Please.

    Thank you very much (Yes, I truly believe she is going to see this!)

  26. Gerre Howard says:

    I hope it was the dr Bailey tried to save with Mandy Moore’s help. He had a crush on Dr Reid. I wish it could be George but he wasn’t involved in this story line! I loved George (007)!

  27. Stephanie says:

    I hate it! I just want Meredith and Derek to finally be happy! Irritates me!

    • Denise says:

      It doesn’t change MerDer together because its alternate reality. I enjoy MerDer together too but I think this episode sounds interesting. Bring it on.

  28. Sammy says:

    Love, love, love this idea. So much fun!

  29. Danielle says:

    I am so excited for this!!!!!! I really hope this means that izzy and George will be back, I miss them!!!;( I love Greys!!!

  30. mike says:

    I love how stupid you all look arguing over a show… It reminds me of the comment, “There’s murderers and rapists out on the street and he pulled me over for a tail light.”…. Of all the things in the world to argue over, you all pick Grey’s? Let that stew for a while.

    • Mick says:

      For all the things in the world you can argue over, you choose this? You’re not much better yourself, my friend. We can discuss entertainment if we want. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other things we don’t worry about.

  31. Whitney says:

    Everybody chant with me! We want George we want George!

  32. Shmamy82 says:

    I’m glad izzy’s gone! She was annoying. I’m always the last person to find things out Di can anyone confirm for me that mcdreamy is leaving the show after this season?

    Oh and I hope Reed isn’t one of the returners!

  33. lainey says:

    I’m thinking its mandi Moore. She was involved in the massacre and died a few shows later. And Bailey kept trying to find a cure from Wat mandi died from. I’m a Greys fan all the way!! I’m sure it will be good ,whomever is in it!!!

  34. Lady says:

    What if Christina and Burke had gotten married? That’s what I want to ee

    • Erica says:

      ummmmmm… Not me! I would rather see how Cristina would have been if her father never died, would she be have wanted a child and her career.

  35. Lady says:

    Not…the show is better off without George

  36. Svenja says:

    OMG the idea is fabulous.
    I do like MerDer a lot, but having an alternative universe for one episode is so darn intriguing.

  37. Jenn says:

    Maybe Christina WILL have a baby!

  38. SY says:

    Would love to see how it’s like if Erica never left and definitely George!!!

  39. Sam says:

    Is it Mandy Moore thats coming back?! She had a huge part of the massacre!

  40. Terri says:

    Use logic people, based on what this article says the person coming back is going to be Reid. She and Percy were the only 2 shooting victims that were strong enough characters to be considered for a come back and being a “what if” episode, it stands to reason that it will be April’s part of the other reality in which her best friend is still alive. Percy didn’t influence anyone still on the show enough for someone to be all sentimental and “what if” he was back…
    With no former regulars except Addison coming back (according to this article), George, Izzy, Denny, and Burke will not be back.

  41. Greys fan says:

    People, George, Charles, Reed and even Mandy Moore character are dead!!! They can’t be back!!! Izzie wasn’t on the show for the 7th season finale when the massacre happened.

  42. Sabrina says:

    Just stop taking so many breaks! Your going to lose viewers! By the time January comes around I will have forgotten the last episode. I love the show and have loyally watched it for years, but now that I have to find another show to watch on Thursdays, well you better hope not too many of us get roped into other shows…. just sayin!

  43. sunshine says:

    Omg you guys have said everything I think. George should have never died. Miss him too.

  44. Stacy says:

    It could be the baby mer lost

  45. savannah says:

    Ik there dead but its a what if episode wich mean some one could imagine what if charels dident get shot what if reed dident get shot,………the point is its a what episode anything can hapen.take mers mom she’s dead and they said mer was thinking what if she dident die

  46. Jay says:

    He was a regular, but the only person who would throw GA into a real frenzy would be Dr. BURKE.

  47. Cheryl says:

    The musical was Stupid and I Hope they NEVER revisit that platform again.

  48. Ed says:

    It would make my year if TR and Katherine would return to Greys, But I respect their reasons for leaving. It seems Katherine and Shonda didn’t see eye to eye back in the day or so it seems at some of Shonda’s not so suttle (sp?) comments via Twitter… (i.e. I love all of the CURRENT actors on Grey’s)code word being current. But whatever, they are both (Shonda and Katherine) doing very well in the craft so props to them.

  49. Kelli says:

    I love this!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Amalie says:

    I bet it would be A LOT of ghosts in that episode… But Izzy nor George are coming back, I’m 100% sure. Why can’t you people just stop arguing about that silly issue anyway? Yes, indeed we wish to see them again, but the writers wrote them off for a reason… I bet the shooter of SG massacre is the one who’s coming back.