Alias and Covert Affairs Hotties Face Off, Plus NCIS Vs. JAG in 'Law-Enforcement Crushes'

Round 2 of our Ultimate Female Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament continues with a spy-vs.-spy kerfuffle, and a showdown between a pair of military operatives.

‘Law-Enforcement Crushes’ Day 7: SVU Vs. The Closer, Unforgettable Vs. CSI, and More!

Indeed, we’ve got Alias‘ Sydney Bristow battling her heir apparent, Covert Affairs‘ Annie Walker, and JAG‘s Sarah ‘Mac’ MacKenzie trying to outlast the leading lady from her show’s spinoff, NCIS‘ Ziva David.

But, of course, in the single-elimination world of the TVLine Thunderdome, two crime-fighters will enter, but only one will leave!

Every afternoon over the next few weeks, in fact, we’ll launch another set of bouts that will have you dialing 911 with an emergency of lusty proportions. So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorites (Round 1 voting will be open for 72 hours), and hit the comments to justify your picks.

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering/fretting, we put a cap of two cast members per show, which meant some fan favorites had to warm the bench this time around.)

New and Classic ‘Nikitas,’ Criminal Minds and CSI: NY Ladies in Day 8 of ‘Crime-Fighting Crushes’

Also, if you’re interested in the match-ups we’ve got planned for the coming weeks, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE 64-PLAYER BRACKET (then click again for a zoomed-in view) — and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Now ready, set, vote!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. NCISFANBASE says:

    just vote for god sakes and stop your stupid hate talk
    ZIVA happily gets MY VOTE….Cote is beautiful – simple…..

  2. Mat says:

    Ziva sucks and will lose and Pray to God its ture she leaving these season

    • Michael says:

      Ziva ftw! You suck my friend. And no despite all your efforts Ziva isn´t going anywhere. So deal with it.

    • Gaara says:

      Keep dreaming, it’s all you haters can do. All your whining months ago when Cote’s contract was pending was totally ignored, in fact it was renewed for 2 years. Get over it.

    • Svenja says:

      Cote is contracted for a 10th season. LOL Bummer, right?
      (best thing ever to know that your fav actress is gonna stay on your fav show for at least 1 1/2 more years).
      CdP and Ziva rock!!

      • Channel your energy! says:

        Your favorite show that you couldn’t bother to Tweet for in the People’s Choice race? You showed your true colors, just like all of the rabid, vocal Tiva fans. You claim to love the show, not just the actor/character, but when it comes time to put your money where your mouth is, you and the others are conspicuously quiet. That behavior is noted, you know.

  3. em says:

    The first poll in this tournament I completely agree with. I hope Sydney wins this thing :)

  4. Nell says:

    Go Ziva…GO-GO-Go
    You are just beuatifull. So natural,complex and alive. Love her

  5. ziverfan says:

    Go Ziva best female charater on T.V,I love her so much and Cote amazing beautiful actress and lovely person.

  6. Anon says:

    OMG! Finally someone said “without saying”, how much of a physical ripoff AW is of SB….facial structure, the way she walks…even the voice! I like Walker, but Bristow would kick her ass in a millisecond.

  7. Mackenzie says:

    You people need to calm your titays and keep your annoying opinions to yourself.

  8. irishtrisha says:

    Ziva all the way! :D

  9. ashley says:

    Ziva! Ziva! Ziva

    The only reason they hate her is because she torpedoes their m/m slasher Tibbs ship. can’t have subtext if Tony is involved with Ziva.

    They can say it’s because of her flaws, but they know deep down the real reason for their hate. I would dare to say that a large number of Ziva haters are Tibbs slashers.

    funny thing is, you don’t see the Tiva fans actively hating on Tibbs. reason? It’s no threat, not even a tiny one in the smallest of subtexts.

    No threat – no hate.

    • sam says:

      You may have a point there. Never thought of it that way. Makes sense to me.

    • Ncisfan11 says:

      What is a slasher Tibbs ship?

    • Sarah says:

      Oh here we go again with the typical incorrect assumption by Tiva fans because they just can’t POSSIBLY grasp the fact that people hate Tiva because they dislike ZIVA and her actions towards Tony. It really is that simple.
      Tibbs was around long before Ziva entered the show and even when she did – throughout the REAL flirting between Tony & Ziva in S3, no Tibbs fans disliked Ziva UNTIL her actions at the end of S6.

      Throughout all the Tiva years Tony & Gibbs have continued to grow closer and closer. We see they have a relationship outside of work. GIBBS, not Ziva, is the person Tony turns to when he needs a shoulder to lean on. GIBBS, not Ziva, is the person who Tony opens up to so he sees the real Tony behind the mask. Unlike Tiva shippers Tibbs fans didn’t feel threatened by Tony’s relationships with Jeanne or EJ.
      So you keep on believing that Tibbs are threatened by Tiva and that’s the only reason we hate it if it makes you feel better but I do have one question….
      How do you explain away the many, many non-Tibbs fans who hate Tiva?

      • Tibbsslasher says:

        Thanks Sarah. I’m a Tibbs slasher – I have been for years. I saw chemistry between Tony and Gibbs from the very first episode. I don’t want or expect the show to give us a homosexual relationship between them, but I enjoy interpreting their subtext that way – as do a lot of other people judging by the massive Tibbs fanbase on places like Livejournal – exceeding Tiva by two to one in numbers.

        In all my time in the Tibbs fandom, I didn’t see any dislike for Ziva until her actions at the end of Season 6. This was followed not by her realizing the error of her ways, but by several episodes of ‘poor, tragic, victim Ziva’ and for a while the entire show seemed to be about Ziva. It was at that point that the anti-Ziva sentiment arose, not just in the Tibbs fandom but pretty much across the NCIS fanbase, except for the Tiva shippers, who have to hang on to their fantasy about how lovely she is, despite the way she treats Tony and continues to treat him, even after he rescued her from Somalia.

        I was struck, when I first got into NCIS fandom, by how lovely it was and how harmonious. Different ships existed side by side without any arguments. That changed at the end of S6 when the Tiva shippers decided NCIS was all about Ziva and Tiva and were vocal in their insistence that they be endlessly given more of both. Some of us, who watch for a lot more than that (and most Tibbs shippers watch for NCIS as a whole, not just the Tibbs ship), were really upset about that. For awhile back there it was the Tiva/Ziva hour, and it wasn’t just the Tibbs shippers who were disappointed by that. The Gabby shippers weren’t very happy either, and in fact Abby fans generally have complained for 2 seasons now about how she’s barely in it – whereas Ziva’s dramas took over the entire show for a very long time. But the Tony fans in particular (not Tibbs – Tony) who had problems with it as his character seemed to be completely dumbed down around her. This smart, streetwise cop now couldn’t hold his own in a fight, even against an inferior opponent (Jetlag) and needed Super!Ziva to help him out. In fact, Super!Ziva acquired lots of skills that used to belong to Tony – he knew a few languages in the early days but now Ziva is the language expert (acquiring new ones all the time in the face of all logic!). He could once fight – now he just cowers and lets her take care of it. He used to have balls, frankly, but she seems to have emasculated him.

        Some of us genuinely don’t like the character. At first, I didn’t mind her. I gave her a chance. It didn’t bother me that she flirted with Tony. I don’t mind him having a love interest – it doesn’t get in the way of my ship at all. I liked the way Tony was with Jeanne and I LOVED EJ and how Tony got his mojo back with her. So no, I’m not against Ziva because she interferes with my ship but because she’s a horrible character. When I look back I can see she always was but I didn’t start to actively dislike her until the end of S6. Yet who can forget the nasty way she didn’t invite Tony to her dinner party in Boxed In? Or her constant sniping and selfishness? Her asking Tony what the woman of his dreams would see in HIM? Her saying she needs a shower after conversations with him. Her endless weakness – for to me she is a very weak character – for needing the approval of the various Daddy figures in her life. Her way of always justifying her own behavior instead of holding her hand up and taking some responsibility, and the way she played the Daddy card on Gibbs to get back on the team despite admitting to him she’d lied to get on it in the first place. It all adds up to a really nasty piece of work to my mind.

        I think the Tiva shippers are so invested in their own ship that they refuse to see the evidence in front of them that Ziva is not a nice person. Michael Weatherly hit it on the head when he said the worst thing Tony could be accused of was liking too many hamburgers, whereas Ziva is a sociopath. And no, I don’t want Tony with someone like that. I know he won’t end up with Gibbs – US TV isn’t ready to do something so brave and ground-breaking, but I’d rather he ended up with EJ, or Jeanne, or Abby – or anyone but Ziva if he has to be paired up. Ziva would destroy him. I think she has a little already. And the Tiva fans don’t honestly care about that because they aren’t Tony fans – Tiva is, and always has been, about Ziva.

        • Sarah says:

          With you there on all accounts. As far as Tiva being a threat goes… I don’t see Tiva and I don’t think that the show would ever get them together. Ever. I just can’t see it and I think the show has given us so many reasons why not, so I’m certainly not seeing Tiva as any type of threat. Just don’t like Ziva or the sort of person she is.

          Cote on the other hand is pretty but I find CB’s ‘Mac’ sexier. She gets my vote.

        • Sarai says:

          And yet Tony wants Ziva…..

        • amacktruck says:

          Tibbsslasher this is a Ziva poll and NOT a pro Tibbs slasher poll. Tony and Gibbs doesn’t exist in sexual subtext. Get lost!

      • amacktruck says:

        Ziva Ziva Ziva! Viva La Ziva!

      • Omar says:

        Oh, I am sure there a few – but most are Tibbs slashers.

  10. Ziverfan says:

    My vote is for Ziva. Love her character and love the actress Cote.

  11. Gibbsistheboss says:


  12. Gary says:

    NCIS Ziva David gets my vote.

  13. Derek mason says:

    Ziva David is hottest, most crushable.

  14. Nenri says:

    Voting for Ziva David.

  15. Rachael says:

    No contest.

    Ziva takes it all.

  16. Georges says:

    I think Ziva will win and rightly so.

  17. quandry says:

    Those of you who think that fans who don’t worship at the alter of Ziva are jealous are so completely off the mark. We are not jealous because she is such a strong female role model. Ziva is an unrealistic cartoon caricature who can only do things that fit the male stereotype of sexy. Yes, she (unrealistically) kicks butt, and emasculates Tony on a regular basis, but needs a daddy or surrogate daddy and male admirers to validate her, can’t apologize or show gratitude, thinks she is better than others on account of her advantaged upbringing, and pulls the victim card when she needs to change her circumstances. Not really a strong female character stereotype IMO. I don’t much care for her. She’s pretty yes, but not really a good or realistic example of an independent woman.

    • Ben says:

      Whoa, you’re really blinded by all your hate, aren’t you? I’m almost sorry for you.

      “needs a daddy or surrogate daddy”: mmh, yeah, you just realized that now..? One of the key of NCIS is how ALL the characters (except Ducky and Vance, of course xD) relate and seek support from Gibbs, their father figure. That’s the reason why they all have such awful fathers.

      “can’t apologize or show gratitude”: well, seems like you missed the whole Reunion episode. Too bad.

      “thinks she is better than others on account of her advantaged upbringing”: No, she thinks she’s better because of her career in Mossad. Like EVERY woman who works in heavily-masculine sectors could tell you, she had to work thrice as hard, and be confident of herself it’s definetly an advantage.

      “pulls the victim card when she needs to change her circumstance”: whoa, this is one the most sexist and offensive thing I ever heard. She was TORTURED and probably RAPED for 4 months, for Pete’s sake. Yeah, in the end it was her own fault she ended up in that situation, but that don’t mean she deserved it. Just like a woman doesn’t deserve to be raped because she’s wearing a low skirt. And for your information, in those 4 months she NEVER once gave in and betrayed NCIS. So, not only you’re unfair to her, you’re also ungrateful.

      And I’m sick and tired of your double standards. Duh, we know she’s not perfect. Are we allowed to be fans of only pefect people? Because, you know, there are no such thing and NO ONE on NCIS is even remotely perfect. Gibbs is a hypocrite who threw in jail a random guy to save his MIL a*s. Tony is a bully who spent the last years psychologically abusing McGee. Abby is so childish that she doesn’t even realize when she hurts someone. etc etc.

      But WE love them anyway. So I don’t understand what’s the problem with Ziva, and ONLY Ziva. You don’t like her? Fine, we all have our opinions. I just can’t accept the irrational bashing.

      • Tibbsslasher says:

        It’s only irrational to you Ben because you don’t agree with it. People have given detailed reasons for not liking Ziva.

        And yes, the others ARE all flawed, but what they haven’t done is betray each other, assault each other when the other person has a broken arm, pull a gun on each other, or demand that other team members are removed from the team at their behest.

        Tony’s worst is pretty much teasing Tim – who doesn’t seem to mind greatly and has given back in equal measure. I seem to recall Tony has also been there for Tim at some bad moments in his life, not least when he’d killed a police officer. Abby IS very childish but she’s never physically assaulted any of them unless you count the odd friendly punch on the arm.

        Gibbs IS indeed a hypocrite, but he’d give his life for his team in a heartbeat.

        Ziva repeatedly shows that she’s selfish, self-interested and self-righteous, and her flaws are far more serious in the effects they’ve had on the team – and herself. But the show doesn’t deal with it – they had her welcomed back with open arms against all logic or reason considering the jobs they do and her self-avowed lie to Gibbs from Day One.

        But the viewers aren’t stupid. WE don’t forget, even if the show does. And it’s not just S6 and Aliyah – it’s the way she has behaved since she arrived. She loves lecturing others on how they should behave but never examines herself. She’s just not a very nice person and the fact that so many NCIS fans dislike her should show it’s not just ‘hatahs hating’. I’ve seen people give very good reasons why they don’t like her – it’s in NO WAY “irrational bashing” but thanks for the stereotyping. The only “irrational bashing” I’ve seen here is people bashing those who don’t like Ziva and say so – it’s like we criticized your mom, not a fictional TV character.

        Whenever anyone mentions not liking Ziva her fans immediately “irrationally bash” people for their opinions – I’ve seen us called haters, told we’re blinded by our hate, and ordered to shut up on this thread. You might not like that we don’t like her but the answer is to say why you DO like her, not to bash us for holding a differing opinion.

        Go look, with an objective eye, at the respective Ziva fans’ and Ziva detractors’ behavior on this thread. It’s quite an eye-opener. But I don’t actually think those that like Ziva think there’s anything wrong with bashing other people for their opinions about her. Our disliking a fictional character seems grounds for you to attack REAL people. Go think on that some.

        • Ben says:

          You see, “irrational bashing” is coming to this site, going totally OT and starting another stupid Ziva/Tiva/whatever war. You can have all the reasons of this world to dislike Ziva. I don’t care. But I DO care if you (not “you” you, generally speaking) come here, to a poll called “Ultimate Female Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament” (essentially a beauty contest, tbh) and out of nowhere insult one of my favourite characters.

          Whenever we see any kind of topic about (for example) Gibbs, we don’t jump in and say “Gibbs sucks”, “Mark Harmon it’s the worst actor ever”, “hope they kick him out of the show” etc. That is the difference.

          If you really wanna know, I love Ziva because I think she’s a beautifully flawed person. She went through much in her life, and made her fair share of bad decisions, but she managed to rebuild herself without giving up her strenght. She’s talented, she isn’t scared to fight and she’s adorable when she mixes up the idioms. She’s pretty frightening when she gets angry, I love her smiles and the prideful way she cries. She shines when she lowers her armour.

          You know, I would never ask you to justify why you love Gibbs, or Tony, or McGee or someone else, because for me that is a personal opinion that always needs to be respected, and having one doesn’t harm anyone else. Non one has the right to say if it’s right or wrong for you to have one favourite character instead of another. It’s your business.

          This doesn’t apply when it comes to hate. Just like with politics, religion and ethical themes, if you’re disrespectful you will start a fire.

          So, some people love Ziva David. Deal with it. All your negative comments will never let us change our minds, and the more you attack her the more we’ll fight back. So, why don’t we act like grown-ups and agree to disagree and amen?

          • estefania says:

            well said…totally agreed ….I am loyal to ziva david…we need to have mature discusion… those haters why, maybe because she is a mix of talented, beautiful, smart, althought they don’t thinks she is so sensible person …because she suffered a lot… people who lived or live in a country where existswars, dictatorship, can say that have suffered a lot , that their temperament were forged hard situation, well they don’t know about, because they born in a beautiful nation calls US, where haven’t suffered those stuffs

            go go go ziva and we are going to fight until final

          • barb says:


        • goZIVA says:

          “WE don`t forget, even if the show does.” Seriously? Abby has never physically assaulted any of them? In season 3, Hiatus, she slapped Ziva right across the face. You only remember the things you want to remember.
          All of them made huge mistakes, but apparently people can only get forgiveness if their name is not Ziva.
          It is funny how a few people feel like it is their mission to appear on virtually every website with Ziva`s name in it just to bash her and then explain to us why they are no haters.
          For years the antis have had only one single argument, that Ziva pointed a gun at Tony. To say it in Ziva`s words: You are a broken tape.
          If I look at it with an “objective eye”, I see that the show, the writers, the characters and the fans have moved on.
          If you hate her so much, why keep watching? Seven years is a long time to wait for TPTB to get rid of her. That`s not going to happen. Ziva is here to stay because most of the fans love her. Why would any showrunner keep a character on a show if the majority hated her? THAT woud be irrational.
          Now I will go back to enjoy a show in which I love every single character and happily wait for TIVA to happen.

      • Michael says:

        Agreed on all points Ben. My problem with these haters is not that they hate Ziva. Heck they could hate her because she is born in November that would be fine with me. What I don´t like is this irrational bashing like you said. They take everything out of context and exaggerate all the mistakes she made without even thinking about the good she has done (which they either deny or turn it around so it fits into their Ziva-is-evil-box). That´s really extreme.
        But then again this is not the point of the poll, is it. Ziva is utterly crushable and deserves to win this round even against the hot, strong and intelligent marine.

        • Tibbslasher says:

          What good has she actually done, Michael? Could you weigh it against the good the others have done? Because most of her actions seem motivated by self interest to me.

          As I said before, it’s not irrational bashing just because we don’t like her and you do. And the show must take some responsibility here for making her this disliked. We didn’t all just up and decide to hate her randomly. A lot of people are feeling the same way – I’d say the majority are Tony fans but that reflects the way she treats him, and the pressure from the Ziva/Tiva fans to put them in a relationship despite that treatment.

          However, very good reasons have been given for not liking her and plenty of people feel the same way so the very last thing it can be called is irrational. The most rational posts I’ve seen on this thread have been from those who don’t like her, patiently explaining why!

          • Sarah says:

            Tibbslasher, I doubt you’re going to get a reasonable discussion out of these people. They’re too blinded by thinking that Ziva’s every action is motivated by the fact that she’s in love with Tony. Trying to point out actual events that happened on the show to indicate otherwise is fruitless. You’re just going to get shrieked at that you’re a hater. Best to leave them to their fantasies where they believe Ziva is dating Ray to make Tony jealous, and Tony screwed EJ to make Ziva jealous (I’m guessing that’s the only way it fits), and they all lived happily ever after with their 4 children (all named Jethro). Or not. :D

          • Tibbsslasher says:

            LOL Sarah! Probably not!

            What continues to amaze me is that they seem to think they’re standing on some moral high ground when they are the ones behaving badly. It gives their ship a bad name.

            Let’s hope the bad old ship Tiva sinks, before the stench makes it too unbearable to stomach.

          • gaara says:

            LOL, you are so hilarious XD You constantly whine and complain about Tiva, and the time for it was never more mature as it is now. you constantly whine and complain about Ziva, and they renews her contract for two years. Seems like no one really cares about what you think, uh?

          • Annie85 says:

            yeah, and Tony and Gibbs are screwing behind closed doors, because they are soooooo gay. *sarcasm* Don’t ridicule my beliefs and i won’t ridicule yours.

          • Tibbsslasher says:

            Oh I don’t take it as ridicule, Annie. I take a comment like this for what it is – which is homophobia, bigotry and ignorance. Why don’t you go watch this:

            I wonder what Pauley would make of your comment? It’s people like you who are part of the problem.

          • Annie85 says:

            Instead insult a character and an actress is perfectly okay, yes? Don’t twist my words, i’m just giving you a taste of your own medicine.

            lmao and don’t you dare calling me homophobe or else. I’m the exact opposite, in fact. But I guess I’m evil and stupid the same if I’m not interested in your slash ship and don’t agree with you, right?

          • cab321size26 says:

            Ziva is my favorite.

          • Bobbie says:


      • as524 says:

        was going to stay out of this idiotic section but, oh well….
        had to address the blatant & outright inconsistencies in Ben’s post.

        First off, the awful fathers comment. McGee in the beginning was portrayed as having a perfectly fine father. As far as Director David goes, it’s only the Ziva fans who say that her father is so awful. He has not come off as that bad when he appears on the show.

        As far as Ziva’s supposed apology in Reunion, I didn’t see it. Not once did she say she was wrong for the way she acted from Legend onward. The line ‘you’ve always had my back’ was no where close to an apology. Nor did she address her behavior in Aliyah (yes, the assault). Now it’s quite possible that was planned but because there was such a huge backlash from fans over not caring about Ziva & her actions with the assault on Tony, it’s possible they scrapped a huge part of the storyline. We’ll probably never know.

        As far as Somolia goes, again it’s the Ziva fans who claim she was raped. That was never proven on the show. It’s an assumption & that’s fine but don’t make it canon fact because it’s not. Judging from how she looked in TorC, it was highly doubtful that she’d been tortured continuously as well. We also do not know whether or not she betrayed NCIS during that time so that statement doesn’t hold true at all.

        As far as your characterizations of the other go, you can thank Shane BRennan for Tony becoming a bully, Abby a baby/child & Gibbs’ actions with his MIL. SB destroyed the characters we knew & loved in order to focus on & showcase Ziva.

        • Ben says:

          AND this confirms that we don’t watch the same show.

          Look, I’m tired and I don’t care. If you want to live up your big-meanie-Ziva fantasy, go for it. I hope your hate keeps you warm at night.

        • Poorhaters says:

          Look, another hater from CBS. I guess they are all coming from that place anyway since they are the only haters on internet.
          And just to respond about how great Ziva’s father his and how it’s only her fans who think of him as a bad father, did you ever watched Good cop, bad cop? Because I recall perfectly Gibbs telling her that her father is a BAD man. See not just us, it is even said by the hero on the show. But if for you raising you kid to be a killer and leaving her to die in a desert is being the father of the year, well good for you.

          • as524 says:

            Of course that line would be from GCBC….Shane Brennan era strikes again. Let’s play up Ziva as a poor widdle victim/heroine…
            Now do we REALLY want to rehash Ziva’s upbringing AGAIN?

          • LOL says:

            LOL as524, so if it’s written by a writer that you don’t like it’s not canon? Sorry but it was said, you cannot rewrite the show because you don’t like a writer. It’s too easy. The facts are the facts, you can like it or not but it was said by Gibbs and we saw it for ourselves.

        • Poorhaters says:

          And yeah, these 30 men in Somalia were probably playin monopoly with the only woman there for 4 months. And they treated her like a queen, she was never beaten or starved or aything I’m sure. I love your idea of terrorists!

          • as524 says:

            Hey “lol” – you need to take a good long look at show canon. They re-write it ALL the time – especially SB, who changed whatever he wanted to suit his focus

        • amacktruck says:

          I love Ziver.

        • amacktruck says:

          Get lost!

      • Bravo says:

        Wow Ben, that’s the most intelligent comment I’ve seen here. I agree with everything and you are so right about the every character not being perfect.

      • estefania says:

        totally agreed , I can’t say that better… okay like or doesn’t like this character… but they are offensive with actress… and like you said.. maybe I feel all hates against ziva it is because she is foreign, I know she is american now… I hope that I don’t have reasona about…

    • amacktruck says:

      Ziva’s #1.

  18. DatBivee says:

    ANNIE WALKER! Like, seriously, she’s just frigging amazing.

  19. Rachel says:

    No doubts,ANNIE WALKER always!! ;)

  20. Livingwild says:

    My vote goes to Mac. Nothing against Ziva/Cote but in every single picture I see of her she’s pouting at the camera, like she thinks she’s gorgeous. Mac is a natural beauty – she doesn’t need to pout and smoulder. She’s genuinely lovely.

  21. marion says:

    The fact that that so many fans dislike Ziva is significant. Maybe they should run a poll on ‘least liked’ or ‘most disliked’ characters – I feel sure Ziva would do well.

    • Ziverfan says:

      Far more like her and is evidenced by every poll that I have seen anywhere.

      • marion says:

        And yet look how many show up to say they dislike her every time her name is mentioned. So yeah, I think on a “dislike” poll she’d win for sure! LOL!

        • Whitcity says:

          Have to disagree with you, even on this hate filled comment thread, there are more supporters of Ziva than haters. the haters are a very vocal minority, but they are a minority even if they think they are not.

  22. Another Michael 2 says:

    There is a possibility that Tiva might happen or you would skip happily down Tibbs lane and leave the shippers to or delusions. We would all live in our little shipper worlds.

    But Tiva could happen so that is why you stick around and spew your discontent. Tiva shippers don’t rant about Tibbs because Tibbs is never gonna happe, it’s not a threat. We are happy to let you have your subtext fantasy.

    We hate what we fear, and you fear Tiva.

    So, your hate only strengthens & validates Tiva.

    • Tibbsslasher says:

      Oh dear. How woefully ignorant and full of hatred your post is Another Michael 2.

      I don’t fear Tiva. I find it dull and it’s like enduring fingernails scrape down a chalkboard having to sit through it. I suspect MW feels the same judging by the mocking expression on his face during Tiva scenes! But fear it? No. That’s just silly.

      I do fear for your sanity though. You seem a bit deranged. All this talk of threats and fear! Snorfle! It’s Tiva we’re talking about, not, you know, something important!

    • amacktruck says:

      That is true.

  23. Haley says:

    Yay! Ziva is winning. Go Ziva Go

  24. Terry says:

    Yes looks like the right woman is in the lead,Ziva.I find it interesting how Tiva never came up during the mens poll with Tony.More proof put Ziva in a poll and some can’t pass on the chance to show hate for her,Tiva and to rehash the scene in Aliyah.For the record Ziva is not to blame for Kates death and there is no solid proof.Her giving Ari intel doesn’t make her to blame.The intel was for Ari’s undercover op as a mole in Hammas and as his control officer it was her job to do so,if some of you would put your hate aside and pay close attention to episodes like Kill Ari ect. it is clear she had no way of knowing what Ari was up to,even the FBI,CIA and Mossad had no clue so how could Ziva know .Ziva could only asume this was for his op and had no control what he did with the intel,Ari made that choice as an adult,Ari pulled the trigger and with or without the intel from Ziva Ari was going to get team Gibbs to get back at his father Eli.Some of you focus so much on your hate for Ziva,twisting stories around to suit your arguements and find Ziva at fault you lose sight of the story and the facts as they are,what is canon and it was clear on screen,in the dialog Ziva did nothing to cause Kates death,if so she would not be on the team.As for Ziva being abusive,one action doesn’t make one abusive if so then you should put Gibbs right there with her since he has lost his temper more than once and used force against suspects and others,and he is by definition a murder and has broken his own rules,the law ect. I can go on.Canon doesn’t show Ziva is abusive in her relationship either,it never showed her abuse Locke,Rivkin,or Ray so there is no signs or proof she would be abusive to Tony .There is one fans perception of how things go,there is facts/canon and then there is the concept of twisting things to suit a debate,and some haters twist things over and over,exagerate moments and do whatever to turn any moment with Tony and Ziva or just Ziva into something ugly but it doesn’t change what is the truth,facts and canon and none of this does anything to change the fact Ziva is well loved by the majority,belongs on the team and is an amazing character,not mention at this point the most crushable .

    • Lindsay w. says:

      Yes. This. Exactly.

    • editorncis says:

      WoW Terry – beautifully said. Ziva is certainly well loved by millions. I know she will win, she deserves it!

    • Tibbsslasher says:

      Well, she’s pulled a gun on two possible love interests now so…I don’t think *I* would want to take a risk with her.

    • srsly says:

      Wow, I guess some people need every facet of an episode totally spelled out to them to understand what’s going on…

      I would encourage you to watch NCIS Seasons 3 through 8 thoroughly, paying special attention to early 3, 6 and 7 especially, preferably without your Ziva tinted glasses. Obviously citing specific incidents is not sufficient for Ziva apologists – that’s really too bad for you. Enjoy your version of reality – canon? What canon?. *rolls eyes*

      I am curious how many times you believe is allowed for an abuser before action should be taken and if you believe apologies [even those never actually offered] are enough or should any/all following behavior reflect one’s remorse?

      • amacktruck says:

        Tony and Gibbs will never have sex.

        • srsly says:

          Aside from being incredibly offensive and bigoted for so many reasons, what the heck does that have to do with Ziva’s character flaws and behavior on the show????
          WOW! First attack the other posters and then attack another ‘ship you don’t agree with, which would never see the light of day anyways? How about no ‘ship? Do we seriously have to pair up every character? How about growing up? Apparently Ziva’s fans are as ugly as Ziva is…there’s plenty of evidence of that if we simply base it on the vocal ones suggesting _MW_ leave his _WIFE_ for CdP and ignore the other 90% of foolishness they spew! *gags*

          • amacktruck says:

            srsly this is a Ziva poll and NOT a pro- Tibbs slasher poll. All Ziva haters are Tibbs shippers.

          • srsly says:

            While I know I’m just banging my head against a wall, I’ll ask again, what does “Tibbs” have to do with this discussion about ZIVA????? Your posts are offensive, repetitive and ridiculous – whether intentional or not, they come across as homophobic. Besides, what does any of this have to do with the subject at hand???
            ZIVA is uncrushable because she’s a self-centered, sociopathic brat who lied to the rest of the team from the moment she appeared on the show and then continued to behave badly and now is answering for it to many of the fans mainly because the show has never addressed the issues they caused. This has NOTHING to do with CdP, MW, “Tiva”, “Tibbs”, “Gabby”, “McGiva” [or insert other 2nd grade combo here] or anything but ZIVA, the uncrushable character. Very few of my NCIS friends [both casual and fanatic] are slashers and yet not one of my friends likes Ziva or pairing her up with Tony – while it’s not a huge sampling, it’s telling.
            These issues weren’t brought up when MW was in the poll for the simple reasons that:
            1. Tony, as flawed as he is, has always been loyal to his team and has a heart of gold – while his mouth may get away from him at times, he can be counted upon by any member of the team when the chips are down.
            2. ZIVA and “Tiva” are all about ZIVA if the “Tiva” fans are to be believed as much as one can stomach their rhetoric [look it up]
            3. He’s never BETRAYED a team member, especially his “Twoo Luff”

    • Svenja says:

      I am signing your post Terry. Well said

    • Bobbie says:

      Agree 100% Go Ziva!

  25. EDITOR says:

    ZIVA is talent, beauty, complexity all in one wonderful package
    You have my VOTE always ZIVA right to the end !

  26. Ncisfanextra says:

    Ziva gets my vote. Love Ziva! My favorite female character.

    I hope she wins the whole thing!

  27. MaryM says:

    go Ziva go Ziva Go!
    All those haters are making YOU very popular
    They don’t realize all this talk about you (good or bad) keeps you right out front. Once NCIS is over – every TV executive will be begging you – beautiful Cote – to come to their network…keep it up fools……..

  28. Advertisingman says:

    I bet the big wigs at NCIS & CBS love it when Ziva’s name comes up. She sure gets the chatter going and increases NCIS exposure on the Internet which in turn ups CBS/NCIS klout rating which is attractive to advertisers (which generates revenue for CBS & pays the actor’s salaries).

    So in the big picture…. Ziva rules!

    • Seenthelight says:

      Hahahaha. You have a good point. I bet who ever is in charge of keeping up with this kind of stuff at CBS laughs with glee whenever one of these polls or forums mentions Ziva.

      Money in the proverbial bank – and the haters are contributing tom it. Because no one else on the show causes division and division creates chatter. Tiva is the golden goose – you either love it or love to hate it. It’s all the same to CBS – it spells $$$$$ and that’s the real reason the show exists.

      • Steve says:

        Voted for Ziva & will continue to support her throughout this poll and anywhere else.

      • Sad sally says:

        Wow, you just burst my proverbial fan bubble.

      • marion says:

        I’ve heard this argument before and the lack of logic inherent in it astounds me. No, they aren’t glad so many fans hate Tiva and Ziva. And no, it isn’t the golden goose. I don’t love to hate Tiva – it actually means I fast forward through some bits of episodes or don’t watch them completely, depending on reviews. So that means less ad revenue for them. I think you’d have to be a bit backward to think it’s good news for the show that a character they want us to like is actually hated by so many. I’m positive it’s why Tiva hasn’t happened yet. They know they’ll lose half their audience if they go there.

        • Svenja says:

          They wouldn’t lose half their audience because Tiva wouldn’t change the show. THEY aren’t the center of the show. They are part of it, but you can have these two together at some point without ruining the dynamics or the focus of the show.
          Crime shows always tend to play the “relationship” card in the end and just toy around with it before it.

          There are more Tiva supporters than you think (or people, who wouldn’t mind). Take a look at the official Facebook page. You’ll get an impression.

          I still don’t get what Tiva has to do with this poll.
          This poll is supposed to be fun guys.

          Why do we have to have the stupid pro/anti war here?
          I don’t get it

          • JAG_NCISfan says:

            Well said, Svenja :)

          • marion says:

            Well, except for the fact that shows that put couples together always lose ratings, in addition to the fact that Tiva just isn’t that popular outside a handful of people (mainly you and a few cronies) on the internet. And of course putting Tony and Ziva together would ruin the dynamics and focus of the show – how could it not? I hope it won’t happen at all but if it does it won’t be until the final episode.

            Look what happened to House’s ratings when they decided to do Huddy. And that’s hardly a first – it always happens because people watch these shows for something other than romance but the shows get sidetracked into romance, usually at the insistence of a very small but vocal minority who don’t represented the viewers as a whole (like with Huddy and Tiva). And the romance takes over the show – it always does. And that part of the audience that doesn’t like the couple or doesn’t like romance period switches off. I don’t suppose the NCIS execs are that stupid. I fully expect the NCIS status quo to be maintained for a very long time.

            And we get into a pro/anti war because you guys continuously reduce it to personal attacks whenever we say we don’t like Ziva or Tiva. You can hardly act the innocent, Svenja – you live on every single one of these spoiler and poll threads, forever raving about Tiva like it’s the reason for your existence. I suspect it is.

          • Svenja says:

            You’re right. I am hardly innocent and I admit that. I always did.
            I do have a life though. I am an active fangirl, who happens to enjoy Tiva. Believe it or not, many Tivotes stay away from leaving comments here or somewhere else because they do not want to engage in discussions with antis.
            We are a bigger group than you think.
            There are a lot of people out there who have pro tendencies. They aren’t investing much energy into it, but they do enjoy the dynamic.
            You cannot compare NCIS to House. House and Cuddy were THE main characters.Tony and Ziva certainly aren’t. You can have them together as a couple without including their relationship into every episode. Basically, they already behave like a bickering couple. The show wouldn’t be affected. Their dynamic is just one of many dynamics.
            Tiva is not the reason for my existence. I do have a life, I am about to become a teacher, studying hard. THAT is the reason for my existence. NOT some television show. I am a loyal NCIS viewer. I have been since the first episode aired in Germany about seven years ago. I love the whole show. You are all over the spoilers- poll sites etc. as well. Is constantly writing negative stuff about Ziva and Tiva the reason for your existence, too? I kinda doubt it and wouldn’t dare to claim it, although I don’t get why you’re so dedicated when it comes to writing about what you dislike.
            Believe it or not, I am actually enjoying the show in such a big fashion that most of my posts about it are positive. I do complain here and there. I admit it. Who doesn’t? But my main activity involves trying to have fun.

          • estefania says:

            I second that

          • estefania says:

            well said and I second that

        • amacktruck says:

          marion Tiva is going to happen this season. That is why you are in full panic mode and bashing Ziva all over the internet. You will not be able to stop the ship.

        • William says:

          They really don’t care how many love or hate her – it’s irrelevant to them. All they see are ratings & as long as people tune in, the advertisers will buy time and CBS will make money.

          take a basic marketing class and you will understand the concept. The only popularity they care about is the show as a whole, not the individual characters. Characters are “pushed” to increase the chatter/marketability of the show.

          And let’s pretend that they did see the so called unpopularity of the Ziva character – why would they resign the actress and give her a nice little pay raise?

          no, you are twisting reality to fit your own paradigm.

          And half the audience would not be lost if Tiva happened, if fact most people favor Tiva or are indifferent. the haters are a minority even they don’t believe it. Even on this thread where the hate is being spewed left & right – there are still more positive Ziva comments.

          • Clarence says:

            well said William. The haters would have us believe that TPTB are plotting to get rid of Ziva because she is so unpopular and disliked by so many of the fans when in fact just the opposite is true.

            They even go so far as to say that the cast and crew don’t like the character and that MW makes mocking faces whenever he has to drop a Tiva anvil – if that were true – how unprofessional – but it’s not true. They presume to know what the writers, producers, actors are thinking and what they “really mean” when they say something and that interviews have hidden agendas – it’s almost laughable that they twist and turn so much. You know they gotta have back aches from all the contorting they do.

  29. notafanofZCIS says:

    Agree marion. I too often fast forward through the irritating Ziva demeans Tony scenes. They add nothing to the show that I care to watch. Gary Glasburg has thankfully put an end to the weekly humiliate Tony moment that Shane Brennan felt compelled to add. Despite a very vocal Tiva faction, many fans dislike the idea. Ziva has treated Tony like something nasty on the bottom of her shoe for several seasons now, and to fans not blinded by love for all things Ziva, this doesn’t equal love. To have Tony and Ziva have a relationship would be the final nail in the destruction of Tony’s character, that was initiated by Shane Brennan. Tony is extremely popular as well. They would lose a great many viewers if they continued the soapish, shallow, and forced relationship, based on not much more than that these two are (arguably) the most attractive actors on the show. Yes Ziva is pretty and pouts well for the camera, but to me her character’s personality is rather unattractive.

  30. amacktruck says:

    I ADORE ZIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE’S HOT AND SEXY!!!!!

  31. Kathryn says:

    I wish these polls would let us vote without the comment sections.

    Reading the NCIS comments make me sick. I have never watched the show & would never consider it after reading this. If you all are the type of people who watch, then no thank you.

    You all should seriously be embarrassed and I would think NCIS would be embarrassed that the people who watch their show behave so callously and childish.

  32. George says:

    Voted for Sidney and Ziva of course. Looks good so far.

  33. Sandra says:

    Ziva of course. Loved her from the first moment. Even though she is in the background now in season 9 (at least McGee has company now) she will always get my vote!

  34. Shelbie says:

    I love Ziva and Ziva supporters are not the minority. I highly suspect it is the haters who are in fact in the minority.

    • marion says:

      I don’t think anyone claimed they WERE, Shelbie. But the point is she does have a significant number of detractors – you never see any arguments like this over any of the other characters because they are all almost universally liked. But she isn’t – that’s the difference.

      • Michael says:

        But she is. The difference is that there are people out there who think they still have a chance to push their agenda (getting rid of Ziva so they can get their Tony/Gibbs buddy cop show).
        NEWS FLASH: Ziva has been part of this team for over 6 years, she is respected and loved by the others. She is one of them. And she isn´t going anywhere. But go on keep trying.

        • Svenja says:

          You’re right Michael. I second your post :)

        • marion says:

          It’s not an agenda – I’m not sure why it’s so important to the Tiva fanatics to claim it is. It’s simply that we don’t like her and say so. I’d love it if she was gone but sure, I accept she’s on the show to stay. However, no other character attracts the same amount of dislike as she does. Of course some people love her – that’s fine. But she’s hated too – as these threads repeatedly show.

          On the subject of hate, can we just pause to consider the huge amounts of hate poured out on Jeanne and EJ by Tiva fans (strangely, and you never acknowledge this, a lot of Tibbs fans liked both of them and the love Paula too) for daring to have Tony’s affections instead of EJ?

          I think the Tiva fans on this thread have a nerve to accuse the Tibbs shippers of not liking Ziva for apparently spoiling their ship. They might like to look closer to home. Or is it only ‘hating’ when it’s people not liking Ziva – but fine when it’s ranting all over the internet about EJ and her ‘skinny legs’ (that’s one of the kinder things said about her) or Jeanne ‘the polliwog’.

          • Marcus says:

            those are guest stars who in part on put on the show for the most part to cause trouble for the characters in one way or the other or to further a plot device.

            Its one thing to “hate” a character who is going to be around for a limited amount of time – sometimes the character is written as a foil and the object is to hate them.

            Totally different!

        • amacktruck says:

          The haters don’t want a buddy cop friendship between Gibbs and Tony. They want a sexual relationship between Gibbs and Tony.

          • Sick of this says:

            Anyone who’s sat through these wars knows that the Tibbs fans absolutely do NOT want to see a sexual Tibbs relationship onscreen. They’ve said it until they’re blue in the face. They don’t trust it to be well done. Keep up, sonny.

        • Derrick says:

          Yes CdP signed a two year deal, and got a nice pay bump to boot.

          TPTB know she is loved more than hated.

        • Sick of this says:

          Why do you insist on calling the hatred of Ziva/Tiva an “agenda”, SAM? Don’t the Tiva folks have an agenda as well, then?

  35. Tara says:

    Love Ziva!

  36. groovin says:

    Ziva is awesome! She may not be perfect (then again, no one is), but she’s awesome just the same.

  37. Michael says:

    The Truth is Ziva never care for NCIS or Tony and she DID HELP ari Kill Kate just like she help her boyfriend KILL that Ice Agent

    • Katmandu says:

      Keep talking Michael. The more you speak, the better for the Ziva supporters. Just proves that you don’t even watch the show or if you do, it’s beyond your understanding.

    • Ben says:

      WHOA, Michael, you have opened my mind! Yeah, I now realize that Ziva is the source of all evils. She killed Pacci, Kate, Jenny, Paula, Mike Franks, and plotted against Lee. She’s probably behind the disappearance of Vivian Blackadder from the show, all part of the grand scheme to bring her in America and kill everybody with her paperclips. I also have evidence confirming that she helped Hitler in her past life. Or maybe – wait for it! She WAS Hitler O.O

  38. Marisol says:

    Saying Tibbs is ridiculous is not homophobic. Neither character has ever shown tendencies into being into other men. All canon relationships have been heterosexual.
    I am the mother of a 20 year old gay woman. I don’t have anything against gays – I gave birth to and raised a gay child. I fully love and support her and her girlfriend.
    As someone involved in the gay rights community, I find it demeaning to the gay cause that you are shipping an obvious het couple as gay. Gibbs & Tony are in the closest? Pffft.
    if you really want to speak for the gays community – support openly gay tv characters – not make a mockery of it by putting two het characters into a gay subtext.

    • Donald says:

      Thank you. I think the very idea of Tibbs ludicrous – and I am not homophobic or bigoted. And resent the implication that I am. Just another way to spread discontent.

    • Ben says:

      Bless your post, Marisol :)

    • Svenja says:

      Thank you Marisol.

      I agree with you.

      I have several gay friends, I am living in the “gay captial” Cologne, I am anything but homophobic.
      Yes, I am not a Tibbs slasher. I am a Tibbs fan when it comes to their father/son, mentor/trainee dynamic.

      But I don’t mind people who ship them. They can have their fanfictions, videos etc.

      I just think that saying you’re homophobic because you don’t like two hetero characters as a couple is wrong.

    • meghan says:

      Amen Marisol.

    • Tibbsslasher says:

      Tibbs is no more real than Tiva is – they are all fictional characters. No Tibbs fan I’ve ever met asks or expects to see it on the show – most would be horrified if that happened because we’re sure they wouldn’t do it right. We’re all very happy with subtext.

      The problem is you don’t see the gay and het subtexts as equal. How on earth can you legislate that one person’s fantasies are “ridiculous” because they involve a slash pairing and another’s are acceptable because they involve a het pairing?

      Some people might find it “ridiculous” (to say nothing of offensive) that Tony might end up in a relationship with someone who has been violently abusive to him *when he had a broken arm*. Just think about that for a moment and think about how it would be if Ziva had had the broken arm and Tony swept her off her feet onto the ground and pulled a gun on her, raged at her, then stormed off. I think the Tiva shippers would be less enamored of a relationship between them if it was the woman who had suffered at the hands of an abusive man.

      Your posts show a lot of ignorance. Slash is huge on the internet – it’s not a minor phenomenon – it’s massive. Slash fantasies are no more ridiculous or legitimate than het fantasies – they are all about fictional characters and therefore anything is open to interpretation, even a character’s sexuality.

      What bothers me is the attitude on this board that somehow it’s filthy, disgusting, wrong or ridicukous. It isn’t. It’s nothing about the gay cause – it’s about seeing gay and straight relationships as being equally valid, which in today’s world, I would really hope they are.

      Yet on boards like this I can see the gay cause actually has a long way to go.

  39. Grayson says:

    LOVE ZIVA. She is the best character on tv.

  40. Moe says:


  41. Mysharona48 says:

    Come on Covert Affairs people, Piper’s catching up!!

  42. mewofford says:

    I am so happy to see Ziva is still winning!!!


  43. Sick of this says:

    Of course Ziva’s winning this round, how popular was Mac in the grand scheme of things and how long ago was she in JAG? Things will get hotter when all the favorites from current shows are against each other. Oh, and I voted for Ziva, because I never liked JAG and I love NCIS.

  44. Frances says:

    Ziva, Ziva, Ziva. A million times Ziva

  45. Truth says:

    I’m GAY and I love Ziva’s character. These haters don’t represent the Gay community. Gay people don’t bash or stalk straight fictional characters on the internet. I don’t believe that most Tony and Gibbs (Tibbs) slash shippers are Gay. I believe the small group present today are an organized gang of women who have fantasies about male/male sex. They are threatened by the very notion of Tiva. If they are gay then they are embarrassing our truly loving community by stalking a fictional character. Speaking, from a Gay perspective Tiva is a ball to watch. Go Ziva! Go Cote De Pablo!

    • Gina B. says:

      Well said. Here. Here.

      I love Ziva and totally agree about the small but vocal group of haters.

    • srsly says:

      Wow… Just. Wow… o_O

      • Maeve says:

        Why when I click on your name do I get a phishing warning from my computer?

        I notice your name is the only one with a link.

        • George says:

          I got the same thing. Highly suspicious.

          What’s up with that srsly?

        • Anonymous says:

          Srsly, are you trying to get information about the users on this site? I am reporting you to the facilitators.

          • Take a chill pill says:

            Really, all it does it take you to the Yahoo site. And if you click on it, you’re trying to get information on Srsly, anonymous. You got that backwards. Don’t know why it’s linking, unless srsly put the yahoo site in the “your website” box. Are you that new to the internet?

          • Anonymous says:

            No, I clicked on it because it’s the only name with a link. Obviously she wanted folks to click on it or she wouldn’t have put it there and if it only takes you to the yahoo website, then why post link from her name & why did I get a phishing warning from my computer? It may be innocent, it may not – with all the computer virus and scams out there why take a chance?

          • Tonylover says:

            The level of personal abuse the pro Tiva/Ziva fans always throw at those who dare to point out that the character is violent and unlikeable is always amusing.

            I can only guess you like Ziva so much because you share her spoilt, princess-like ways. But really, to reduce your personal insults to making a big deal about someone’s username, as I’ve seen done twice on this thread now, is just risible. You Tiva/Ziva fans deserve the very bad name you have in the NCIS fandom.

            It’s telling that while those who don’t like Ziva use well argued examples from the show to back up their belief that Ziva has anger management issues and isn’t a very nice person, the Ziva/Tiva lovers hurl insults and stomp your feet. Just like Ziva. No wonder you love her so much! She justifies your own behavior.

  46. Mike says:

    I adore Cote character!Ziva is the Bomb! All the way Ziva! I am a paralyzed man with ALS. I can not move except for my eyes.I use a eye gaze system on my computer for 7 years now and NCIS has helped me substain my sanity!I watched from the beginning Melt down and ice queen.I think the actress who played Kate is better on her own show Rossli and Ises than on Ncis.It was her choice to leave.Ziva came on and I loved her still do.Don’t care for EJ.That my thoughts I do not project them on anyone.All characters have to progress good or bad. That what makes the show number 1#. I could be angry but I am not,just here for the ride until the good Lord takes me home.I can not believe the time people spend arguing fuss and fighting. Time is way to short people.I was dx in@42(49now) 7years ago!If it wasn’t for my beautiful,wonderful wife of 30 years and high school sweetheart who takes care of me 24/7 I would not be here! I love NCIS and respectfully ask you keep your negative comment to yourselfs. Thank you!

  47. HugsTony says:

    Actually, the percentage for or against is 50/50. That has been acknowledged by TPTB.
    MW’s comment from August was a beautiful non-answer answer. It was absolutely brilliant and totally ambiguous. The shippers interpret it one way and the non-shippers see something completely different. The man should do P.R. work.
    As of now, the ratings are speaking loudly. The show has gone back to a more subtextual way of telling stories. There have been moments
    for ALL possible ships. Kudos to GG and Co.
    Back on topic – Sydney all the way!

  48. Sophie says:

    How can some of you be ziva haters and be fans of the show! Yes Ziva made one mistake in Alihah but do you forget the fact Tony killed l her boyfriend with no back up, I love tony but just saying. Many of you fail to remember all the good thing ziva has done. For example shoot Ari to save Gibbs, make tony dinner in boxed in, try to save him in boxed in also, being worried about tony when he was dating joanne and thinking he was sick, helping the guy from dead man walking, getting Abby a cupcake, once again being worried about Tony in Angel of death, Trying to comfort Tony in the bathroom in Family, Convincing Tony to talk to Joanne in Internal Affairs, Letting Paula take her anger out on her in Grace period becouse she new she was hurting,

    • marion says:

      Sophie, I resisted answering this before because it’s a bit like kicking a puppy or taking candy from a baby but I decided to do it anyway.

      Okay, the good she has done, examples as provided by you:

      1. She shot Ari to save Gibbs. Nope – she explained that she was under orders to shoot Ari because he’d become a loose canon. She actually delayed fulfilling them (during which delay Kate was killed). She was also told to kill Ari in order to gain Gibbs’s trust – which worked. She admitted doing this. So at no point did she shoot Ari to save Gibbs. She shot him because a) she was under orders to do so and b) she wanted to gain Gibbs’s trust (for whatever unspecified reason. In view of this, it beggars belief to me that he wanted her back on his team but whatever. The writers screwed up everyone’s character in that arc).
      2. She only made Tony dinner in Boxed In because she FINALLY felt bad about not inviting him to her dinner party in the first place – the one where she invited EVERYONE ELSE and he was excluded and made to feel bad about it. That was a horrible thing to do and when he was injured she finally stepped up and did the right thing by making him dinner. If I were him I’d have thrown it in her face frankly.
      3. She didn’t seem so much worried about Tony when he was dating Jeanne as annoyed he wasn’t telling her what was going on. It felt like weird stalkerish behavior.
      4. She got Abby a cupcake because Abby let her stay in her apartment when her own was being fumigated! That seems like the very LEAST she could have done! I let a friend stay with me for pretty much the same reason and he bought me a big bouquet of flowers! A cupcake seems pretty underwhelming in the circumstances!
      5. She didn’t try and comfort Tony in the bathroom in Family. She pursued him in there to tell him off and impart her own brand of wisdom. She humiliated him by going into an area he might rightly expect to be private! And then she lectured him!
      6. She hectored Tony to talk to Jeanne in Internal Affairs. I’m by no means convinced it was the right thing to do – it could be read as quite heartless and it’s sad. Ziva having the cheek to tell Tony to “man up” was quite breathtaking in its arrogance. He’d been doing his best for a long time, was manipulated by the director, and ended up paying a high personal price. The last thing he needed was her doing her usual superiority complex thing at him.
      7. I do agree she did a nice thing letting Paula take out her anger on her in Grace Period. Yay! Finally. She did a nice thing!